Your Weight Does Not Determine your Worth

Your Weight Does Not Determine your Worth

weight doesn't determine your worth

Hey POPsters!

I just moved into the new place and am still getting things out of boxes. I’ve been getting a little bit sick the past few days so couldn’t do very much. Not sure if it’s the dust, some extra stress, or both, but I am sipping on some hot cinnamon tea right now mixed with almond milk. So good and soothing going down my throat!!

Today I want to talk about you.

You and your self worth.

Since I was kinda slugging around the past few days not feeling so well, I had a lot of time to check up on you on Instagram and Tumblr and see what’s been going on in your life. (See I’m totes like your personal trainer!) I love the results and I love your enthusiasm for healthy living – it constantly inspires me to be a better instructor!! But I also noticed that sometimes this enthusiasm can turn into an obsession.

I remember that when I was training for my bikini comp last year, weight was the number one thing that was being tracked every week by my trainer. If I didn’t lose enough, I had to do extra cardio and really monitor my calories. Interesting that looking back on it now, I can see why it all backfired. But in the heat of it, I loved seeing my waist and my legs getting more defined every week as the thought of that leopard bikini and those clear heels loomed closer and closer. Nothing really mattered at that point except that I needed to “look good” on stage.

I can close my eyes and clearly see how upset my coach was when we had a week to go and my weight had stayed the same. I felt bad. I felt like I had failed. I felt like I had screwed up.

But you know what? Though I felt those things, and though my trainer shouldn’t have aligned my success with my weight, I know that my weight does not determine my self worth. Every drop of sweat you produce and every rep that you can hold longer and every punch that you can hit harder – it is YOURS. And no one can take that away from you. That strength and that skill that you work to build, it cannot be defined by the weight on the scale. How beautiful you shine and how confident you are when you make a speech in class or nail a presentation at a conference – does anyone really care if you gained or lost 5 lbs? No, probably not.

I agree that weight loss can result in more confidence because you love how you look, therefore you feel good inside too. Cool, totally valid! But don’t let that image in the mirror determine how happy you are.

That’s one part. The other part is never settling.

I kept seeing comments under before and afters that said “too skinny” or “you looked better before”. First of all, I really don’t like these physical attacks. Not cool. Find a better way to say it unless you can diagnose a true disorder and really think the person needs professional help.

Listen, success isn’t a destination. You know what it is? It is progress. It is growth. If you keep getting better everyday, you are being the best you can be and you are successful. I love progress pics because they are milestones of achievement! If you’re looking to change and transform your body, then take a before pic. It’s so good to look back on and appreciate your journey especially on those days when you feel like nothing is working right.

The only profession I can see weight determining you worth (directly and indirectly) is the modeling industry and perhaps any industry where you body/your looks is your money maker. (I suppose I am in one of those…we can’t let the fitness industry get away with this one!) A while back I spoke about how corrupted the tactics used to lose weight in the modeling industry were but never really expanded upon it. So let me do it now. I personally spoke with two male models at a fashion event a couple months ago and they SPECIFICALLY told me how they were constantly being told that they were never thin enough. Yes. These were guys obsessing over being a size 28 pant and how many calories they could intake daily. Do you know what their agencies would do if they were “too big”?

Prepare for this one.

You will gasp.

The agent would reach into a back drawer and take out a cigarette. “Start smoking. It will help.”

male model smoking

This is reality.

This is sick.

Look guys…how important is weight when you have to reach your UGW with cancer-causing methods??? Is it worth it? Is it worth it to increase the odds of dying early and not be able to breathe just so your inner thigh gap can be a little wider? No. Not to me and not even if my income depended on it.

Don’t let the dollars on the check or the dial on the scale dictate your self-worth. Your happiness is determined by you and your success is a journey you paint. Accept your body as you transform and it will make the whole process fun and positive. All we can ask for is to feel warmth in our hearts by surrounding ourselves with the people we love and by doing the things that make us happy. I always say…live like this and you will end up doing what you’re meant to do…and everything else will fall into place as it is supposed to.

Love you so much. Work hard and believe in yourself, because I believe in you 🙂

<3 Cassey


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  1. Micaela says:

    I lost 40 pounds in about 11 weeks, and I feel great. The plan was easy to follow and I saw results each week. The best part of the plan for me was that I was able to conquer my sugar addiction. Now that I am on maintenance.
    Watch the video on this website:

  2. Men gud… Absolut grundligt påstående. Jag tycker om stylen!

  3. Claire says:

    I’m going through a tough time right now- I have been in bikini competition shape and leanness year round for about a year and a half after having anorexia and dropping weight- I gained weight and muscle and got into amazing shape (where I am now) but I am not having my period though every other vital has returned. My estrogen levels are low and so my doctors told me I have to gain weight. Because I had anorexia at 14 and am now 16 I have never been above 106 lbs (5’1) and average 103-105. My doctor wants me at 110 to be able to menstruate. I know I need to think about health first, but I am scared because being so cut has become a huge part of my identity personally and at school. That line “wrongend of a before and after” really resonated with me.. I’m so nervous guys! I want to make sure that I keep my muscle and tone even though I have to gain weight. Tips, advice? Love you guys 🙂

  4. Abby Huber says:

    I love your blogs!!!! You are doing an amazing job with the workout videos and i can telll that you are working hard to help others achieve happiness. I’m recovering from an eating disorder and your blogs helped me realize that the pressure put on girls and even guys are ridiculous!! Society creates this perfect image that we have to live up to and most people fall short! Because of you, i have begin to love myself and i have started having positive “self talk” to improve my happiness! I also decided that i don’t have to be a size 0 to be happy because i have a family that loves me and supportive friends. Thank you for everything that you have done!!!! (:

  5. Ina says:

    Hi Cassey,
    Found your blog last night through Spark People. You are doing an amazing work with the YouTube videos, printables, this blog etc. It’s wonderful that you also keep the balance between maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind. Thanks for sending this reminder out to all of us!

  6. Anna G. says:

    Thank you for posting this. As someone who struggled with anorexia nervosa and EDNOS for over a decade, it’s hard to separate the motivation to be healthy and confident from the motivation to be perfect and “finally worthy as a person”. I want to start using this website to get back into shape while developing a better body-image. Your kind words mean more than you know, even to some of us hardened souls. Stay persistent, and thank you. <3

  7. Cary says:

    Numbers are just numbers. Measurements will just be measurements. Don’t let these mathematical labels put a value to your worth and disposition in life. These are just mathematical measurements and have nothing to do with life. Our family, friends and loved ones could tell how great, amazing and funny we are as a person but the counting mechanism can’t. We are the master of own bodies and no own should put us down no matter what.

  8. lina says:

    This was really inspiring and motivating. Since me and my family moved a few months ago i have been putting off working out, i was constantly eating junk food, and drinking waaaayyyyy too much soda. Starting may 1 i started getting back into doing blogilates everyday. omg, cassey your workouts kicked my butt again. lol it is tough getting back in shape and eating healthy. it’s difficult to find support when everyone else around you criticizes you for choosing a salad and a glass of water over a cheeseburger and soda :/ so this was very nice to read. 🙂 thank you for your vids and beautiful blogs. lots of love!

  9. artaquis says:

    Thank you, that was great. An outstanding post!

  10. Clara says:

    Thanks Cassey for taking the time to write something so inspirational! You help me recover each day, and I am grateful for that!

    I send a great big hug from up here in Canada,

    (Recovering from Anorexia)

  11. MaryHH says:

    You always find the right words to motivate us Cassey! Believe it or not: those last few days have been a struggle for me with the balance.. And then I read your post! Thank you 😉

    Greetings from Belgium!!!

  12. Alexandra says:

    Hey Cassey!!
    Know I have a question for you. Ok so I am trying to lose weight so should I strictly focus on cardio or both cardio and strength training? I have been told so many things. And recently someone said to strictly focus on cardio and worry about toning later. What are your thoughts?

    1. Ronjah says:

      My BF is an instructor in Taekwondo (he sometimes works out with me and POP pilates), and he learned that cardio and strength training combo is the best way to lose weight. Or to change that bad weight into good weight: muscles.
      Because you can’t lose weight (fat), without gaining weight (muscles) For example: Fall 2011
      I lost about… 4.4 lbs working out, both cardio and toning. But I got from a size 30″ to a 25″ in jeans.
      Workout and eat clean!! I recommend Casseys May POP workout sheet, it’s amazing!!

      1. Alexandra says:

        HEY Ronjah!
        Thanks for the info I appreciate it!

  13. Sophie Warnock says:

    I loved reading this today! I gave up smoking 2 years ago, and I feel so good about it! My little sister and big brother still are heavy smokers and it really bothers me! I’m thankful for being disciplined with my health, but I do sometimes have issues with being too bothered, every day is a challenge but Thankyou for your inspirational words as always! You really do help
    X <3 x

  14. Juli says:

    Thank you so much for your post. Focussing on my body, eating clean and working out sometimes brings me to forget that life is not all about numbers and measurements. I totally needed this post right now. I thought about my eating behaviour and realized that I ate way to little in the last few weeks. Whilst losing some pounds I also lost energy and concentration. NOT GREAT! I am going to change that today! I started with printing out the picture of the scales. It’s one of my motivational pictures now. I will think about the right balance when seeing it from now on! And then I had a big healthy lunch (here in Germany it’s in the middle of afternoon right now).

  15. Malulula says:

    Cassey, i am from Germany and followed your blog quiet a while but its my first time i write a comment.
    You find so wonderful words which go directly into my heart and give me motivation for another one or two days. 🙂 Thank you for this happiness.
    I haven’t found the point yet, that moving (means sport) is my biggest hobby – i still need to fight to get up my butt from the couch – but i want to live conscious and healthy. And i see a few changes in my condition already.
    But i don’t see yet how my body changed – but anyway, smoking and the risk of cancer what comes with it, can’t be the solution and sounds to me totally crazy.

    Love your blog!

  16. Katie says:

    Love this Cassey! So beautiful and true. Being healthy and happy should be our focus, not the number on the scale.

  17. Gigi says:

    Bless ya Cassie, thanks for sharing this message. Love you loads and thank you for the gift of fun fitness, & a healthy body perspective you give all of us. Be well sweetheart xox

    1. Gigi says:


  18. Claire says:

    “Looking back on it now, I can see why it all backfired.” What do you mean it all backfired? Did you get an eating disorder and not tell us about it? :/

    1. Tiffany says:

      I think she just means it was unnecessary to make herself feel like she failed when the scale didn’t move even when she was clearly toning up and getting stronger. And an eating disorder isn’t something you get; you don’t “catch” it. They’re neurological disorders.

  19. Miles K says:

    I really needed this today. I was feeling really down about plateauing for the last two weeks, and I suppose I just needed to be reminded that I am not my weight. Thank you Cassey. <3

  20. Joy says:

    Awesome post. And very timely (for me anyway)

  21. Maria says:

    Good stuff Cassey! Well said indeed.

  22. Lorena says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I am so happy that you made this, I swear, i’ve been feeling bad all week because I feel that no matter how much diet I do or how much exercise, nothing’s changing, the numbers won’t change. This made my day, made me smile, made me feel better.
    Really, thank you so much,
    Keep going

  23. Danielle A. says:

    I feel like I am having one of those days where I am letting my physical shape dictate my joy today. And it isn’t right, because there is plenty for me to be happy about. Thank you for this post.

  24. Sanna Linde says:

    This helped me so much. I’m suffering with an eating disprder, not so serious like the other ones because I’ve just got bad thoughts in my head and that’s nothing compared to, for example, anorexia. I’ve starved myself so many times just to see a freaking number on the scale and it hurts to think about it. I’ve taken out the batteries in the scale now and I try to eat healthy and work out at least 4 times a week. It’s hard to battle against yourself, because that’s how I feel. It feels like I’m fighting against myself. But this helped me so much. I felt a fire starting to burn inside me. I feel hope. Thank you Cassey. You’re the best <3

  25. Maddy says:

    Hey Cassey,
    this post got me so close to tears! I don’t know how you keep me motivated because I’ve tried so many times to work on my bode and after two days or so I used to quit – but I even really enjoy to get on the mat every evening and workout with your videos. And your blogposts are just so inspiring! I am so glad that there are people like you on the internet <3

    1. MiinaMarie says:

      I’m kind of like that too. If I miss a workout, I feel like Cassey’s mad at me hahaha

      1. Ariel says:

        ^Lol that last reply.. I thought I was the only one! Every time I miss a work out I’m like “omg I’ve let Cassey down…”

  26. I started smoking almost 6 years ago and the ONLY reason was to lose weight. Let me tell you first hand… It doesn’t work!!! When you have an unhealthy relationship with your body like I did nothing will help you lose weight and be happy. Today I’m proud to day I’ve been smoke free for a year, I am healthy, I’m losing weight without obsessing, I’m recovered from an eating disorder and I’m just HAPPY! Don’t fall into the trap!!!!

    1. blogilates says:

      omg so good to hear!!!!

    2. Woww I’m so happy for you Ashley! That sounds like an ugly trap, and it’s great to hear you’re getting out of it. And this is such a great post, Cassey~I always love your honesty in these matters.

  27. Ronjah says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I really liked your post! Although I know everything that you write, I need a reminder then and now..
    I struggle with “false body image”. Sometimes I see no different about how I look now and how I looked a few years ago.
    I was never overweight, but I let my weight control me. I thought that beauty is weight. I have come a long way, but sometimes I relapse, and I forget that weight isn’t the end of the world. My weight is muscle. But I forget that sometimes and start to see myself as overweight (and I know I am not! But in my head I don’t look as thin as the other girls. Although I’m sometimes skinnier!!)

    And this January I quited smoking (YAY!) and I changed my birthcontrol = Weight gain!
    I tried not to let it bother me, but when my jeans got to tight, I stumbled on your youtube chanel. And voila! My jeans fit, and I feel good. Really, really good! I use your training to complement my TKD-training.

    I just wanted to say thank you Cassey! You are a truly amazing woman. Keep doing what you do, keep spreading motivation to all the people, all over the globe.

    <3 Ronjah

  28. Wei Chin says:

    I really enjoyed your post! XD Really educational!! Smoking… a recipe for disaster.

  29. Mercedes says:

    Cassey, you really lighted up my day! All these days I was all about losing weight because I really didn´t feel good about my weight. But reading this… somehow my thoughts changed. Yeah, I still want to lose weight… but it´s not all about losing weight. There are still qualities I have and that doesn´t depend on my weight. Thanks a lot for always being there and always telling that we can do it! Sometimes I really wouldn´t know what to do without you saying, come on, you can do it! So, really thanks a lot! Really!


    ( btw. sry, if my english sometimes sucks. I´m from Germany and right now I have my final exams.. my english exam is over and I didn´t really study at all after it. So sry, for sometimes having a bad english ;D I hope you understood it either way. <3 )

  30. Jenny says:

    Thank you for this. Reading comments on some of your previous blog posts made me wonder if perhaps some girls were obsessing about their weight and being “skinny.” I used to have anorexia and then bulimia, and still struggle with a poor body image. I gained weight due to medication, and started doing your videos in order to lose ten pounds. I haven’t lost any weight, but I feel amazing! I’m not fat but sometimes I “feel fat” (although as I learned in my eating disorder group a long time ago, fat is not a feeling!), but I know that I am getting so much stronger with your videos. I do your more advanced videos and just seeing myself get better and better, and have more stamina and do all the reps….it’s a great feeling. It’s great stress relief for me. I actually want a tank top that says, “Keep Calm and Work Out,” because working out always helps me to keep calm on stressful days! I have a bad anxiety disorder and don’t take medicine for it, and I love your videos because they really help. You really motivate me, not to look a certain way, but to push myself to accomplish new things and to feel good about myself no matter how much I weigh.

    It IS a little disheartening to see everyone talk about being/wanting to be 110 pounds or whatnot. I’m pretty tall so even 125 pounds was sickly skinny for me. (And at a couple points in my 20s I have been at 115 pounds, at which time I looked AWFUL! I hate looking at pictures of myself from then!) I had absolutely no curves, and it was extremely unattractive! I never want to be that skinny again. But when I tell people what I weigh, they’re shocked. They say, “You don’t look like you weigh that much!” (I weigh 145, which is actually a very healthy weight for my height.) And then I read people here talking about how they were fat at 145 and lost so much weight. So while I know that I’m not fat, and I like my curves, and I don’t want to be skinny, it’s just….I don’t know, makes me feel bad because people don’t seem to realize that weight looks different on different heights. It really is all about a number to most people.

    Anyway, so thank you for this blog post. I think that in this society obsessed with an ideal image, it’s so important to remind women and girls (and men and boys too!) that we are not our bodies. We are so much more. Not only that, but with time entropy takes place, and we cannot keep forever the body we had when we were 20.

    1. Anja says:

      I second Jenny – I want that tank top, too!

  31. Wow! Awesome post! I just shared it with all my girl friends. The photo is perfect! Thank you for being an inspiration. Have a fabulous day!

  32. Salina says:

    I have so much respect for you after reading this post. In a weigh obsessed society its important to stress the importance of working out & eating healthy to be healthier NOT to become thinner. Being small ≠ happier & thats a huge fallacy a lot of girls grow up to believe.

    For the past 2 years I’ve been struggling to recover from a 7 year battle with anorexia. A battle that almost killed me on multiple occasions. In those 2 years I have not weighed myself. Even though I weigh more than I ever thought i’d be comfortable with, I am stronger and more in shape than i’ve ever been. So what if I don’t fit into kids jeans anymore. My legs and ass are now toned, strong & enable me to live a fulfilling life. For awhile I became too obsessed with working out & eating healthy. Going to the gym for less than 2-3hours/day was unacceptable. & god forbid I ever ate a cookie. Both extremes are not healthy & I guess it taught me that whats important to aim for is moderation. I have slowly begun to transfer my obsessive food/weight thoughts into a healthier mind set of treating my body with love.

    Thank you again for this post.

  33. Lotte says:

    Thanks. You’re really inspiring <3 xoxo

  34. Danielle says:

    First, I’d like to say that I loved this post! I always struggled with my body image because I was always “too skinny” and everyone thought it was okay to say this to me because they weren’t telling me that I was over weight. It’s about time that someone makes it known that no matter what your body type, you’re beautiful!

    Secondly, I smoked for six years with a nine month break when I found out I was pregnant. My fiance and I decided to quit smoking again when my son was six months old because we were instilling bad habits in our son’s mind. It was then that I found blogilates and now I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. I’ve gotten very close to my prepregnancy weight (as close as I’d like to get) and I’m getting toned! Not smoking may have given me a little extra pounds at first but working out helped me lose that PLUS the extra weight associated with childbirth and I am proud that it was done in a healthy way. Not only for me, but for my son. He can now grow up seeing that exercise and eating healthy is important. Smoking for any reason is not the way to go!

  35. Allie says:

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I am getting married in August and I am desperate to lose some weight I gained over Christmas. It’s 10lbs, but I am really struggling and it has started to make me really unhappy. Last night at a family gathering, my 4 year old nephew told me I was “bigger” than my fiance. It ruined my night. I let a 4 year old ruin my night.

    Sometimes it is really hard to keep a good and healthy perspective on things when you feel like you’re letting yourself down and failing at something that you really want. And it is nice to be reminded that this isn’t the end of the world! Whether I lose the 10lbs or gain another 10lbs I will still be the same person, my fiance will still love me and I still have it in me to be happy and healthy.

  36. Marleen says:

    Thank you Cassey, this is really inspiring. You’re amazing and you’re my role model, I just wanted to let you know that.
    Lots of love x

  37. Aidan says:

    Have you read this article before?: “‘Eating Tissues’: Ex-Vogue Editor reveals Models’ skinny secrets” (

    Apparently some female fashion models starve themselves to the point where they need to eat tissues and cotton balls to stop hunger pains. And modeling agencies have suggested way worse than smoking to lose weight (cocaine or speed, anyone?)

  38. hannah says:

    love this! <3

  39. Beth says:

    THANK YOU. This was exactly what I needed right now. Sometimes I have trouble putting these words you just wrote (I’ve gone on rants about this sort of thing to my friends for them) into feelings for myself. Thank you for giving me this reminder, because sometimes that’s just what is necessary. 🙂


  40. Cara says:

    Society is horrible.
    I have this 55kg friend that sits next to me in class and doesn’t eat because she thinks she’s fat. At this moment I’m looking down at my belly and my legs and think: okay I weight 68kg. What I’m now? Superduperfat? So I said that I don’t eat until shes eating again and she was like: but you’re beautiful! I don’t understand this. Her rolemodel is Adriana Lima and she had heard that her weight is about 49kg, which I don’t believe in, but it’s her aim. Just a few pounds is her favourite sentence. And I always think: Do you want to kidding me? You fit in a size 26 Jeans and you wear XS/S. So where’s the problem?
    I mean this is a number, just a dumb number. You just need to go on the toilet and it’s different. This number isn’t your personality or you, it’s a number. I think I’ll never understand. I said myself I want to have the feeling that i can gain weight just one time, but she’s already really thin and society makes her feeling like she has to be thinner. I was up on 83kg two years ago and I’ve lost about 15kg until now and the haters just not stop calling me fat.
    When I weighted more I had a size 33 now I’m fitting in a 29, but its not what the people see. They compare you with the skinny girls and even if you’re looking healthy it’s a problem.
    The biggest problem is this society. I think the people getting dumb and superficial.
    If we would think about it we would love the healthy girls more.
    Because I feel bad when i fell my hipbones. It gives me the feeling that I’m bony even if I’m not skinny. everybody should be happy with his or her body. And even when you’re not the thinnest one you can be a beautiful person. Because people can get ugly If they have a ugly personality. And the other way around. Live and let live. Thats the only thing to do.

  41. romie says:

    Thank you soooo much-just what I needed you are like a personal trainer!!:-)
    I am more than a number on a scale 🙂

  42. Giorgia says:

    Thanks Cassey! This is an awesome post. You are truly inspirational and 100% helpful!

  43. Elise says:

    <3 Truthfully inspiring. Lovingly motivating. 🙂 Thank you.

  44. Kristin says:

    Love, love, love this post … thank you for the wise words this morning!

  45. Anja says:

    Thank you, Cassey! You know, it’s almost sad that I really needed to read this. Because it is a truth I have always known – or I thought I knew.

    I dieted when I was sixteen and lost about 10kgs and felt fine with myself. About twenty years, a broken heart, two pregnancies and a very stressful job later I had gained over 20kgs (like, one kilo a year – put it like this and it doesn’t sound too bad, does it?) and I had to do something about it. Good thing was, I really felt it and circumstances had changed in a way that I was actually able to tackle “my body issue” (no more breastfeeding, a supportive husband, no office job at the moment).

    So far I have lost about 15kg and I know I should be happy about it. I also know I have about another 5-10kgs to lose to finally see the numbers I’m longing for (a BMI of 22 would do nicely, thank you very much). Thing is, I have been “stuck” for more than three months now. I can tell I have built up muscles and I’m wearing 31” jeans now (I know it doesn’t sound much, but for me that’s a real success). But hey, I SO want to see the numbers on that scale move, I know it’s crap, but it’s still in my head that I want to see the change in numbers, not only in the mirror. Maybe because I used to like myself in xl, too (which is a good thing, I figure), I don’t see the difference as much as others do.

  46. Estela says:

    Bless you, Cassie. Simply bless you. This almost brought tears to my eyes. You’re amazing.

  47. Deb says:

    I have to say, reading this post is such a great and positive way to start the day ! It helps me to feel more confident.
    So thank you, REALLY ! I don’t know if you realise how much you help us.
    You’re such a great person. Keep doing what you do, you’re an inspiration to get a healthier and happy life in every steps of the way!

    Love from France,

  48. Candice says:

    Great post Cassey, and so true. Keep doing what you are doing!

  49. Eva says:

    Thank you so much for this inspirational message, love it

  50. Adele Munnik says:

    What an eyeopener! Thank you Cassey. You really do make a BIG difference in people’s lives! It’s who you are and what you feel inside that makes the outside beautiful.

    Lots of POPster Love

  51. Ally says:

    Cassey, I love everything you write. I agree with you on everything. I have been feeling this way too. One minute very happy because I can finally do your videos without stopping and then run my run, which I used to loathe and now love! The next minute I am all upset because I am stil having a little roll here and there. But you are right. We have to love ourselves even with those little rolls and our mistakes and our crazy. 😀 Just try to better ourselves and that doesn’t mean reaching a number or looking a certain way. It only means, challenging ourselves and being the best we can be. 🙂 I love you so much! haha I know this sounds obsessive but I am seeing some crazy changes not only in my body but in the way I am. I am happier, less angry, more confident person and I think it’s down to your motivating videos and your happy attitude. So thank you. Every day, just thank you. <3

  52. Heidi Kokborg says:

    Thank you so much! This post is really inspiring and so true. I tend to obsess about my weight so this is just what I needed. I don’t want to define myself by a number – I am so much more than a number on a scale (:

  53. Cathy says:

    thanks Cassey for such an uplifting and inspirational post. It came at just the right time. Just two days ago at a mother’s day dinner at the church, one of the church-goers came up to me and started talking. He started off with commenting on how I looked different–and then ended with “You’ve gained weight haven’t you? You look fatter.” I went silent for a minute and then said, “really…?” mumbled something, and then looked away. I didn’t know what to say to something like that. Because he had’t seen me in four months and in the four months, I had recovered from an eating disorder and had just started to “eat normally again”. He made me feel so ashamed and angry at myself for not being able to control my weight, I couldn’t eat normally that day and I’ve been cutting down on my food again. I even went running today after skipping lunch and truthfully I felt a little faint and weak in the knees. I couldn’t even run my usual 6 laps–stopped at 3 because I didn’t want to push myself so hard. I don’t know what it’s like to eat normally anymore. All I know is I feel emotionally scarred by anyone who’s ever commented on my weight and because I’m a perfectionalist, I’m constantly hard on myself about my weight.

    1. Sarah A. says:

      You know what? Fuck that guy! I personally have a friend that used to be anorexic and while she was in the hospital ( not anorexia related ) and she got weighed at 85 pounds her Father said ” 85 pounds? No wonder you look like that”. She cried for days. She better know, and she looks so much more beautiful then before. You will to. You are better then those people that push you down. Your stronger than that! You know why? Because your a Popstar like us! You are a wonderful human being, and don’t let anybody change that

      1. Cathy says:

        Thank you Sarah for your kind words! They mean a lot to me–and I’ll try to always remember health> what society thinks. We’re popstars–and that means we’re stronger than any negativity a stranger’s remark may bring!

    2. romie says:

      Are you serious!!! Someone would say that, at a church
      now that is messed up
      you are much more than a number on a scale

    3. Salina says:

      Be strong cathy. As someone who has also recovered from an eating disorder I know how easy it is to be negatively impacted by someones naive comments. Hun, I have a feeling that his comment about you gaining weight was meant to be positive. Chances are if you are eating again, after not eating for awhile, you look more alive & vibrant. Especially in the early phases of recovery a lot of the weight you gain is simply water & glycogen storage replenishing itself. Try channeling these comments into positive ones & please don’t let it impact your recovery. In the long run it will just mess up your metabolism, cause depression & possible kill you. Sorry for the rant, I hope this helps a little

    4. Sarah Brinkerhoff says:

      Wow what a loser!!! I don’t know how some people have the guts to say things like that, I haven’t had any of that to myself but I’ve seen it thrown at other people and it makes me so angry. Don’t listen to him, you know what’s best for you and if getting your eating habits under control causes you to gain a few pounds, so what! And like, does he know you are in the healing process? I’d NEVER say something like that to someone who is overcoming eating problems. It’s so insensitive and could be very problematic. ugh
      And thanks, Cassey! XD This is so true and I love every bit of it, I can’t wait to try out your new workout vid!! <3

  54. Sarah says:


    I was just doing the What Makes You Bootyful Butt Challenge and I just started crying. I was remembering when I was just beginning to do your workouts and my sister and I would challenge each other to do this one all of the way through without stopping. Less than a year ago, I was hardly able to complete your challenges without stopping at least 3 times. Now, I can do them all without stopping.
    YOU TELL US TO PUSH OURSELVES…so I did. Yesterday and today. I DID 200 BURPEES. That’s right. I did the 100 Burpee Burnout Challenge back to back…twice. Then I did yolo jones legs and lunges, followed by call me maybe squats, brokenhearted ab challenge, muffin top meltdown, bb4: awesomesauce arms, and what makes you bootyful.
    Today, I did 200 burpees, yolo lunges, call me maybe squats, call me maybe/gangam style squat challenge, tonefest towel workout, brokenhearted ab challenge, what makes you bootyful, and I am still going.
    I just have to thank you. So much. I would have never been able to accomplish these amazing feats had it not been for you. So thank you. You are such an inspiration. Whenever I felt like stoping, I just smiled. That was all it took. I just thought of your happiness and smiled. That was all it took to keep me going.
    You have helped me overcome major physical and mental barriers. All I can do now is keep going!


    1. Anja says:

      Wow, well done!!!

  55. Aja says:

    It is so true that your weight does not determine your worth, or even really measure your success. Muscle weighs more than fat. I am at my highest weight ever right now, but my body measurements are those of my lowest weight and I am totally healthy. weight is a stupid number. Unless you’re actually overweight and have a high level of fat. But otherwise it’s stupid to put your worth on it.

  56. Margaret says:

    Love you, Cassey. I love this new message. <3

  57. tammy says:

    cassey, this inspired me a lot. sometimes its not about just being skinny, it’s about being strong. I figured that every body is UNIQUE. even though i weight 60kg, i still feel like as long as i’m happy and did the workout, ate healthy, and i’m slimming and getting stronger, it doesn’t matter. i’m 5’8, so i guess its normal. every body has its unique shape and is besutiful in every single way. i love you! i just wanted to tell you i lost a lot of fat and started seeing those abs coming on my way. my life have never been heathier and thank you!

  58. Kimberly says:

    I’m starting to think some people need to work with a therapist too when they’re working with a trainer or are just trying to meet a certain weight or fitness goal. I myself try so hard to stay strong, and keep my focus on being healthy and happy, but there are times when the scale freaks me out so terribly.
    That and battling possible dismorphia. I get so many comments sometimes about how I look ‘too thin” or “sickly” when I know that can’t be true but at the same time, I will catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror every now and then and wonder… I don’t think I’m too thin. I certainly don’t think I’m fat or anything, I know I’m quite healthy and fit but if others perceive me as unhealthy and I don’t, then i makes me worry maybe I’m in danger of that body image disorder that girls with anorexia have. I try to make it known to them that I’m not comfortable with comments on my weight because I’m trying not to be so concerned with such a thing and their comments will have one of two effects on me. I will either have to fight really hard to not let it fuel part of me that is obsessed or if I don’t hear things like that for a while, I’ll think i’ve gained weight and then I’ll struggle with feeling like a failure.
    But now I know I’ve put on nearly 10 pounds since January. I expected a little poundage to ease back on after going off a diet I was on last year. That itself was a mental battle all it’s own. I achieved an unrealistic goal that I intended to be only temporary for an occasion, and the entire time I felt sad for myself when I looked in the mirror. I just kept thinking this isn’t me… And I sometimes actually missed my baby fat and how cute it made me seem, as opposed to a mature and disciplined adult, I used to be a teen/early twenty something that enjoyed everything. I don’t know who all noticed my frame during this season but the only person who said anything then was my kid cousin. She completely admired how small I was and I felt so terrible because I knew I had been practically starving myself to get there. I couldn’t wait to go back to normal, except it was more like I had to trade a restricted caloric intake for a high cal high protein diet because I wanted to put on some major muscle mass. I succeeded in twigging and bulking but then it seemed like the weight has kept on coming, or at least according to the scale and it’s making me feel so tense!
    This is such a tough issue for everyone and I’m glad to see nobody here seems to be giving up 🙂 thanks for the encouragement Cassie

  59. Leanne says:

    Thank you so much Cassey you’re the best!!!! We do tend to get carried away with the number on the scale especially when girls walk around bragging about the fact that they’re underweight after calculating their BMI. Yes I’ve witnessed this many times. People are often surprised to hear how much I weigh because I’m very petite but the truth is, PEOPLE FORGET THAT IT’S ABOUT BEING HEALTHY AND NOT STARVING YOURSELVES TO REDUCE THAT NUMBER. You’re such an inspiration Cassey 🙂 Keep it up!!

    Love, Leanne <3

  60. MiinaMarie says:

    Cassey. You’re just wonderful! Seriously. (sorry that you’re sick, I find echinacea helps me sometimes!!)
    I agree 100%. On so many things. First, absolutely about the scale – about it lying to you. I’ve posted it before – but if you’re (you in general – public) trying to lose weight (like me) and weigh in each week and sometimes the scale doesn’t change or worse, goes up – and you know you did nothing to cause it…let it go, the scale lies. It could be sodium, more fruit than previous weeks, you strength trained like a boss all week, or your body is playing catch up. You haven’t lost any value. At this point, you think about what you did right and THAT you did right, and keep doing right…you don’t give up and in fact – next point – you introduce other things to your life to measure your successes (like Cassey says – it’s a journey) I aced 2 music exams…left a job I was unhappy with…followed through on a lot of things I promised myself I would – aaand have been on a weight loss journey. So when the scale says “you suck” I know that I’ve done better for myself in many otherways. Including adding pop-pilates etc. Because I can see a difference in my body – my pants aren’t as snug and my weight may stay the same some weeks…ohwell. It does not make me any less!
    I also agree about Cassey always talking about having confidence. Never a more true word spoken. I’m an aspiring musician, etc – and though I would love the ideal body shape, people from all walks of life and careers come in different shapes and sizes. And though I am working hard to make myself feel better about myself – very recently I’ve had a couple opportunities that I have or could have taken because I was confident. It was my attitude and my outlook. They didn’t notice the extra 10-15 lbs on me that shouldn’t be there, it was my energy and the fact that I seemed comfortable with who I was.
    The fact that the modelling industry (and other industries) suggest smoking to trim down when you don’t need it anyway!!! (in fact, you probably need a milkshake) is insane. People look their best when they’re healthy (circa old hollywood women for a quick reference – strong thighs, if they had tiny waists it’s likely because of the corset) not when they look emaciated waiting for their next heroin kick.
    Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not worth it, no matter what your size, even if you’re tiny and told you’re ‘not tiny enough’ or are ‘too tiny’ – no one not even an agent has that right, you clearly belong somewhere else with someone who will support you at your happiest and best. What would I do for a klondyke bar? Not light up – that’s for bloody sure!
    *end rant :P*

  61. Tara says:

    Cassey, thank you for writing this! I sometimes get to that number obsession and sometimes I realize that the number can make or break my day and that is not ok. I work hard to live a healthy life and that comes with up and downs. Hey I am human and I like to have a drink with friends after a long week and ice cream on my birthday. I eat clean and train hard 90% of the time and even I need a break. This was great to read 🙂

  62. Mary Haley says:

    “success is a journey you paint” – that’s beautiful, I really needed that. You should make a motivational t-shirt that says that on it.

    1. Maggie says:

      Thank you Cassey! This is exactly what I needed right now. I gained about 10 pounds and now I am working really hard to lose them again and not seeing many results. It was really nice to be reassured that it’s not just the number on the scale but how good you feel about yourself.

  63. Sandy says:

    How come you always say what we need to hear at the right moment? The further I was in your post, the bigger my smile was…Even if we know all this, it’s just so good to hear it from someone else. It gives it more power, more truth and you start feeling great again. The magic of Cassey =)
    Thank you for the spiritual and emotional kick Cassey!
    We believe in you too!!

  64. Melody says:

    Thank you Cassie. Oh God, just thank you. I was crying earlier due to this. Maybe you saw my comment about eating disorders a while ago. Maybe not. But this is just pure beauty. Thank You.

  65. Tanja says:

    Great post, us women all over the world are still brainwashed by media and need to hear these messages as often as possible. It takes time to re-layer the old way of thinking… And we love you too 🙂

    1. Agneta says:

      You know, men are getting brain washed as well, I know the focus is usually on us women but I know a lot of guys and even if they talk tough and tell you they’re working out to be super healthy for what ever reason, most of them look at the covers of fitness mags and wonder what’s wrong with them that they dont get the same 6-pack and butts as the male models or some actor … i’m just saying we shouldn’t victimise ourselfs too much, it’s pretty much something that’s wrong with all of us – maybe if we’d work together on this one we’d actually get somewhere…

  66. Celia says:

    Thank you so much for this post Cassey, it was beautifully written. I’ve been having a rough time lately and this post was exactly what I needed to hear. (It made me cry a bit, not going to lie!) I feel so much better after reading this. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog and videos, it’s only been a month but I’m beginning to make changes for the better. Absolutely love you and wish you the best in everything, thank you! xx

  67. Mirela says:

    I know it’s just a number but believe me:that number has a major influence on me(about 80%).But I think it’s a good thing – it makes me a better person:I work out,I get full of endorphins and I say bye bye to some calories!Be fit rules!

  68. Camilla says:

    Wow, this post.. It’s just gorgeous. Can you even say that? Well, now you can!
    This is so much more inspirational and motivational than all these pictures of picture perfect skinny girls. Because that’s impossible for me. My body just can’t, it’s not build for it. I am naturally quite thin, but I’m not toned and everything, so looking at those pictures doesn’t really inspire me.

    This does.

    Thank you for this post, Cassey. And when I read these kind of posts, you just feel so near! Like you’re my real life instructor, even though I live in Denmark – way too long from America. So well.. Thank you for being near.

  69. Chelsea says:

    That’s disgusting. Not this post, the smoking thing. Although, I’m not surprised. Which is probably the most disgusting part. But, yet again Cass, you’ve written such a great post about something that is SO important! I’ve recently taken a step back from the scale, stopped counting my calories, and just took a deep breath. This is a journey I’m on, and it’s supposed to be that way. Just like one meal won’t make me wake up looking like Tyra, one meal also won’t have me looking like the mom in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. But, even so, you hit the nail on the head – its not about weight at all. It’s about something that no scale will ever be able to quantify. And, as with things like love, affection, trust – the most important things in life can’t be measured. 🙂

  70. Asia says:

    This was certainly meant for me to read. I was feeling a little down on myself about my weight. And yesterday after talking with someone who “gloated” about how easy it is for them to lose weight, i was close to losing hope. But i thought about how at the end of the day, this is MY body and MY journey. They won’t be able to know how great it feels when i finally get to my goal 🙂 thank you for this Cassey, you’re the true positivity i need more of on my life! <3

  71. Matilda says:


    I needed just that: a reminder that I am doing this for myself, and that no one can take my gorgeous obliques (thanks for those, by the way!) away from me. 🙂

    Thank you, Cassey! <3
    You are, as always, awesome.

  72. Jas says:

    I really needed this today. Thank you xxx

  73. Such beautiful words and as one struggling with insecurities and self-worth, this is exactly what I needed to hear. It makes me stop and realize how far I’ve come and how amazing I feel right in this second. Sure I would like to tone up more, but for now, I need to enjoy where I am. Thanks for this post!

  74. Jen says:

    I’m not one to comment on blogs, but I just had to tell you how happy I am to have found your blog and YouTube videos. I found your YouTube after seeing the video you did with Karena, Katrina, and SarahFit. I watched several of your videos and decided that I would commit myself to doing the entire April calendar. I didn’t miss a day and in that time have already become so much stronger. I used to have to do a lot of modifications, and am now able to do some of the advanced moves. I have always been a runner and have done several half-marathons and full marathons, yet still skinny fat due to the lack of strength training. In just this past month I have seen huge changes in my body and my clothes fit amazingly. I am addicted to Blogilates! You are so inspring and I look forward to working out with you 6 days a week. I know that my story is not unique, but wanted to let you know how appreciated you are. Great blog post!

  75. Liv says:

    You’re so inspiring, Cassey, seriously. Please never stop!

  76. Ann says:

    I love your posts, cassey. The are so inspiring, motivating and true! I just can’t beliebte that… I’m so shocked that the agency told the to smoke to lose weight! I just can’t handle that. I’m so happy and thankful, that I habe a healthy and good view onto myself and that I finally don’t care about the scale anymore. And you were the biggest and greatest motivation and help! Honestly, I wouldn’t know where I would be now without you. Thank you so much cassey! <3

  77. Nicole says:

    It’s posts like these that really help me out, Cassey, and I appreciate them so much!
    When I was going through puberty, I was significantly heavier than I am now. I had always been underweight growing up, so it was a really strange feeling for me and I didn’t like it. It eventually led to disordered eating habits.

    After puberty ended for me about a year and a half ago, I lost (without really even trying) all the weight I had put on, and was left with a lean body and some curves. I was happy, and still am! However, sometimes the thoughts that had become so ingrained in my head sneak back, and I have to fight to push them away. It gets easier every day, and having inspirations like you makes it that much better!

    The past seven or eight months, I’ve been getting a LOT stronger, too! Since I stopped focusing on my weight and started focusing on strength (I’m a martial artist and a kettlebell instructor) I’ve seen so much progress! I’ve built a lot of muscle, and have been setting personal records all over the place (like yesterday I did 120 uneven kettlebell deadlifts with kettlebells that added up to 40kg, and I can do 100 snatches with a 12kg in under 4 minutes!) So while I still struggle with now needing to GAIN a bit of weight, focusing on my new successes makes it so much easier.

    Anyway, love you and your videos and your blog and just everything! Thanks so much for all that you do <3
    – Nicole

  78. Akansha says:

    Wow I cannot believe the agencies promoted smoking! Well…actually I can kind of fathom it but nevertheless it is very disturbing.

    Your last few posts have had a very refreshing tone Cassey! I’ve been following you for about a year and a half now and still get so excited each time you post something new.

    Lots of love,