Hey guys!

This morning Sam and I went to go do some heavy lifting at the gym before we checked out some wedding venues with my sister and Nick!

It was a full day of site visits, wedding dress talk, bridesmaid talk, music talk, photographer research, veil research, color palette research, and EVERYTHING I LOVE ABOUT WEDDINGS RESEARCH! I am so excited to help my sister plan her wedding. It’s like I get to relive my wedding planning ALL OVER AGAIN! I think my sis found her venue today! So next up…I am going to plan her engagement party! WHOO!

Once again it is a late night so I will keep it brief! I have another class in the morning, so must make it to bed!

Yesterday’s Day 17 Food Log:

A 4 veggie spring rolls with hoison/sriracha/lime sauce. These were filled with thick slices of tofu, spiralized zucchini, and crunchy butter lettuce. YUMMMMMM.

Cauliflower fried rice with egg, peas, corn, and sriracha. A side of seaweed soup.

After this I also ate a bowl of plantain chips with salsa. No pic, sorry. It was impulsive.

Then I snacked on some of my blue velvet cake :P …

…and ate some green tea matcha mille crepe cake too! The celebration continues I guess! Hahaha.

After eating all of the sweets, I do notice my belly getting extra bloated and gassy. I know it’s due to the dairy, the sugar and the grain – but oh well, my b-day only happens once a year! So eat cake I will!

Ahh, only 2 more days of meatless. Proud of myself for doing this. Almost there.

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  • Bailey Reese says:

    What leggings are those? Love
    The cut!

  • Ana says:

    What is a birthday without cake? Looks super delish!! So excited you guys get to plan another wedding! So much fun!!

  • Cindy Eckles says:


  • I can’t wait to see the wedding and here about the plans! Will you vlog it?