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Winners of Gummy Giveaway + Down in LA…AGAIN.

July 4, 2012



Winners of Gummy Giveaway + Down in LA…AGAIN.

Hey POPsters!

I’ve been so tired lately, not sure why. Yesterday I actually got 9 hours of sleep which hasn’t happened in years. I guess my body was saying NO MORE. But you know how when you get more sleep,  you feel even MORE TIRED? Yea, by waking up after 10:30am today I felt super blahhhhh.

I got some work done, but at a much slower pace than usual! Taught my POP Pilates class at the gym and worked out for about 1:15 afterwards. Why amI telling you this – see – in such a weird funk!

Anyway, I am headed BACK DOWN to LA again tomorrow morning. OMG this month is travel mania. At least Santa Monica is only about an hour away by plane. I am not sure what I will be doing on July 4th as far as festivities go, but I am meeting with one of my Pilates idols Ana Caban tomorrow! We are gonna film a little workout for you! I started doing her vids when I was 16 so to me, this is crazy! I met her when I was at Equinox West Hollywood doing a trunk show for my yoga bags and gym bags a few months ago. When I saw her name on the Group Exercise schedule, I made it a point to introduce myself. I really didn’t know what to say and probably sounded like a starstruck fangirl…but hey, I guess if you put the right energy and attitude out there, what’s meant to be is meant to be!

I am down in LA filming a POP Pilates show series with LivestrongWoman! Wow, super excited!!! It’s been a secret dream of mine to work with Livestrong and I can’t believe this is happening. Their YouTube channel features some of my favorite fitness gurus like yoga instructor Tara Stiles, Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up!, and of course celeb trainer Valerie Waters! Here’s a clip from what we did last time!

I will be blogging pictures from behind the scenes for you guys to see! I am dying to see the location I chose for the POP Pilates series…should be very nice!!! We’re gonna work out together in beautiful places POPsters!

Okay now back to what this post was originally about…the giveaway winners for the SmartyPants Vitamin Gummies! At this point I have eaten like half the bottle of my 1 month supply in just a week. Oops. They taste too good. MUST…KEEP…OUT…OUT…OF…SIGHT.

At total randomness thanks to my random winner picker thingy ma jigger:

AlyssaKaylaSally DJennifer, and Anna!

Please click on the name to see if it is you! If you won, you should also check your inbox for a nice message from me!

Congrats girlies! Enjoy your gummies. But not too much like me.

POPsters, if you’d like to see what these gummies taste like, you can check em out here. They are on sale now for 20% off the normal price if you type in “BLOGILATES20” at checkout. They are seriously so addicting. I need to hide them, LOL.

Have a Happy 4th of July my loves! Whether you’re having black bean quinoa burgers or the real deal:

…enjoy your day off with family and friends! Go for a pre-buffet run or maybe even ask your fam to head out for a brisk walk after the feast. Stay hydrated and wear your sunblock! Show off those nice sculpted muscles in your tanks and shorts! You’ve worked hard now let that confidence shine through!

Bye bye for now…love you!


PS – OMG totally forgot and can’t find a nice place to put this in the post. The new Love Handles challenge is up for you to compete in on! Every time you do these challenges, just “start it” then “complete it” so you can keep track of all of that you do! Click here to log it. Remember, the challenges are for competition only and the Thursday videos, like the Bikini Blasters, can be logged for calorie burn. The algorithms have been updated so your calorie burns should be more accurate! Let me know in the comments if you are having any trouble.

Kay that’s all for realzzz! Love you! Bye!

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  1. Megan says:

    How in the world do I log more than one workout on! Help!

    1. blogilates says:

      oh man! is it not working!? can u tweet @weighttraining? they will help u!

  2. Aarti Shah says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I just wrote a new post about you over on my blog. I haven’t got a tonne of followers, but I’d love for you to check out what I wrote! x

  3. Yy says:

    and YOU are MY pilates idol!!!

  4. Carcar says:

    One request for your POP pilates video you’re making:

    Can you make sure there is an option to turn off the music on your video but still be able to workout to your voice?

    I like your music but…. after a month of doing your video, I may not like it anymore. However, I always find prompts from trainers on videos very helpful even when I am more used to the video.

  5. Christie says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! SCREAMS LIKE A 13-year old Belieber !!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! *breathes…composes self as professional – inside scream* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    ANA CABAN is my FAVORITEST (is that even a word?) Pilates trainer ever!! Her DVD “Intro to Pilates” got me into this Pilates Frenzy! Now I have been dubbed “Pilate-crazy” one! Two of my fav Pilate instructors you and Ana Caban??!! The windows of heaven have opened up and showered me with blessings!!

    ENJOY!!! AND I CAN’T WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT for the video!!!! * squeals and jumps like pre-teen fan girl*

    Enjoy your rest! I am coming to the conclusion that rest is as important as exercise in moderation of course!

    Greetings from Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean! (you have fans all the way down here 🙂

    1. Ana Caban says:

      Hey Christie,

      Thank you so much! I’m flattered to have impacted your health & fitness and can’t wait for you to see what Cassey and I put together yesterday! Please let us know how you enjoy it.


      1. Christie says:

        Hi Anna!

        O Wow!! Thank you so much for personally responding! Thank YOU for shining your wonderful spirit by sharing your gift.

        So I just finished the workout! I FELT IT and LOVED IT! Those kneeling sidekick kicked my bum! DEFINITELY going in my weekly rotations! Short & Powerful!

        I took on your “30 on 30” challenge! Really helped me to push myself even farther!

        Warm Greetings,


      2. Christie says:

        P.S: still squeeling like a 13 year old Belieber!! LOL!!!

  6. April says:

    Congrats to the winners! BTW I love your eye makeup in that pic!!

  7. Sara Hamil says:

    I’ve been in a sleepy funk a lot these days too! It doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get either… I’ve been making changes to my diet and taking supplements and today I finally went to speak with my doctor to see what else I can do. Last night I took some quiet time just to get my zen on though and it seemed to help.

    I guess sometimes we just need to let ourselves slow down, even if we are the types who feed off of the go-go-go! Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  8. Jane says:

    Hey Cassey,
    Can you please tell me which ones of your cardio videos are steady state cardio that i can do everyday because i read that doing hiit everyday is bad

  9. jessica says:

    hi cassey, this may sound weird, but do you know of any exercises to tone your boobs? was wondering if pilates helps

    1. Juliana says:

      i dont think you can tone your boobs since they are made of glands; milk ducts; fat and connective tissue BUT you can make them perkier by doing upper body strength training like push ups chest presses etc anything that tones your chest wall muscles (wheres your boobs sit!)
      If you wanna make them smaller usually cardio/fat loss helps
      If you have them small (like me..a poor 34A) pushups do wonders BELIVE me!

    2. Also, support them! Because your boobs are made of tissue, excessive bouncing can permanently stretch and sag ’em. Anytime you do cardio, make sure you have a sports bra that fits properly.

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