Hey guys!

Social media is changing so much everyday. Back in 2010/2011, it felt like a place where I could really get to know people for who they really were – not just who they appeared to be online. Also, not everyone was on the internet yet. So in a weird way, posting something to Facebook or even YouTube still felt private. Now, anything you post can be seen by your parents, your employers and random people who have no shame in leaving mean comments all over the place!

So, if you feel the same, but want to still find that tight knit community feeling, I have a solution!

Have you heard of private Facebook groups? No, they’re not the regular fan pages that you’re probably already following. They’re private groups that are only open by invitation. And I’m personally inviting you to join our very own special club…The POPster Portal!

What is it? It’s an exclusive, safe and private place for you to get to know each other, ask each other questions and motivate each other to reach your goals! The point is – I never want you to feel weird or ashamed about sharing something. I want you to make genuine friendships. This is an open forum for you guys to talk to each other about pretty much anything that’s on your mind. Best part? None of it will show up in your friends’ feeds. (Yeah like before and after transformations that may not be so safe for work?!)

Oh and just to be clear, it’s totally free.

With our 4+ million POPsters on YouTube and over 1.2 million on Facebook and 1.4 million on Instagram, I admit that even I sometimes feel a little lost. So I completely understand if you’ve ever felt a little unheard. Well, no more. Because right now our private POPster Portal only has 2,000 POPsters and everyone can answer anyone’s questions! You don’t need to wait around for me. It’s your own private community where everyone is SEEN!

I’ll also personally be in there sharing stuff I won’t normally share on the regular social media channels too! I love getting raw, getting vulnerable, and learning more about you guys.

See you in there!

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  • Linh says:

    What do you do when you really want to start exercising, but you have absolutely no energy?

  • Key says:

    How do you prevent your shoulders from popping when doing arm exercises and your ankles from popping when doing squats? Love the motivation you send to people!!

  • Boxer2020 says:

    I just sign up yesterday, I have not exercised in probably 10 year, I am 51 years old. I did beginner abs today, a of the moves that are modified are still hard for me. Any suggestions? Also when did 12 mins of abd, should I also been incorporating cardio ?

  • Jpop1107 says:

    I have just signed up, but have been following you on Insta, for a few weeks. I just completed this day’s challenge and I love it!, out of breath and sweaty and thought I was going die but I LOVE it. Thank you for this!!!

  • Claudia says:

    Any idea how many calories 1 hour class of pop pilates burns?

  • Roland says:

    Hi!!why not try this for belly fat and weight loss.people are having success with this!!!!..https://bit.ly/2SFLSwo

  • Lena says:

    Hi there this is my first time trying pilates so im a total new beginner. Blogilates website is awesome but… alittle overwhelming. I’m not sure where to start watching your pilates workout as a first step? Where should i click for a beginner like me? Im after a burn fat gain muscle workout as i watched cassey explained pilates can help gain muscles too? Please advise-!

  • Tanya maree Viero says:

    Hi , I am 43 and have just had a pelvic floor reconstruction and was hoping you could give me some direction for Pilates.Im worried to prolapse again so i need gentles excersises.
    Thanks kindly

  • Alice Pepper says:

    Hi I am a teen and want to get fitter again I use to be very slim and i’ve Just let myself go a little over the summer also any tips for dieting without parents realising

  • Thank you for this invitation Cassey!

  • jennifer says:

    CASSEY! first off I love you. You are so KIND, GENUINE, AND INSPIRING.

    I’ve been in a rut lately and I feel like poop sometimes. I feel like my digestion isn’t on its a game. I remember when it was great and I always felt AMAZING. I felt light, energetic, happy and my clothes fit nicely haha. I feel like its taking a toll on my self-esteem and it feels like I’ve been doing all the right things like drinking lots of water, moving, eating a clean and fibre rich diet, getting in my probiotics… im so confused. do you have any tips for great digestion or advice on who I should visit, if anyone at all.

    your words would mean a lot to me. love you lots
    jen :)

  • sdfsd says:


  • Aisha says:

    I just found this today and I must say I am blessed

  • Maj-Britt Fabrício de Barros says:

    Now I dare to show my progress without my collegues seeing me

  • Engelica says:

    THIS SOUNDS AMAZING! can’t wait to join the group :D

  • DivaExcel says:

    This is really helpful. My sister judges me for working out on a daily basis so I’m glad I’m in the group. Thanks Cassey!!

  • G says:

    Can you make content that caters to males as well or at least be more inclusive to men? I get that a lot of your audience is mainly women but as a guy I have found benefit from your videos as well.