The Blogilates January 2021 Workout Calendar!

Hey guys!

THE NEW YEAR IS HEREEEEE! Or okay, almoooost here, depending on when you read this. Either way, we’re on the brink of saying goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. I’m pretty excited for January because…

NEW CALENDARRRRR! And not it’s not just any calendar, it’s a #21DayTone calendar!

#21DayTone is a 21-day challenge and the idea is pretty simple – be active for at least 21 minutes a day for 21 days. You can read all about the challenge here and it starts on January 4th! If you participate in the challenge, share your before and after photo, and use #21DayTone, you’ll be entered to win my Blogilates home gym set from Target!

This January calendar is for those who want to have workouts before and after the 21 days so you can stay moving ALL month long!

Looking for the FREE 2021 Printable Calendars?! Print out these beauties and start planning your year now!

Alright, you ready?!!!

How to Use the January Workout Calendar

Check the Blogilates Youtube playlists to find all of the videos you need for this month’s calendar!!

OR you can download the BODY by Blogilates app, where you can snag the monthly calendar and all of the videos in one place 🙂

What are you looking forward to the most this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Feeling fit says:

    I am so so SO excited to see that February is a “regular” calendar again! The 21 challenge was awesome (just like all your challenges!), but it was not challenging “enough” for me. I was replaying each January workout twice and then additionally combining one of your older videos to make it work for me. And it did! But… I find it that when you pre-combine videos for us work, it just works so much better! I don’t know if it’s because I trust your judgement better or because you simply know how to combine the videos better, but I do know that I felt absolutely amazing after February 1st and 2nd workouts!!! Thank you for making all the videos and for creating the calendars for us. February looks SUPERB! Also, I have been doing your workouts for a very long time now and I’ve got to say that you’re the reason I feel as fit and happy as ever. Thank you for that!

  2. Allie says:

    Hi Cassey,
    Do you recommend that we complete all the workouts each day, or just do some of them? Cheers!

  3. Julie Allan says:

    I’m in the uk and I love your gym wear collections are they available in the uk

    1. blogilates says:

      YES! Visit!

  4. Marie says:

    Hi! Should we expect the next months’ calendars to use all these weights too? Just wondering if I should buy myself some weights now

  5. Amy says:

    What is next after the 21 days! This is my first time ever doing a blogilates challenge and I am really liking it but want to be prepared for when it ends!!

    1. blogilates says:

      I have looooots of other challenges you can try! Or you can finish the Jan calendar or Feb will be released soon, too! So many options!!!!

  6. Susan Krauss says:

    Hi Casey I have been doing your beginner’s calendar since Dec 22,2020 it has helped be get back into a workout routine I also purchased your 12 week fit journal and 32oz water bottle thank you so much for your positive speeches, not to compare yourself to others because I do i am 55 years and love your workout routines you are a great inspiration!!

  7. Julie says:

    Thank you for this 21-Day Challenge, Cassey! I wanted a realistic program to follow in January to get myself back in the habit of moving my body again. 21-minutes is VERY do-able, and now that we’re in week 2 – I’ve already been motivated enough to add an additional video to my routine. I love clicking “Done” on the app and seeing that checkmark! Keep going, Queen!

  8. Stephanie Morgan says:

    My friend shared Blogilates with me last week and I’m absolutely loving it! A few days late starting the 21 day tone challenge, but I’ve been making it a priority every day. Thank you for helping me get 2021 kicked off to an amazing start!

    1. blogilates says:

      Whoooo! Welcome!!

  9. Brianna Aguirre says:

    I love this app, There’s no app better than this one. Makes you feel happy about yourself. 🙂

  10. Sabrina Wellington says:

    I love the monthly workout whenever I find I have fallen off the healthy bandwagon this day by day calendar is exactly what I need to jump back on!

  11. Nancy Shore says:

    I’m excited to have a new routine. I have been remiss in my pilates and this 21 day routine is the perfect way to restart. I’m struggling with strength and balance but all in good time. Love your enthusiasm.
    Thank you

  12. Sarah says:

    Day 2:
    i could barely walk properly this morning and then you want me to do single legged anything ?!? xD haha
    I pushed through the first part which was hard enough to raise a leg ^^ and the normal bridge which already hurt but i couldnt get my butt up with one leg. so im not very satisfied with today’s workout cause i had to stop many times.
    BUT(T) I did it anyway even though i wasnt motiveted at all and after i got stronger i will kill this workout ;D

  13. Jennifer says:

    Is there a way to cast the video from the app on my tv?

    1. Munchkin :) says:

      I don’t know whether you can do it through the app but if you have a smart tv you can open the excercise videos up on youtube, I have done that.

  14. Jessica says:

    I’m looking forward to getting my life back on track. The last two years I’ve had two international moves and two injuries on the same foot. I run for stress relief and the moves and injury has made me have to try other things. I’m thankful for the challenge but I’m ready for no more excuses and drop the weight and take back my life. And I’m also looking forward to learning to lay down my life for others and to serve God in all I do.

  15. blogilates says:

    Hey guys! I see a lot of people asking this so gonna post it here! If you are looking for longer workouts, you can repeat that day’s video, add on any other videos you would like, or pair this with another challenge like 100 Ab Challenge or 100 Glute Challenge. Feel free to choose your own adventure!

    1. BabyDoubleJ says:

      Love it!! Choose Your Own Adventure books were my FAVE!!! I’m pairing it with the one from last year maybe, or the 100 ab challenge. Not sure. This year does not quite feel NEW yet…Still a lot of leftover 2020 nonsense I need to get rid of!! Time to clean out my closet!!!

  16. Looking to be consistent and finally loose these 20 pounds!

  17. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the new calendar, Cassey! I think it’s great that we start this new year with you motivating us to be consistent instead of too much pressure leading some people to give up again!
    I’m excited for the new challenge and I love that we have some new videos and a plan for people who can’t do the full 45 mins each day 🙂

  18. Violet says:

    I wasn’t sure if anyone wanted a clickable PDF since almost half the month is new videos that can’t be linked yet, but here:
    in case anyone wants it!

    1. Stefani says:

      Thank you, Violet!

    2. Anna K Bretschneider says:

      Thanks! So helpful! 💕

    3. Alexia says:

      Thank you so much!! Very helpful!

    4. Kristina says:

      THANK YOU! This was so helpful! 🙂

    5. Alicja says:

      you are the best!

  19. Melissa says:

    Hi Cassey! I would like to click back to past months in the new app, and it will not let me. Is this an error?

    1. blogilates says:

      Email us and they can help!! 🙂

  20. Asha says:

    Hey Cassey! I absolutely loooove your workout calendars and follow them religiously, but I’m sad to see how short the daily workouts are this month! I work from home and so heavily depend on your workout calendar as my movement/workout time. Having a hard time so far choosing supplemental videos every day for a fully rounded workout program. Can you add more videos or make a longer version for those of us who love those 45 min+ workouts? Thanks again for all your beautiful work!

  21. Anna says:

    I’m in the free 7 day zone and The first day of the yeah i could’t see Wich workout Washington planned from the app… Why? And why if I chiose a program for abs or boot it goes in conflict with the calendar? Thanks

  22. Anat says:

    Hi Cassey! the playlist for Jan 3rd has the same video twice. Does that mean that we need to do it twice or is it an error?

  23. Shekinah Hampton says:

    I’m looking forward to more life!

  24. Lisa says:

    The January calendar is disappointing, I enjoy the multiple videos lasting 45 to 60 minutes a day. I hope this is only for this month.

  25. Stephanie says:

    I cant get the calendar to pop up on my app without it asking to buy a subscription. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. blogilates says:

      You don’t have to get the subcription to do #21daytone!

  26. San says:

    Would this calendar routine help lose fat? I’m wondering because it says toning

  27. Elli says:

    Hey Cassey, so I was wondering if it is possible, that you give us some workouts we can pair with the 21 day toned challenge to remain working out for 45 minutes a day.
    I hope you have a great new year!

    1. blogilates says:

      If you are looking for longer workouts, you can repeat that day’s video, add on any other videos you would like, or pair this with another challenge like 100 Ab Challenge or 100 Glute Challenge. Feel free to choose your own adventure!

  28. Ameelvi says:

    I’m making a calendar on Google Sheets with extra workouts to make every day around 45-60min of activity a day. If anyone’s interested DM me on instagram: ameelviwhy

  29. AliceS says:

    Is there a problem with the Blogilates app? I wanted to do my workout to start my new year but it’s just blanco on the calendar… Is this only a problem for me?

    Happy New Year 🎊

    1. blogilates says:

      Email us and they’ll help you out!

  30. Ieshwarya G says:

    I need to reduce by back fat ,which is butt and love handles .. where in all video i find to grow butt i cant able to see how reduce the butt size

  31. Giulia says:

    Hi, will there be a normal calendar with more workouts everyday as it was before?

    1. blogilates says:

      This is the January calendar! 🙂

  32. Lin says:

    Hi! I’ve got the app but the January calendar hasn’t loaded for some reason!! Is there something wrong with my app???

    1. blogilates says:

      Hmm email us if you have any app issues!

  33. Verity Stead says:

    A while back the workout calendars had an online version that you could mark off. I’m trying to find this month’s version of that but I can’t seem to. Is it no longer a thing?

  34. alexandrasayeedi says:

    Does anyone have the PDF version of this?

    1. Bee says:

      What are you using to save it? You should be able to convert the JPEG into a PDF file!!

    2. Lisa says:

      I was going to ask the same thing. My phone won’t let me change it

  35. Lili says:

    Hi! I wanted more workouts to fill in this calendar challenge but I can’t find the calender with the extra workouts. Can anyone help me ?

    1. Mattie says:

      The 21-day Toning Challenge starts on the 4th of January if that answers your question. I’m pretty sure these are all the workouts there are.

    2. blogilates says:

      If you are looking for longer workouts, you can repeat that day’s video, add on any other videos you would like, or pair this with another challenge like 100 Ab Challenge or 100 Glute Challenge. Feel free to choose your own adventure!

  36. Hails says:

    Thank you so much for the Jan calendar! I’m glad to see that there are less work outs as doing 3 to 4 workouts for a beginner like me is unrealistic. I wish future calendars look more similar to this as well!

  37. Meg says:

    Today I completed the 28 Day Beginner Calendar and it was fabulous! I’ve never been able to commit to a home workout so to go 4 weeks straight felt amazing. Super pumped to get going on the Jan 2021 calendar and keep this up ALL YEAR! Thank you Cassey for all your inspiration!

  38. Roberta says:

    This is great! I was already planning on doing less videos per day to ease myself into 2021 workouts, but I’m glad you made January a bit lighter, so we can stay active while taking care of the rest of the early year craziness!

  39. Zoe says:

    I’ve printed off the January 2020 calendar. Going to do that with the January 2021 calendar!

    1. Majda says:

      I’m looking at the calendar and I can’t see any cardio/warm ups at the beginning of the day :/ So I’ll maybe do everyday something to help me ease into the work out…

    2. awesposito says:

      That’s a great idea!

  40. Rebecca says:

    I notice that this calendar has a lot fewer videos per day than your usual calendars – is this just for January?

  41. Erika Konig says:

    Thank you for being so thoughtful and adding pre and post workouts to the 21 day challenge. I follow your monthly calendars religiously and was hoping to stay active before and after the challenge. I am so grateful to count on you as a personal trainer Cassey. You have helped me love myself a little more. Thank you!
    Much love- Erika ❤️

    1. Karen says:

      Where are the pre and post workouts? I am used to doing more than one video per day and was really disappointed to see only one 20 minute video in January. Thank you for your help.

  42. Whitney Strickland says:

    Happy for 2021!! Love the calendar along with the ease of the app. I can’t wait to see the new videos that will be posted using the Target line. I purchased the resistance bands. Happy New Year, Blogilates fam. 🙂

  43. Liz says:

    I always love using your calendars, they are cute, and useful.

  44. ATHIRA says:

    HI Cassey,
    i am soo excited to try this calendar !!!!!! WOOO ………..2020 ends and 2021 starts I hope it becomes a great year for everyone!!! happy new Years EVE…….love you cassey. i really appreciate you for making these workout calendars for us it really helps us a lot PLUS, your ap is really amazing ,i use it everyday!. THANK YOU CASSEY !!!!!!!!!! love you loads

  45. awesposito says:

    Hi! Just to second Marina. I’m excited to use my new Blogilates weights with the new January calendar and 21 to Toned. Do you have a supplemental calendar for Popsters who want to keep up the longer workout sessions and pair with the 21 min routine? Thank you Cassey!!!

    1. mbraden1992 says:

      Also wondering this. Thanks Cassey!

    2. michela says:

      Yess!!! I agree with you!!! I would like to do longer workouts but I dont really know what videos to pair the 21 workouts with. Thank you sooo much Cassey love youu!!!! 🙂

      1. Mariah says:

        I agree too! I’ve been using the app to do the 40-50 minute workouts everyday since October and don’t want to cut down to start the new year! Thank you so much Cassey for the app and the videos, it’s brought me so much motivation!

      2. blogilates says:

        If you are looking for longer workouts, you can repeat that day’s video, add on any other videos you would like, or pair this with another challenge like 100 Ab Challenge or 100 Glute Challenge. Feel free to choose your own adventure!

    3. poorcookie says:

      Would like this as well!

      1. Michelle says:

        Yes, me too! Was just about to ask the same thing 🙂 Cassie has really made me enjoy longer 45-minute strength training workouts!!

  46. Marina says:

    Hi Cassey! This looks so awesome- do you have suggestions for each day of extra videos we might do if we want to keep up the previous hour-length workout sessions? Thank you!

    1. mbraden1992 says:

      I’m wondering about this too. Thanks!

    2. michela says:

      Yes!!! I completely agree with you! I would like to know what other videos I could do to do a full one hour workout! Thank you Cassey your are the best!!

      1. Rebecca says:

        Thirded!! I’d love to keep up with the regular hour or so of workouts!

        1. Maike says:

          Would love that as well. Been doing the calendar since March 2020 and love them so much.

        2. Sarah Crowhurst says:

          Likewise want more 🙌🙌

        3. Michelle says:


          1. Danae says:

            5th. I’ve paired it with the 100 glute challenge for now just in case.

      2. blogilates says:

        If you are looking for longer workouts, you can repeat that day’s video, add on any other videos you would like, or pair this with another challenge like 100 Ab Challenge or 100 Glute Challenge. Feel free to choose your own adventure!

    3. Samantha says:

      I’m also wondering this. (I know you’re so busy, so I’ll probably just repeat the December calendar to supplement.) Thanks for ALL you do Cassey!!

    4. Lily says:

      Yes! Don’t want to loose progress by doing this challenge…

      1. blogilates says:

        If you are looking for longer workouts, you can repeat that day’s video, add on any other videos you would like, or pair this with another challenge like 100 Ab Challenge or 100 Glute Challenge. Feel free to choose your own adventure!