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12-Week Fit Journal Giveaway! | Day 14 of 90

August 29, 2019

Today is a special day! It marks 2 weeks of my 90 Day Journey! WHOOOO!!! I cannot believe it. This is actually going a lot faster than I thought!

So to celebrate, I wanted to do a giveaway for those of you who have been supporting me THE MOST! My blog readers 🙂

I’m giving away three 12-Week Fit Journals!!!

I am DEAD SERIOUS when I say that this little planner right here is what’s keeping me on track. I genuinely look forward to writing in it everyday. It’s so satisfying to write in my food, my workouts, and my stats – it makes me feel like all the hard work I’ve been doing isn’t just a thing of the past. It’s a permanent part of my history – in my own little fitness storybook that I can always look back on.

The 12-Week Fit Journal is super lightweight so you can carry it with you everywhere! I put it in my mini backpack with my 2 bottles everyday!

This is the Daily Page. You get a big space for food, workouts, water, sleep, and random notes to self. Also, you can start on ANY day of the week. (Like how I woke up and decided Friday was going to be Day 1!)

You’ll def want to bring your Fit Journal with you everywhere since it also has a grocery list space inside!

There’s a measurements page that allows you to track your stats once a month, for 3 months.

At the end of every week, there is a reflection page. This is extremely important because we need to give ourselves time to be grateful for the hard work we do. It’s an honest page where you can open up about things you’re proud of and things you’re scared of.

So, how do you enter?

  1. For your 1st chance to win, leave a comment on this post and tell me why you follow Blogilates. I’m actually really curious.
  2. For your 2nd chance to win, go follow @blogilates on Instagram and comment on the Fit Journal giveaway post! Click here.
  3. For your 3rd chance to win, go follow @popflex_active on Instagram and comment on the Fit Journal giveaway post! Click here.

I’ll pick a winner in 24 hours and will announce in tomorrow’s blog post! You can comment AS MANY TIMES as you want on each platform. You can be from ANY COUNTRY and be ANY AGE.

Good luck!


So yesterday my period started. I became a ravenous beast. I did not take pics of all the cashews and almonds I ate, but I ate a lot 😛

Lunch was the ahi tuna salad from Tender Greens. For some reason they forgot my egg! So sad. FYI I took the potatoes out.

A couple hours later, I couldn’t stand it anymore so I got up and warmed my turkey chili as lunch #2.

Then I had a handful of almonds and another handful of cashews with 2 cans of La Croix – a sparkling water. This new flavor Pomme Baja ain’t so bad!

So, even after 2 lunches and a ton of snacks, I got a hunger headache! I don’t know why my period makes me so darn hungry!

For dinner, Sam and I went out with a friend to a restaurant called Mixtape in LA. For appetizers, I ordered this charred “cauliflower steak” with spicy sauce. It was…meh. The cauli wasn’t cooked enough and the sauce was nothing too special.

As a second appetizer, we shared fried brussel sprouts. These were good. But like, pretty much anything fried is good 🙂

For my main course, I got a protein style burger. There were some grilled onions, pickles, and cheese in there. Overall – the meat was hearty but the flavor was lacking. Honestly you guys, the protein style burger at In N Out is way better. Plus it’s only a few bucks. This was $16.

There’s ravenous Cassey’s meals for the day! Let’s see what happens on day 2 of my period tomorrow! Oh by the way, I’m also starting to feel under the weather. No idea why. Really not ideal for Labor Day Weekend :*(

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  1. Melissa S. says:

    I started following Blogilates because for awhile I was having a hard time finding motivation with my workouts and eating habits. I was yo-yo dieting and it didn’t work out. I mean it did for awhile, and then it didn’t. I stumbled upon Blogilates through a few people that I follow on IG and followed you and became inspired by your motivation and how you keep it real and easy with everyone. I love that.

  2. charity rhoney says:

    I Started Following Blogilates because a friend recommended you, and I found you to be inspiring and motivational. I havent been able to keep up with your work outs myself but I working to fixing that right now. Thank you for your years of content for free and helping people like me become inspired in different ways of fitness.

  3. Moya McQue says:

    I follow blogilates because your SO INSPIRING and im desperate to be more healthy and break bad habits so i can bring out a better, healthier me

  4. Heba says:

    I love you so much

  5. Saraahx says:

    I know it’s too late but I just want to say that I appreciate you so much for giving away your Fit Journal!!! Just for the fun of it, I’ll answer why I follow you. Because you encourage me, make me stronger, push harder, kill me (!!!!). I actually started following you when I watched BubzBeauty video. Found your channel and thought you were so cool and fun. I kinda started for vanity reasons but it quickly became more. You helped me love myself and my body for the first time in my life and it felt so good! Also, you don’t yell at us hahaha and you actually have great songs on your videos!

    Yup, you can go into beast mode food-wise during your periods at times. Like, hello, calm the f down, hormones!!!!

  6. Sarah says:

    Not sure if it’s too late, but I found you again after not watching (for no reason just wasn’t doing Pilates) BECAUSE of this journey and I love it.

  7. lovelyjessy says:

    I have actually always liked blogilates especially on YouTube, that is why I follow you because you have some great ways to work out and create some great healthy choices as well.

  8. Dana says:

    Dear Cassey
    I follow blogilates because it is all so real! There is nothing fake about what you do and I really appreciate that since sadly now a days finding fake people is not very difficult. I love the way you proudly display yourself, your work, and your passion to the world. It teaches people like me how there is hope for yourself to become like you. You have taught me that there is always room for improvement and I am thankful for that. Cassey, you also show me that it doesn’t matter what others think of you by being so open about yourself and how you’re feeling online. You always stick by your opinions and now I know to stick by mine. This has given me so much more confidence in myself. Nine of which would have been possible without you. Thank you Cassey! We all love you so much!❤❤💕💕

  9. Sandy says:

    I started the gluts challenge 29 days ago and it has been a fantastic workout to start up again on my healthy and fit way of life. It’s fun but very challenging too!

    1. Stephanie says:

      I follow you because when I was 19 I was unfit and didn’t know how to change that. I didn’t have much confidence or love for my body. I found you on YouTube and never looked back. Thanks Cassey!

  10. Eunice Wong says:

    I follow blogilates because it inspires, motivates and pushes me to be the best person I can be! I have been following for a long time now, but at first I was obsessed with losing weight and tried following a lot of fitness people online, but blogilates helped me to achieve more than that! Through all those workout videos, challenges, food recipes and tips, I was able to learn more about body positivity and now I’m striving to be healthy and happy, not only following harmful fads. Thank you Cassey, you’re my role model and I look up to you a lot. Love you lots blogilates ❤️✨💪

  11. Annette says:

    I’ve been following blogilates for over two years now. I’ve learned a lot over those past 2 years. I learned to eat more healthier and exercise more. My biggest goal was to lose weight but when the time past and I got use to working out more I stopped focusing on the pounds i was losing but started to focus on being positive and loving myself.

  12. Hanine Mansouri says:

    5I’m excited. because she’s pretty and healthy person physically and mentally.

  13. Deanna Lisovich says:

    I love following your journey and reading your blogs! You are a great

  14. Olivia says:

    I used to previously follow blogilates, but never actually committed myself to any of the workouts. I would maybe do one or two here and there, but ultimately, it never resulted in any change. However, this past year has been extremely difficult for me emotionally, and I have found a bit of self-improvement and peace in working out. I have been following the thirty day ab and glute challenge (doing them together), and am going strong! I just wanted to thank you for the belief you have in all of us, and for making workouts fun and challenging. I have learned that my body constantly surprises me! For example, recently, I was able to go fully down in a pushup with perfect form. (I am very skinny and have little muscle + weak arms, so this was incredible for me). I am looking forward to each new day, and am excited to see constant improvement! Thanks so much!

  15. Amber Riley says:

    I follow you on your YouTube channel because I love your short 30 60 90 100 challenge videos they’re easy for me to do a quick workout in the evenings or before work if I can’t make it to the gym for that day!

  16. Miranda says:

    Hi! I’ve been following blogilates before you started your own line! I love your presence and you are consistently true to yourself which I think is very inspiring! I love your fitness plans and cooking ideas. You are so talented at what you do! I admire all the hard work and dedication that you put in to what you do!

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I just started following Blogilates recently after seeing one of Cassie’s workout videos. I absolutely love your channel and your blog because you really show women how they can maintain a strong body. I also have started following along and reading all your posts with the 90 day journey and I think it’s amazing what you are doing and not letting all the negative people out there stop you! Keep it up Cassie because you are absolutely amazing and showing all the women out there that they can accomplish their dreams!

  18. Alexia says:

    Ive been following blogilates for many years through a lot of phases of my life. Initially because i was dieting and excersisong to lose some weight and tone. Following pilates programs and nutrition tips , i lost 6kg and it was my first serious sport n nutrition challenge with myself. Now almost 7 years later im a martial arts teacher for children and train almost daily. Blogilates is always there for excersises to maintain a strong body in order to prevent any injuries in my martial arts journey !

  19. lisaioana says:

    I have been following blogilates for a short time now but I feel like everything has changed for the better. I learned a lot about fitness healthy food and how to keep my self motivated to keep going. Once you started the 90 day weightloss I knew i had to do it to but I was a little bit hesitant. Then one day I woke up super empowered and promised to my self that I will do it along side you.
    Then I realised how much more easy it is when you do it with someone! I felt so inspired! I have tried many diets that ultimately failed cause of my lack of willpower. But now I have a feeling that this one will last ! Thank you so much Cassey! Don’t let others get you down, just do what you feel is right!

  20. Hey girl! I follow you because I LOVE how upbeat and inspiring you are. You keep me going even when I want to quit because you’re doing it too! They’re quick easy videos and there are so many awesome can always switch it up, but right now I’m on the WEDDING WORKOUT CIRCUIT bc I’m getting married in exactly 3 weeks!! Ahhhhhhhh so excited and love that know it or not, you’ve been on this journey with me-so thank you! 🙂

  21. Sneha says:

    You are an inspiration. I have been following blogilates for a while now. You are such a fresh no nonsense personality. I love all your workouts.

  22. Erin says:

    I follow Blogilates because I love your take on fitness and health. Your approach is balanced, relatable and healthy – It’s super refreshing!

  23. Sarah says:

    I follow blogilates because I love your balance of workout/health and being real.

  24. Amber says:

    I’ve been following blogilates forEVER! It has made such a big difference in my life and as someone who gets stupidly exciting about fun colors and themes, I absolutely love the different videos playlists your offer. In college my roommate and I did the Victoria’s Secret playlist and loved it! I would love to win the journal because I’ve been looking for a way to document my health journey and am much better at making progress when it is writing on paper. Thank you so much for everything!

  25. Maude says:

    I follow you because I think you are inspiring and you help me stay motivated during my fitness journey!! 🙂 xxx

  26. kath.kieu says:

    Hi Cassey! I’ve been following you for about 7 or 8 years now. I started watching your YouTube videos and following them when I was 17. Back then, I was unhappy with my body (even though now that I look at how it was, I think it was just perfect). I also wasn’t getting much help with my anxiety and ADHD and exercising was the only way I could free my mind for about an hour. I liked your workouts because they were (and still are) both demanding and fun. Because in 15 minutes, I could get rid of the tension I had been holding for hours. And because you were so much fun to listen to, your energy gave me enough energy to push my limits. So in that way, you really helped me. I became really fit following your workouts, coupled with other HIIT trainings. I left travelling for almost a year and being fit really helped me do all the activities I wanted to do. This past year, I was feeling as energetic as I wanted to and exercising kind of got left out. I realised that in order to feel well I had to stay active because that’s what brighten my days. So I’ve been gradually including your workouts to my routine and so far it’s great. I feel like myself again. I know you have so many comments so chances are that mine won’t be read, but I have to say, your content is so interesting, you share with us just the right amount of yourself and you are honest. You are worth following and I am grateful I’ve been doing it for so many years. Thank you Cassey 🙂

  27. Dyuti Coomar says:

    I have been following you since 2012 and you really helped me to find my voice. Through the past 7 years I have never seen anyone who could make working out as fun as you can do. I love blogilates. I would love to receive this planner as I have also begun my own 90 day challenge after 3 years of depression and anxiety. It would be great to keep in track! Your positivity is so contagious. ☺️

  28. I missed this giveaway! Oh well. 🙂 Your meals look fab even if they were super expensive and not that great tasting!

  29. Bree says:

    I’ve been following for so long I can’t even Renner when, but I follow you because you are REAL, inspirational, helpful and remind me of who I am on the inside 🙂

  30. Jessica says:

    I’ve been following you for about 4 years. I started working out because I was in an unhealthy state of mind and would workout too much and eat too little, but then I found your videos 🙂 You had a great message and preached body positivity while promoting a healthy combination of exercise and rest when needed. You helped me feel better about myself and now I still love reading your blog posts and I get so excited when you upload new videos. I stuck with you all these years for these reasons and really love and support all you have done for everyone.

  31. Jelena says:

    Hi Cassey, I recently discovered you 3 months ago via Facebook and a fitness magazine article. I am trying to get back in shape after having my second baby and wanted to try your unique style of pilates and I got hooked. I did the June challenge, completed July and now August calendar, and love the glutes challenge! Your workouts are challenging, fun, and motivating and that’s why I’m here. I love your personality because your a positive and bubbly person and I resonate to that. I would love your fit journal to keep me on track with my exercises and nutrition. Thank you for being you!

  32. krista Leigh says:

    I follow because you’re a positive source for exercise and you’re realistic and honest.

  33. Sara Wolfe says:

    I love following you Cassey! You take such a personal approach and use your platform to encourage others. You’re real with us and we love it!! Its like getting to workout and be healthy with your best friend. 🙂

  34. lexi says:

    I follow blogilates because you’re so positive. I do your videos with my niece, she’s 5 right now and loves working out with me but your videos are the only ones colorful and positive enough for her to focus. Your happiness is contagious.

  35. Belinda says:

    Have been following you for a good 7-8 years! You’re and inspiration and your videos are a good way for me to work out even just being home. Love your personality as well, since you’re really positive and motivating!

  36. Carina says:

    Ive been following blogilates for a couple of years now (on youtube and later the blog and instagram) mostly becausw its what originally got me into pilates when I was too nervous for a class because I felt like I wasnt the typical pilates person. Right now I’m mostly following this blog for the updates with your 90 day challenge (now being more into weight lifting tbh 😅) because I find it so refreshing to have someone going through this journey and being really honest about it, and of course your positivity is absolutely infectious!

  37. LoreGE says:

    I follow blogilates for the fun (and free ;)) workouts and to learn more about fitness and health.

  38. Robin Li says:

    I follow blogilates because I can really relate to your experiences!! I also get a lot of inspiration from your stories. I love how candid you are because it helps me be able to relate to and learn from you

  39. Laura Ellen Ford says:

    I follow for the workouts and the realness

  40. Lindsay says:

    I follow because of your honesty! You are so down to earth and inspiring. I have my own workout plan these days but you got me started years ago and I still love to see what you have to say.

  41. jojo24 says:

    I follow blogilates for the free daily dose of positivity, inspiration and endorphins ^_^

  42. Gianna says:

    I started following blogilates waaay back in 2011, when I first started trying to lose weight, because you had great workouts, great personality and you motivated me a LOT. Blogilates was actually the first ever fitness channel I discovered on yt, before it I didn’t even know those egsisted (I was 11 at the time). Since then I’ve been on and off with following it and after some time I unfortunately developed a very unhealthy attitude towards food and weightloss and overall my body, so here I am, many years later, following you again because reading your blog gives me motivation to try to lose weight in a healthier way and motivates me to overall live healthier. I love your positivity and it gives me at least a bit of motivation for everyday struggle, which is very important to me as someone with an ED and other mental struggles. I’m not writing this just to win a fitness journal (allthough it would be nice to have it), but I’m writing this bc I never truly thanked you after all theese years. So, thank you Cassey, I really hope you’ll achieve what you aspire in this 90 days journey and I wish you all the best.

  43. Rebekah Madgwick says:

    I may never have posted on your blogs before, but I’ve been here for a while – and thoroughly enjoying reading through you 90 day journey. I heard something on the radio yesterday that made me think of you. The lady said, that if people are shooting you down for doing what makes you feel good, it could be because they are in need of help of how to start their own path to inner wellbeing.

    I first stumbled upon your site because I was looking for water infusion recipes, and I’ve been here ever since. Your site is a fountain of knowledge.

  44. Chii Ann says:

    I follow blogilates for the free workouts, tbh. Everything else is just bonus 🙂

  45. Aj says:

    I enjoy your workouts and your thoughts. Keep ’em coming and remember that while there will always be haters, even if you’re an inspiration to just one other person, it’s worth it. Keep it up!!

  46. Taylor Elzinga says:

    I follow Blogilates because of YOU 😀 You ooze positivity and even when you’re killing me in a workout I still love you regardless haha I’ve been following you for probably 8-9 years now!

  47. I’ve been following you for years now ❤️ I love how you have evolved from youtube to a community empire leader. You’re an inspiration to all ages and shapes. Always stay on the bright side of positivity and keep up your amazing attitude its contagious!

  48. Jade D says:

    You have such amazing videos and content! I started following you a few years ago for your workout routines, tried out PIIT 28, and now am hooked on all things Blogilates! I love your recipes and lifestyle blogs/vlogs. You are such a positive and inspirational person + truly make me want to reach my fullest potential.

  49. Joy says:

    You are so inspirational and bubbly. Have started to follow you because you are so down-to-earth and have the same frustrations that all of us go through. Finally a fitness instructor who is real!

  50. olivia P says:

    I always thought I was more of a Jillian Michaels workout kind of women, and then I stumbled upon your work out videos a few years back and man you kicked my butt and made me smile while working out. You changed how I looked and felt about getting into shape. Keep doing you, and you will continue to inspire.

  51. Alexandra says:

    OMG Cassey, congrats on your progress! Honestly to see your numbers and how you are accomplishing it all is super duper inspiring. I love the structure and all the bells and whistles of the planner – thats exactly what I need and I feel like the fall season is so perfect to really dive inside and pull out the strength to ride the journey through the 90 days. I am rooting for you and cheering you on and looking forward to starting my own 90 day challenge soon too!

  52. Carla says:

    Hi Cassey,
    You’re my inspiration for working out. When I started with you, I had a pretty nasty back injury. I decided to do what I could & forget the rest until I became stronger. Your videos brightened my day & gave me hope because I could do some of the exercises. I’m better now & even though you never knew it; you helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life.
    Thank you for being you. *hugs*

  53. killmotion says:

    I love sparkling waters and bubbly kombucha. I’ve learned I just like carbonation, I don’t need sugar from actual soda. I am so so so lucky I don’t have intense periods. I don’t even get cramps and my flow is light. I just get fatigued and um let’s just say snippy at times. It could be much worse!

  54. Moya Laboy says:

    You’re an inspiration to me as a teen you make me wanna tru to be healthier rather than eat sweets all the time 😂❤️

  55. hannahnichole8 says:

    I started following you because you seemed so approachable and kind about fitness, health, and self love. I have struggled with my weight/mental health my entire life, so to find someone who seemed to genuinely care about helping others feel good about themselves was a huge boost in my drive to be a healthier/happier person. I’m sure I speak on behalf of lots of people when I say thank you for all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your program. You are a blessing! 💗

  56. Elly says:

    I have been following you for a couple years. I love your positivity! You keep me motivated. You are real, which is HUGE! It’s wonderful to see someone like you going through struggles we all go through.

  57. amoeba97 says:

    Such an inspiration

  58. Gelai Iyke says:

    OK the reason I follow you is…
    1) I Love your cheerfulness and positivity..its contagious❤❤
    2) Your workouts are so intense, unique and active…and you make workouts so fun😂😂..I wish you were my mentor😭😭
    3) You are so creative and passionate about what you do…And I Love it❤❤

  59. v. m says:

    After leaving school I did not play sports anymore and soon gained some weight. In shock about the reality of transitioning from school to university and the weight gain that comes with it, I decided I need to find something physical to do. Your YouTube videos/calendars were perfect as they were challenging, free and quick. I really enjoyed them and I have been around ever since!

    P.s you’re amazing and so real.

  60. Bhavi says:

    2 weeks down! That’s amazing! I love keeping up with your journey because everything is so real. It’s just your normal life doing normal things to be healthy. That’s why I always come back to Blogilates when I need a boost. You make it so easy and therefore I have no excuse. So, thank you 😀 xoxo

  61. Anh Nguyen says:

    You’re honestly so inspirational and I follow you to follow workouts weekly! 🙂

  62. arianaannunziato says:

    YES QUEEN! Watching your journey is so inspiring. You’re my fav💕. I follow Blogilates because your workouts and positive energy make me happy even on my worst days. I’ve struggled with body image my whole life and you inspire me to work toward loving myself and my body. So happy I stumbled upon your YouTube videos in high school back in 2010. Love you so much!

  63. Dana says:

    One of the reason I started following blogilates was because Cassey is such a great role model💕. I admire how determined she is to get something done. I am so proud of Cassey for embarking on this weight loss journey and not once breaking. It gives me hope that I am capable of doing the same. Not only in fitness but in all of life. I am now able to go to school feeling confident that I can get the work done. Thank you Cassey! You are absolutely incredible!❤

  64. Sparrow says:

    I love Blogilates because you make excercise/ working out about feeling good! You are so positive and uplifting in your videos that I can go into a workout feeling terrible and out completely refreshed and excited! You are a realistic role model for teenagers like me because you prioritise loving your body and taking care of it! Thanks, x

  65. Ashleigh Crofton says:

    I follow Blogilates so I can be more healthy and productive person than I already am!

  66. Cynthia Gonzales says:

    I follow Blogilates for Cassey. Honestly, I have tried the monthly workouts and they are just not for me I prefer other kinds of exercise. But I just can’t quit you, Cassey!! I love your positive attitude so much and enjoy reading your blog posts! So this 90 days journey is really enjoyable for me to read all your posts and it is encouraging me in my journey as well.

  67. Tepolak Seth says:

    Thanks for teaching me to love myself and take care of my body! You’ve made an incredible impact on my life and I’m forever grateful. I’m so happy you’re embarking on this journey to become a better YOU! I’m mostly very happy you’re doing something for yourself and taking care of all aspects of health! Best of luck and I can’t wait to see your results. Much love, Tep!

  68. Liz says:

    Hey Cassey!! Hope you start to feel better soon and your period is as smooth as can be! I’ve actually been following blogilates for 7 years. I started when I was 15 and a sophomore in highschool. I broke my foot almost a year prior to and I just couldn’t get my tanking confidence to get to a better level . The same thing was going on with my weight. I had gained over 20 pounds due to the forced inactivity of the fracture. I tried P90X and tone it up and bodyrocktv and nothing seemed to help and I couldn’t ever stick to a program. Thankfully, all that changed when I found you!!! I suddenly had this drive and excitement to get up for school and to do my workouts at night. I wanted to be able to accomplish a whole video of yours without stopping, and eventually, I got there!! Besides the changes in physical strength and the weight loss, I think the biggest change that I’m still the most grateful for today is my attitude. I’m actually getting teary-eyed writing this because I was in such a “stuck” spot and not only did you pull me out, but you taught me how to avoid staying there for future hurdles. So many fitness instructors and people in the community talk about positivity, but I haven’t seen many who can really help to rewire and help people as you have. It’s one thing to talk about it, and it’s another to actually help to change the way others think for the better. I always had a love of fitness and health, but I can say that it really grew because of your help and you sharing your knowledge with others. I can say with certainty my life wouldn’t be as great as it is now without your help. I too have been in a period of struggling trying not to be “stuck” again, and seeing you make your commitment to your body and your mind is really pushing me to get myself unstuck. So that’s the short version as to why I followed you and why I’ve stayed with you and the team Cassey!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do and thank you for being real with everyone about where you’re taking yourself during these 90 days. You are so precious and valuable to complete strangers and that’s incredible!! Sending love and light your way ❤️

  69. Sukriti says:

    I actually started following you properly after I read about the 90 day journey. I’m trying to do something similar and it feels like there is a partner doing it with me. Irrespective of the give away. Thanks 🙏

  70. Kristina says:

    I follow this page because it helps inspire me on my fitness journey

  71. Rachel Lim says:

    i follow you because i love your daily posting, systematic approach to hitting your goals. love the honesty and all the stats you provide. feeling inspired to go on my own journey for 30 days and the fit journal would really help!! have always been a huge fan and love stationary!!

  72. Sarah says:

    I follow Blogilates because I’ve always really liked how down to earth you are. And for the past weeks, I’ve FALLEN IN LOVE with your blog. Honestly, I visit it every single day to read your posts because I’m rooting so much for you to get to your goals! And you have also inspired me to go on my own journey and finally get to where I’ve always wanted to be with my body and my health. I realized how similar I am to you, in that having numbers and seeing progress really works for me. I think I’m out to buy a new scale today!

  73. Anna says:

    I started working out in order to define my identity. Looking slimmer was never my goal, from the very beginning. My goal was to find a shelter, that I found thanks to you: a “this is who I am” rather than “this is what I want to look like”.
    Long story short, I, a Young woman, worker and student, moved to Another country in 2016 to have better chances to have a job and a future. But I didn’t consider a lot of things: the language barrier and the distance from my loved ones, for instance. But the hardest blow was moving to a shared apartment with a girl who didn’t have anything in common with me and, futhermore and even worse, didn’t take my needs into consideration. She invited nasty strangers to our Place and I was forced to Cook my meals sitting on the floor because of lack of space. She would blast metal in the middle of the night, and she would leave Everything Dirty, forcing me to Clean after her. She would get drunk almost every wednesday and friday night, and slam the door at two a.m. And she would refuse to talk to me, because I was different. I was scared to go home, I was terrified by taking the bus to my nice, cozy but nevertheless half-destroyed apartment, and by the simple idea of sharing even one minute of my life with my housemate. I literally spent 16 hours a day wandering in parks and public libraries. Once I got harrassed in the library and, when I came home, I cried and actually wanted to simply disappear. My parents were sad and eventually saw no point in trying to stay there, they offered me a flight ticket back home.
    Nevertheless, I chose not to give up. When my housemate got into our shared apartment for the first time, dear Cassey, I had the honour to meet THE person who I don’t want to look like: a bully. If you want to win your battle against bullies and abusers, you have to do your best in order not to resemble them. You can’t win against them using their own weapons. And you have to define yourself and choose your values carefully. Otherwise they have already won. I started asking myself what to do in order to be the best version of myself, my best friend who would Always support me in such hard moments. I was already very passionate about my studies, this time I also started considering my body and its infinite possibilities, the possibilities that I had neglected during 13 years of mandatory, poorly thaught physical education at school and that my housemate had never took into consideration, since everybody knows what high consumption of alcohol means. I didn’t want to look beautiful, I wanted to BE (and not look) strong. You were the hand that picked me up from my Dirty floor. During the first two weeks of training, I remembered my muscles almost exploding of joy, I remember pride, sweat and feeling I was not alone. When she was blasting metal, I held my plank longer, when she was talking of her “antisocial housemate” behind my wall (as if I didn’t hear her…), one more rep was Everything it took to fight sadness. And you know what? I made it. I moved after more than six months of forced cohabitation, and on that day I promised to myself to never treat my body as a mere container and to see it as an inseparable part of myself. I’m still nerdy, I still get lost in books and new discoveries. But my body is where I start from. Every. Time.

  74. Ania says:

    Why I follow Blogilates? The answer is simple. Because I really like you 😊

  75. Chloe Seymour says:

    I’ve been following blogilates on and off for around 5 years now. I really enjoy doing the videos and I feel so good after getting through a tough session. I stop every now and again due to commitments and timing, but when I come back I stick to the workout routine for a good few months. I love the structure of it, the fact that since the start you would create a calendar of videos for us to watch in sequence each day. I used to print the calendars and stick them on my wall! The first thing I bought from your online store was the 2015 fit planner, I was so excited running up to it’s release, I still do the ‘fun indoor cardio workout’ every other day, because it’s my favorite, and it reminds me. You have changed the way I feel about working out since I started watching your videos, I never thought it could be as fun or as challenging as you make it to be. 🙂

  76. Louise says:

    I follow blogilates because even though I do swimming for 2 hours, its only once a day. So I decided to do that workouts. AND LET ME TELL YOU IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST CHOICES I EVER MADE. My friend’s moms on my swimming team commented to my mom how much muscle I have on my legs and how much I toned down. This was when I was almost down with the Summer Sculpt challenge! So that’s why I follow blogilates.

  77. Stephanie says:

    I follow Blogilates because you keep things real and have an extremely motivating personality

  78. Hollie says:

    I started following you years and years ago on YouTube because I had stopped doing gymnastics and found your Pilates videos! Since then I’ve followed you so much that I became a pop pilates instructor. Like, I can’t get away from you and I love it ❤️ Thanks for being so genuine and inspiring. I love your message and I want to start a YouTube and website that provides as much value as yours because it’s SO beneficial and free!!! You’ve changed so many peoples lives. It is inspiring.

  79. Valerie Hemphill says:

    I follow blogilates so I always have a workout to do when I don’t feel like working out. They’re a nice change of pace.

  80. Frangelica O says:

    I follow Blogilates because you help me live my best life! Blogilates is not just about fitness it is about wellness and lifestyle changes that make live my healthiest version of me!

  81. I first stumbled on blogilates when I was looking for exercises to better my mood and I’ve been a fan ever since, I would really love to win because after all the surgeries that I’ve had I really need to get back in shape

  82. Ula says:

    I started following 4 years ago by accident I can say, I was looking some workout videos on yt and yours was one of the first that showed up. But now fitness is my lifestyle all because of you, your energy and fun workouts. So I treat you as my mentor, favourite fitness instructor and a friend who has my back but doesn’t even know me.

  83. Angie says:

    I follow you because I love your positive happy spirit. I also love your PIIT28 program! I’m a fan! And I’m also enjoying following this 90 day journey! You’re doing fabulous!💓🙌🏼

  84. Dream says:

    I actually have been using your YouTube videos for the past 3 months a so part of my weight loss journey. You’re very helpful & I love your video so.

  85. beignet says:

    I decided I want to exercise more regularly and decided, hey, for a start, let’s find a 28 day programme and that was just before the 28 day summer sculpt, which felt like it was meant to be! So I stuck to it and I immediately adopted it as my own – you’re so motivational and even when exercises were hard and I was grumbling and yelling at the screen, you just made it seem like I can get through it. And I did! I love that exercises are something I can do at home, whenever and I can take as much or as little time as I want. And I love that they target all different groups and I love that little by little, I see results. My back hurts less, I’m more flexible, I have a tighter shape… And I don’t hate it or am bored by it.
    I also really enjoy that you’re so real and honest about everything and that your 90 day story isn’t curated to look like something glamorous, but it looks like a real person is actually doing this.

  86. Julie P says:

    I follow you because you are someone I look up to because I I see myself in you. I feel like I can really relate to you in my experiences mentally physically and culturally. The fact that you are so genuine and kind and so willing to share your thoughts both in the roughest times and the best is very admirable. I especially can relate to when you try your hardest to do what’s best for yourself and for others and that sometimes it’s really difficult to stand up for yourself when all you want to do is make people happy. I think that’s it’s really inspiring to see you finally stand up for what you think is right for yourself despite the lack of support from others because that shows true courage and strength. I struggle so much with this, but seeing you do this in front of millions inspires me to take on my own challenges mentally and physically for myself. I also want to start my own journey of finally giving myself the chance to prove my worth, my strength and some self respect and love even if I don’t get that support from other people. I’ll always know who to look up to because your act of kindness to yourself and to us is such strong motivation and support. Thank you for everything that you do!

  87. Tiffany says:

    I follow you because you are happy and positive and we need more of that in this world! 🙂 I also enjoy your workouts.

  88. Amber Cannon says:

    I follow your blog and youtube, because you are down-to-earth and a total inspiration. I love your workouts (they are so creative and fun, and a great workout of course!) I like that on every platform you are you. You are authentic. I adore your challenges too. They are a great way to not only feel like you are in a community setting but they also help to keep me on track, when I’m feeling less motivated. Keep up the great work!

  89. Michelle Scott says:

    I follow blogilates because I loved the workouts back when I was in high school, and it has been an amazing journey to see this community and Cassey grow. I love the positivity and good vibes, and its very refreshing, especially with this 90 day challenge, to read something that is so genuine. It’s hard to find a blog that is honest and open and not just trying to push some sort of product. I love it.

  90. Meg says:

    I’ve been following your blog for years… maybe since 2013? I don’t have Instagram so this is the only way I follow you (plus your videos of course :)) I found Blogilates at a time in my life when I didn’t really understand how to treat my body right. I’d found lots of fitness/health guru types who loved saying things like “just don’t eat this!” Or “if you would only do this many reps then all your problems will be gone!” After all that, you and popilates was like a breath of fresh air. You genuinely care about helping us feel our BEST not look a certain way. So, thank you for always being here and keep on being you!

  91. Anastasia M. says:

    You make exercising looking like fun, that’s why! and you talk and smile no matter how crazy your workouts are.

  92. Ericka says:

    I follow you and your blog because it is so relatable and real. I love your content, your attitude, and the way I feel afterwards. It’s positive, but in an honest way. I always follow your challenges, and every day while I am making my lunch (this last week of summer before I start work next week – teacher) I read your blog and get inspiration. Once work starts I’m going to have to wait for my lunch break or after school to read :(. I’m loving the 90 day blog, it gives me a daily routine and something to look forward to. I always love getting food ideas from you and I LOVE that you are being healthy without being restrictive, in the sense that you allow yourself to go out, to eat with friends, try new food. It’s not “egg whites, chicken breast, lettuce, broccoli” every day!

  93. Stephanie says:

    I love your workouts as they’re fun and can be done anywhere 🙂

  94. Leah Alexis says:

    I love working out because its the only time i get to do something for myself. And doing it with you always makes it so worth it! Watching you smile and talk while you slowly kill us all keeps me coming back day after day 😂😍😍

  95. Leah Alexis says:

    I follow you because you have me waiting to get back from school just so that i can freshen up and follow along to your workouts. To be honest, i was never really a morning person.. But ever since I decided to stretch with you and Jackelyn, my day is so much better. I keep coming back for more! ❤❤

  96. Leah Alexis says:

    Maybe I can start with the fact that im always looking forward to getting back from school so that i can workout with you! I was not a morning person, but I feel like I’m slowly transforming into one.. And the only reason why i wake up is to stretch with you and Jackelyn 😍 Its the best start to my dayyy

  97. Jayna says:

    I follow you because you showed that fitness can be fun and colorful! Your positive energy and drive is extremely inspiring.

  98. Vanessa Huthail says:

    I am having a hard time oh my goodness. I am 3 months postpartum. I had twin boys! They are amazing and I’m so in love with them. But, my body is not amazing. I have a mommy pooch. I have extra stretched out flabby skin on my belly. I have stretch marks across my whole abdomen. I am so hungry from breastfeeding. My weight is not moving and if it does, it goes up! I have about 11 more pounds to lose just to be pre-pregnancy weight. And on top of that I have 30 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight. I am feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and my confidence is taking a blow to say the least. Seeing the foods you’re eating has been helping me. You’re giving me foods I never would’ve thought to eat/make and am adding it to my grocery list. I have been following blogilates for the past year and a half- you made me fall in love with Pilates! But I just started reading your blog when you started this 90 day challenge. I am now going to reset my emotions and motivation. I know I can do this. Ugh, sorry for the rant I just needed to get my feelings and failures off my chest. Thank you!

  99. Karen says:

    I started following you in 2014 to keep me motivated when my husband was deployed. Started following your workouts then and haven’t looked back!

  100. Elena10 says:

    I started following Blogilates 4 years ago when I was looking for a healthy cookies recipe. This is how I found cheap clean eats and then Blogilates. Doing pop pilates and piit28 I started feeling good in my skin and your posts helped me accept me for who I am. Also, I started my own journey and I wanted to thank you for inspiring me.😁😁😘

  101. Raf says:

    I follow you because you were the first fitness channel I followed on Youtube and I fell in love so much because you still are the kindest and most genuine person! And it all the content you produce inspires me so much and I can’t get motivetion from anywhere else!

  102. Julie says:

    I feel like I’m having one of those ravenous times right now! Luckily, I’m better able to control myself these days, maybe because I don’t have a lot of time to snack anymore…

    I’d love to win one of your journals! Although I tend to track things on my phone, I admit I haven’t been on top of it because there’s pretty much no reception at work where I spend a lot of the day…

  103. Alexis says:

    I started following Blogilates when I was in high school. I was down on myself and I didn’t know how to exercise. I had always been an athlete and when I suffered a terrible injury from volleyball, I couldn’t exercise for 8 MONTHS..BUT I was still eating like an athlete and gained so much weight. I was disappointed in myself and knew something had to change. I still follow you today because your workouts are fun, exciting, and always something different! Most importantly, they’re CHALLENGING! I am a huge fan of Blogilates! I am also going through a period of my life right now that I am just not happy with where my body is. Having the Fit Journal would be so helpful because I am a goal-oriented person and I love being able to track things by physically writing them down!

  104. Lbthomas says:

    I love how fun and creative your workouts are! Plus you are fun to work out with and the workouts are challenging! You keep me motivated and accountable. I’m a mom of a toddler so I have little time, but your workout calendar and youtube playlists make working out possible!

  105. Amanda Rodriguez says:

    I started following after reading the Buzzfeed controversy post! After reading your first blog I felt connected to the pody-positivity conversation and the sometimes shaming it can get when you don’t do it like people want! I love that you are breaking the chains and doing what feels good for you, your goals and your mind! You inspire me as I am starting to walk my own journey to my healthiest self after a first part of the year not-so-healthy!!!

    1. Panagiota says:

      Hello there!! I started following you 2 years ago and i have to say that you really helped me improve my physique and my overall health at a very difficult time in my life!!! I hope you continue your journey and your great work and inspire even more people each day!!!

  106. EsmeLee says:

    I follow blogilates because you are my personal trainer!!:) I like to exercise alone and I like to be able to do it without worrying about paying for gym memberships or lugging around heavy equipment. You’ve definitely changed my life Cassey!<3

  107. Meghan says:

    I have been following blogilates on YouTube for almost two months now. There isn’t a gym where I live and I couldn’t find a work out that I loved. I tried running for years and years, but I always dreaded it. Then I tried calorie counting and lost a lot of weight but gained it all back and more. Once I moved with my husband it took me 4 months to find a job which caused be to be less active and extremely discouraged. Then came blogilates! This is the first workout I have EVER looked forward to. I love it! Right now I am doing it tree times a week and I am sore and loving it! I feel stronger and more active then Ever. My body is thanking me daily! Thank you so much for this!

  108. Lizz says:

    I started following you two years ago and haven’t been disappointed sense! This new journey is so inspiring to me and i’m Excited to see how it all plays out! Keep it up girlfriend!

  109. Kristina M says:

    I originally started following Blogilates a few years back when I started graduate school. I had a difficult time sticking to workouts and wanted to start doing workouts in my apartment. I found the apartment friendly workouts on Blogilates and instantly loved it. I’ve also had a love/hate relationship with working out because it can easily feel like another chore or something to check off my list instead of something that I can enjoy. I love that there are a variety of videos and challenges that can mix up what I do each day. The monthly calendars make it easy to exercise without too much planning ahead on my part. I then decided to try out the PITT 28 with the 28 day reset. Unfortunately, I didn’t complete it when I bought it. However, I plan on trying it out now that I have more time. Overall, I’ve found your videos and blog posts to be very uplifting and look forward to continuing this journey.

  110. Ashleigh Westphal says:

    I follow because I find you inspirational! I also appreciate that you tap into so many aspects of wellness, not just nutrition and exercise but also positivity, self-care, and being kind to yourself ☺️

  111. Sibra says:

    Hi Cassey! I’ve discovered you on youtube a few years ago and loved your workouts from second 1. I love the way you teach the movements and engage me to keep going. I’ve been doing them now and there, but not very consistently, until last June I followed your 28 days transformation challenge, and OMG, what a transformation, not only physically, but also mentally. You really motivate me to be a better version of myself, that’s why I started following you and why I will continue doing so 😀 Thank you!

  112. Julie says:

    I’ve always admired your positivity but the transparency lately is so refreshing! You should never need to apologize for trying to reach your potential. Keep killin it, girl!!!

  113. Tan Suet Ting says:

    Well,i found blogilates by luck..i was searching on google about the most influenced fitness youtuber and blogilates was one of them. Clicked on one of the video and felt the videos are quite EASY to do…and i so subscribed and tried one of them. OMG it looks easy but IT IS NOT!!! But it was so satifying! After that i downloaded every single videos and saved it in my laptop. But my fav is still the bridal series🤭

  114. Maria Vera says:

    I am starting a big change in my fitness life. Your videos have helped start with a workout I can do and work my way back to a better fitness level. I am 100 pounds over weight. Can’t believe it. It’s hard and I need all the inspiration I can get to stay on track and meet my goals. Being able to find videos I can actually do has been terrific and inspires me to keep coming back!

  115. Kaitlyn says:

    My sister-in-law recommended Blogilates to me years ago, and I now I can’t get enough of Cassey’s positive attitue, the challenges, and workouts. PIIT program is fun too!

  116. Raven says:

    I follow Blogilates because it’s interesting to see what you’re going to do. I like that you are real with us and it’s inspiring to help get me going. Originally, I found you one youtube searching for a stretch video and I loved your energy. Then I discovered the blog and at the time I had needed a change from just running on the treadmill in my house. I stayed on because your positivity (why does this look like it’s spelled incorrectly and why is the red squiggle under it?) is infectious and helpful as I help myself feel physically better and break down my own pessimistic lifestyle.

  117. Julia says:

    So many things have changed in my life since I started following Blogilates. At the beginning, I didn’t have any idea about working out. I did planks, squats and crunches wrong and, most importantly, I hated exercising. One day, a friend of mine told me that her legs have toned up like crazy from doing a workout video everyday. That video was “Call me maybe squat challenge”. At 14 years old and living a nightmare at school everyday, I couldn’t have imagined how much that video would change my life.
    This is a 3 part comment, if you want to see the second part, go to Cassey’s Instagram post. My user is @spanish_popster.
    Thank you so much for reading!



  118. Pf says:

    I don’t do social media and I don’t usually comment on things but I truly feel like I am writing this to you as a friend. I am so happy to see my old friend again! You are the kind of friend that blurts out funny things while trying to hold an earthquake. You make the torture go by so fast. I am so glad you have found your voice again!

    Now back to the beginning. After the birth of my second baby, seven years ago, I had a lot of ab separation and I really wanted to get back into shape. After trying different videos for a couple years I finally found you! You changed everything for me. I never used to like working out but you brought me so much joy and happiness though your videos. I became the healthiest and happiest version of myself. Over the years I definitely noticed a change in your content and I was changing too. Your video’s made me love exercise and I was branching out to try weight lifting and hiit style workouts. But I would always come and check back in like a good friend because blogilates is always a fantastic workout!

    So just over two weeks ago, I wanted to do a big change with my husband. I am nine months post partum with our third and I really needed to kick my carb dependence. We started a AIP diet for a thirty day detox and I was feeling really inspired. I happened to check in with your blog the day you started your 90 day challenge and I was so happy! Right away I showed my husband and told him you were back! I have been reading your blog everyday and I can tell how true to yourself you are being!

    I am a couple years younger than you and feel like I have watched you go though so much over the years. Through that time you became a internet sensation, started popflex, got the cutest puppy, got married, moved to your dream house. I love how ambitious you are and I love how successful you have been but I love your real personality most of all. I love reading your blog when you are honest and I will always come back to check up!

    Ps. Popflex is fantastic and I love all my cloths!

  119. Thea Purdue says:

    I just started following you literally 4 days ago but I am already hooked. My friend Erika has been doing your videos all summer and she looks incredible and I wanted to see some results like that because I am a little heavier set. My and still hurt but it feels good. You said in one of your videos “Happy pain” and that is the most accurate description of it lol

  120. Paola Rojas says:

    Hi Cassey! I started following Blogilates about 8 years ago. I was looking for a good low abs workout and ended up on your YouTube. I loved it inmediately! I’m also loving your daily posts =) I was missing reading the blog ! Thanks for inspiring me! I really feel you as a friend.<3

  121. jana.k says:

    I found blogilates 6 years ago on YouTube and i imediately loved you you are My biggest inspiration and youre so positive i just love working out with you you make My day everyday! I have to thank you i lost a lot of weight with your programs and i became a better person i learned a lot through your videos …now im kinda on the same page trying lose some extra weight and im trying keto im trying here and i cant believe you do Keto too!!! I have even bigger motivacion now ..anyway cassey thank you for your existing and thank you for doing this i just love you!!! 💖💖

  122. Lyndzi says:

    I follow Blogilates bc unlike a lot of health and fitness blogs/ channels, you seem really real and down to earth. You add humor to health and that’s rare. I like being able to laugh while I work out.

  123. Victoria Thomas says:

    I have crushed my goals with blogilates, and have been able to continue to set more. When I fell of the wagon, I never felt shitty for taking a break when I started working out again. The workouts are effective, I have seen the results, personally and publicly on IG since I was a teen. Even when I dislocated my knee, (3 different times), I was still able to do workouts for my arms/back and core; your modifications helped enormously, not just for me but for people everywhere. You’ve never once been negative about size or shape and that’s one of the biggest reason Blogilates has stayed in my life, I have never felt like an outsider in this community as I have in many others. Your positivity and decency shine through in every way possible, and I can’t thank you enough for the impact you’ve created in my life.

  124. Katie says:

    I follow Blogilates because damn do your cardio workouts get me sweating haha! I’ve been following since 2012/2013 when I first got married. I have your book and love the easy recipes in it! You’ve always seemed to relatable back in the day, got really formal these past few (which always happens when YouTubers get bigger it seems), and are now back to your roots being unapologetically you! And I’m here for it!

  125. Annie says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I found blogilates by accident on YouTube and I’m so glad I did! You have a positive and encouraging attitude that makes it so fun to workout with you! The way your stretch in your videos had helped me so much! I used to overstretch all the time which was painful and didn’t help with flexibility at all. However, after finding your summer sculpt challenge, I found that the way you stretch works so well for my body. I’ve seen huge improvements in my flexibility and haven’t overstretched! Keep up the great work! You’re doing wonderful things!

  126. Hannah says:

    Hi Cassey, I started following blogilates when I was at school – we were trying out new exercise types in PE class and I chose pilates, as I didn’t really know what it was and thought I would try it out! I found your Pilates for Beginners: Total Body Workout video and practised all the moves every day for 2 weeks til I had them memorised to lead the PE class! The class was so much fun and the teacher was really impressed that I could do all the moves! I’ve kept following your videos because you make exercise so much fun and are such a joy to work out with! I never used to enjoy exercise but now I love it thanks to you!

  127. Preethi Bhaskar says:

    I followed blogilates when i started taking fitness seriously . i love pilates and PIIT28 . I always come here for some inspiration for recipes or to see if popflex is launching a new line .

  128. Natasha says:

    I follow Blogilates because the workouts are FUN and I can get it done from my home! Cassey is so nice and positive, and that’s the kind of energy I want in my journey and life <3

  129. skline3386 says:

    I follow Blogilates because I love how I feel after each workout.

  130. SannaEngel says:

    Hi Cassey! It was by a happy acident that i found Blogilates while looking around on youtube for streching videos about a year ago. I instantly fell inlove with your inspirational workouts and than i was hooked and i looked forward to doing them every day. They helped me feel better about not only my health but myself as well. I became more confident, energetci and happy my family told me. It helped me loose weight and eat healthier and i felt a lot better the days i had anxiety and forced myself to do some pilates. Anxiety is something i have benn struggling with since i was 8 years and working out really helps me feel a lot better and to stop eating whenever i f´was feeling an attack coming. But now i have had a hard time sticking to eating healthy and exercising since my granny passed away and ive started a new job which made me have more anxiety attackes at work. So now i have decided i want to feel better again and start my own journey and your 12-week fit journal would really help me keep going and inspier me to see it through. Thank you for being the positive, encurraging and amazing person you are, because what you do makes a big difference in peoples lives! Love you and what you do. All the best, Sanna

  131. Katarina Bajc says:

    I’ve been following Blogilates since 2011 or so and I love it, because it motivates me and the whole community of people supporting each other is really inspiring. I love Cassey and her positivity, she always makes my day. Keep up the good work and good luck with the 90 day challenge, you can do it, we are all here to support you 🙂 Lots of love from Slovenia <3

  132. The reasons I follow you? Oh my word, is there enough space to write in this comment section?! I discovered you on YouTube. You are the most down-to-earth fitness instructor. Not only that, but you speak your truth. You’ve created several streams of income and you are a role model for young women. I’m not that young anymore (44, but we are going to stay 28 forever!), but I find you to be a true inspiration. And this is why I’ve chosen to follow your health journey and watch you grow your businesses! Keep going and ignore the naysayers!

  133. Chantal says:

    Hi! I love how a lot of us are saying the same thing: that we were looking for pilates workouts but stayed because you’re awesome and you are so positive and real. This 90 day journey has been especially inspiring to me because your reason behind it is exactly what I’m going through right now 🙂

  134. Carlee says:

    I’ve been following you for a few years now. I started following because my work place associate (Parks and Rec joke… my best work friend) was doing your videos in her classroom after school and I joined in. I was like… this is HARD and I don’t even have weights! But you were so encouraging and funny. Even when my friend moved to another school (cue sobs), I kept up with challenges. My favorite is still the beginner’s calendar – I love how it adjusts my form! You set positive goals and always make me smile during a workout. Thanks for helping me not feel so scared of working out!

  135. solida chey says:

    I came back to work three months after gave birth. My co-worker recommended your workout video on you tube. That was the nicest thing ever for my co-worker, I thought after I checked it out your video. Ever since that, I started to have a daily workout routine whenever I found time for myself. Taking care two children, taking care the house, and working full time are a lot. However, I have you all along to keep me motivated. Thank you for your existed!

  136. Diana Roz says:

    Cassy, you are a great inspiration, I will use the journal to be more healthy and fitness every day and I think it would be valuable to be in peace with myself, with more positive energy and vibes to life.

  137. Idaho says:

    Oh, God! Haven’t been entering a give away since like forever, but for you Cassie, I will. I have been following you since 2014. I can’t do the workouts because I have some health issues and I can’t raise my intraocular blood pressure, and your workouts do that. But even though I can’t do your workouts I do follow you. And in the past two weeks I have been reading your blog daily. I already follow your yt, twitter and insta accounts so I will just have to follow the pop flex one.

    I really hope I will be winning this one since I am on my own journey for a little more than you. Just 4 days in advance.

  138. Sewzy says:

    You have been by huge inspiration and you were the first one to actually make working out fun for me and therefore sustainable.
    I love your positive energy, bright personality and how you talk in your videos :3 and the messages you’re sharing through your blog and Instagram.
    The last two months I’ve been so busy, I travelled a lot so I didn’t have so much time to work out and eat well (also I feel not so good right now as a result but I made so many wonderful memories so it was worth it!) and you inspired me with your journey to try my own journey maybe not necessarily for 90 days, need to think that through a bit more but I’d love to get back on track and it’s so motivating seeing you progress through your journey ^^

  139. Hosanna says:

    I’ve been following you since you only had 5 videos out! You really inspired me to get into shape. I love reading your stories and learning more about fitness! 🙂

  140. Nancy Norris says:

    I have followed Blogilates for 9 years now! I found a booty workout on Pinterest and have been hooked ever since! Your positive attitude and peppy spirit has helped motivate me and helped me to work off baby weight after my first son. I always love doing your videos because you push me to keep going.

  141. Anthea says:

    You are an inspiration and positive person!

  142. tofusaur says:

    Cassey!!! I’ve been doing pilates for around 2.5-3 years now (started in 2016) and there isn’t a day when I work out that I don’t feel good. Starting from a place of being self conscious and having low self confidence, you helped me find a way to love myself and my body for what it is. You made me feel motivated to become stronger. All your words have such real genuine feelings behind them and that’s why I support you on your 90 day challenge! I admire your strong personality — you’ve achieved things that I want to do including designing a brand! I just want to thank you for being a huge positive impact in my life ❤️✨

  143. Anna says:

    It is really motivating to read your blog and I have enjoyed your workouts for years now. Thank you for being real, honest and down to earth about all things healthy!

  144. Trisha says:

    I’m honestly just inspired by you as a person and what you stand for! I love you Casey ❤️

  145. Tami says:

    I found you on YouTube one afternoon while looking for stress relief stretching videos. I struggle with anxiety and I noticed that when I take the time to do one of your videos in the morning or at night before bed, I feel so much better! I love your videos so much that for the first time ever, I bought something off a website that wasn’t Amazon! I’m super frugal but the purchase was worth it! I bought a fit journal to help me track my food since I also struggle with an unknown food sensitivity. It’s been a stressful few years working with doctors to try and find out why I’m chronically sick and the process is much easier when tracking with your journal. I recently purchased a cozy hoodie from you and omigosh it is amazing! You are gradually making my life more comfortable with every post and product! I love you! 🙂

  146. Karaleas says:

    Hi Cassey! I found Blogilates when I was randomly searching for Pilates workouts on You Tube (I have chronic inflammation in my shoulder and costochondritis flare ups, so lifting doesn’t work for me anymore). I came back because the workouts were fun and challenging. I stayed because of your authenticity and positive aura! I love that even if I’ve had a rough day, I get my Pop Pilates time in the evening to de-stress and get a dose of good vibes to reset me for the next day. Thanks for being you <3

  147. Sasa says:

    Hi Casey! I’ve always been a little chubby since I was a little girl. I would easily gain weight whereas my sister could eat more and still maintained a slim figure. As child it didnt bothered me until came my teenage years. I guess it’s normal to start feeling cautious about the way we look and feel. As a teenager, I hadn’t got a clue about fitness and healthy eating but in hopes to lose weight, I jogged frequently in one spot in my tiny room. And that was it. I didn’t really knew there was more than jogging. Moving on to my young adulthood, I had one really down time in my life. Sometimes I resort to emotional eating. I felt like as long as I get to eat, everything will be much better. That made me put on a lot of weight. I was really kinda out of shape. I could tell by looking at my face and as if it wasn’t obvious enough, people started pointing it out to me and comparing my size to my sister’s. I’m not sure if this is a culture and a norm to be slim, so that we are considered pretty in their eyes. I was really hurt by that. But I didn’t let it break me. And so, I promised myself to be committed and to make impactful changes to my life. I started off with fixing my food intake and then slowly adding some exercises. I didnt have any access to the gym so I googled workout videos. That’s how I found you! I remember the first workout I did with you was the 6 minutes to sexy arm!!! I still occasionally do the exercises when I find that my arms need toning. I really enjoyed your videos as I never felt lonely doing the workouts alone and you are always so positive! I also joined the #100gluteschallenge with you and I’m on day 13. I took a few days break but I certainly will go back and finish it up! Besides than the sore but effective workout, I think the whole concept of Blogilates is so personal and empowering with the community. Whenever I read comments on videos, everyone who are doing it are motivating each other. Some even write down their progress. Some would share their funny thoughts on the exercises that was hard. In a nutshell, i dont feel so alone in this journey as I could relate with many others from the Blogilates community. Thank you Casey for making all this happen!!!

  148. Soraya says:

    I follow you because I think you are so honest and inspiring. I really appreciate that you’re sharing your thoughts and feelings with us.
    And I really like your Comics – they’re so cute!

  149. Erin Wood says:

    I love your videos! I started watching your videos in 2014 when I was feeling like I was getting fat and hating myself and your videos really made me appreciate my body and want to focus on how to make my body stronger and healthier and being kinder to myself. I love that you offer free videos on youtube and they’re always so uplifting! I love your message about being body positive and focusing on getting stronger and I love that your sharing your journey because I feel the same way right now. I’ve been focusing on getting stronger and running more miles but I need to focus on my weight now but the way your doing it is so much healthier for me than before where I would only want to lose weight because I hated my body. You’ve been an inspiration for me for so many years and I love following your journey through this 90 days. I would definitely use the journal to track my blood and progress. Sometimes I get scared to check my progress when I’m falling behind but I think this would be a great way to keep on track! Thanks for all you do, Cassey!

  150. Kristyn Garcia says:

    I follow for fitness tips and for support!!!

  151. Emily says:

    I started following you specifically for the 30 butt challenge, then saw a couple of posts about this ’90 Day Challenge’ thing so I figured I’d give it a read and WOW. I love reading your thoughts and insights as you go through this, particularly as someone with a lot of visibility and subject to the internet’s opinions. It serves as a reminder that your opinion is the only one that matters! Seeing how you’ve utilized the journal also allows me to see how I could use it effectively too and how it’s flexible to support anyone towards reaching their fitness goals. I’m really proud of you for keeping up with the blogging thus far & can’t wait to read the next 76 days!!!

  152. Jenny Cho says:

    I follow for the inspiration and feel good vibes!

  153. Meagan says:

    Hi! I found blogilates about 6 years ago when a friend posted that she was doing the beginners calendar. I went to check it out and decided to do it too. Amazing! I have not found a fitness instructor that I like as much as you, Cassey. You are so happy and bubbly while encouraging and challenging us. I have had two babies since first finding you. I’m always a little sad that I can’t do many of your workouts while I’m pregnant. I flounder a bit with exercise during pregnancy because I don’t have you there to keep me going. (At least not with specific workouts, I still read the blog.) And I look forward to the time after the baby is born when I can finally come back and start over with the biginners calendar. So . . . If you ever have kids, I look forward to some pregnancy workouts. 😉 I have found your recent journey really inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  154. Leah Alexis says:

    I started following blogilates on YouTube 4 years ago cause your videos were fun, and it was easier to follow along listening to you talk. But now I feel like I know you.. Is that weird? I always stay put till the last rep because I don’t want to disappoint you!

    1. Shalala says:

      I started following Blogilates on YouTube approximately six years ago, when I reached my max weight in my life. I decided to lose weight, while searching exercise videos on YouTube i found this channel. In my weight loss jouney Blogilates help me to lose 10 kg in a year then i lost additional 5 kgs. Now my weight fluctuates between 50-56 kg. I want to say that you are amazing workout friend, it is really fun to do exercise with you🤗

  155. Caitybear920 says:

    I started following you because after I had my baby I had a hard time getting back to my prior fitness level.
    I became certified through ISSA as a trainer right before I got married, I was always an avid runner and fitness was as essential to my everyday life as breathing.
    When I found out I was pregnant I was absolutely overjoyed by our little blessing! I made a promise to myself to listen to my body and follow where it guided me.
    Then morning sickness hit. All of my go to foods made me so nauseous. I began craving nothing but bread, orange juice, milk and cheerios. I know random.
    I slowed down on 90% of my workouts because they made me dizzy.
    I gained the recommended amount of weight, 28lbs, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and was happier than ever. But I found juggling a newborn and picking up my prior lifestyle to be so hard! Getting back into shape was a million times harder because I was short on time, running on almost no sleep, and I felt like effects of muscular atrophy after letting certain muscle groups remain dormant for so long to be so discouraging.
    Then I found your videos. I’m an avid lindsey Stirling fan and I came across some of your princess videos you collaborated with her, so I looked into your YouTube channel. I immediately loved your energy and found I could try some of your shorter videos while my daughter was napping.
    I’ve been following you ever since and I can’t imagine my fitness routine without my daily dose of blogilates!
    Oh and yes I did lose the baby weight, and I’m way stronger than before thanks to your summer challenge! My now two year old likes to climb on my back while I’m doing pushups 🙂

  156. Leah Alexis says:

    I found blogilates 4 years ago and have loved you ever since. That sounds so cheesy, but its true! I was in the 8th grade and wanted to lose a lil weight cause i was embarrassed.. But you have made it so much more than that. Im so much more confident and happy all the time. So why i follow blogilates is cause i think you are the sweetest, bubbliest person who goes into beast mode while working out 😂😍😍

  157. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Cassey I would love to win the journal. I follow you mainly because I can relate to you a lot. You never shame people or make them feel bad about their choices and you were the fitness person who helped me start my journey someone who was there through anything all I had to do was turn on a video or open your blog so thank you

  158. Alzbeta says:

    I was wondering if this will happen, if you ever feel hungry. It is a relieve to know that I am not the only one 😊 Hope you can stay on track when we are watching you 😉 My goal is to get back to my pre-baby-after-so-many-PIIT28-workouts body after I stop breastfeeding next year 🙂 I was 61kg/ 173 cm and felt really good. I feel good now, too, for giving my baby girl the best there is, but don’t fit into most of my beautiful clothes and it sometimes makes me sad…

  159. Taylor says:

    I follow @blogilates because you are so real. You encourage EVERY SINGLE PERSON in THEIR personal journey (including your own), no matter how different each one of our journeys look. I’ve never had the opportunity to meet you in person (Although its a DREAM of mine to make it happen someday), yet through the past couple of years, doing your workouts and reading your blogs I’ve felt like I actually know you, as a friend even! You care about every single POPster and that’s something I’ve never seen from any other “fitness guru.” It’s what always keeps me coming back. You give me confidence in myself, and doing PIIT28 or your monthly calendars first thing in the morning always leaves me feeling ready for the day both physically AND mentally. Nothing else I’ve done has ever given me that kind of inspiration. I’ve tried other programs, no one is as positive or as authentic as you. You make me feel like I could email or call you up and you would be genuinely interested in what I had to say and who I am. That’s crazy! Thanks Cassey for always being there for me, even when it feels like no one else is. Much love & you go girl!

  160. Ashleigh says:

    The reason why I follow Blogilates? Because it (and you Cassie!) are always there, no matter what kind of workout I need (PIIT, classic Pilates, the calendars) but also the immense positivity! There is SUCH a difference between people who workout to feed their ED and insecurities and people like Cassie who are aware that exercise is part of their lifestyle and their health. I can’t believe the hullabaloo online about this latest transformation journey, because anyone who has interacted with a trainer or coach who DOES have internalised body hatred or an ED can clearly see the difference! Keep it up Cassie, you are an inspiration!

  161. Ashly W says:

    I started following blogilates because I was having trouble losing weight and wanted to mix things up. I stayed because your positive and upbeat attitude made the workouts super fun; they also made me more sore than anything offered at my gym :-). That’s the best! I feel so much stronger than when I started and your fun outlook keeps me coming back. Also, sir George is so cute he’s the best distraction during the hard moves!

  162. brendaaa says:

    i have been following you for a loooong time, maybe i didn’t press the “follow” button on your ig, and just stalked you because of my insecurities. i started to read your blog and follow your youtube journey since 2014, i was 15 now im 20.. i saw how happy and just full of love and happiness you were while doing Pilates so i decided to try. and im so happy that i did, whenever i was repeating what you did in the video and yelled to “get it”, “you are stonger that ever, don’t give up.” it just mad me work so hard that i just fell in love with how you did everything. you were my greatest motivator at my worst point in my life, and im happy that i accidentally just clicked your video. and by the way you still are, i read your blog in awe of you. you are a strong and bomb ass lady!! so thats the story 🙂

  163. Liva says:

    I follow your blog and instagram for inspiration and motivation 😍 I love the challenges, and you inspire me to want to be strong and flexible ❤️

  164. Nnewiam says:

    Oh god, I’ve been following you for years now..! Honestly, I first discovered Blogilates after a very difficult breakup, and I felt like I needed to repair MY relationship with MY body. I started doing your videos, then following your fitness calendar. I’m much more in love with myself and I appreciate my body… thanks to you, really 🙂 Your blog posts and your recipes are also incredibly helpful, same as your motivation, your smile and your honesty. Thank you for being a true rolemodel for us. (and sorry for the little mistakes, English isn’t my mother tongue!! :))

  165. Sabrina says:

    I follow blogilates because Cassey has taught me that fitness can be fun. I don’t need to run or go to the gym if it doesn’t make me happy. I’ve been following since 2011. My eating habits have changed for the better and so has my fitness. Cassey is in inspiration with the way she is unapologetically being herself, standing up for herself, and I love that she created the pop family. We all support each other and are always able to give advice when we can. The 90 day journey has also challenged me to do a journey of my own. And I’m excited to be continuing it.

  166. kleinemaus says:

    I started following blogilates to lose some weight because I thought that would make me feel better about myself. Trying to lose weight made me struggle even more with myself, but somewhere along the way I ended up showing up for myself on the mat every day because your workouts made me feel better about myself and my body and it really gave me a boost of confidence. After I realized that, I continued working out with blogilates because of how it makes me feel and not because of how much weight I used to think I should lose. Plus, being stronger and healthier is a great bonus as well 🙂

  167. Katelyn says:

    I found you five years ago and loved your free workout videos and calendars that I could do at home. You not only encouraged my physical health, but also my emotional and mental health. You’re so inspirational and supportive and a great role model for people everywhere.

    Also, I’m so glad you’re working on your own goals and staying strong in the face of Internet trolls. You do you boo and don’t worry what they say. You’ve always encouraged your followers to arrive for their own personal goals and do what works best for them. Now it’s your turn <3

  168. Minerva says:

    I started following because I was looking for new exercises. But then it became because you are an inspiration and motivation to me. With you is not about the posing and perfect photos, is the real you, and you inspire us to love ourselves.

  169. Daniela B says:

    I follow because I want to get inspired and motivated to start exercise more and lose weight

  170. Irène says:

    Hi, I’m a fan from France 🙂 (Sorry for bad english…)
    The reason why I follow Blogilates isn’t because I want to have a perfect body, to loose weight or whatever… Actually, I’m quite satisfied with my body. I know that every body is different, that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ body. Wanting to reach the beauty criteria that society imposes to us is doomed to failure. But I perfectly understand people wanting to change their look. We are social animals, and we internalize so many social rules without even figuring out. Moreover, there is some rational reasoning, based upon science, in saying that it’s good for health…
    Actually, I’m not very into the ‘feminity’ stuff. Since my childhood, I just don’t care about my clothes, shoes, make-up… This caused me some troubles with social relationship, but let’s not expand on the matter.
    A year ago, I wasn’t making sport at all. I’m more of the quiet type, yeah 🙂 I’m currently stuying math in the south of France. But, as I felt more and more tired all the day time, I figured out that sport could be an option to consider. Just to be able to study the math I love, to have more energy. And sport is also very good to enhance mental faculties.
    I started to do fitness with various Youtube videos. Then I stumbled upon your channel. Your knowledge, your capacities, your personnality are just incredible. I’ve been learning sooo much things with you. I feel so stronger and empowered since I’m working out with you, and way less tired. I just want you to continue your beautiful job 😉
    Thank you so much Cassey <3

  171. Bryn says:

    I follow blogilates for workout inspiration but this month I’ve actually been reading and following bc I love your “shut up, I’m doing me” approach. Very refreshing in a social media world where so many influencers care more about the likes and the content than being themselves and letting what and who follows just happen

    1. Leah Alexis says:

      I follow blogilates your workouts are obviously the awesome, but also because your smile and bubbliness is so contagious🙃🙃 All the best with your 90 day journey, Cassey! Make yourself proud

  172. Diane says:

    Hi Cassey !
    I follow you because you motivate me to be more active. I started doing one Blogilates video a day since January thanks to the 100 Abs challenge, and I feel so much better than last year, in my body and in my head ! You are also very positive and fun 🙂 and I love your popflex designs !
    When I get my period, it changes a lot of things for me too ! I feel tired, bloated, moody… Take care 🙂

  173. Aleksandra says:

    How could I not follow the most motivating and positive person in the fitness world? I’ve been following you for 2 years and my fitness improved so much! I love your workouts, they’re never boring. Your 90 days fitness journey inspired me to lose some weight too! That’s why I really hope to win this journal. Lots of love from Poland!🇵🇱❤️

  174. Beth says:

    I follow blogilates because I love your workouts and I think you’re inspiring. Go you for trying to lose weight. Somebody is always going to find something negative to say.

  175. Raquel says:

    Friends of mine actually recommended you just as you were starting this challenge, and it was really serendipitous because around the same time I had started to hold myself accountable and lose the weight that’s been creeping up on me for the last few years!
    I stuck around because I find your approach very positive, but not sickly sweet: I really like that you keep it real.
    Your blog and online presence are a real breath of fresh air, and that’s why I stuck around and became a “follower”. 🙂

  176. Hana says:

    I follow you Because your videos are inspiring, positive and motivate me to start working out and get fit and help me be confident in my own skin and love my body as no one is perfect

  177. Lucy says:

    I wanted an easy to follow workout routine which wouldn’t bore me – and found blogilates !!!

  178. Siddhi says:

    I follow Blogilates everywhere because the first video I did from your channel worked for me really well which ended up for me to follow your monthly calendars and it has been an amazing journey for my fitness since then. By the way, that first video was your BIKINI BLASTER 1 HIIT –

  179. Gabi says:

    I follow Blogilates as I always find the workouts so enjoyable. I love Casseys beautiful encouraging nature and am loving the honesty of this blog!

  180. Ariana says:

    I started following blogilates like 6 years ago, I didn’t like working out at all back then, you made me like working out hahaha I also like the challenges you make, I have met beautiful people because of them.

  181. Leagh says:

    I started following blogilates in university because i didnt know how to work out or where to start. I used to do the beginners calendar in my dorm room floor on my duvet because i didnt have a mat. As I’ve gotten older I tend to go in and out of exercising but my first stop is always blogilates.

  182. Nadine says:

    I follow you because you are such an inspiring and positive person! In 2015 I gained a lot of weight due to an illness, and I tried so many different workouts, but none of them worked for me. But then I found a workout video from your Youtube channel and it was so much fun! Since then I love to do your workouts. You motivate me do live a healthier life and love my body every single day! 🙂

  183. Serhat says:

    I was messed up mentally, emotionally and psysically in high school. So much to deal with like failing classes, me being a overweight person, unhealthy relationship with my family, struggling to love myself and my body and it goes on and on. But at some point I weighted 198 lbs, the heaviest I’ve ever been. And that’s point that I just stopped and told myself “I can’t do that. I can’t keep doing the same things that harm me. I can’t keep doing the bare minimum and hate myself looking like this at the same time. That’s not the life I’ve wanted and I’m so not going to college with these kind of burden on my shoulders.” Then I searched, what can I do? I was searching for simple things like exercises and counting calories etc. I found about Intermittent Fasting which really helped me about keeping track of what I ate. Then I found you. You had a welcoming smile and a beginners calendar! What else could I possibly want? I started your beginner calendar and loved your videos. Your smile and positive talks kept me going through all of your videos. I mean when we were both in pain (you in the video and me in the middle of my room) I always thought about stopping, giving a break. But then you always said something like “C’mon guys!” “You got this.” “Do you feel the pain? Cause I do.” And you know what? I pushed myself and continued. I was doing your calendar, doing daily walks, eating healty, drinking enough water. And… When I saw myself getting better in the mirror, when I noticed how I’m trying to get better; I started to love myself. That was revolutionary and put me in a really good mood. By the time I was 165 lb. After that I stopped doing pilates because of college but you’re always in my mind and I kept visiting your blog and channel because I just like seeing you doing what you like. But I registered a gym and started doing some cycling and dancing. That took me 152 lbs. And most importantly I started to feel always happy and loving my body even if it’s not in a perfect shape. It was mine and I worked hard for myself. That’s what matters. Like you teach me! Now I don’t have that much body negativity but I look forward to strenghten my core and improve my flexibility. And again, you inspire me with your 90 Days Journey! I’m not gonna lie at first I was worried about you like other members but I see that you’re doing this for getting better in a way which is really healthy! I’m proud of you by the way. And I’m planning to start my own 90 Days Journey in three weeks when I go back to my college from home. And, to me, your blog subjects are always so touching with some type of a way, like, I was thinking about body positivity too! And last, I started to write my journey to participate the giveaway but while writing I realized I’ve never got the chance to thank you. Thank you Cassie, you’re like a elder sister to me that I’ve never got. Thank your for your calendars, your videos, your smile, your hard work but MOST IMPORTANTLY thank you for being you and fighting for what you want. Your work really touched me and inspired me to do better. YOU made me believe I can do better.

  184. Charlotte says:

    Long have I wanted to say this to you once in my lifetime, either on email or rather in person. But I guess I’ll say it here. I was 14 in 2012, now I’m 21. And I was a dancer wanted to become a professional. And I heard that I wasn’t strong enough. So for the first time in my life I started doing workouts in my room following YouTubers like you. And first I hated it. Because I was not strong enough at that time, but then it got easier and then it was something I enjoyed and it became like an addiction to see all those results. And the thing is all the way other instructors were so boring. You were right they play some boring music or something to their workouts, but you invented pop Pilates. And what makes you stick out from the rest, from the entire world, is your personality. What you bring into the workouts, is something different but I think it’s also really important. Cause never if I didn’t like you or your workouts, to be honest sometimes I don’t think the type of workouts give me exactly what I need always. But the reason why I have sticked with you, is because how you make me feel. If everything else in the world goes bad or wrong, I think I still always have you, and working out. Like that never fails. And you know what they say that find something you like and stick with it. Cause if we were doing some type of form for activity that we don’t like we wouldn’t stick with it. And that’s why I always come back to you, because I really like working out with you. I have been on and off working on your workouts, I have followed your calendar for years on and off. And sometimes when I look back, what was the best time in my life this month, when did I feel my best. It’s when I did your calendar everyday. Because people might underestimate your workouts, but they give me so much. Your body does get stronger, I am more capable of adapting to others things because I have you, in my daily life and training, I don’t get sore from other things when following your calendar. One day I took boys class with a few other girls(in ballet) and I didn’t get sore the next day, the others looked at me like I was a machine or a miracle or something. Anyways I just want to say that I owe you a lot, and you had an impact on my life that you have no idea about. Thanks to you, I started to enjoy workouts. It was a whole different world opened to me. Of course I haven’t only been following, I have done my own things as well. But if I wasn’t strong in Pilates or other parts in my body, I would never got accepted into a three year Ballet school. It was a dream come true for me, and I’ll be forever grateful for myself, and for all that hard work I put into the year before I got accepted. Because I worked hard then, and it have payed off for so many different reasons for me. Even today, I’ve had opportunities and experiences that I would never had if it wasn’t for that and you. And I have followed you for a lot of years, and I remember I loved this webpage, reading your blogposts, workouts, food videos, so much have changed and developed through those years. But maybe you didn’t like yourself back then, but I did. And it’s interesting to see have you have changed regards your workouts, blogposts, a number of nail polishes. But I loved you back then, and still like your old workouts and blogposts. Absolutely loved it. And I love that you are now embracing this 90 day journey, because it’s like you are finally back to your self again, your old. And I love you for that, because you enjoy doing this. I enjoy to read that you now like to blog again, that you are no longer being controlled by other people’s opinion. And you inspire me. And seeing that you post everyday your numbers and food you eat. It’s so real, and that’s why people like it, including me and you inspire me to want to go on this journey myself. And you are a living proof that it is working for you, which give me hope that I could do the same. And I would absolutely love to have the fit journal, I would wright in it everyday like you, and go on this journey myself. I hope I can achieve the same things. And importantly don’t ever feel bad about yourself, maybe you say that you don’t like having gained weight on the camera, but you are making such a great impact on so many peoples lives and definitely on mine. And that is an accomplishment that goes beyond. Oh and next week I’ll(hopefully) get certified as a personal trainer. My first choice was to do like Pilates or yoga course. Like I did look up your to become a pop Pilates instructor. Maybe in the future once, who knows. Anyways thank you Cassey. I am so thankful for you, and I wish I could say this to you in person. And you are body positive, the whole way. Who is it that tells me that I should love my body every step of the way, while I’m hating my life doing candlestick dippers, truck drivers and obliqatories. Love you cassey, and hope you read this.

  185. Marija63 says:

    Love your essence as a person, been following your work for about 4 yrs now, you always always think of something right about when I’m about to quit or when I get bored, I’m not sure if words can explain what kind of impact you’re making consistently and the amount of help you’ve given mentally AND phisically to really make US be the change we want to see in oUrSelves! xlotsoflove, Mary from Croatia

  186. Ebru says:

    The reason why I fallowed Blogilates at first was because l wanted to loose weight and get fit, but after l while l started loving her for who she was, not for just fitness thing. And now l follow her because she inspires me, she motivates me, she is a person who l look up to and she is a person the l see as a role model for me. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into your work. Thank you Cassey💜

    1. Tjaša says:

      I am following you, because of your whole packet. You are the first person that motivated me for workouts and also to enjoy them, even when I am dying 😉😂. You are such an inspiration for me. Thanks❤️❤️

  187. mnikk says:

    i follow blogilates because it’s really useful for me. 1) it’s inspiring and 2) your videos show excersises really easy to understand and follow and really help me

  188. Sarah Uytterlinde says:

    I follow Blogilates cause you’re real, talented and funny. I think it’s amazing you’re doing this FOR YOU. Starting my own challenge september 1st. Since becoming a mom it’s been madness (the best kind). Time to set some goals and crush them.

  189. Astha malik says:

    I follow Blogilates coz i love the at-home workout you for each body part and how you constantly push (and inspire 🙂 ) me to be my strongest n fittest self. Lots of love to you Cassey, stay blessed

  190. Astha malik says:

    I follow Blogilates coz i love the at-home workout you have for each body part and how you constantly push (and inspire 🙂 ) me to be my strongest n fittest self. Lots of love to you Cassette, stay blessed

  191. Emma says:

    I’ve been following Blogilates for 5 years now because it really makes me feel well. Not only do I feel stronger, but I also feel more self-confident and happier when I practice pop pilates. It makes me smile and most of all, it makes me believe in myself even when I start doubting my capabilities… Whenever I finish a workout I feel even more motivated than when I started!
    Thanks Cassey 🙂

  192. Fleur says:

    Since I was a little girl I played field hockey until I got badly injured in my knee and had to be operated. After that, I never dared to play in the field again and stopped working out all together. After 6 years not doing anything with sports I got a fitness subscription at the gym of my university a year ago. However, I did not go regularly since I did not have a goal. That is, until a friend of me introduced me to all your challenges. This gave me drive and purpose to push through and keep working on my body! I am now at the point to get a new year subscription at the gym! And I can’t wait what challenges you have in store for us 🙂 thank you!

  193. K says:

    I follow for the inspiration and your honesty.

  194. Ana says:

    I follow you because you amaze me. I love to listen to your stories while we workout. My new goal is to be less exhausted than you (currently I am still dying). So I do at least one of your videos each morning for the best possible start of the day. Thank you❤

  195. Niina says:

    I follow Blogilates because I love the style of the workouts and Cassey’s positive attitude. 🙂 ♥️

  196. Kirsten says:

    I don’t like going to the gym because i find it too intimidating, and I have really bad anxiety so I can’t shake the feeling that someone’s always judging me. But with your videos, I can workout from home, and your encouragements always push me to my limits (and beyond haha).

  197. Kirsten says:

    I’ve actually been following you since 2013! You’re always so happy in your workout videos, ( I still don’t know how you manage to talk through them?!) and you make sure that our happiness comes first! I think that’s super important.

  198. Kirsten says:

    I love following you recently because of how open and real you’re being with your own fitness journey. All your blog posts are so inspiring to read. You remind everyone we’re all only human 💓

  199. Rachel Hengalova says:

    Dear Cassey, I have been following you since the Victoria Secret Angel workout series so that is 6 years already! Wow, time flies. When I discovered you on Youtube I was genuinely happy because there was no one else so bright, positive, smiley and torturous (I love you for that :-D) at the same time. You were like a miracle form a different world and you still are. I love your workouts and even though I do not do them every single day, what comforts me is that there are tons of them one click away and you are still creating more and they are still fun. I also follow you for your honesty, that is very important to me. Sending you lots of love from the Czech republic!

  200. Rebecca Williams says:

    I follow you for your awesome workouts and your amazing, inspirational energy and personality! 💖💖

  201. Samantha says:

    I have followed you for years because what you say feels real. It’s not just here’s this exercise do it everyday for eternity and presto changeo you’ll be the epitome of society’s Barbie aesthetically. It’s always been about finding ways to become the best you without having to have pricey equipment.

  202. Iris says:

    I have followed you since the beginning and I have always loved your energy and passion in everything you do. I do your videos on a daily basis and they have helped me so much! Thank you!! You are the best!

  203. evziaka says:

    I follow you because you are an inspiration to me! You make me feel happier every time I see one of your videos, you guide me to a stronger version of myself both physically and mentaly! I see you as a friend I would like to be in touch more and more often. Thank you!

  204. Silvia says:

    I follow you because I totally relate to pretty much everything you say and feel, but you can always overcome what I struggle with, so I look up to you as a role model (in a good way!)! You make me feel that I can turn my bad moments and my insecurities into something powerful and useful for my personal evolution! Plus, you keep me in shape with some awesome, sometimes deadly but always satisfying, excercises!! I love you, Cassie! Keep up the good work!!

  205. Asta says:

    This is a little embarrassing but i actually found you through a video criticizing one of your ‘what i eat in a day’ videos. At the time i was in the hight of an Binge Eating Disorder and i watched a lot of negativ videos to trigger myself. It was not a good time for me. But after that video i became curios about you as you had such a bright and happy personality which was something i really needed at the time. So i started watching all of your videos. And then i watched the perfect body video. That is such a powerfull video and was one of the things that helped me seek recovery.
    You have always been such a powerfully positiv voice in my life. And i would like to use the fit journal to help myself get back in control of my body as it sometimes does not feel like my own.

  206. Ninette says:

    I follow you for a long time, mostly because i love your workouts. But since your 90 day journey you really inspired me to eat more healty and get to my goals in my own way. Your honesty in your blogposts and the struggles you have are motivating to me and show me that everyone is having their own struggles in life and we are not alone.

  207. bearika_ballerina says:

    I follow you because I love the way that you inspire people to be the best them they can be. You also make normal workouts that could be boring or repetitive super fun. I love the challenges and 30 day workouts. They help me to keep at it because you bring in guests and you make me want to follow through to the end. I love how honest and real you are. I feel like you are one of the few genuine people out there on Youtube.

  208. Lilith_Maundrell says:

    I follow you because you amazed me the first time I saw you. I like the energy that is always gleaming inside you and the positivity and happienes. I sometimes suffer from depression and I think that working out with your videos made me much more positiv. Sometimes your workouts are really hard for me but your talking and mostly your happinies while your working out keeps me going too and I always push through somehow and feel great afterwards.
    Thank you for all your great work and your wonderfull atitude!

  209. Laura Medina Palomino says:

    I follow because in all honestly I love your personality and find you to be one of the most genuine people on the internet. I really admire the way you motivate people throughout the workouts and through challenges. I’ve tried different workout videos and even dancing your workouts are the ones that really helped me mentally and physically. I wanna thank you for all that you do and tell you, your doing amazing sweety.

  210. Kristina Leunketa says:

    I’ve been following Blogilates for 7 years because of you. I am in a really good shape right now and your videos are not always hard enough, but I try to do some of them adding weights and elastic bands. But you are the main reason, you get me out of my sofa and my confort zone, make me get sore and create an habit and a healthy lifestyle, and you inspire me when I need an extra push. I have change my life and you have been there since de beginning. I cannot say enough times how thankful am I. Lots of love ❤️

  211. Susanne says:

    I follow you because you are such a positive and honest person and when i read your posts I feel like you shared your story with me. 🙂

  212. Jazlynn says:

    I have never been one with the luck necessary to win a giveaway, my sister is the one who’s good for that. However I do want to answer this because you’re the reason why I fell in love with fitness Cassey. My entire life revolves around living a healthier lifestyle and it all started with wanting to be a stronger person, and luckily running into your videos. Your positivity is infectious, but what drew me back to watching/doing your workouts was how strong you are! I was like “holy crap this woman has the strength and power of a superhero”, I was/am truly amazed at how you could do the workouts and talk to us like an epic boss. Anyways, my little passionate rant is done. So to answer your question, you being an outstanding, strong, and positive role model to me is the reason why I follow you.

  213. Audrey says:

    I have been following your blog and watching your videos for more than a year now. I was watching your videos because i was looking for healthy recipes as i wanted to eat healthier. Then i kept watching because i liked how positive and full of energy you were. You motivated me to work out and i love doing your challenges.

  214. Kaylee says:

    Hey Cassey! I’ve actually been following you since around 2011-ish, because I was an overweight high schooler who wanted an at-home workout regimen, since we couldn’t afford a gym membership. I had tried off and on to follow your workouts, and would take long hiatuses from your channel (but I’d always come back, I guess you’re destined to motivate and help me haha). This past month, however, I’ve been motivated to follow both the glute challenge and your monthly calendar almost religiously. It started because my husband saw an email of yours about joining the glute challenge, and he bribed me saying he’d be the one to get a few last-minute groceries if I did the glute challenge video. One thing led to another and now I’m about 4 pounds down and have been following your workouts and blog again, as well as making changes to improve my health and to get to a healthy weight. Your 90 day challenge has really inspired me to take my life back and get my poor habits under control. I’m also so proud of you for standing your ground and doing what’s best for you.
    You’re the best! I cant wait for September’s calendar!

  215. The first Blogilates video I’ve ever seen was the “Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge” and since trying (and dying from) that for the first time, I was HOOKED on Blogilates and have been a follower since (in the non-creeper type of way)! You have such charisma, Cassey, that’s so naturally infectious. It’s INSANE. Your upbeat and cheerful personality transcends the screen, and there’s not enough words to truly express how immensely your positivity has radiated through–not just for me, but I’m sure, for so many others as well. You continue to be an inspiration, in more ways than one, and a constant reminder that we can reach our dreams if we truly know our why. Thank you so much, Cassey, for all that you do and for all that you are!

    PS. You best believe, I still hit that “Call Me Maybe” challenge every now and then. Though, it has definitely been way more bearable now than before 😉

  216. Mieke says:

    I follow you, because a few years ago I decided to try and be healthy, my friend told me to check out blogilates on YouTube and honestly, I became obsessed. I love how much effort you put in for OUR healthy, how honest you are and how nice and sweet you are. And your journey just keeps getting better and more inspiring the whole time. I am blown away by how you run a business, put out amazing challenges (like the recent summer sculpt and now the 100 glute challenge, I haven’t missed a single challenge since I started following you, you hold me accountable) and manage to have healthy relationships, while working hard on bettering yourself for yourself (among many other things). You’re open, fun to listen to while I’m dying in a workout and just overall uplifting. I was looking for something online to help me in all spheres of health and fitness and you do exactly that. I love the cheap clean eats too and it’s usually the morning stretch routines that get me back on track when I’ve fallen off the wagon✨

  217. Tattis says:

    You introduced me to a new sport which I ended up falling in love with back in 2012

  218. Marzia says:

    Back in 2015 I had thyroid issues I took medications for about a year my overall health was not so good I was overweight which I still am in 2016 my sister told me to start exercising in March 2016 I started your begginer calendar I don’t know but I felt good since april 2016 I have been following your regular calendars because I feel good even if I don’t win I will still be happy because this is an opportunity for me to thankyou .Thankyou cassey for everything specially your free monthly calendars and youtube videos.

  219. Sultana says:


  220. Maisie says:

    I’ve been following you since I was 14 as I love how you focus on the way exercising makes you feel rather than how it makes you look ☺️ It is so refreshing to see someone who is so honest about the fitness world and how toxic it can be. Plus Pop Pilates WORKS! It is honestly one of the most effective routines for me and I feel myself getting stronger within a couple of days and I am so grateful that the workout calendars are free 🥰

  221. Olivia says:

    I follow blogilates for inspiration to get fit and feel better about myself. I struggle to commit to working out and to know what exactly to do so I find your videos, calendars and positive attitude so helpful and makes me believe that I can do it!

  222. M Sierra says:

    I follow you because you’ve made getting into Pilates easy!

  223. SKonic724 says:

    I started following you about 1 and a half years ago.Usuallyi wouldn’t be the type of Person that sticks to a workout plan but with your workouts i found myself being full of energy and looking forward to working out again following a specific workout everyday.I got stronger and stronger the more i practiced your workouts and even if as soon as i started them i just wanted to yell at you because they were soooo hard,now i look forward to pushing myself to my limits and being able now to resist One of your entire workouts without being too Tures or hating you😂.Seriously Cassey i loooveee you sooo much and i love how determined you are now following your 90 day challenge for yourself, i admire you soo much.Love you❤❤

  224. Stéphanie says:

    Oh cassey. You helped me realise I never accepted to help myself feel comfortable in my body because women can’t work on their weight without being labelled against body positive or someone with ED ( which is so dangerous. ED are so serious … anyway. ) . So I decided that even though woman can’t lose weight and work to feel pretty without everyone judging, I’ll do it anyway!!
    I’m on my way to a 90 days challenge as well, my way, my rules ♡
    I’ll be journaling everything as well, and do sort at least 5x a week…
    I wish I had a planner though to help me track everything!

    So cassey, thank you for being an inspiration and for giving me the freedom to work on my own body and ignore other people’s judgement ♡

  225. Ashlee Pham says:

    I follow you because of your awesome challenges, funny yet super relatable cartoons, and as of late, your amazing blog posts! I too have began a fitness journey with the same stats as you 5’5, 136lbs, normal to others but unhappy with myself. I’m only on day 6 of my journey but I’ve already received so much heat from peers and coworkers, judging me for dieting when I apparently don’t need to lose weight in their eyes… it’s been tough but your blog posts motivate me to keep going and to do this FOR ME. That’s the only person’s opinion who should matter! Can’t wait to see both of our progresses throughout the next months!

  226. Paula Marenčić says:

    I follow you because you are such a positive person who always trys to see something positive in everything

  227. Anh-Thy says:

    I follow Blogilates because I love the openness, acceptance, and creativity of the entire platform. It is so fun to do the workouts, and the calendars keep me accountable while giving me ideas on what I can do when I hit the gym. Thank you Cassey!! <3

  228. Brechtje says:

    Hey I love following your journey on this blog. I’ve been following you for a while now and you’re such an inspiration to me. Thank you for being your open and honsest self because it helps me so much! I would love to win the fitjournal because then i could start my own journey. I am from The Netherlands by the way.

  229. Heidi says:

    I started following you what feels like looong time ago. Did your workout callenders and read your blog. Then life and kids happened and somehow I just stopped. Now my younger kids is 10months old and 2 weeks ago decided that I had enough. I want to feel energetic, happy and I want to be able to play and run around with my kids. And day after that I saw your blogpost about your 90 day journey. Happened in a perfect time ❤️
    I know our goals are not nearly the same but it is still interesting and inspiring to read about your journey. I didin weight or measure myself at first because I didn’t want to depress myself but now week after my first weight-in I feel amazing. I know the kg and cm I lost are mostly fluids ect but still I’m on a right track.
    I am not very good at keeping a journal or writing things down but I would love to try if fit journal would be my thing

  230. elenaki239 says:

    So inspired by your journey!!!

  231. Andreea says:

    I literally love you! I’ve been struggling with exercising at home brcause I could not stick to a routine, I would lose my motivation very fast. And then I discovered your channel and let me tell you, I haven’t been so motivated ever. I’m currently doing both your challenges (abs & glutes) and I love it. I would love to win the journal just to have an extra help in keeping me on track and of course motivated.

  232. Amy says:

    I follow you because I feel like you are very related. growing up in a “white world” and feeling “ugly” from being different/Asian as a kid. And also your current struggles of gaining weight in the past year – I gained 20 ibs in the last year from eating like crap. Getting back on track now though….

  233. Liza says:

    You motivate me to start working out and eating healthy. I used to try this but I would fail because of school. Now I found your channel and this blog and I am motivated to workout on days I have school. Thank you so much !❤

  234. lolbrianna says:

    Honestly I found Blogilates on Youtube a few years ago, I was young and looking for a room friendly workout that was fun but would still kick may butt. After one video I knew I had found it and I fell in love, but being young I sins have the discipline to stick to it long. Fast foward to the beginning of this year when I got diagnosed with depression and my life made a 180. I know it sounds like I’m announcing I have a terminal illness, but during this time I was going through a really hard time and my life truly turned upside-down. Through all of that I told myself that I would make a goal to start working out, so that I can feel good inside and out. But with my mental health came a lack of motivation. I would work out for a couple of days and then not work out for a couple of months. Then about a over a month ago I remembered you and your videos and I decided one morning to just get up and work out wit you and I haven’t stopped since! I fell in love with you and your videos all over again! After a couple of day I came here and found the 28 day beginners calendar and it was exactly what I needed to keep me motivated! Your calendars are extremely helpful because you are right there is nothing like writing down (or checking off) your workouts. When you staring your 90-day fitness journey you motivated me and inspired me even more! You are 100% correct that wanting to lose weight to be strong, healthy and confident is body positivity, because I have been loving myself so much more since starting my journey with Blogilates! Your positivity and light in your videos is what has kept me motivated and that is why I am here! Thank you for everything that you do for us!

  235. Katharina says:

    I’m following blogilates to get back on track after pregnancy. I want to become as fit as I was before my two girls <3

  236. Felice says:

    I am subscribed to blogilates because you inspire me to be a better version of myself. When I first started watching your videos on youtube I set out to loose weight and didn’t try your approach. But after two years of extremely restricting my calorie intake and losing about 40 pounds which brought me to 105 pounds total at 5’4 and losing my period in the process, I decided something had to change. First I tried to just put the weight back on, which I succeeded in but now, I was even unhappier and my period didn’t come back. Which is soul crushing, because I was always looking forward to having children that much. So I thought about exercise and how it is said to help you balance your hormones. And that is when I remembered blogilates and just some weeks later you announced your 90day Fitness Journey. That gave me, now almost overweight and just very weak, the much needed amount of motivaton to embark on this journey with you! I really want to take time for myself every day and care for my body and mind to become as glowing and as positive as I perceive you!
    Keep up the amazing work, thanks to you I have gotten more confident and happy and I am looking forward to the remainder of the 90day journey very much!!!

  237. Richa says:

    I started following blogilates when I started my fitness journey back in 2015, before that for a whole year I went through not so healthy weight loss period and I was happy with all the weight I lost but with that I lost some of my good health as I wasn’t eating enough and it wasn’t sustainable so one day I started looking for interesting workout videos on YouTube and didn’t come across anything good and just as I way about to give up I found your video and it was really interesting I started working out everyday and there were different moves,new songs,New workout everything and I really enjoyed it. It felt like I was really working out with a friend and also there was alot of positivity and good vibes. For me blogilates community is not just about working out but having a person to rely on for both mental and physical well being and also not being judged no maatter where you are in your health journey.

  238. Liping says:

    I started following because you have great workout videos – My friends and I would do your workout videos together in our hotel room whenever we are on holidays. Love these sessions as they are lots of fun & laughs!

  239. Maj-Britt F de Barros says:

    I wanna win a 12 week fit journal!!!

  240. Leah says:

    I’ve followed you since 2008. You were first introduced to me by a friend when I was in college. I loved your positive personality and the way you instructed the workouts. It is what has kept me coming back all these years!

  241. Desiree says:

    I love your positive energy and that you create work outs for all fitness levels that people can do at home with little to no equipment or things they need to buy.

  242. Holly says:

    Love the blog updates but classes have me falling asleep before I can finish them.

  243. Kaylee says:

    I’ve been following blogilates on and off for about 5 years now. I start a fitness journey and get lots of help with fitness routines, and then slowly taper off…. Then start it over again because you never quit! But I keep coming back to you Cassey because your enthusiasm for working out and being healthy coupled with your knowledge of all things fitness is honestly one of the bigger things that keeps me going. If I dont know what to do for a workout, I take a look at your calendar. If I’m feeling down and out about my journey, I read about yours and what your emotions have been. All in all, i just want to say thank you for always being there for me. In the little ways that you can lol.

  244. Michelle says:

    I have actually heard of you for quite a while but didn’t follow you because I had different goals such as lifting heavy but I found myself very similar to you because I was Vietnamese and have dealt with unhappiness with my body for years. I worked out multiple times a day everyday but could never lose weight. I was so unhappy with myself. Recently, I was in such a bad place and lost control of my life. I gained 20 pounds in a year. I recently got away from the toxicity and decided to turn my life around . At that time, I stumbled onto your blogicomics page and loved it! Then I stumbled onto your personal Instagram during the time you spoke out about your 90 day challenge. At that moment, I Admired you for your vulnerability and openness. We were in similar situations so I wanted to partake in this journey with you. During the time, I’ve followed you, I adore you for genuineness and positivity. I never knew I needed more positivity to make my day go better. Another reason why I followed you was because I loved your post about your father and your family’s escape from Vietnam. While it’s not health related, it struck a cord with me since my family went through the same thing. Anyways, I adore you and I’m so happy to go on this journey together.

  245. laurabargeman says:

    Your peptalks! You have the best peptalks in your video’s and all other content! And you are honest while doing your peptalks. Love your work!

  246. Panni says:

    Hey Cassey! 🙂 I started to follow Blogilates about a year ago and since then you are part of my daily routine. You are the biggest inspiration I have right now to be myself and get better every day – working out with you, reading your stories and listening to your positive videos make a huge difference for me. Thank you so much for everything!! ❤

  247. Emma freeman says:

    I follow blogilates because you are always happy and encouraging. The excersises are really hard but they inspire me as I can see what is possible if I work hard. Thanks Cassy

  248. Natalie Ugarte says:

    Well, I follow @blogilates because I used to train a couple of years ago, and I loved it, specially the Challenges. But then slowly I stopped doing it every day, then every week, then work, was tired… you’ve heard it all. I gained a couple of pounds, which have been a problem to shed. I’ve tried and said “Ok Nat, today is the day”, and then again it’s work, the cold, lack of time. But seriusly, now it’s time. I want to do so many things, and I do need to be healthier to achive most of my goals. So yeah, I’ve seen you’ve had ups and downs, and if you can do the 90 days Challenge, I can certainly try too. 😊🤩😍

  249. MilaHyde says:

    I read your blog posts a lot more since you started your 90 days journey and I love them. It is very inspiring, helpful and positive. I almost regret I didn’t read the blog posts before that!

  250. Taylor Litonjua says:

    I started following Blogilates nearly 10 years ago! Cassie was one of the first YouTube fitness personalities I watched. Her upbeat personality and innovative workouts helped me to stay motivated and inspired throughout my fitness journey. I love how honest Cassie is about her struggles and successes as well as how inclusive the Popflex Active and Blogilates brand is. Keep up the amazing work, Cassie and Blogilates team 💕

  251. Lau Vaber says:

    Wow! I like to end up my day reading your posts and I’ve never seen so many comments 😀

  252. Loraine says:

    I follow Blogilates ever since I found you 7-8 years ago on YouTube. It inspired me to work out. I don’t like going to the gym, so Blogilates is perfect because I do it in the comfort of my home. Granted I haven’t been the most active recently, I am trying to get back on the grind and be healthy in general—drinking more water, getting better sleep and eating cleaner. This journal is an awesome idea and exactly what I’m looking for to add to my motivation. Thanks for the constant motivation and always speaking out about what you believe in.

  253. m_ramos200 says:

    I have been following you for 5yrs. I’m glad you’re doing this for yourself. I’ve missed the expressive, happy, energetic Cassie. You’re always able to motivate me even on my down days. You are very relatable and real with the people you talk to. I really appreciate that. 😁

  254. Svenja says:

    Why I follow? Because Cassey, you are a role model. I was hooked up on your fitness channel on YouTube about 7 years ago, just when I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle. You made it so easy for me to get into regular workouts and eat better. You still do, since this day. You lift my mood, every time I hear your voice or see your face. From time to time I follow other fitness influencers too. But you’re the only one I stuck with. Because you made yourself near to us, you decided to be vulnerable and share your real struggle. The 90 days challenge you share with us is just a cherry on top. I’m so glad you#re doing this, the challenge and blogilates because you help me so much in my life. It sounds weird but I would not want to live without you! :*

  255. Taylor says:

    I follow Blogilates because you make fitness so fun and accessible to everyone. I love that you are still making a great successful living with the things people pay for while also having SO MUCH TOTALLY FREE!! It makes me want to buy POPflex products because you do so much for us and I want to give back to you and I feel like that’s such a good consumer to maker relationship. I also really love to fill out lists and organize things… which is why the workout calendars and fit journals are literally perfect and instead of me having all these disconnected things and having to find workouts to put it a random planner it’s just all together and it all matches and everything! Wow, I am not super proud of my grammer in this but I am so passionate about following Blogilates and everything you (Cassey) stand for. <3

  256. Jen says:

    You are very genuine in the way you post; whether it’s about working out, food, or just life in general. This makes it easy to make a connection to you without actually having met you.

  257. Mary says:

    I started following blog okayed when I realized I wasn’t in my best shape and wanted to exercise more . Watching your videos actually helped me become more positive and relaxed about many aspects in my life . Your blog posts also helped me a lot overcoming my binge eating problem and since you started your 90 day program , through your blog posts , I feel like I’m part of it myself and it inspires me to workout everyday .

  258. Madhu says:

    I am a fan of you.. I always follow your blog… I am from a small remote city in India… and here even a good gym is a dream…so was always in search for at home workouts and that took me to your videos… the main thing I like about you is when you speak 9r write, the words, the feelings seems so real like exactly what we feel someday and then you come up with a solution to deal with it… amidst this negative world you are a bliss Cassey… keep inspiring

    And yea, love your fitness journal

  259. Hi, Cassey. I follow blogilates since 2013, I think. I first started following because your videos really got me into exercise and I started getting in shape. Nowadays, despite I had found New fitness channels that I really enjoy, when I’m feeling sad or unmotivated, Blogilates really inspires me.

  260. Alex says:

    “Don’t compare yourself to me, compare yourself to how you were yesterday”

    When you said those words (not the exact same ones but you get the point haha) I knew I was following the right person.

    It’s been 3 years since I first saw your videos Cassey. To this day, I am still so amazed by you. You are so talented and so positive I can’t help but be the same! You are a literal ray of sunshine and you have always kept me going and you motivate me to always be better than who I was yesterday. You got me hooked into fitness!! I’m so happy I discovered your youtube all those years ago. You are one of the realest “famous” person I have ever seen. You never fail to share with us all your struggles not just in the fitness area but life in general. It makes me feel grounded. It makes me realize that as much as you are this huge personality, you are still human and you are just like all of us. And just like all of us, you also do things to make yourself better everyday and you take us with you. For that, thank you so much! I hope you never get tired of killing us with your workouts and challenges and never stop making us laugh at all you relatable comics! I’m so proud of you for your 90 day journey too! I know its hard to do things for yourself when a lot of people look up and depend on you and it takes a LOT of courage to do this but I’m proud of you. Once again, you’ve shown us that you’re just like us, someone who focuses on being body positive by being the healthiest version of yourself through this 90 day journey. Count me as one of your supporters through these coming months! Love you Cassey and I will always follow you because you helped me become the version of myself today that I absolutely am in love with ❤

  261. Anastasia says:

    When I was 13, I was happy and satisfied about my body. I ate when I want and what I want, and once though “hey, it’s good to workout, right? So I’ll do it!”. And I began working out. My workouts were similar with how I lived – I did the workouts that I like and for the space of time when I knew they were healthy for me. I did your workouts. Though I did only like 1-2 videos per day, that was enough for me, because in a month I started seeing positive changes in my body! And then I got into sports, and even went to a fitness centre club for half a year (the coach of my command left us and then we didn’t workout any more). Then, when I turned 14, my classmate, who was one of these people that are always beginning and never ending a healthy lifestyle (she always says that “okay so I’m starting a new life and i’ll workout 5 times a week and eat healthy food” and this never even lasted over a week. She always is losing weight, it looks more of a hobby, than a lifestyle) said to me once, when we were hanging out together with another girl “oh no, YOU shouldn’t have that chocolate, you won’t lose weight like that you know” and my world crashed. How much can words change someone’s life! Then, my period came for the first time. And my body started to change. No matter how hard I worked out, how clean and in little amounts I would eat – I gained 4 kg. For me, this was serious. In the evenings I would look at my belly and cry under a blanket. I couldn’t do anything to stop it! To turn everything back as it was before! I hated my body so much. School came, and I was like “oh why should I care, if I look like this and can’t change anything I can eat anything I want”. It is really important for me to get good grades so I did put my workouts and eating away. I stopped working out. I had to study. This was a nightmare. When I was ill, and I often am ill, I used to eat nothing at all for like 2-3 days, only drink. Omg, how much I loved the body I was getting from that. I was so thin! That also got me away from working out because I thought “why should I work out if I can have such a body without doing anything”. So when I was ill I would have the body of my dream, and the other time I would wear baggy clothes so that no one saw the real me. That was my life! Half a year without any workout at all did show results. When I started to work out again, remembering the time when I was happy and lived a healthy life, I was very unsatisfied. I couldn’t do the videos as good as I did them before. The feeling that I was cheating never left me. I tried harder. But I couldn’t. I felt guilt and blamed myself. It was very hard. Very hard to keep going when after every time I was on my mat I thought I didn’t do it well enough. I wanted to lose weight. I started eating more healthy and less food. But it never really was longer than a week. Just like that classmate. So then I did a 30 days without sugar challenge. It helped me very much in eating cleaner! But then it got to the starting point again. In my 15, I couldn’t control my eating habits. I am 15 now. I have grown stronger since the day I started the second time. Still, eating clean for me is a great problem. I think I start craving for unhealthy food when it comes to tea. It’s kind of a tradition in my family, even country. We always drink tea. And always with some snack. So I am trying hard to replace cookies with nuts. I think i’ve moved a lot since my start, but there are more things that I want to achieve. I want to stop overeating. I think I even want to stop it not because of the body I want, but because of the feeling I get. Like I’m some animal and don’t deserve the things that really think people deserve. Like thin people are more emotionally deep and more smart because they live their life not because of the food. Because of living. And I wake up everyday and think of breakfast… I am 163 cm and my weight is around 54-56. I stopped checking my weighting scale because I hate myself afterwards so much. Or feel happy and hungry. But I will continue to do your videos. They are all so positive and emotionally kind (Idk how to say this). They help me cope in the hard times. And I do believe, that I will achieve my goal. Maybe not now. But now I will prepare my body for the change that it is waiting for. I will continue working out and eating clean. I hope it works so much. The delivery of popflex stuff to my country costs so much and we aren’t very rich. So my parents won’t allow me to buy anything. That’s why I hope so much to win the planner. I’ve never won anything in my life! And this would help me so much to continue my journey. I love planning! It’s part of my personalitie type. I know that this planner will help me. Good luck Cassey in your 90 days challenge! Keep going. You make me a bit more happy every day!

  262. Rovika says:

    I subscribed to you back when I was in high school, initially just looking on YouTube for fitness tips to lose weight. Now I’m a post-undergraduate full-time working woman, and you have helped improved my mentality towards working out to become a stronger person, physically and mentally. Thank you for that! Not only did my own habits of eating more wholesome help me become healthier, but my mindset with exercise is now geared towards challenging myself while having fun and being grateful that I have this valuable vessel of a body to support me. Thank you again, and push through this 90-day challenge!! :~)

  263. Alyssa H says:

    I’ve been watching your channel since I was 13 and im currently 20. In the beginning it was because you were always so enthusiastic during your videos and it kept me in a good mood while working out. Now it’s because I’ve watched you through your journey and I’ve just recently had my 2nd child and I’m going through a divorce and I’m working on getting myself back and I’m doing that with the help of Blogilates.

  264. Jolien says:

    Hi Cassey, I have been following you since 2012. In the beginning it was because I searched for a workout to do in my bedroom. I found lots of different workout videos, but some were so boring that I didn’t even want to complete them.:’) I was always going back to your happy videos, with lots of talking and colors and motivation!! Now, I honestly love how your workout videos are switched up between PIIT and pilates. So on the piitpocket app I will always find fun workouts to kick my ass. Also love the motivation you always give! Love from Belgium

  265. Cathy Cuenca says:

    I have never been an active or fit person. The most I’d ever last going top the gym and/ or working out was a week, 2 wks tops. With you, I feel I’m working out with a friend. A friend that knows we are all busy but still makes videos short, fun and positive! Especially when you’re feeling the burn, I think “ok I’m not alone”. Thank you for that. I have been doing your #100glutechallenge and I have never been more proud of myself for sticking to it!! Day 26 😀

  266. Marine says:

    I follow blogilates since so many years now! Doing again and again the beginner calendar (at least trying hehe) and I don’t know but there is something that keeps me coming back to your videos. I love your positivity and that you work on the body AND the mind. I’m doing 28 days summer sculpt now and I actually do it everyday and I’m so motivated. Thank you for being a inspirational person!

  267. Annie says:

    I follow blogilates because Cassey is inspirational, creative, and smart. I like your designs and know you work hard to perfect them. Your drawings and handwriting are amazing. You’re self disciplined and goal oriented, which is incredible! Additionally, I believe you’re a genuine and friendly person.

  268. Angela says:

    I just ran across one of your workout videos on YouTube, and started watching your videos. I didn’t even really realize you had a Blogilates website until you announce your 90-day Journey. I absolutely love reading your blog everyday, and it is helping me have more Resolve with working out and eating healthy. I I am jealous of your willpower with your food and your lack of snacking, haha. While I don’t do Pilates all the time, every time I do one of your videos I am surprised by how hard the workout is and you make me smile. You are an uplifting person!

  269. Hannah says:

    I started following you because I work weird hours and have trouble getting to the gym! It’s so much easier to grab my mat, head to the porch, and turn on one of your videos. I know I’m going to get a good workout no matter how much time I have. However, I’m not as committed as I wish even though I killed it with the 28 day challenge I fell off afterwards and I think this journal could be all the motivation I need to stay on track!

  270. Natasha Rodriguez says:

    I follow because your positivity and energy give me light and hope to stick with my journey of getting into shape and leading a balanced healthy lifestyle.

  271. Lauren says:

    I really look forward to reading your posts daily. You know, I would enjoy watching a movie about your life or reading a biography/book. You’re truly “royal” and elegant, amazing, inspiring and beautiful, yet you somehow also have this energy of being like someone “familiar” like everyone knows and loves (truly a rare combination) Kind of like the people’s princess-Princess Dianna had. You have a vibe of being genuine to yourself and always striving to improve and become the best version of yourself because of self love, but that strongly uplifts and gently supports others to do the same through your example and you have an honest desire for people to be happy, healthy, and fit. Besides that, you motivate me with your challenges, and your bright, high vibe gives me a lift. The other thing that stands out is you let us see your humble, grounded human side (like pms and cravings!) and everything else in between. I could go on. If you happen to read this, as someone who admires and loves nice hand writing, I gazed at yours not just to see what you ate/exercised. I saw your hand writing as art! I could stare at it all day bedazzled:) Thank you for all your work for the world.

  272. Marzipan says:

    Well, even if I don’t win,I think it’s about time to say thank you.

    I was diagnosed with pretty severe asthma as a teen,this after i spent a chunk of my life loving being active.
    I gained a ton of weight and developed depression, I was 2 pounds from being obese at 18.

    I felt like a pile poop basically, I wanted so badly to run and exercise again but I was afraid my asthma would kill me.
    I hated it so much,until one day I found your workouts and your channel. They looked easy at first but then I tried them, they were hard,and made me feel sore but they didn’t make me breath super hard.
    So it was perfect for me i was actually excited,i even followed your calenders and started to eat better,the weight was coming off ever so sloooowly at first but I was starting to feel like me again.
    Tbh,i did think you were kind of annoying at first because you were so bubbly all the time, but now I think that’s one of the best things about you ,because smiles are contagious.

    Then one day ,the snow bunny blast came out,I wanted to try it.
    But I thought it could kill me,like literally kill me.
    But to my surprise, I finished it, all four rounds,I kinda felt like crying because it was the first time I had my heart rate that high and sweated so much in a long time.
    I was so happy asthma didn’t kill me!
    I felt alive again. Now I’m 23,I’m back at a healthy weight,I’ve kept it there for about 5 years now.
    And blogilotes helped a lot, thank you Cassey 🙂

  273. Raquel Flores says:

    I follow you because besides of having amazing workouts, you always post and share the most delicious and healthy food!!!

  274. AmyG says:

    I follow you because you approach fitness in a very real way, you and sir George make me smile too! Your workouts make me feel stronger inside and help with my mental health, you make me feel okay that my body doesn’t have to be 100% perfect, you have so many exercises that I have never seen or done before, and lord they are hard but they make me feel so accomplished after doing them 🙂 I tell all my girlfriends to check your page and do your workouts, I rave on n on haha honestly, through all the other instructors I’ve used and followed over the years, you cut through the bulls***, theres no bragging or wonderment, you just love what you do and that makes me love you, we need more instructors like you in the world x

  275. BRIDGET says:

    I follow you because your personality is really motivating.

  276. Noel Elrod says:

    I started following you after gaining weight after my wedding! Blogilates was the only fitness plan I was able to stick with for a whole month (and then more 🙂 ). Thanks for everything you do!

  277. Kitkat01 says:

    I started following you in middle school, I am now a young adult who has 5 kids and am looking to loose weight…so where do I go? Back to you!! You are so empowering and inspirational, I purchase your monthly calendars on your app and love how every day isnt reparative. While working out you ask questions and chat with your audiance……those small touches make such a warm and welcoming impact. I appriciate what you do, and love becoming stronger and more confident along side you!
    Thank you for all that you do ♡

  278. casidy_s says:

    I found Blogilates when searching for short videos to build up my strength after a long illness. I just did the 28 day summer sculpt & feel so strong!

    1. blogilates says:

      CONGRATS!! You are the winner of the giveaway! Please email to claim your prize!

  279. Carolina says:

    I’ve been following you for a while now. I think for the most part it’s because your workout videos work for me. They tend to be cheery but not to the point where it sounds fake? Lol I feel motivated to keep going when I’m watching your videos where as others I’ve tried over the years just either bore me or i just turn them off 😅😅. I started my own journey up again after being inspired by you during your own journey. I hope you aren’t coming down with something!

  280. CJS says:

    I first found blogilates when I was searching for workouts on youtube. I enjoyed them since they were challenging and then I still continued to follow blogilates both on youtube and the blog because you, Cassey, would always come up with something new and challenging that I’d be inspired to do. Challenges, certain workout series and this inspiring 90 day fitness journey. Following blogilates means that there will always be something to inspire me to be and do better so thank you Cassey for that.

  281. Sarah Hamer says:

    I started following you years ago & I honestly usually get bored with working out but not with you! You are so upbeat & I love your workouts! & I have absolutely loved your blogs as well!

  282. Priyanka says:

    I’ve been following you for more than 6 years now! It’s been great to see your journey to becoming so successful both personally and professionally 🙂 I wish you the best in life!

  283. Jessie Peasnall says:

    I follow because you’re real and funny and positive. You have such good energy, you seem like such a fun and cool person. It’s refreshing that you’re being so open and honest throughout this fitness journey and you’ve inspired me to do my own. So thank you! 😊

  284. Sharena says:

    I just moved to Illinois (originally from Tennessee) for work and have no money to buy fitness equipment or a gym/beachbody membership with. I’m not creative with workouts and I don’t mind running, but I also haven’t seen progress in a looong time. The move and harsh winter earlier this year were also not great for my weight. I looked up equipment free exercises on YouTube, found one of your apartment friendly workouts, and fell in love with Blogilates. Not only is it nice to do low-impact moves that are actually making a difference (I’ve been doing the 100 Glute challenge and beginner’s workout), but you are so happy, body-positive, and encouraging that it’s contagious! I’m sure blogging is super challenging, especially mentally since you probably feel pressured to appear a certain way for us viewers, so it’s really powerful to see you blog about your personal struggles and journey to overcome them. Can’t wait to see all that’s to come! Don’t quit!!!

  285. Chaly says:

    I really love how cheerful yet honest you are. And your workouts are super cool and interesting!!! Even if i don’t stick to a workout, I remember an exercise or a few for myself.
    Even though sometimes I don’t understand what are you saying during the workouts (I’m just learning English), the fact that you cheer the viewers up and understand (and accept!) the struggle us absolutely adorable:)
    I wasn’t following the blog much, but I try to read the blogs now, as your journey pretty much reflects the one I need to follow. You’re really cool:) I mean it. There are tons of other bloggers and YouTubers, but your blogs and your videos are always something special.
    Good luck on your journey ✨✨✨

    Btw, have you had the keto flu or any similar effects? I want to do a pazy keyo type of thing, but I don’t want to deal with keto flu or a change in tye smell of my body (i’ve heard it changes???) etc.

  286. Margarita Diaz says:

    I found you on YouTube on one of my many searches. I’m a stay at home mama of 2. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression. Working out helps with it greatly but needed the right person to make me come back and you did. Your positivity and hearing you talk has me feeling like I can do anything. Your honest, open about things and feel like a great friend who motivates me even if you don’t know me.

  287. Lydia Burchett says:

    I follow blogilates because I love how encouraging Cassey is. Following her workouts has always pushed me and shown me how much I can keep going when I think I can’t. In my opinion, she’s one of the best fitness instructors around!

  288. echew says:

    i first started following because you were asian(!) and making amazing fitness videos. i stuck around because you post amazing workouts and represent asians by being true to you and showing that we are more than meets the eye.

  289. Melanie E says:

    I started following Blogilates last year when I was completely broke and wanted to try free exercises. I KEEP following because Cassey is real

  290. Corn says:

    I found out about your channel through the 100 ab challenge! Curious about it and after watching your before and after, it felt so real to see a person who has insecurities about their body. It did make me feel better about myself seeing everyone has insecurities and the best thing we can do is work our hardest, love our bodies through any situation, and not let anybody else’s opinions about our body change our perception because it is not anyone else’s problem. I am extremely happy to see and follow this journey and watch you become a better you.

  291. Chaly says:

    My period just ended haha
    Stay strong!!! It’s kinda hard to stay on track during period, but you can do iiit🥰

  292. Korryne says:

    I love blogilates because of how fun and energetic the videos are! Plus the fact that I get an email every month with the workout scheduled for me makes it super easy to stay on track! I’ve tried sticking to workout schedules before, but they never stuck until I found blogilates on YouTube. Ever since then I’ve followed along and loved that I found something I could stick with!

  293. Jackie says:

    I’ve been following since 2013. My sister actually introduced me to you. I tried working out a couple times but I felt like it was too hard and too much work. Like, I can’t be bothered because I’m young and careless. This recent summer I actually considered trying to get myself into shape. At first it was about looking skinnier or shaving off the fat, but I learned that exercise made me feel so much better about myself. I’ve never been so alive, aware, and happy. Stress doesn’t get to me the same anymore. I want to keep feeling this way so I continue to follow your videos. You’re so motivating! I hope to meet you and thank you in real life one day.

  294. Gillian says:

    I follow you because your upfront honesty is encouraging to me and is a constant reminder that being healthy doesn’t mean not enjoying the foods I love. Your journey here has inspired me to keep going on my own, even when things get hard (and knowing that a failure isn’t the end of the world). I’ve also gotten some inspiration for new things to cook by reading your meals for the day.

  295. Kristen williams says:

    I follow since I did your ab challenge and my Zumba instructor encouraged me to do the glute challenge too!

  296. Nicole C says:

    I first started following you for the at home workouts. I like your energy and positivity, plus all the content is top notch.

  297. Morgan says:

    I love following your health journey because I’m really into fitness and your blog is so down to Earth and relatable.

  298. Laura O'Neill says:

    I follow for the ab videos!

  299. Kathleen says:

    You go Cassey!!! I love reading your blog posts every day they’re so great!! I really enjoy reading about the different classes you’ve been taking; that’s something I’m wanting to do myself!!! I enjoy following Blogilates because you are so positive and encouraging and I love seeing how far you and your company have come along over the years!! I’m so happy for you, your company, and your 90 day journey!!

  300. Sarah says:

    I’ve just started reading your blog posts to help me develop some self care. I recently had a baby and I Ann trying to work through some postpartum rough patches.

  301. Melanie says:

    I started following blogilates, at first because I needed to find a new way to exercise at home with a new baby, I stayed because even though I don’t follow all of your videos, I try, and I have been learning. The blogilates page has helped me a lot with keeping on track as much as I can with the monthly workout calendars. And this journey of yours has me inspired and motivated. I am starting my own journey on Tuesday after the long weekend. I have been reading your blogs this whole time during your journey and am very happy to be reading positive things about weight loss and body image for personal reasons. I just love your enthusiasm and energy too. 😀

  302. Audrey says:

    I love following you & your journey because it’s so inspiring! I’d love to win this journal!

  303. Alexis S. says:

    I’ve followed blogilates for about 5-6 years now because it was a workout I truly enjoyed, and I liked that I got to know you as I worked out. You’re a real person, about the same height as me, with similar strengths and viewpoints on health and weight and mental wellness with regards to food, so that’s why I kept following even though I’ve stopped doing blogilates workouts (because now I take classes at the studio I teach pop pilates at!!).

  304. Tess says:

    I’ve followed Blogilates for the past 6 1/2 years. I found you through Pinterest as I was looking up workouts because I was getting bored with what I was doing. I’ve kept following you because you’re always transparent, honest and you’re so motivating and inspiring! Also I can recommend them to anyone because your content is always appropriate and thank you for that 🙂 <3 I've learned so much about Pilates, being healthier and you just from reading your blog and watching your videos

  305. Bee05 says:

    My older sister began doing your workouts in around 2014, and she shared it with me and my sisters. I was about 8 at the time, and I loved the fact that I could workout and get stronger than everyone 😉 I’m really competitive and very choleric. Also, it was my older sister who showed me the workouts, and of course I had to do it because she was doing it. I did the beginners calendar off and on for about 2-3 years, but then I did the advanced calendar off and on for about 1 1/2 year. I never was able to complete one month because I was really busy with school and playing even though I’m homeschooled, which should have made it easier, but working out was not a top priority of mine. In 2018, I tried to do her previous challenges to slim down, but I never stuck to it. January, 2019 was where I began to get serious, and now I workout almost every day with one of my younger sisters. I love you Cassey because you have always motivated me (even when I was screaming at you because it hurt so bad) I love your energy, how kid-friendly your workouts are, and how you always encourage us, even when your life isn’t going so well. Sorry for the long post! Thank you so much for all you do, and love you!! <3 <3

  306. Suzannesiah says:

    You are always an inspiration Cassey. Started my fitness journey 6 years ago. I remembered scrolling through YouTube searching for a 5 mins or a 10 mins workout as a kickstart of my fitness journey. Your videos are so motivating as if we are working out together. Lost over 25kgs in 2 years and now maintaining my weight. Thank you so much Cassey. 🤗 It will be great to have this fit journal while i continue my fitness journey.

  307. Zhara Harney @pete_the_polar_bear says:

    I’ve been following blogilates for about a year now. I believe what made me stay was how genuinely positive you are! You are always looking to better yourself and others around you. Watching your videos has inspired me to become the best person I can be! <3

  308. Cassie says:

    I follow Blogilates because your energy and drive inspires me and you never fail to make me laugh with you during workouts!

  309. Jessica S. says:

    I’ve been following Blogilates for a few years now and I just absolutely love the style of pop Pilates. When I found this site I was really out of shape and the beginners calendar was perfect for me to start with. I love having a planned workout for everyday and Cassey you just make everything so much fun! I really enjoy working out now and I am loving watching your own journey. I would love to have one of these journals to really motivate me to keep pushing myself since I have been in a little bit of a slump. Thanks for everything you do for us Cassey!

  310. Brianne says:

    I love following you because of your attitude. You’re so upbeat and driven but also down to earth and realistic about your goals, what it takes to reach them, and what you are capable of at the moment. And you are so open and honest, which I appreciate. It means so much to see that a fitness person doesn’t have it all together and that it’s perfectly okay and valid, and they are still kicking butt.

  311. Nicole Jyllian says:

    I’ve been following your blog since 2013 while I was still in college (wow time flies hahaha) because I like how real and authentic you are!

  312. Hilina says:

    I’ve had a hard relationship with my body and fitness for most of my life. It always felt like I was doing the Wrong and unhealthy thing or taking action for very wrong reasons. I follow blogilates because it was a place for fitness that didn’t have the main focus I was being flooded with everywhere else: lose weight and exercise because then you might be pretty. You talk about getting strong, feeling good, and improving yourself for YOURSELF. Not for other people or how they’ll see you, but for being comfortable in your life. It was really motivating to do the workouts without having to feel uncomfortable with my body.

    Also, congrats on 2 weeks Cassey!

  313. Emily says:

    I follow blogilates because you inspired me to work out! You helped me feel like I could do it. And you encouraged me by talking and smiling even when it got tough! That distracted me more than most instructors I have ever come across. Plus free Youtubes that I can follow from home when I can’t afford a gym membership. Plus, pilates make me feel GOOD! Wow. There are so many reasons I have done your videos (off and on but never ‘quitting’) over the past five years! Thanks Cassey! 😀

  314. Cynthia says:

    I’ve been a Popster for a few years now and I’m excited to have a planner to track my progress, especially my workouts and eating. Thanks Casey for the giveaway and for sharing your journey with us! You (and Blogilates) been such an inspiration throughout the years, especially during periods where I was feeling unmotivated or down from stress. I’m hoping that I can be more consistent with my workouts and eating healthier.

  315. Silver Fae says:

    I have been following you for years, you have made so much progress in everything! Congrats

  316. Fiona H. says:

    I followed you initially because I wanted to find workouts that I could just do in my dorm room (back in 2010). As time has passed, I’ve enjoyed your workouts but much more your personality and determination! It has constantly encouraged me to work on my health and fitness and not listen to criticism. You are definitely someone to look up to!

  317. Azure says:

    I followed blogilates back when I was in middle school and I wanted to feel confident going into high school! I have always been very chubby my whole life and being short doesn’t help! But I saw results and through out highschool I used your videos and plans to make my goal♥️ I then graduated and things started going a little down hill and I used food as a way to cope. Family things happened I also had some blood issues discovered sometime after my now fiance was going through bootcamp at the time. I gained everything back. So I remembered your workouts and how it was like you were there for me at my downest times on myself. You are helping me to this day start from the beginning again and I forgotten how fun you make working out being! Thank you for being you♥️♥️

  318. Hannah says:

    Hi Cassie! I started following Blogilates about a year ago and it really is the most realistic and uplifting fitness site!! You are a total motivation and after I read your 90 day blog posts, I come off smiling!! Thank you for being so joyful and happy in the midst of pressure!! One of the greatest things you can do in life is to stand firm even though people condemn you. And that is what you do. Thank you for this wonderful blog!! (And the workouts work)

  319. Shiann Sampson says:

    I follow you because I found your YouTube channel by accident back in May of 2015 whenever I was just starting out on my fitness journey. Pop Pilates was the first workout program that I actually enjoyed doing and it has helped me gain so much confidence and lose weight as well. I realized that it’s not all about the way you look, but rather how you feel. I love your positive energy!

  320. Jaime (SW_Pants) says:

    I first started following because you offered something different each day. Not only that, but you update on a consistent basis and make sure different target areas are addressed. You have things with and without weights; standing and laying; a mixture of all.

    I continue to follow for a few reasons:
    – What I sated above.
    – You and I are the same age, and I love being able to connect with more “young” adults who are not-so-“young” anymore (for that demographic).
    – You let me explore new things about the world and myself.
    – You are you, and you are about body positivity. Your clothing line in particular truly shows diversity and you don’t make that the brand. A lot of companies are like “OH LOOK WE HAVE THINGS FOR LARGER WOMEN!” and you’re all “okay I have things for people.” I didn’t realize how much we need that until you came along.

  321. Laura Slater says:

    I follow Blogilates because it inspires me to be better. Cassey, you’re so positive, motivated, and encouraging it gives me so much more faith in myself. Plus, your challenges are challenging, and give me awesome results! And the community it way more positive and friendly than other sites, and blogs. Thank you for being you, especially when being true to who you are and what you want isn’t always as popular with certain individuals. You are the best! Please never stop! ~ L

  322. Kara Newell says:

    I’ve followed Blogilates for years because you’re so real! I love how you genuinely love working out and are open about struggles you’ve experienced. You’re body positive, not just because you embrace who you are but because you’re striving to be better. You’re inspiring me to feel the same way! I also appreciate that you clearly know what you’re talking about!

  323. Moya Laboy says:

    I love La Croix my aunt buys them all the time my favorite flavor is the pink grapefruit

  324. Nicole says:

    In 2013 I needed something I could do from home that didn’t cost anything and kept me going. My friend introduced me to your workouts and the dietbet you were doing that month. At first I was like this chic is too much for me. How the crap is she so perky while doing all of these moves?!?! I can barely breathe!!! But I fell in love with the workouts and the fact I could access everything on youtube. I love the calendar and how easy it is to workout without thinking too hard on what to do that day!!

  325. PENNY YEAN says:

    Cassey! I started followed Blogilates on youtube & insta since 2012!! It was 8 years back! OMG time fliess, from the time when I was still a high school girl to uni then until now started working for 1 year plus! I rmb first discover your video working on inner thighs (for enhancing my body for ballet classes! Im an adult ballerina! re-start ballet after 10 years!) and I rmb my thighs in sore for a few days! T.T I really love your 90 days challenge and it is really inspiring! I read your blogpost everyday and motivate myself. I wanted to start my 90 days challenge as well but I didn’t follow the plan strictly! I saw your instaTV just now, and you pointed out the important parts that struck me! KNOW YOUR WHY is sooo important! I shall find out my WHY and embark my journey, again! Thank you Cassey!! I love youuu~~~

  326. Heather E says:

    Hi! I follow you because I started doing some of your workouts a few years ago in a fitness bootcamp. I love your energy and cheerfulness. I love that you’re real. You aren’t just barking at us to do this move over and over again and ignore the burn. You’re encouraging. Outside if workouts, you are so sweet and fun to watch! I just think you’re real and amazing. ❤️

  327. Krystal says:

    You’re real and I love it!

  328. Charity says:

    I love b populated because it is fun energetic and Cassey keeps here videos appropriate so I can do them in front of the kids I babysit, and I don’t have to worry about cussing. I have been doing them f or about 2 months and have lost about 2 and a half lbs and am gaining muscle tone. Thank you Cassey

  329. Vearra L. says:

    I’ve never had the courage to do as I want. I’m honestly scare to even try because I care too much about what people think. I want to see if writing it all out will really make a difference for me.

  330. Nim says:

    I found Blogilates about 4 years ago when I wanted to start my own fitness journey at home. Since then, I’ve loved how innovative, fun, and challenging your videos and workouts are! I’m a college student now and love that I can do my workouts right in my room in between classes and not have to worry about running to the gym! Plus, it’s always great to see a successful female leader thriving!

  331. Megan says:

    I’ve followed you for awhile since I was in high school now I’m a stay at home mom of 2 little ones a 1 year old and a newborn I have to workout from home a lot and your workouts help me do that! Love u lots

  332. Jamie says:

    Hi Cassey! Been a huge fan for a long time. I originally followed your Blogilates YouTube because I wanted to learn and do Pilates and Yoga at home as there were few local classes and I felt very insecure around others so I did Pilates on my yoga mat at home as best I could following your videos, now I still love following along but being a huge foodie I absolutely love all of your cooking videos and any you even just discuss food in, you give me positive inspiration daily through Twitter or when I visit your YouTube channel, so from that one reason I followed you years ago when I was in college there are 3 reasons now I continue following you, on YouTube, Twitter, reading your blogs and watching every new video you post! ❤️

  333. Mizzie says:

    I’m nearing 60 and I find your motivation and positive attitude very supportive as I regain some strength after not being able to maintain workouts for a few years. I’m proud to say I’m on my way back to me!

  334. Kristen H says:

    About 2 yrs ago I was looking for some hiit style cardio workouts and accidentally came across Blogilates. I was in a serious cardio rut and I needed some serious motivation! Well I sure found it!! I love to mix the piit28 workouts with poppilates to get that total body workout with a blast of cardio. You are just a real person and I love that about you. Trying to figure out life, just like the rest of us! Thanks for getting my butt into cardio gear!! Isn’t it funny that you hate cardio but you’re somehow making me do it?!? Thank you Cassey!

  335. Lara Fernanda Sampaio says:

    I first started following blogilates because I started dancing and wanted to be more flexible. So I started to do your stretching routines, and it did help me a lot. Nowdays I am still improving my flexibility, I do your bedtime stretch routine almost every night, and basically know everything that you’re gonna say next in the video.
    After a while following your channel I decided that I wanted to get fit, so I went on a diet and watched some of your videos for research (on this diet I lost 10kg). I usually don’t do workout videos, but for some reason I really enjoy watching them. I’m still planning to do the 100 ab challenge (I started doing but didn’t finished it, and I watched it all 😂).
    This sunday i started my diet all over again because in less than a year i regained 6 of those 10kg that i’ve losted, and I’m planning to get used to working out instead of just warming up and stretching. Reading your blog and your 90 days journey is really helping me to go through mine. Thank you so much for your videos and your positively, it really helps me and lots of other people ❤️.

  336. Irena says:

    I follow Blogilates because you give me the inspiration and motivation to push myself and work as hard as I can!

  337. Frances says:

    Hi! Just popping in to say I follow you for great videos and workouts!

  338. justmechris says:

    I follow blogilates because I find it so convenient and well organized yet still motivating and effective! I used to work out regularly until I moved out for college and fell completely out of my routine due to stress and lack of time. Even after graduation, I had a really tough time getting back on track. Sometime late last year, I was in search of some workout videos to try on Youtube and came across blogilates. After looking into it a bit, I decided to start the beginner’s calendar in January. I was pleasantly surprised by how challenging and effective the workouts were, and since then, I’ve been doing the monthly calendars on and off. I absolutely HATE gyms and probably will never join one, but I love that blogilates makes working out so flexible and accessible for my lifestyle. Plus, while it took me a little while at first to get warmed up to your bubbly personality, I’ve grown to love your infectious energy and enthusiasm for inspiring positive change in so many lives, including mine. Thanks for all you do and for being so open and real with us. 🙂

  339. gabmlove says:

    I started following Blogilates when I was in high school and getting into health and fitness. I loved your energy and authenticity and that I could do your workouts anywhere. Now I’m in grad school and have loved all of your content – including your realness about your health journey.

    1. Frangelica O says:

      I follow Blogilates because of the down to earth real talk on all things life, fitness and wellness. I love your energy and positive mindset. Your workouts are fun and make me look forward to my lunch break when I get to workout. I have worked out for years and years, but when I started your workouts I finally saw results and felt strong. Also, your blog posts are funny and very relatable. Most fitness blogs make me feel bad about myself for not being a certain size and looking a certain way, but yours always leaves me feeling good. Thank you for all that you do!!

  340. Alix says:

    This post is exactly the type of content for which I follow Blogilates! I had my period at the beginning of the week and same as you I felt sooo hungry! I ate everything and anything I could find it was terrible and I felt so guilty … because I had managed to lose some weight during the spring (almost half my target!) and get fitter until the end of July but in August I’ve been feeling like I’ve relapsed 🙁 however your post is helping me so much leave the guilt behind, and with your 90 days challenge you’re giving me motivation to pick up where I left off and create healthier habits 🙂 Also I’ve loved your workouts for years which is why I started following you! but now I’ve understood that the way you eat is also a huge part of getting fitter so I’m following you for all the motivation and meal ideas you give us as well (cause I love your simple and quick recipes that I can actually make myself!!) So thanks for everything Cassey and good luck on your journey I know you can do it 🥇💫💪🏼

  341. Dana says:

    I love you Cassey! I have followed blogilates because you are such an inspiration to all ages and genders. I love what you believe is beautiful and I hope to become as incredible as you are. Could you make a video on how to resist temptations to junk food and how to portion food? I have been struggling with that due to me eat a surplus of food after my ED.

  342. Aly says:

    I follow blogilates because I love the energy and the realness that she exposes.

  343. Karen Lee says:

    I follow Blogilates because it gives me motivation, knowledge and just makes me happy.. your happiness on most days definitely is contagious 🙂 I think it was naive of me when I was younger to take my body shape/type and metabolism for granted as I truly never felt obligated to work out or aim for a specific goal. On comes my 30s and the goal setting is real. And I need so much help. It’s hard to come to terms with new changes especially to health, but it’s important to be realistic too. So I continue to follow Blogilates and try my best to work out and follow along!

  344. Sherry says:

    I follow blogilates because I love your workouts and your positive vibes about fitness and life in general. I’ve been following you since 2015 and still continue to do your workouts. I like your workouts as it like having a chat with a friend and you give great inspirational advice which helps me to keep going in life and to get to the end of the video 🙂

  345. Liz R says:

    I follow Blogilates because Cassey helped me lose 40 pounds that I didn’t even know I needed to lose! I was looking for something to make me feel better mentally, and the weight loss was just an added bonus. Thank you, Cassey!

  346. Krystle says:

    Blogilates has consistently been a network I have followed for 10 years off and on. I love your energy and the multitude of workouts at all variety of levels.

  347. Amber says:

    I follow blogilaties because I love the workouts! I never get bored or dread working out with you.

  348. Leti says:

    I started following Blogilates during my sophomore in college. This was a time in which I was at my heaviest and I decided I needed a change. I found Blogilates through a Tumblr post and from there a whole world of a new kind of workout was opened to me. I love that you can do the workouts pretty much anywhere. They are challenging, but not super hard for me to do. I con honestly say doing pop Pilates has helped me lose weight and get stronger.

  349. JoAnna @schradventuretime says:

    I started following you 8 years ago because your energy, and just how real you were with us in your videos. I loved that you talked the whole time, which gave me something else to concentrate on besides the soreness that was to come. You made it about overall health, not just looking good (although that is a nice plus 😉).

  350. Laura says:

    Hi Cassey,

    First of all, thank you for this giveaway. Even if I don’t win, I love that you’re asking us why we follow you. I follow you because I wanted to be able to do pilates in the comfort of my own home and you made that easy with your Youtube videos. I love that you use contemporary pop music to your videos too. But the reason I keep following you is because you’re honest and genuine with us. I feel like I could meet you randomly on the streets and you’d still be the same sweet Cassey from your videos. You have a strong, warm and invited spirit! Please keep up the amazing work and good luck!

  351. Melissa Enge says:

    I follow Blogilates because it’s always so positive! I’m a pretty emotional person (both happy and sad), so it’s really wonderful always knowing there’s an inspiring blog post, fun workout, or crazy challenge here waiting for me! Thank you for all that you do, Cassey! 🙂

    1. Andrea says:

      I just started following when you started the 90 days. Life is of course crazy and I need to get back in the groove with my eating plan and workouts. After years of issues related to hyper mobility I finally got it together and saw a professional. Now I have an exercise plan that will help my pain levels and joint stability so I can get back to the activities I love. But first I need to get consistent with the boring stuff. I need inspiration and find it here.

  352. Ayesha Farooqui says:

    I’m loving these daily posts! I follow Blogilates mostly for the workouts that I can do at home for free! I literally have no excuses not to work out.

  353. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve followed you for a long time. I like your realness and your entrepreneurial skills. In a world of fakes you seem like a decent and genuine person :).

  354. K B says:

    I follow blogilates because it’s the first workout program that makes me feel confident. Having been really not a healthy person, I’ve been trying to really get healthy and strong these last few years, but every time I’d start an online exercise program I’d quickly lose motivation and give up. Since I’m young I can’t always pay for gym memberships at anywhere I want to try, nor can I always just go to the gym. In addition I always get anxious exercising in front of other people. You have a supportive platform and community that makes me actually want to become stronger and happier. Your positivity encourages me and your honesty and openness makes me feel like you, although stronger than me, aren’t some stranger on a pedestal. The program works really well for me.

  355. abbschaefer says:

    I follow blogilates because the workouts that you do are the first workouts that keep me wanting to come back and work out every day. In high school I did competitive dance and so I never had to worry about working out and staying healthy because every day I was going to class and dancing. At this point in my life, I have tried so many workout plans and I can never stick to them, but I have now followed blogilates for almost two months doing the daily workouts and most recently doing the 100 glute challenge and I can finally look forward to working out every day. I have been seeing your use of the fit planner and I think the planner would really help me to stay on track with my healthy lifestyle that I’ve been living. THANK YOU!!

  356. Meghali jain says:

    Hi Cassey I really need this fitness journal I m big followr of Ur channel. I m from India for the past 5 year i m continuously following your each and every video ur monthly calendar Ur recipes and also your lovely inspirational talks. I used to be very inactive and chubby girl but one day when just scrolling on videos on YouTube I saw Ur blogilates channel and when I saw Ur video of abs I thgt I can also o this as the way u was showing nd explaining and above all diverting us from the pain with Ur lovely talk I felt like yes I can do this. Tht was the day I started nd I m still continuously doing nd the day if I miss I doit onthe very second day. Ur truly an inspirational and motivational to me. I need this give away journal I will assure you I will use it to the best and daily I will keep updating you my plans my inches my workout. This journal is itself a complete my daily routine update and I will do justice to it

  357. Sherie says:

    Actually I found you back in 2010 and followed your blog posts regulary until 2012 when a different Casey came to be. I still loved your posts but no longer resonated with your fitness view.
    Funny enough you popped up on my instagram earlier this year and I started following you again and subscribed to your newsletter.
    Its wonderful to see you being your old true self, Ive always admired your passion and its nice to see you glowing again. I wish you all the best.

  358. Abby says:

    I’m following you because I think you’re exercises are accessible and your challenge is keeping me motivated as I make lifestyle changes.

  359. Ruth Ayue says:

    OMG I’m so mad coz I just wrote a long comment but somehow it doesn’t show up 😭😭😭 Anyway, I dunno why I started following you coz it’s been a while but I’m pretty sure I keep following you not only because pop pilates is like the workout for me (no need to go to the gym, no need to count the reps) but also I find you aren’t intimidating. Lots of fitness trainers are insanely bulk/lean but tbh you look like me (at least before I gain tons of weight) except you’re a lot stronger! I hate it when ppl don’t believe that I’m working out just because I’m not getting thinner, and I kinda get a personal affirmation from you. Also you’re so real that I feel like you’re THAT fitness instructor whom I befriended and therefore I gotta go to your class everytime. LOL

  360. Allie says:

    I follow blogilates because you have killer workouts, and I love your 30 day challenges! Also I just love your energy!

  361. aurora says:

    i love your content it helps keep me motivated to lose weight and im getting to my goal weight but it will take time but thanks to you i have the work outs and motivation i need. your different from others you do the programs with us instead of just telling us what to do.

  362. Alicia says:

    I follow you because I am a ballet student and use your workouts to help my dancing!!

  363. Victoria says:

    I love your community and has allowed me to be active at my Level of fitness while still pushing myself

  364. annegvall says:

    You are doing so great! That restaurant doesn’t look awesome though… kinda boring looking food! So as for why I follow you. I started a whiiiiiiile ago, maybe 6 years ago? Or was it 7? Anyway, I’ve been doing your workouts on and off since then and even got my sister into it. The best part was that almost 5 years ago now, I moved away from home because of the military. The first few months were pretty hard, but I was doing the monthly calendar with my sister and talking about it every day on the phone kept us connected (and fit ahah) so it ended up being a huge mental support on top of physical fitness. We also tackled hiit28 together (tho long distance still) when it first came out! Keep up the good work, keep being real, we love you for it!

  365. Mirvat alkabbani says:

    I’m a mother of 6 Beautiful children ranging from 19 – 2. I need as much motivation as I can get.

  366. Jennifer Booth says:

    I started following you when I felt bloated and just wanted to do a workout and found you randomly on youtube. That was 2014. Now I’ve been doing your workouts for so long that I follow you because I feel like we are friends! (And also for the workouts too)

  367. Samantha says:

    Seeing you in my feeds is a daily reminder to put my health higher on my priority list than it sometimes can get to be. You are a ray of sunshine 🙂

  368. Dana says:

    Cassey helped me through some tough times. I was recently in the hospital for being extremely under weight due to an ED. Cassey helped reach a healthy state of mind and now I am cured! I used to be afraid of eating bananas and now I could eat a burger and a cake afterwards and not feel bad. I have been weight restored since June and I couldn’t have reached that without blogilates. I am healthy and stronger than ever because of you, cassey! And now I dont excersise for vanity. I workout because it makes me feel good. This is why I follow blogilates. Because it makes my life the best it could possibly be! Cassey is the most beautiful person ever and I am so glad she shared herself with the world. Now we can all learn to be like her. She is absolutely amazing! Love you Cassey!💕❤

  369. Julienne says:

    I follow Blogilates because it holds me more accountable on that days that it’s tougher to stay on track. On the days where I should be doing something but have a really difficult time bringing myself to find the strength & motivation to do so.. Blogilates is kind of like a check mark for me to get back on track, stay on track, and find where I left off. Given that we all have our own pace and routines, it’s just nice to follow someone true to being human. You’re doing what so many of us could do but just weren’t brave enough to follow through. So thank you for being unapologetically human and overcoming all the things that tell you otherwise.

  370. Baleen says:

    I have been following Blogilates since 2012. It started with me finding workout videos on youtube and Cassey’s are awesome. Then, after doing several of the workouts for a few weeks, there must have been a link to a calendar or something that made me interested to read her blog. I’ve been following since. I enjoy the tips, the “true talk”, the general vibe. I do get bugged down with the drama of haters (haters are going to hate, that’s where they want to spend their energy), but I”m still here, because I do enjoy the blog. I am so glad you’re back on to writing, Cassey, I missed it!

  371. eo4wellness says:

    Think you are doing great! I follow you on YouTube, here at your blog, on Twitter and Instagram because of the results I’m getting from doing your calendar workouts.

    1. Petra says:

      I started following you many many years ago. I love how positive and encouraging you are and how you stay true and honest with your fans 🙂

  372. Elise says:

    I love your energy and your positivity. I love working out with you. You keep me motivated. You are inspiring. You make me feel good about myself and accepting my body the way it is (not too flexible yet). Thank you for all of that !

  373. Alice says:

    Hi Cassey ♡
    You’re one actually the first ‘fitness guru’ I found on my own (someone recommend Mel b to me earlier but you had bunch of various videos that spoke to my muscles more hahaha)
    And that’s silly but what kept me is your talking 🙂 I feel like you had a big impact on me learning English (I got comfortable with hearing it in the least expected moments) and the pose names! Later on, when I got into yoga, it was a bit easier for me since there are so many similar poses in the Pilates you teach! (Btw I, and many more, would really love a long long classic (blogi/pilates) class!! With a bit of extra spice in it)
    I seriously treasure you so much that once I got jealous when I recommend you to my friends BC they fell for you right away hahahaha (I was so young and not so wise at that time)

    As for the planner… I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and really need to loose weight because
    1 I don’t fit in my clothes and don’t have money to buy new ones
    2 my fat makes it impossible to get into certain poses
    3 I’m insecure
    4 I got awfully lazy

    Sorry for making you read that all ;;

  374. misharr420 says:

    I follow you because you are REAL. I came across your videos for the first time back in 2012 when I decided to try working out for the first time IN MY LIFE. You made it approachable and fun and breaking it down to 10 min workouts kept me committed. Hint: It didn’t stick for long. About a year ago, I moved to a new city and decided I really wanted to change my priorities and just be a healthier/stronger/better person. I wasn’t ALL IN until the Summer Sculpt program this year, but since following your journey and seeing how committed you are to all of your followers understanding YOU and why you do what you do, I am motivated in ways I haven’t been in a long time. I have become OBSESSED with this Fit Journal since I came across it – I basically already do the same thing (I need a list for everything!!!), but this is just so darn cute.

    But thank you for everything you do. You are incredibly relatable, and I know it’s hard to be so open about your life and who you are, so I want to extra let you know how much it is appreciated!

  375. Nirvana says:

    Wow. I know most people don’t know where to start, but I do.
    First of all, you’re real and honest in all that you do. I stumbled upon Blogilates when I was just starting varsity and didn’t have time to go to the gym. I would simply put on a video in my flat and start working out. It was super hard in the beginning, til this day I can’t do the sumo squats (lean leg and inner thigh workout) without thinking back to how Cassey had me crying while working out. Lol this is actually a trip down memory lane. I then started seeing a difference, small, but nevertheless noticeable especially for me since I’ve always been the fat kid who was weird and did yoga.
    I found my peace in working out daily and the workout calendars? Girl!!! That’s how I got hooked in the first place. I saw a cool looking calendar that needed to be unlocked using a certain “password”. I get the password via email and I see workouts I don’t even know how to do. So here I am thinking how am I really going to workout if I don’t know these exercises. I started scrolling and exploring the page and BOOM, there’s YouTube channel that is actually takes you through the exercises and the girl doing the exercises? She’s not your typical overly skinny always-fit girl. Nah, she talks A LOT, smiles through the pain, admits when she’s tired and her guest appearances all look beautiful. I got the self confidence boost I needed through this blog and I couldn’t be more grateful.

    Ps. I’d still feel the same way even if I didn’t win. This is truly coming from the heart. A 22 year old girl who didn’t need a therapist and antidepressants, I just needed something real. A workout, laugh, coach and a bit of fun.

  376. Dana says:

    I have been following blogilates for 1 year now and it has truly inspired me to be my best, strongest and kindest self. The reason I started following blogilates was because I needed to get fit, and Cassey was so motivating and positive, with such an uplifting quality. Blogilates has made me actually look forward to exercising and has made me enjoy a challenge of any kind. Overall it has made my life a much better one to live. Cassey lifts me up when I am down and I am so thankful for that. Thank you Cassey❤!

  377. Shruti says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I follow Blogilates because I love the constant challenge and the message of focusing on how I feel, not how I look. The first time I did a Blogilates video, it was out of vanity because I hated the way my body looked. However I realized that the challenge of actually trying to make it through a video (it was 6 minute arms if I remember right…RIP my shoulders) gave me the motivation to try to get better independent of how I looked. This combined with the encouragement of working out to feel stronger and doing it for myself instead of conforming to society made me realize that Blogilates was the key to coming to peace with my body and whatever journey I took it on. Thank you so much for pushing me to become fitter and happier every day <3

  378. lizwhelan says:

    I follow because I love your workouts, and I’m here very day to read your 90 day posts. It’s wonderful to read about (and see) how happy you are with your challenge! 😊

  379. Brittany Booker says:

    Hello Cassey!
    I’ve been following blogilates since 2011. I was going into my second year of college and had gotten really out of shape. I was so embarrassed about it that I didn’t even want to go to the gym because I thought that I would be judged harshly for it. Plus I didn’t feel comfortable using any of the equipment there. So I went to YouTube and stumbled across blogilates. It didn’t take me long to instantly fall in love with your overly excited personality. You made me feel so loved like we had been best friends our whole life! It didn’t take long for me to see changes in myself both mentally and physically. I never felt like a failure no matter how hard I struggled no matter how much I messed up or physically couldn’t keep up with you. I would never give up. I got stronger and was in really good shape. Then I had two babies back to back and a very severe car accident that messed up muscles in my hip (detached) and my wrist. I got severely depressed and put on a bunch of weight. I was almost at 200 pounds. Fast forward to last October when I finally had enough! I found you again and I’ve been working hard to find myself again both mentally and physically. I’ve lost over 60 pounds my stats are pretty similar to yours now! I love how strong and empowered your videos make me feel! I wish one day I could meet you in person and tell you thank you!

  380. Anna N says:

    Cassey, I love your strength, you are such a positive role model! You give me the courage to break out of my comfort zone and motivate me to get up and get moving. I love how much you love your followers as well, as if we are all friends and everyone supports each other. Keep on keeping on! ❤️

    1. arit103 says:

      I started to follow Blogilates calendar five months ago to get in shape. I never stopped following it since then because I feel amazing after each workout session. My energy levels increased and I feel that I am getting stronger. It is the first time in my life that I start a fitness program and I stick with it. I consider myself as an active woman for the first time in my life and it feels pretty great!

    2. Bunny_Cute_Kpop_Lover says:

      Hello I am young blogilates fan but for me exercise is really important so that’s why I follow this channel and to be honest it’s really fun while the workout videos because you make jokes and motivate us to continue and not stop. I actually want to start my 90 days tranformation too on September 1 but I am starting ahead to get used to it first.

  381. Sarah says:

    Hey! I’d been eyeing the Fit Planner since you started posting your daily recaps and would love to win one. 😀 I follow you because I like you, Cassey. I found you back in 2009 and over the years I’ve just loved your content, period. I think it’s so interesting that you started this challenge frustrated that you hadn’t spoken your mind as much lately because I honestly had been thinking how much I missed your old blog posts. I love your Instagram too, but hearing you write out your thoughts more at length has felt like meeting up with an old friend again. 🙂 I also absolutely adore Popflex and think it’s so cool that you fulfilled your dream in a way that also happens to get me incredibly flattering, amazing, gorgeous stuff to wear to the gym. So yeah! I just think you’re great and that’s why I follow you haha.

  382. Nikki says:

    Started following you for the 30 day butt challenge, and am sticking around because you are so darn inspiring!

  383. Cara says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I have been following you and POPpilates since 2015! I absolutely love your workouts, posts and videos. I have gotten healthier both mentally and physically from following you on social media and I am so thankful for you and your posts!

  384. Tina says:

    Hi, i started following you about a year ago when i was searching apartment friendly cardio workout. I moved to another city to college and fast food did its work. I liked your positive energy so much i subscribed and followed you and i workout with you almost every day. Keep doing what you do. Xoxo

  385. Gogo says:

    I started doing pop pilates after the recommendation of a dear friend of mine. For a while, I been trying to exercise but always lacked commitment. So I decide to commit with another two friends to do the Pop Pilate challenge for beginners. At the end of the month, between your positive attitude and me repeating myself to feel the burn, I manage to finish and repeat the challenge before braving towards the regular Calendar challenge. I will admit I feel encouraged by you telling the audience to not give up on ourselves. The change was slow but welcome. I started to sleep better, my tense back started to unravel and old clothes I was almost ready to throw outfits again. I was always flirting in the dangerous line of being obese and now I am ten pounds from my regular weight. Thank you for helping me believe in myself again. <3

  386. Erica says:

    I follow Blogilates because you show your readers that healthy food can be fun and delicious! I am a big fan of Cheap Clean Eats (that cauliflower crust pizza is amazing!) and I have really enjoyed reading through your blog posts on your 90 Day Journey and discovering ways to fit healthy meals into a tight schedule! It is great to see that someone so committed to their career and loved ones can make time to work on becoming their best, healthiest, happiest, strongest self. I hope to use your recipes to cook for my family and show everyone the joys of eating whole, nutritious food!

  387. Andi says:

    I follow blogilates because you’ve amazing for the last 9 years I’ve been a part of this community! You never lose respect for where people are in their journey and make it easy to do SOMETHING everyday, even if it is just one of your 10 minute videos. I always feel you being supportive and finally putting yourself first shows me how much we owe you for everything you do!

    Most importantly, I’ve been able to use blogilates throughout my pregnancy (how amazing is that!) and stay feeling strong and healthy even though you don’t have a “program”. You have enough resources to build your own when needed 🙂

  388. Jane says:

    Hi Cassey!! It’s really funny, because on the very day you started your journey to get down to your fitness goals, I was actually doing the same thing! I just had 4 months of summer holidays, and enjoyed it down to the very last bit. And by enjoyment, I meant travelling to my heart’s content, and eating every single thing I like (biggest weakness being chips). I don’t regret any of these, but I knew it was time to start exercising and getting into shape for both health and confidence. And coincidentally, I saw your Day 1 post on Instagram, and have been reading your blog everyday!! I have been doing your workouts for years, and actually bought PIIT28 long ago. But I never got down to completing it. This time, I will finish strong, and all 28 days of it! Thank you for motivating me, Cassey 🙂

  389. Shae says:

    I’ve been following you for years! Your work out have always been super effective and easy to do any where. I’ve lost over 150 lbs for the years a lot of your videos helped get me here.

  390. Claire L says:

    Why I follow Blogilates: your pumped up attitude about life and working out is infectious!! I remember being in college and doing your YouTube Pilates routes with my friends and laughing because our abs were burning. Honestly I stay because you seem to have the most balanced approach, ready to work hard when you want to and also ready to enjoy life and all the things that can seem like “cheating” on your goals. What would life be without enjoying it? In one breath you tell me I can have all the physical goals I want for myself but it doesn’t have to compromise the mental aspect of having fun along the way.

  391. Sophia says:

    Hello Cassey! I have loved following Blogilates as of late because you have been so confident and true to yourself. Your words about not letting others tear you down have inspired me to take responsibility for my own actions and prepare for a better future. I love that you are showing your readers that it is possible to set goals whilst still being body positive. You have built an amazing community of strong, empowering women. Popsters are truly unique because they know that with hard work, determination, and kindness, they can do anything!

  392. Dear Cassey,
    I started following Blogilates when I was in Grade 11 and was super unhappy with my body. I still remember the first video I did – Full Body Pilates! You were wearing a yellow top and grey shorts and that workout killed me and I LOVED IT.
    Fast-forward to age 25 and I’m still faithfully following your journey and progressing along with you!
    What keeps me coming back? The infectious enthusiasm, the passion and discipline you openly display for working out and the fact that you drill us to LOVE and RESPECT OUR BODIES.
    And the most important part – how genuine, honest and authentic you are with your own journey and letting us know that it’s perfectly acceptable to LOVE our bodies while at the same time, not be afraid or ashamed of WERKING HARD TO MAKE OURSELVES STRONGER!