A Coregasm is a Real Thing. Here’s How to Have One

Get toned, relieve stress, improve health. These are common reasons people work out, but having a coregasm could be a happy side effect. And yeah, a coregasm is exactly what it sounds like—an orgasm induced by strenuous core work.

Approximately 9% of people have had the Big O during a workout sesh at least once, and while it’s not what we’d call safe-for-gym activity, it’s a natural bodily response—one that you might be able to experience yourself with the right moves.

So, who’s ready to get sweaty… and sexy?

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What is a Coregasm?

According to Dr. Debby Herbenick, a sexual health professor who published the first peer-reviewed study on exercise-induced orgasms (EIO), there’s no clear answer for what causes coregasms. It’s not solely the result of genital friction (so we can’t blame spin class), and it even happens when a person isn’t thinking about sexual activity or is sexually aroused. However, a common thread is that they typically occur during lower abdominal exercises

“We most often hear about exercised-induced orgasm happening as a result of leg raises on the Captain’s Chair, large numbers of abdominal crunches, and seated leg lifts,” Dr. Herbenick says. “Some people do experience EIO from other kinds of exercises including strength training, running, swimming, and yoga. With each of these, it is more how they are doing the exercise and not just what exercise it is.”


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How Can I Have a Coregasm?

So, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that there isn’t enough research to know if everyone is capable of a coregasm. As Dr. Herbenick explains, “Although most people try to experience orgasm from various kinds of sex, most people have likely never attempted EIO, so we don’t know how commonly people can bring it on themselves.”

The good news?

Dr. Herbenick says that for those who are able to coregasm, some can bring it on intentionally by doing lower ab moves like the ones mentioned above. A quick search of #coregasm on TikTok also brings up how-to videos for hitting that “coregasm point” as user @isamiraaa calls it. (There’s even some love for the yoga girlies, too.)

Other Ways Exercise Can Improve My Sex Life?

Dr. Herbenick goes deep into the science linking exercise and sexual satisfaction in her book, The Coregasm Workout, but here are some tips for boosting your sexual arousal: 

  • Identify the moves that engage your core to the point of muscle fatigue (a little quivering is good!).
  • Try doing some cardio immediately before getting into the ab work.
  • Don’t solely focus on having a coregasm. While that may be a bonus, the point of these moves is to help you tap into similar sensations during intimacy. 


So basically, core exercises can help strengthen your pelvic floor, which is a group of muscles important for sex. You can try these tips to improve your sex life overall, but if you do happen to unlock the door to coregasms galore, tell us how. (Asking for a friend.)

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  1. Britt says:

    Omg so this is insane.. being able to put a name to the feelings I had during workouts in college 😳… I just remember doing lower ab workouts in the gym before practice and having the sensation of an orgasm but I guess I didn’t realize it was an orgasm??? I mean… I think I was aware or that it was something like that but since I was so inexperienced in sex in general I don’t think it occurred to me that that’s what it was. So, YES… it’s definitely possible to achieve a climax during a lower ab workout. You just have to let yourself go there 😉