What to eat before and after your workout!

What to eat before and after your workout!

Hey guys!

I know you’re doing an amazing job KILLING your workouts, but I also want to make sure you’re fueling your body with what it needs before and after you exercise. Pre and post-workout nutrition is essential!  The purpose of eating before and after a workout is simple – to fuel, repair and replenish your body. What you eat before and after exercise depends on the type of training you’re doing and its intensity.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go!


Pre-Workout meal – when and how much? Depending on how much time you have, it’s ideal to have a pre-workout meal about 2 hours before exercise that contains ~300 to 500 calories, OR have a smaller meal/snack with less calories, 30 to 60 minutes before you train. Pre-workout meals will vary from person to person because some people take a longer time to digest certain foods. It’s best to listen to your body and notice how you feel after you eat. If you’re going to be strength training… Eat a meal or snack that contains about 75% carbs and 25% protein before a strength training session. The carbs will give your body the energy needed to produce power, while the protein will not only keep you full longer, but also help your muscles repair and grow. If you’re going to be doing cardio… A pre-workout meal or snack for cardio requires more carbs than protein. This is because carbs turn into energy quicker and will help keep you fueled for your workout. Carbs should consist of 75-100% of your pre-cardio meal. You can add a portion of protein or fiber to deliver a steadier rate of energy and help prevent fatigue halfway through. You want to eat low glycemic index carbs that are easy on your stomach because they are released more slowly into your body and will give you long lasting energy. Examples include fruit, sweet potatoes, whole grains, and beans. Stay away from too much fat pre-workout because fats take a longer time to digest and may be hard on your stomach. But, having one serving of fat will slow digestion, which will help maintain your energy level. Now…GO WORK OUT! Try the 1000 Abs Challenge 🙂

  Ok. You’re done sweating. So let’s talk…Post-Workout-SnacksPost-Workout Nutrition – how long do I wait? Consuming a post-workout meal within 2 hours of your gym session will give your body what it needs to repair, grow and build strength for future performance. Ultimately, the timing of your post-workout meal/snack will depend on how hungry you are and how much you ate before your workout. Just like pre-workout meals, post-workout nutrition also depends on what type of training you did and its intensity. If you Strength Trained… After strength training, protein is needed to repair and grow lean muscle mass, while carbohydrates will replenish your body with energy and prevent muscle soreness. Therefore, a combination of protein and carbs is best after strength training. Remember – fueling your body after a workout is essential to ensure you are not losing muscle mass, but instead maintaining and building it. Cardio After cardio, hydration is MOST important! Drinking pure water right after a workout will replenish your body from the water lost during sweat. You then want to replace the energy you used by having a snack or meal high in carbs. Having a healthy carb choice such as fruit, veggies or whole grains will not only refuel your energy levels, but also replace electrolytes lost during your workout. The amount of carbs and protein you need will depend on how intense your workout was. For example, if you just did a moderate yoga class, you won’t need as many carbohydrates compared to someone who just finished a high-intensity interval session. Generally, the more intense the workout, the more carbs you need. What if your workout combines both strength and cardio?

  Oh you mean like…THE FOOD BABY WORKOUT!!??? MUAHAHAHA. Generally, you want to eat a meal high in protein 2-3 hours before your workout (if you have time) and then eat a high carb snack 30 to 60 minutes right before your gym session. Always drink plenty of water post-workout and have an extra carb serving. The combination of strength and cardio is more intense, therefore you want to be sure you have enough energy to support the workout and then replenish your body adequately after. Use any of the options listed above and simply add an extra serving of carbs. I hope you guys enjoyed this and find that it added value to your healthy journey! Feel free to pin the graphics and share with your friends. Also, what topic do you want me to tackle next?


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  1. Marliese McGee says:

    This is fantastic, especially the part about listening to your body and how it feels! Love you, Cassey! 🙂

  2. Liza Beckerman says:

    Thank you for posting!

  3. Nice foto of pre – workout snack and post workout snacks 🙂 I will print this to put on my fridge 🙂

  4. Paola says:

    Sometimes its a little complicated to do it because every week it’s different and plus school, family time etc makes it difficult but at the end of the day I know that I need to work hardddd

  5. amyew says:

    Hi! As a life long athlete i love to share my knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I have always been an early morning roll out of bed exerciser, whether running, body weight workout, or spinning, i drink a large glass of water and go. that is assuming my workout is less than 70 mins, if above that i will usually bring a half banana and refuel at the half way time point
    fasted cardio does tap into your fat stores more quickly than non fasting cardio. However, if you are one to feel lethargic with no fuel, it does no good to do fasted cardio. that being said, for weight loss fasted cardio is superior. You quickly tapping into your fat stores and burning fatty acids for fuel as your body is in an overnight glycogen depleted state. the more often you do this, the more your body will actually become fat adapted, which coupled with a lower carb diet will encourage your body to burn fat vs glycogen for fuel .. if you want lose weight fasted cardio is beneficial. If i eat before a workout (early am but too early to digest a meal), i usually have a sweet potato or a two hours before hand or a meal 3-4 hours before hand (but keep it light on fat as fat takes a while to digest) a sweet potato is full of excellent long burning complex carbs but has a nice mellow sugar boost that i dont get if i just have plain oatmeal , if i have less than an hour, I have a banana or cup of ripe blueberries
    post workout is key, esp with fasted cardio. within a half hour i have a large serving of fruit (always have fruit first in a meal as it digests quickly, Also, this is the time to go high glycemic too as it shuttles fuel to the muscles quicker. so pineapple, mango, kiwi, canned pumpkin!, ripe bananas are fine . i add to it a a cup of egg whites, non fat plain greek yogurt, cocoa powder, cinammon and one cup of oats, brown rice, quinoa or kasha. if i have had a more strength workout i add raw unflavored whey to the yogurt, if i have focused more on cardio, i add another 1/2 cup of cereal.
    for the vegan crowd, I would with a sweet potato and peanut butter/almond/seasame butter, sprinkled with cinammon and plain cocoa powder –its sooo delicious carbs plus protein, or a smoothie or unsweetened soymilk (or silken tofu), flax seeds, banana and blue berries . I tend to save fat for the next meal i refuel with carbs and protein in a ratio or four to one

  6. Ava says:

    Good idea

  7. LEiLANi says:

    What about if you workout later in the evening, say around 8pm to 9pm and don’t finish your workout till 10pm… What would be the best thing to eat post work out!? I try not to eat past 8pm. 🙁 Please lmk what you think. Thanks!!!!

    1. Carli says:

      It doesn’t matter what time you eat. What matters is your calories in vs. calories out. The only thing that might happen if you eat later at night is you get an upset stomach or have to go to the bathroom.

      1. abbi says:

        its not always about calories in vs calories out. you need certain things to heal your muscles is the goal. I think soemthing like the below responder would be wise. its not heavy but you are still treating your mucles.

    2. amyew says:

      late night i would have a chocolate milk (homemade of course, low fat milk , raw cocoa powder, and some sugar or maple syrup! its
      carbs and protein (and casein found in higher levels in milk than in yogurt is great for preserving muscles through a night of sleep and fasting)

  8. Lisa says:

    Thank you Cassey for these yummy ♥ advices. Perfect for my whole new life ^^

  9. Rozhin says:

    Can you please upload a pre-workout and post-workout vegan version or lacto-vegetarian version?it would help a lot!

    1. amyew says:

      sweet potato with nut butter and cinammon or a tofu smoothie with berries banana and either 1/4 cup ground flax or 1/2 cup oatbran

      1. amyew says:

        or ill premake vegan power balls.
        peanut butter, softened via pan on stove top, remove from heat stir in raisins or dates, and raw oats, cinammon roll into balls refrigerate to harden and then sprinkle with coconut flakes

        they are grab and go with a cup of tea perfect refuel

  10. Clare says:

    This is super useful – I’m always looking for ideas for pre or post training snacks and you’ve got some great ones right here. Going to save this post so I can refer back to it whenever I need some ideas. Thank you!

  11. nicole says:

    i have this app that i note down everything i eat and all i have ate today is fruit and i thought i was being really healthy but the app says i have ate too much sugar. So should i not eat anything else?, because ive went over my sugar intake?

    1. Jane says:

      Don’t just eat fruit!!! If you look at Cassey’s meal plans then you’ll notice that she always has a variety of foods that will provide the protein and carbs you need. It’s true that fruits are high in sugar which is why Cassey always puts in vegetables and there’s not a lot of fruit in her diets. I would say, just start over and eat proper meals that have all the energy you need instead of just fruit, good luck!

    2. Siep says:

      Hi Nicole,
      Bit of a late reply but it might still help you. Jane was very right in what she said, the key to being healthy is having a varied diet and moderation! If you eat just fruit you’re missing out on loads of nutrition your body definitely needs! And yes fruit is high in sugar, but don’t freak out and cut out fruit all together either. Try eating fruit in the morning or early afternoon, that way your body has enough time to work through the sugar. Also try to eat maybe 2 or 3 pieces of fruit in a day, so that’s 2 apples/banana’s, or 2 handfulls/2 times 1/2 cups of berries etc, not more than that.
      You could for example have fruit with yogurt and oats or something like that for breakfast (or even a breakfast smoothie), and that would be your fruit for the day done! Then try to make sure you eat different things at different times of the day. Fruit for breakfast, salad/wrap for lunch and a healthy, lean meal for dinner for example. And of course don’t forget to snack in between the ‘main meals’. Another part of being healthy is keeping your digestive system going. So try to eat something every 2 hours or so!

      Hope this helps and good luck!:)

  12. maggiewild says:

    its about preworkout meal: oatmeal and egg whites, what with it?

  13. Zoe says:

    Hi, Cassey! Is it okay to work out on an empty stomach? For instance, I follow the calendar, and I’ve gotten in the swing of just waking up and doing the entire workout then, without eating breakfast first. I eat breakfast right after I finish all the videos and tend to either have a smoothie bowl or fruit with greek yogurt, chia seeds, cinnamon, and maybe a few almonds, so I am fueling and recharging my body right afterwards…but is it a problem to workout out on an empty stomach? Is it hurting me in some way?

    Also – I’m getting my tonsils out on July 28, and the recovery time is 2 weeks. I really really REALLY don’t want to stop working out, but I know I’m not supposed to do any physical activity… (Well at least I think so). What do you think? Will being laid up for two weeks drastically hurt my progress or make me lose muscle mass? What exercises could I do while I recover? AHH, I just really don’t want to be out for two weeks because that is SUCH a long time.

    Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Zoe says:

      Also, anyone can respond to this 🙂 Any advice/input/insight is helpful!

      1. Julie says:

        Hi there Zoe, I do the same thing first thing when I wake up I do my workout. For me in my case I can’t eat a lot before i workout because I tend to get nauseas. It all depends on how you are feeling during your workout and how big of a workout you are doing. If you feel dizzy or weak I would definitely suggest eating a small something (fruits or even slice of cheese) before your workout to have something in your body. But you are definitely not doing any harm to your body.

        Hope this helps 🙂

      2. Laura says:

        Hi Zoe!
        I work out before breakfast too for quite a time now, mostly cardio, because for me personally it increases my fat burn. When you do cardio on an empty stomach it has to take the energy from your stored fat, so if you wanna loose some of that fat like me that’s great! But I also tried doing weight training on an empty stomach before and didn’t like it at all, I felt weak and couldn’t do a lot of reps, for me it pretty much was useless. But I think it depends on your body, and I think you’ll figure out what’s best for you! That’s just my experience. I like your breakfast bowl btw, cinnamon gives it a special something!

  14. Britt says:

    Hey guys!

    I work out in the evening, after work and after my diner.
    Most of the time, I go to sleep one hour and a half after I finished.
    I’m not sure if I should be eating these foods then
    any tips?

    +If you eat Greek yoghurt, does it have to be low fat?

  15. Abby says:

    Hi Cassey and fellow popsters!

    So I follow the workout calendar religiously, and also try to eat as clean as I can and only allow myself a couple cheat meals in a week, but I still am not seeing any results, no matter what I do. I’m content with my size, I just want to be able to lean up and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong! Does anyone have any advice/is in my situation? Any help would be much appreciated!

    1. Bethany says:

      Hey gorgeous,

      It might be because you have a slow metabolism even though you are doing the workout calendar. I was in your shoes when eating clean and allowing myself a couple cheat meals in a week- always being disappointed when results were never changed. Then I decided to drink green tea twice a day (morning and night) along with my usual schedule, and I lost weight fast since tea really helps boost your Metabolism! Hope that helps, It did with me xx

    2. Jennifer says:

      You may want to try using myfitnesspal.com. I use it to track my calorie intake along with my Blogilates exercises. This may help you shave some calories and get you to where you want to be.

    3. amyew says:

      so if you are struggling with loss with cheat meals cut back one cheat meal a week until you find your desireable weight. if you pick up the protein and healthy fat and curb the carbs a bit more than should jump start it
      also redefining a cheat meal may help. instead of a cheeseburger fries and milk shake, with your new healthier lifestyle you may not need a cheat meal maybe a nice lean steak with sweet potato and salad followed by a dark chocolate bar or the have the burger with baked potato fries and veggies!
      re not needing to lose weight but firm up..add two days of yoga or body weight exercises will help

    4. Ruadh says:

      You need to give it time! I myself am always frustrated at the lack of quick results, but change to your lifestyle will slowly but surely get you the results you want. Patience is key. 😉 You might also need to look at other areas of your lifestyle that may be holding you back: Are you stressed? Not drinking enough water? etc. But the main thing is to give it all time!

  16. Emily says:

    This is great, thanks Cassey! I always heard you had to eat 30 minutes after a workout in order to get the best rewards but I guess it’s okay to wait a little longer. Good to know!

  17. Andreanne says:

    Hey Cassey,

    I just saw this on ”Urban Planet” websitr and I thought I should let you know… I’m not sure if it counts as copyright infringment or something…


    1. LovingIt says:

      Wow that is interesting!

  18. Maria says:

    Hey Cassey,
    Thank you so much for posting this information. I’m never sure how to eat well for my workouts especially because it’s so tempting to “reward” yourself for a workout by eating sweets and fats. The graphics are beautiful. Can’t wait to print and laminate them and stick them on my fridge. Thanks again!

  19. Rebecca says:

    I wish I wasn’t the pickiest eater in the world because I feel so limited when it comes to healthy breakfast foods. I don’t like oatmeal at all and I only sort of like eggs (if they’re too soft it grosses me out). I’ve been living off smoothies to force myself to eat things I usually wouldn’t because all the stuff blended together hides the things I don’t like lol.

  20. jade says:

    I am confused, so today I am doing both cardio and strength so what should I eat should I have one of the strength meals and one of the cardio meals?

    1. Teri says:

      Under the food baby video she talks about what to do if you do a strength and cardio workout.

  21. bhavya says:

    dear cassey,
    i would like to know what is the minimum age limit you can start doing blogilates. pls reply

  22. Pop Pilates Lover says:

    Are the detox water bottles coming back or are they not?
    I was just wondering because i really want one and I don’t have one

  23. GiGi Eats says:

    All great information, however, let it be known that everyone functions differently, and some people (including myself) cannot eat prior to working out, or else they get/feel sick! It’s completely okay to refuel after the work out!

  24. Amy says:

    Do you have more snack and food ideas for those who are allergic to nuts and tree nuts peanuts and almonds and so on?I’d love some ideas to try in my routine.

  25. Marta says:

    Dear Cassey !
    Just a simple question – what I should do first to reduce my overweight – cardio , then strenght workout, or on the contrary: strenght workout and then cardio ? I’ve had heard that its important but still dont know what to do 🙁

  26. joanna says:

    what do you eat as pre and post workout if you do cardio and strength training

  27. Petra says:

    Hi Cassey,

    what can i have instead of peanutbutter (i am allergic).

    Thank you and best whishes from Germany 🙂

    1. Bronwyn says:

      You could try sunflower seed butter or soy nut butter (the brand name is Wow Butter here in Canada-I don’t know if you have it in Germany). Both are yummy!

    2. Victoria says:

      We use “I M Healthy” Soynut butter and I hear good things about Wowbutter as well. We have a peanut allergy in our family as well so we always need to modify!

    3. Amanda says:

      I use almond butter flavored with honey or maple syrup. It is delicious, but be careful in buying one, because most might be processed in the same factory as peanuts. I hope you find you substitute! 🙂

  28. Lauren says:

    Totally sharing this on my blog! Love these snack ideas and good information for people to know. Don’t do stuff fasted!

  29. Elena - a med student says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I admire your dedication to helping us all live a healthier life so much. You’re absolutely wonderful and so inspiringly passionate. I used to follow your meal plan and workouts and thanks to those I started getting into shape, but them I found out about al the dangers of a high protein diet. Chickens and turkeys are stuffed with antibiotics as they grow, which means that there’s a high risk for piultry to bring us in contact with antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. Almost all types of meat (poultry or not) contains artificial hormones given to animals to speed up their growth and by eating great quantities of meat we probably put ourselves at an increased risk for cancer. It seems that the use of hormones is prohibited in the US bird industry but it is not so in other countries. On top of that consumption of any type of animal protein in large amounts is very likely to be related to an increased risk of cancer. Vegetable proteins coming from soy products also need to be eaten mindfully because of all the genetic modifications going on especially with that kind of product. I still eat all kinds of proteins and everyone should, but going overboard is not the way. Sure, proteins help you keep fit but are we sure they keep us healthy?
    All this information was very frustrating for me to find out, because it’s much more difficult to keep in shape while not eating all the protein your super effective meal plans suggest. What do you think about all this? Do you perhaps have some information that I’m missing? I would love to hear from you, Cassey.

    1. AJ Strong says:

      Everything gives/creates/starts/initiates Cancer these days. Multitude of factors. I know you wanted to hear from Cassey, but I thought my suggestion might help…Everywhere I’ve lived there have been farmers markets, organic and pasture raised meats, vegetables and fruits. I know several people who have their own gardens and farms even. I know that’s a rare option for most people, but you can grow a garden in a box or a lawn- maybe even a community carden depending on your living situation. I recently joined a Co-op membership program where you basically invest in your community’s local grown foods. Cheaper, better for the community/environment and benefits come whether you are a member or not! 🙂 My advice is to find a Whole Foods or Fresh Market or similar store if farmer’s markets are not available to you locally, and shop there; expensive but worth it, if you don’t have a farmer’s market/produce stands etc. I also really like her Vegan cookbook (I only eat fish, turkey burgers and sometimes chicken- I avoid beef and pork, but indulge in everything on rare occassions). There are also natural protein shakes that provide the nutrients you need without animal or plant consumption. You have to hunt and do research though to find one that works with your body, meets your standards and satisfies you personally. I really hope this helped! Take care!

  30. mayacook says:

    I’ve never tred the savory (rice+veggies) version of a pre-run meal but I’m sure that would suit me. So far the best pre-run mean is one of Ashley’s buckwheat bakes with tahini and a piece of fruit. I’ll tries you ideas later though since I twisted my ankle yesterday and something tells me it’ll be a while before I run again (can’t even walk 🙁

    1. Laura says:

      I have the same problem. Can’t do any leg and jump excersises for minimal 6 weeks – 3 months, because I have an injury in my knee 🙁 I feel so bad that I can do all of the workouts now !

  31. Marina says:

    Hi Cassey!!!
    I love this post it was so helpful!!!

    I have a question, what if I want to lose some weight with my workout? I reduce the meal? The kcal?

    1. Michele Lian says:

      Hey Marina,
      What’s worked for me was to reduce my overall calorie intake and my overall carb intake. As far as carbs went, I’d cut my portions in half and increased my protein and vegetables to keep me fuller for longer. Be consistent and you’ll start seeing results. Portion-wise, I typically go for a palm-sized portion of protein (or a little more), fill half my plate with veggies and keep my carb to a fist-size portion. Hope that helps!


    2. Jen says:

      If you would like to lose weight toy just have to make sure you are not eating more calories than you are burning. But still being heatlthy wih your food choices.

    3. Amanda says:

      I found that drinking more water pre and post workout helps me stay full. I wouldn’t skimp on the calories after a workout for replenishing, but pre-workout you probably could get away with a reduced calorie snack. Just make sure its healthy and definitely drink more water. I use one of her detox water recipes for taste. I have been able to drink about 1.5 – 2 liters of water a day now. 🙂

  32. Diana says:


    Thank you for this information.
    I do have a question. As someone else before I work out mainly in the mornings before classes start (so before 8:30) I do not really wanna wake up and eat 2 hours in advance but I also don’t wanna go in not being able to work out because I haven’t eaten properly.
    What would be the best thing to do?

    1. Michele Lian says:

      Hey Diana,

      When I’ve got an early morning workout planned, I tend to avoid having breakfast before I head out because I feel like it weighs me down. And like you, I don’t want to wake up 2 hours early just to eat.

      Most of the time, I don’t feel hungry before I get to my class, so I’ll work out on an empty stomach–this is particularly beneficial if your goal is to lose weight since your body uses up any stored sugar it has for energy rather than ‘fresh’ (just eaten) sources (ie your breakfast).

      But if I do find my stomach rumbling before my workout, I’ll have a spoonful or two of peanut butter, which I find tides me over until breakfast rolls around. I also tend to make better food choices after I’ve worked out 🙂


    2. Amanda says:

      She suggests that if you cannot eat two hours before, 30 minutes to 60 minutes with a reduced calorie intake is fine. 🙂 Her snack ideas with toast are amazing!

  33. Casey says:

    Thank you so much for posting this!!!! I’ve always been looking for the answer as to what to eat before and after working out. I got a lot of mixed answers. Your answer was clear cut and I loved the chart! Thanks so much! This is SO helpful! 😀

  34. shan says:

    thanks Cassey, it’s really helpful. i have some question: i was wondering if workoung out on an empty stomach like right when you wake up is safe. i also wonder if i wanna see results should i add cardio or HIIT to your workout calendar ? i don’t know why but it’s been since january this year that i follow your calendar. i do every workout. i drink lots of water. i go to bed early but still i dont see results. well not cleary. it seems like im on a plateau. like not evolution. any tips ?

    1. Amanda says:

      I found for myself, I had to change my diet. I wasn’t eating the most healthy of foods. When I started eating healthier foods and reduced my calorie intake to what my body should be taking in, I started to see more results. Pilates alone sometimes cannot be enough, especially if your body gets used to it. I would definitely add more cardio if you have extra fat you want to lose. HIIT can also be considered cardio too! 🙂 I hope this helps.

  35. Kelly says:

    I want to do all of this. The probelm is money. We can’t afford all the healthy stuff I would love to have so the house is full of the junk that’s nice and cheap. I really don’t want to go work out only to fill my body with all that gross stuff after. It just defeats the point. :/

    1. Kay says:

      I have the same trouble. So, here is what you should do, you should go to the Dollar Tree or to Dollar General then go the freezer to get some fruits to do a smoothie or eat it by itself. For the dairy, definitely go to Dollar General. At some gas stations you can get a nutrition bar for $1 and the fruits as well. For seafood, try going to your local produce place.

      Hope that helped,

    2. Darcie says:

      I know this struggle all too well. Try to find some veggies and fruit on sale! It’s summer, so if you can find a farmer’s market, that’s even better!

    3. Jesi says:

      My hubby and I have the same problem. We’re on a tight budget but want to eat healthy, too. Fresh fruits and veggies can be expensive, but the frozen variety is usually cheaper. Even Walmart offers frozen kale now, which I buy in large amounts!

    4. Bronwyn says:

      Good advice about buying frozen fruits and veggies. My grocery bill is a lot less when I don’t buy much meat, so you could always try eating more lentils, beans, and chick peas for protein and less meat. It’s a lot cheaper. When you combine lentils or beans with a whole grain (like brown rice) it has all the amino acids that make up a complete protein. It’s so wrong that healthy food is expensive and unhealthy food is cheap!

    5. Amanda says:

      I had this problem too. The trick is to look at the region you live in and only buy fruit and veges that are in season in the region you live in. Imported fruits and veges will be more expensive due to import taxes, freight costs, etc. If you have a low-cost store like Walmart, buy from there. Organics will cost you more, so I would stick to regular and wash very well. When i did this my food bill dropped from about 75 US dollars, to about 30! granted I am only buying for one, not more. If it is just you, try to only buy enough for you and not an army. Frozen is another good option if they are cheaper. Where I live, its cheaper to buy fresh than frozen. 🙂 I hope this helps a bit.

  36. Alina says:

    Thank you, Cassey! I really love how simple these recipes are, as I am very very bad at cooking 🙂

  37. divya says:

    why do i feel pukish while working out

    1. Summer Blu says:

      Probably because your body is very new to the workout if you are just starting. Or. If you have been doing Pilates for a while now, it could be because you are running low on calories OR you are and then directly worked out.

    2. Ariel says:

      I know that if I drink too much water while working out it makes me feel nauseous. Maybe that’s it.

    3. Olivia says:

      If I dont feel good during my workout, it’s usually because I ate too much, had too much water during or right before, if I’m dehydrated, or if the workout is too intense. This is what I found, but it’s just basic. I hope I helped!

  38. cecilie says:

    Hi Cassy
    I know this dosen’t have Any thing to do with fitness, but I Wondered if you could do a video or a blog post where you show what you are wear wearing in a week or some thing like that, and where you buy your clothes??
    Please reply!! Love you

  39. Jill O. says:

    Such a helpful post! It’s hard to decide what to eat before a workout so that you have the strength you need but also don’t feel too full. Thank you, Cassey!

  40. Lidia says:

    After a workout, I am starving…. It’s crazy how hungry I am.

    1. Kay says:

      Me too. I don’t know why that is.

  41. es says:

    Hi, could you do some exercises for mothers after C section. It could be very helpful. Thank you.

  42. Elio says:

    Hi Cassey, Prior to your daily work-out you need to eat a small, well-rounded breakfast, you will get a quick and long-lasting energy boost. Try to eat 1-2 hours before you workout, and avoid eating food which are high in fat, because they take longer for your body to digest, keeping your body from performing at its optimal level. Thanks a lot for sharing these valuable inputs.

  43. Katelyn says:

    Thank you for this, Cassey! Very helpful!

  44. Annick P. Maddox says:

    So what are the work outs from the Blogilates work out calendar considered? Strength training?

    1. AJ Strong says:

      At the top of her calendar it has a label for each day of the week and what that specific day of the week represents. IE- Sunday-Fat Burn Focus and Thursday is Lean Legs. On the calendar, when you look up the videos or use a smartphone/iTouch App the workout videos all have titles and that indicates whether it’s Cardio or Strength Training based. HIIT= High Intensity Interval Training- Cardio AND Strength Training. I hope this helps! Happy working out. 🙂

  45. Mayra says:

    Hi Cassey thank you for this. My question is about your 90 day full challenge. If I’m on week 4 of the beginners calendar workouts, I am doing ok replenishing my body with your meal plan? Thanks again!

  46. Meli says:

    Thank you Cassey, this is actually helpful !
    Do you think you could give more examples of pre and post workouts and some vegan/vegetarian options please? Would be great !

    Thank you <3

    1. Tesher says:

      Yes please do Casey!

    2. AJ Strong says:

      She has a Vegan Cookbook for sale along with the standard (non-vegan) cookbook. Along with her fit journal. Both of which I use even though I’m not strictly vegan nor vegetarian- I’m aware and knowledgable on the diet. Really great stuff in it! All her recipes are modifiable and all delicious. 🙂

  47. Olivia says:

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  48. Nicole says:

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  49. Irina says:

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    Here is a question from the biggest fan of you from Russia 🙂 I’m a pole dancer. As you know pole dance is a combination of strength (when we doing acrobatic) and cardio (when we doing dance). So could you please advise how should I eat? Thank you for your blog! It’s really interesting and helpful!

  50. Joanna says:

    Thank you Cassey! Any suggestions for vegan/vegetarian options for a pre/post workout? (:

    1. Cassie says:

      Lots of options she mentioned like fruit, banana and nut butter… Also for making the smoothies- warrior blend protein powder in chocolate is amazingggg so healthy and protein rich. I know you probably hear it a lot, but make sure you are getting enough protein. I didnt realize i wasnt getting enough for a long time. Taking a multi mineral and b12 will give you more energy throughout workouts, plus b12 is essential! Have fun 🙂

      1. Natalie says:

        I’ve been taking in nut butters as well as tofu and tempeh! As for vegan protein powders…I really love Orgain Chocolate Protein Powder! It tastes like a dream (texture, flavor, consistency). If you live near a Costco, they’re bound to have this product in stock!

  51. Rae says:

    Thank you for this information. I do have a question though. My workouts will occur before I go to work at 8:30AM (ECT). I will be combining strength and cardio in my workouts as well. According to the article I should be eating breakfast (a high protein meal) 2-3 hours before I hit the gym and a high carb snack 30 – 60 minutes before my workout. This would mean I would be eating both before 6AM! Any suggestions on how to modify this for time and convenience? I prep all my meals and mornings are pretty busy for me, but I want to make sure I’m doing what’s best for my body. I originally wasn’t planning to eat breakfast until I got to work. Anyone out there who works out before work and has a schedule down that might help? Thanks in advance!

    1. Courtney says:

      I work out before work around 5 am. Normally I don’t eat before a workout during the week. I also don’t eat until after I shower and get ready (around 7 am). I don’t have a problem with this routine. But I fill up my water bottle before bed so that when I wake up I can take it out of the fridge and have a bit before starting my workout! Hope this helps!

    2. Merina says:

      Like someone else wrote further down, I don’t usually do pre-workout because I tend to exercise first thing when I wake up and than you use the glycogen from the dinner’s carbs from last night. So you do not have to worry about that. Maybe you could eat a little bigger dinner than usual if you feel that you wake up with no energy. Its very different from person to person what you are able to do in the morning before breakfast, I usually are ready for a one mile run without any problems straight out from bed. So just feel what works for you. Maybe you could just drink a glas of oatmeal milk or take an apple which is fast energy but still not to stabby to make you feel bad when you workout 🙂

  52. Eszter says:

    Thank you, Cassey; this is essential information!
    I have a question about protein shakes. Are they inevitable for POPsters who only follow the calendar and do cardio? Also, can you recommend a good clean brand? Protein powders are kinda pricey and I’d like to get something that’s proven its worth. Thank you!

    1. Sydnee says:

      If you are looking for a clean, all natural protein powder I’d suggest Natural Edge. I’ve been using it for years on and off, and I really enjoy using it as a post workout shake. Plus I know the owners, and they are extremely nice and generous if there are any problems you have. http://natural-edge.com/ check them out!

  53. Melissa says:

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    I’ve been working with you since April 2015 and since starting my journey in Jan 2015, I have lost 3 inches (I hope I have kept it that way, will need to check). This all only just adding exercise to my routine. Now, I REALLY want to get better at being healthy. However, my diet is not the worst but it could also be MUCH better.
    If this is a good topic, could you maybe write something along the lines of “Starting a healthy diet without jumping into cold water”, if you get my drift?
    My body is not used to certain foods and I’ve gone on certain diets/foods cold-turkey and they don’t last. I want this to be a lifestyle change and if I jump in the way I’ve done in the past, I’m sure it won’t last.

  60. Cassie Tran says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I don’t usually do pre-workout because I tend to exercise first thing when I wake up and need the glycogen from my dinner’s carbs! However, post-workout is super important for me. I think this was so helpful dissecting what works for each exercise.

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  63. Leslie says:

    Hi cassey, i have one question…. well i workout out at 11pm. Do i still need to eat some before and afterwards?

    1. Sarah says:

      You should definitely eat afterwards. Post meals are very important to replenish your body. Also, what you eat after one workout will be part of what your body burns in the next workout. If you dont eat enough, your body will store fat despite your exercising. Plus, you need to eat well before sleeping. You need to eat well regardless.

  64. Tackle getting out of a fitness rut!

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