Discovering New Exercises: GaiamTV

Discovering New Exercises: GaiamTV

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Hello POPsters! How are you all doing today? I’m having a pretty good week of working out. I’ve been training extremely hard to get in shape (yes, I  DID just say that!!!) – ahem – to get in shape for something that may be happening in early Jan. Not confirmed yet, but either way, what a good way to push my limits to the moon. Hahaha. If you’ve noticed my recent Facebook posts they’ve all been like “glistening with sweat!” or “off to the gym! gonna kill it!!!!” I love love love working out to my fullest potential. It makes me feel sexy and strong.

Lately I’ve been bringing a paper with me to the gym. It lists out my exercises and how many reps and sets I should be doing. It’s like having a personal trainer without having a personal trainer. It’s amazing how much harder I workout when I paper is yelling at me vs. me yelling at me. You’d think a fitness instructor like me could push myself all the time – well it’s not that easy! I can push you, but pushing me? It takes extra, and I mean EXTRA effort to tell myself to go super low and to hold and keep pulsing. Not to say that I don’t grimace and say inappropriate things under my breath (oops did I just say that?)

Anyway, I love changing up my workout routine. It’s necessary to keep your body guessing and engaged at all times. You burn more calories and the workouts are A LOT more effective. I do 1 hr, 5-6x a week of weight targeting different parts of my body every day. Then repeat the weekly routine for about 4 weeks. Then change it up again. So where do I find new moves? Aside from the basic bicep curls, squats, and lunges, it’s almost like a fitness Neverland out there. Some of my top places to look up new moves are: YouTube, DVDs,, taking other instructor’s fitness classes, creepily side eye-balling guys in the weight room, and most recently GaiamTV!

A lot of you asked me a while back if I had ever tried Jillian Michaels’ videos. I never got myself to buy any of her DVD sbut was SOOOO happy to log into my GaiamTV account last night to see her stuff along with like a billion others in their DVD library. I immediately turned it on and studied her moves. Then kinda got intrigued by her as a fitness instructor and kept watching. Haha. She’s pretty bootcampy-entertaining. Not MY PERSONAL STYLE, you know I’d rather smile at you while telling you to do 8 more, but still, she has great on-camera presence.

I am literally writing up my workout for tonight’s bootcamp class at Bally’s so I wanna share with you what I’ve got planned! Here are some new moves that I will be playing with tonight!

#1. Dumbbell on neck, lower your chest keeping back straight, then up to standing

#2A. Deadlift to Upright Row

#2B. The upright row part

#3. Side Lunge with front raise

#4. Chair pose with shoulder extension

#5. Plie jumps – start in plie then point toes lift up and then come back down plie

#6. Jumping jacks with alternating front leg kicks

#7. Knee to nose (after doing walking planks!)

#8. Start w/ arms at 90 degree angle, lift chest and extend arms straight forward

#9. Lunges around the world w/ bicep curls – start with cross over lunge, to front lunge, to side lunge, to back lunge, to curtsy lunge

#10. Scissor Jumps! Start in plie then jump up and cross ankles, land in plie again.

#11. Chest flyes with 1 legged bridge pulses!

#12. Hop side to middle to side!

WOWWW!!!! And those are just SOME OF THE MOVES. These are from Ripped in 30 Week 1 and Week 4 videos – I have yet to take a look at the ones in between but I am in love my new subscription to GaiamTV. For fitness instructors, I think it’s almost essential. I mean, honestly, it’s hard to “invent” new moves all the time. Getting that spark of inspiration from other fitness professionals is really key in keeping your classes up to date, fun, and fresh.

I never saw Jillian’s DVD before because I didn’t wanna pay the $14.99 or whatever it was for each one. GaiamTV fortunately gives their subscribers access to their complete video library for $9.95/mo. I mean, wow. Some of my fave Pilates instructors are in there – like Mari Windsor of Windsor Pilates and Ana Caban! (I used to religiously do their workouts back in high school! That’s how I got started in Pilates btw! At home DVDs!) There’s workout videos, yoga videos, health videos, and all sorts of documentaries too. I am so excited to discover even more new moves! YAY!!!

And you know what else I am excited about? I announced today on Facebook that I AM FINALLY going to be making a  POP Pilates DVD. And…the app!!!! I spoke with a friend about the app and we were able to work something out. I’ll be getting input from you guys from time to time as the app develops, but yeahhhh!! 2012 will be fun!!! As for the DVD you guys told me you want a 1hr full class versus like 5 mini segments (ie. 10 min abs, 10 min arms etc etc.) – I think that’s smart because you can get the mini’s on YouTube. I also asked on Facebook if you wanted just me to be in the video or if I should have other students in it too. What do you think? And where do you think I should film? Let me know in the comments below!

As always these videos, DVDs and apps are all made FOR you BY you so your input and ideas are taken very seriously! So tell me what you wannnnnttttt!!!!!!

OK off to workout then teach Bootcamp!!!! I am going to workout like a maniac today again! I’m wiggling out of my computer chair to gooooo – okay bye! Love ya!

<3 Cassey

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post for GaiamTV. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. And just so you know, I’ve been a long time fan of Gaiam 🙂

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  1. I love yoga says:

    I’d certainly give a try. They have thousands of classes for 9.95. I am loving their studio classes. It feels as though I am practicing in NY and Vancouver, and LA like I am right there in the class with the teacher. And the support of their community is amazing.

  2. Robyn says:

    I think it should be just you and your sister!

    btw for dance videos you should check out the julian hough dance cardio ballroom and just dance vids. there intense !

  3. Emily says:

    Jillian’s new DVD, Extreme Shed and Shred, is one of the hardest workouts I have seen anywhere. It’s amazing. No More Trouble Zones and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism are also incredible and long which is something I am always looking for.

  4. Kristin says:

    I think it would be cool to have you and students. It’s kind of a workout DVD staple, and it’s something different from the Youtube videos.

  5. This looks like such an incredible workout. I definitely need to check out more from Jillian Michaels! 🙂

  6. Asyih Khondo says:

    Hey Cassey ! Merry Xmast and Happy new year. honestly am so so so fallin love with ur popilates and popcardio exercises. am doing em almost every day to keep burning more fat and healthier body as well. but I have a little trouble. if you dont mind, is there any way or exercise to get my calves smaller? since am a Tae Kwon Do athlete, I used to practice daily for more than 3 hours and my calves get so muscular and big. please help me coz it really makes my legs look bad and muscular like a soccer player. I cant even wear short pant outside since am so embarrassed with my muscular calves. please if there is any exercise to get back my small calves would you mind to share me? best regard. thnks a bunch 🙂

  7. Anna says:

    So cool!!! I actually started following you after doing some of Mari Windsor’s videos that turned up on google. I liked her, but wanted to try different instructors. I think that I did a couple vids with different instructors, but you were always my favorite!!!!! The way you smile, admit that something hurts, and encourage your viewer to keep going anyway is amazing!!!
    As for video background, not really sure. The golden gate bridge background for you and Jacklyn’s cardio vids is great, but the wind is noisy.
    As for people, I think you and Jacklyn would be great! One to two more popsters could be good too, but I think that more than 4 people would be too much. I do like the idea of at least one person doing slightly easier modifications throughout the workout.
    P.S. My husband ordered me your Pleated Pocket Gym Bag in Chrome Dazzle as a belated Christmas gift. When I opened the package he seemed impressed and surprised that you had left a little note for him. I told him that you designed the bags and went over to China to ensure fair manufacturing practices. He thinks that’s cool. Oh, the bag is soooooo pretty!! It looks extremely functional as well!

  8. YY says:

    yea i think just u and maybe jacklyn as well!

  9. Ginger Noisette says:

    I dont know why but I dont like Jillian. Kind of cyborg.

  10. chelsea says:

    You can get great inspiration from as well! I love their website :)!

    But I’d rather see some fellow pop pilates in the video! I’m sure that they would thoroughly enjoy being in the video and make it so much more fun than people who don’t even know you.

  11. Andi says:

    how many times should you do each move?

  12. Max says:

    It would be nice to have just you and Jacklyn in the video. You could to the full version of the moves while Jacklyn could show an easier version of it.

  13. Ljiljana Ledenčan says:

    I love Ripped in 30, sometimes i do these exercises at home, and love Jillian Michaels, because i also love to command 🙂

  14. Janice says:

    Also for the DVD… so cooLLL!!!! I wish i had an iphone just so i can get ur app!!!

  15. Janice says:

    I did not know Ana Caban was super famous?!?! She taught at the pilates studio I go to!!!! and i met her at a Kidney walk!!! what a small world.

  16. Mel F. says:

    While I have found some of Jillian’s moves effective, I honestly like your video’s way better Cassey!! You’re way more motivating, and more kind, and like you said, the smiling is much nicer! I don’t need someone yelling at me – that does not help me get more fit. But it’s great to see all sorts of moves from different teachers and I’m excited to check out gaiam.

    Btw I think the video should just have you – and any setting would be great 🙂

  17. kristina says:

    hannah is right, these are from Ripped in 30, which is WWWWAAAAYYYYYY more intense than 30 Day Shred 🙂 love your work Cassie, but I am a HUGE fan of Jillian. Her workouts are completely killer and leave me feeling dead. I dread doing them but when done, I feel so accomplished. Love that you are incorporating Jillian into your workouts!!!!

    1. kristina says:

      ps. you should check out her Shred it With Weights video, Killer Buns and Killer Thighs and Yoga Meltdown….I can’t even get through the first 5 minutes of Yoga Meltdown it’s too difficult for me, yet I can do your vids (with modifications) just fine and love your pilates so much better than Jillians Yoga.

  18. Hannah says:

    …oh! and the pictures are from Ripped in 30. The 30 Day Shred is a totally different workout. It’s kinda weird that they are called almost the same thing lol!

  19. Hannah says:

    they also have the jillian michaels workouts on XFINITY Ondemand under Exercise TV. I like her workouts:)