WHOLE BODY WORKOUT + What to do when you’re bored of eating clean…

WHOLE BODY WORKOUT + What to do when you’re bored of eating clean…

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Hey guys!!!

Here is your new Monday video! It’s a longer 14 min total body workout that attacks the hips, waist, abs, arms, and butt! You will really love. Warning though. The first move will require a wee bit of coordination (or maybe just practice?) but I know you will be fine. It is a very fun routine. You know what else would be fun? Every time one of these new vids comes out, you should invite one of your friends or a member of your fam to try it with you as a challenge!! Would be great for bonding time!

Now! What do you do when you’re bored of eating clean? Do you stuff the same veggies and lean protein down your throat while your tastebuds scream for variety? I’ll tell you what I did. And it works.

Last week was full of salad since I was too busy to make anything else. And it got kinda old by Thursday! But you know what, I wasn’t going to grab for something unhealthy just because my tastebuds thought they wanted a different taste. Instead of changing my food (which I would have done if I had time to cook), I decided to change my environment. I packed up my salad and had a nice lunch in the park. YUP!!!! You bet I did. And guess what. My food actually tasted so much better! It was nice to relax outside and just indulge in the flavors of my food.

Sometimes you don’t have to eat out, you just have to eat…OUTSIDE!!! Hahaha. Like they say, “If you don’t like where you are, then move. You are not a tree.” Seriously give it a try next time you feel bored of your food.

Or if all else fails and you simply cannot have another meal without cheese and bread and fried goodness, then HAVE IT. I have one YOLO Meal a week and it’s something that’s really fun to look forward to. It keeps me sane. It keeps me excited. If you train hard and eat clean all week, you deserve to indulge! And please, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY!!! YOLO meals are necessary to keep you happy emotionally. And your emotional health is very related to your strength and motivation. Just remember…1 YOLO meal a week. Not 1 YOLO day!

I am also working on an EPIC secret project that you will find out about in a few weeks. Here I am with GloZell on a rooftop! Look at that lipstick!!!

This weekend I took some time to explore more of the outdoors. And when I say outdoors, I mean not inside my house. I saw animals, human beings, and lots of trees! I spent some time at the outdoor shopping center near me 🙂 They started decorating for the holidays already! Everything was sooooo sparkly, lit, up and magical!!! I loved it!! I also picked up someone’s dog and took a pic with him because he was soooooooooo cute!!! (Don’t worry, this is a normal Cassey reaction to doggies.) I wanted him so bad. He looked life a cheeto puff. OMG. I can’t have a dog now, but if I did, it’d sooooo be this one.

Also, wanted to show you one of my fave new shrug of the moment from Evolvefitwear! Had a mini shoot by this cool rainbow graffiti wall.

Then I took off into the sky.

Hehe. Now, the last thing I wanna share is my night life and my thoughts on drinking. Some of you guys have asked me about this. Well first of all, I don’t have a night life because I work all the time! BUT this weekend I ended up getting dressed up to go out and I must say it is very fun to put on heels and a fashion-y dress once in a while!! What’s not fun though is the alcohol. I don’t know if you guys know this about me but I don’t drink. And no, it is not for fitness reasons. Rather, I am HIGHLY allergic to alcohol. I feel dizzy, get sick, and sometimes…I go blind. In college, I used to think I had a problem and I couldn’t be cool because I couldn’t drink. People used to pressure me into trying this or that drink and when I refused, I felt bad. When I took a shot, I’d nearly pass out.

Today, I own the fact that I don’t drink and I actually really love that about myself. I don’t have to worry about empty calories or spending extra $. I let people know that it’s not for me and that’s that. I get a mixture of sparkling water and cranberry juice so I have something in my hand. Personally, I don’t need alcohol to loosen up and have fun…I can do it sober! I get high on life 🙂 And just so you know, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with drinking socially once in a while – just make sure you own the alcohol and that it doesn’t own you!


Alrighty POPsters! That was kinda my last week in review! Also, since many of you have been asking about the start date, I just wanna let you know that I am still releasing the 12 Week New Body Makeover Meal Plan on November 26th BUT you can start on December 1st ORRRRR January 1st. You’re welcome 🙂 After reading so many of your messages, I didn’t want to leave any of you feeling restricted throughout the holidays. So you now have a choice. I personally will still begin on Dec 1st, but I’ll be there for you in January too when you get started so do not worry! So get the journal now for yourself and as a holiday gift for a family member or friend who you want to start your 12 Week New Body Makeover with.

If you do end up getting the Fit Journal now, you will get the whole 12 weeks emailed to you on the 26th. Otherwise, I will release the secret passwords week by week if you want to obtain the plan that way.

Okie dokie that is all for now! Let me know how your weekend was and if you think people have seriously started to play X-mas songs wayyyyyy too early.

<3 Cassey

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  1. Dori says:

    Hey guys! Does anyone know where can I find pants like those in the video? I NEED them 😀
    And Cassey, if you read this, i really would like to thank you all of your work. You’re amazing!!!

  2. kathy gomez says:

    Great info. Lucky me that I discovered your blog by chance. I have saved as a favorite for later! Keep sharing 

  3. Katy says:

    I really want to order the fit journal and start in January but I’m worried about customs charges as I live in England? I am at uni so not particularly affluent and can only just about afford the journal as it is – if I have to pay customs there is no way I’ll be able to! Just wondering if anyone knows whether there would be an extra charge or not? I wouldn’t have thought so but I’m worried about risking it 🙁

  4. Shoshannah says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I’ve been following your blog for longer than a year now and I would be really keen to start the meal plan along with the exercise calendar for the next few months. Unfortunately though I have been diagnosed with a very rare cancer that require me to stay in hospital for 3 days every week. The treatment makes me really tired and achy and I’m just not in the mood to cook or exercise. I really want to keep in shape but its so hard so I was wondering if you could please do this meal plan challenge again in 6 months. Hopefully by then I should be off my treatment and it’ll be the middle of winter here so kinda like Christmas new year time haha. It would be great if you took my situation into consideration.
    good luck to everyone doing the 12 week plan though.
    lots of love,

    1. Andreanne says:

      Hello there!

      I think I’m writing on the behalf of all POPsters now, but I hope you’ll get better sson!

      I think that for the time being, you should let your body focus on healing, most treatments are pretty hard on the body so while eating as healthy as possible, maybe I would refrain from working out too much.

      As for the meal plan, I’m pretty sure that once it’s over it’s going to be available on the website, so you’ll be able to start whenever you’ll feel better!

      If not, you can probably email Cassey directly to ask her.

      Best wishes for you!!

  5. Christine says:

    Hoi Nederlandse of Belgische mensen,

    wie wil er met mij meedoen met het 12-weken programma? Ik kan wel wat support gebruiken en zou het fijn vinden om dit programma met iemand te volgen die ook Nederlands spreekt. Dat praat wat makkelijker 😉 Dus als je met me mee wilt doen, reply dan op deze comment en we vinden wel een manier om met elkaar in contact te komen.

    1. Marieke says:

      Hi Christine!

      Ik kom uit Nederland en ik ga het 12 weken programma doen :-). Ik start 1 december, wat jij?! Lijkt me fijn om elkaar te motiveren en stimuleren! Voeg me maar even toe op Facebook, gewoon even zoeken op Marieke Keijsers en dan vindt je me wel. Als er meer mensen zijn kunnen we misschien een FB groep opstarten!

      Groetjes Marieke

  6. Jyothi says:

    Hey, Cassie, i am in! Tx a ton.

  7. Gio says:

    Hi Cassie and all the brave POPsters that will start this amazing 12 weeks challenge!!
    I’m so excited and can’t wait to receive the book and the meal plan. I decided to star on Dec. 1st. since I promise myself to lost some weight by New Year.
    Cassie, thank you so much for your advice on YOLO Food… definitely for me will be Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.
    Love you all so much!! Bring it on Cassie!!! I’m ready to start!!

  8. Tina says:


    1. Runa says:

      The meal plan is free, so you can just go to the website or subscribe to Cassey’s newsletters to get the mealplan when it comes out 🙂

  9. Emily Newland says:

    Hi Cassie!
    So, I really want to do the 12 week body makeover challenge, but I’m just concerned/confused because I am breastfeeding. I’m about 5 and a half months postpartum, I can’t restrict my calories too much or else I won’t make enough milk and I plan on breastfeeding for at least a year, maybe 2, so I definitely don’t want to wean my baby just yet. How do I still do the meal plan and make sure I am getting enough calories, but still losing the weight?

    1. N says:

      Hi Emily. I’m a not-so-new mother of a 4 and an 6 year old, and at the time, I dealt with the baby weight by loosely following the Abs Diet for Women. It has an excellent chapter on postpartum and diet. Also, breastfeeding is an excellent way to naturally loose calories–up to 500 calories a day, some experts say. Just make sure you have enough water and healthy snacks so you can generate enough breast milk. Also, I took advantage of the baby napping and would exercise in short, intense bursts. First with an elliptical, gradually increasing intensity, then using weights. I also did a lot of core (didn’t know about Cassey then, but did Jillian M’s 6 wk ab). I was able to lose about 25 pounds, but the best part was I gained a whole lot of stamina, muscle, and clear skin!

      Good luck!

  10. Van says:

    Hi Cassey! I’m so glad you shared your story about alcohol! In high school and my first years of university, I was always peer pressured to drink and I wanted to fit in… I have the same symptoms you have from having a tiny bit of alcohol! I just thought that I needed to drink more to get over the sick and dizzy feeling. That never worked out haha. I’ve given up on alcohol for a few years now! But… I have friends and cousins who still don’t understand and think I’m a real bummer :/ and that still bums me out sometimes… But I’m so so glad I came across this blog and to see these comments from other people that don’t drink either! I feel so relieved that I’m not the only one!

    1. Andreanne says:

      Hey Van

      I don’t drink much alcohol either (though I’m not allergic, I just don’t really tolerate it…)

      Maybe if they think you’re a bummer because you don’t drink it’s because they need to drink in order to be interesting, be glad that you don’t!

  11. Sam says:

    Alright. So, I know that I will be given the 12 week meal plan. But for the 12 week new body makeover, what about the workout part? Do I just follow the monthly workout calendars as usual? Or are there going to be specific sets of workout plans that will be listed later? Im just new and lost… haha! ;p

    1. Eva says:

      I have the same question as you Sam. Do we follow the regular workout calendars or is there a special workout calendar for the 12 week meal plan?

  12. Andy M says:


    Is it just me or has the total time of the daily workouts been getting longer? I’m not sure if I have time to work out for more than an hour each day (as many of the days total up to be around an hour and 15 to 20 minutes). Any advice or suggestions???


  13. Amy says:

    I guess in some ways you’re kinda lucky you’re allergic to alcohol! Makes it very easy for you to not drink it obviously haha. I know this sounds terrible, but I used to drink a lot of beer growing up. (yes I was underage…like 16 years old). I honestly think this saved me! lol I’m 21 years old now and I honestly hate drinking. I don’t remember the last time I had a beer. If I go out, it’s no more than once a month and I try to drink wine or cranberry/vodka or even vodka/water with lemon and lime. I feel like I got it all out of my system when I was younger. I obviously don’t condone the use of underage drinking but now im 21 and I NEVER gained that “freshmen 15” because it was all old and boring to me once I reached the legal age. (19 in Canada). It always nice to have a lovely night out though and enjoy yourself. 🙂 xoxo

    1. Leslie H says:

      Amy, that’s hilarious because I had the exact same experience (and I’m also Canadian). I got all that “wooo alcohol lets get wasted” stuff out of my system in high school. By the time I was at university, it was all boring. I rarely drink, and I haven’t been drunk in years. It just makes me sleepy/thirsty for water… lol

  14. Lindsey says:

    THANK YOU for having the start date also be on January 1st!!!! I was not about to start restricting my diet over Christmas! lol! And now I can ask for the journal for a Christmas present! 🙂 Thank you thank you Cassey for all you do!!

  15. Kalee says:

    I love eating outside too! It makes a huge difference!!

    I totally agree on Christmas music. Plus, everyone’s taste on Christmas music is different. I was at a store and heard Dean Martin. IF I’m going to listen to it — that’s the kind I like. The worker then said “Oh gah! No!” and put on Britney Spears’ Christmas album….

  16. 1SM says:

    Hello Cassey and POPsters!
    During my summer vacation, I found Cassey’s YouTube videos and started her Beginner’s Workout Calendar. I was dedicated to the daily workouts on the calendar and lost about 5 pounds.
    Now that I’m back in college, I don’t find myself motivated anymore. I have projects and daily homework to do that when I am free, I just use that time to relax and watch a movie or hang out with friends.
    Please share with me what you do to keep yourself motivated.

    1. B says:

      Just don’t to push to hard 🙂 – that’s my thing,

      Of course it’s great to work out 1,5h 6 days per week but sometimes I think you’ve got to slow down.
      That’s my thing that helps me to stick with the workouts: do it less but everyday. I do +/- 30 min everyday (but when I was injured I did only 15-20 min) it makes me feel good bcs I’m still doing sth and when I feel like and have more time I make my workout longer and more sweety.

      Workouts will make you feel happier. Exclamation point.

    2. Cindi says:

      I find that most people forget or don’t realize how time consuming college can be. But if you really want this, you’ll find time. Personally, when I was still in college (just graduated in May ’13) I found that I was much less motivated in the evening after a day full of classes and homework. (As an engineering student, a single homework assignment easily consumed 5-8 hours/day for several days until its due date just for one class.. PLUS class time and study time! I also worked on weekends.) I began getting up early (6am to get to Planet Fitness) and as much as I didn’t feel like getting up early, I found that I had much more energy throughout the day after a tough morning workout! THAT was my motivation. I felt much more alert and prepared for my first class of the day and even performed better in my class participation. Part of the reason I got up early to workout was because I hate gym crowds and I had not yet discovered Blogilates. At least with Blogilates, you just have to get up, get dressed, and begin your workout. Getting my workout out of the way first thing in the morning worked for me. If anything, try it and see how it affects your day (even if you have that 8am class!). You may find that dragging yourself out of bed in the morning is totally worth it. And when you’re done with classes for the day, you won’t have to worry about squeezing that workout in — go hangout or relax! You’ve earned it!

    3. Andreanne says:

      When I am really really busy, I only do 1 video. I try to do a whole body one.

      That way I didn’t skip it entirely, I find that I lack most motivation when I start to skip workouts. It’s like it’s even tougher to do it if you skipped a day or two.

      Also, like Cindi said, try it in the morning! There is something rewarding to tell yourself that you did more before your 8 am class than most people in their entire day!

      You can do it girl!

  17. MiinaMarie says:

    No I absolutely do not think it’s too early for the Christmas tunes!!! Coming from a musician, I don’t know that says. I normally ‘listen’ to the music im listening to…but Christmas tunes I don’t need to focus on if I don’t want to, and so they just bring me cheer even if hanging in the background. Certain Christmas songs can just be deleted from any playlist ever…like anything super new age or from like a pop diva or something – no thanks, classics or jazzy or rock Christmas for me thanks! (Realizes I’m around popsters…oh no!) haha. also though, I’m in Canada where we had our Thanksgiving in Oct – so the stores are literally open season with Christmas and the like.
    Thanks for having the January option..I may look into joining now – Christmas is a big deal and I know it would in fact be an immediate fail and waste of time on my part. Not that I’m saying I’m weak or upset about my Christmas delightful ways…it means a lot to me, so therefore, after Christmas would be best for me. 🙂
    I think we’re about the same age Cassie…not that that matters…But I’m board with you regarding drinking. I can do it rarely – twice a year maybe?…but it’s not my thing and I see no point in it. I unintentionally sometimes see it as people not being comfortable with who they are so they need to lose some of their ‘inhibitions’ with a drink just to socialize…that said, I can imagine how much drink it may take now with all the anti-social people attached to their digital devices. When’s the last time you had a conversation with someone you hardly knew without your phone in your hand or at the ready (not you cassie, people in general) haha I’m doing my usual rant. Anyway, I was asked before by a friend, she said ” *my name*, every time I ask about you, you’re gone away on a trip somewhere or something…i think we make about the same…how can you afford it?” And I told her it was because she spent all of her weekends paying for drinks at a bar, and that wasn’t my thing so my money didn’t go there. it is really expensive. Anyway…enough ranty input from me 🙂
    Congrats and good luck to fellow popsters who will be doing the 12 week challenge. I’m unsure if I’ll join just yet, but you have my support 🙂 (ps has the meal plan been released? I wouldn’t really know until I see it if I could commit realistically)

  18. Amber says:

    Cassey, I was wondering about the meal plan? I just ordered my Fitness Journal last night and I am super excited to start on December 1st, but you said you would email us the meal plan if we bought the journal. Is there going to be a password we use that’s in the book or do we get put on an email list?

    1. Isabelle says:

      Oh, I also would like to know !! =D
      Suuuuuuuuuuuper excited !

  19. Katie says:

    Cassey, can you work out too much????? I recently added in more workout sessions to my daily routine and I exercise a lot for my age, but ever since I’ve GAINED weight, like rapid fast, I’m like 10 pounds heavier, and I know it isn’t muscle because I’m not any stronger, and I measured myself and I’m bigger. Please please can someone answer this, I don’t know why this is happening to me because I eat fine and my normal exercise (3 kickboxing classes a week) wasn’t helping me lose weight anymore so I started doing the calendar and running at least once a week and I’m extremely frustrated because the weight just keeps piling on. I’d be grateful for any advice, from anyone please.
    If it makes any difference, I’m 14 years old, maybe my age has an effect on things? I don’t know.
    Please and thank you xo

    1. Wendey Stohler says:

      Hi, Katie.
      Let’s start by reviewing exactly what it is you’re eating. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Weight loss is 80% diet and only 20% exercise”? It tends to ring true, at least for myself. If you can, try to keep a log on everything you’re eating, at least for a day. It can help you get an idea of exactly where your calories are coming from. It’s a good starting point.

    2. Ana says:

      Some times when you don’t eat enough you can gain weight because your body is in starvation mode.

    3. Cindi says:

      Keep an accurate and honest food journal. In order to effectively lose weight, you must burn more calories than you intake. HOWEVER the calories and contents of a cheeseburger are much different than the calories in foods such as avocado, oats, quinoa, etc. Avocado contains fats, but they’re essential omega 3’s. Be conscious of what you’re putting into your body (this is part of what clean eating is about). Part of loving your body is what you decide to put into it. Keep in mind though, that consuming less than 1200 calories/day will put your body into starvation mode, slowing down your metabolism as a survival mechanism. Browse Cassey’s posts about clean eating or eating habits and such, she does a very good job explaining the importance of what you eat throughout the day, especially following a workout. Many things can affect the body at your age. Don’t stress about it so much, as I find it to be pretty normal to fluctuate. Regular exercise is healthy, but don’t overdue it! Enjoy your teen years before responsibilities kick in! I think an hour a day 3-5 days a week paired with conscious, healthy eating habits for your age should be enough. Don’t forget a YOLO meal!

    4. Katie says:

      Okay, thank you guys a ton Im going to keep this advice in mind thank you 🙂

  20. Hanna says:


    You´re awsome!!!

    1. Beibei says:

      Yes please!!

    2. Karoline says:

      Hell yeah!!! And POP PLYO

      1. Hannah says:

        Yeah more of your sister!!!

  21. Maja says:

    I would love too eat outside!! …if I could eat without freezing my fingers of… ehee 😛 I live in Norway, it was snowing 10cm today!!! Haha, så it’s pretty cold! 😉
    When I’m tired of eating clean, I search up a meal I haven’t made before, a healthy meal ofc. It doesn’t have to be something super-unknown, but like, a fruit salad with different fruits, a different type of wok, a smoothie without banana! (I tend to use banana all the time.. But it’s so yummy! <3)
    I ordered the fitness journal, but with my moms e-mail, does that meen my mom is getting the mealplan? I would love it if I could get it instead, she isn't very happy that I'm so.. well, healthy! She wants me to eat chocolate all the time, to "enjoy myself sometimes". But you know what? I enjoy myself a 100% more after (or in the middle of) a workout! I feel refresh and sexy! Haha.. so sweaty, but happy 🙂

    You're not alone with listening to the christmas songs already Cassey! x) <3

  22. Sian says:

    I’m actually quite happy that you don’t drink alcohol, you’re already drunk on life my mind would explode if I ever saw you drunk on alcohol! Completely agree that YOLO meals can keep one sane…recently a lot of my meals have been YOLO ones but I’m working on that…whoops! It’s weird seeing you in normal clothes and not workout clothes! You look amazing!
    Please check out my blog if you have the time =) http://hippotohot.blogspot.com/

  23. KayJay says:

    Cassey I’m so excited about the 12 week plan–I can hardly wait! I just want to thank you for doing this because it is something that I know I need. I can’t wait to share my before and after. And knowing that there are so many of us plus you doing this is so encouraging!

  24. Kristina J. says:

    I am beginning the “Beginners Workout” in December, along with using one of Cassey’s previous Meal Plans (to prepare me for the 12 WBMO) and then progressing to the 12 Week Beauty Make Over with the FIT Journal in January (12 WBMO); if there is anybody that would like to join me in this schedule plan, please email me at fitnessmommy24@yahoo.com. We can work together to keep each other motivated and on track. Anyone is welcomed and encouraged to join. Don’t be shy!! 🙂

  25. Rachel says:

    i definitely needed to see this post because ive been wanting to cave sooo bad lately as far as my eating habits go. i actually do have two yolo meals a week, but i exercise a lot so it doesn’t ever bother me (i do song challenges between each workout of #novemburn and usually run/sprint once a week). in fact, i ate out three times last week with dessert and it hasn’t put any weight on me yet. sadly it was killer on my digestive system T-T reason enough to stick to 1 yolo meal a week. its hard not to scarf down sweets every day for me, though. i have a humongous sweet tooth, so i try to placate it by eating fruit or my true love: oikos lime greek yogurt (in a healthy portion). pomegranates and gala apples have been my best friends tho <3

  26. Tonette says:

    Hello POPsters! My boyfriend tells me this all the time, emotional health is important too! Bullying ourselves simply does not make eating clean worth it, at least that’s what I think. Stay healthy and happy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Cassey! Love you! xx

    1. MiinaMarie says:

      i can elaborate on that. i agree. as someone who suffers from depression, i have to remember to give myself a high five for getting out of bed in the morning let alone getting in a workout…i do what i can, (and still beat myself up over it :P)
      but yes, mental health is first and foremost important, it can help be built through working hard and doing good for yourself, your confidence can grow…but for many others, they need to work on their mental state first before they can find the energy and mental preparedness to jump into something like this. it’s quite sad. A depressed/stressed person develops more cortisol, long story short, being stressed out or depressed – or in a poor mental state – can wreak havoc on your body (one of which things is often weight gain) A very good point to make 🙂

    2. Couldn’t agree more with you and all you lovely ladies who commented the same thing 😉 Eating for a healthyMIND and healthyBODY 🙂 XO

  27. Sara says:

    I ordered the diary and will be starting on Dec 1st, college will finish for the semester soon so I’ll have plenty of time to workout and really focus on my clean eating, really looking forward to start. CAN NOT WAIT!

  28. Abby says:

    Cassey I am beyond excited to start your 12 week program!! And I can’t wait to get my hands on my FitJournal!! YAY!!

  29. chiligirl says:


    Can you post a blog entry about SHAVING? I workout along to all your videos and always wonder HOW does she get such smooth razor-burn-free underarms?? I would LOVE to wear all the lovely workout tops available, but am so self-conscious about this issue!

    Do you use razors, or some other form of hair removal? For alot of us popster girls, this would be INVALUABLE information!


    1. Katie says:

      I agree, I’d also like to know! 🙂

    2. Amber says:

      I’ve wondered about that too and never actually thought to ask, but I would love to know!

    3. MandiR says:

      Please don’t make any negative comments based on this reply. Any generalizations made in this post, are based on first had experience or research that I’ve read and none are meant to be negative.

      I’m willing to bet that a majority of Cassey’s awesomely smooth skin has to do with her Asian genetics. I’m European-American (aka White) and I never considered myself to be abnormally hairy….UNTIL I moved to South Korea 2.5 years ago. Not only do most Koreans (and other people of Eastern Asian bloodlines) not grow much hair, but there is also a noticeable difference between how Eastern Asians and people of European decent sweat, too. When I first started taking my yoga classes, I was super embarrassed about not having time to shave or how much I was sweating. Now, I really don’t care. I have my genetics, they have theirs. We all have things we like and dislike. Besides, If we all based our self-worth on what negative things other people said about our bodies, we’d all probably be suffering from severe depression and eating disorders.

      1. canadianlady says:

        Personally, I would feel better for Myself if I could just castoff the insecurities, but sometimes an aesthetic change is really just whats needed to boost confidence, before embracing fully your ‘genetic freedom’.. so anyways, I would still like to know how even white models or just random girls I see at the beach have smooth underarms. (besides photoshop, duh! haha).. I am Italian and I know Europeans have more hair than Asians, but some Romans I saw on holiday in Italy were able to achieve smooth results. sigh. maybe its a laser.

  30. Bridget says:

    Thanks for letting my Daughter and I come to your class last week. It was a lot of fun!!! We had a fun time in Los Angeles with the beaches and watching Baby Daddy being filmed. Thanks again, can’t wait for the 12 week challenge to start. 🙂

  31. Marisa says:

    I still don’t know when is the best time to start that meal plan, not because the Holidays but because I live in Portugal and the fit journal is going to take more than 2 weeks to get here :(((
    Even though we’re getting the meal plan in advanced it just doesn’t feels right to start one without the other… but then again, I want to star with all of you girls on Dec. 1st… I don’t know what to do hahaha

    1. Dawne says:

      What you could do is just write down your initial information down and then transfer the info when your journal arrives, eh? Look back at the photos Cassey has posted about the pages in the journal, like the first page with your measurements, and the subsequent pages with places to post your workout info, meal info, etc…. So you can still stay on track with everyone who starts Dec 1, and then you can re-write it all once the journal arrives in the mail! 🙂

  32. Hannah says:

    Oh, thank you soo much!

  33. no_aloha says:

    Excited to combine the 12 Week Plan with my existing WW plan! Even if you don’t do WW, a plan is totally doable during the holidays. Just prioritize what matters to you more: weight loss or indulgence in the season? (You can do both!)

    Cassey: I’m wondering what your thoughts on alcohol are as far as amounts. 1 YOLO meal per week…how mana YOLO drinks per week? Anyone? (WW just says to count it in your weekly points, but I need a number to stand by. (That can literally translate into 7 drinks/week with no YOLO meals.)

  34. DMS2 says:

    Still not sure about the meal plan thing. :/
    A well balanced meal plan can be very different depending on the place in the world you’re at.
    What may seem common and easy to find ingredients for someone in one country may be uncommon and not very into the regular diet for someone in another country. So just as an example, I’ve never ever tasted peanut butter, and it’s not something you see people eating in my country regularly.
    I would like to do this but I don’t want to see myself giving up just because the meal are ‘strange’ to me. ó_ò

    1. Benita says:

      Maybe you could just substitute the things you can’t find. Use the meal plan as close as you can and just do what you can and it should still be enough 🙂

    2. MandiR says:

      I agree. I live in South Korea and as much as people say that Korean food is super healthy, there is a ton of hidden calories, salt and sugar. I love Korean food, but it’s really hard to know what is the most healthy choice (especially in a foreign language). It’d be really nice to find some resources to compare different types of foods in various regions around the world and how to substitute them.

  35. Gal says:

    everyone here is complaining about christmas food, what would you say to us jewish people who have hannukah? it’s basically 8 days when the tradition is eating everything that has lots of oil in it, prefered deep fried! and special dounts with jam, chocolate and other things all over the place!
    idk what to do!

    1. Asha says:

      In my opinion, just relax and eat the food. It’s only 8 days, so it wont make a big difference in your weight in the long run as long as you eat clean before and after it (you’ll probably want to count calories and eat about 1400 for a few weeks after it, to lose any weight you gain).

      1. MiinaMarie says:

        i dont know if this rings true for everyone…but there have been a time or two for me in the past year where i’d be eating great and working out..then vacation or something happens (awesome!!) and you weigh in when you get back and you’re like 5 lbs heavier (I did enjoy eating those 5 lbs) but my point is back to my old ways mostly of eating right and working out, I lost it in 1-2 weeks. It’s mostly just excess hanging out waiting to be digested…don’t condemn yourself if you eat. Hanukkah and Christmas come once a year – to me personally – I’ll know when I’ve had enough, but my “diet” isn’t going to control the life I live and the memories I make especially around the Holidays – it’s going to be a general guide – you do only live once. a few bad weeks out of 52 is solid in my books 🙂
        Just because you eat bad one, two or 10 days in a row doesn’t mean that on day 11 you can’t start it all up again.

  36. Ana says:

    You have a meal plan for vegans too?

    1. Jolien says:

      In the video about losing weight and the 12-week challenge, she said it was vegan-friendly! So yaaay! 😀

      1. Aurelia says:

        I even think that she has a vegan one! It was written under one of her youtube videos 😉

  37. Jenn says:

    Cassey! I’m going to Paris from Jan to March and I am definitely going to try French cuisine as well as other European cuisines. I wonder if the 12 week plan is for me. I don’t want to half ass the plan but I would love to do it with other people too to stay motivated. Hmm… I guess, I’m not sure what I should do.

    1. Rachel says:

      Hey Jenn!
      Your post caught my eye cause of what you said about eating healthy in Paris 😀 I am studying in Paris for two months, and I just wanted to urge you to try to eat clean while here. I haven’t, and basically stopped working out/eating anything clean, and let me tell you, it takes a toll. I am so tired and sluggish and I really wish I had taken the time to be good to myself as well. DEFINITELY eat good food (cause French food is so delicious, don’t deny yourself) but on less “important” meals try to eat clean. Having said that, I wouldn’t suggest the 12 week plan just yet because you want to be able to enjoy the local culture as much as you can. If you are cooking for yourself try one day of the plan and one day the “French way?” Haha this was a lot, but I really, really hope this helps!
      Bon voyage
      Rachel 😀

      1. Jenn says:

        AHH Thanks Rachel! I’ve been stuck in a dilemma about this after Cassey announced the 12 week plan haha. I’ll definitely watch what I eat and not “try everything that I can”. I was thinking about continuing the calendar workouts and maybe throwing Insanity on top of it since I heard winter is rainy in Paris so I won’t be able to run outside that much. Thanks for your advice again Rachel! 😀

  38. Aline says:

    I was just thinking of that! I saw a couple having a picnic in front of wal*mart, which I thought was an odd location, but a nice idea! So I want to do that soon, cassey, you mention this a lot in your videos, that we get so caught up with technology and stuff and we seclude ourselves of a nice treat, Fresh air!
    As per the alcohol, I don’t drink much at all, but when I do I can only have one, because my tongue swells up from all the ice, the cold (drinks have to have ice!) so others think im drunk , when im not! haha.
    Thanks for sharing your week with us!

  39. Sabrina says:

    I plan to start on December 1st. I want to get the jumpstart, but I do plan on relaxing the meal plan when I am out of town for the week of Christmas visiting my family, my grandpa is really in to lots of breads and large meals. I have a plan though!! 😉 Simply not eating until I feel sick, lol. I think a very small portion of most everything will help me stay on track, without making me feel like I am missing out on my Christmas!
    Speaking of Christmas, YES WAY TO EARLY!!!! Give Thanksgiving a chance!

  40. Jodie says:

    I would find it hard not to drink because my fiance is a brewer! But I like to have a couple of drinks once or twice a month and that’s it. I drank/partied more regularly in college, but I’ve noticed that as I’ve got older I get drunk really quick if I go past 2 drinks, and have a huge headache the next day. I agree that it’s not necessary to drink to have fun, but it is hard to withstand that pressure. The last time I was really drunk was the night I got engaged, because people kept handing me drinks as congratulations. I’m little and it was not good! I definitely want to be more mindful of those kinds of occasions in future.

  41. Elin says:

    Cassey, you are so cool! And inspiring and amazing and gorgeous! I’ve been thinking it for a long time, and now I felt like sharing:) You make us other girls want to love ourselves, and that is… amazing. And refreshing aswell.
    I so agree about having fun without drinking. Life just make you happy and just being out and dressing up makes me laugh!
    (And, if you wan’t to know; I’m from Sweden in northen Europe. Just thought it would be fun for you to know that your inpiration has reached us up here in the cold, dark north:))

  42. Hafsa says:

    So excited and so inspired:P Thx Cassey(^_^)

  43. Ana says:

    I have a question? I want to do the 12 week meal pan starting on Dec. 1 but what I’m I suppose to do when Christmas comes and we go to are family’s houses to eat?? Or I have another problem every Friday my family goes out to eat because I have guitar lessons and after we go out to eat. What am I suppose to eat then? Cassey needs to have a list of things we can eat when we HAVE to go out and eat. Would love some help with this!! thanks!!

    1. Mickis says:

      Hi! I had the same problem before so I made a google search and back then I found this:
      Maybe it can help you too 🙂

      1. Ana says:

        Thank you so much!!!!

  44. Emmy says:

    Cassey, you such an inspiration to me! Yesterday I did so many of your workouts that I couldn’t even count them! Seriously, I got such a kick doing that. When I finished, I could even do the split! First time in five years!!!
    Love ya’! <3

    1. Jolien says:

      AWESOME!!! Great for you! 😀

  45. Caterina says:

    Cassey, your dress is amazing **

  46. Hey, Cassie!
    I am so happy about the 12 week new body makeover meal plan!!! Seriously, you don’t know how much. And I think that starting off on the December 1st is an inspired idea! I’m gonna start that day with you and already rock the glowing skin and the happy mode that a healthy live style gives me when the holidays come. I live in Brazil, so we don’t celebrate thanksgiving here, but we do celebrate Christmas, which is usually a dinner on the 24th and a lunch on the 25h. So therefore, it will only be 2 YOLO meals on two special days with family and I won’t feel guilty about it, because it won’t “ruin” everything I did my whole month! I can even workout a little bit harder those days in the morning to feel better. Like you said, we need to keep happy emotionally.
    I am soooo super excited to get my package from Blogilates that contains my own fit journal!!! It is going to be my best friend for 3 months, yay!!! I’m gonna take it with me everywhere, and since most of the time during Dec, Jan and Feb I’ll be on holidays from my University, I’ll have the chance of trying out all of those cool meals with quinoa, eggs, protein powder and bananas that lead into delicious pancakes or muffins for a healthy treat once in a while. And I’ll be able to concentrate on my workouts, on sleeping a lot, even on meditating! Like you always say, it is mind over body. And my mind will be in a really good place, and thanks to you!
    I really mean it when I say that you can make my day. Thank you for everything. I love you and I love Blogilates!

  47. WELL LIVING BLOG says:

    hahah I do exactly the same when I get bored of eating clean !!

    XX Luba

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  48. Leanne says:

    Omg I hate alcohol too I think it tastes disgusting. Gimme an Asian 5! You literally read my mind cause I was getting bored of my food so I took it outside and met up with some friends and had my salad and it tasted amazing! <3