3 Detox Water Recipes: Belly Slimming, Anti-Bloating, Craving Control



Hey guys!


I missed having you in the kitch, but now we can cook and bake together again 🙂 I wanted to blast off the return of the series by  sharing with you my Natural Belly Slimming Detox Water. I drink this for a week out before a photo shoot or big event to help me flush my body of toxins and to debloat. I drink at least eight 8 oz cups or more depending on my activity level.

Not only does this taste good…it works.

Here’s the recipe for the Natural Belly Slimming Detox Water:

(for one 24 oz serving)

– 3-5 slices of fresh cucumber
– 1/2 small lemon sliced
– 1/4 of orange sliced
– a few fresh mint leaves
– 24 oz of ice cold water

Why does this work?

*Cucumbers prevent water retention and also have many anti-inflammatory properties.

*Lemon provides the cleansing effect of citric acid to help clear out the digestive syste

*Oranges contain flavonoids in the peel and juice that stimulate the immune system and protects against a fungi/pests while helping to reduce cholesterol levels

*Mint helps the body digest more easily and it also soothes any stomach cramps you may have.

Keep in mind that the more you refill your jug, glass or bottle with the same fruits, the more diluted and less nutrient-dense the fruit becomes. So I would recommend that after 2 or 3 refills, dump it and replace with fresh cuts to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need. I also wouldn’t leave the fruits in there for more than 24 hrs before changing it.


Because I am sooooo into detox waters right now, I knew that I had to create a bottle that would help make it easier for you to keep hydrated throughout the day. So that’s how the Detox Water Bottle came to be!


Each bottle comes with a translucent matching lid and an infusion “fruit cage” where your fruits and veggies will stay.  The star shaped filter will help keep the fruit in place and it’ll make it way easier to drink.

There’s 2 more recipes I want to share with you since I’m so obsessed…check it out:


Detox Water for Craving Control and Beautiful Skin (click to see recipe)


Anti-Aging and Anti-Bloat Detox Water (click to see recipe)

I hope you found these recipes helpful! All the Detox Bottles are available on www.shopblogilates.com!

Remember…if your urine looks like lemonade, you are DEHYDRATED. If it looks like lime juice, you’re in the clear and doing well. Drinking more water IN GENERAL is better for you and will help flush the nasties out of your body the more you drink. You’ll also feel lighter and your body will be able to perform at it’s best potential when it’s well-fed and it’s thirst is quenched.

Let me know what recipes you want to see next on Cheap Clean Eats!! Thank you for your enthusiasm for this show. I’m so happy you like it 🙂

<3 Cassey

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  1. events says:

    really nice blog great information

  2. Kat says:

    No recipes or bottles at any of the links.

  3. Patsy says:

    The Detox Water Bottles are not on your website link…..it just goes to the pop flex site and they do not have these water bottles.
    Please advise how and where to order these.

    1. Jessica Risher says:

      These are from her old shop. Unfortunately they don’t have them anymorr

  4. Lexi says:

    The recipe links to the popflex website, no recipe again

  5. Jennifer Shreve says:

    I am extremely bloated….interested in the clean east as well.

  6. Debbie Martin says:

    where can I get the detox water bottle? the link takes me to another website..?

  7. Excellent explanation on how to stop bloating.i haven’t tried it yet but I am planning to.kind regards James Russell

  8. Daudi says:

    I keep getting bloated a lot. .I don’t want to loose weight..I actually work out n build muscle but my tummy is still a problem coz of that. Please help

  9. alberta jean brown says:

    Thank you I am about to try this one today.

  10. Iribagiza immaculate says:

    Do I need to use warm water or cold water ?Thanks so much

  11. Delfina says:

    the links to the other recipes do not take you to the recipes….

  12. Malaika says:

    My skin colour is getting pale day by day I’ve deficiency of blood and iron can you plz help me with this?

  13. Malaika says:

    If you’re drinking much water you already feel your belly bloated then what to do for this purpose?

  14. Denise Shelton says:

    Please help me with a detox that will help me go to the bathroom every day or everyother day . I feel blotted
    I need a good digestive cleaners

  15. Meghan says:

    How many ounces of water should I be drinking a day?

  16. rachael says:

    omg i just saw where i can get those bottles thank the lord 🙂

  17. Gess M says:

    the link for the Anti-Aging and Anti-Bloat Detox Water is broken…..

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  20. Saralou22 says:

    I really want buy one or two of your detox water bottles….one for me and my partner, but they’re not available on your site. Please can you bring them back and bring out a male slogan one too!! 🙂 Thanks.

  21. The article gives me more refreshing flavor.

  22. John Smith says:

    Awesome I started drinking lemon water but this recipe I will try, I want an infuser bottle now 😀

  23. Katie says:

    @Blogilates Could you make a glass detox bottle? I love your designs so much, but have this vendetta against plastic (even if it’s BPA free!) Thank you!

  24. Karolin Forfang says:

    forget it, found them

  25. Karolin Forfang says:

    I don’t see the detox bottles in the shop anymore, can you please bring them back. I really want one.

  26. Maya says:


    I’m currently struggling a lot when it comes to food, weirdly enough, every time I eat something, no matter what (and I’m vegetarian) I always end up with an extremely bloated stomach, and it’s not because I overeat or anything, I’ve really tried eating slower and smaller portions but nothing seems to be helping, so I was just wondering if you may have any ideas on what I could do?

    1. :) says:

      Are you eating too much sodium? That can cause bloating. You also have to drink more water to clear out toxins!

    2. Emily says:

      Have you tried taking digestive enzymes before eating? Probiotics are great to add as well!

    3. Karen says:

      I am also a vegeatarian and had similar issues. As a nutritionist, I thought I was doing everything, right. I found myself, still bloated. Every since I have been drinking the infused water, the bloating has stopped. I hope this helps.

  27. a says:

    do u have to use a detox bottle for this

  28. Eunice Moses Nkwah says:

    I need the jars here in Nigeria

  29. Justina says:

    is your fruit caged bottle glass or plastic.. if platic , we can’t put lemon inside right ?

  30. Christian says:

    I have a question in the 3 day detox do I have to eat anything?

    1. Rrrrr says:

      Yeah just eat healthy meaning eat low cals

  31. jackie says:

    it works! dont forget to include eating healthy and exercise 🙂

  32. sekaih says:

    I just wanted to know if grapefruit would be ok to add and if it will help with antioxidants etc.

  33. k says:

    Can I use lemon grass in place of mint?

    1. kinhip says:

      Tried it with lemongrass and it get fermented in a few days

  34. Rishika agarwal says:

    Hello..mam..!!! I have doubts regarding detox water drink…
    1. How long shud we have to refrigerate..nd drink
    2. If I refrigerate nd refill my detox water bottle for every hour do I have to change d fruits for every hour..to drink regular intervals or same fruits can b used to refill d bottle..

    India and your biggest fan

  35. Orange Pulp says:

    Thanks for this recipe. The bottles are really nice :).

  36. roselyn miller says:

    I’m in. Thanks for everything that you’re doing.

  37. maryamben says:

    iam happy to see the recipe but I can prepare it because I cannot get all the ingredients in my country, or can I use another fruits

  38. Travolta says:

    I start the same nearly a month it really work but I cut same ingredients with 1 liter jug and kept them in fridge for whole night next day morning whole day I drink it and refill for the day next day use new fruits…

    That drink really refreshing ..

  39. Hao says:

    I’m allergic to cucumbers, do any other fruits/veggies have that anti-bloating effect?

    1. Kenya Gillespie says:

      Any combination works. I haven’t found one that I didn’t like. I use any or all of the following: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries (staple), lemons (staple), cucumbers (staple), oranges, limes, grapefruit, mint leaves, rosemary, watermelon. The ones I listed as “staple” are my personal must haves for each drink.

  40. Maria says:

    Can i drink this 3 recipes everyday for a month and drink.

  41. Maria says:

    Can i drink the 3 recipes for a month or how many days should i drink this 3 recipes.

  42. kiki burgess says:

    I started drinking detox 7-21-2015 i hope it works for me

    1. Noreen says:

      Has it worked?

  43. Muzalifah says:

    Hi i tried to purchase your fruit infuser bottles but they are out of stock! When will they be available?

  44. Anthony says:

    This is very useful information, I prefer lemon juice.It is a good idea to be taking juice everyday in order to improve our heath and detox our body.It is very important to eat very well before start detox.Thanks for sharing.

  45. kiki says:

    I’m allergic to cucumbers but wanted to try this drink..any substitutes? Pls anyone?

    1. adeefm says:

      You can add watermelon 🙂 I have read that is better than the cucumber

  46. Carolyn Hunter says:

    I have the Dream Believe Achieve water bottle. I love it but found mold around
    the ring in the top. I removed it to clean it and cannot get it back it. I am
    no longer able to drink out of it witbout the ring in place because the water leaks
    out. Please let me know if you can help me resplve this either
    by instructions for fixing my bottle or replacing it. Thank you.

    1. Nunya says:

      I had a broken piece when I received my bottle. I emailed info@ogorgeous.com and got a free replacement. So they might be able to replace that ring.

  47. Melissa says:

    Is this safe to drink while pregnant? The cucumber, orange, lemon recipe.

    1. Sherisse says:

      It’s much best to do after bc you pregnant are you trying to suffocate you baby jks jks I would say do it after but there’s no difference the baby is going to grow . So yes it is sake to hav as long as there’s no alcohol :)))

  48. Antoinette says:

    When will the detox water bottles be available again through the store website?

  49. meeeee says:

    Hi. I have a few questions.

    1. Can I are it by the pitcher. I have a gallon pitcher and would like to make it in that.

    2. Do you have any recipes for fasting fusion water.


  50. Fary says:

    What do I substitute mint leaves with if there are no any to use

    1. Chloe says:

      hi well you dont have to have the mint in it you could try any leaf meant for cooking

      1. olasile odejayi says:

        pls can i substitute scent leave for mint leave?

  51. Denise says:

    What can be substituted for the oranges? I have an allergic reaction to them.

    1. emily says:

      lemons, limes, grapefruit, or basically any citrus fruit

      1. Domo says:

        What if you allergic to fresh fruit

  52. Najia Bartee says:

    Hello!, I’m very curious about wanting to start drinking detox water but I have a question. When having to refill the water in the bottle using the same fruit, do you have to wait an hour again on the second go round, or is it good to drink then?

    1. Joan Stelmach says:

      She agave her advice on this- see quotes below!! If you keep the same fruits too long, they will start to turn plus lose the benefits.. 🙂

      “So I would recommend that after 2 or 3 refills, dump it and replace with fresh cuts to make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need. I also wouldn’t leave the fruits in there for more than 24 hrs before changing it.
      Read more at https://www.blogilates.com/blog/2014/04/13/3-detox-water-recipes-belly-slimming-anti-bloating-craving-control/#PSDSxh1AtC5CCjdV.99

  53. Ghani says:

    How can I order a bottle ? I not trying to loss weight but slim my stomach down what a good way?

    1. carolyn says:

      You can get the bottles at walmart or target

      1. kate says:

        Are these bottles plastic? They look to be. if so, hang it up and just use some nice glass canning jars….much better.

      2. Shelley Brewster says:

        Where do you find these bottle in stores and do they have a certain name? Do you happen to have price?

    2. Wai Yi says:

      Hi, may I know whether we need to drink detox water everyday?

      Thx :)

  54. sylvia says:

    I would like the detox timer water bottle, choose to be happy, but it isn’t available on your website. Is this bottle sold out and is is available soon? Do you ship items to the netherlands?


    1. carolyn says:

      You can get the defuse water bottles at walmart or target.

  55. Catherine says:

    there is no set time as to when you will see results. it all depends on how you eat, what you eat, how you work out and how often you work out.

  56. sakshi says:

    I m drinking detox water for around 15 days. But only after dinner. I have lots if questions in mins.
    1. Do we only have to drink dis water for whole day? No solid food along with dis?
    2. Ideal time to drink detox water.
    Please help.

    1. Catherine says:

      1) you drink multiple bottles a day, yes you should eat food, healthy food….
      2) ideal time is all day. you should hydrate all day and adding fruits helps your body flush toxins

  57. Angela says:

    Those bottles look so cool, I want one!

    What should I eat whilst doing this detox? Is there a diet program to follow? (For weight loss)

    1. Jess McCarthy says:

      Just try to stay away from processed, junk food. I personally combine these drinks with the 3 week diet (http://www.3weekweightloss.co.uk) and I’ve had great results.

      I find that these drinks help with sugar cravings. I have a sweet tooth and whenever I feel like eating chocolate or whatever, I have my detox water and it really helps.

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  59. Emma says:

    why have I not tried this sooner? I’d seen them and wondered about it, then today I finally say home alone, meant to be revising, and thought why not? It’s not as big in the UK, so I was dubious. This is delicious to drink and I think I’m in love

  60. Lina says:

    When I will see the results ??

  61. Chloe Higgins says:

    how long do you have to drink it before you start seeing some results?

  62. willam says:

    I have been drinking detox water for two weeks. H ow long fo I go for

  63. shaimeng says:

    Hi. So, there are different types of mint. Which one should i specifically use for better results? Thanks 🙂

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  65. Kelly says:

    My dad’s office got a bunch of these exact same water bottles and I was able to get one! The only difference is that it doesn’t have your quotes on them, but it’s my new love! Where has my life been without strawberry water?!?!

  66. Kate says:

    Hey all you blogilates babes xD okay so on the subject of detox waters…will I pee a lot or I hate to be crass…go #2 a lot? I just don’t really know the after effects of detox waters so I was curious before I commit to anything? Please let me know– Kate :o)

    1. Hailey B says:

      Hey darlin! So my first day trying I peed a lot but no bowel movement issues happened to me, but did to my friend.. I’m having my mother try this because it helped me oh so much.. I stopped for two days because I lost my water bottle and I experienced sever cramping, back pain and I felt as if I had to puke, probably because my body is so used to healthy living and then I have a large fry at mcdonalds .. My bad xP but I only had to pee a lot and my bowel movements were 100% fine just I peed a lot, due to the cleanse taking place and your body ridding all the toxins .. Hoped this helped you!

  67. Marsha says:

    How do I order one of your bottles

  68. Jennifer says:

    I drink a lot of water at work but I do not have access to a fridge – so ivy dusky freeze a large bottle of water , if I do this with the cucumber,lemon and mint mix will it effect the detox/nutrients?

  69. Neno says:

    Yesterday , I Did The Cucumber, lemon nd Mint leaves Recipe it wasn’t So Tasty but it was Fine To Drink it Also Made Feel Hydrated and i have always had a problem with water i can’t drink it without somethin force me xD So the Flavored idea is Good .. Tonight i made The Apples nd Cinnamon One and Ahhh it’s Smells Delicious I Hope it Taste Delicious Too Can’t wait To Drink it at Morning Sorry For My Bad English :3 .. Love You Cassey<3

  70. Ana says:

    Can i use strawberries, blackberries, rasperries and lime to make an infuse water?

  71. Jace says:

    What if I don’t have an infusion bottle? Can I use just a regular cup or water bottle?

  72. Dalya says:

    I just made a detox drink using raspberries, blueberries, and apples and it is/was delicious! I am already ready to fill up my water bottle with more water for my third time. I love the concept of these drinks but I have been wondering what the health benefits of having the fruit in the water is opposed to just eating the fruit alone?

  73. ambra says:

    Hi Cass. I don’t understand how these detox waters work. Is it just to give a kick to regular water so we just flavour it or what? I mean, what does it mean detox water? I’m asking cause I tried these waters but i didn’t notice any change (like belly slimming (which i was looking out for reduced puffiness, right?) water)


  74. Eva Jacobs says:

    Wow, never tried detox water before but that looks so good (and so healthy!) Thanks for the recipe, I can’t wait to give this a try 🙂

  75. Dani says:

    Hi, I just wanted to buy some of the bottles for me and some friends… The policies on the shop homepage say for international shipping it is 8$ for the first and 5$ for each additional item. But when I’m at the checkout, it seems to be 10$ per item! How can that be?
    Does anyone know something about that? It’s not fair to tell false shipping costs…

  76. rosie says:

    Walmart sales infusion bottles.going to try this thanks.

  77. Coleen says:

    Not sure why, but I can’t see the full content of the post even after I’ve shared the page 🙁 Help! I need recipes

  78. Sam says:

    How long should I use this recipe for should i do it for only a week or as long as i want?

    1. Alla says:

      Of course. you can drink it as long as you want it.

  79. Thank you so much for this!
    I find that I can have problems with my digestion and often get bloated. But I can’t stand water! When I drink it I end up with loads of air in my stomach because I end up drinking it in such an awkward way. I love flavoured water though and this will help a lot!

  80. Eva says:

    I absolutly love those bottles, but international shipping charges are so high.
    anyone who knows if you can use normal bottels?
    I`m dying to try this recipe

    1. Leah says:

      Hey Eva! I’ve tried this recipe with just a regular water bottle, the only issue is that you might end up eating a cucumber/strawberry because there’s no filter to keep them in one place, but it still works just fine ^.^

      1. sarah says:

        Eva, you can also order detox water bottles or infused water bottles off of amazon that are like $20 that work just like these do.

    2. Sarah says:

      Hi Eva, before she even posted this video, I had bought a bottle with a removable filter that looks exactly like this one at Walmart for just $5. I’m not sure if the quality might not be as good as Cassey’s but it’s sure been working great for me and I’ve been able to make these detox waters just fine 🙂

    3. Angie says:

      Hi Eva, just use a straw its cheaper and more fun! Plus you get to keep the bottles you have 🙂

  81. Vivian says:

    omg those water bottles are SO CUTE <3

  82. Rachel says:

    PLEASE make a 5 favorite moves for shoulders!!!!!! I BEG YOU CASSEY!!!!!

  83. Peter says:

    I love the design of this bottles!! It’s yummy, im going to buy one hundred hahahaa

  84. the bottles are cool! I might have to get one or two..

  85. Nikita says:

    I have been looking for such a bottle for the longest time and now YOU HAVE IT!!! Ah if only I could have it shipped to Oman!

  86. Leandra says:

    That bottle makes me ridiculously happy. Also, I’m soooooo excited to graduate, get a job, and actually be able to afford real food, and the fruits and veggies required for the water!

    1. Leandra says:

      Also, question: I know how to make real fruit smoothies, using just fruits, milk, and ice; when these detox water fruits are replaced, would it be ok to “recycle” them by using them to make smoothies? Would they still have any flavor, or would all the flavor be gone?

  87. Yasmeen says:

    hi cassey….love these bottles they r so pretty…but international shipping charges r so high…i like to buy two of them but looking at the shipping rates for two…i stopped at checkout…can u please reduce overseas charges…plssss

    1. charlie ho says:

      Hello Yasmeen,
      I totally empathize with you regarding the shipping cost. We always concern about the shipping cost. As a matter of fact, we undercharge international shipping instead of overcharging. But the USPS is still too high to some of you. I am sorry that this is the best that we can do to keep the operation going. Thank you for your understanding.

    2. zero.heroh says:

      I live in Canada and I had the same problem. It was way too much for shipping. A total fluke, but I was in Canadian Tire the other day and they have the exact same water bottles (minus the inspiring quotes) for $10. I don’t know where you live, but if there are any other Canadians out there I hope this helps.

  88. MJ says:

    So happy cheap clean eats is back. Can’t wait to try out the recipes. I also love the detox water bottles, effective and cute equals a killer combination!

  89. Those bottles are so cute! I usually put a lemon wedge in my water but never put orange slices or mint before. I will definitely give it a try!

  90. Keira says:

    I don’t understand. What benefits do you get drinking infused water rather than eating cucumber and oranges and drinking plenty of water? Am I missing something?

    1. Kelly says:

      I think it just makes it more interesting and more creative to take all the good stuff in all at once. 🙂 Not sure if this is right, but if you’re going to let the nutrients come out of the fruits, at least you get all the good stuff in it, into the water (where here, it’s basically the same as eating and drinking separately, but still flavours the water!). 🙂

  91. emmy says:

    Hi Cassey,

    the bottles look really cool, and I’ll definitely try these recipes 🙂

    Also, could you do a video on how to stretch before/after running? I often have pain in my lower shins when running and was wondering what to do against that. Thanks for all the videos!!

  92. Jasmine says:

    Definitely have to try this!! Love that Cheap Clean Eats is back! 🙂
    Don’t know if you have already but can’t you make a video or a blogpost on when and what to eat before and after working out? 🙂

  93. Sheila says:

    While we’re waiting for these bottles (since they’re backordered), would we be able to just place the fruits directly in our water using a regular water bottle or will it make it slimy? I just can’t wait to try them! They look so refreshing!! 🙂 Thanks for the recipe Cassey!!

    1. Zab says:

      Yes you totally can. I just fill up my 1 liter nalgene at night and then drink the water all day and refill as needed. If I’m leaving the house I just pour it into my smaller travel bottle. So far I can fill my bottle with water up to 6 times within 2-2.5 days and it still tastes good.

  94. Victoria says:

    Thanks for your idea. I am going to try your detox water recipe. Really like the containers too.

  95. Connie says:

    These detox recipes and water bottle freaking rock! I ordered mine and cannot wait to make the drinks. I am so happy that you shared this with us!

  96. Savannah says:

    These bottles are soooo pretty!! Thanks for the recipes, maybe this will make drinking water a bit more fun hahaha

  97. Alex says:

    This is a great reminder of why I should be drinking more water. I gotta try this detox water concoction you just outlined – I must say I’m intrigued. Thanks 🙂

  98. This sounds interesting!Tomato juice also used for flat belly

  99. Great post!Lemon is a great source for weight loss

  100. Ashley says:

    I have a 20 oz. infuser, can I still use the same amount of fruits?

  101. Ana says:

    I’ve wanted to try a detox water for a while, but I’m not sure what the effects on my body going to be, which is why I have been hesitant. Is it just going to make me urinate more or are there more effects beside this? Could some one let me know, I’d love to try this!

  102. Ellen says:

    Hey, could you one of cheap eats for the day of prom? I know that many people struggle with finding something to eat so they won’t get bloated prior to prom but don’t want to starve themselves too.

  103. Lisa says:

    Love these. I’m trying them tomorrow
    L x

  104. Noemi says:

    I think I’m gonna try some of them, and the bottles are so cute!!

  105. Maja says:

    Yeeey! Cheap Clean Eats! I’ve missed it! Can’t wait to try these detox water recipes, thank you Cassey! 😀

  106. angelgirl says:

    cheap clean eats are so helpful..these bottles are soo cute….i already tried this water from written recipes and it actually works!..thankyou so much for sharing your experienced recipes tips and free excercises routines when the other people are not even telling single thing without getting paid…may god bless you and give you more success because you deserve it :))) …you are definitely my inspiration and i dont easily follow anybody 😉

  107. Heather P. says:

    Great recipes! And I love the bottle design!

  108. Nafeesah says:

    these bottles are so cute!! I saw the video last night and went straight to the site to buy one!

  109. The best thing about these colorful detox waters is that they look so inviting with the colors and fruit. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to trying a few out.

  110. Liz says:

    My problem is that I don’t actually feel thirsty all that often, and so because of that I know I’m not drinking enough water! Maybe the flavored water will help that though? Love that cheap clean eats is back!!

    1. Ariadna says:

      Actually, the more water you drink, the thirstier you get. Your body gets used to staying hydrated really quickly, so when he sees that you’re not putting enough H2O in, he freaks out and you start getting thirsty. You just have to get used to it, and sooner, rather than later, you and your water bottle will be inseparable 🙂

  111. Maria says:

    Love the bottles, got to get one, and thanks for the recipes.

  112. Lynn says:

    Love the bottles!

  113. Molly says:

    I love the bottles! I might have to get on for myself.

  114. Nanna says:

    I am so happy about the fact that cheap clean eats is back! I love it! <3

  115. Mona says:

    OMG I’m in love with the bottles!!!