Hey guys!

OMG OMG happy Monday! First of all, how are you doing on the #2020Challenge? You’re about to finish up your second week! Can you believe?

Here’s a YouTube video for you to follow along. If you’re not up to speed – CATCH UP NOW! There’s exactly one week left until you complete your first big new year’s resolution! Let’s not break this guys.

Now guys…I am so excited to share with you a new member of the Blogifam pup family!

Meet Woofer! AHHHHHH! Those white paws and those eyebrows! He’s an 8-week old puppy! He makes Sir look like a giant huh!?

Laurel, our social media manager just adopted Woofer over the weekend and we are so excited to welcome him into the Blogifam. So far Sir George is being a good big brother to Woofer and they seem to be getting along. Today Sir is spending a lot of time just watching over Woofer, and it’s super cute. I often find him perched on a sofa nearby, just observing, and then coming over to gently touch noses.

I hope you are having a great start to your week so far. Monday in the office has been lovely today with the new furball energy. Later my sister is coming over to the office, so Denali will get to meet Woofer too!

Yesterday’s Day 12 Food Log:

Yesterday was really awesome in terms of food. I got to cook a bunch of new things, all Asian cuisine inspired, and we ended up unintentionally eating vegan all day, which was cool.

For brunch, I made Sam and I a Vietnamese spring roll spread! Instead of vermicelli noodles, we had zoodles. Instead of meat, we had tofu. As stuffers, I had butter lettuce, avocado slices, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed zucchinis, and furikake shishito peppers!

Look at this beauty! It was actually SO GOOD! Rice paper rolls are one of my favorite things in the world.

I was afraid that it wasn’t going to be filling, but it truly was. The zucchini was awesome inside. Totally raw and did not take away from the flavor. My dipping sauce was part hoison sauce, part sriracha, part lime juice, and part water.

We started out with a seaweed soup I made out of vegetable broth, dried seaweed, mushroom tofu balls, and baby carrots. I just seasoned with salt and monk fruit. It was delish!

Snacked on a banana with peanuts after.

I really love this combo honestly. The peanuts last way longer than peanut butter! Plus you get that extra crunch.

For dinner, I made us mapo tofu over cauliflower rice with a side of broccoli. I bought the mapo tofu sauce at 99 Ranch, and it worked out just wonderfully! Normally you’d add minced pork on the top, but I skipped out on that and it was fine.

Snacked on some toasted coconut chips. UGH soooooo good. I could eat these forever.

Finished up those berries from the farmer’s market.

And ended the night with some kombucha!

By the way, after this day of eating, my stomach felt much better! I will continue testing, but I think it must have been the fake meat from Veggie Grill. Not sure what that fake beef was made of, but probably seitan or wheat gluten! So, I need to be careful. I usually eat pretty gluten free, so that could have been the culprit. The Beyond Burger seems fine so far on my digestives!

How’s the start of your week so far?

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  • Cindy Eckles says:

    I love your new puppy. He’s so cute. I loved that Sir was very tentative to Woofer. The food looks great too.

  • Nicole says:

    Hi! Most of the fake meat at Veggie Grill is actually soy based, so you might’ve had too much soy. I’m pescatarian and used to eat soy products (soy, tempeh), but have had to cut them all out and can only eat wheat based (like seitan or Field Roast sausages) after my stomach was no longer able to digest soy.

  • Andrea R. says:

    Cassey! I’ve seen that kombucha at Costco, every time I go I always bump into it somehow (I think it’s trying to make me buy it LOL) .. just wanted to know… the flavor of it, is it good? Since it’s in bulk I don’t wanna buy the whole thing and then not like it. Your feedback would be most appreciated!!! And thank you so much for posting all that you eat, it’s honestly inspiring to get me back in track!

  • Kori Jenkins says:

    I love seeing what you’re eating! It’s giving me so many ideas for meals to try when I get home from vacay. Have you ever seen/tried making dessert rolls? I found a recipe using coconut milk to make sweet rice, then using that and berries to fill the rice paper. It looked so yum, and would probably be great with some farmers market berries!

  • Felicia Nguyen says:

    Love your food posts! Where do you get the tofu in your rolls?