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5 Ways to Trim Your Waist and Get Back on Track

September 5, 2017

5 Ways to Trim Your Waist and Get Back on Track

Sweat Time: 12 mins

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Workout Type: POP Pilates

Body Focus: Obliques


22 thoughts on “5 Ways to Trim Your Waist and Get Back on Track”

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    Loved the pep talk and the moves

  2. dorra1997 says:

    Cant’t feel my obliques anymore…

  3. mayzinmoe says:

    love the tips!

  4. Whiizkid says:

    Cassie you r so fit.. working my way to your level

  5. Valerie BT says:

    That’s totally true Cassey! I was bored of what I was constantly doing and wanted to try something else so I found you! You’re really energetic and lovely thank you 💖 you make me don’t want to give up!

  6. hailelyre says:

    I just did today’s workout and I left this video for last. Wrong move because I don’t have any energy left to even try to do the video. I couldn’t do this video at all. I’m both so tired and disappointed in myself

  7. Rachel D says:

    Until I started following your calendar in July, 2018, I most of the time used to fall off and getting back one was a little bit hard but because workout keeps me energized, I gradually used to pick up again. Joining your family has helped me to keep moving 98% for six months. I thank God and you for the daily strength and motivation. I love you.

  8. Kadie says:

    When I fell off the wagon I was beating myself up and felt like I had lost a lot of progress. (I had given up my fitness membership for financial reasons and did not continue my workouts on my own.) So finally I decided to enlist Cassey’s help, downloaded all the wonderful FREE organizational tools, and started using them all that day! My goal was to use the beginners calendar to prep for the December calendar, and I’m right on track and feeling stronger every day! Thank you so much Cassey for the wonderful free content, knowing I have somewhere to go that will tell me what to do keeps me organized and on track!!

  9. Stephanie2210 says:

    Love you Cassey

  10. lisaprettypetals says:

    Omg wow that was hard, I do intermittent fasting ,but whrn I fall off wagon I just get up dust myself off n start again,I hate the scale when I gain but love it when I lose,but it stresses me out,I also hate that I’m doing my workouts ,but now as I’m losing weight the cellulite really coming out on my legs n I really hate my underarm flab it’s really hanging now,it makes me cry I’m so embarrassed, what can I do to tone it up

    1. meowdylan says:

      Stop weighing yourself, it is not an accurate way to see results! Instead look for the change you wish to see. also rather than working out to lose weight, work out to become healthy. Your Health = Your Wealth.

      The other thing you can do is to stop saying “I hate this.. I hate that”, all you can do is illicit change and I won’t lie, it is a mental journey. Trust me though, if I can do it, you can do it too!!!

      Another thing, things like “intermittent fasting” AKA staving yourself has to be done with care, when you starve your body, it enters its own reserves and starts to “eat itself” one could say… This can cause somewhat rapid weight loss which as a result, can lead to cellulite (WHICH IS NATURAL, EVEN BOYS HAVE IT) and loose skin because the fats going at a rate too fast, and there are no compensator muscles to continue to “fill out”.

      Keep doing pop pilates, rather than suffer fasting, look into Casey’s recipes, they’re often designed to go hand in hand with the types of workout we do, taste amazing, and are easy and fun to make (i recommend her cheap clean eats series). You will see a world of difference, not only will things become more toned your overall outlook on how you view yourself will change.

      Kia Kaha! (be strong in māori)

      1. Angie efmb says:

        Wow beautiful comment

  11. shibha_agg says:

    Awesome Workout!!

  12. Danielle says:

    I work out right when I get home. I’ll change into my workout clothes at work, ride my bike home as my warm up and then take off my shoes and throw my things to go the ground and get ready to cry with you.

  13. bellorie says:

    I could barely do the moves that required basically a side plank…hope I can do it in the future.

    1. bvrymer says:

      Side planks are actually really hard. If I don’t do them for a while (like now) then I have to go back to doing them on my knees. But keep trying and you’ll get it!

  14. diaphanousether says:

    One day, I’ll come back to this workout and I’ll see my own comment and know how much progress I’ve made…
    Today I could barely lift my left leg when doing the sideways moves. One day, my left leg will be as strong as my right.

  15. vpalmer2011 says:

    I love all of these tips, especially scheduling your workouts. I have started doing that and I’ve been much more consistent. When I “fall off the wagon” I sign up for something like a race, or a dance recital. A long term goal that encourages me to continue working out and eating healthy because I’ve got that external factor keeping me motivated.

  16. eo4wellness says:


  17. yeisermom says:

    Ouch!! That feels good, it hurts but it it feels good…. does that make sense..🤔😁

  18. klstorck20 says:

    That last move! Sooo hard!

  19. Chloe Conn says:

    Just started doing the workout calendar and I’m having so much fun! Even though this workout was intense it was a great distraction hearing your motivational words, especially that last tip. I used to beat myself up about missing a workout and then consequently I would stop working out. Not this month! I will workout as much as I can and if I miss a workout well maybe I’ll make it up another day, maybe not. Whatever the case I am going to make it to the end and I know I will see results. Thank you!!

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