When Fitness Turns Awkward – a guest post from Joan

<<That’s me right there!

When I first started doing POP Pilates, I shut myself from the world, closed the doors, and most windows too. Almost two years later, I now manage to leave them open…but I can’t shake off this feeling of utter awkwardness (that usually turns into a laughing fit) whenever someone watches me work out!

I’m not a shy person, but I’m very guarded. I’m very selective with the people I open up to. And doing a full wheel pose, pelvic thrusts on a bridge or silly-looking cardio moves to get my heart pumping definitely counts as opening up in my book! It can be a slightly mortifying experience, even if I don’t actually suck at what I’m doing.

According to this article:

Extroverts prefer intense workouts with groups of people, and are prone to exercising fairly often. lots of activity, and want to go, go, go.

Introverts tend to like to run, cycle, or work out alone. They find groups of people draining, so their fitness goals need to involve “me” time.

Neurotics tend to do cardiovascular exercises indoors, but not in a gym. They prefer home treadmills and low-intensity workouts when achieving their fitness goals.

Conscientious people are motivated enough to schedule their own fitness plan – and stick to it. are very self-disciplined people who strive to achieve something. They want to take charge of their own exercise routine to make sure it will get done.

Agreeable people like to exercise first thing in the morning, to get it over with. Since they’re compliant and friendly, they have a tendency to help others and acquiesce to requests – which can derail their fitness goals.

Based on this, I’d be a conscientious introvert with neurotic tendencies. Sounds funny.

What kind of exerciser are you? Is there a move that makes you feel particularly awkward? How do you shake off the feeling? Or are you *insert finger snaps* FEARLESS?

Thanks Joan for the guest post!!! This was a wonderful read. Joan was crowned one of our first Ambassadors of POP back when my fan page had like 200 fans. Haha. She’s the Butt Ambassador, it was a joke, but then it stuck. Make sure to follow her on Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest.

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, please email me at blogilates@gmail.com! Oh and Joan, I’m PRETTY SURE I’m an extroverted conscientious person 🙂 K, your turn guys – what are you?

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  1. Yasin says:

    I agree with Bob. Sometimes we don’t want to face issues with orueelvss, so we find issues with others (they don’t have to be related issues, either.) Sometimes, however, they ARE related issues (the person that bashes gays because they don’t want to admit they’re gay, etc.) Sometimes it is control. And sometimes the person is truly annoying us. Whatever it is, if we have made the decision that the good outweighs the bad in our spouse, then we have to not just accept the irritating but embrace it and then move on. Only when a person with intense diabetes accepts that they can’t eat sugar, not even a tiny bite, will they be on the road to good health. At first it’s hard – who doesn’t love a doughnut? But when they consistently eat what’s right for their bodies and embrace their personal chemistry, they feel better. And at some point, they will walk past the doughnut and not even consider it. I really do relate to this particular post, hence the long comment. Am I controlling? Hell yes. But I have learned to relinquish most of it for all the good things everyone around me offers. And when that doesn’t work, I eat doughnuts. (I am not diabetic, thank god!)

  2. Mary says:

    I’m an extrovert when it comes to doing something more fun, like taking dance classes or zumba. I love laughing at myself and laughing with other ppl in the same class, especially if some weird moves come up. I’ve done yoga in packed classrooms, and I feel like I can cheat less with someone overseeing my progress.

    That said, when it comes to plain ol’ running, I hate being seen. Because I know I’m heaving, and turning red and blotchy (I get runner’s itch all along my inner thighs and my stomach :\ ). I go jogging at night only just because I don’t want people I know driving by to laugh at my sad puppy crawl speed 🙁

  3. Ai says:

    I’m an introvert! Haha.
    yeah, I don’t like ANYBODY seeing me workout. =D

  4. Penny says:

    according to this the only thing I’m not is neurotic.

    I do two types of different exercises in the morning and then get on with my day… one of which is with a group of people, the other is really intense and by myself. I don’t consider going to martial arts/kickboxing to even count as a workout because I have my own workout schedule. I’m always eager to help other people get fit though.
    A day of relaxation to me is where I bike AND run on my own for an extended period of time and do not have to see any other people at all. In my mind this isn’t even a workout no matter how intense it gets, it’s still relaxation.

  5. S. says:

    I am a conscientious introvert with neurotic tendencies too. At the moment I have knee pains and I want to workout so bad that I do yoga anyway.. even if it’s not what my workout consist to. I don’t want to do nothing all day |:

  6. Emilia says:

    Definitely a conscientious extrovert! Even though I definitely enjoy working out alone as well (:

  7. Michaela Roberts says:

    I’m not sure what this says about me. Maybe I’m a little conflicted ? Lol. When I’m at home I don’t want my neighbours seeing me workout so I close the curtains (neurotic) but I don’t mind my nearest and dearest being about when I’m doing pilates. I think I’ve told everybody I know about Cassey’s sites and I invite mates and colleagues to come along to Zumba (agreeable). I loved running alone (introvert) but have given that up in favour of low impact Zumba classes (extrovert). I don’t watch how others in the class are getting along as I’m to busy chuckling at myself as I am so uncoordinated and it takes me ages to get the hang of a new routine. I find laughter as much of a stress relief as the workout I get.

    1. I think you may be an introvert, because you have conditions to your “extroversion”. There’s a lot of gray in between, it’s not really a black or white thing. It’s mostly about what comes natural to you, about what’s your first instinct. 🙂

  8. sassypanamama says:

    I’m an agreeable (ha!) conscientious neurotic introvert! Soooo introverted about working out that if my husband walks in the room, (doors, windows, and drapes shut–the only light in the room comes from my laptop/Cassie’s videos) I will freeze up and holler at him until he leaves! I’m like a 14 yr old that way…but getting fitter than I was then!

  9. Janice says:

    I feel like I am an extroverted introvert who is conscientious yet agreeable… (umm… just like the whole deciding between 6 bags thing) what am I Joan??

    1. You are an EXTROVERT. Come on! You make YT videos of yourself working out. An introvert would never do that, haha. You also have a student fitness group. Um, extrovert! LOL

  10. Pansy says:

    I’m an extrovert because when there’s a instructor and other people around me, I try harder to keep up… if I did it alone in my room, I probably wouldn’t try as hard to keep up since nobody is looking. I cheat. =X

    AND that yoga cartoon was exactly how I was feeling yesterday! I never know if I’m doing downward dog right. -____–

    1. haha, I’m an introvert but I don’t allow myself to cheat. That where the conscientious part comes in (luckily)!

      PS: That yoga cartoon spoke to me the moment I saw it. xD

  11. Laura says:

    I am an agreeable extrovert! Loved this!

    I feel self conscious when I am running. I am definitely guilty of laughing at awkward looking runners, and I am certain I have evoked the same feeling in others when I am tired and dragging. I am pretty sure only true runners look good running.

  12. Great Post! It made me laugh because I am completely the same as you, Joan. I am definitely an introvert with neurotic tendencies. However, sometimes, I like to do group classes, but I go in, find my spot, do the work out and leave. I am not a social, extrovert when it comes to working out.

    1. Yeah, sounds definitely like me. *fist pump*

      I always test the environment before I let myself go a little bit, but it definitely does not come naturally out of me. I try to push myself through the introversion because (luckily) I’m conscientious (and incredibly stubborn). Gotta get the job done! 🙂

  13. Janet says:

    Loved your post, Joan! Hmmm…. I think I’m a mostly conscientious introverted extravert or extraverted introvert. I like working out in groups and alone. When I can afford it, I enjoy going to the gym even for an individual workout because I’m buoyed up by the presence of others working on fitness. But I also like the convenience and focus of working out at home. Does that just make me confused? 😉

    1. Thanks, Janet! Sounds like your are mainly conscientious extrovert. I mean, extroverts can enjoy working out alone too, just as introverts can occasionally enjoy group sessions.

      I’m a point blank introvert because I could never say that the desire to workout in groups or in front of people comes natural to me, hehe.

  14. Michelle says:

    I’m a extroverted, conscientious & agreeable person! This is very cool!

  15. Loops says:

    Well this is interesting. Im a introvert, neurotic, agreeable person :/

  16. erin says:

    pretty sure i’m an agreeable conscientious introvert mostly because when I go to a class, and i see some people doing it wrong, i get so distracted! especially if they’re in front of the class! really?!

  17. Lea says:

    Well I can say that I am extrovert type, but sometimes I am ntovert type too:) Yay for Joan being metioned here***

  18. Laura says:

    Looks like I’m an agreeable conscientious extrovert. Love to workout first thing in the morning – not so much to ‘get over with it’ but because it gives lots of energy for the rest of the day; love to workout with a group of people and if it’s possible I do it every day. And finally, if I really have no gym around (which is the case in my hometown) I can make my own exercise schedule for home and I will definitely stick to it 😀

    1. I’m a zombie in the mornings. I guess I’m disagreeable too. xD

  19. Sarah Sibilia Boone says:

    I’m a Introvert/Neurotic, I am shy around groups of people especially if they are people I don’t know! I would much rather stay in the privacy of my own home!

  20. Janet Smythers says:

    I am a Conscientious Introvert. I love working out at home, and I love to run. I really didn’t enjoy going to the gym.

  21. DarkDesire says:

    I gues I’m an agreeable conscientious neurotic then xDD

    But I’m glad to know that other people feel the sme way too, I don’t even want my boyfriend watching me do exercises, on the fitness bike it’s ok, but Zumba or Pilates? No way xD

    1. OMG Zumba. In all honesty, I have never done it in front of anyone either. I guess I could, but I wouldn’t burn as many calories as when I do it alone, haha. You need to really let go in some of those moves. I’m 99% sure I would just burst out laughing. xD

  22. Audrey Adams says:

    I’m an introvert. I always feel like I can’t get anything done right if I’m with groups who probably aren’t going to keep going like I want to. Mind thing.
    But anything with an exercise ball always makes me feel awkward. Always.

    1. The exercise ball! I didn’t even think about that one! I laugh at myself with that one, regardless of whether I’m working out alone or not, haha.

  23. Alex says:

    Im an extrovert! I need my girls with me, so i wont give up when it gets difficult. 🙂

    1. I’m so stubborn that even if my girls encouraged me, I would still do what I want to do: leave. Haha! Just kidding (not really).

      1. Hafsha says:

        I hope the list will help. It sounds like an exirecse I was asked to complete by my therapist years ago to help me find the triggers for my depression. (I didn’t put any effort into it, so it didn’t really work for me!! BUT my point is that this seems to be a tried and (somewhat) true method). You know, it seems that people show the worst of themselves to those closest to them. Maybe Emily Post is why strangers get our best behaviour and consequently our spouses our worst. When I find myself irritated at one of my wife’s habits, I (try) to stop, calm down and remind myself that that is why I love her and will do so until I die – because she is who she is, warts and all.