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What’s in my Gym Bag?

November 22, 2012



What’s in my Gym Bag?

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Happy Thanksgiving POPsters!!!!

Today is a day about feasting, family, and fun! Enjoy and embrace the holidays and don’t you dare for one second feel guilty about eating!!!! Either eat in moderation or promise to work out hard the next year! It’s YOLO time.

Above is my gym bag vlog! I did a lil review of the oGorgeous gym bag for your reference. A POPster emailed me and said it’d be helpful if I could a do a video on this and I was like, OMG I didn’t have one already!?? Plus there is gonna be a crazy ridic sale on for Black Friday. DO NOT MISS. I know a lot of stores are opening crazy hours to get you first, but online salses are so much warmer and better.

The VS Bombshell Butt routine is getting edited now. It will be up but a lil later than usual…about to close my eyes typing. Really tired. Things are starting to not make sense anymore…I’m dozing! This is bad!!!

Anyway, the butt routine is INTENSE. Really, really intese.

Hope you’re all well! See you soon in YouTube land!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Megan says:

    Where did you get those earbuds from? They look awesome!

  2. Larissa says:

    I’m addicted on your videos … you are the best!
    I’m from Brazil, and want to know if ogorgeous send things here! I really want your shirts and bags!
    How about show your panner to us in one video? Please 🙂 It will inspire us too!

  3. Megan says:

    So where do you keep everything you actually need at the gym? Like shoes, deodorant, etc? Are the bags big enough to be an actual gym bag versus a large purse/travel tote?

  4. BlogilatesxxLover says:

    If I was to carry a laptop and say, four super thick textbooks, as well as the usual essentials like a phone, yoga mat, etc. Would the bag break or rip at the seams? I am just wondering because that is what I have found with other bags which have never lasted very long. Thanks Cassey!!!

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