YouTube HQ & My Love for Whole Foods

YouTube HQ & My Love for Whole Foods

Yesterday I went to YouTube HQ to get interviewed by some Korean newspapers about being a YouTube personality. It was kind of cool because I never really get the chance to sit down and talk about what I do. The interview was good because it helped me recap my journey from corporate America right out of college to a job where I can teach people all over the world how to stay fit and healthy. I am really so grateful for all of this and all of you guys 🙂

Anyway, after the interview I asked if I could go down the famous YouTube slide. So I totally did. And I totally made a video. You should watch it!

Right now I am at Whole Foods!!!! (On the internet, blogging, and eating peanut butter…mmm….)

I always get so happy when I am here. I don’t know why. It’s like some kind of healthy living freak’s mecca. I can’t describe it. When I was walking up to the store, my heart was racing, and when I saw the mini carts I smiled. And then when the doors opened and I saw all of the perfectly stacked fruits and veggies – ahhh….I knew I was in heaven. Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I just a little crazy?

I gathered some goods for the Vegan Challenge beginning next Monday May 28th! Here’s what I got. And yes, as I promised I WILL have a shopping list for you by the end of the week so you know what to get this weekend to prep for Monday. Here’s a sneak peek into my grocery basket!

Ezekiel bread, soy yogurt, freshly ground unsalted organic peanut butter (MY FAVEEEE!!! AHHH!!!!), quinoa, and amaranth!!!! The last 2 items are grains that have at least 6g protein per serving. I love amaranth. I can’t wait to cook with it and show you my recipes for it. It’s kinda crunchy and ooey gooey at the same time…have you ever had it? The nutrition facts are in this gallery below if you are interested.

The raw vegan cheesecake video and recipe will be going up tonight. I can’t wait for you to see it! It’s a fun piece 🙂 Oh and also…I will be starting a new Pilates class in downtown San Francisco soon! I can’t wait to tell you what gym and what time. You guys have been asking for a LOOOONG time and finally it’s happening. I can’t wait to POP it up in one of the top gym brands in the US. Super excited!!!!

Anyway, I should probably get home and get some work done! Have a fabulous day and I’ll see you later tonight with that new video. OH and the new Bikini Blaster 2: Sexy Legs workout will go up on Thursday. Get ready for it! Time to tone up those inner thighs, outer thighs, calves, hamstrings, and everything in between. It’s shorts shorts season and I want EVERYONE showing it off in booty shorts.

These are from the new POOF! Apparel collection on! There’s new Train Insane or Remain the Same colors available too – so be sure to check that out! We’re shipping like crazy over here so if you get a shipping confirmation email within the hour after you order – get excited because it’s really on it’s way!!! I don’t play around over here 🙂 I want you to get your stuff! And tweet or FB me a picture when you do.

Much love! Gotta get home now…TTYL! Tonight.

<3 Cassey

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  1. Rose says:

    I tooooooooooootally feel that way about whole foods! When I went back to the states for the first time in four years the first thing I did was go to whole foods XD What don’t they have one in england?!?! *fumes*

  2. leni says:

    love your fashion designs ;).
    Heard you also ship to Germany.-but not for free?!
    Where can I check up how expensive this would be?

    Love your blog and you,
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Katie L says:

    OMG I just got home from Whole Foods as I read this! 😛 I LOOOVE it there! This time I got some things from the bulk setion (raw buckwheat groats, rasisins, nutritional yeast, etc), some tofu, edamame and a box of alll the goodies in the salad bar that I can’t wait to have for lunch! Mmmmm!

  4. Morgan Jones says:

    I feel the same way about whole foods! I’ve always told people it’s like my mothership ;] so you’re not the only one

  5. Diandra says:

    ha love whole foods also! I could marry that store if I could! 😀
    keep it up with the awesome workouts! your an inspiration!

  6. Liz from Belgium says:

    You’re so cute in that video! 🙂

  7. Kate says:

    Haha, I´m glad that I am not alone. Some people are making fun of me (not in the bad way) when I am so excited to go shopping for food and to read all the labels. I have to go through every aisle to make sure I am not missing something;). We don´t have Whole Foods in our country but we do have other health food stores (such as “Country Life” etc.) and I love love going there!!
    And you are definitely not crazy I´m one of those “freaks” too, haha;)..

  8. Brianne says:

    I feel the same way about Whole Foods. Now that I live in Germany, I miss it like crazy!!!
    About your apparel — Do you ship to APO (military PO Box) addresses? I tried ordering something but it didn’t seem to recognize my zip code (09021). Even though I’m in Germany, since I use an APO things ship to me as if shipping within the United States. Please let me know… I don’t want to miss out on the adorable seamless cami.

    1. blogilates says:

      yes we ship to germany and APO – not sure why it isn’t working! is there another addy i can send to?

      1. Brianne says:

        Hmmmm… I’ll try again. Thanks for the reply!

  9. Love your blog Cassey, you were a motivation for me to start my own. Anyway I too get giddy when I shop for food, I LOVE, plus I’m a savvy (aka chea) shopper so i end up spending all day comparing price per oz and converting different measuring units. I’m horrible lol. keep up the great work.

  10. Amy says:

    A more affordable alternative to Whole Foods is Trader Joe’s. There are a LOT more temptingly delicious snack items though, as well as a lot less of the harder-to-find vegan and health-food products. I’d also recommend local food co-ops (if they exist).

    1. blogilates says:

      I love TJ’s too!!!

  11. D says:

    I totally have the same reaction when I go to WF. Just reading the labels of healthy products gives me positive energy:)

    Can’t wait to burn my legs out..the triceps challenge definitely burned my arms today!

  12. liz mesler says:

    Who do you ship with?

  13. Fitness J says:

    I feel the exact same way when I go into Whole Foods! Its like all organic and organized and if I could live there all day…I would!! It’s funny because I’m actually a crazy fitness obsessed person but I am pursuing a corporate job so when I read your blog posts about career transitions…I must admit I get a little apprehensive because it seems like nothing can make me as happy as working out and counting my whole foods calories all day. On the other hand though- not all of us are lucky to make a career and a living doing what we love so I am so jealous yet respectful of how you’ve made your passion for fitness a life long occupation. Truly wishing you more success with your business and who knows maybe I’ll soon write about how much cubicle life was not for me and that I much rather be eating the sinfully delicious whole foods peanut butter instead!
    FYI: that peanut butter is the secret to the worlds happiness #allyouneedispbj

    1. blogilates says:

      yes i love that PB!!!!! thank u for ur kind words 🙂 We are all meant to do something special with our lives so i feel very lucky that i was able to find mine…but after much struggle and challenges! start doing more of what u love and less of what u dont.

  14. Kimmoy says:

    I am definitely looking forward to part 2. I’m focusing on the triple threat this summer: thighs (especially inner), tummy, and triceps! You’ve got me covered with your latest vids, so thank you!

    I think you’re just a tad bit crazy about Whole Foods hehe, nothing wrong with that. I work right next to one and go there at least twice a week 🙂

  15. Laurie says:

    Ahh, this post makes me so happy! For one, I absolutely love you Cassey! You are such an inspiration to me when I am neglecting my health with lack of exercise and unhealthy eating. If I feel myself slipping, all it takes is looking at your bog and watching a Pop Pilates video for me to get back on my feet!
    Secondly, I work at Whole Foods (in produce!!!) and it makes me so happy to see someone I admire love something I too love so much. Not to mention this is another way you are helping support me in ways you don’t even know! 🙂
    Keep being amazing, because you are an amazing motivation for everyone trying to improve their lifestyle!

    1. blogilates says:

      OMG u work there? In produce!? My fave section ever!!! I wanna go visit u!

  16. Kylie says:

    ooo cant WAIT to try out the leg workout!! DEF needed here! 😀 lol have a ? on that tho…my knees sometimes tend to hurt…so i cant do much leg work 🙁 i also have scolieosis (sp?) any tips on that?

    1. blogilates says:

      that’s a toughie – you can do the pilates for legs but usually the standing ones will hurt u, so avoid them. like lunges and squats.

  17. Haniya Khan says:

    Oh how fun!!! yes I LOVE Whole Foods. You arent crazy 🙂