My Super Buttery-Soft Marble Collection is HEREEEEEE!

Hey guys!

A year ago around this time, we were settling into quarantine and stay-at-home fashion took over our closets. We lived in our matching tie-dye sweats and we attempted hobbies we never would have had time for before the pandemic.

A year later, the pandemic lives on but it doesn’t really feel like we’re still “stuck.” We’ve learned to make the best of the world’s current situation and we’ve learned to make life at home a little more…glamorous.

With this in mind, I wanted to design something a little softer and less chaotic than the tie-dye we all lived in last year. I wanted this collection to look beautiful, but feel luxurious and comfortable. And so the POPFLEX Marble Collection was born.

This collection debuts our softest fabric ever. It’s literally called ButterSoft! With a subtle, brushed texture on both sides, it has just the right amount of compression to sculpt your body. Your skin will seriously savor the supple and luxurious feel of ButterSoft. We also made subtle improvements so our favorite looks shape, smooth, and flatter every curve even better than before. If you’ve tried a lot of our previous POPFLEX collections, here’s a breakdown of all the different fabrics!⁠⠀
✨StretchSilk: Featured in Terrain, Rainbow, and Safari. It’s slick, cool to the touch, and lightweight.⁠⠀
✨ButterSilk: Featured in SugarPlum. Cool to the touch with a soft hand feel. It’s right in between StretchSilk and ButterSoft.⁠⠀
✨ButterSoft: Featured in Marble Collection. It’s got the lightweight hand of StretchSilk with the soft base of ButterSilk – but multiply that softness because of the brushed texture!⁠⠀

My hope for this collection is that it will bring you comfort AND joy. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!!!!!!!

cassey ho modeling popflex marble collection gulch crop top bra and sculpt biker shorts in marine marble

Okay. This might be one of my favorites? AHHH okay I can’t choose – they’re all my favorites. But you guys, LOOK AT THE GULCH CROP TOP BRA! It’s everything. And you know I had to make it a matching set with the Sculpt Biker Shorts! Love love love.

This bra originally came from one of our favorite cuts from the Terrain Collection. But for the Marble Collection, we added length to make it crop top length! The straps are thick to make sure everything is nice and secure, and plus sizes feature an additional strap for extra support. With the ButterSoft fabric, you’ll seriously be living in this bra.

And OMG you guys, the Sculpt Biker Shorts. How amazing is the Marine Marble color?! These high-waisted shorts have a secret pocket for your key, a wide waistband for a smooth fit, and a subtle V seam for an extra booty lift. You need these. Trust me.

Cassey Ho wearing POPFLEX Marble Collection Gulch crop top and sculpt biker short in marine marble
model wearing popflex marble gulch crop top bra and sculpt biker shorts in marine marble side view

Next up! The Captivate Bra and Hourglass Marble in Acaí Marble. OMG the neckline of the bra combined with our most flattering legging is sooo gorgeous. The bra is great for medium and high-impact workouts too!

This time, we made the leggings even better than previous collections (I wasn’t sure it would be possible but we did it!). We took out the mini elastic at the waistline (no more pinching!), made the rise even higher, added a V seam to give your booty a little lift, and this time we used our most luxurious fabric yet – ButterSoft.

model wearing matching set popflex marble captivate bra with hourglass legging in acai marble
Back view of popflex marble captivate bra acai
model wearing captivate bra and hourglass legging acai marble side and back view
cassey ho wearing popflex marble captivate bra in acai marble

Can you have too many matching sets? Ahhh I really don’t think so! The Vivid Crop Top Bra has a deep mesh V in the front with a low V in the back that reminds me of a ballerina leotard. So elegant!

Paired with the Sculpt Legging in Lavender Marble, this set is seriously so flattering on everyone. And the lavender marble color is sooo dreamy.

model wearing popflex marble vivid crop top bra and sculpt legging lavender side full view
model wearing popflex marble vivid crop top bra and sculpt legging lavender deep mesh v front detail
model wearing popflex marble vivid crop top bra lavender view of back deep v

Last matching set! The Bliss Baby Tee is buttery soft, but has just enough compression to sculpt your body. My favorite part is the open back. It’s breathable and looks amazing. And can we talk about the raglan sleeve?! You can raise your arms without the rest of the shirt raising up! YES!

Pair this adorable tee with the Hourglass Biker Short! These high-rise shorts feature our favorite and most flattering hourglass cut. The wide waistband hugs your curves perfectly, and the length is perfect – not to short, and not too long. Plus sizes also have a “grip strip” at the leg opening to keep your shorts in place.

The Sky Marble color reminds me of a beautiful cloudy sky!

model wearing popflex marble collection baby bliss tee open back sky marble
model wearing popflex marble collection baby bliss tee and hourglass biker short sky marble
model wearing popflex marble collection baby bliss tee open back sky marble
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Next up, we have the Perfect Bra. You might recognize this one from the Sugar Plum Collection! We loved it so much that we brought it back in new colors – in Sailor Blue and Cool Plum. I just think the muted jewel tones are SO PRETTY!

We did make one small change to this bra – per your request, we made it easier to slide over your head and arms! It’s still nice and supportive, just not as constricting. If you haven’t experienced the magic of the Perfect Bra quite yet, it has a feminine cut with thin, adjustable straps. Its crop top length makes it perfect for high-waisted leggings. This one is made from ButterSilk!

model swearing popflex marble perfect bra sailor blue view of back
model wearing popflex marble perfect bra sailor blue view of back
model wearing popflex marble perfect bra cool plum

Don’t worry, I have the perfect leggings to pair with your Perfect Bra! The Cargo Drawstring Leggings are another piece making a comeback, from the Safari Collection! The colors match the Perfect Bra – Sailor Blue and Cool Plum.

I love that these high-waisted leggings have the added features of deep pockets and a drawstring. Oh, and the StretchSilk is sleek and cool to the touch while it moves with you!

model waring popflex marble collection cargo drawstring legging in sailor blue with perfect bra
model wearing popflex marble collection cargo drawstring legging cool plum back view


I literally live in mine!!!!

And if you wanna take your comfort to the max, you HAVE to snag the Cloud Hoodie. It comes in three colors, Plum, Ice Blue, and Blue Violet, to match every piece in this collection! It has an oversized fit, which means it’s ultra-comfy. Even the hood is oversized! The soft fleece makes this the perfect hoodie for going on a walk on a breezy day or just curling up on the couch.

models and cassey ho wearing popflex marble collection cloud hoodie in plum ice blue and blue violet
popflex cloud hoodie blue violet
closeup of popflex marble cloud hoodie sleeve with logo plum
cassey ho blogilates modeling popflex marble cloud hoodie ice blue with sculpt legging

And speaking of cropped tees, this last piece is one of my favorites out of the entire Marble Collection. You can wear the City Cropped Tee with ANY of the other pieces in this collection. It’s lightweight, breathable, and I love that you can tie it in the front or back, depending on the look you’re going for! It comes in Ice Blue and White. I have a feeling it’s going to become your new favorite tee to layer over your sports bra!

model wearing popflex marble collection city cropped tee ice blue tied in bow in front
model wearing popflex marble collection city cropped tee white tied back
group shot popflex marble collection

AHHH and that’s the Marble Collection!!! Which one are you running to snag first?!

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  1. Olivia says:

    Dear Cassey,
    With summer just around the corner, vacation is too…One of the things that I look forward to most on vacation is the amazing food! I enjoy eating healthy, but when I’m on vacation, I don’t want to miss out on those amazing memories and flavors!!! How can I not get rid of all of the progress that I’ve made for the entire year in one week?
    Frustrated Foodie

  2. Emily says:

    These pieces look sooooo comfy!!! And really flattering on every model! Love Love Looooove the hoodies!!! Do I need one in every colour? Uhh YES PLEASE!! Xx

  3. Maria K. says:

    Your IG post was the first thing I read this morning before my workout! I love the Marble collection!!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on that blue violet hoodie, it’s just perfect!!! Gonna have to have one of those in black, too l, pretty please! 🙏😉 I had to stop my workout for a sec today during our Muffintop Massacre video, because what you said after the 7 minute mark was just so touching, especially after your IG post about the new release and how you struggled so hard to build up Popflex over the last 5 years… I am SO thankful for you still being here ❤️ Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for not giving up on Blogilates or Popflex. I genuinely do not know where I’d be today without you as my workout buddy, and I am so appreciative that you’re still here. You’re a real life Wonder Woman, Cassey. You’re an inspiration 🤗

  4. Morgan says:

    Definitely already ordered the sky blue set with the hoodie already! I was gonna wait a little but I didn’t want to miss them and it was great to myself for killing the monthly workout calendars this year 💪💪💪

  5. Ashley says:

    Look how pretty Casseyyy!!! I can’t even!!

  6. Giselle says:

    These are all sooooooooooooooooo beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Claudia says:

    I just ordered for 260$ 🙈🙈 it’s so beautiful! I can’t wait to train it!! You’ve come a long way Cassey and I really love your honesty and the good quality of your clothes!! Love you!!! 😍😍❤️🌈

  8. Magdalyn says:

    Hi Cassey! I’m sooo excited!! I’m going to get the Ice Blue Cloud Sweatshirt right away!😍

    1. blogilates says:

      omgggg yayyy!!! you’re gonna love!!!!

      1. Meghan says:


      2. Joan Dorsey says:

        I’m so glad I went back to get it yesterday because today it’s sold out in my size! I can’t wait for it to ship <3 I'm so proud of you Cassey 😀 this line is truly beautiful!!!