What’s tougher for you? Diet? Or Training?

What’s tougher for you? Diet? Or Training?

Hey POPsters!

I’m writing from a lonely hotel room in Frazer, PA which is about 10-15 minutes away from QVC headquarters! Tomorrow will be my first time ever on national television – wait, QVC counts right – and umm, I still don’t know what I will wear yet! I am such a procrastinator. I have a few dresses spread out on my bed and will make a decision tomorrow after I wake up and have some breakfast in me. I’ll be on “Food Fest” some time between 5-7pm EST talking about Miracle Noodle! (BTW, in response to some previous comments regarding this, MN approached me and asked if I could express my enthusiasm for their product after they saw how much I genuinely loved their stuff so of course I said yes!!! For the record, none of those MN recipes or videos were sponsored! Yes I am an affiliate, but seriously, anyone can be an affiliate and I only talk about things I like. I never try to sell you guys! You’re my friends, so I wouldn’t do that!!)

Anyway, can someone please take a picture and tweet it or FB it to me? LOL. I’m such a dork.

Thank you 🙂

I don’t know if I am allowed to take behind the scenes pics and videos at HQ…I assume not…but will do the best I can to vlog the experience if possible.

Today was all travel travel travel. I hate traveling so much. I mean, I love being in new places and meeting new people, but TSA, cramped planes, people who sit next to you and think that it’s ok to have a conversation with you the whole trip but you’re too nice to tell them that you’re really not interested in listening to their stories as you’re casually flipping through a magazine and trying to put earbuds in but they keep talking at you, luggages, carousels, and nasty tiny airplane toilets kill me.

But what kills me the most is how off track I get with my diet and exercise.

Actually, exercise isn’t too bad because I love it so much. I am always able to do my cardio for an hour. A run outside is always possible or even on the treadmill in the hotel gym if its dark, cold, or scary outside…but oh man…food temptations!!!! GALORE.

Diet is hard for me to control, way more than training, because my taste buds want to be loved. And by loved I mean they want more than just chicken breast, egg whites, tofu, and veggies. The weeks leading up to my Livestrongwoman shoot and the few days after, I had MAJOR sweet food and bready/carby cravings!!! I don’t know why but it’s been really intense (kinda like the cravings you get before or during your period)! I am not restricting calorically, but I think I need to up my seasoning creativity because sriracha and soy sauce is not doing it for the tongue.

I was flipping through Oxygen today and they had some AWESOME low cal, low fat recipes for salad dressings! I can’t wait to try them when I get back home.

Anyway, as I was walking past all of the airport food places, my eyes keep peering at the cakes and cookies! Geez I wanted them so badly but I know it’s only because I am being exposed to them. If I don’t see it, I don’t want it. Plus, if I were at home, I could satisfy that craving with a healthy version. But the waters are dangerous outside my house…I keep telling myself to be strong and not give in to those 800+ calorie muffins that are actually serve 6! They are so high in sugar and fat and their portions are just outta control!!!! I always found that to be so ridiculous. Who buys a muffin and cuts it into 6? Yea right. I’d eat the whole thing and get a cold glass of milk to accompany it, thank you very much!

Now listen up, I don’t want you POPsters to get the wrong message and think I have this horrible relationship with food and that I think sweets are the devil and that if I ever ate a cheesecake I should feel ashamed and then do 2 hours of cardio right after. Nope. That is not what I am saying. You know very well that I think it’s ok to eat “cheat foods” once in a while. Like I said in my last post, it’s healthy for your soul and your metabolism!

What I am trying to express here is that diet is something that I too struggle with daily. I have temptations, urges, and I am working every day to find what my happy balance is. Physically, emotionally, nutritionally.

I work out hard but I also know I can overeat. I love eating. Let’s face it! Who doesn’t? Cooking and eating have turned into a hobby for me – the latter should def not be a hobby though! Ha! I love trying new flavors and textures. Unfortunately some of the more interesting ones are the “bad” ones.

So yeah, I guess what I am trying to say is that if you are struggling with your diet, you’re not the only one! I practice healthy living DAILY as a clean food enthusiast and fitness instructor, and still, those darn ice cream cones and ooey gooey cookies make me weak in the knees. Solution?

  • Try not to expose yourself to such things as much as you can. Out of sight, out of mind, out of mouth!
  • If you really want it, then go head and have a bite – share it with a friend!
  • Find a recipe and have fun making a healthy substitute!

That’s why I like to eat at home, cook my own food and prepare snacks in my bag. Eating out (or trying not to eat out) can be pretty emotionally stressful if you are looking to lose weight or maintain a certain physique.

Uh oh. I can sense that I’ve probably said a few things that are “red flaggy”. Those of you that know me know that this is one of those “feeling” type of posts where I just speak my mind and my emotion as a young woman living life and experiencing new things. What I like about my blog is that I don’t try to be all professional and perfect all the time. I do this because it helps me connect with you better. Being stale and emotionless is no fun and if you’re looking for that, then I think wikipedia or an academic journal will suit the purpose.

So there it is. Cassey has a major sweet tooth she’s struggling to keep it in check! How about you? What’s your challenge? Is it the workout or the diet?

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  1. Ashley L says:

    I totally agree with you Cassey. The worst places are my college and for sure the airport or almost anywhere else when you travel. Road trips are almost worse I think, especially at gas stations! Working out for my is no problem, I’m always so excited and motivated because I know how amazing I feel it is like therapy to me, plus I know as soon as I turn on your videos your already bubbly and excited too! It’s like working out with a friend! I was in a hotel last week so I pulled up your hotel room workout and boy was it perfect, I felt awesome and even though I was rooming with my dad (we went to a concert out of town) I was quiet and he was proud of me for keeping up with it even though I was away from home. I LOVE LOVE cooking amazing food at home but you’re right it is so tempting to just “do something quick” when you’re away to make life easier, but I do my best to remember that I won’t feel very good if I don’t. It may take more time and some of my friends have dubbed my extremely “inconvenient” I know I’m doing the right thing and that’s what matters right? Love love love!
    -Ashley in Colorado Springs

  2. Anny says:

    Hi everyone
    in my case everything starts with diet. I’m telling myself that this week is gonna be a fresh new start of a healthy life. This leads to the thinking that i have to look after what i’m eating. From this it follows that I’m constantly thinking about food. Even though I try to convince myself that the meal I ate was enough, I still want to eat. Doesn’t metter what I try, I’m only satisfied when I ate exactly that sweet which I set my mind on. This leads to guilty consciences and of this I get in a mood where I ask myself why I’m doing all this. Why should I torture myself, I’m trying this for almost two months now and can’t see any difference. (Actually no wonder if I keep this routine I’m not gonna move anywhere 🙂 but how can I break the cycle?
    Does anyone know what I’m talking about? What do you do in such situations?
    Thank you very much ^_^

  3. this seriously makes me feel so much better. I struggle with this constantly. You inspire me so much, and it brings me great comfort to know your weaknesses. It inspires me even more, because even with your weaknesses you look amazing and if you can get that awesome body – so can I! Eating right is so much harder for me than working out. Love you Cassey! you’re not alone! and now I know I’m not either.

  4. ana says:

    for me its diet, one because my family is not accustomed to eating right and then my job is a desk job and my neighbor is a pizza place ugh i hate it. temptation right there. but hey gotta work through it right? 😀

  5. Kathy says:

    For me, the whole thing is off balance. If my diet is on point, I’m slacking off on my workouts. If I exercise consistently, my nutrition falls apart. I wish I could get them both right… or else find a happy medium somewhere.

    1. Reyna says:

      Exactly! Either I am great on my workouts and I eat horrible or the other way around. It is hard cause my boyfriend has no problems what so ever. He eats anything and I mean anything and he gains no weight. I wish I could control both or like you said Kathy find a happy medium

  6. Charlotte says:

    I’d say both!!
    Like, I can have a difficult time with cravings but I just set a timer for 10mins and the craving’s over. But exercising is just a struggle sometimes! I like to exercise most of the times, it’s starting that exercise session that bothers me haha! And sometimes I just have the energy for it .. but I try my best!!

  7. Claire says:

    For me it’s the workout! I eat EXTREMELY well, and have no food cravings. Ever. I’ve been eating perfectly clean so long things like pasta and cookies and juice only disgust me. But exercise, I always do 5 hrs a week, but the intensity isnt always up to par and I can come out of it dry a lot of the time :/

  8. Carla says:

    It’s hard for me to start working out, I never want to…but once I start I feel great and never want to stop!I always feel so accomplished 🙂 However food…aghhhh!!I have THE biggest sweet tooth!!and so does everyone in my house, so there’s always ice cream, candy, cookies, muffins and the lot in my house :(…right now I challenged myself to not eat chocolate for a month, and it is going much better than I thought!I’m realizing that I DON’T need chocolate everyday:)…however, I do need to control my snacking XD…

  9. Kerry says:

    DIET! I’m abroad right now and have been travelling almost every weekend. I somehow keep finding excuses to eat poorly. Like, if anybody ever asks me the difference between Portuguese and Italian gelato, I can tell em 🙂

  10. ash says:

    And this is exactly why I love you Cassey!!

  11. Sarah says:

    Definitely diet! My whole family and I love food and it’s so hard to stay on track because it’s all staring me in the face in our pantry! Arg! I just try to keep my goals in mind and tough it out.

  12. Amy says:

    DIET! Especially because I love chocolate and my parents always buy it. If it wasn’t in the house, I would be so much better off.

    1. Carla says:

      It’s the SAME thing with me!!I actually put all the cookies and chocolate in a box one day, taped it up, and set it in their room!
      That only lasted for a week though because they didn’t like having it all in their room, they felt like they were hogging everything haha

  13. Sayaka says:

    Hello Cassey!

    Hmm. This is a hard question to answer, since I struggle with both..BUT I think it’s HARDER for me to stay on track with a workout/ exercise than it is to stay on track with foods I eat…

    I struggle with binge eating, so whenever I feel negative emotions, I do tend to binge..which is horrible I know, but if I am feeling content, I don’t resort to food.

    But when it comes to fitness, I have never been the exercise type. I didn’t take sports when I was in middle school or high school.

    Unless you count my compulsive exercise problem I had at one point, with my Anorexia, but I find that an unhealthy behavior, and it is a dark past of mine…So I try to not consider that a phase where I was “active” you know?

    Maybe because I am insecure with myself I dread the idea of working out? Since most of my teenage life (12-18) was spent being underweight (anorexia), that being in this body I am now makes me NOT want to exercise, because I don’t want to feel my body jiggle, I don’t want to focus on my thighs , arms, and legs when I perform different Pilates moves…I am just overall too insecure to go to the gym because I absolutely hate the way I look.

    In a sense, maybe I don’t have a good relationship with exercise? I mean the last time I was “active” and “into” my fitness routines was back in the days of my anorexia..and well, I am not anorexic anymore, but I do have an eating disorder.
    I struggle with binge eating disorder/ bulimia.

    This was a mind boggling question, but for me it’s easier to stay on track with food, than it is to exercise at the moment..

    I really never know with an eating disorder mind.
    I wish I never got into this mess.
    You inspire me to eat, exercise, and live healthy. You teach me the LIVE part, whereas my ED does not. And it never did.

    Okay..this was very long. But I hope you got a chance to read this, since you do help me a lot.


  14. neha says:

    Cassey i have to tell you about the cookie monster…
    OH MY GOODNESS thank god you wrote this extremely honest post i thought i was an alien with an erratic unreasonable love for food. Cassey its so true just like you i love to work out get sweaty push myself for those last five counts and i keep my diet under check… until the ”cookie monster” strikes late late in the night . that’s when i binge in my sleepy state almost sleepwalking /eating therefore my control breaks down and i eat all that i forbid myself too. Of course i smartened up .. just a little .. :(….stopped getting food stuffs packed with calories but come on we all have a packet of our favorite cookies and a bar of chocolate in the refrigerator at all times. . I started keeping curd and fruits /muesli to binge on but its still not required those carbs late in the night.
    I sincerely request you to come up with some more recipes like the healthy BANANA-EGG PANCAKES and suggest something to control and finally banish this bad habit. 🙁
    ps: u are awesome and a source of constant kick ass inspiration. <3

  15. Julia says:

    Diet! I always workout hard and I’m pretty much addicted to working out but I struggle so much with food. I’m such a picky eater as it is and I’m always rushing to get out the door in the morning so I usually just pop something in the toaster. I am also addicted to frozen yogurt….

  16. Saah says:

    DIET. Diet is SOO difficult for me whereas exercise really isn’t. Exercising always feels great, so I like to do it. I’m defiiniteelyy not as fit as Miss Cassey though (but maybe I’ll get there one day!). But when it comes to food.. oh goodness. Where do I even start? I suppose I can control certain things considering I’ve never liked sugary drinks soda (it’s weird but the carbonation hurts my throat.. yeah I have no idea either.) or juice, but I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. Especially the days before, after, and during that dreaded time of the month. I often feel like I could be healthier if I switched my eating habits to that of “eating clean.” But I also feel like I’ll feel deprived if I start to “eat clean” and it would just totally backfire on me, and I’d just go back to my old eating habits again. But I guess since I like to exercise (although finding enough time to do it is usually the problem) it evens out.. sort of. But anyways, thank you so much for this Miss Cassey. You’re such an inspiration and cheerful motivator! (:

  17. Amber says:

    Thank you for this post, Cassey. I love you and this blog because your into being healthy and fit in the proper way. You genuinely love fitness and your lifestyle and you look happy living it. I feel like a lot of health-gurus (is that even a term?) out there preach about diet and exercise yet still look miserable and deprived (not in an eating disorder kind of way!). You glow. Your enthusiasm makes even me happy to work out.

  18. Taylor says:

    I struggle with both. I CAN do both, but 1: I get lazy, and 2: I LOVE FOOD. My mom owns a restaurant, so there’s always delicious food around my house. And I have asthma, so cardio really takes a toll on me and makes me not want to work out ever again! (I could do What Makes You Bootyful all day ;D)
    I seem to have high and low points, and right now I’m at a high! I’ve been eating healthier for the past two weeks, and have done pretty well! I’ve also been exercising a lot more than usual! Still not as much as I want to, but hey, it’s a start! I’m at a healthy weight and I just want to tone up my belly and thighs. Thank you so much Cassey for all you do!

  19. Laura Jane says:

    Diet is so easy for me, as i eat super healthily all the time! exercise however, its hard to find time and fun things to do as i get bored easily!

    1. Olivia says:

      My problem exactly!

  20. Ange says:

    Definitely diet! My mother is Italian and always cooks SO much food. Plus dinner time at our household is very stressful (and my mother gets upset if we aren’t home for family dinner) so I tend to be more anxious which causes me to eat more and then after I’m just mad at myself for throwing away a whole day of eating well and exercising. Any helpful tips to beat this anxiety eating?

  21. Erika says:

    For me, exercise. If I have to eat raw vegetables everyday, I’ll do it. But running for an hour can be like the worst punishment! I get headaches, dizziness, blotchy skin, I sweat terribly, am tired and hot all day long and sometimes even have a bloody nose. My body absolutely rejects cardio!
    But hey, train like a beast to look like a beauty, right?

    1. Ange says:

      Have you tried other types of cardio? I really enjoy listening to books on tape or reading while on the treadmill or the bike. It really takes your mind off the workout. Also going with someone will make you forget how hard it is lol. I think working out is mostly mental- your body is capable of so much more than you think it is! You can do it!!

  22. Avery says:

    Diet…nobody else in my family diets so there are always chocolates and cookies and ice cream…so yeah I love to work out but not so much to diet.

  23. celina says:

    my diet is a real challenge for me because i live with like 10 people and i tend to get tempted a lot at eating unhealthy or just eat whatever is there or whatever they buy, but im finally super extra dedicated to not let my cravings get the best of me because I’ve been working out six days a week for like an hour, I jog for 2 hours every other day or more for a month now and nothing has really changed so i know it’s my diet. I’m a really picky eater and im not too fond of vegetables so im starting to drink V8 as a way to replace that, do you think thats fine? i need motivation! I hope i can stick with eating clean…any tips or tricks would be awesome. i wanna change and stop beating myself up about it when i make wrong choices…

    i love exercising though but omg my diet needs to get better. I don’t count calories and what’s hard is that sometimes my family makes fun of me when im trying to be healthy, which makes me eat but yet say im not skinny enough. Talk about double standards. They’re no help, i wish i had my own place so that i could do my own shopping and eat without them seeing what i choose to eat. i’m really active so exercise comes easy but nothing is shedding away…so sad. Glad to know im not the only one struggling. o.O

  24. Rebecca says:

    Both 🙁
    I get so motivated when I read your blog and when I see a video.. but for some reason I get so damn lazy and I can’t get off my ass and actually do the workout. I just stare at the screen and wish I had your body. But at least I am active in other ways. I play competitive soccer, and I never struggle to get myself to practice or the game, but that’s only 3 times a week, and I still feel chubby and I know I want to loose weight. But my dieting is even worse. I am a food addict. I always say Im going to start eating healthy, but I can never bring myself to actually do so. I eat so much junk food all the time! ughhh. I seriously need to stop. Im such a bum.

    1. tanya says:

      wow this is exactly me! I spend so much time reading this blog and watching cassey’s videos, but sometimes it’s just me watching her whilst in bed!

  25. Deja says:

    Diet is the hardest for me. There are so many “bad” foods that I love and often times they’re in my house and I get tempted and just eat them. It’s easier for me to control when school is in, because I can’t eat what I want throughout the day, but summer break is always the worst. I almost always gain some amount of weight during the summer. I’m trying to change that, but it’s hard 🙁

  26. Tiera says:

    I think I go through phases. Usually diet is toughest for me, but right now I’m having trouble finding the motivation to get my butt to the gym!

  27. Cathy T says:

    I don’t even have to think for this question. DIET. OMG. I don’t know what’s healthy, and what’s not! Plus, I have such a hard time eating healthy because I have to eat what my parents cook! ):
    But I will keep trying!!

    1. Femi says:

      Yeah, I have the same problem..I can mostly only eat what my parents make and its not unhealthy but its not the best for losing weight either. :/

  28. Kim says:

    I love that you are so honest about this!! Travelling can definitely be hard on the diet,(and by diet I mean what you eat, not going on a diet). I think it’s so important to honour your cravings (sometimes), and that slightly unhealthy things are part of a healthy diet as well. You’re an inspiration as always Cassey!

  29. Brooklynn says:

    Cassey!!! I need help so badly. I am trying to lose a couple of pounds so I feel healthier and happier and don’t feel so badly about my body in that bikini. I am 16 and hang out with friends that constantly eat junk food and then look at me as if I have an eating disorder when I don’t want to eat that crap. What is worse is that my parents supply them with the junk food and I’m left craving and wishing I could eat like them. I keep trying to eat clean, but I only last about 5 days and then crash and binge on sugar and bad foods. I run for4 miles a day and do cardio and your workouts for 30 minutes a day. I also swim laps in my pool and practice for my cheerleading and gymnastics team. I want to feel full and satisfied, but I don’t want I diet I keep crashing on. I know this is a lot but please help. I am 16 and 5’5.

  30. Jaqi says:

    Mine is diet! Just because I have NO IDEA if I am eating enough calories, or eating too much!! Someone please help!

    Im a 24yr female, weight 163 lbs, height 5.6. Goal weight for now is 132lbs. My exercise schedule is: Monday to friday, Pop pilates & Pop cardio for a little more than an hour in the AM, and I walk briskly for 30 mins in the evening. On a sat I walk for an hour, and sunday I rest. I would like to lose weight. Hmm, what else to mention?

    I started with 1300 cals a day, but was told its to little, so bumped it up to 1500 cals, which then again was told otherwise, I am now on 1800 cals a day. First of all, gee, I’m SO full after every snack and meal and I’m eating healthy! The prob with healthy is that veggies & fruit are so low in cals so to get my daily cals amount, I eat so much! Someone please help me? I dont want to “starve” my body, nor eat any extra calories I dont need. I was ok with 1300, and a little too comfortable at 1500, 1800 is way too much… But apparently thats how much I need?

    Any other info you need from me in order to clear my mind, and steer me in the correct direction?

    1. Erika says:

      You should try MyFitnessPal.com. It can help you determine how many calories you need for your goals and help you track calories, nutrients and water ingest.
      For me it has worked wonders!

    2. amy says:

      what do you usually drink?

  31. Helena-Anne Hittel says:

    Diet is a killer. All the time. I’m in color guard, so I’m usually pretty active off-season as well. I can work out, no problem. But keeping my eating in check? It’s one of those things that’s definitely easier said than done.

  32. Erynn says:

    DIET!!!!!!! I can work out everyday for an hour+ no problem. My main problem is that I work at a delicious fast food place where we get to eat anything for FREE while we are at work. I work super hard not to eat it, but when I’m running late and forget to pack my lunch it’s not good news. I am hopefully getting a nursing job very soon and this will help take out that temptation 🙂

  33. Frances says:

    Okay, I’m one of the 5 people who has trouble with exercise. Now, mind you, it’s not like my healthy eating is devoid of sweets entirely… but that’s what fruit is for. And frozen yogurt, especially the homemade kind. I grew up eating a healthy and very low-sodium diet where sugary treats were rare. I had a little rebellion like everyone else, but I realized that unhealthy food not only makes me feel bad, it tastes bad. Not terrible, but not as good as things that I can make in my own kitchen. I think that’s one of my big defenses against sweets… I know that something I made would have less calories and taste better, so I don’t want to waste my money and calories for a given day on something inferior.

  34. Kelly says:

    Cassey, I’m so glad you posted this! I’ve always struggled with an urge to eat unhealthy and it is so easy to look at you and assume that it’s always been easy for you. Knowing that you are working to not give into cravings motivates me even more. I don’t think this sounds red flaggy at ALL!! I think most young women can totally relate and that’s what is so great about you, you seem real despite looking virtually perfect!

    By the way, I’ve only been doing your videos less than a week and I can already tell a big difference! I’ve never been so sore this long but I LOVE IT!

  35. Diet is definitely hardest for me too. I like working out most of the time and am generally pretty active. Traveling totally does my head in and sends me straight off the healthy-eating wagon as well. Then I just feel even more rubbish when I land as I find flying upsets my stomach anyway. It’s ten times worse when I’ve put nasty plane food into it!

  36. marie says:

    diet!!! and not just when travelling..I had prepared muesli for my breakfeast, but I still eat fresh bread with butter – the same as my family…

  37. Penny says:

    Cassey I know you are very dedicated and educated when it comes to nutrition, but I think you could probably be less strict. I think everyone needs their own strategies, but for me I have foods that are completely restricted and that I will NEVER eat because they are so unhealthy and make me feel sick. By setting rules, I slowly managed to naturally want to eat healthier, and if I decide I want something fried or carb heavy i’s no big deal.
    I’m not saying my way is better, but I’m giving you my perspective. I DO have more body fat than you do, but I am completely ok with that; I feel great and people always think it’s crazy how much energy I have and how impossible it is to wear me out when they’re fighting me (I do martial arts and boxing) or giving me a brutal workout. I fully believe it would not be like this if I wasn’t a vegetarian. It’s ok that vegetarianism doesn’t work out for you so much, but what I’m trying to say is that as long as you feel good it’s ok. And you don’t have to have such low body fat.

    I’m always setting small nutritional goals to gradually change my diet, but I eat whatever I want. Instead of resisting cravings, I adjust so I will no longer have those cravings.

    1. Jill says:

      It’s great that you have your own nutritional plans, everyone does. Cassey has what works for her, and you have what works for you. She gives everyone her ideas to help them make their own fitness and diet plans! 🙂

  38. Cari Garvey says:

    totally agree with the diet is harder than the exercise….i LOVE to workout and i LOVE to eat! Its hard and i agree out of sight out of mind….i try to pacify my sweet tooth with a Herbalife chocolate shake or something but sometimes it gets the best of me but the day goes on and its a new day tomorrow!

  39. Ugh, diet is the worse for me. I’m actually started doing a 31 day no rice challenge for myself to break the rice habit (I’m from the Philippines, and we eat white rice with everything, just like in most places in Asia).

    What also makes it extra hard for me is dating!! Omg it is so hard to control yourself when a guy takes you out to all these nice places or wants to split an ice cream cone with you. 🙁

    Cassey, how do you control yourself when you’re out? Especially at coffee shops (where they have all these delicious pastries)?!

    1. Wow, hello grammatical errors.

      the worst for me*
      I actually started*


  40. Alexandria says:

    I live in Lancaster, PA so i am kinda close to you!!! Should i work out tonight or wait till morning? 🙂

    1. Erynn says:

      They say it’s better to workout in the morning. But i honestly get a better workout when I go around 6 or 7 in the evening. Try what works for you would be my suggestion 🙂

  41. sophie says:


    Exercise is sooo much harder for me. I know when travelling it’s hard to eat well, but I pack my own food and it’s all off limits. I grocery shop when I’m feeling on top of everything, and follow my list. There is no bad food in my house– the worst thing I have is cacao powder and that’s a superfood :). I have a huge sweet tooth but that’s what stevia is for. I am low low low carb and low low low sugar. I feel so good and I know if I eat something carby or sugary I’ll feel tired, swollen, groggy… so that stops me.

    However, with exercise, I tend to give up halfway (oh, the video stopped loading? it’s a sign from god!). I like running but hurt my foot and haven’t been able to run for a month. I do your videos because you distract me and I keep going… but it’s such a struggle for me! I think it’s probably because I know eating bad food is negative progress, whereas not exercising is just a lack of positive progress. I can do it tomorrow, be better next week, etc. I know people say those things about food but I count my 1200 calories on myfitnesspal and I am STRICT. I am always under. I often enter my meals (especially dinner) before I make them or eat them to make sure I’m not going over.

    1. sophie says:

      Oh wow, after reading all the other replies… I just might be the only one?

      And so nobody feels bad about my supposed self-control of my diet, it’s most likely because I have food allergies! I am so so so used to not letting myself have something because I know it will make me sick, to walking past isles of food I can’t have at the supermarket, to throwing out foods I had been eating that I didn’t realize weren’t okay, to watching my boyfriend eat my old favorite foods and not being allowed, that I switched that mentality over to this diet fairly easily.

      I think that’s probably why I’m good at the diet part. I have just added anything unhealthy into the forbidden category.

      1. Rachel says:


        You are NOT alone. Exercise is so much harder for me, too! As I was reading your reply I kept thinking “That sounds like me” haha! I love working out but I am so tired most of the time and its so hot outside, that I can’t keep up with workouts. I absolutely hate it because I am really hard on myself and am a perfectionist, so I try to eat healthy, and I actually do 98% of the time. yeah, I’m that strict. lol. my snack foods are 5 pieces of dark chocolate, 24 almonds, 1/2 cup of yogurt, green tea, and qoo% whole grain bread. no ice cream, cookies, or cake for me!

        1. Erika says:

          Sophie you are not alone, exercise is the worse part for me too!

  42. Jamie says:

    Congrats, and I’ll be watching QVC for the first time! I started training yesterday, so that’s definitely tougher for me. Diet used to be more difficult for me in general until after I started doing the vegan thing with you! Thanks!

  43. Xanthe says:

    Hi Cassey. That post really was NOT red flaggy. I’m sorry you’re now feeling anxious about telling it like it is. The fact is that sweets, muffins, cakes etc really did use to be treat foods. We couldn’t afford to cook with all that sugar, butter and flour and get a snack that was sustaining. We really needed to spend our money on lasting nutritious foods with staying power. It’s only in today’s society that we see it everyday and think it should be a regular part of our diet. So out of sight out of mind is a good approach. Don’t stress about that being a RED FLAG! Xxx

  44. Karine says:

    Hi Cassey, I listen the Qvc show 2 min ago and your where awesome !!!!

  45. mary says:

    I have a total sweet tooth! I was actually just having this conversation with my dad last night its crazy how much diet effects your fitness success. This morning I wanted french toast and instead of reaching for the pre-made sugar filled, I made my own and it was healthy and so delicious! I love taking high fat recipes and making them healthy, it ‘s a huge passion of mine. Thanks for always being real with us, we love you!

  46. bubble says:

    hey cassey! loved the cardio workout. well i find diet more difficult than training. its the hardest thing ever. there are days i start with low calorie meal in the mornin hrs then later evening i huv this thng tht speaks in ma head..tells me oh its ok to huv sumthng nice since i had low calories meals whole day…so thn i end up eatin sum hardcore fatty meal…another thng abt healthy diet is tht u need to thnk a lot as to hw to make it taste good…also u need to spend time to cook it…all these issues demotivate me to follow a good diet regularly… since m a med student there isnt enuf time to spare …nd i end up orderin in…which is sad coz i exercise a lot but thn i destroy it wit ma food intake. nd m sure there is no cure for these cravings…its all abt mind set…it takes time

  47. Amanda says:

    I hear ya Cassey. I have the same struggle. I love working out but I have such a hard time controlling my sweet tooth and cravings for carbs! I’ve found that I have to let myself indulge every once in a while or I will just feel miserable and break and binge. 🙁 Cooking my own food, staying away from the sweet aisles in the grocery store, and bringing my own lunch and snacks to school/work really helps me stay on track! Good luck! 🙂

  48. Allie says:

    It is a combo of both. I do your videos daily for 45-60 mins and then try to do cardio outside by hiking. I recently went from eating anything processed daily to only eating chicken, steak (it is a delicacy to even be able to buy it), fruits and veggies. I still have a few processed foods, but since I eat a lot more protein now, I don’t have a huge urge to go eat them. It’s being at my work all day, where they have the sugar, salty foods that go straight to my hips, if I even look at them!

    With all your motivation, I feel a lot better about why I chose to give up the fatty foods and start living to be healthy! Thank you so much!

  49. Georgia says:

    I totally have more trouble with diet than exercise. Sure I have my lazy days when I don’t feel like working out but they are so rare that I tend to embrace them. I also have a HUGE sweet tooth and love chocolate and cookies. I feel bad sometimes because I try to be a good example to those around me and on my blog, and yet I can totally go crazy with less-than-healthy foods. (A few cocktails can often be the culprit).

    I am enrolled in part time holistic nutrition school and something I am starting to learn is that the body doesn’t make mistakes. Cravings are trying to tell us something about what our body is lacking (albeit not the exact thing we are craving) and it is important to listen. I see a lot of girlfriends who feel disappointed in themselves when they are craving unhealthy foods and they just wish they could have more willpower. I went through the same thing for many years and I am excited to learn that is not necessarily the case and that we do have more control than we think. As long as we learn to listen to our bodies and provide them with the proper fuel I think we can live happily and satisfied.

    I love your blog, vlogs and workouts! You, along with a few other favorites served as a huge inspiration for me starting my own blog and deciding to learn more about nutrition. I like when you write these vulnerable posts because many people go through the same thing. As you learn more you will be able to educate this group of people who totally trust you and know you are sympathetic to what they might be going through. xo

    1. sparkle says:

      So true! I always listen to my body and have sometimes found out after certain cravings that I was actually lacking something that was in these foods. For example I craved oats and lentils and then found out I was really lacking iron, which these foods contain. The good thing is I usually crave healthy foods. But I’m sure this listening to your body is something a lot of us have to learn to do again. Dieting and restricting yourself can ruin the relationship you have with food.

  50. Coco says:

    Hey Cassey! I love this post, and it’s very reassuring to see that you too can struggle with your diet sometimes. I’ve already been to blogs promoting very healthy eating and the girls are like, “ever since I started eating healthy, sweets and junk food don’t even interest me anymore”. And I’m always wondering how they can do it. Maybe it’s a lie 😉
    As a French girl, the love of good food is in my DNA haha so I struggle a LOT. I have a sweet tooth too, but I think my biggest weakness is cheese, and in my house there always is cheese in the fridge, so it’s very hard to resist. But I think that us girls have a very special relationship with food, our cravings can be influenced by our feelings and it makes it just impossible to resist sometimes.
    Oh and about the airport, it is true, they always have such unhealthy food, but the other day I was surprised because I came across a store where they were selling sandwiches, and in one of them they had replaced the bread with an omelette, and inside there was ham and cheese. Maybe it’s still not 100% light/healthy but at least I thought it was much better than bread + mayonnaise and so on. What do you think Cassey?

  51. Cathy says:

    As of late….

    Diet. Exercise..wait, both?

    Lately, I’ll eat decent meals that aren’t the very best for me but oh so good for my mouth and belly. When I do that, it will honestly motivate me to work out even harder at the gym. However, there are days when I have excellent diet days – – I eat super super clean but then when it comes to the gym, I’m like ‘Oh yeah, I ate SO good and healthy today, I don’t need to work out as hard’…so it’s an ongoing battle for me and still striving to find the Perfect Balance. 🙂

    Cathy Trails

  52. Stacey says:

    I love your post! I’m trying to get in shape for my wedding next year but really I needed to start getting back into a healthy lifestyle. I was never really consistent with working out until i came across pop pilates 🙂 Cassey your energy is infectious that after doing a video I’m always in a good mood. But, hearing you say that you also battle a sweet tooth makes you even more relatable. I’m someone who would pick a cookie over a salad any day 🙂 It great having a fitness instructor who does not condemn desserts and call them “forbidden food.” You encourage us to exercise daily and make healthier choices so when a craving hits we are not left feeling guilty for having a slice of cake. thanks Cassey!

  53. Sara says:

    Cassie i am the opposite… i am so lazy and hate going to the gym, but my diet is on point… i think it is because i shop for groceries in my family and cook all meals for them. i am also just turned off by unhealthy processed foods and the effect it has on my body – esp when i can make them a more delish and healthy (and cheaper) version at home. i also love my veggies and cooking… i just need to stop being a lazy butt – which is why i hired a trainer! don’t be so hard on yourself.. 🙂

  54. Kerry says:

    For me, I love to exercise & do active things as I enjoy it so not a problem just feel like I don’t get the amoun of time I feel I need to do it in. Diet is hard, I cave when in social situations & if there is cake in the house I have to have a slither! I mean, the slither is tiny I make a mess cos trying so hard to make the slice as small as possible but I just have to have a taste. I also struggle with portion control. There are lots of clean foods I much prefer too but finding it affordable is hard like almond milk here is so expensive & the hubby had words with me over the increasing shopping bills due to my fruit buying as I love it so much so having to make little cut backs without it affecting my clean eating.


  55. Aja says:

    Diet is the hardest thing for me to control. Exercising isn’t hard because I love it, but food, oh my goodness! I still live at home and my mom likes to think I’m still a baby so she feeds me every chance she gets and freaks out if I ask for veggies instead of alfredo pasta. Once I got to college, which has a surprisingly large amount of healthy choices, I’ll probably be okay. Unless I travel and there are cookies everywhere. 🙂

  56. Sophie says:

    LOVE this post. It’s encouraging that you’re able to relate to us in so many ways.

    For me, it’s also the diet. My weakness is ICE CREAM. I can give up eating anything else, but I cannot give up eating ice cream. The problem is that when I cave in and eat some, I start getting cravings to eat more unhealthy foods, like chips, cookies, and fast food. I really need to stop this… hahaha

  57. Emilie says:

    I love you Cassey. You’re just keeping’ it real 🙂 I too find it harder to eat right than to exercise. Exercising is the easier part for me. Breads and sweets are my weaknesses. Right now I’m focusing on cutting back Pepsi. I just crave it so bad sometimes! I’m also trying to eat less sweets. So when I crave a brownie I’ll go out to a restaurant or a nice bakery and have one. That way, I don’t bake them and have a whole plate to devour by myself. It’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one that struggles with food. It just tastes so darn good 🙂

  58. Nichole Reed says:

    I definitely have trouble with the diet. It’s not that i want to cheat. I just want to eat everything. I have trouble staying within a calorie budget. I want to eat too much healthy food and try every recipe I see! Pinterest is not helping either! Also, where I live even when I’m cheating I don’t think I am. Our best burger place has hopped on the healthy train and offers yummy turner burger with whole wheat buns and a side salad. It’s awesome. But I just eat too much. I love all foods, sometimes I wish I was a picky eater. Or maybe food could talk and tell me “No,don’t eat me!”

    Aww man first world problems.

  59. Marquel says:

    Hi Cassey! I just want to say that I love this post! It’s really great to see that you’re just a normal chick like the rest of us. It’s hard to listen to some fitness people because they’re completely staunch about working out and never eating cheese or something. You’re a great role model for us all. So, thanks! For me, diet is the hardest, especially when I’m around family. When I’m at my apartment doing my thing I can eat really well, but as soon as I visit my parents or go to a family reunion, you can say “buh bye” to about every ounce of eating healthy that occupied my brain. There’s always m&m’s, licorice, pepsi, doritos, homemade candy bars, pizza, burgers, and ice cream to throw me off track.Woof. It’s all about portions, I guess. Gotta keep workin’ at it!

  60. Emily says:

    It is definitely diet for me, especially when I am traveling. I exercise every day, and that makes me not really crave unhealthy food, and when I eat it anyway it makes me feel kind of sick because it is so processed and sugary. But when I am traveling somewhere, i get the weirdest cravings for food that isn’t healthy or that makes me feel sick…or both. Trail mix is my weakness when I travel. It is sooo good with those teeny bits of chocolate in it, but my stomach always says, “Does not compute” and then my stomach cramps for the next few hours. Airport food is the worst because there are literally no healthy options, at least in the airports I have been in this last year.

  61. natalie says:

    I totally struggle with diet too! I love pizza, nachos, candy, and bread. One of my favorite cheat foods is a loaf of Italian or French bread. With a glass of super sugary juice, I could eat the whole loaf! Unfortunately, I was a picky eater as a child, and I haven’t developed a taste for many vegetables, which I really regret now. I just have to keep trying and let things come. Thanks for keeping it real. It’s nice to know that even the people we look up to for fitness fight these cravings too.

  62. Maya says:

    Sticking to a diet is SO HARD for me! I have suuuuuch a sweet tooth, so I’ve been looking for more ways to healthily indulge! I found one super awesome blogger who focuses specifically on this, and I’ve really been wanting to try her recipes (weekend project!): http://chockohlawtay.blogspot.com/ (she even does cheesecake! http://chockohlawtay.blogspot.com/search/label/Cheesecake)

  63. Amy says:

    I’m just like you. Sometimes I convince myself that it’s okay to eat a sweet treat because I exercise regularly but there’s always the potential to do this every day, or for the one sweet treat to turn into overeating. Often I end up overeating healthy foods (fruits, whole wheat bread, nuts) which isn’t any better. It’s a struggle between eating for energy and eating for pleasure.

  64. For me, it’s exercise. It isn’t even so much that I don’t want to exercise, as much as that I’m a homebody on weeknights! When I get home from work it’s usually around 7pm, and it takes effort to get out to the park or the gym just because I don’t want to leave my house. Once I actually get out, I’m fine.

    I know the solution is to go straight after work, but that rarely seems to happen – I ride a scooter so it can be *such* a pain in the ass to try to go after work and carry my gym gear with me all day, especially if wherever I’m going is a small yoga studio or a park (i.e., somewhere with nowhere to stash my riding jacket, boots, etc. while I’m there).

  65. PetitPlat says:

    🙂 yeah well…
    I’m not an extreme clean eater as you are, so I basically eat pretty much normally and do have some carbs, fat and sugar in my diet. So I don’t have any urges when seeing cake, because my diet is fine as it is. I eat tons of veggies and fruit and not that much carb, but I don’t want to cut carb out. Nor cookies for that matter.

    And the exercising… well. I do every evening 15-20 minutes of yoga, and your happy videos between once a day and once a week.

    I must thank you because your videos are motivating. Even if I always say no when you say something like “are you suffering? I know you like it” I don’t like it, but I like to be fit, so here you go 😀
    And you rock. 🙂

  66. Camille says:

    Cassey this is why we all love you so much! You are so real and I LOVE it! I love to exercise, but I’m certainly not a fanatic. I workout about 2-3 times a week and try to eat healthy and really focus on portion control. The carbs and salty snacks really get me! I allow myself to eat the carbs usually (unless they are accompanied by fat) and I have super low blood pressure so my doctor told me to enjoy salty snacks! I just have to make sure not to get outta control with it which can happen really quickly!

  67. Mia says:

    It is still hard for me to exercise on a regular basis and right now I am struggling with getting out there most days of the week. But even still it’s DIET that kills me, I am broke in college I can afford what ever the parents bring home which is rarely healthy I consider it a win when I get to pile on the veggies!

  68. Audrey says:

    If I were the one doing the grocery shopping, I don’t think I’d have a problem with my diet. Unfortunately, my family loves to buy lots of unhealthy food. There is always some sort of dessert around the house, and we have so much pasta it’s ridiculous. My effort to eat healthy isn’t the only issue…my mom is diabetic and we have all that food! That’s no good. Sweets and pasta are two things she SHOULD stay away from, and they seem to be all we have sometimes. But anyway, I think that if it wasn’t always around the house, my attempt at eating healthy would be much easier.

    1. Oh man, I bet it’s hard when you don’t do the grocery shopping. I’m pretty darn lucky that it’s just my boyfriend and me at home, and we have pretty similar ideas about what we want when we go to the store. Eating whatever someone else brings home is probably really tricky!

  69. stephchows says:

    I am all about making sweet desserts healthier for you! Sure there are some bad for you thing tossed in there, but I love being able to satisfy my sweet cravings with healthier but still delicious options! Everything in moderation 🙂

  70. Ashlee says:

    Dieting is also the worse of the two. I can really get in to a good work out schedule. It makes me feel productive and really good. I’ve been an athlete to some degree most of my life so I enjoy it, but once I hit college and didn’t participate in sports I saw the dreaded freshman weight gain. The sweet and carb-y cravings always manage to sneak up. My bad thing is justification. Like, “I just worked out for an hour, how bad are some french fries or a big bowl of sugary cereal?” That’s always my undoing and I’ve been working hard to recognize that I do this and get it better under control.

    I agree with user who talked about tea + honey. That’s been an amazing way for me to avoid sugary things but still get my little fix.

  71. Hannah says:

    Favorite post right here. Makes me love you so much more ahhh you are so down to earth. I love it!

  72. Ashley says:

    Hi Cassey, I have just started following your videos not that long ago, and so I am struggling with both diet and exercise lol. But I know it will only get easier from here on out, even if I have to yell and cry as I struggle through some of the exercises I can only improve. As for foods, well there is a long list of things that I want but food is a bit easier as long as I watch what I buy [if I don’t have it in reach, I can’t be tempted as much].

    Also RE: “I think I need to up my seasoning creativity because sriracha and soy sauce is not doing it for the tongue”

    Have you ever tried Mrs. Dash seasonings? [http://www.mrsdash.com/] Personally I am a little bit in love with them, 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 sodium. They have enough variety that you can really change the taste of your meals [ie. one day have chicken with lemon pepper seasoning, and another day use onion and herb on your chicken].

    Anyway I hope you at least check them out.

  73. Brooklynn says:

    For me it just depends on the day of the week. I love to workout hard which makes me have a larger appetite. I do my best to eat clean whole foods 99.9% of the time, but sometimes a gal just needs some dark chocolate;right?! I believe what is key is balance and finding your ” sweet spot.” That place between over doing it in exercise and under feeding yourself and eating too much and not exercising enough. The beauty of this it’s different for everyone because YOU are unique in your own beautiful way:)

  74. Ju says:

    I tend to get junk food cravings around the time I’m on my period too.

    Diet is becoming much harder to control than making an effort to exercise. It’s harder because people I live with love eating snacks and steamed rice and fatty food. I used to have dessert after dinner (cup of ice cream, cookies, or slice of pie), now I make sure I eat some fruit for snack or sub it for my old desserts. I also like tricking myself from snacking by drinking earl grey or Darjeeling tea sweetened with honey.

    1. When I’m at work and get a ridiculous sugar craving, I do the tea with honey thing too. I actually usually tell myself “drink tea and if you still want a cookie then you can go get a 100 calorie pack from the gas station next door.” 8 times out of 10, the craving is gone after I finish the tea! I can’t decide if it’s because the honey calms my sweet tooth, or if it’s just a matter of the tea slowing me down and having me “wait through” the craving.

  75. Marie says:

    Cassey, THANK YOU! I love to work out and don’t have much of a problem getting in my sweaty time, but I have such a hard time maintaining a healthy diet! I have a sweet tooth, too, and find that even if I eat healthy all day, that darn ice cream wears me down by dinnertime and I just end up un-doing all my hard work from the rest of the day. But it’s really nice to hear that you struggle with this, too. One of my biggest pet peeves is the super-healthy/fit people who tell you they just loooooove healthy food so much and they don’t even WANT to eat sweets because they just shudder at the idea of putting that junk in their fabulous body. It’s so unrealistic, and ends up making us normal folk feel guilty for liking the sweet stuff! So thank you so much for showing us that even the healthiest people struggle with diet!

    1. Dude, I have an enormous sweet tooth, too. And my solution is….to always have dessert (which is usually ice cream). If I already accept the fact that I’m going to want dessert after dinner, then I can plan ahead and a) choose healthier options while grocery shopping so the desserts I have on hand are less crappy to begin with, and b) work the ice cream into my meal plan for the day so if I eat well all day, it’s not really a problem slipping in dessert before bed. I personally think it’s silly to give up foods you love and be miserable about it.

  76. Catie says:

    My friend is on QVC a lot for Dell, and he always takes pics on set..so pretty sure you can 🙂

  77. Elizabeth Todd says:

    Diet is a huge struggle for me. I am always tempted by not only sweets but all the salty, carby foods too. And I work in a place where I get free food and sugary coffee drinks…so hard to resist especially when its free! I really appreciate this post because it makes me feel less guilty or like a failure for craving (and a lot of times giving into) these unhealthy foods. You truly are an inspiration and a great role model! Love you Cassey!

  78. Jessica Watts says:

    I have never found diet an issue, sometimes I do wish I could eat healthier in some regards (almond milk instead of cows milk) but overall my diet is close to perfect year round.
    Training (my lover) is harder to keep in line when I am away from home because my parents refuse to let me exercise on holidays because they think not being able to have a break is eating disordered :s pfffffttttt If I am sick, I will happily skip a workout or two :p

  79. Claudia says:

    I definetely agree with you. I love working out but staying on a diet is very very hard for me, it’s a continuous battle :). But I try to stay motivated by having in mind all the time my final purpose, that is to be slim, healthy and beautiful.
    So I wish you and your fans to keep up the good work!
    I’m a huge fan of your work!
    Greetings from Romania!

  80. MelodyJ says:

    Diet! I love food both healthy and not so healthy. I want both. Thanks for this refreshing post. This is one reason I love the Blogilates community, we can be real with each other.

  81. Becky says:

    Diet is absolutely harder. I’m a sucker for sweet things (mmmmm, suckers…). I tend to do better when travelling, though; since I can’t physically stuff myself, and don’t have access to too many snacks.

    Good luck this afternoon! I’ll have it streaming on my computer and do my best to catch a pic of you 🙂

  82. Cat Yem says:

    it’s so relieving to see this that you can have a great body and still enjoy eating as well! when going on trips or special events, i HAVE to eat or try new foods that aren’t the healthiest. But i just have a bite or so and split. it has definitely helped not undo my clean eating!

  83. Jill says:

    DIET! that is the hardest for me! I have a very hard time resisting all the goodies 🙂 I struggle with this daily!

  84. Mary says:

    OMG! Cassey! I totally feel the same! I have a HUGE sweet taste and sometimes it’s difficult for me stay away from cookies and ice cream. But I keep going and it’s easier than it was I started eating clean. BTW, thanks for being so honest with us. You’re a role model for me.

  85. Lisa says:

    really really loving your honesty! 🙂 taste buds want to be loved – oh you´re so right!
    making healthy cheat foods is a great thing, but sometimes i gorge on those, too – so it´s still not too good…
    but, let´s be serious… i mean, how should we struggle with doing enough good exercive knowing you and your videos? 😀

    there are only a few left till i did all your workout-videos – in a row practically. for the past 15 days i´ve done approx. 1 hour of your workouts (always different ones) each day. and gosh – i cannot go back to “normal” workout-videos! i need the burn and i need your cheering personality! 🙂

    but cassey – in one of your posts i read: you hate chocolate. amazing! 🙂 but good for you!! just one less craving.

    oh and it´s just awesome that you get emotional here, too!

    much love from germany!

  86. Max says:

    Hi Cassey!

    For me it’s the diet. I just get bored with healthy food. For seasoning creativity, have you tried using curry?

  87. Jill says:

    Thanks for this!!! The past few days I’ve been struggling, craving so many sweets and junk food. I haven’t had “real” sweets (more than 12 g of sugar per serving) since the begining of April. Some days are harder than others, but on those hard days reading your blog or doing your videos really help!! I’ve lost 76lbs since Jan 2010 (when I had my daughter), I have 27 more to go, your blog has helped me not feel so lost! Thank you!!

  88. Megan says:

    Snaps! I absolutely LOVE exercise, but my diet always suffers. My family don’t support my diet, so its a bit hard every dinner is fatting, there is always desert, and they get offended I don’t eat their food, but I’m getting there!! I can make my own lunch, breakfast, snacks and I always try and do the best proportions that I can, so at least I am trying. Thanks for the inspiration cassie! x

  89. Shifu says:

    Seriously, it has to be dieting for me as well! I always struggle to keep a check on my calories intake. But working out is a part of my routine and life. But i believe we all shall get there eventually! That is what this community is all about afterall 😉

  90. Angela says:

    Seriously I’m alright with not giving into temptations as I’m a really picky eater anyway so it’s easy for me to stay on track. Exercise on the other hand is really hard for me because I’m lazy! haha It’s just so hard to find the motivation to work out, especially as I know I will get sore every time after doing your videos Cassey! But I still prefer pilates to cardio, cardio just bores me to tears.

  91. Alison says:

    I’ve actually been thinking about that question lately. But I think the diet is harder. I hate restricting myself, it doesn’t fit into my “live life to the fullest” concept. I like strength training, so that’s not really a problem, but I don’t like cardio that much, especially when I’m tired. When I’m tired, I get nothing done. So I just try to do every new video that you post and work out whenever I can, even if it’s just riding my bike instead of taking the bus/train. I also like to combine your cardio workouts, not doing three reps of one video, but one rep of each of three videos (I hope that’s OK).
    I love food, I just do, and I’ve often wondered if it’s all worth it just to get a better body. But I’ve decided that it is, so I just try to work out as much as I can. I think it’s true that you can eat whatever you want as long as you don’t overdo it and as long as you work out.

  92. cotton78 says:

    Diet…it is tough and still tough. Training is something that I love and cannot live without.

  93. Ariana says:

    Diet definitely

  94. Drew Catherine says:

    Dieting is definitely tougher for me. I’ve struggled with an ED for over a couple years and am now just learning to balance everything out healthily. But after depriving my body of so many types of foods, eg: carbs, sugars, etc,.. Your body of course craves it and sometimes you just have to give in.

  95. jenee says:

    Diet is the worst for me! Years ago I was super disciplined, but now if I want cereal instead of egg whites, I eat it. For me, psychologically it’s better. But there are days I wish I had that discipline again!

  96. Jodi says:

    What a refreshing post! I totally relate to it, and it is so validating to hear it from a healthy, beautiful, fit lady. Thank you!!!! <3

  97. I have the same problem, but I just make healthier alternatives to the unhealthy foods that I crave daily. It worked out great for me and I lost 98lbs and kept it off 🙂

    1. Yes, this! Making healthier alternatives is the only way to keep me out of the break room donut box. I tell myself that I can have a treat, but it has to be one of my treats. Then I can satisfy the craving, but still make healthy choices!

  98. Sarah says:

    I know EXACTLY how you feel Cassey! I have a mayor sweet tooth too and both cooking and eating are things I’m very passionate about, besides exercising and art 🙂 Sometimes I do give in to ‘unhealthy’ cravings, everyone does, and most of the times I don’t even feel bad about it (as long as it doesn’t get out of control). One of the things that keeps it fun for me though is experimenting with making cheat foods healthy (like making brownies with black beans!) And it’s even more exciting if sometimes people choose my healthy version over the outrageous sugar and/or fat packed ones.

    It truly is a daily struggle, but it’s good to know you’re not alone.

  99. RachelManton says:

    Hey Cassey!
    Glad in a way to know that you get crazy cravings like everyone else lol
    When I am training I find it super hard to eat a restricted diet and workout I just don’t have the energy so it seems like I always have to pick between eating not so great and working out or eating really well and not working out so much, your vids are really motivational to help me get off my arse though so thankss!! ha ha

    Love from England 🙂 xxx

    p.s are you a sweets girl or a savoury girl? I’m defo a savoury girl and am more tempted by a sandwich than a cake, which do you think is worse? ? 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      recently, my sweet tooth is taking over

  100. andilikepeaches says:

    Oh Cassie, you’re definitely not the only one with a raging sweet tooth 🙂
    Even if I manage to eat healthy for an entire day, I can never make myself say no to dessert. I’m trying to take it down slowly, though–it used to be that I could eat an entire gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream in two days and two sittings!!! :O SO not healthy. My current gallon has been around since just after the fourth of July. That’s almost ten days, and still going strong! New record 🙂
    Another tough spot for my is my Italian mother. Us Italian girls are totally great cooks, but we don’t really do healthy and we’re huge food pushers!!! I have been trying to retrain my eating habits. It’s just so hard when everything mom makes is soooooooo gooooood but sooooooo unhealthy. Maybe it will get easier when I’m living on my own. Anyways, thanks for sharing your story Cassie! Love your workout videos, especially the pop challenges. They’re really toning up my legs 🙂 🙂 🙂

  101. Harper says:

    my struggle is definitely with my sweet tooth as well! i bought a box of whoppers and two bags of gummy worms in cvs the other day and i regret that decision so much now. i also eat a bowl of ice cream every night. as soon as i finish the container of ice cream i’ve vowed to not buy any more. throughout the day i am fine with eating healthy, but its like a soon as the sunsets….well yeah!

  102. Marilyn says:

    Same here. Diet is definitely harder for me, and that’s especially true when I travel. When I travel, the best I can often pull off is to just “do something” – some push-ups, keep my portions reasonable even if I’m eating decadently, go for a walk, etc. Those things don’t push me to the top of my game, but they can sometimes be enough to prevent myself from completely derailing. Thanks for your honest, heart-felt post. It’s encouraging!

  103. Love this post and love your honesty!!!! I have a major sweet tooth too that needs controlling sometimes! Workouts are so much easier for me to follow than diet! I absolutely love working out!

  104. Rebecca says:

    Diet, for sure! I eat healthy 90% of the time but saying no to birthday cake at work and resisting my fiancé’s treats at home are always a struggle. I have to say that I do pretty well most of the time, but I know I could do better, especially with proper portions. Love your blog and this post! x

  105. Line says:

    Message was to @ugne

  106. Line says:

    Hallo! I have know how you feel! Its the same with me! But it helped me when I for about 2 years ago figured out that I have a disease were Its very normal to have it like that and to have troubles with maintaining og loosing weight almost nomatter what you do ( sorry about my spelling by the way). Its Called in short PCO / PCOS . Have you been tested for this? More and more women are finding out Every Day that they have it.
    No matter What – you know now that you are not alone! Its so irritating when you just cant stop yourself, and every time you think – just one it something you find yourself eating a lot more – even If Its just fruit (which is not good for me because of the sugarlevels eventhough Its healty).

  107. Before I read your post, I just drank my green smoothie… and ate a white bread. Seriously ironic right? LOL. Gah!!! Striving to be better!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  108. ugne says:

    For me the most challenging thing is to eat healthy. Not because I don’t love fruts and vegetables, but because I love tasty food and my family only eats what is very tasty. T_T It’s so hard to eat only healthy! My metabolism is very slow. When I eat more than 1000 clories a day I gain weight even if I exercise about an hour. Before my birthday about, 2 weeks I was eating very healthy and do pilates from your videos and some dance because of my heart I can’t do cardio. I saw results but after my birthday wich was about 3 days I still can’t came back to my healthy eating. I don’t know why.. I just want cheese sandwiches or ice-cream or bun and when I eat I can’t stop. I have no will power for these foods. T_T I know it’s not bad to eat time to time something like ice-cream but if I eat some, I want more and more T_T That’s my biggest problem: having no will power for tasty food. T_T

  109. Monica says:

    I love the fact that you can be yourself on this blog. No one is perfect and although you are AMAZING (seriously. sometimes I think you might be super-human) it’s kind of good to hear that you sometimes struggle like the rest of us! It actually makes me feel like my goals are all that more achievable. KEEP IT UP because there is so much love and support coming at you! xx

  110. Caroline says:

    It is so great to hear that!! Sometimes are just so much harder than others to say no. I’m going through a yes to everything phase 🙁 Hopefully I can get back on track pronto.

  111. Catherine says:

    I’m not alone!!! Yeahhhh! Although the training side of it is sooo hard, to motivate yourself to actually do it! But the diet part is the hardest for me, avoiding temptation, staying away from carbs and sweets! This article has helped me so much!

  112. yesenia says:

    Oh thank god i am not the only one lol!!.. i love to exercise but eating healthy is so.hard especially when i go out with my friends.. Btw cassey i love love your videos, ive been following the workout calendar for a week and i love.it!! Thank u soo much!!