What do I sound like on the radio?

What do I sound like on the radio?

Like this!


Click above to listen to my interview on FTNS radio with Kristen Rzasa on her show “A Matter of Balance”! I talk about how I got started on YouTube, blogging, oGorgeous, my idols, my thoughts on weight loss and diet, and what my fave cheat foods are!!! Thanks to Maria and Becky for calling in! It was so cool talking to ya!

Just play it in the background as you surf facebook or something 🙂 How do you think I sound on the radio? I have yet to actually play it back and listen…hahahaha

Love, Cassey – off to workout now – sorry for the short post! More later!

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  1. Jess says:

    great interview 🙂 you were happy and cheerful as always!

  2. Robyn says:

    I loved that radio interview! I listened to it whilst doing one of you workouts! It inspired me!

  3. Queenie says:

    Cassey! You are awesome!
    A few weeks ago, I was going through youtube and looking for work out videos, then I came across one of your videos.
    It was awesome and I started using your videos for working out.
    I love how you’re so energetic, optomistic and health freak! It’s awesome, it’s people like you that helps motivate us ^o^.

    Also, I am listening to your interview with FTNS. It’s awesome. You sound so calm (like how you’re always on the radio lol). I learn alot about you too from this interview. : )
    Thanks ^_^

    1. blogilates says:

      haha glad u like

  4. Sarah A. says:

    Cassey you are such a sweet person! You sounded great, and I’m glad I got to know you a bit more. I’m a college student trying to find my way in life. I like a little bit of everything so it’s difficult sometimes and i feel lost. But you’ve inspired me to go ahead and do things that I love, and maybe my career will take off.

  5. Patti says:

    That was so awesome and inspiring! I wanted to go do a bunch of your videos right now!!! (I’m in glycogen storage mode for a race on Sunday, though, so I’m resisting…resisting!)

    Actually you sound exactly like one of my best friends! I’m linking this to her right now so she can hear how she sounds. Guess I have to find some audio of her for you, too, then! Great job, though. Radio interviews can be hard because you can’t edit them if you’re used to being able to do that, but you did great!

  6. Isabella says:

    Ahhhh is it just me or was the DJ annoying?

    1. Mindy says:

      Yeah a little. If she’s a professional radio host then why is the audio such poor quality? Cassey was adorable as usual though 🙂