333 Days Later. My 90 Day Journey Update.

To be completely honest with you, when I first started my 90 Day Journey, I already knew that the hardest part wasn’t going to be hitting my goals on Day 90. It was going to be maintaining my results.

Every other time I had gone on a strict diet and fitness regimen (like my Bikini Competition in 2012), I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I was so sick of eating broccoli and chicken breast. So sick of feeling like I was in food jail. The workout part was fine – I mean I enjoy working out. But the food part was always the hardest for me. I am a foodie at heart and if I wasn’t a fitness instructor and didn’t need to ACTUALLY use my food for actual fuel, I totally, 100%, most definitely would be a competitive eater. I literally kid you not. I outeat all my friends and family. I’m usually the last one still picking at stuff at the dinner table. And then asking if we can have dessert.

This time though, when I decided to go on this 90 Day Journey, I made the very conscious choice to give myself time the freedom to experiment, fail, and try again. I never had that liberty before.

When I did Whole30, I couldn’t have any dairy, legumes, grains, added, sugar, baked goods, and junk food for 30 days straight. If I cheated, it was over. I’d have to start over.

When I did Keto, I couldn’t have fruit, I had to limit veggies, and had to force myself to eat more meat, dairy, oils, and fats to try to get into ketosis. Once I was there, I had to try to stay there…by eating more meat, dairy, oils, and fats.

When I did the bikini competition body builder diet, I pretty much could only eat protein. I got in trouble by my coach for eating too much lettuce…because it had “too many carbs”…plus I was eating only 1,000 calories a day for 8 weeks, while working out around 4 hours a day. (Unhealthy, please don’t try.)

The thing with all of these diets? They weren’t my own. They were someone else’s. And it didn’t feel good. That’s why almost immediately after my bikini competition, I gained all my weight back plus more. Same would happen after any other diet I’d try. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.

So this time around, on my 90 day Journey, I wanted to once and for all find a diet that would suit my lifestyle – not for 30 days, not for 8 weeks, but for…forever. Could I do it?

Before, After & After-After

333 days.

I can’t believe it’s been 333 days since the start of my 90 Day Journey. It was almost a year ago that I decided to embark on a personal mission to unapologetically get into the best shape of my life – MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY.

On my terms.

For myself.

If you can remember, things got off to a really controversial start…with people saying that I was a “disgrace to all women”, “anti body positive”, ” a hypocrite”, “a bad role model”, “mentally disordered” plus a whole slew of terrible assumptions that really hurt me.

Even though the public shaming was painful, it was the exact start I needed to prepare me for the difficult challenges that lay ahead. It foreshadowed the shedding of toxicity, extra baggage, and extra weight that was holding me back from being the best version of myself.

I am so happy to tell you that today – 333 days after the start of my journey, I am the HAPPIEST, most CONFIDENT, most CREATIVE, and most UNSTOPPABLE version of myself that I have EVER been. And it feels SO GOOD!!! AHHH!!!!

You can see in the comparison photos above that the momentum of the 90 Day Journey is keeping me fitter, leaner, and stronger than I’ve ever been before. Unlike with the bikini competition, I did not want to go back to my old eating habits. Why?

Because I like the way my food makes me feel.

Because I like the way my workouts make me feel.


I finally, FINALLY, FINALLY understand my body. You guys…it’s like I solved the ultimate riddle. For my whole life I’ve battled my body. I was always so confused why my friends could eat whatever they wanted and not gain weight. I was always frustrated that if I tried eating the same foods my sister ate, she’d have abs and I’d have a bloated belly. I was always SO angry at my body for not listening to me!

But you know what the problem was???

I wasn’t listening to my body.

This whole time, my body was trying to tell me things but I kept ignoring it because I was trying to compare my body to other bodies…my diet to other diets. I was forcing my body to eat stuff and do stuff that wasn’t prescribed for its uniqueness. I was totally blind to the signs my body was trying to give me. It wasn’t until I started journaling that I started seeing the patterns and making the connections.

During my 90 Day Journey, I wrote down everything in complete detail:

  • What I ate
  • How much I slept
  • My mood
  • My water intake
  • My workouts
  • My weight
  • My body fat
  • My muscle mass
  • My accomplishments
  • My setbacks

Writing daily for 90 days allowed allowed me to solidify the following truths about my body:

  • Grains bloat me and make me constipated
  • Dairy irritates my stomach, makes me gassy, and makes me break out on my face
  • The combination of sugar and dairy will immediately lead to acne
  • If I get less than 5 hours of sleep, I get bloated the next morning and lack energy for my workouts
  • Eating late dinners messes up my digestion and bloats me for the next day
  • I can easily overeat if I am not mindful, leading to unnecessary weight gain
  • Increased stress increases my appetite

Additionally, I know once and for all that my genes do not allow me to eat whatever I want and not gain weight. (My 23andMe results confirm this as well.) I am simply not built like that! And that’s ok. I know that I do have to work harder than most people to get the results I want. But if that’s something I am willing to do because it brings me joy, then that is the very conscious choice I am going to make. No whining. No complaining. No “life is unfair.” This is the body I was born with. It is a gift. And I will do everything in my power to keep it healthy, fit, and happy.

So that’s where I am today guys! I wake up every morning to work out around 7:30am. I do a mixture of cardio/PIIT, Pilates, and/or weights. Then I cook all my meals at home every single day (thanks to quarantine). My meals are usually a lean protein with veggies. I snack on fruits, popcorn, freshly blended smoothies and/or protein bars. A couple times a week I have real ice cream (currently LOVING the ube ice cream and the strawberry oat milk ice cream from Trader Joes) because it makes my soul happy!

If you’re feeling inspired to start your own 90 Day Journey…

I have good news for you.

So you know how I kept charts, data, graphs, and literally recorded everything about my 90 Day Journey in blog posts, journals, and spreadsheets? It was a lot of numbers and notes spread across a lot of platforms. I was testing the best way to record key information for analysis. The entire time, I knew I wanted to share with you the EXACT strategy I used to crush my 90 Day Journey….and guys…here it is:

Meet the 90 Day Journal!!!! Inside is EVERYTHING I journaled to lose over 20 lbs (of toxicity, negativity, judgement, insecurity, and baggage) during my very own 90 Day Journey.

This is the daily page. Here you will record your food intake, macros, water intake, sleep duration, mood, workouts, and any notable things you are experiencing that day. Very important to be as detailed as possible so that in the future, you can look back and find patterns.

90 day journal blogilates fitness goals motivation

An upgrade from the last Fit Planner! This time there’s dividing tabs!!! This is SUPER necessary as you will be flipping back and forth between weeks A LOT. You will be comparing your progress and again, checking for patterns.

Goals. EXTREMELY important to set your goals. But not just physique goals. Your mental wellness goals (ie. not care about what others think about you) and your strength goals (ie. how many pushups on toes do you do by day 90?) are equally important. I added this page because I want your priorities CRYSTAL CLEAR. This will help give you direction when it comes to experimenting and tweaking your fitness and nutrition strategies.

I looked forward to filling out my weekly progress chart every week when I was doing my 90 Day Journey! I loved seeing how my hard work affected my results over the course of 7 days. If it worked, I would keep doing what I was doing. If it didn’t, I’d look back at my prior week of daily pages to find the culprit for my stagnation. Then I’d tweak my strategies for next week.

My fave part? How you can always compare you progress to Day 1. Sometimes it’s discouraging to not see change week to week. But you’ve got to look back to see how far you’ve come.

Grocery lists! You’ve got one every week. Bring this with you to the store and check it off as you shop!

Weekly recap. Very important. Taking the time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t every week is what will help you tweak your process. You see – the reason why my 90 day Journey was so successful was because I wasn’t restricted to one method. I allowed myself to try, experiment, fail, and try again. 90 days is just enough time for you to focus and to also be flexible. Use the time to your advantage, and don’t be afraid to take risks! If you don’t try, you will never know.

If you really are serious about embarking on your own 90 Day Journey and finally getting in the best shape of your life – mentally and physically – DO IT. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My journey has positively impacted everything in my life: my relationships, my career, my happiness, my confidence, my creativity…even my hair!!! It is longer and healthier than ever!!!

I feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life. And that is not an exaggeration.

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  1. Sonia Monteiro says:

    Don’t pay attention to negative comments. Those who truly like you will always support you! The most important thing is to feel good in your own skin! You are a warrior goddess, a true inspo fit for all of us! nd whoever says bad things is jealous!

  2. Leah Sechrist says:

    I’ve been struggling with binge eating and I need some help

  3. Michael Lyons says:

    I think I’m In love with you..

  4. Jacky Middleton says:

    Omg, your journey is so inspiring to me. In April 2020 i started after i was furloughed from work, i had gained about 20lbs. I have always been an overweight person. I have done fittness journeys before and over the years my weight has been in a consistent state of flux. So i decided this would be year that i focus on my overall health and well-being . I started journaling my eating on My Fittness PAL and I downloaded the FITON App , where i found you as my trainer for the first time. I hadn’t seen your blog before but i have always loved the way pilates made me feel. Your workouts quickly became my favorites, completely all that you had available on the !! I could see how your body was changing, as you added new workouts to the App. This inspired me to go harder. I recently downloaded your app And have been following along with December’s boot camp. I am down 19 pounds from when I started!! I am at the same way I waz this time last year the difference is I am a much healthier person now. I am still 20 pounds over my desired BMI but I for the first in my life I can see the light at then end of the tunnel. Thank you for sharing and inspiring, its meant alot to me and has kept me going.
    Since i started December’s workout calander, i haven’t been this sore in months, i can literally feel my body changing

  5. Pam says:

    I would like to start that

  6. Julieanne Culley says:

    I am 3 days in and love the structure of the journal, the physical book, not an online version, i guess I’m old fashioned like that.

    I find I’m all over the place if I haven’t got a clear plan. I do alot for everyone else and have decided I needed to make myself a priority for awhile.

    Thank you for always making me feel uplifted and supported while I struggle on the mat at home.

    Love your work And 🙂

  7. AuroraK says:

    You look fabulous!! Ignore all the naysayers! You are such an inspiration… I love my body… at the same time, I feel it’s meaningful to keep working hard to make it better and healthier. Your journey makes me feel I can do it too. Thanks Cassey!

  8. MiraBCK says:

    Thanks for being such an inspiration to people world wide! You are awesome! <3 Love from sunny South Africa

  9. Keirsten says:

    I love you Cassie, before and after this journey. Don’t worry so much about mean comments, just know there is one more person who will love you no matter what

  10. Pamela says:

    Hi Casey! I have just received my 90 day journal and starting tomorrow will be starting my journey! I wanted to tell you that I love the journal! It’s so thoughtfully put together. I love all the options for tracking and the little notes of encouragement. They are just the right amount! Thank you for creating this! Wish me luck!!

  11. Patricia says:

    Hey Cassey. Been subbed to you since you helped me get into amazing shape for my wedding back in 2013! (lost 14 lbs and 4.5 inches of stomach fat plus gained a six pack!) Nowadays, with my arthritis much more severe plus the fact that I run my own business by myself, I am definitely in need of getting into shape. I am a foodie plus I stress eat so it hasn’t been a great combination (bear in mind I started my business during the height of the pandemic). I would love to buy this but I need to know how I would be weighing my body fat and muscle mass? That seems to be an integral part of this and I am not aware of how I would do this at home. Thanks so much, Cassey! And you look friggin’ fantastic!

  12. Suzy says:

    Hi!! I was wondering did you follow the workout calendar that you post every month for your weight loss journey?

  13. tesset says:

    Hi Cassey! Thank you for sharing this. Can you recommend what type of scale you used to measure your body fat and muscle mass? Thank you!

  14. Jaime says:

    Hi! I’d love to see a blog post from you about how you’re maintaining your awesome figure! Also, I have major trap/arm envy! That muscle definition!! You’ve inspired me and I’m on my longest streak ever of working out consistently and logging my food. You inspire me!!

  15. Nairy says:

    Every thing is perfect

  16. Kes says:

    Hi Cassey! I cannot tell you how much you have inspired me to take the plunge and make a change that is just FOR ME! I’m embarking on my own version of a 90 Day journey with the help of your 90 Day Journal and your blog for inspiration. It would mean the world to me if you could check out my first few blog post and give me any kind of feedback about how I’m structuring goals! Thank you so much for Just Being You!

  17. LexyA says:

    In my opinion, Cassey looks even better on Day 0 than in the after photos! But that’s irrelevant because it’s not about my opinion. I’m so happy that Cassey is happy and that she feels really satisfied with what she’s achieved. That’s what is inspiring about our amazing Cassey – that she helps us achieve our goals but teaches us to recognise that they don’t have to be the same as everyone else’s goals.

  18. Christa Shinn says:

    You look amazing Cassey!!XOXO!!

  19. Cecilia says:

    You’re amazing Cassie! Keep doing what you’re doing! I’ve been following your workouts for 6 years and you always continue to inspire me! Don’t let anyone’s words bring you down. Our bodies are gifts and we must take care of them. I’ve noticed the change on your body and you have a beautiful glow and look wonderful! Keep up your hard work

  20. Roma Elaine Cruz says:

    Hi Cassey, just wanna let you know that I am so proud of what you have achieved. For me, other’s opinion shouldn’t matter as long as you feel good about yourself and that you are healthy. Achieve whatever your goals are.
    You’ve been an inspiration to me in many ways since I started doing your workouts 7 years ago. I have then went back swimming since your workouts did build up my endurance.

    I cannot thank you enough.

  21. Gau says:

    Thank you so much for sharing and keeping us updated Cassey. I’m just like you in eating. I love love food.And grains make me bloat and gain like no other. You’re doing great in and out, and I love that you encourage and motivate us all to do the same.

  22. Tracy George says:

    Do gluten-free grains give you the same problems as other grains? I just ordered the 90 day journal starting a similar experience: I’m at my peak weight in years (137lbs at 5’4″) and I want to drop 10lbs to get back to my more comfortable place of the mid 120s. I want to find out what works for ME just like you said. (Though honestly I still worry about young girls seeing these before/after pics without reading your blogs and just associating thinner with happier… thoughts on that?)

  23. Melissa says:

    ….wonderful that you’ve been so transparent, this will inspire and encourage many people, everything written here is very relatable 💕

    1. Tesse T says:

      Thank you for being so transparent with your journey! You’re an inspiration! I’ve fallen off the bandwagon since quarantine, but am so ready to get back and what a better way than to start my 90 days journey. Can you please share how or what you used to measure your fat and muscle mass? Thank you! 💕

  24. Danielle says:

    Hi Cassey! During your 90 day journey, did you make and change rules for yourself? As an example, now I have a rule for myself that I eat a vegetable with every meal. I like a clear rule to guide me from point A to B. I am afraid that if I make rules that are too restrictive, I will not follow through for all 90 days, and if I make my rules too lax, I won’t hit my goals. Was it a strict compliance, a guideline, or just listening to your body? Thanks for sharing !

  25. Chelsea Bonvillain says:

    In the last photo, that’s either a really good tan, really good lighting, or, I hate to say it, really good photoshop.

    1. Hala Osta says:

      I think in this day and age, it’s easy to assume things are fake. But if you’ve been following Cassey, you’d know her work ethic. Could definitely be more supportive of one another.

    2. Christy Palmer says:

      It’s pretty obvious you haven’t been following Cassie’s journey. If you had been, you wouldn’t make such a statement. You’d also know that Cassie is a big believer in positivity and building other women up, not tearing them down. I suggest you go back and actually read Cassie’s blog from
      The start of her 90 day journey. I think you’d feel different about a lot of things of you did.

    3. No Hope says:

      Been following this lady since 2010? Daily since 2012. Found her voice to be spiritual, inspiring and so annoying at the end of a workout I can’t handle :p Even when I strayed I keep coming back to her.
      And it’s only bc she’s so freaking authentic and real. All these other bloggers and fitness people can’t live up to her authenticity. The reason I keep coming back is because the stuff she shares with us is the stuff she does herself (which a lot of fitness people don’t do).
      I’ve only ever bought two bras from her last year so it’s not like shes taking my money (or forcing from anyone else).
      The woman has a weird gene that makes her hella positive and share her true experiences. She wouldn’t do that to us.

  26. Kaci says:

    I’m 13 and i am about 115. Sometimes 120 when i’m full. I try to workout and i usually start of my monday’s by working out. but i never finish throughout the week. i hate not having the motivation and i’m not sure what to do. Most of the girls i know are around 100 and i feel like a pig. the fat goes to my stomach and sometimes my thighs. please help

    1. Yuna says:

      I’m 55kg=121lb myself and I’m very slim. I don’t know whether you still grow, but if yes I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m 5’7″ (I’ve been that since I was 13) and in the beginning I was way thinner. I was a stick. It didn’t look good. Having a bit of fat isn’t bad for you, especially if it goes to your hips it’s actually good for you!
      As to your motivation: If you have the chance to do a hobby with others (at school, in a club, or something like that) do it! Choose a hobby that is a physical activity that you enjoy (you can try out several ones) and do this in the middle of the week or so. So you can workout on Monday, and when you don’t have motivation you go to your hobby. If they actually keep track of who shows up every week this should help you show up there regularly, so you can workout more.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Sarah says:

      Kaci, you sound like myself when I was your age. I was 5’4″ and around 120 lbs and couldn’t understand how other girls were 10-20 lbs “lighter” than myself.
      I agree with the previous reply, try not to stress about your weight and the weight of other girls. I know it’s easier said than done. It’s something you have to work on every day. When your brain tells you “you are fat” FIGHT those thoughts! Tell yourself, “NO! I am beautiful, I am not fat, I am healthy, and I love myself.”
      For years I told myself I was fat and ugly and ended up really messing up my metabolism. I would starve myself for days then binge the following days. At the end of college I was 194 lbs and so unhappy. I went through this cycle for years and only now, at 28, am finally understanding how to be healthy. Everyone is built differently AND everyone is beautiful (even in a bikini!).
      Remember, your weight does not indicate your health. For example, muscle mass is heavier than fat. I am now 135-140 lbs and in the best shape of my life. And a healthy weight is dependent on height.
      Find activities you enjoy that get you moving on days you feel unmotivated. Join a club where you can meet new people who also enjoy the activity (dance class at the community center, spin class at the gym, running clubs).
      When you don’t work out one day or even one week, forgive yourself! There is always next week. You can start again. Just because you missed one day, one week, or even one month, doesn’t mean you are a failure. You can do this! Train your brain to think positively about yourself and your health!
      You got this girl!

    3. Tracy George says:

      Hi dear Kaci, I understand how frustrating it can be to compare your body to other girls’ bodies. I’ve always been curvier, a little thicker, and other differences I used to be embarrassed about (like having more body hair than other girls). But I promise you, all bodies are different and that’s ok, and that’s beautiful. What I’ve learned since I was a middle school girl (and I’m now in my 30s) is that life feels so much better (and I feel better in my body) when I love it just as it is. I do have goals for myself (like I want to lose a few pounds I gained during quarantine) but I know I need to do with this love and acceptance. I promise, promise you, when you practice loving your body just as it is, and let other bodies be as they are, life is more joyful!

  27. Janeen says:

    Cassey, you look amazing! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  28. Jazmine says:

    Hi Cassey! I need your advice please :).

    Now that you have successfully figured out what foods to avoid and which to enjoy, do you ever occasionally treat yourself to foods that might be irritating for your stomach? Let’s say Dairy or grains for instance. If you’re in a situation to have dairy or grains, let’s say when you’re out with friends, etc., do you indulge in these foods?

    I ask this because I myself am lactose intolerant but I’m also sensitive to legumes. They make me bloat, break out with acne, and cause me to have low energy. I am far better off without foods that trigger my stomach, but I was wondering if it would be harmful to treat myself with legumes or dairy on special occasions. Or if it’s better to just completely cut them out for good for the sake of my body and not my taste buds.

    Thank you! I hope you find this comment or if others have opinions on this as well, feel free to share your advice! 😀 Have a great day ❤️

    1. Tracy George says:

      Good question Jazmine. I wonder this too, and I’m definitely likely to indulge in the things I love once in a while. Cassie even said in one of her posts that she treats herself to ice cream a couple times a week (probably very small portions to avoid a lot of stomach upset and bloating). I think strict rules usually backfire. I just ordered the journal and will start my own journey to get back to a comfortable pre-quarantine weight. I thought about establishing food rules, but instead I want to go with food goals: eat slower, check in with my body, pay more attention to emotional hunger vs physical hunger, avoid dairy and white flour as much as possible, and work towards NOT beating myself up when I over indulge.

  29. Brie says:

    I was going to start my own 90 day challenge in January. . . I was going to slowly get back into working out and then once I got into a routine I was going to dtart the challenge. But now that you made us this? Yeah, 90 day challenhe starts in August now LOL! Thank you for giving me a little more motivation!!

  30. Erica says:

    Wow Cassey, you are looking so fit and gorgeous!

  31. Heather says:

    Amazing Cassey!! You’ve been such a big inspiration to me for a really long time! Will there be a digital version of this journal? I would obviously love to have the real thing but I don’t trust the postal service in my country for it to ever arrive…

    I’ve just had so many health issues with my gut for the past 6 years… I honestly don’t remember what it’s like to not be in pain… and I’ve seen so many doctors who don’t know what to do with me, and I’ve had to keep so many food journals to try and help them understand what’s wrong with me that this would seriously help me so much…

  32. Talia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey and challenging the negative commentd that came. I definitely agree that wanting to care for your body and getting into the best health IS body love and respect. I remember watching a YouTube video a long time ago where you talked about the weight gain after your bikini competition and how I felt so connected because you spoke so honestly. Many fitness bloggers seem to be in perfect shape and it seems unattainable. With the 90 Day Journey, I love how open and honest you are with experimenting and leaving the journey fluid. I’m so inspired and glad you are sticking to what you believe even though some people tried to tear you down. I’ve ordered my journal and can’t wait to start finding what works for me. I’m excited to see how my life (and body) changes if I make an effort every day to make conscious and healthy choices. Even if they are baby steps, I am going to stick with it. Thanks Cassey for being an inspiration and feeling like a friend on this journey with me.

  33. Karina Herrera says:

    You look amazing 👏 God bless you you are so beautiful inside and outside

  34. Macarena says:

    Dear Cassey, you are in inspiration! love your videos, workouts and posts, you change my life. I would like to try a grain free diet and I wanted to know if you stop eating quinoa and oats too, hope you could answer me, thanks for everything!

  35. Marisa says:

    You are so inspiring for me! I live in Sweden and have been working out with you for I think 6 years now. I love your videos and how you through a video can push me to do better! You are amazing and such an inspiring person! Lots of love!

  36. Macarena says:

    Dear Cassey, i would love to try a grain free diet because i am bloating all the time and maybe is just that…did you stop eating oats and quinoa too? Thank you for your amazing vídeos and post! You are an inspiration!

  37. Thaissa says:

    That’s so cute and inspiring! Great job!!!

  38. Jacqui says:

    You look great. And most of all you now know what to do and you feel great. That is wonderful. You are definitely an inspiration. Thank you.

  39. Lasagna says:

    Hi! Since I am not from the States I can’t send you a text with my question, so I’ll comment it here. I have always been a very active person, and I was lucky enough to never have to watch my weight or what I was eating. But recently I gained a lot of weight due to some hormonal changes, and I have been desperately trying to go back to how I was before.
    I have been eating around 1000/1200 calories a day for the last three months, all while exercising a lot (I do muay thai and weights). Lately I’ve hit a plateau, and it really worries me that if I go back to “eating more” (I usuallu ate between 1300/1500 calories), my weight will skyrocket again.
    Do you have any tips on how to transition from a very strict diet to a more flexible one without losing all the progress?

  40. Kate Awoskon says:

    I’m so happy for you 💖. You look absolutely amazing and strong! You deserve this 😊. I would love to buy the 90 day journal but the shipping and other fees are so expensive 😔.

  41. MG says:

    You always inspire Cassey. And you look absolutely amazing!! But why are you looking taller in the third picture (i.e. day 333)?? Please share with us some tips if you tried something for your height! 🙂

    1. Caroline says:

      You just look taller when you are slimmer

    2. VD says:

      She changed the angle between camera and herself (more from below) and her position in the room…so I guess she looks taller because of optics. Also she’s wearing a different bikini. Especially the bikini pants sit higher and make the legs look longer. I highly recommend taking a look at the instagram account of @danaemercer to get a feeling for how angles and posing can make someone appear much leaner, taller and muscular than that person actually looks when standing or sitting normally or relaxed. I don’t mean to hate on Cassey’s pics, but I want to make sure that people don’t over-interpret pictures and stress themselves out!

      That being said, I still appreciate Cassey’s journey to finding herself and that she took the time and courage to find out what’s best for her body <3 So I guess, she also looks taller because she's more confident 😉

    3. Hazel Greene says:

      It’s just the picture angle. Plus its not the same area as the first 2 pics

  42. Natalie says:

    Heyy Cassey! I’m so glad to see that this journey has been such a success and hope that it continues that way! I was wondering if you could possibly also sell a digital version of the 90 day journal? I have gone more or less completely paperless and would love to have this planner on my iPad to kickstart my own 90 day jouney!

  43. 🙌🙌 says:

    You look AMAZING Cassie!

  44. emmadilemma says:

    Aaaaaand I just placed my order. Plus one of those cute new water bottles!

  45. Ha says:

    You’re totally a wonderful person,girl. Keep going your inspired work!!

  46. nidarahmanisa says:

    Hi Cassey, it’s been my 267 days journey!! You really help me go it through, thank you so much. When I start this journey, I am overweight with 71kg body weight, lack of sleep, eat everything like a lot of junk food. When I start this I’m not sure that I would be change or success, but here I am in 267 days. Now, from your help, I can weigh 51, it’s amazing!! And now I’m also full plant-based . I never been this good my whole life. And you are took the part of it. Thank you Cassey! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Laura says:

      Hooray for plant based! That’s so awesome, we’ll done!

  47. Marcy says:

    Your such a amazing young woman and an inspiration to me being so much older. I believe the way we think keeps us young and fit longer ❤️

  48. Natalia says:

    Thank you for sharing this Cassey! Question: How do you measure your Body Fat % and Muscle Mass % at home? Any tips on how to do this as accurately as possible?

    1. Whitney says:

      I’m also curious how to best do this at home. Thanks for sharing. It’s so awesome what you’ve accomplished.

    2. Anja says:

      I am wondering this also! I got the planner for my mom, my sister and I to all do together.

    3. Mariah says:

      There are some digital scales that measure body fat and muscle mass, and someone in a different comment said some of them are under $50 but I’ve only ever seen ones $100-$150. The other comment also said, since it uses radio waves, it’s dangerous for people with pacemakers, but if you don’t have one you’ll be fine 😊

  49. Bekah says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!! I didn’t know very much about your journey but this is so inspiring 🧡

  50. Emily A says:

    Thank you Cassey, your 90 day journey helped me to kickstart a change in my eating and exercise to enjoy different foods and aerial hoops (which you tried too in your first couple of weeks!) and I learnt so much too.
    Having someone who was also so open and smart about how to use the data our bodies are giving us was super helpful instead of draining. I’m really interested to learn if your stats changed over the longer terms of maintaining what you learned in the 90days, what is your muscle mass and weight now? X

  51. Divita says:

    Love it! Love your workouts on Fiton! Everything about this article is super inspiring!

  52. Shir says:

    I get stressed out by needing to write down % of body fat and muscle mass because I have NO CLUE how to figure that out??

    1. Robin says:

      You can find scales with little pads that will measure those for you, some under $50! It uses a small electric current to measure it for you, so it’s not good if you have a pacemaker, but for most healthy adults its safe. 🙂

      1. Anja says:

        Thank you!

  53. Natalie Fitzpatrick says:

    Hi Cassey – congrats by the way, you are an inspiration! I was wondering though why you call it a ‘90 day journey’ if your big reveal was nearly a year to the day after you started? Is a year a more realistic time frame to really see change, and is trying to get big results in 90 days putting ourselves under too much pressure? Any positive change is a plus, however large or small, but maybe the ‘12month journey’ is a more appropriate name?
    You’re still an amazing beautiful person though and a great role model.

    1. Rachel says:

      Her original journey was 90 days. This is just an update (and a sales pitch lol).

  54. Robyn says:

    Yes to it all!! ❤️ I’m ready to take on a 90-day challenge!

  55. I think you look even better today than you did on day 90! 🙂 it’s great to hear that you are finally doing what works for you. You mentioned being very mindful about what you eat otherwise you can’t overeat. What are some of your habits around that? Because it is so easy to overeat! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  56. Tammy Stiletto says:

    It’s easy to feel like we’re floundering around without a purpose during this quarantine. I think this is an excellent idea to give us something to push for. Look forward to.

  57. Rylee says:

    Hi Cassey how can I track my body fat percent at home?

  58. Frances says:

    I really needed to see this today! It’s like you read my mind. I’ve been feeling so low these days and I’ve been unhappy with my weight and not fitting into my clothes. I can’t wait to start this and keep track of my body’s progress’s into becoming a happier me!

  59. Annusya Pipi says:

    I still think this is sad, you looked healthy and perfectly feminine before and now you look gaunt 🙁

    1. Diana says:

      I think she looks great. Super fit.

      1. Annusya Pipi says:

        no :<

        1. monty says:

          leave her be.

    2. Cara says:

      I don’t see why you had to add that negativity. I, for one, think she looks amazing – happy and healthy. Cassey doesn’t have to meet your standards of beauty (or mine or anyone else’s!) as it’s her body, and the only one who needs to be happy about it is Cassey!

      1. Annusya Pipi says:

        But even from a non beauty standpoint, she does not look healthy! I’m sorry but it’s very sad when girls think they have to be so ultra thin and muscular (or even just muscular), it’s like a mental disease you guys seem to have! This has nothing to do with body positivity (which is 95% bullshit anyway). What the hell happened to girls wanting to look feminine and actually be healthy?

  60. Melissa says:

    Wow Cassey I am so beyond happy for you and thankful for sharing this journey and your learnings ❤️ I strongly believe that everyone and every body is different and has its own needs. Thank you for pointing out the importance of listing to one’s own body. So grateful for this 💕 I have to do it myself! Lots of love from Germany, Melissa

  61. Andrea says:

    I would love a digital version! I like to keep my paper comsuption to the lowest possible and I like the idea of being able to journey anytime, anywhere… please!

  62. Rita says:

    Cassey, I remember the backlash you received which was extremely disappointing and judgemental. In the end, you need to do you and no one should be shamed for that.
    Body positivity, to me, has always been about being at home and at ease with your body and taking care of your body. Your body just wants to be respected and heard. So congrats on shutting out all the other voices and listening to yourself 😊

  63. APRAM says:

    Hii Cassey. So inspired by your 90 days journey. I have a ques. Actually i am preparing for my higher studies so i sometimes study late into the night. As i have my dinner early i feel hungry around midnight. So please give some suggestions as to what i can have at that time.

  64. Vicky Jo Smith says:

    This sounds inspiring! How do you get the journal?

  65. Sarah says:

    Thanks for your article, Cassey. You’re encouraging me to keep finding my own way of dieting and become a better and healthier version of myself. Even for me the commonly promoted diets don’t work. My body is just too unique and I learned to embrace it. Btw. this planner is exactly what I’ve been looking for for a while 🙂

  66. Michaela says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I just don’t understand one thing. You look like absolute model “””just by eating healthy and in caloric deficit, working out, sleeping and so”””. I’m not trying to disrespect you i love your style and you’re an amazing inspiration. But i don’t know what should i do more. I’m a figure skater so i workout quite a lot, i count calories and i eat waaaaay lower amout of calories than even my basal metabolism is. I know it’s wrong but i’m still not loosing weight.. i really don’t know what to do anymore-i know that i don’t really need to, but when i was smaller i felt so much more confident and just so good, now i can’t even show myself in skinny jeans because of how insecure i am. But the thing is i’m not alone.. in figure skating world it’s quite usual that these girls eat like three kiwis on a full day of trainings and still can perform well. Yeah then they retire at 18 hah, but do you maybe know what could be the cause?? And yes i’m realising that this is some sort of disordered eating, but i don’t understand the science behind it, that’s what i am asking you. I hope my question isn’t somehow rude or triggering to you. Once more thank you for motivation, amazing workouts and positive energy!!! Thank you for answer. Have a nice day

    1. Courtney says:

      Hello Michaela!
      As a dancer who has actively seeked dancing in a professional company for several years, I really understand where you’re coming from. I was extremely insecure during my teenage training years, where it was very easy to compare my body to others and know that I was doing much more in an attempt to look like them, with far less results. It has been very frustrating. There is a lot of pressure to be a certain way, and most of the time, the advice given by your mentors and peers is, honestly, to say the least, detrimental to your mental well being and physical well being. The first step is to realize that your body is capable of a LOT as a figure skater. Probabblllyy more than a dancer! I admire figure skaters a lot for your determination and strength and grace. Remember; YOU have that too! Don’t diminish that by comparison. You have your very own worth and grace apart from others. It’s your very own. Don’t let your worth be determined by how your peers look, how you think you look in comparison. YOU are beautiful and strong! That mentality will get you much farther in life than dwelling on others perception of you, and how you perceive others. You got this girl! Next, and this has always been challenging for me personally, is to focus on eating things that make you feel full of energy, happy, and confident! Don’t overanalyze calories; focus on adding and trading fruits and veggies into your meals, because they’ll sustain you through an intense exercise like figure skating MUCH more. Add healthy fats and protein as well! And know your journey isn’t linear; it’s ok to slip up. I bet your friends and peers do too, even if it seems that they don’t. You just need to dust off and seek new goals each day, remembering how much you’ve been through, and pushing onward. At the end of the day, it’s okay not to be ok; but it’s how you wake up the next day that matters. Give yourself grace; it sounds like you work yourself really really hard, and hey, I’ve been there myself. But remember, it’s ok to rest. You’re body needs it. Your mind needs it. Take a day to relax, yoga, slow pilates, a bike ride, a epsom salt bath, meditation; anything that lets your body relax and release the stress that you’ve been holding onto. It helps a lot more than you think in the long run. Everyone struggles in their own way; but often worrying about how you look serves to to put a LOT more stress on yourself than is necessary. Relax. Give yourself grace. Continue to work hard (it’ll get you far!) And remember that you have worth. Hoping this brings some joy and help to you (or maybe anyone else who needs it!) May you find peace and grace today and everyday -Courtney <3

    2. Claire says:

      Hey Michaela,
      I just wanted to empathize and say that I’m also a figure skater and what you are describing sounds so so familiar. I’ve struggled with a similar situation for years now and it is so frustrating. I don’t know if I’ve damaged my metabolism what, but I feel you. I got really thin a few years ago but when I realized I was in a disordered mindset I tried to change it. Now I just feel discouraged because I have most of the weight back, and I really struggle with trying to lose it again. As a long time calorie counter, that doesn’t seem to work, even with all the cardio. But it also might be because I feel guilty for trying to lose weight again and so I make myself stop. Recently, I’ve been trying to focus on being okay where I am right now and just having patience with myself and my body. I think I’m going to try to do a 90 day journey because I know I need to change my mentality about my weight and I need to make peace with food, and because nothing I’ve tried in the last 2 years has made me feel better, but I believe mental and physical progress can and will be made. I know this probably wasn’t the most helpful response, but I wanted to let you know I think I feel ya.

  67. Dianne says:

    Hi can the journal be shipped to the UK?

  68. Elian says:

    You know what …. i feel inspired to start my own 90 day journey I really want to see this different 👌🏻😌😌😌

  69. You’re an inspiration, Cassey, and you’re literally glowing. It’s very very evident you really are feeling better than ever. Proud of you for sticking with it and living your truth, even amidst all the “controversy.” I once heard it said, “if everyone likes you, you’re doing something wrong.” Thanks for being such an awesome example of confidently doing what is right for you.

  70. BEE says:

    I’m so excited and inspired by this!! I look forward to using this journal. XOXO

  71. Martina says:

    Oh man Cassey YOU ARE GLOWING!!

  72. Debbie says:

    Wow, Cassey, this is so inspiring to me at just 16 years old! I am so glad that you have shared this because I definitely want to do something like this because I have struggled with food and body image for such a long time now, thank you, thank you, thank you! You don’t deserve hate from anyome because you work so freaking hard and you are so honest and real about so many things. You are amazing! ✨💛

  73. Lucina says:

    Wow, you look so much stronger now!! I’m currently pregnant with twins and am very limited in movement but you definitely have me motivated to get back in shape after the babies are here!

  74. Jasmine says:

    You are SLAYING!! So happy for you!

  75. Becky says:

    So excited for this new planner. I immediately ordered two! Exactly what I need for some refreshed motivation during quarantine! (I bought two of your “12 Week Planners” last year during your 90 Day Journey and loved them) So psyched you are bringing something similar back!!!

  76. Sarah says:

    Hi Cassey! I saw your YT post about this, and this happened literally the same time I found out I reached my goal weight! Isn’t that crazy?! I too have have learned more about what my body likes and dislikes during my fitness journey. Now I’m thinking about what I want to accomplish in the next 90 days. Maybe that’ll be learning how to maintain my weight. The fact that you’ve maintained your physique for 333 days is definitely an inspiration.

    Anyways, I love your workout videos, especially the thigh videos, and I’ll continue to stream them from home. Never stop being you – you’re truly an inspiration!

  77. Esther says:

    It’s inspiring to see you making your goals happen and continue to happen. I’m interested in your 90 day journal, but a nagging thought keeps pestering me that every time I try to keep track of what I eat in a day I seem to actually do worse with my weight and than when I just intuitively stopped/ate that I wanted.. I DO have goals to be my best me, and part of me knows someday I can get there,.. I guess I’m nervous to try again when I feel I’m just going to bounce back to here… do you have experience with that issue? What’s your strategy to get past it?? Thanks for all you do and all the inspiration you give <3

  78. Amy says:

    I think you read my mind! I’ve been meaning to get back into this kind of journaling, just to get back on track with my health. Working from home and all of the world’s stressors have really done a number on my progress, but I’m ready to take control again. Ordered!!

  79. Ana says:

    Whoa those arms! You look amazing Cassey! Also you seem much happier 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration <3

  80. Aleena Dcruze says:

    You are beautiful in and out Cassy…..love you for motivating and leading me to loving myself from selfhatred. You are truly an inspiration .😇

  81. Catharine says:

    Thank you for writing and sharing this!! This is hands down the best post I have ever read in terms of getting in sync with your body! I am so inspired. THANK YOU!!

  82. Adriana says:

    Wow, your results are awesome! You make me feel inspired and enthusiastic, because I wanna know my body and know the correct foods for me, thank’s for sharing your experience. If you can do it I can do it 🙂

  83. Aliva Das says:

    You are really inspiring

  84. Megan says:

    Ahhh Cassey! As soon as I saw the picture with the journal, I jumped right over to popflexactive.come to buy it! I was wondering what happened to the old fit planner, but this one is super cute. I love seeing you glowing and thriving as you continue on your fitness journey! 🙂

  85. BabyDoubleJ says:

    Thx Cassey for sharing your journey with us! It definitely inspired me! I, too, have tried every fad diet out there and when I was a swimsuit/lingerie model, I had very unhealthy habits! But with age comes wisdom, and I know where I went wrong every other time. Now is no exception. I have gained a TON of weight since quarantine! I don’t know if it’s a combination of stress, uncertainty, and so many unknowns in today’s world. But I do know I have to loose weight. NOW! I am ready to embark on my own 90 day plus journey. I hope you will help along the way!! You are truly an inspiration to us all, Cassey!!

  86. MELODY says:

    So timely; I literally just watched your 90 day recap video last weekend! Love that you’ve done this – not only do you look look fabulous, it’s clear that you left that baggage where it belongs…out on the curb. Great job on discovering your true nature and working with it, not fighting against it!

  87. Thank you so much for inspiring us I also have a question regarding how does one measure body fat without that one too because we know how much we weigh and for those of us that are considered obese there’s not a true reading of our body percentage of fat

  88. Lindsay says:

    Hey Cassey, So I love the idea of this journal, and I have been hoping that you would come out with one. I am a relatively long time follower, but I have one major concern. I want to buy this planner and possibly make this my next step to a healthier version of myself both mentally and physically. You see, I have struggled for years about my weight, because I grew up in a household where the mindsets behind our bodies were that unless we weighed the “right” amount, we were doing something wrong (eating too much, not doing it right) and I love food. I was always athletic growing up, and when I look in the mirror, don’t like what I see, or someone says something that is triggering, it really throws me. However, at nearly 32 I have come an extremely long way, and I do feel confident in myself. I do, however, want to be the best version of myself, and I know I have been there before, but not in a sense where there was longevity. That is what I am seeking, with more of a go slow to go far mindset. Anyway, my husband and I are TTC, and I am worried that if I invest in this journal, I will ultimately harm my chances with this as they suggest not doing as strenuous workouts. I have loved your calendars and love how much stronger I am getting. Do you have any thoughts, or ideas on if this would be a good journal for me.

  89. eve says:

    okay i just hafta say it…
    youre a beast!!!! wow! so motivational, how you sticked thru it to get the results you wanted.. it TAKES TIME TO GET TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE BUT YOU GOTTA keep going!!!thanks 4 sharing:)

  90. Becky says:

    You look absolutely fantastic Cassey! I am seriously considering doing something like this, as have been struggling with my weight ever since I got a knee injury 9 months ago that has prevented me from running (my main form of exercise). I have been doing your Pop Pilates videos ever since quarantine started and really enjoy them. Thank you so much.

  91. Nettie says:

    wow sis your starting point is my goal! you look absolutely stunning at all three points in your progress, but the radiance of your smile in the last pic!! truly shows what hard work can do for your state of mind, and how your fitness journey never truly ends.

  92. Colette says:

    Can anyone tell me what gel pens Cassey is using?? I’m dying to buy some.

  93. Nikki says:

    I wish you’d do a digital version! But this is really beautiful.

  94. Nancy says:

    Hi Lynn! Sorry to hear that you’re feeling scammed by the Blogilates and PIIT program. I do think that not every program suits every person, so if Cassey’s style doesn’t work for you, hopefully you’ll be able to find something that does! For me personally, I wasn’t able to work out at all until I found Cassey, and her dedication to finding workouts that fit you and your style is what made me love working out finally.

    I do wonder if there’s a misconception in your message, you said: “piit is NOT going to make me super thin like you are now because it will help build muscle”. I’d like to note that being super thin and building muscle are not contradictory goals, in fact, having more muscle mass can help lose weight (here’s a podcast that discusses this for reference: https://www.wbur.org/foodtalk/2020/01/13/how-can-i-become-a-fat-burning-machine). If you’re disappointed in Cassey because you think she gave up her fitness/muscle building to become super thin, I encourage you to give her 90 day journey posts another read. For instance: “the 90 Day Journey is keeping me fitter, leaner, and STRONGER than I’ve ever been before” (emphasis mine).

    Ultimately, do what makes you feel happy. I wish you the best of luck!

  95. Megan A Smallwood says:

    I want to try and lose weight that makes me insecure and I want to exercise every day but I feel like my boyfriend is holding me back, what should I do?

  96. Etaf says:

    Wow Cassey this really truly inspired me to start my own 90 day journey workout! Thank you soooo much; I am sooooo proud of you!!!

  97. Becca says:

    Anyone have advice on how to calculate body fat % and muscle mass %? I really like having completeness in my data and have never known how to calculates these!

  98. Akanksha says:

    Cassey I’m so proud of you… I’ve been working out for around 4 months now (thanks to quarantine) and the only blogger that I can blindly trust is you. Also, though I am no where close to your fitness level ,I can totally relate to what you’ve said. I started my workout journey to lose weight, I wouldn’t lie. And I’ve been trying to eat healthy for 2 years. In the process of working out I got to discover my body and that is the best part about my small journey towards fitter me.. I couldn’t see any workout results in initial months though I felt some improvement internally . I cribbed. I stopped. But something told me not to quit. The realization that I’ve come this far where I can eat mindfully and feel bad when I skip workouts, I should not stop here. And I went on. Pushing myself everyday. Have been through a lot of struggles since then. Felt disgusted when I felt ill and my body became week and I couldn’t workout as intensely as before. But all the good that I get to see in this is PROGRESS. progress to be healthier, happier ,fitter and stronger version of me. And I don’t know how much I deserve it but I’m kinda proud of myself! Thankyou for putting this out Cassey. I love you.

  99. Lisa says:

    So inspiring as usual, I’ve really been considering doing this too, ever since you first posted about it last year, mostly for my skin, to understand what is causing me to still have acne at 24…. thanks for creating such amazing helpful tools to guide others!
    Btw your back looks insaaaane 😍😍😍 and you look radiant in general! Have a beautiful and happy summer 🌻 ☀️

  100. Lindsay Bernier says:

    Hi! I was wondering how you calculated your body fat% and muscle mass%?

  101. Irina says:

    I miss the artwork from the old planners (they were artwork of girls with different motivational quotes. My favorite was the girl in a pink top doing an exercise with a pomeranian puppy!) and these monthly dividers seem so bleh :/ (the artwork would be where it currently says “you’re doing great!” in this current planner). bring back the old pilates artwork!! Anyone else remember what I’m talking about? These are like the first 3 fit plannere ever released

    1. tnle9 says:

      I remember seeing them and it looked like the previous planner was more colorful and had other features. I didn’t buy one at the time because I wasn’t ready to commit yet haha. I am debating on getting this or just make my own layout since I do journaling/bullet journals. Still on the fence about the purchasing the new one!

  102. Liz says:

    How long do you work out on a typical day? You mention you do a combo, but curious if you could explain that a bit more. If you divide it up evenly or focus on one thing more than others (cardio vs weights, etc)

  103. Emily says:

    I’d love to know what protein bars are on your shopping list!

  104. Elliese says:

    I’m buying this now!!! You look so happy, Cassey! I love following you and your journey. So nice to have an Asian inspiration 🙂

  105. Sandy Rie says:

    Thank you for this very inspirational post! Very lovely to hear about your journey. So sorry about the toxic comments you received at the beginning. There are always different opinions out there but it sounds like you are focusing on your needs instead of seeking others’ approval which is awesome and fantastic!

  106. Summer says:

    Hi Cassey! Does popcorn not bloat you like other grains? I find I have the same problem with grains but I love popcorn.

  107. Jacen says:

    Im so proud of you Cassey!!! Thank you for always doing your best for yourself, for your body – which then leads to being an inspiration to many, including me. Stay happy and healthy, Cassey!

  108. Lynn says:

    Its great that you feel good, but you told your audience that when you were that thin when doing the bikini model contests you said it was unhealthy and you changed your mindset and said that you don’t have to be super skinny to he happy, and now your just as thin as you were during the contests, it confuses me. Im trying to be content with my body, bought your merchandise and I feel like I got scammed because piit is NOT going to make me super thin like you are now because it will help build muscle. So maybe not a hypocrite but definitely contradicting. So, your blogs and videos are no longer inspirational me. And like you say, I’m going to find my own path and I don’t need a “inspirational” trainer to it. Its just frustrating and feel like I wasted my money on something that you completely put on the back burner and makes me not want to do it…….thats my honest opinion. You don’t have to care what I have to day. Im glad you are super skinny and happy again. And won’t be making any more purchases from you in the future….

    1. Jen says:


    2. Aly91 says:

      i saw your comment, and i can understand your frustrations. i have struggled with my body weight and image for 15 years. two years ago i was 183 lbs. today im 131 and slimming down. I am in no way trying to make you feel bad so please do not think i am trying to. It took me 2 years to look almost like she does in the first image. i still have loose skin and some handles but its all going to take time. there is also no physical way for me a very white girl to realistically have casseys asian body.. we just are not built the same. different ethnicity will have your results differ, same as your age, your height, your overall physical health and if you have any disabilities. i have RRMS which is relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.. what i found is drinking 2L of water, eating healthier foods and avoiding junk food and refined sugar while doing 3-4 different blogilates challanges / day is what has helped me. i do all the modified moves and its slower to the results.

      i know that she has said in the past shes always been thin, which she has been but we all need to remember that even people who are thin naturally, or have a more well working metabolism struggle with body image as well. in one of casseys blogs here she has a video showing that in todays standards theres no way a ” normal ” girl will ever look like that.. we live in a world of photoshop and toothpicks everywhere . i am sorry you do not find cassey inspirational anymore, but i think that rather than doing the PIIT you would have been more successful with just doing the 30 day or 100s challanges. i looked into her PIIT workouts but i felt like i would rather start with her free content before moving into a paid program.

      again i am sorry you feel this way about her, i hope you find something that works.

    3. Rez says:

      I’m sorry you feel like that but she didn’t lose weight like she did before in fitness competitions, she lost it in a healthy manner and didn’t deprive herself. She chose a healthier lifestyle by avoiding things that don’t work well for her body and in turn her body looks like that. Also she probably weighs more because she has more muscle. I think it’s important to change your mindset: it’s not that she’s happier being thinner she’s happier because she’s healthier and the best form of herself. Maybe watch her YouTube video she focused on getting her fat percentage to that of an athlete not just losing weight.

    4. K says:

      PIIT seems to be designed to help with weight loss, if you’re trying to build muscle you’ll have to actually start lifting. In regards to weight loss, the vast majority of it comes from diet (caloric input vs. caloric output) – you have to find what works for you to achieve your caloric goals. It doesn’t matter how much you workout, you won’t lose weight if there isn’t a caloric deficit. Additionally, to (build) muscle and look like you’re putting on muscle (people are always afraid of looking “bulky” but that’s hard work) you have to lift some weights and eat right. You’re absolutely right that you should find a way to be healthy and accepting of yourself in your own way, but I don’t see how there was any false advertising in what she promoted or in her products. I don’t recall her ever encouraging others to become “super skinny”. She’s clearly happy, healthy, and able to maintain – which is much better than yo-yoing and this resource is to help others be accountable and cognizant for their own health. Are the resources you’ve purchased now gone? In addition to what I assume is paid content, she has a whole host of free videos and resources. Am I missing something?

    5. Bev says:

      I think you may have skimmed over the part of this post where she says she wasn’t being healthy or following her own needs during those competitions! She may be thinner again but that totally isn’t the point. I think the planner is an awesome idea 🙂 People can make their own 30 day journey and find all these discoveries about themselves just like she did. You’re entitled to your opinion of course but I totally don’t see the contradiction.

    6. Lauren says:

      You have a lot of issues to work through. Cassie feels happy because she’s eating foods that make her feel good, regardless of her size. When she did the bikini competition, she was eating foods that weren’t making her feel good, regardless of her size. Why is that so hard to understand? You’re bitter because you aren’t happy at your current size. Go work on yourself instead of leaving negative comments on blogs.

    7. Dorka says:

      I guess at the time when she did the bikini contest she wasn’t happy because of the way she reached this “skinny” look. I don’t think she looks skinny, rather she looks confident and strong. She reached this body and mental health by doing those thing, eating the food she liked. This is not a back burner, this is a change in terms of mental and physical health.

    8. K says:

      Cassey has said multiple times that losing weight is 80% what you eat, 20% working out and genetics. If you’re buying into PIIT, that’s still only going to do at its best 20% of the work for you. I don’t know what your specific situation is, but Cassey never posited that doing PIIT alone will give you the type of results that she’s gotten from the 90-Day Journey… that takes full commitment to eating clean, doing cardio and strength training (which is PIIT), plus a lot of time — probably more than 90 days for most of us, which Cassey even predicted would be the case for her own 90-day journey. I think her point is that she accomplished looking the way she wants to on her own terms, not by following what a coach told her to do, which is one of the reasons she didn’t gain weight back, and is in general happier this time around. I’ve been following Cassey for many years and have never felt that she is contradictory. She is always upfront about the role genetics can play in weight loss, and the combination of eating clean, and working out with strength training and cardio. It’s a slow and involved process. I know for myself, I’ll never be able to cut out as much as Cassey did and eat as clean as her, but even making healthy choices and working out for the past year, I’ve seen great results. I’m not a fitness instructor either, so I often have a reality check that I’ll never look like someone who spends way more time and energy than me working out and meal planning; I have other focuses in life beyond fitness, and that’s okay! It’s just one part of who I am and who we all are. There’s no hoax in her brand, just a lot of love and honesty. Obviously, you have to find what works for you and blogilates might not be it, but there’s nothing hypocritical in what she’s saying, and she’s been consistent and upfront about fitness journeys and weight loss for a long time.

    9. Ritika says:

      Lynn, I understand your disappointment. PIIT is not marketed to make you “super skinny” – it’s marketed to help you get stronger, more fit and lose weight. Losing weight does not mean super skinny. When I look at photos of Cassey in the bikini competition versus her 333 day photo, it looks very different to me. She looks visibly more toned and strong in a healthy way. I don’t see ribs like in the competition photo. Also, people are allowed to evolve and change and that’s exactly what Cassey and all human beings should do. In the PIIT28 facebook group, I’ve seen a lot of people get strong and lose weight through the before and after photos so don’t lose hope! <3

    10. Amy says:

      Hiit will build muscle, but not to the point where you will look bulky and therefore “not thin,” especially if you don’t continue uping the resistance as time goes on. However, it is hard on the body and you shouldn’t be doing it 6 times a week like in her plans. Hiit isn’t enough, usually, to build significant muscle. Cassey in the past in one of her videos said sometimes she lifts weights- which I wish she would be more transparent about if that’s where her muscle is coming from. She usually doesn’t lift weights in her follow along workout videos.I do understand what you mean by contradictions though because as she detailed her diets (like whole 30, keto) she talked about cutting out food groups, but that’s what she recommends when doing her 7 day ab challenged so that’s hypocritical. I stopped doing her hiit program bc I actually got too thin and stopped getting my period. (which is because I should have done more research on my own! so don’t just listen to influencers) I still follow bc I do generally think she’s positive

    11. Nettie says:

      Hi Lynn, I don’t know if this will help at all, but I too struggle with my own body image (and confidence, as might be evident within this comment), somedays I feel “skinny” and confident, other days I feel “big” and not so into myself. And somedays I feel “big” and amazing! This is just my personal experience, but I find when I find myself comparing my body to someone such as Cassey, who is far more dedicated to her fitness than I am myself, I get discouraged because I am not as “thin” or I don’t have the muscle definition she does. But I wouldn’t look like her, because I am not her.

      Cassey is not selling a promise you will look like her, or the idea that you need to look like her. She is selling guidance customers to personalize and find their own journey, like you said. Also, Cassey is SUPER muscular in her end pictures, so I am a little confused when you said the program to build muscle will not make you “super skinny like Cassey”

      It’s age old advice, but you cannot compare yourself to others because everyone is different. I mean, you can compare yourself, but you’ll wear yourself out! If you’re unhappy and think you need a change, that energy can be better utilized somewhere else (:

      Lynn, I hope you find beauty, confidence, and happiness within yourself, because you deserve to feel good.

    12. Vy says:

      I think you are a little confused about what the 90-day journey was about. What I understand from it, the goal wasn’t too become super skinny (If I had to word it differently, I would rather use getting fitter than becoming super skinny), it was to understand her body better and what will and won’t work for her, with the goal of having a healthier lifestyle. The reason why the period of model contest was very unhealthy, was because as you said, the goal here was to become lean in a short period of time and the diet was definitely not healthy and maintainable in the long run. But if you followed her 90-journey you know that her purpose wasn’t to diet and be healthy for a short period of time, but it was a kickstart to finding the balance between working out, health and happiness.
      If you feel like you’re very healthy currently and you’re happy with your body, then by all means, stick to what you’ve been doing. Body positivity is about loving your own body and I feel like Cassey is really loving hers! And please don’t feel bad about the purchases you’ve made, you probably bought these things to make a change in your life. Eventhough you don’t feel inspired by her anymore, you can still use them to fit your own needs.

    13. WorkHard says:

      It sounds like you are bitter because you aren’t meeting your own goals. Reaching weight loss and health goals takes a lot of work and commitment. You can’t be comparing yourself to someone else’s results then get super upset because someone else has reached theirs sooner than yours. Because of your quick judgments, you deem her programs to be a “scam.” By doing this, you are just using it as an excuse, which seems to be the trend everywhere now; “Oh it didn’t work for me, I didn’t put in the work, must be a scam.”
      These workout programs are not to make you “skinny” which is something you seem to focus on. Also, please don’t skinny-shame, there is nothing wrong with being skinny. We’re not allowed to fat shame but many skinny shame. Obviously, that is what you strived to want to be. Focus on what your body can do and accept yourself more, I’d start there.
      Sounds like you need to take care of your mental health first.

    14. Naima Norrise says:

      This is so sad! You are blaming Cassey for your (I’m assuming) lack of success to “be content with”, your “own body.” It’s not Cassey’s fault! No one promised you that buying merchandise was going to make you reach your goals. YOU did what YOU wanted to do. It’s not fair to say Cassey contradicted herself either. She was very clear. She stated that during the bikini diet she ate mostly protein and worked out 4 HOURS A DAY!!! Yes, I can see how that is SUPER UNHEALTHY! And she may have attained a certain body shape at that time but the WAY she got there was NOT sustainable for HER. This time around in HER journey she discovered that she needed to do things differently. I don’t believe she was focused on being super skinny, rather the focus was on gaining control and getting healthy. Thinning out, looking more youthful, and better hair were perks or even a welcome consequence to her decision to get SERIOUS about HER. So hopefully you understand she wasn’t being deceptive, she was living in HER truth. And when she did that, she won. Study the photographs. You will see that Yes, she lost a lot of weight. But not in an unhealthy way. She lost it on her terms. Eating the way she wanted- the way HER body asked for. In the last photo she is not simply thinner, she looks fitter, stronger. YOU can do this too, if this is what you want. Hating won’t get you there though. Honest or not. Self-love will get you your goals. Re-think. Best of luck to you!💜

      Fyi, I capitalized those letters in my text so that hopefully you understand that Cassey’s journey was just that, Her journey. Not meant to hurt or discourage you. The opposite. It shows you that we’re human. We make mistakes. But if you are open you can make better decisions which change your life for the better and make YOU happy. No one size fits all here! 1LOVE!

    15. Madeline says:

      Hi Lynn, I’d invite you to consider that you haven’t been scammed: There are so many great workouts that Cassie is offering us for FREE, and the biggest benefit they provide is to be healthier, stronger, and have more energy. Haven’t you gotten some of that from these workouts? But losing weight, for a lot of people, is about more than working out; diet is also a necessary factor. After all if everyone would become super thin just from exercise, Cassie would have been so before even starting her challenge, because she is literally a fitness instructor working out all day long! — So she decided to challenge herself by modifying her diet, too, and she’s provided plenty of guidance on what worked for her, also for free, if you decide you feel like going down that path yourself. I don’t know what merch you bought, but it was probably a good investment in yourself and I hope you find a way to get enjoyment out of it again. Be well.

    16. Sarah says:

      Sadly I have to agree with you. As someone who has been trying to recover from anorexia for 6 years, Cassie’s workouts and content were ways to help me still be active without the focus being on how my body should look. It was different, and it was rare. I loved when she would openly talk about the difference between being fit and strong vs. what your body looked like. I used to get the impression from her that how you look doesn’t really matter.
      I’m all for fitness instructors looking ‘fit’, but knowing that Cassie has actively cut out certain foods from her diet and made ‘rules’ so that she can maintain looking this way just contradicts all the messages I am trying to uphold in my eating disorder recovery.
      I’m grateful I have the maturity to acknowledge that she’s affecting me this way and I will just quietly unsubscribe and find other things, but I’m worried about all the impressionable people out there who now feel like they have to go on a 90 day weight loss challenge so that they can look like their fav fitness instructor, especially young people whose bodies are still developing. You can disguise it as strength or anything else, but it is still promoting body dissatisfaction.
      I do know that this is Cassie’s job and life and she’s more than welcome to do what she likes, but making $$ and content off of her weight loss is sending out a negative message imo. I just want anyone who is reading this to know that weight loss and food restriction isn’t the answer to feeling happier about yourself and who you are. Xx

      1. Sarah says:

        *Cassey ahh autocorrect sucks sometimes!

    17. Sara says:

      Any good workout will have you building some muscle! Cassey has muscles, and they’re lean in the way most of us estrogen-dominant humans will have (though they look different on all of us the same way our fat does). Chloe Ting’s got ’em, too! Bulky muscles have to be obtained pretty intentionally for us. You’re not going to go full body builder, I promise!

      Lower body fat percentage (so you can really show off those toned muscles) happens in the kitchen. Whether or not that was your goal I do know that working out more requires you to eat differently anyway, if you aren’t giving your body the right building blocks to handle it. I’ve learned that I cannot live off of sugary, carby food and do exercises five days a week, it makes me feel like I’m dying and hungry all the time. :’) I needed more protein because my body’s trying to help me get strong!

    18. Brystan says:

      I agree for the most part. I liked her when she talked about how numbers and metrics didn’t matter and it was all about how you feel. I got on board with that and worked out to her plans constantly. And then she started her 90 day journey and all of a sudden it was less about feeling healthy and strong and more about numbers on a scale. I’m glad she is reaching her goal weight (and BMI and whatever else she’s measuring) in a healthier way than her bikini competition days – but that sort of obsession with fitness is just not for me.

      I’m glad she had gotten the results she wants but I’ve been watching and reading less and less of her stuff.

  109. Dorka says:

    Oh my gosh! I just started my 90 day journey yesterday, and then you share this? This must be a sign!! Loving it! <3

  110. Emily says:

    Cassey – do you recommend getting a personal trainer to help? Thanks in advance 😊

    1. Kate says:

      A personal trainer is great if 1) you want a personalized plan, 2) you want to make sure you’re doing moves correctly, 3) you’re concerned about muscle imbalances and don’t know how to correct them yourself (which also ties into correct form), and/or 4) you’ve tried personal training and love how it makes you feel. A lot of gyms will give you a trial week or two with a trainer to see if it’s something you like, so look around at your local gyms and give it a shot!

  111. Amy says:

    I am probably being very dumb but how do you know what workouts to do for 90 days

    1. Kimber says:

      You can follower her monthly workout outs. They are on her blog page and YouTube. She uploads playlists everyday.

    2. Naima H Norrise says:

      Ok, so I am 45 and I have to get on this journey once and for all. I’m not sure exactly what it will bring but I def have to do something and NOW!😄 As a fitness instructor I realize that this quarantine has done a number on me. I have gone from doing 1 to 3 workouts everyday to now teaching a fitness class online 3x a week. My body is talking to me too. Like, ooh, owww, ouch! This is not ok. So I will begin today. I even have the last fit journal and never really used it so I will, even though the new journal looks amazing! So thanks Cassey for the timely message. Time to get my grind on!💞

  112. Amy says:

    I am probably being very dumb but how do you know what workouts to do for the 90 days

    1. Daasb says:

      She has a workout calendar and has the playlist to the workouts for each day on YouTube. (Blogilates) Good luck on your journey!

    2. Naima H Norrise says:

      Ok, so I am 45 and I have to get on this journey once and for all. I’m not sure exactly what it will bring but I def have to do something and NOW!😄 As a fitness instructor I realize that this quarantine has done a number on me. I have gone from doing 1 to 3 workouts everyday to now teaching a fitness class online 3x a week. My body is talking to me too. Like, ooh, owww, ouch! This is not ok. So I will begin today. I even have the last fit journal and never really used it so I will, even though the new journal looks amazing! So thanks Cassey for the timely message. Time to get my grind on!💞

  113. Emily says:

    The Tabs! The Colour Scheme! The Detail! It’s so beautiful!! 😍
    I’m really happy that you’ve found your happy, Cassey! You’re so strong, in so many ways, not just physically, to go through this journey and share it with us. Your happy energy really shines through in your videos! Xx

    1. blogilates says:

      Awwwww I’m so happy you like Emily!!!

      1. shloka1901 says:

        Hy Cassey … it’s really a short time when i get to know about your work …n i m really loving it so much now .. your have been an inspiration to me n also supported through your videos …. really blessed 😊….i don’t have more words to say just one request.. can u please provide a printable of weight measuring graph as yours . That would be really nice of you…as i too am on a journey not just weight loss but also healthy living n i weigh daily but you know i am unable to figure out and i find a graph like yours would be really helpful. …n again you are so awesome!!