Choosing My Eras Tour Outfit!!

Hey guys!

Thought my try-on for deciding what I should wear to Eras should live permanently on the blog. The options were just TOO GOOD.

When I posted this asking for your help, Jackelyn was on her way so we could head to Eras and celebrate the beginning of her bday extravaganza!

Eras outfit options


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For those of you who have followed my journey for a long time…you probably know that I’ve been a T Swift fan for a while.

It all started with Teardrops on my Guitar when I was in college…💜Speak Now was my soundtrack through the icy winters of Boston as I cried my way to work every morning…❤️Red got me through heartbreak and healed me over the course of several months…💄1989 was when I got to meet Taylor in person at a Secret Session…🖤Reputation came at a time when some of the closest people in my life turned against me.

This whole time I’ve been watching Taylor Swift evolve as an artist, a businesswoman, and a brand – her force is magnetic, POWERFUL, and empowering. No matter what people say, she keeps doing her thing HER WAY. Sure, attracting haters, but also creating many more lovers along the way and most importantly, always staying true to her changing self. “Inspirational” doesn’t quite encompass how I feel about her. It’s something deeper and I don’t have the word for it.

The poll results

Here are the outfits you voted for on my IG! Which one do you think I went with?!

cassey ho eras tour outfits blogilates taylor swift instagram polls

cassey ho eras tour outfits blogilates taylor swift instagram polls

Try-on details

Some of these are sold out, but here are the details on a few things!

I bought the silver boots in 2022 before there were a bunch of copies on Amazon. Mine weren’t cheap but the quality is good! They run true to size. The rainbow tassle dress is from ASOS but sold out 😕. The black tassle romper is from Amazon and I love it! The lavender rhinestone crop top and mini skirt have NO STRETCH but I still love them. The halter dress was from ASOS and had a terrible fit. 0/10 recommend.

Anyway, let me know your fave outfit! And check out this post to see which outfit I chose 👀.

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  1. Keisha says:

    Where was the green spaghetti strap two piece set from? SO CUTE!!

  2. Gemma says:

    OMG UR SO LUCKY TO HAVE GONE!! 🥹 U DESERVE IT FR 🪄 and the outfits looked so cute 🥰