Do the CHA CHA SLIDE! Fitness style!?

Hey guys!

I just released one of the most fun dance warmups I’ve ever taught! You know the Cha Cha Slide? The song the DJ plays at every party? Well I thought it’d be fun to do a fitness version that turns every lyric into an exercise move!


Clap your hands = Plie Squat Clapping Combo 

Slide to the left = Side Lunge L

Slide to the right = Side Lunge R

Take it back now y’all = Plie Squat 3 Walks 

Back One hop this time = Jumping Jack

Right foot lets stomp = Forward Stepping 

Lunge R Left foot lets stomp = Forward 

Stepping Lunge L Cha cha real smooth = Cha Cha Cha

Hands on your knees= Squat Reach

Reverse= Disco Roll fwd and back

Invite your friends to try this with you…and PRACTICE. You know why?

Because I want you to try it live! POP Pilates is hosting a super fun POP Throwback Party with 24 Hour Fitness all over the US this month! This means you can head into your local 24 Hour Fitness on Saturday February 24th and take a POP Pilates class for FREE – and show off everything you learned in this video! It will be your first number!

If you want to see if your local 24 Hour Fitness is hosting a POP Throwback Party, just click here, type in your zip code, and find a POP Pilates Class scheduled on 2/24. If you see one, that’s a POP Throwback Party! There will be free POP scrunchies and POP chokers for those that come early! They are really cute…FYI…

Also, you may spot me and some of our POP Army instructors in the in-club posters wearing the costumes you see in the video! Hehehehe – so cool! I still can’t believe it sometimes.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the fitness version of the Cha Cha Slide!

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  1. This little dance was so fun ^^

  2. angela says:

    can we do this warm up for the piit???

    1. I don’t see why Not!

  3. Nelly says:

    I love this so much! I have a question about the 24 hour fitness throwback party. Do we have to register for it or can we just show up?

  4. SVBProds says:

    This was very fun and creative! I could do this one every morning for my warm up. Great job, ladies! 👌🏽💞

  5. faeyeshmile says:

    Hi Cassey! I love love the video and you look so stunning with that hairstyle and makeup! A request tho, is it possible for you to come up a work out that’s low intensity for like when we get sick or something but still want to work out? Love you always! xxxx

  6. Man, I wish we had POP pilates classes here in Canada!

  7. Jasmine Chikkala says:

    Hi Cassey, I could not find a class in Minnesota. Do you know if there is going to be one near MN? Thanks.

  8. ticklina says:

    Such a cool throwback!! I was completely lost at first but finally got the hang of it. I was sad to find out that the 24h fitness throwback party is only in the US though!

  9. Hey Casey!!
    Thank you for this cha cha video. I had a blast dancing with it.
    Is there any possibility to have this pop party in Japan? Here we have 24 Hours Fitness and I would like to assist.

  10. Liana says:

    Hi Casey, I really wanted to access the February calendar via the linked calendar, but every time I try and log into to do so I have to request a new password to get access, but the site says my link is invalid. When I try to re-register, it says my username and email address are already in use (which they are, I just need to make a new password but the site won’t allow me to).

    Is there anything I can do?

    1. blogilates says:

      Hmm that is odd. We’re having the developer look into it!

  11. popster_nina97 says:

    Just did this twice and I loooove it!! So sweaty rn haha! Oh and how I wish I lived in the US, I’d love to go to a POP throwback party… well at least I can do this video and imagine being there 😀

    1. blogilates says:

      Ahh isn’t it fun!?

      1. popster_nina97 says:

        So much fun!! Thank you for all of your amazing content! ❤