The Beach Bed Towel is a total game changer

Hey guys!

You can count on me to add pockets…TO EVERYTHING 😘

I’ve never designed a beach towel before but I figured I could update a few things to the traditional towel:



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The Beach Bed Towel

✔️ 4 secret pockets to hide your valuables (plus it acts as a weight when stuff is inside so your towel won’t blow away!)
✔️ The fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles (about 40 ♻️ bottles per towel)
✔️ Double-sided + reversible
✔️ Boho tassels ✌️


popflex beach bed towel with pockets blue palm with fringe



Sorry should have told you about the Beach Bed Towel at the start at summer but better late than never! Annnnd Swim just restocked – did you see?! Now’s the time to grab anything you missed the first time around!

Did you guys go anywhere fun this summer?

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  1. Cassey says:

    Pls pls pls restock for summer!!! It would be perfect!!!

  2. Betty B says:

    Would love to buy this! Is it sold out?

  3. Elyse says:

    I was planning on buying this for my upcoming honeymoon. Pls bring this towel back!

  4. Ioanna says:

    I need this beach towel sooo bad, when will you restock?

  5. KRA says:

    How can I buy this? The link doesn’t work.

  6. Ava Guidon says:

    I would love to order one of your beach bed towels but whenever i press ‘shop beach bed towel’ the page doesn’t exist…are they sold out? Or am I doing something wrong? I really love your work and would be greatful for your help here! Greetings from Switzerland!

  7. Hirvi Vimawala says:

    Want ! 🥺 please restock and let us know ❤️

    1. V says:

      Pls Pls Pls restock it, we really neeeeeeed it for the summer⛱️

  8. Joaquim Peyre says:

    Great product
    Are there any plans for it to be back in stock.

  9. Taylor says:

    Sell it at target!

  10. AC says:

    Please bring this back! I desperately need this for the summer. 😫

  11. A says:

    I only see the small beach towel for sale, will the bigger one be back?

  12. Gemma says:

    So hard to find functional towels that actually work for going to the beach bc it’s always so sandy when I come home 😪 This towel is perfect omg 🤩