Finding gratitude among the drama of expectation

How it feels to finally realize that happiness can be achieved free of being attached to a thing, an outcome, or even a person. You are finally FREE when you can find happiness for no reason at all. 🌈

It’s hard to do, and I myself am not there yet. I am at fault for attaching my happiness to outcomes especially, and in return I get sad and angry when things don’t turn out as I expect them to. But that’s the problem – EXPECTATION.

The healing ointment for all of this internal drama is GRATITUDE. If you’re feeling negative, jealous, betrayed or upset, first stop. Then take a deep inhale and exhale as you close your eyes. Do it 5-10 times. It’s quite calming. Then force your brain to realize/calculate/inventory everything you have! Then ask yourself “what was the lesson I was supposed to learn from all this?” This process allow your heart to relax and will you a chance to dig up that feeling of appreciation. I know it’s there – it’s just that sometimes we leave it in the dust as we keep moving about, trying to figure out the next step.

I hope this helps you to live your life today with more gratitude and less expectation, as we all try to work our way towards the freedom of PURE JOY. 💛

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  1. BBH says:

    This made my day!
    Thanks a lot cassey you truely have an amazing personality

  2. seaflower05 says:

    I love this! It isn’t said enough, and is such a great message!

  3. Janeth Owens says:

    Gratitude seems easy but is a powerful tool of life. Great message!

  4. Jenn says:

    Thank you! It’s something I needed to hear.

  5. Justi says:

    This is such a beautiful message—and it was posted on my birthday! (^w^)
    Thank you, Cassey, for all that you do. One very special thing that I’m grateful for is you. I never would have gotten to this point in my life and grown as an individual if it weren’t for you motivating me by being exactly what I always wanted—but feared—to be: authentic. You always lift my mood and make facing the rest of my day easier. Really and truly, thank you. <3