Best Fiber-rich Foods for Weight Loss

Best Fiber-rich Foods for Weight Loss

With our new year’s resolutions just around the corner, January will be a HUGGEEEE month for health and fitness. A lot of us will commit to stricter dietary changes and tougher workout routines…but can you keep the momentum past Feb? YES! YOU CAN. Don’t be one of those people that start off with a bang and quickly wither away, never again to be seen until next January.

One of the best ways to stick to a new diet is to eat foods that will keep you full and satisfied. This means adding more fiber into your meal plan so that you have no chance to snack and overindulge later on. Here are some top fiber-rich foods to help jump start your get-lean plan!

Food Fiber (g) Other benefits
Apple, large 3.35″ diameter 5g Vitamin C, Potassium
Green beans, 1 cup 4g Vitamin C (30% daily value or DV)
Sweet potatoes, skin on, medium, size of computer mouse 5g 103 cals, 438% DV Vitamin A for good eyes, 37% DV Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin E, Iron, Magnesium, Beta Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin
Raspberries, 1 cup 8g Vitamin C, also helps lower cholesterol
Strawberries, 1 cup 3g Vitamin C
Chickpeas, 3/4 cup 8g Vitamin B6 + Folate = help build healthy new cells
Pumpkin, 1 cup cooked 3g 245% DV Vitamin A, Vitamin C, E, Potassium

Yummyy!!!! This makes we want to go eat a sweet potato right now. I also love chickpeas…I am thinking baked falafel.

Mmmm…anyway!! So you must have a bunch of questions of why fiber is so good for you!

Why does fiber help you lose weight?

    • Fiber keeps you full for a longer period of time because it takes longer to digest so that you are less likely to snack before the next meal
    • Fiber rich foods are usually lower in calories than refined foods
    • Fiber acts like a sponge in your digestive tract absorbing some carbs, fat, and sugars
    • For every 1g of fiber ingested your body extracts 7 cals in your stool…this means that if you ate 35g of fiber a day you’d excrete 245 cals in your stool!
    • Double your fiber intake from 12 to 24g/day and you’ll cut your caloric absorption by 90 cals (according to the US Dept. of Agriculture’s study)…this means 9.4 lbs lost in a year for the avg. woman. This of course only applies if you REPLACE your refined foods for fiber-rich foods. You can’t just eat what you’re eating PLUS fibrous foods and expect a weight loss. You must swap.

Thought I’d share more of a learning type of article today. Hope you got something out of it! I need to go grocery shopping today and get me some more of the above! <3 Cassey


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  1. Yhannet says:

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  2. Generally I do not read post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, quite great post.

  3. Tony Franco says:

    Fiber is easily found in food but sometimes you need a little more in the fiber department. Skinny Fiber works a bit differently and definitely helped me (especially with my busy schedule).

  4. jessy says:

    hey cassy. i was wondering if the free meal plan can be used as a meal plan for other 3-months training programs?

  5. Anna says:

    I went on a high protein, high fiber, moderate fat, low to moderate carbohydrate diet after finishing college. I also began exercising again with POP Pilates being a favorite. I dropped the 18 lbs that I had gained in college and a little more!

  6. I LOVE taking falafel pita sandwiches to work for lunch! So good with lettuce and red peppers.

  7. Janice says:

    thank u cassey! will do!

  8. sakeena says:

    Whoa this is really cool info! Thanks a lot!

  9. Alycia says:

    Thanks for posting this! I had planned on looking up a list of foods today, and this is exactly what I needed!

  10. Rachel says:

    Thanks for posting this, Cassey! This is such a great article because it is so true. I always eat a ton of fiber, but I didn’t know that about if you ingest “x” amount of calories, you excrete “xx” . That is great news!! Thanks!! 🙂

  11. I like apples and strawberries and I consume great amounts of them. They are great for taking fibers plus a lot of vitamins that are so essential for maintaining our good health.

  12. I love adding frozen raspberries and strawberries to yummy! And I eat almost one apple every day. 🙂

    I think its so great that fruit has SO many great health benefits!