You’re not really hungry…are you?

You’re not really hungry…are you?

Hey POPsters!

I was on facebook browsing around and found a super interesting article that one of my friends posted about from NPR. Here’s basically what it said:

In an experiment, people who saw a picture of a big bowl of soup before eating lunch were less hungry a few hours later than those who saw a smaller bowl, regardless of how much they ate at the meal.


The researchers who did the experiment said that the mind just REMEMBERS what you had last. So if you are distracted while eating, like you are watching TV or checking your phone while eating, your mind is less likely to register how much you ate…making you think you didn’t really eat that much. Therefore, making your more hungry later on.

This is interesting because I’ve always heard the whole pay attention to your food/chew slowly/concentrate while you eat thing so that you will not overeat in one sitting. But this study takes it to another level – how you think you ate at one meal will affect how you eat at the next.

But if you’re snacking mindlessly all day long on dried nuts and fruit or M&Ms, you don’t think you had anything even though the calories are high. Your meal doesn’t seem significant enough in your head to register as “I have been fed.”

That’s why it is so important to not only fill your stomach up with good nutritious foods (fill it up mostly with veggies because they are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals AND they take up a lot of space for the least calories) but to let you mind know that you have eaten. I know it sounds weird…like you’re thinking…my stomach will tell me when it’s full and when it’s hungry! Yeahhhhh…but remember what else? Your mind controls your body. Your muscles. Your organs. Your whole being – mentally, physically, spiritually – it’s all connected!

So the main message here is: BE CONSCIOUS. BE PRESENT.

If you are eating, savor the flavors in your mouth! Remember those sweet cranberries squishing around your mouth along with the crunchy walnuts and fresh goat cheese salad…take your time to chew and eat in the moment!

If you are working out, concentrate on the muscle you wanna work! Even if you’re running and you want nice abs, suck your stomach in and tighten them as you speed ahead! You’ll be surprised at how sore your abs may be the next day! Mind to the muscle!

If you are hanging out with a friend, HANG OUT WITH THEM! Put your phone down and how about you actually talk to each other and share stories without being interrupted by a text from someone who isn’t even present with you?

Everything you do, do it with a purpose and do it with passion. Same with the food. Eat to fuel – do not eat mindlessly.

Also! What do y’all think of the new YouTube layout? Do you like it? One of my channels actually got to see it a couple months ago. I’m sad that they took away my cute subscribe button, but oh well whatevs! I know YouTube makes changes for the better!

And since we are on the topic!

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Ok my beauties! I love you so much. Have a wonderful workout and great job nearly completing your first week of #DashingDecember! Power on!

<3 Cassey


Hours After A Meal, It’s The Memory That Matters,

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  1. Sayaka says:

    This is so true!
    I know that I usually have the TV on when I am eating…I really need to change that.

    Oh and I can totally see how “focusing on the muscle groups being worked” makes the workout more effective!! Totally agree when you say that the mind is connected to the body!! So TRUE!

    Kind of going off topic, but when I am feeling stressed and anxious, my stomach starts hurting and, well, this may be a bit TMI, but, I tend to have to make bathroom runs a lot. It’s like my stomach is connected to how I feel in my mind. <=== Okay did that make sense? haha

    Any ways, thanks for sharing this Cassey!


  2. Caroline says:

    Cassey or anyone else, how do you ‘sub’ a channel? I want to help out Cassey and earn a sparkly gold iridescent star, but I don’t know how 😉 help please?

  3. Meghan says:

    Thank you so much for this post, Cassey! I’ve known for a long time that concentrating on my food would make me feel more satisfied, but between school and socializing, my mind is often somewhere else entirely. Thanks for motivating me to try being present again. 🙂

  4. Sabrina says:

    Cassey, please can you make all of your videos available to watch on mobile because I always work out on my iPad, tablet or phone and it’s so depressing when I can’t do my fave videos! Please please please, I will love you even more than I already do if that’s possible!

  5. Rachel says:

    Great post… I love your comment about putting down the phone when hanging out with friends. I often feel like I’m the only one who gets peeved when I’m visiting with someone and the cellphone, ipad, whatever come out. Just be in the moment and don’t worry about that update, text message or e-mail!

  6. Maria says:

    Ok, I don´t know if anyone will even read this post, but oh well, I really feel like sharing my struggle with others. My struggle has to do with food, food, food. Thing is, I´m super disciplined when it comes to dieting/eating healthily and working out. In fact, I´m a skinny person (no complaints in that department). But why? Because I refuse to eat anything fatty throughout the process. I stick to my usual way of eating so obsessively well that I won´t even say yes to a tiny peace of chocolate. If I´m invited to a birthday party, I won´t try a piece of cake or anything else. And here´s what happens to me next (and what has been happening to me all my life): when the time comes (e.g. when I´m stressed or sad for whatever reason), I will overindulge, but seriously overindulge… as if I were bulimic. I don´t vomit or anything like that afterwards, but I eat nonstop until I explode. And what´s worse: I do it when I´m alone, so that nobody knows. After I´m done and feeling really sick, I feel desperate and try to do whatever it takes to get rid of those calories (by taking laxatives or working out like crazy, 2 or 3 hours nonstop). This is something that makes me feel so ashamed and embarrassed, and what´s more, it hurts my body because I do gain weight, even if it´s grams, everytime I do this stupidity. But I cannot control it. I think my main problem is that I love non-healthy food so much that I think that if I allow myself to try this or that while I´m sticking to my healthy eating routine I will not be able to stop. But then I screw up worse. I don´t know, does anybody relate to this? Thanks a lot for reading!

    1. Delaney says:

      Although you don’t purge by vomiting, purging by exercising or laxatives is a sign of exercise bulimia. Look into counseling to help heal your relationship with food and exercise. Maybe an online support group would be a good place to start, too. You are definitely not alone!

      1. Maria says:

        Thanks so much for answering! Do you know of any online support group that I could participate in?

    2. Heather says:

      Hi Maria,

      Do not feel embarrassed or ashamed! I know that you feel really strange but I can assure you that there are tons and tons of people that struggle with similar issues. I’m no doctor and even if I were I obviously couldn’t diagnose you over the internet, but it sounds like you are struggling with an eating disorder. You should talk to someone who can help you, a doctor, teacher or counselor. I’ve been in a similar place, and it’s really hard and scary but I promise you that it’s for the best in the end. You can beat this and start living the life you really want!

      Lots of love,

    3. teilzeitDAU says:

      Hi Maria
      Well, i actually DID read your post 🙂

      Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to scare you, let alone blame you or anything, but did you ever think about seeking professional help? You really might wanna do that bc what you describe sounds not healthy at all.

      I’m not a doctor or anything, but from my outside perspective what you’re describing sounds like some sort of combination of orthorexia, i.e. eating healthy food obsessively, and bulimia (bulimia is not defined by purging only. Using laxatives to get rid of the food is one of its symptoms, too) 🙁

      Since you’re saying that you’re not feeling comfortable w/ your situation yourself, I figure you DO want to change your situation and get a healthy & more relaxed relationship to eating again.
      This is already a big and important step towards healing!
      But I’d still suggest you see a doctor or seek some other sort of professional help (support groups etc.). Those people can really help you overcome your issues and help you become happy again.

      xxx C.

      1. Maria says:

        OMG, I wasn´t familiar with the term “orthorexia” and I looked it up. Cannot believe I may have a mild case of this disorder. According to a test that appears under the label “Diagnosis” on Wikipedia, I suffer from orthorexia, since I answered “yes” to two or more questions. Thing is, I´m already seeing a psychologist (and I have for the last four years, to be honest) and we always talk about this. She´s helped me with LOTS of issues, which is why I still see her (she is an excellent professional), but when it comes to food I keep doing the same thing all over again. She´s even taught me some strategies, she tried to help me change my way of thinking and my relationship with food, yet I cannot control it… I will end up doing the same thing all over again. I´ll definitely tell her about this term and whether she thinks I´m suffering from orthorexia (and never told me about it). Thanks so much for answering 🙂

  7. Leila says:

    Hi Cassie,
    That post was so right! All I have to do now is follow it!
    Whilst I was reading it though, I was wondering if you could maybe do a video of a day in the life of Cassie, which shows what you do throughout the day. What you eat, your workout etc.

    Again thankyou, especially for the many workout video’s you post and your calendars, they’re great 🙂

  8. Louisa says:

    It doesn’t sound weird to me at all. I’m aware that I definitely do eat with my eyes. And I love love love to eat. Keeping that in mind I like to make myself big salads with lots of greens and lettuce. It takes a lot of time to eat it, it’s delicious, it’s pretty, it contains a lot of water and paired with some good lean protein, fiberous and vitamin-loaded vegetables and healthy fat from good quality oil, nuts or seeds – it’s really healthy.

    Maybe this could be a tip for some of the binge eaters until you figure out the underlying problems and get help solving the bigger issues. Eat foods that visually take up a lot of space but is low in calories 🙂

  9. eva says:

    Awesome Cassey, this is actually a meditation technique, have you read or seen a video of Osho talking? If you’re curious just look it up on youtube, I started reading his books and watching videos of his talks and his basic principle is to be present in everything you do, to be aware of yourself and of the moment and of everything around you, it’s awesome 🙂 and he says this is actually to be “in meditation”, meditation is to de-automatize everything you do: eating, walking, talking, working, etc. Again thanks for you amazing posts and videos and calendars 😀 you’re the best

  10. josie says:

    Oh wow awesome to know!

    Oh, and thank you SOO much for posting that BED post the other day, it really hit home for me. I wrote on your goals video for the 3 month goal to over come my binge eating disorder. I even wrote a blog post about my own troubles and how I’m planning to overcome it! If you’d like, please check it out and give it a read!