Remember when you asked for swimwear with more coverage?

Hey guys!

When I launched Drop 1 of Swim, I knew you’d be mad. I knew you wanted full coverage options but they just…weren’t ready.

Some of these designs took a lot of patience and a lot of trial and error. Rather than hold up the entire launch, we decided to split it up. Was it frustrating? Yes. Did I hate reading your disappointed comments while keeping this a secret? Yes 🤐.

I’m so excited for you to see The Retro Drop!

I’m happy to report that all of the work and time spent was worth it. So happy with how everything turned out!

popflex modest swimwear swim romper full coverage bikini bottom

Sand Dollar Surf Short with Pockets

popflex Sand Dollar Surf Short with Pockets blue palm modest swimwear shorts swim bottoms full coverage bikini

When you asked for full coverage bikini bottoms, I didn’t want to just recreate the same “granny panty” swim bottoms that you can find anywhere. You know me, I like to push fashion past the norm! So I was like okay… let’s do a surf short. Sporty and cute all at the same time without looking basic.

This was one of the most problematic patterns in all of Swim. 

So many things come into play with fit. And then you have to take every size into account (XXS-3X for these!) and adjust even more so EVERY size has a perfect fit.

The issue was getting the shorts to not squeeze at the thighs, without twisting and looking weird in the crotch. This is one example of when it was crucial to take our time and let deadlines go for the sake of getting it right.

The Surf Shorts prove that sexy, full coverage swim bottoms CAN exist. I’ve witnessed several women of many body types try these bottoms on and every. single. one looked stunning.

popflex Sand Dollar Surf Short with Pockets modest swimwear full coverage bikini


Details are everything.

The retro-inspired cut is high-waisted and accentuates your curves. Like I mentioned, we made sure the shorts won’t squeeze your thighs.

There’s an anti-cameltoe, seam-free front panel because now that we’ve gone anti-cameltoe, we can never go back.

The material is double-lined. No see-through moments!

And then I added pockets because DUH.


Coastline Cap Sleeve Bikini Top

popflex modest bikini top with sleeves full coverage bikini bottom swim short



So when I did the swim polls, the majority voted NO for a bikini top with sleeves. But I went for it anyway. The result is this timeless, romantic bikini top. I love her wide neckline and of course, the corset-inspired lace-up back.

Just like the bottoms, the Coastline is double-lined and has a dual-layer inner shelf to prevent any slippage. Trust, you’re gonna feel secure in this bikini top.

The full look

If you were worried that full coverage bikini bottoms and/or a modest bikini top would be boring, this is for you. I am obsessed with the Coastline Bikini Top + Surf Short combo.


Romper One Piece

popflex swim romper one piece full coverage swimsuit modest swimwear


Have you ever seen a swimsuit that is so unique, yet so timeless all at the same time?! I’m obsessed with rompers and was soo happy with how this turned out!

I love the retro vibes, the big, adjustable bow on the back, and the low (but not too low) open back with the little criss-cross detail.

The bottom is cut like the Surf Shorts, accentuating your curves while still giving you full coverage!

I can’t decide which one I love more… Blue Palm or Black Rib?!

popflex swim one piece romper black full coverage swimsuitSHOP SWIM ROMPER

A swim towel as big as your bed

popflex beach towel with bag


THE DREAM. I love the Beach Bed Towel because Sam and I can share! It’s huge!

Fun fact: this towel is made out of recycled water bottles! 40 to be exact. It’s reversible too, and sand resistant (a must)!

If you’re looking for something smaller, go for the Sand to Studio Towel. This one is yoga mat-sized and you can literally use it as a yoga towel! It has 4 zippered corner pockets to fit right over your mat. Like the Bed Towel, this one is reversible, sand resistant, and comes in a vegan suede zippered baggie.

popflex swim retro drop line sheet beach towels romper bikini bottoms

That’s it for The Retro Drop!

I need to know: Are you team cheeky or team full coverage bikini?!

I know that full coverage swim isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope between Drop 1 and the Retro Drop, you find something you love!

Tell me what you’re getting in the comments, and what you want to see for future swim designs!



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  1. Jennifer says:

    I am so obsessed with both drops! I purchased the low tide cheeky bottoms, boardwalk bombshell bikini top, and siren sweetheart bikini top all in blue palm. Now that the retro collection has dropped I’m obsessed with the Romper in black! I think there’s an occasion for all the styles and love that you have made a swim suit collection that is extremely customizable. I haven’t purchased a new bathing suit in over a year. Thank you for making a collection that has made me so excited to purchase and wear a new swimsuit. <3

  2. Loren says:

    CASSEY, you nailed the whole swimsuit thing! It’s impossible to please everyone but somehow these suits look good on every body. And plenty of options. I’m team Retro/full coverage. I ordered the Coastline Top and Sand Dollar bottoms in the blue print.