Winner Winner

Winner Winner

Hey guys!

It’s the night before the POP Star Party at 24 Hour Fitness! Are you guys going!?

I know it’s totes last minute, but in case you haven’t seen my IG posts, my FB posts or my newsletters…I am inviting you RIGHT NOW to come to a POP Party to experience POP Pilates live! To find the class nearest you click here.


If you come early, you will be gifted a pair of POP sunglasses! I was so excited to make these for you guys. When we initially ordered them, my priority was to have them sent to the clubs. But guess what? I don’t even have one yet!!! I haven’t even touched one! Haha. So, I’m going to do a surprise visit to someone’s class tomorrow cuz… I want one.

Anyway, I hope you go guys! Bring your friends and fam. The event is free and you don’t need a 24 Hour Fitness membership either!

Now…I know why you’re here. You want to know who won the HUGE Focus Journal Giveaway!!!

Last week, I uploaded a video to YouTube explaining my tips for getting fit in school! And at the end, I showed you guys all of my favorite stationery and organizational supplies. I had a really fun time shopping for it all, but I’m so much more happy when I get to share it with one of you guys.

We’ve all been waiting 7 long, excruciating days for this.

So, now I shall announce the winner of the Focus Journal giveaway!!!

And the winner is…Christine M.!

Congrats girl! I just left you a comment back on YouTube. Please email me and I will get your huge package sent out right away!

Yay guys!

Now if you didn’t win, don’t be sad. You can still get the Focus Journal on! There’s still some left but they’re going super quick! And if you like all the other stuff I had in the video, just visit Target and Paper Source!

Love you so much!

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  1. Mária Vinogradová says:

    Congratulations, Christine!!!!!!!!!

  2. Elisa Ranney says:

    Hey Cassey I’m Elisa, I am 16 years old. I am starting my two last IB years at a Boarding School in England. I am a bit concerned about how I will find time to work out and how can I eat clean considering that apparently the food there is fatty and not great. I would love to get some advice and see how I can have a healthy lifestyle.I usually follow the calendar and watch the videos but now it is going to be a Little more challenging. thank you cassey:)

  3. hafeza malique says:

    but what if a lot of people are sort on money and cant afford the focus journal

  4. DS says:

    Hi Cassey! I looove the idea of this planner. It’s just right for my needs, none of the extra stuff that other planners have haha. Do you think you’ll have a non-academic planner that starts on January 2018 instead? I’m waiting until I use up my current 17-18 calendar. 🙂

    1. Elena Morales says:

      yes, I agree, please make a planner from the whole 2018 🙂

  5. Ellie says:

    Congratulations christine! You are so lucky (:

  6. Winner winner pumpkin dinner! (Huzzah, with fall coming!)


  7. Mabs says:

    I have a question, in the giveaways can we post more than one time? Or just once? Thank you!

  8. Yara says:

    Cassey did you pick randomly our did you read through and pick the one that struck you more than the rest?

    1. Bri says:

      She picks the winners randomly

      1. I think so too! It’s only fair 🙂

  9. SparkleAbi - ♡ says:

    Congratulations Christine!!


  10. Natasha Nash says:

    congrats Christine!!
    Also, I would totally love to join a Pop Star Party. If only they are available internationally too!