Hey guys!

Summer is HERRREEEE!

This year, we’re doing it big. We’ve been living in our muted basics for too long, right?! So let’s take a break from our comfort zone and show off our bolder, more vibrant sides. Let’s swap out our neutrals for something with a little more flavor. Something cheerful and bright, just like the summer we’re gonna have.

Something like…

The POPFLEX Tropicana Collection. YES!  

Ahhhh this might be the most fun I’ve ever had designing a collection. Well, I pretty much always say that, but I seriously loved everything about bringing this collection to life from start to finish. It started with a feeling of freedom from all of the heaviness 2020 carried. That feeling is intense and it’s like the color is being brought back into our lives… FINALLY.

So that’s what Tropicana represents. Color. Life. Passion.

The colors in this collection are like nothing else I’ve ever designed for POPFLEX. It made me nervous to go for the electric lime, Blue Majik, Tangerine, and Passionfruit, but seeing it now…it’s perfect. It’s just what we need and I can’t wait for you to see!

BUT FIRST. I have to tell you about a few things:

🍊 Buttersoft Compress – So you’ve felt the signature softness of Buttersoft. This new fabric takes that but adds compression to support you even during high-intensity movement. This fabric moves with you and keeps you feeling comfortable and supported.

🍊 Because of our new Buttersoft Compress fabric, I recommend sizing up if you’re looking for a regular fit!

🍊 Some of our faves are back! The Perfect Bra, Flexy Crop Top, Hourglass Legging, and Sculpt Pocket Biker to name a few. All in new colors and Buttersoft Compress fabric!

🍊 But get excited about new faves too! You’re gonna love the Pulse Bra, Explore Tee, and Believe Legging.

Okay. Are you ready to see the POPFLEX Tropicana Collection?! 

group photo modeling popflex active tropicana collection by cassey ho

First up, the Tone Bra.

First up, the Tone Bra. This beauty is sooo flattering but supportive at the same time! I love the square neckline – it seriously looks good on anyone. It’s made with our new Buttersoft Compress fabric to hold everything in while keeping you comfortable. Grab it in bright, beachy Lime or Blue Majik (aka the prettiest blue ever).

tropicana collection popflex active tone bra sculpt legging lime
popflex tropicana collection tone bra sculpt biker short blue majik

Ahhh I told you the Hourglass Legging is BACK!!!

These still have the lightweight, flattering fit you love with the classic V cut waistband. But we kicked it up a notch with the ultra-supportive ButterSoft Compress fabric. I designed these leggings with every curve in mind. They accentuate and flatter in all the right places, but stay in place while you work. Available in Lime and Blue Majik – pair with the Tone Bra to create a matching set!

popflex tropicana collection hourglass legging lime
popflex tropicana collection hourglass legging blue majik
popflex tropicana collection hourglass legging waist detail blue majik

It’s summer. You NEED shorts.

We looooove a cute matching set set, and we really love a good biker short. The Sculpt Biker Short matches the Tone Bra, but gives you just a little more comfort for the heat of summer. When I designed these, I wanted the PERFECT shorts. These have a high waist, and a silicone band to keep them from riding up (I haaate when shorts ride up!). PLUS they have the cutest little secret pocket in the back.

The Believe Bra (Passionfruit) and the Corset Crop Bra (Blue Majik)

Two more faves for you.

If you can’t resist a sports bra with gorgeous details like a unique open back, SAME. I am in loooove with the Believe Bra’s open back and super flattering high neck. But the colorful elastic band is my favorite part!

The Corset silhouette is always a favorite (as you let me know from Sugarplum). But how could it not be, with that stunning but supportive square neckline and OMG the criss-cross back! And this new crop length is a DREAAAAM!

We made both bras with the new ButterSoft Compress fabric, which means these bras aren’t just for a cute athleisure look. They’re gonna keep you secure and comfortable when you work out, too.

Introducing The Pulse Bra

YAYYY I am so excited for this new bra AND it comes in some colors we haven’t seen yet. Yay! Basically, if the Perfect Bra and the Believe Bra had a baby, this would be it. It has the super flattering U-shaped neckline and back cut out that we looooove from the Perfect Bra, plus a vibrant elastic band. I love how the colorful band complements the Tangerine color perfectly, but adds the most amazing bold detail to the Obsidian color.

Oh, did I mention ADJUSTABLE STRAPS?! So important.

Shop The Tropicana Collection

Speaking of the Perfect Bra…


I am obsessed with the passion fruit color and obsessed with the Perfect Bra, so clearly this was a no-brainer combo. Just check out that neckline and back cut out in such a pretty, bold pink. Amazing, right?!

I think the Perfect Bra really is PERFECT because it provides coverage while being sexy. The straps are adjustable and the long length allows you to confidently wear this bra as a crop top. The name is no joke. It’s perfect. If you haven’t experienced the Perfect Bra yet, it’s time.

What to pair with your Believe Bra, Pulse Bra and Perfect Bra?

I’ve got 3 options for you 😉

Let’s start with the Believe Legging! The vibrant waistband makes this legging unique and I love that it matches the Believe Bra and Pulse Bra!

Shop The Tropicana Collection

If you love shorts, stop scrolling.

And if you haven’t jumped on the bike short train yet, you’re gonna. Because the Hourglass Biker Short and Believe Short are LIFE. Both styles are made with ButterSoft Compress fabric, AKA they hold everrrrrything in without that uncomfortable, squeezy feeling. You know what I mean? These are magical.

The Hourglass Biker Short has that same, ultra-flattering V waistline that we love from the Hourglass Legging! They accentuate and smooth your curves and they move with you while keeping you cool.

If you love the look of bike shorts but want something shorter, you’re gonna love the Believe Short. 

Like, they’re gonna be a staple in your summer wardrobe. The high waistline and silicone “grip strip” keep you secure and comfy (ahemmm no constant pulling because these aren’t gonna ride up!). They’re short, but they’re not TOO short.

tropicana hourglass biker short obsidian
tropicana collection hourglass biker short passionfruit
popflex tropicana believe short tangerine
popflex tropicana collection believe short obsidian
believe short obsidian

Return of another fave!! The Flexy Crop Top

This top is so well-loved in other collections that I knew I HAD to include it in the Tropicana Collection. It styles well with literally everything and looks amazing on all body types. That dainty strap down the back is my favorite detail! This is always my g0-to top for lounging, yoga, and Pilates. In Safari, this was in a ribbed fabric but this one is in ButterSoft Compress. Seriously – you are gonna LOVEEEEE.

This is available in 3 colors for the Tropicana Collection! Lime, Obsidian, and Coconut.

tropicana collection flexy crop top coconut with sculpt short lime
tropicana collection group shot flexy crop top coconut obsidian lime

NEW Crop Top: The Explore Tee

Ahhh can you ever have enough crop tops? No. No is the answer. This tee is soft, flowy, and perfect to throw on when you need to run some errands after a workout. Once you wear this shirt, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it!

tropicana collection explore tee lychee and coconut
tropicana collection explore tee coconut back cutout
tropicana grout shot

AHHH and that’s the Tropicana Collection!!! Which one are you running to snag first?!

Shop The Tropicana Collection

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  1. Arrah says:

    When the Tropicana yoga mat be back in stock?? It is so cute!

  2. minesweeper says:

    Thanks for the great article and advice. Even I think working hard is the most important aspect to achieve success.

  3. Estella😊 says:

    these are soooo CUTE! I love this so much, honestly Cassey you did such a good job (you are so talented). I hope the order comes in time for my birthday (and that my mum doesn’t know I know😋) cause this would make my day! I hope that every loves them and I can’t wait to see the next collection 🥰💕💕
    with love

    1. blogilates says:

      Ahhhhhh omg how exciting!!! I hope you LOVE!!!

  4. G says:

    Hey Cassey! Love your products and colors themes. What do you recommend on underwear for your thin buttery soft leggings and shorts? Wearing bikini, hipsters, cheekers and both seems and seamless show through your leggings and shorts. I can’t figure out which products I want to buy from this Tropicana collection because I want them all!!

  5. Olivia says:

    ohhhh my gooodnessssssss!!!!!!!! i’m in loveeeeeeee!!!!! i want it all! usually i’m the type of person that goes for the more neutral workout clothes, but i love the statement that these bright colors show!!! btw, i cannot wait to get the believe biker shorts bc i sort of hate how long normal biker shorts are, but these look PERFECT!!! love it alllllll!!!!!!

  6. Magdalyn Watson says:

    hey cassey! i’m going to get the believe shirt in obsidian and the explore tee in lychee!

    1. blogilates says:

      good choice!!! the explore tee is my faveeeee