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Winner of Kallisti Bodychain Jewelry Giveaway!

December 19, 2011



Winner of Kallisti Bodychain Jewelry Giveaway!

Thank you everyone who entered the Kallisti BodyChain “What makes you feel beautiful?” Contest. There were so many great answers and some of them really brought me to tears. So thank you for putting so much time and effort into this contest. I love reading your comments. You guys all def. have a good sense of what being beautiful truly means.

I had kind of a hard time choosing – there are 2 that really touched me. So here it goes…the winning entry belongs to Jacqueline, you will be receiving one of Kallisti’s body chains worth up to $258! Congrats girlie. I will email you.

And I’d like to give an honorable mention to Cari Garvey who was so raw in her post. She touched on being called fat and I don’t know if you guys know this, but I can identify with that. There was a time when…uhh I think this calls for another post…you guys would benefit a lot knowing where my scars are too to where I am today. Cari, I’m sending you the Eros ring on my behalf.

Congratulations POPsters! And happy holidays 🙂


“During my childhood, I never felt beautiful. Through the years, I just crawled into my corner and sought comfort in the foods I ate, because that was the only thing that was constant in my life. I gained so much weight which only lead to further seclusion of myself with my food and books because that was all I needed. or so I thought.

In high school, when I reached my peak weight, I remember looking in the mirror and being completely disgusted with myself. I felt fat with my thunder thighs, flabby arms and huge stomach, I felt ugly and absolutely horrific. But I had friends and family who accepted me for who I was and supported me in my endeavors.

I realize now that although I needed to change how I looked physically, but most importantly I needed to change how I felt about myself as a person. My confidence and self consciousness was at an all time low. But going to college changed all of that.

At my university, I was surrounded by beautiful people with drive and confidence beyond any I have witnessed. I became motivated to change myself, with my physical attributes first. I knew better than taking the easy way, so I embarked on the tough route. After 2 years of eating healthy (and exercising when I could), I lost 30 pounds. For the first time I felt better about myself.

From then on, I needed to change my mindset. I gradually put myself in positions where I needed to be confident and comfortable with myself. For example, in leadership positions or mentorship, I wanted my own mentees to understand their own self-worth, how could I preach what I don’t practice? This was the most mentally challenging change I knew I had to make about myself. With time, I became comfortable with myself, and I learned to love myself more and more each day.

Yes, it is easier to criticize myself but being positive and being in control of my body and my mind has been priceless and kept me humble instead of flaunting and being haughty. Although it took years to find my inner beauty, I have undergone the transformation from awkward to awesome! (or at least I’m still trying to).

I feel beautiful knowing my happiness with myself as a person, as a girl, as a woman in this society. I feel beautiful when I am able to contribute back to my community through my actions and devoting my skills to give back to those less fortunate than me. I feel beautiful when I know I am not perfect, but I can try to BE and DO the best I possibly could.

All of this would not have been possible without my unwavering support of my family/friends and all of the people I have met who have pulled me out of my corner. THEY made me feel loved and beautiful, and without them I would not be where I am today.

Thank you for reminding us of our beauty with each blog and video you post! When I read/watch your videos, I find great encouragement and positive energy that I apply to my own life on a daily basis. I look forward to seeing your entries :)


“All my life I was told down right that I was fat…I can remember doctor visits where my doctor would look down at me and tell me you are just too fat Cari…my sister once told me that nobody will ever marry a fat girl… a kid at school one time followed me home and taunted me the whole way calling me fatty,I was told by one of my “boyfriends” that I was too fat to be with. WOW that all hurt soo much and I will never forget any of that. When I started to loose all the weight I started to get compliments from people saying wow you look soo thin, wow you look so different but never did anyone tell me I was pretty. Until one day I was crying about the whole boyfriend thing (which i am doing right now as I write this) and my mom came in and asked what was wrong and I just lost it and told her even though I was finally “skinny” no one still wanted to date me…my mom told me that beauty is not something someone can tell you. You are beautiful is something you have see in yourself and realize why that makes you feel pretty or beautiful….I have never forgotten that…When I look in the mirror and see my so called “ugly” stretch marks as most would say I think they are pretty because they show a weight battle won…I look at the flab on my arms and say hey that is beautiful because that used to be all unhealthy fat and now its another beautiful battle scar of my weight loss journey….Beautiful is not a material possession that makes me feel beautiful but looking at my long hard journey to healthy is what makes me feel beautiful…every time I look in the mirror and see the curve in my waist I feel beautiful, when I see toned arms instead of unhealthy arms I feel beautiful, and most of all I feel beautiful when I sweat because its sweat and hard work that has made me believe that I am beautiful and lovable.”

For the rest of us! Xing from Kallisti is offering a special deal!

“POP25” for $25 off any order until Dec 29th. Special Holiday Priority shipping price will be $5 on request in the notes. Terms: Your shopping cart will not reflect the savings automatically, but you will be sent a an updated invoice with the amount that your credit card will be charged.

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  1. Estefania says:

    I’ve never been overweight but in school I was school everything but beautiful. We have two choices, live on the past or live on the present. Whay people say about you don’t define you, it define them. We can only move on if we forgive, past doesn’t exist anymore, it only exist the present, right here right now, we can’t live thinking what people said and did to us becasue we never be happy in that way. Happiness is within. What people think about you is not your bussines, what you think about your self, that’s your bussines.
    I understand how words can hurt but you can either become weaker by them or stronger 😉


    1. yy says:

      so true… thank you:) its so beautiful and encouraging

  2. Xing Xu says:

    Congratulations gals! Looking forward to making your order for you, Jacqueline.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  3. Anna says:

    I really like how Jaqueline discovered self beauty by pushing herself mentally, emotionally, and physically. While no one ever called me fat, I wondered if I was pretty like Cari. During college, I figured a professor’s totally off topic comment was true. He basically said that if you act like you are beautiful, you will convince others (including yourself) that you are.

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Ahhh!!! Thank you so so so so so much!! <3 I am speechless… with a big smile on my face!! Hahah Thank youuuuu!!!

  5. Danielle says:

    Congratulations to the winners!

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