What I Eat in a Day!

Hey guys!

This was a highly requested video idea and it took me a while to do it but I finally did it! Woohoo! I honestly had so much fun recording my food diary for you. Please watch the video! It’s very pretty and happy and I just know you will love it 🙂

For those of you who wanted to know what a typical daily meal plan looks like for me, here’s the breakdown. My summer version of course:


Banana Pancakes (2 bananas + 1 egg)


Strawberry banana protein shake


Imitation crab and shrimp over a bed of spring greens with Asian peanut vinaigrette dressing


Veggies and hummus


Chicken lettuce cups


Quest cookies

I noticed that there were some comments asking why I don’t eat bread, cereal, and rice etc. The reason is because I notice that when I do, I get super bloated, I gain weight easily, and I don’t feel as energetic. So I avoid it. I also saw that some of you were concerned how I could possibly work out and basically function as a human on this type of food plan. Now you’ll notice that I don’t drink coffee either, so I definitely do not have a problem with energy and I always train crazy when I work out! So there is no need to worry 🙂

The answer here is simple. All our bodies are different! Something that may work for you may not work for me. Something that works for me may not work for you. As you can see, we are all shaped differently on the outside, so you better bet that we are all different on the inside too. Like with personalities, different people can react to the same situation in various manners. With food, your cells may react the bread differently than mine will.

The end goal is to find the diet that works best for your OWN body and your OWN life.

My food obviously changes as the seasons change, so I was wondering if I should record a fall and winter version one too?

I had a lot of fun filming this one, so I hope you say yes 🙂

OH!!! And guys. I just got a snapchat!!!


Who else has one!? You have to add me. My name on there is “blogilates”. I’ve literally been snapping everything I eat and sometimes I do funny faces and will take you on journeys with me. Things I will probably never post on YouTube or Instagram 😛

Ok well have a fantastic weekend. I will see you soon my beautiful POPsters!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Demy says:

    how many calories do You eat in a day?

    1. Rlshearman25 says:

      I’ve worked this out on my fitness pal and the calories in this day are anywhere from 1250-1450 depending on portion sizes but I’ve worked it out on generic and standard portions.

      I love Cassey and she has helped me understand a lot especially about fitness and from her meal plan, this may not seem substantial to some, but for me personally. I find I have to eat between 800-1000 calories per day of lean proteins and vegetables to loose any weight WITH exercise.
      (I’m only 153cm/5ft and weight 130lbs and I do have a tummy and large thighs which I am getting rid of.. Again, after I did really well last summer and was happy with the way I looked, in which I ate about 800-1000 calories per day) AND I was very satisfied and was NOT hungry! Is this sustainable? Possibly, I find it very sustainable in the summer as I naturally eat less then anyway, but my problem was that I stopped exercising so much so my calories deficit wasn’t there at all. (My BMR is about 1200 calories anyway)

      Being very short is hard and even a couple of pounds show up very easily and look more on petites than on standard height people, I know people will now start going off on one about lack of calories and starvation mode blah blah blah, I’ve read and researched it all and don’t need to hear it again, this is what works for me and many other short people, I don’t have an eating disorder because I eat under 1200 calories, this figure is not the be all and end all ITS WHAT WORKS FOR YOU IN A HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE WAY.


  2. Kelsey says:

    Videos and posts like these are incredibly useful. Would definitely be interested in a fall/winter one.

  3. Jess says:

    I would love to see the other seasonal ones. Also, off topic, but I LOVE your bedspread!! Where is it from?

  4. Felicia says:

    You should do food recommendations every season so we know what to eat, what’s healthy and fresh every season

  5. Felicia says:

    You should do food recommendations every season so we know what to eat, what’s healthy and fresh every season

    1. Monica says:

      This is such a good idea!

  6. Karen says:

    Although the food that you eat in a day doesn’t seem much, I trust that you are taking care of your body and health because you seem healthy and above all, happy 🙂 You did get me intrigued about this ‘high protein low carb’ diet, but I know that every body is different so this diet may or may not work for me. If it does, great. If it doesn’t, then I would have learned something about myself. People who say that this video may make other girls consider that diet should have realized that many people were requesting this video and you are just being real about it by showing what you truly eat in a day. People should research what diet best suits them rather than just following any diet mindlessly.
    Please upload a fall and winter edition! I enjoyed this video. Have a great week, Cassey!

  7. Emi says:


  8. Emily says:

    I have the exact same response to eating bread. It makes me super bloated and the next day I will literally weigh like 3 more pounds. So for the most part I try to avoid bread or pasta or anything in that carb category. It’s not like you can’t get what little is nutritious from bread from other things. I think once you start a low carb eating lifestyle it’s really hard to go back unless you can get over feeling like you’re about to explode the first few days. I love the way I feel and look ever since I cut it out of what I eat and food is just as delicious without it. So yes I agree that everyone is different and Cassey is obviously in great shape and has plenty of energy to workout, be happy & look great!

  9. Jeanna says:

    I’m not educated in this, but it seemed to me to be quite a small intake of food during one day. But it’s true that we have different needs, but I allways get a little bit concerned that maybe young girls growing up will believe this is the only way to be healthy (which might leed to an obsessive behaviour). I like your videos and everything, so I hope this doesn’t come off as harsh or anything, I’m just voicing a concern I have.

    (+ I’m from Sweden, if the english is a little incorrect)

  10. Teagan says:

    I just watched the Banana Girl response video. She should probably look around before she starts making judgements. She said at the start “This is the first video of Cassey’s I have watched”. Which means she knows nothing of Cassey’s lifestyle and what suits her. When she calculated Cassey’s stats, she put in moderate exercise!!!! Almost an insult really.

    Just like everyone has a different appearance, everyone needs different foods. Obviously what works for Cassey doesn’t work for her. I’m just annoyed that the Banana Girl would pass judgement so quickly and easily without getting the whole picture.

    Thankyou Cassey for being honest and sticking true to yourself. Never change!! xo

    1. Casey says:

      I totally agree with you! Moderate exercise…my mouth dropped when I saw that! And when you look to see what she eats…it’s 90% fruit (from her faq page)! How can that be “healthier” than Cassey?? Seriously Cassey we love you!!! Don’t stop anything!! 😀 ….ps I would love a “What I eat” vid for every season!! 🙂

      1. Dana says:

        i watched her video and was offended on cassey’s behalf! she shamed cassey’s diet and kind of in a way, encouraged her to adopt her high carb fruitarian lifestyle. i don’t see how you can get a balanced meal by eating merely fruits, it surely cannot be healthy to consume that much sugar on a daily basis while neglecting other essential macronutrients like protein and fat! there was this comment she made on the protein saying that eating it will make you bulky and look like a bodybuilder…she needs to do some research and understand women cannot bulk up due to our inferior testosterone levels. cassey’s diet is perfectly fine as that’s what works for her and she’s looking great

        1. Lily says:

          She does not eat just fruit. She eat’s all sorts of other foods too like rice,pasta,potatoes,veggies,vegan pizza,vegan sushi etc. Fruit has protein! Excess protein is tough on the kidneys…10% of freelee’s diet is protein and 10%fat.. Freelee has a video of her blood test results too…what do you know! They’re perfect without any deficiencies. How is eating 3,000 calories of fruits and veggies unhealthy? The reason she eats so much is to get enough nutrients. It sounds much easier than starving and restricting your calories to that of what a 14 year old should eat. I’ve been doing rawtill4 for almost a year, haven’t lost weight…but I’ve gained some muscle :). Even with 10% of my calories from protein I still hit about 75 grams a day…which is more than enough.

          I don’t think Cassey should be offended, freelee is just trying to get her out of starvation mode and always feeling hungry….she just wants Cassey to feel her best! I’ve tried low carb high protein diets myself and felt like I was going insane emotionally because I was only eating 1500 calories a day. It feels so great doing rawtill4 don’t knock until you’ve tried it ;). Nothing to lose! You might however gain clearer skin,thicker hair,more muscle,better digestion and whiter teeth though!

          1. Madalyn says:

            What I don’t understand is how her liver is processing all of that fructose. Yes we need Glucose for our cells, but a single banana is roughly 55% fructose. Having not been exposed to high fructose as cave people, we have not evolved with an ‘off switch’ for it as such. The fructose levels explain how she is able to consume so many calories. Excess fructose is linked to rapid adrenaline rushes, hyper activity, anxiety, aging and mineral deficiencies and many other things. Also, the potassium she is consuming will be putting strain on her liver, the organ that filters out excess potassium. Her blood test results don’t show these things, likely reason being they are struggling to keep up but have not had any actual upsets yet. I am not attacking Freelee, I am simply stating what I believe from the evidence I have seen. I do agree that 1500 calories is not enough if you are active.

    2. Kat says:

      iikr. shes so annoying. seems like freelee wants that everyone has to eat like her, only her diet is the healthy one. Like sorry, but i dont think eating 50 bananas a day or 1 package of pasta is truly healthy. Eating food in moderation means all food even the healthy ones. i’ll keep my diet as it is cause i feel good with it and i’m pretty sure if i would eat 50 bananas a day, i’d be really thick

  11. Monica says:

    Hey cassey i totally understand when you’re saying that what may work for you may not work for others, and that is why i really encourage you to check out Freelee the Banana Girl’s vid response of this one!

  12. Sarah says:

    Love it, Cassey! Your snap chats are so wonderful! Looking forward to getting to see them!!

  13. Leah says:

    Hey Cassey!
    Love the video, definitely need carbs in my diet but it’s cool that it works for you!
    I’m actually kinda dying to know what you have to say about the Banana girl, after seeing her thigh gap video I have a REALLY hard time believing anything she has to say haha
    You’re the best! Keep it up 🙂

  14. Kally says:

    Hey Cassey…you might want to check out the video Freelee the banana girl has done commenting on your video of what you eat in a day…xx

  15. Sophie says:

    Hey Cassey, really great video, it’s great to get an idea of what you eat in a day 🙂

    Not sure if you’ve seen or heard yet but Freelee the banana girl has done a video response to your video saying that, basically, your diet is bad and that you’re starving yourself… It made me mad watching it as she is really mean about it.

    1. Aastha says:

      Omg I saw that.
      That was ridiculous.
      Everyone is entitled to an opinion but to make a video about it and kind of bashing on her eating was a “wtf” moment. -____- I didn’t like it. At all.

      1. Kimberley says:

        Yeah, I agree. It seemed kind of a low blow, she could have just done a general video on it rather than one specifically referring to Cassey. Plus as Cassey said, different things work for different people and metabolisms.

        But I do really want to hear Cassey’s response.

        1. Monica says:

          Some of Freelee’s arguments are really backed up that well either… just my opinion though

    2. Sinia says:

      especially since I do not think raw vegan is the best (and magic, curing all problems) diet for everyone…..
      That’s actually the awesome thing about Cassey’s video: that she reminds us, that we are all different and might have different needs. Bashing another diet is pretty low I guess….

      1. Nicole says:

        I have watched loads of Freelee and DurianRider’s videos and feel like a lot of their arguments are rather shoddily backed up. I’m glad for Freelee that her blood tests are normal but it seems like a problem to me if you’re that thin and eating 3000 calories a day. Like their bodies are starving for something and that’s why their weight stays ridiculously low no matter how high the calories.

  16. Ellie says:

    Hi, Cassey! I REALLY NEED your HELP if you can reply to this. I’m a sophomore in high school and since I was in middle school, I’ve been watching, doing, and following your videos. But lately, I’ve been kind of slacking off because of school. My diet used to be much healthier and now it’s going downhill where I started eating unhealthy foods simply because I’m tired from school. How can I get back on track again? Also, I get hungry during school. I eat breakfast at 5:30 a.m and my lunch doesn’t start until 12:00 p.m. That’s a six and a half hour gap and I can’t eat in class. What can I do to stop being hungry? Do you have any suggestions as to how I can be more energetic and not hungry during school? PLEASE HELP! Thank you a lot Cassey! Love you and your videos! 🙂

    1. Carol says:

      Hey! I struggled with the same thing in high school! I recommend packing nuts, a granola bar, or dried fruit to keep in your bags and having a couple of bites between classes! It’s what kept me going!
      Hope that helps!

    2. Genevieve says:

      Hey Ellie! I’m not Cassey, but since your situation is similar to what mine has been in the past, I thought I’d offer some help, if you’d like.
      I’m a high school senior, and though I’m homeschooled, which means I can eat almost whenever, that just creates a different dieting obstacle.
      First off, I believe it is physically impossible to not be hungry for 6 and a half hours unless you are sick with something. Especially during the school year.
      My best advice for you would be to figure out when you need to grab a healthy bite between breakfast and lunch, and eat something then, if possible. For instance, because my body develops cravings so easily I’m supposed to have a quick bite of protein or fruit every couple hours, so I try to go hard at school for a couple hours, then grab something to keep me going.
      So if you can figure out exactly what time in the morning you start to get really hungry, you can (If allowed. I’m homeschooled so I have no idea what kind of snacking is allowed in high schools these days.) start grabbing a sliced apple or a granola bar before then, and that should hopefully help.
      As Cassey said, not every diet is for everyone, so what I’ve done is just what works for me.
      I hope this helps at least a little!

    3. Britni says:

      I have a few suggestions that may help, as I have found them helpful on busy days. Try and eat a casein protein around 8 ( or typically right before classes begin). Casein is a slow digesting protein and can really help curb hunger. Examples are cottage cheese, Greek yogurts, and many more. Another option would be if you are able to drink in classes I would suggest a well-balanced protein shake. I understand this isn’t the best option but it could be easily concealed in a water bottle that is not clear. Add your scoop then just add water between classes and mix. If this is an option for you consider doing a bit of research. Personal favorites of mine come from Jym Supplements and BSN syntha-6, because they are blends containing whey, casein, and milk proteins.

      Another quick option between classes ( I understand it’s only a couple minutes) but healthy quick snacks such as 1oz or so mixed nuts, string cheese(you won’t get a chance to string it),

      I these options help. If not there are many resources available thought the internet. Finding what works for you will take trial and error. Pay attention to your body it will let you know what it needs you just have to listen to it.
      Good luck.

    4. Casey says:

      Hi Ellie! When I was in hs I had the SAME problem you have. I would get super hungry before lunch and it realllly distracted me from learning. Can you eat in between classes? I would take little snacks with me and eat in between 2 of my classes when I had a break. I can’t remember what I took with me then but now I would focus on something with protein in it to stay full….quest bars (only the natural sugar ones!!!), other granola type bars with protein, good cheese and crackers, pb….etc. And not a lot. I found I didn’t need a lot, just a little something so I wasn’t focused on my hunger!!! Hope this helps! I really do feel for you! 🙁 I hated focusing on this in hs!

  17. Maria Carolina says:

    Thank u for sharing your food diary! This is really nice! It would be equally awesome if you posted a fall and winter one too!!

  18. Sparkles says:

    Please do not make a response to Freelee’s video. She’s doing it for attention and views, not to “spread the vegan message”. Everyone is entitled to eat what they want and eat what works for them. So many people have had issues on their lifestyle they promote, we just don’t hear it much because they spend a majority of the day blocking people. And if they find a video that says the lifestyle did not work, then her followers come after you and repeat the same random nonsense.
    I almost passed out on several occasions because my sodium got too low amount some other things and they told me that I had to eat and drink more and to ignore my doctors because they just want my money by selling me medication and bad advice. If you get “detox” symptoms like weight gain or acne they will tell you it’s detox and your body will take its time to recover….possibly years. The body is very efficient at “recovering” and “detoxing” on its own.
    And yes, there are people who do well on this lifestyle, but those people are as rare as a pink elephant. So please, as someone who loves your channel and has had bad run ins with these people, do not respond to them.

  19. Maja says:

    I would LOVE it if you posted a fall/winter verson! <3
    And thanks for accepting me on snapchat! I love your snaps! c:

  20. I eat low carn so i get where you’re coming from 🙂 if you function better without wheat, I suggest you give keto/paleo a try!

  21. Karlie says:

    it’s weird. it doesn’t look like much at all. but i decided to be nosey and counted the calories on spark people a she met all of the nutrition requirements for carbs, protein, fats, and calorie intake which was 1336. it did say that fiber was a little high but she ate the good kind of fiber so i’m sure she doesn’t have any problems.

    i think i’m going to start eating like that.

    1. Cindy says:

      that’s pretty cool – 1336 is my exact daily calorie goal!!

      But, I’m 5’2, 36 y/o and 183 pounds. I have A LOT of weight to lose, so this calorie goal is a 20% deficit for me. And I don’t exercise NEARLY as much as Cassey. So while I love Cassey, eating that low of calories can’t be healthy for her. If she is burning another 500 calories a day working out (probably realisticly more than that), then she’s only actually netting like 800 calories a day. That is WAY TOO LOW for any human. Cassey, please take of yourself. This concerns me.

  22. Marie says:

    YES YES YES food diary for each season. That one was so cute and fun!

  23. Malak says:

    Please do a fall/winter AND spring season video Cassey!!

  24. Daniela says:

    PLEASE do a fall and winter meal example! For us living in the opposite hemisphere its totally different, while you guys go workout in the beach we struggle rain and cold to workout in the outside. Same with food. Lots of love from Chile!!

  25. Joanne says:

    I really enjoyed this one and I’d love to see fall and a winter version!
    Btw thank you for being my motivation. You’re amazing!
    Love, Jo xoxox

  26. Chloé says:

    And you should definitely record a fall and a winter version of that video 😀

  27. Christina says:

    Yes, I absolutely loved this video! As I am trying to incorporate healthier foods into my diet and gradually change my lifestyle, I would be much interested in seeing what you eat during other seasons as well! Keep them coming, Cassey! 🙂

  28. Chloé says:

    Hi Cassey ! I loved the video, just to let you know that you wrote “2 bananas and 1 egg” in your post whereas in your video it’s 1 banana and 2 eggs 🙂
    Have a great day
    Lots of love from FRANCE x

  29. Brandy Bentley says:

    Yes, Cassey, PLEASE post a fall/winter mean plan! This time of year it is SO EASY to indulge in comfort food, so I think we could all use some healthy alternatives! Thanks!