The Dream Grant: Giving back to you, after you’ve given me so much

Hey guys!

I’ve never done anything this big before, but I’ve also never experienced growth as explosive as I did this year – for me as a designer and entrepreneur and for POPFLEX as a brand and company.

The fact that you choose to spend your hard earned dollars on POPFLEX means so much to me…especially when there are way bigger brands with stores that you could just walk into! But somehow you chose to give me a chance. You chose to trust me. You believed in me and because of that, I get to live out my dream every single day.

You made my dreams come true, and now I want to make yours come true too.

This year for #GivingTuesday, I am giving back to YOU.



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I set aside $20,000 to create a Dream Grant, with the purpose of helping you realize a dream in an area of self improvement where you currently don’t feel supported.

A lot of times dreams get crushed because your friends and family don’t believe in you or sometimes it’s just impossible to get a good idea off the ground because you don’t have that financial kickstart to get things going.

I get it. I know exactly what it feels like to want something so bad and to not have a single person support you. So let me be that person for you.

I am opening up applications for the Dream Grant today!



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The POPFLEX team and I will be selecting 4 recipients to receive a $5,000USD grant to help them realize their dream.

Here’s how to apply for the Dream Grant

1. Follow this link and fill out the application
2. Comment on social once you’ve submitted your app!
3. Follow @blogilates and @popflex_active


Don’t wait though – applications are only open now through December 6, 2022 at 11:59 PST!

Share Your Dream


When the application period closes, the POPFLEX team and I will review the applications closely and then reach out to the finalists for next steps before publicly announcing the final four Dream Grant recipients.

I cannot WAIT to read your dreams!!! Let’s cheer each other on in the comments too!

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  1. duck life says:

    Cassey, I appreciate you believing in me.

  2. Isabella says:

    Omg i CANT wait. I keep looking for updates and it’s only been a couple hours😭😭

  3. I submitted my application also. Thank you for the opportunity to do something for myself. I never do anything for myself I always do stuff for other people to make them feel special. So I thank you. I started doing fitness for about 10 years and it changed me phyiscally and mentally because I have been a dancer since I was 2 and I have always thought I was FAT but now that I am 22 and will be 23 in a month. This is all thanks to Cassey. Every time I work out with you I think to myself that I no longer FAT I am just healthy and fit. I do eat healthy. I just bought Red seedless Grapes and Mangos and cottage chesse. I am OBSSESSED with cottage cheese that is all i think about besides the mangos and grapes. Thank you again. My dream is to become an ASL Interpreter for Deaf people to facilitate communication. My passion is Praise Worship songs. That is my dream

  4. Kai MS says:

    I submitted my application. Thank you so much for giving back. I am excited to hear the winners, and regardless of who it is I hope they can use the grant to achieve a dream of theirs.

  5. Hayley says:

    Thank you for giving me a chance Cassey!

  6. Kei says:

    Hi Cassey! I submitted my application a few hours ago. Thank you for not only being a source of inspiration but also of hope. I truly look forward to the day I’m the one who helps people reach their dreams.

  7. Eleanor says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! This will surely change someone’s life. Thank you for all that you do, Cassey!

  8. Nancy says:

    This is such a great opportunity! Thank you again and I wish everyone good luck!!!

  9. Nicki Kaplan says:

    This is such an amazing opportunity! Thank you Cassey for always inspiring & uplifting us. My dream is to become a certified transformational nutrition coach so I can support others on their healing journeys <3 sending love and happy vibes to everyone in this community working toward their dreams!!