Blogilates Fit Planner 2016, Best Yoga Mat ever & Perfect 10 ABS!

Hey guys!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! Being back home in LA has been so nice for me. I love being at my house and at the Blogilates HQ getting things done. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for the opportunity to travel, but the process of traveling tires me out incredibly. I don’t pack until 1.5 hours before I head to the airport and I don’t unpack until 3 months later. Haha. It’s just bad.

Anyway, so glad to be back because with the holidays coming up, there are SOOOO many new things I have in store for you. READY!!?? I’m gonna give you just one for now…

The Blogilates Fit Planner 2016 IS COMING. I’m only showing you this corner right now because if I showed you any more, you would die. It is the most beautiful, most high quality, most thoughtful journal we have ever created. I AM SO PROUD OF THIS LITTLE BABY. From the golden trims to the hand of the paper to the hand-painted watercolor artwork inside…ahhh…mark your calendars for DECEMBER 6th!!! That is the day this beauty will debut itself to the world on blogilatesdesigns.com.

blogilates fit planner

This past year has been a lot about design for me. Though I love fitness, I find that a lot of times, it can be very dry, grungy, and boring. I mean, that’s how most fitness is. But when it comes to the Blogilates world, the things I wear and use need to be aesthetic, they need to have color, they need to motivate me, and I need to know that there was thought and love put into the product. It makes things so much more meaningful to wear. (more…)

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  • Nice, i liked
    poder do yoga http://yogaguia.com

  • Maria says:

    I love the mermaid theme !
    I’d love to see elephant theme maybe some shorts with cute little elephants or a tank top. I’m obsessed with elephants.

  • Bhavika lalwani says:

    OMG! thank you so damn much Cassey for all the work and videos you do for your popsters…..and am just sooooooo excited for the 2016 calendar….thanks for spending your precious time in making these calenders and designs…
    Love u always!

  • Gretchen says:

    Yay Cassey! I love my peony garden yoga mat! Compared to the one I got for my birthday this past summer, the couture mats are really thin, but I love the non-slip factor and the designs are so gorgeous! And I can’t wait for the 2016 calendar :) Hoping I can hint at it for a christmas present! Does anyone know what the cost range will be? I know it doesn’t debut until the 6th, and it’ll be crazy popular, but I didn’t get the 2015 one so I have no idea about the cost. Anyone? Anyway, I’m very excited!

  • Sarah Fern says:

    I think the mats look great. I’ve tried so many mats and most of them are too thin and don’t cushion very well particularly on hard tiles. I’ve also found that there’s a strong connection between moving our bodies and getting the creative juices flowing – well done! Your designs look great!

  • Déborah says:

    i love sport and thanks to you of motivated me

  • Tiffany says:

    Seriously, Cassie the peony mat is GORGEOUS! Been looking for a new mat and when I saw this new design, I was like DID SHE MAKE THIS FOR ME! :)

  • Those yoga mats are beautiful! So glad I saw these before the holidays. They’ll make great gifts :)

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  • Lara says:

    What’s the November calendar password? I never got the email.

  • Melissa says:

    As excited as I am for all of these gorgeous new products, I’m also a bit sad… mainly because I finally decided to splurge on myself and buy the journal and I was so excited when I ordered it. But now I feel like I should have just waited for the new one because it’s not too often that I like to splurge on stuff for myself. Even when they’re as cute as everything in the shop.

  • Shaiyma says:

    Hi m’y de at, hope you’re fine, your blog is just amaaazing!!!so fresh, i love it!!

  • Alexandra says:

    You inspired me to start getting healthy. I’m documenting my journey in my blog and I hope one day I’ll be as fit as you are. Kisses from Portugal. Love you.

  • Renee says:

    The yoga mats are SO BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us with the 2016 fit journal :) You are so creative Cassey.

  • Suzy says:

    Did any international popsters order the calender last year? Since postal service is quite slow in December and I live in Europe, I’m afraid that it might not arrive by New Year :(

  • Teiana says:

    I am sooo excited for the Blogilates Fit Planner 2016. I get so much more motivated when I right out what I ate, my workout, and how I’m feeling. It makes me feel better, especially when I get discouraged. Thank you Cassey!

  • Cassie says:

    These are the most beautiful yoga mats!

  • Tara Payne says:

    OHMYGOSH! I love these new mats! I really like the Peony Mat and So Many Succulents Mat! I literally cannot decide! I no joke got my yoga mat at five below… I know- I am so bad. That is what being poor and in college does to ya :/ hahahah. I am also new to your page and just subscribed in August! So my question is what is the workout planner exactly??

    <3 Tara <3

    • Teiana says:

      It’s basically a planner where you log your food, workout, water consumed, and thoughts of the day. Those were the things on the other planner but I’m sure the new one will have MUCH more perks. Hope that helped :)

  • Samantha says:

    I’m so in love with the Peony mat, but they’re far too expensive to ship here in Canada. They’re almost $100 by the time it gets here :(
    That’s a lot for a mat that my cat will pick at when he gets the chance to.

    • Shakerra says:

      Basically! I’m so nervous for the price of the journal. It’s definitely going to be a high price. That doesn’t include the exchange rate and possible customs. :(

  • Oh My! These mats are beautiful ♥ And I’m waiting so far for this planner. Looks so cool. Thanks Cassey :)

  • Megan B. says:

    I can’t wait to see the new journal! :) And I totally agree that knowing how much work and effort goes into your products, not to mention how beautiful they turn out, makes wearing them and working out in them exciting.

  • Aleah says:

    Omygosh I am sooooo excited for the fit year plan! I’m going to ask my parents for it for Christmas. I’ve never used a fitness planner before though… What’s it like? Also, I just did the abs workout. I nearly died! When we were planking at the end I was like “Cassey I hate you!” (In a good way of course :) ) I love th mats! Keep designing!

  • That peony mat is GORGEOUS!

  • I like the sunset festival :) keep designing mats!

  • Amethyste says:

    Oooh exciting news on the planner!!! :) Did the Perfect 10 Abs to round out my workout today (WHEN THE MUSIC DIDN’T END THOUGH… I was literally dying!!!) ~Amethyste <3