How Ayesha Curry is Building Healthy Habits in 2023

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The start of a new year is a great time to reset and focus on creating healthy habits for overall wellness, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decide to change your habits at any time you are ready. Wellness is a lifestyle and way of being and there’s no better example than Ayesha Curry – chef, cookbook author, wife of NBA star Stephen Curry, and mother of three. 

Like many of us, Curry is on a mission in 2023 to reach new levels on her own wellness journey. She filled us in on what she’s learned on her journey so far, and the tools she’s using to build healthy habits.

Balancing nutrition with family life

As a busy mother and wife, Ayesha understands the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet while balancing the demands of family life. “Now that my kids are a bit older, I’ve entered a new chapter of life and wanted to reclaim my body and get into shape, but in an approachable and sustainable way,” she tells Blogilates. Recently, Curry also kicked off a partnership with the leading global nutrition and food tracking app, MyFitnessPal, to impart with others how food, hydration and exercise positively impacted her body.

Curry first started her wellness journey three years ago and has been consistently using the app. “It’s truly helped to keep me accountable by seeing how the food I eat and workouts I do impact my body when tracking in the app. For example, if I don’t eat enough protein in a day, I have less energy,” she shares.

As a chef herself with a successful cookbook, “The Seasoned Life,” Curry is aware of how nutrition and food play a part in creating healthy habits. Some of Curry’s favorite recipes to refuel include a tropical post-workout smoothie. All you have to do is toss in some banana, mango, spinach, almond butter, Greek yogurt along with your favorite protein powder or collagen powder, give it a blend and you’re done. In only five minutes, you’ll have a beverage packed with nutrients that will transport you to a tropical paradise offshore.

When Curry has more time to cook, she enjoys preparing dishes that her kids will like. This includes turkey burgers with smashed avocado or her favorite versatile grilled chicken with mango corn salsa grain bowl.


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Learning to look at wellness as a whole

Curry’s commitment to healthy eating is not focused on simply tracking calories. And of course apps that monitor food intake are not for everyone. However, one advantage of MyFitnessPal is that it allows users to visualize the nutritional breakdown in their foods. A macro breakdown is beneficial for some to ensure they are maintaining a balanced diet all day long to keep them energized and full. 

Curry also shows that it is possible to make positive changes, no matter how busy your life may be. In addition to her focus on food, she also prioritizes self-care and exercise.

“I recently realized that aggressive workouts don’t work for me. But my body responds better to a quick 20-minute Pilates class than an hour pushing it in the gym. Mixing it up with a hike outside or yoga at home also helps me break up the monotony of the gym and keeps me motivated mentally to keep pushing towards my fitness goals,” she confesses. 

The amount and type of physical activity that works for each person varies. Something that might work for you, may not work for others. Curry is a prime example of that. 

“Do what works for you. It took me a while to realize this, but there’s no one size fits all.” 

Of course, wellness is incomplete without having an established self-care routine.

Just like the rest of us, Curry has her bad days, but meditation, skincare, daily salutations and 5 minute journaling helps her remain composed and give clarity when she’s stuck in a rut.

“Begin to remind yourself that you’ll feel better after doing an activity and slowly it will become a habit. Keep in mind the ‘why’ of your health and fitness goals, have grace with yourself on the bad days, and celebrate the small wins that you accomplish to keep up momentum. This is a lifelong habit to build and skipping a day or two doesn’t mean you’re back at square one! It’s about balance.”


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