We’re not right for each other anymore | Day 2 of 90

Wow. I don’t think I’ve had that many people on the blog since the Target thigh gap incident.

First and foremost, THANK YOU. For being real with me. Some of you feel completely inspired and some of you are disappointed and angry. Same story. Same facts. Polar opposite reactions. Neither of you are wrong.

Here’s the thing guys. This 90 journey is MY 90 day journey. My blog is going to be a place for me to journal openly and genuinely talk about my feelings, my numbers, my food, and whatever else is on my mind. I finally feel inspired to write again – after years of being suppressed by other people’s opinions.

For the past several years, I’ve become more and more vanilla and I hate that SO MUCH. I found myself catering to the few that felt my posts rubbed them the wrong way instead of just being me and sticking to my mission. To be quite honest, I have lost myself these past several years. I’ve become a person that bends so much for other people that I don’t even know who I am supposed to be anymore. That’s why you may have noticed that I stopped writing all together. I went from 7 posts a week to maybe 7 posts a year.

Yesterday, people told me not to share my journey, not to share my weight, not to share what I’m eating, not to share my measurements, not to share my before pictures, and not to share my goals. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to listen to those demands.

When it comes to GETTING THINGS DONE, I’m not a wishy washy person. I am specific with my goals. And that is why numbers work for me.

Yes of course working out is about being happy and getting stronger – DUH! That is what I preach and I fully live it everyday! But for anyone who argued that a better idea would have been to make strength or reps a goal – remember, that’s another number too. It’s just that the scale has so much emotion attached to it. I get it. I didn’t step on the scale for YEARS until I realized that I cannot let a number have that much power over my self worth. I’ve learned to change my mindset and understand that the scale is here to simply give me information. My weight is simply a data point. The scale doesn’t tell the whole story, but it’s a part of the story – like body fat %, muscle mass, and height, and I’m not one to deny myself of information.

It takes a lot to step on a scale and not feel bad about yourself. Girl, I get you. I HAVE BEEN THERE. Look – there’s freedom in throwing away a scale. But, there’s EMPOWERMENT in stepping on a scale and being emotionally unattached to the number. I’ll save that for another blog post.

To those that feel disappointed, my blog posts will not serve you for the next 90 days. But like the title of my last blog post said…I’m “doing this for myself.” I’m not going to be suppressed anymore.

I’m not a different Cassey. I’m not a changed Cassey. I’m the same Cassey, but as of yesterday, I made the decision to be a free Cassey who’s back to be real and unafraid, like she once was. If you don’t feel like this is the right Cassey for you, then we may not be right for each other anymore. Whatever decision you make, I respect it because you should read the content that helps you be the best version of you. Period.



Food was pretty simple yesterday and I did not feel hungry. I ABSOLUTELY love not having to count calories or track macros. A POPster mentioned she is doing something similar to my diet and she is calling it “Lazy Keto.” I kinda like that. Maybe I’ll call it that too.

Also, I am such a sucker for writing things down. Every time I fill out these boxes, I feel like I’m finishing my homework or checking off a box! I honestly can’t wait to see all 90 pages filled out in my Fit Journal at the end of this. It’ll be like my little fitness storybook.

Here’s what my meals look liked:

That mush in the bottom left hand corner is shredded chicken mixed with avocado and avocado mayo. Mayo was not necessary at all but I wanted to experiment! 2 scrambled eggs. Pico de gallo and avocado salsa. YUM.

Okay, I bought this 2 pack bowl thing from Costco that had “WHOLE 30” plastered across it and I was like YESSS TAKE MY MONEY. (Honestly label anything “whole 30” and “paleo” and I’ll pretty much buy it :P) Unfortunately this tender beef bowl with cauliflower rice and mushroom was…THE WORST! It had zero flavor and tasted like water. So I brought out my Nom Nom Paleo magic mushroom powder and seasoned on the spot. Thank goodness because the powder SAVED IT. I think soy sauce or coconut aminos could have saved it too. But seriously Costco buyers, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!???

Sam wanted to go out last night even though he knew it was Day 1 of my 90 day journey. I was a little hesitant but I’m pretty good at annoying the waiter and making things work. Luckily, the place we went to had this in season salad that looked incredible and tasted even more incredible. That’s a chicken salad with strawberries, blueberries, goat cheese, and almonds. The dressing was balsamic vinaigrette. SO GOOD.

You can see what else I snacked on that day in my journal entry above!

Wow, 2 days of blogging in a row. I am so proud of myself 😀 I’m feeling really good right now – really alive – and so much more like myself. I can’t wait for tomorrow! What class should I take?

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  1. Natalie says:

    I’m following this 90 day journey waaaayyy later than you but I got inspired when you decided to start your 90day muscle journey. I gotta say I don’t understand why people get so triggered and upset and act like you did them dirty by taking care of yourself, it’s like totally none of their business, they don’t HAVE to read it if they don’t want. I’m so glad you followed your heart and did what you wanted to do and ignored all the negative nellys out there. (Or whatever that expression was haha) anyway I’m working on the same thing. Ignoring all the negative talk of you can’t do it or you shouldn’t do it and I’m going to do this journey for real this time. Love you thanks so much

  2. ryou says:

    I’m new here. First time on your blog. Or is it my second time 🤔 anyhow I’m all the sudden super motivated to spend on your meal pla. And read along 1 post per day for when ill officially start. Only problem is I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant 🙃 maybe not the best time so for sure I plan on coming back here in a few months. I can’t wait 🥰💕

  3. Matilde says:

    I’m a bit late to follow the journey, but I started my own journey of 90 day yesterday. So I think I’ll read 1 post per day and follow along

  4. Kevyn says:

    Agh! I am so inspired by this, I am going to read your full 90 day journey. I am going to read a post per day, this makes my heart so happy. Right now I am the heaviest I have ever been and I want to change it. I have been watching you for years and I love your workouts. They always kick my butt lol! Thank you so much for all the hard work you do and keep shining like a star! God Bless!

    1. blogilates says:

      Have fun reading along!

  5. Chelsea Ames says:

    You are amazing and inspiring. I’m glad you are free now, life is way to short love. This amazing career you have created should not control you. 🖤

  6. JULIA_13 says:

    Maybe I missed something , but what about work out? How often do you do exercises ? Yes, I am new on your blog and YouTube channel . Thanks for inspiration !!!!

  7. cdez80421 says:

    Thank God…… stop listening to everybody else and just do you and don’t apologize for it either!!!!! You got this girl 🙂

  8. Dakota says:

    Cassey, do you girl! People become so quick to judge others these days without considering the whole picture. I’ve been a Popster since 2012 and I’m trying to get back on the fitness horse after a few hiccups in my life this year. No vanilla! Bring back the funny t-shirts, continue blogging, and be you!

  9. Hortensia says:

    “There’s EMPOWERMENT in stepping on a scale and being emotionally unattached to the number”. Amen! Love you Cassey! I am a Brazilian follower since 2012!

  10. Michelle says:

    I LOVE that you are sharing!! Please don’t become vanilla because we need YOU!! I felt your inspiration today with my IG post and gave some honesty. I’m sure you have a lot of people tell you – oh you must love to work out… which is their excuse for the reason why they aren’t doing anything. I love where I workout but what the instructors do to us during the workout… well let’s just say there is a reason I have stock in Deep Blue. LOL!
    Thank you so much!!

  11. Talya A. Lubit says:

    I was hoping that would happen! I’m so proud of you! Lots of love- Talya

  12. Farrah says:

    I’m so glad you’re doing what’s right for you and that you’re not censoring your thoughts to appease the few it might offend (which it honestly shouldn’t, since you’re doing this for you–it’s sad that they can’t be happy that you’re working towards a healthy goal). Best of luck to you! I’ve been following since 2011 and have missed your regular blog posts! I’m glad they’re back! :]

  13. Emily says:

    That salad looks amazing! I make a similar one at home several nights a week. Blue cheese works great, too. I like to switch up the fruits depending on what’s in season – watermelon, berries, pear or even roasted sweet potatoes for Fall. Last week, I used peach! And, it’s fun to switch up the nuts and protein. Last night we used walnuts, blue cheese, sliced NY strip steak that I cooked in our air fryer and blueberries on a bed of baby spinach. 😋 Also, If you “blacken” your chicken with spices when you’re cooking it, it really takes the salad up a notch vs. plain grilled chicken without adding much calories 👌

  14. Emily says:

    That salad looks amazing! I make a similar one at home several nights a week. Blue cheese works great, too. I like to switch up the fruits depending on what’s in season – watermelon, berries, pear or even roasted sweet potatoes for Fall. Last week, I used peach! And, it’s fun to switch up the nuts and protein. Last night we used walnuts, blue cheese, sliced NY strip steak that I cooked in our air fryer and blueberries on a bed of baby spinach. 😋

  15. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve lost 80 lbs (sorry to anyone who’s doesn’t like this unit of measurement – I’ll admit the English system is absurd and nonsensical) and have heard every possible comment over the years. I was bullied mercilessly in middle and high school – called “wide load” among many other unpleasant terms. I was told I was lazy, that the things I was best at were sitting and eating. I then took control of my physical and mental health and am now much fitter, happier, healthier and stronger. Now my critics that tell me I’m too strict, too skinny, “no fun,” etc. It took me a long time to tune them out until I came to a realization. They’re unhappy with themselves or their lives, or their lack of motivation or control, and you know what? You don’t owe them anything. If, you, your loved ones, and your trusted medical professionals are happy, that’s all that matters. Best of luck to you in all endeavors and I wish peace to everyone who is spending their limited time on this planet promulgating negative energy.

    1. Melody says:

      That last line is the be all and end all of life. Such a diplomatic way to flip the bird to the ones who don’t get it. LOVE!

  16. Noel says:

    Cassie, you are so right, the journey is yours. it is your right to feel fabulous in your own body. It is human to express the ups and downs, future goals and with hopes that you may find someone who understands or supports them. Let me just say thank you for your honesty and all the years you have been a giver. For the next 90 days allow us to give you our support to reach the best you that you can be. Let the naysayers take care of them selves. It is not your job to save anyone, but know that you have helped many!!! Good Luck and as a 5’5 woman who has weighed 120 all of her life, but in the last year, gained 10 lbs from menopause……I’m doing this with you, and I can appreciate the desire to be the way that makes us feel the best inside and out. Healthy is the key. Mindful. Happy.Rock on and strength to you!!

  17. Heather says:

    I’ve found anyone saying “don’t share” when it comes to weight loss and getting healthy for you are the ones most miserable with themselves and have no desire to change. Every time I talk about my journey on facebook, someone flips out because they think I’m doing as a slight against them or something equally ridiculous.
    If talking about your weight helps you, that’s all that matters.
    If sharing your measurements helps you, that’s all that matters.
    If talking about your struggles helps you, that’s all that matters.

    I might look into Lazy Keto though, although I really have no desire to give up mango…

  18. Christina says:

    Hi Cassie, just want to say I appreciate your transparency and I’m excited to follow along your 90 day journey. I’ve been in somewhat of a wellness rut and your journey has inspired me to clean up my act.

    PS. Haters always gonna hate but you gotta do you!

  19. Rebecca says:

    Lazy Keto! I love it! Recently trying this way of eating too 🙂

  20. Dtemperac says:

    So happy for you!!! Love reading your blogs! It’s sad that someone can have such negative feelings towards someone else’s goal and drive to better themselves for themselves. Makes me SMH. But you do you girl and don’t let anyone else ever stop you!! There are people out here rooting for you and wishing you the best in your journey! 🙂 So latch on to those people and simply let the waves take the others away!

  21. Safra says:

    Awesome Cassey! Thanks for being you and being real. You’re truly amazing, raw and inspiring. Loved reading this blog 💕🙏🏻

  22. Jennifer says:

    I’m loving this daily journals, I’ll be on this journey with you reading your posts everyday 🙂 Gambateh! you can do this! <3

  23. Diana says:

    Good for you, Cassey. We are all on our own journeys and have to figure things out on our own. I wish you the best of luck with this.

  24. Kimberly says:

    Thank you so much for sharing what you eat in a day! It’s inspiring and so helpful, because my food choices become stagnant and I get bored with them. Yours look colorful and tasty! A good reminder! I think you look great in the photos you shared, in fact I can’t remember you ever not looking great. I hope you find the weight that brings you joy, makes you feel whole and reminds you how kick ass strong you are! Your workouts and positivity bring that to my life everyday, which is why I keep coming back! So thanks for sharing yourself, your creativity, your discipline, your smile, and your vulnerability!

  25. Kara says:

    I love this blog. Its inspiring me, to eat healthy, journal my foods, and aim towards a better me.

    Also, I love seeing you write down your foods. It makes me wish I could afford your fit journal.

    Good job, on keeping up with your blogs! You go girl!

  26. Saraahx says:

    I’m so happy this is working out for you so far, although it’s only been 2 days haha! These meals look bomb and that salad… YUM!
    OH YESSS! YOU. DO. IT. FOR. YOU. People don’t know shit about your dreams & goals. You’re the only one who truly knows what’s good for you physically and mentally. I’ve also noticed that you did NOT look nor sound like your usual self lately, in your #100GluteChallenge videos. Not fake but it’s like you were trying hard to look/sound happy, bubbly. I found it a bit sad, honestly. You don’t always have to be happy and cheerful and bubbly. If people can’t understand that, SCREW THEM – like, seriously!

  27. Mi says:

    Oh my dear Cassey, I’m happy you’re happy, really. I think that people is not use to not agreement anymore, like everybody should agreed with you and if not you not cool anymore. But I think we can learn so much with people that do not agree with us.
    And sure, somebody that feel trigger about scale and numbers should not read for they one healthy and motives but I think you sharing something really rich here.
    and about numbers to be honest I’m brazilian and here we count with kg and m so I don’t understand the scale but I love read about your experience.. Keep going girl!!! 😀 <3

  28. Celia says:

    Love to have you back. I’ve been following you for seven years now. Keep it Up 😉

  29. Nicole says:

    Girl I’m LOVING this. I’ve missed this Cassey and now she’s BACK! 😭💕

  30. Taylor Webb says:

    Cassey! I’ve loved you forever and have often kept up with both your monthly calendars and PIIT28. Reading through the comments on your instagram, I kept thinking, why are people being so critical!? This is HER personal journey that she is sharing. You are allowed to set goals, you are allowed to have a number in mind and use that number to track your progress. Your journey has encouraged me to be more open about my personal struggles and challenges, and to be a little more public with my progress. You’ve encouraged me to set my own goals, concerning both physical and mental health. You inspire me every day. Thank you for being you and for being honest. That’s what I’ve always loved about you. You’re real! <3

  31. Melliejoy says:

    Be who you are and don’t let anyone make you feel less than. Not one of us is perfect and we don’t have the right to judge anyone else. What happened to loving and supporting one another rather than tearing each other down. It takes a lot of courage to share such a personal journey & this strength should be celebrated not crushed.

  32. Sophia says:

    I feel so happy that you’ve decided to go on this journey. One of the reasons why I started following your blog and your workouts is that you are one of the ‘realest’ person out there and you don’t sugarcoat anything just make it more aesthetically pleasing. You continue to be an inspiration to me and after years of self-sabotaging, I’ve finally begun to love my body and my progress with its flaws and all. Thank you so much <3

    P.s I'm still on day 10 of the 100 glute challenge and I'm pretty sure that my glutes are going to start a mutiny against me lol

  33. Jessica says:

    I know most super tasters don’t like cilantro, but if you do, you should absolutely make cilantro coleslaw.

  34. kristincbish says:

    Maybe it’s because you have censored yourself for so long that so many of us feel as though this is coming out of left field, and isn’t at all “like you”. I am one of the many women who cannot see someone’s measurements or numbers on a scale without comparing myself, and because of that weakness, I need to steer clear of the blog/instagram posts for a while. I do have the concern that because of your past of disordered eating this might cause you to spiral, but it’s entirely possible that you have healed and moved on in such a way that you are strong enough to pursue this undertaking in a totally reasonable, clear-headed way. Only you can decide that. I might not agree with your choice, but I don’t have to agree with everything you do in order to be a popster and love what I see of YOU! I don’t feel like it’s a “We’re not right for each other anymore”, but more a “I need to go this way, and you need to go that way for a while. Good luck and see you on the other side!”

  35. Loly says:

    You go girl!! This is your blog, and you can do whatever makes you feel happy. You’re always so positive…and inspiring, I will support and workout my sore glutes with you anytime. Attended your class at a convention once and hope to meet you again…

  36. Lexi says:

    I am so, so happy for you to continue your decision! No one else has any right to tell you what you can or can’t do when it is YOUR life and you are doing this for YOU! I personally am, and always will be, cheering for you!

  37. Šárka says:

    Cassey, moc Ti fandím a držím palce! Jsi nejlepší, buď sama sebou 🙂

  38. Kate says:

    I think that a person’s relationship with their body is different for every individual, and if going on this journey is what you feel is right go for it! I look forward to seeing your progress

  39. Suzanne Brazil-Geyshick says:

    Thanks Cassie for being real. Just what I need in this transitional scary time in my life. You have reminded me in this last few months of working out with you on your youtube videos and on fit on ap that life is much better when I live your life being who I am and not what others think or want me to be. You are truly a blessing from God to me in this hard time in my life. Thanks for being you. You are so Beatiful to me – inside and out. Thanks.

  40. Ester says:

    Cassie, I’m so happy that you’re freeing yourself, what matters is your happiness girl! I think that by doing this, challenging yourself despite what others think, it’s really inspiring. Keep going, you can do it!

  41. nicoletaionescu says:

    Don’t worry about the negative reactions. You have to do what’s best for you! I want to go back to my pre-baby weight as well and I have the same weight and height as you right now. Pregnancy has changed my physic and I want to be able to feel like myself again. I will be reading all your progress and feel like we are in this together!

  42. Jess says:

    Hey Cassey!! It’s so amazing to see you blog again and I really hope you get the strength to continue doing so! This post has made me reflect a lot about myself and how I’ve been doing things just because others think I shouldn’t be. And I’m motivated to take my first step to do something different for MYSELF.

  43. Daisy says:

    Yassss! I need some of these meals for my health journey. Thanks for being true to you and continue doing what makes you happy

  44. christina says:

    What matters is how YOU feel – don’t edit yourself! Some people need to mind their own biscuits. Being a public figure doesn’t give everyone the right to p*%$ in your yard. All the best on your latest journey, Cassey. love & respect from Toronto <3

  45. PopsterAsh85 says:

    YES!!! So happy to read this, Cassey!

  46. Kyle Adams says:

    No going vanilla! Stay true to who you are, and keep it real with us. Thanks for sharing, as always 🙂

    p.s. is that MAGIC mushroom powder?? haha

  47. Jaclyn says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with what you are doin. And can’t quite understand why anyone would get upset with what you are doing. I feel like I must be missing something. Why would anyone get upset for someone taking a new route it’s your life. I just take what I need from your inspiring items you offer. If it’s not for me then I pick out what is. I hope you achieve all your goals.

  48. Whoohooo for standing your ground and being unapologetically YOU! Someone told me to remove something and do the same. No. I will not be pushed over anymore. If they’re upset that’s on them. I have not done anything wrong. I am going To stand my ground. They don’t have to like me.

  49. Chandelle says:

    Power to you, it’s important that people realize that a personal journey is PERSONAL. My goals might not be the same as yours but it’s empowering to see someone work towards what they need to feel good and strong. As long as people are being safe, caring for themselves and supporting their physical and mental health along the way, it should be your choice to determine what is right for you!

  50. Tracy says:

    You can’t please everyone Cassey, so do what makes you happy because you are going to offend some people anyway. It is your life, good on you for taking it back and doing things your way.

  51. MrsFiddleback says:

    I’m very pleased that you’re being honest. I’m also impressed by the ‘positive body’ messages you broadcast. You live a ‘real’ life. As a veteran follower of your workouts (I’m probably your mother’s age) I would like to applaud you on the fact that you have gained the ‘happily married’ 14 pounds, and are now striving to remove it. You will, you’re going about it the right way. It doesn’t need to go. You’re young, fit, healthy and beautiful- but you need to feel happy in your own skin. Balancing that with real life is tough, but you’re showing us all that you’re doing it in a sensible way – and can still enjoy date nights with your husband. Good luck, XXX

  52. Letha says:

    A Free Cassey is an Awesome Cassey!

  53. Janey Jaye says:

    Cassey, I have only been following you since Summer Sculpt and I think you are amazing. I love your positive attitude during your workouts and I am loving this journey you are on. I admire you for not letting others tell you how to be, how to blog, how to be body positive, etc.

    I struggle with this in my own, not so public world of being a marathon runner weighing in at 160-170 at any given point of the year and I’m 5’4″. I’ve had people tell me that I post my running pics too much, others tell me that I inspire them, but really, I post because I’m proud of myself that I keep trying to stay fit despite hypothyroidism and being 46. And want to share my struggle, my journey with my friends and family. I did the strict eating between 2007-2009 and lost a lot of weight with my lowest being 134 lbs. Maintaining this strict diet was really hard on me too. And I’ve tried to find balance … so I’m working on loving my 170 lb body that can run a marathon and almost keep up with your workouts.

    Thanks for sharing your journey. It has really strengthened me to follow my own path to being fit and happy with myself no matter the scale. Looking forward to reading about your healthy and yummy meals!

  54. Taleigha says:

    Just wanted to say thankyou my sister and I have been doing your thirty day challenges together and she lives the other side of the country so we FaceTime and do this together everyday .. and my glutes and thighs Omg lol just wanted to say thankyou for your printable workouts and your positive outlook thankyou

  55. Sarah says:

    I am so freaking happy for you, Cassey. Every time I watch a YouTube video or read a blog online these days, I feel as if the content provider is obligated to slather it in warnings and disclaimers up the wazoo. It was so refreshing to read you say, screw it, I am going to say what I (emphasis added) actually feel! You were not rude, or hurtful, or shaming. You were body positive, because body positivity is about embracing who you are, loving who you are, and deciding how you want to be your best you. Body positivity DOES NOT equate to failure to change. If one is content with where they currently are, and they still love themself, that is body positivity. If someone is not content with where they currently are and wants to change something, whether that is to improve their health, improve how they perceive their appearance, or improve their confidence, and they still love themself, that is body positivity. I am so happy you have found your voice. I have been following you and your journey from almost the start, as a fellow fitness instructor and enthusiast, I often talk about you and your success and think it’s incredible. I would recommend your videos for your super bubbly enthusiastic voice and personality. Because that is what body positivity is all about – having a voice and embracing who you are and what you have to say. And I am glad you have rediscovered that voice. Blessings to you on your journey!

  56. Melissa says:

    I’m going to join you, thank you so much I desperately needed some inspiration to get back on track. My cholesterol is to high and I have a good few kilos to get off by our Australian summer. You are amazing and I’m in full support of your journey. X Melissa

  57. Melissa says:

    Yes! Great job on being authentic so the rest of us can follow your lead. Enjoy your journey.

    1. Diana says:

      Cassey, just be authentically you! That’s who we signed up for and love to follow on the journey here 😊

  58. SabDav says:

    Keep going Cassey! Yay! I’m really enjoying your blogs too!

  59. Patty says:

    OMG Cassey, I’m so happy for you!!, we all have been in that situation at one time or other (or maybe all the time) I’m so glad you are putting your foot down and saying “This is FOR ME, this is what I WANT, deal with it!”

    We all have the right to have OUR OWN FEELINGS!, I’m too feel that I have lost myself always trying to please people and keeping in check my real wishes, I support you 100%!!!!

  60. Brandie says:

    I have never ever posted on a blog and I am always reading your blogs. I love your workouts but I admit I do not do them often however I do come back to your page for nutrition and diet plans. I’ve been with you since you stopped your bikini competition. That’s how long I’ve been a fan! I’ve seen you grow and I’ve read about your engagement and wedding. You are a role model for me and I loved watching you grow your business over the years even though I’m not committed to all of your workouts. I do refer your website to people who have asked about good sites to visit for health and weight loss Inspirations and good workouts. So reading about your new 90 day journal and all your feelings and comments from other readers really make me sad. I truly appreciate how open and honest you are with your readers. This is why you are here! This is how your business has grown! You are real! If you were always genetically thin and in shape I wouldn’t want to follow you! I’m real with real health and real weight loss goals and like you we sometimes need to take a step back and start over again and that’s normal and human! I’m 40 years old and I’ve been up and down my whole life and If I never used my scale I could easily let myself go. I use my scale to hold me accountable not because the number matters as much as how I feel. When I over indulge the scale goes up and that’s my way of telling myself “ok time to stop over Indulging”. Again you being real makes me want to follow you that much more! I am real and I want to know that what your doing is working for real people! I’m not going to follow you when you have no idea what the rest of us struggle with because you were born naturally thin and look athletic all the time! So stay here and be real for your real fans! Good luck with your 90 day re set journey! I’m with you on this one!

  61. cbrookef says:

    Someone will always complain about something so just do you!

  62. Yazzy says:

    The hardest part is realizing when you’ve had toxic people in your life thinking that they weren’t. In the good and bad times, the right people will support you and love you. Thank you for being you and inspiring me to do the same!

  63. Jutta says:

    Go Cassie go! Love to read your posts and especially your journey. You are inspiring me also with my journey for better health and wellbeing.

  64. DisneyPrincessPopster says:

    Your plate looked amazing. Who doesn’t want to just eat salsa, eggs, and guac every day?! I can eat a whole jar of salsa.

  65. Teresa says:

    I’m absolutely moved by your honestly and being genuine. Be the best you. Be the worst you. Just…be you. Why demand for more? Wishing you all the best on this journey and can’t wait to read all about it.

  66. Alyssa Crawford says:

    I think we might be feeling the same energy. I have recently made changes to my life to make it feel more real and authentic to me.

  67. Crystal says:

    The first and third meal look delicious. I’m not much of a commenter, but I had to add along with so many others that I love reading your blogs. Keep being yourself Cassey!

  68. Erin Fagan says:

    I don’t see why anyone has a problem with this! Sharing everything so openly is beautiful, and whatever feels good for you is the best!

  69. Liz says:

    Thank you for this! I have been struggling with finding myself this past year due to a really toxic work environment. I am slowly making changes to get out of there and into a place that has respect for me and is much more supportive. I hope you continue this 90 day journey and look forward to checking in every day! Stay happy & healthy Cassey!

  70. Massiel Cruz says:

    Be free Cassey!!

  71. Katie Shin says:

    I’m glad you’re getting back to being the real you. That’s one of the reasons I started following you in the first place all those years back. You were real. Were you perfect? No, but you were real. I felt connected. And you’re inspiring me to hit the restart button on my own health and wellness.

  72. Toni Tone says:

    Good for you! Be free! So inspiring because that’s what I’m trying to do as well!

  73. Andera says:

    I’m excited to follow your journey and use it as guidance for my own. I’m not a big fan of specialty foods so seeing you incorporate real, simple meals in this journey is refreshing.

  74. Katheryn A. Thompson says:

    You have a good plan and a great attitude. It is presumptuous of anyone to tell you, a fitness professional, how you should handle your 90 day plan. Kudos for ignoring them, do what you know is right. You always have good advise for all of us, I’m glad you are now listening to yourself, for yourself. I hope Sam is pleased with the results too.

  75. Hannah says:

    Thank you so much for NOT subscribing to this frustrating sub culture that shames others for sharing weight loss and/or health journeys. Their personal hang ups should not dictate your actions or anyone else’s. I’m glad you’re doing this and I’m proud of you. Also, have you given any thought to intermittent fasting? I find the 16-8 structure to be super sustainable and effective! Keep it up girl!

  76. Jane says:

    Thank you for keeping it real. We can’t and shouldn’t bend over to please everyone at the expense of our selves.

  77. Laura Bose says:

    I totally embrace and applaud your return to yourself attitude. It must have given out a vibe because I’d quite reading your stuff when it felt like you were only saying what was wanted or expected. I’m hooked again and look forward to your next blog.

  78. natalie says:

    i love that you are doing you! you give me so much inspiration and motivation. Thank you so much for doing this.

  79. carolinalulli says:

    The realness of who you are as a person is the reason I’m so dedicated to you and your workouts!! Thanks for being an inspiration

    1. misscaitlyn says:

      I feel the same!! Thank you for your realness!

  80. Erica says:

    I really love reading these and following along on your journey! 🙂

  81. Anna says:

    People who follow you should be interested in YOU, so those who aren’t accepting of who you truly are, aren’t supposed to comment, just shut up and ignore. I love that you finally feel free to show yourself and I love you and support you 🙂

  82. Peeta says:

    So proud of you Cassey!

  83. Brittkam23 says:

    Love the realness, Cassey! Keep doing you!!

  84. a_healty_girl_in_progress says:

    Cassey, this is your journey and it’s so nice that you don’t let negative persons in.
    You can do it because you want to do do it!
    You inspires me and so many people every day. Being real, share what you want to share,…
    i’m also at the “lazy keto” waggon and I like it!.

  85. Sarah says:

    Hi Casey – I’ve been following you since about 2011 (when I was in high school) and I just wanted to say how refreshing it is to hear your REAL voice again. Please keep being real and know that many of the OG POPsters are reminded of how things were when this blog and community were a little smaller but very loyal. We love you!!

  86. Amy Steam says:

    Love you Cassey! YOu are a beautiful person that inspires me everyday. I am stronger at 30something…. than I ever have been. All thanks to you. Please be encouraged by the fact that you encourage/inspire at least one person every 10 minutes of the day, and that’s a lot.

    Be who you are and prosper!

  87. Sally says:

    You are an inspiration and you are doing things for yourself, this is great! I am looking forward to read your blog on a daily basis just like I enjoyed doing your summer sculpt programme for the past 2.5mths and still doing it as Singapore is an all year round summer country. I added the 100 glute challenge in my daily exercise 🙂 You are real and being yourself, nothing wrong and keep doing it! Life is too short for you to listen to others but never too short to do something for yourself, cheers!

  88. KTorz says:

    Hi Cassey,
    Just share what your want to share. The purpose of a blog at the beginning is to be a personal page, like a journal (yeah ok, now it is all about money. Damn I miss old time), so just post what you wanna post. If some people doesn’t want to read that, it is up to them to go somewhere else.

    This blog is your space. And for me I’m happy to read you again. I’ve really missed you the past 2 years.

    Also it look likes some of the long time bloggers and youtubers have experimented that feeling of “loosing themselves”. Michelle Pham and Garance Doré for example (https://www.wearedore.com/garance/diary/zero/).

  89. Karri says:

    Love this and you! You be you, genuine, authentic and blunt if you need to be! I love how strong you are (mentally and physically) and how you are charging ahead and not letting other dicatate to what you want for yourself! Go you!!

  90. Tinatinz says:

    You are my inspiration cassey, no matter what I’ll always support you , Rebecca Louise and you are my fitness inspiration, keep inspiring ! Love lots

  91. Nadia says:

    You are just AMAZING! So brave for being you! You go girl 🙌🏼💗 I’m inspired!

  92. Kay says:


    Honestly, your feelings about weight and tracking have reinspired me to commit to blogilates. I used to have disordered eating, and I too had to take time to step away from the numbers and heal – but now I’m 26 and I need to be healthier without punishing myself. I can’t do that without thinking about where I am in my journey now and what I’m eating and how it affects me. We don’t have enough people who show that part of your journey to body positivity can be accepting the numbers as tools and removing the emotion from them. Thanks for being so open and vulnerable with us and taking us on all the parts of your journey with you!

  93. Svetlina says:

    I’ve followed you and your journey from the very beginning. I was just a kid back then but u helped me though a lot, even though it was just watching u on YT and doing your WOs. What I mean to say is keep going and NEVER lose yourself because of other people. Been there, done that! I believe you’re a great person and you truly want to help others but remember that u should always first look our for yourself.

  94. P says:

    Cassey I hope you know that amongst the negativity there are many many supporters like myself who support you and believe in you!! You’ve done so much for so many and I’m very happy to see you taking ownership of your blog and your social media output in this way. Obviously you’re not naive and would know that you’d get some backlash from this – how could you not? But the fact that you chose to do it anyway is so inspiring to me. I agree that numbers can be extremely motivating without being triggering, particularly if you’ve been down this road in the past and have the mental fortitude to deal with it differently now. I also know that you will certainly be very thoughtful in your attempts to not present this information in a way to not offend others. Of course on the internet that is an inevitability but I really do feel like you have your heart in the right place and will do your best which is what matters to me. Anyway keep up with it and I think you’re amazing!!

  95. Lisa says:

    Good for you for sticking to you guns! Gotta do what’s best for you, and other people need to own their own journey.
    Also…that salad looks SO GOOD. Enjoying the blog so far!

  96. Meg Shepard says:

    Your message is fantastic. So inspiring and not just for weight loss. Thanks for putting it out there.

  97. Mino says:

    Im happy for you. I will continue coming and reading. This is inspiring

  98. Jenna says:

    YES CASSEY!!! So proud of you!!! Good luck on your 90 day fitness journey 🙂 May you find increased health & happiness 🙂 These past 2 blog posts really helped me because I feel like I’ve personally taken the whole “body positivity” thing too far in my head… though I think the body positivity movement is GREAT and it has definitely helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin, I’ve somehow started thinking that trying to lose weight is unhealthy, point blank. I’ve gained about 15-20 pounds over the past couple of years and though I am totally fine in my body, I feel VERY lethargic, out of shape, and just not as good as I felt when I was working out regularly and eating a clean, varied (but very full) diet. This motivates me to get back on my fitness journey… working out & eating clean with weight loss & feeling good as goals is completely healthy, as long as it’s done in a healthy way mentally & physically!! Thanks Cassey, I feel like I am seeing the old you that I used to read- your raw, unfiltered thoughts. I missed you!!! Good to have you back like this!!!!

  99. Madeleine says:

    You do you, Cassey! There’s always a group of people out there who will criticize your choices. I love seeing this side of Cassey and can’t wait to see your results, hear about your struggles, and learn about your insights at the end of 90 days <3

  100. Rashell says:

    Hi Cassey! Just wanted to tell you that you are amazing and I’ll support with whatever journey your heart tells you! I’ve been following you since you had 13k followers and I’m so thankful for you! -Rashell

  101. Chene Rea says:

    You are really inspirational Cassey!! Keep doing what you love and what is good for you and only you. Don’t let people take control of your life. If you think you need to lose weight then do that! The REAL Bilogates fans will stick with you no matter what. I’m not going to say that I’m a big fan, I only just started watching you maybe 2 moths ago. I’m on my own journey too. So own it. Don’t let people pick what you do. It’s your body Cassey! When you work your butt off for this and see the results, I know you’ll be proud because I will. ❤❤

  102. Helen says:

    Thank you! I am so glad you have shared this. Finally there is someone in this massive blogisphere who will say what they really think. I identify whole heartedly with your message. I am 5′ 6″ and weigh 139lb. My BMI is 22. Everyone tells me that I am a healthy weight, even my mother. We are constantly being told that we should appreciate what “real” women look like, whatever shape that may be. It was probably necessary to have that oversway to that side initially so that we could get people talking, but we need to redress the balance and find a proper equilibrium. There are lots of reasons why people want to lose weight, reach a goal weight/measurements. Physical/ mental/ health/
    emotional/ aspirational reasons. None of these should be belittled or criticised if undertaken in a healthy way. Thank you again, you have inspired me to start a similar journey myself. Best of luck with yours X

  103. Christy says:

    Thank you for deciding to be yourself!! It’s a big decision that a lot of people don’t like. I’ve been there (still there), and you are an inspiration for choosing yourself. Keep on being an absolute QUEEN ❤

  104. damilaara says:

    I’m so proud of you Cassey

  105. Oumaima says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I absolutely love the free Cassey. When i first followed you about 6 years ago or so you seemed as such a free and bubbly happy person and that is what made me fall in love with you, your blog and your channel. Visiting your youtube page for new videos and checking your blog for new blog posts was a daily ritual because i loved reading you. All i want to say is i’m very happy you’re back to blogging. Do you and that is the most important thing. Not that you need it but have the attention of people who allow you to be real and raw is the best . You don’t have to fit into anybody’s ideals, otherwise you’ll end up feeling broken to bits and pieces trying to please people who don’t really matter nd you’ll end up not knowing who you really are. And it’s not worth the person that you are <3
    All the love.

  106. Jillian says:

    This is awesome, Cassey! Keep it up, all of it! You got this! Fitspiration!

    Also, for your class, would definitely recommend trying an aerial yoga class! It’s challenging and heckin fun!

  107. Kimber says:

    I am so inspired by you. I have been working out with you everyday for almost 3 years and have lost around 30-40 lbs. Lately though I have continued my workouts but haven’t been as careful with what I eat. I am so looking forward to following your journey, and getting new meal ideas to make me excited about healthy eating to continue my progress. Thank you for all you do, and all you share!

  108. Janne says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey Cassey! You’ve always been an inspiration to me and I’ve introduced you to a few friends as well. Good luck on this journey! I’m glad you are feeling like yourself again. Nobody is able to please everybody. Keep being yourself and thank you for being so amazing =)

  109. Ericka says:

    Your salad reminds me of the salad I have been making every day! Arugula, 1/2 cup strawberries, 28g feta, 28g of chopped walnuts, and 2tbsp of raspberry vinaigrette! Keep up the good work and happy feelings!!

  110. Theresa says:

    Great post! I admire you for doing what you want. After all, it is your body, your fitness plan, and your blog. We all need the freedom to be ourselves and not tiptoe around. Best of luck on your 90 days, I look forward to future posts!

  111. Caroline says:

    You inspire me so much, Cassey. You are so powerful, I appreciate you for all 😀

  112. Tessa says:

    You do you, Cassey!!!♡ So proud of you for sticking with your own goals! I am going to start recording my process too!

  113. Tina says:

    Good for you, you shouldn’t succumb to other people’s wishes.

    I too am on my own weight loss journey. I have been working on it since December. My goal is 120 lbs as well. I am currently at 146, so I will be following along with your progress and hopefully some of your tips will help me get there as well.

    Thank you for also providing so many great videos. I recently did the 28 day challenge and loved it. I look forward to other challenges in the future.

  114. PopStar123 says:

    Dear Cassey, you are an inspiration to me and someone that I look up to. I love that you are punny and cool and I also think sir George and Sam are the best. Even Jacklyn and your family. You have helped me and taught me so much about all sorts of things. At the end of the day this is your business, your blog and you are the BOSS Cassey! Your loyal popsters will NEVER LEAVE YOU SO KEEP THOSE MUSCLES POPPING! GOT TO BE TOO SWOLE TO CONTROL BABY! IF THE BAR AINT BENDING YOUR JUST PRETENDING! TRAIN INSANE OR STAY THE SAME! YEAH LETS GET ANGRY AND WORKOUT~! >:D

  115. Amarah says:

    Hey, Casey! I love seeing a more authentic version of you! I wanted to recommend the MindBody app. It helps with scheduling/booking your workout classes from different gyms in your area. You’re doing great, sweetyy.

  116. Jade says:

    Hi lovely, I miss you! Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone on this journey! Thank you for being brave enough to share your tough times, its completely human and were all inspired that you’re working on it! Ever since my wedding in 2017 then getting pregnant right after was soo hard for me. I just didn’t feel like myself anymore, I kno these 2 things are positive things in my life, But It was so hard for me mentally and physically adjust to being a wife and a mom. Then I read that I’m not necessarily supposed to feel like myself, these were huge changes that we have to adapt to, that I need to transform and grow into becoming a wife, mom and still somehow maintain the ME in there. It’s definitely a challenge but a journey I’ve finally come to accept. I finally found my motivation as of august 1st to start making changes to adjust to this new me. So here’s to our journeys Cassey. Youve been an entrepreneur, fitness queen, friend, sister, daughter, and soo much more of course, but now you’re a wife- one of the most beautiful things a women can become. Explore that side, take your honeymoon. And transform into your new and best you ever.

  117. Jaimy says:


  118. Hannah says:

    I completely agree with you! You can’t set goals for yourself based on others’ preferences, the only thing you’d be setting yourself up for is failure. You keep doing you!

  119. Tatjana says:

    Cassie, don’t apologize for your healthy choices. Some people give themselves too much freedom to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Just do whatever feels right for you 👍.

  120. Victoria says:

    I am happy to hear you are back to your old self. I feel if we want to lose weight, or just eat plain healthy that is a choice for ourselves and not for anyone else. I appreciate your honesty and glad to say I will always be a fan that follows all challenges. I am also on a journey of my own and even though I may not use a scale, I still believe numbers matter. It allows us to set goals. Everyone in life should have goals. Numbers are everywhere, in food we eat, exercises, so I think you are right in your decision. You will have a forever fan since 2012.

  121. Samantha says:

    So happy you’re doing this for yourself and not listening to any bad comments! You have inspired me to try again on this health journey. Good luck 🍀

  122. Melanie Rar says:

    My opinion doesn’t matter but I just want you to know that by sharing what you are eating and what you are doing in your fitness journey, it helps so many more of us learn how to build a good meal plan or structure a successful workout. It’s not about comparing myself to you, it’s about learning and girl, I’ve been watching and following religiously for 3 years. Haters are gonna hate, but those of us who love and appreciate you will do our best to lift you higher! Keep on inspiring and keep on being the best Cassey you can possibly be!

  123. Liga says:

    I love the new attitude! Good luck with your journey the next 90 days and after that! And continue doing whatever makes you happy! You are not responsible for other people happiness, only yours!

  124. Sarah says:

    So refreshing to see this attitude in this world of walking on egg shells!

  125. Krystal says:

    Being real and free is who you’re meant to be and we love you for it!

  126. RiverMulder says:

    That salad looks amazing! I wouldn’t have thought that strawberries and blueberries would go well with chicken. Also, how do you measure your body fat percentage?

  127. Giulia says:

    Cassey, I appreciate you being honest and not letting other people silence you!! And you’re also being so respoectful aboit disagreeing which is such a great quality that most people don’t have. Keep doing what you’re doing! I’ll be following and looking forward to your posts over the next 90 days💌

  128. J.J. Molstad says:

    I LOVE the verbiage “i’m a free Cassey”. Our lives are so seasonal, not only in our life status, but in how we explore life, how we see ourselves, mental and physical health… This will be an amazing season for you. Go for it! And thank you for sharing it! 💕

  129. Allison says:

    This is Cassey I subscribed to all those years ago– genuine, real, unfiltered!! I love that you’ve stepped up to bat and aren’t going to let the bullies push you around. I’m doing a high carb diet, and it’s working for me. Everybody’s diff. 🤗 One of my good friends only eats plant based, the other is full blown keto, and the other is high protein. All of them have been like this for years, and they’ve all achieved their body goals. Everybody’s different 💟 You’re the best, Cassey!! I knew from the very beginning that following you was one of the best decisions I ever made. You’re real. Thank you!! 🌄🏅🎶🎵

    1. Jenny says:

      Proud of you Cassey! You aren’t pushing anything that’s unachievable and you’ve always preached loving your body along the way. Love the title of this blog 👌

  130. Bridie says:

    I completely understand why your weight gain would disappoint you- especially as a fitness personality and professional.
    However, restricting and dieting will not solve the problem, shrinking your body will not solve the problem. Loving your body, as it is in the present moment, will help you. Please be kind to your body, and show your body some compassion as you go about your journey. Your body really needs to be loved for it is now in this current moment.
    Thank you for being honest Cassey. Your honesty has made me realize that I am not a part of the demographic you’re targeting. It’s time to part ways, but you were a big part of my life for a while and I want to acknowledge that. I wish you the best on this endeavor. Hopefully you find happiness that is sustainable. Good luck.

  131. Moazzama says:

    I love you. Been part of the family for years now and all I can is you’re an inspiration!

    1. Ofelia says:

      My sisters and I are starting the journal tomorrow. We received our journals Wednesday, but we just couldn’t stand to start the middle of the week. We were so excited when Cassey announced she was doing hers too. I wish I had people who cared about my journey, as it would keep me accountable. But my sisters will do! We are going to share our journals to each other daily and reward our selves too. We are also thinking a bet.
      Anyways, I’m proud of you Cassey for standing up for yourself!

  132. Chenel says:

    Casey, what gives people the right to tell you what to write on your blog, what to feel, what you should post??? Who do they think they are! Social media has got to the point that instead of just moving past things people feel like they can bully people into bending to their will! Good for you for not giving into bullies! Really inspired by this! I’m starting my own journey to get fitter and stronger so I’ll be following along with you 😀

  133. Torri says:

    I just started the Beginners Calendar a week ago, and reading about your ups/downs trials and testing in diet and lifestyle yesterday is actual an awesome push for me. I’m here for it! Supporting that you’re doing you, and I’m here doing me, to both feel happier and better is a great, relatable, motivational thing I look forward to right now. Business people are real people, and need to take care of themselves, too. You’re by far not hindering my process, in fact, encouraging it. Supporting you! Thanks Cassey!

  134. Hunter says:

    You have definitely inspired me to take back my control over my feelings towards numbers and just focus on my health again. I’m gonna purchase your 12 week journal and join you in 90 days of feeling free!

  135. Angie says:

    I’m very glad that you’re doing this. I gained 20 pounds since my foot surgery in March, and I am feeling it! My clothes don’t fit, I’m lethargic, my sex drive is down, and I just generally don’t want to do anything. But two weeks ago, I decided that I need to take back control! Like you, I do very well with numbers and specific goals. I certainly don’t expect to lose it all as quickly as I gained it, but I’m aiming to lose at last half by my birthday in October. Well, I lost 3 pounds over the last two weeks, so I feel like I’m off to a great start! It likely could have been more, but I went to Disneyland last week, and I’m sure we all know how that goes…

    I’m giving Carb Cycling a try, since like I said, I do well with numbers and specifics. Counting calories and macros is a bit of a pain, but I know that it helps me, so I’m doing it. My “low carb” days are essentially “Lazy Keto” too! For exercise, I’m continuing to follow Fitness Blender programs (cardio, strength, Pilates), the #100GluteChallenge, my daily yoga, and I walk to/from the bus stop for work. If it wasn’t so hot, I’d be walking my dog since she’s a little pudgy too.

    Anyway, I’m happy to see you back and will support you all the way through!

  136. Amber says:

    Well I am a few days late to all the hub-bub and I have to admit I was surprised because I feel like I haven’t seen a “change” in you (weight) but I get it. You also had a major life event. Marriage! Having two kids back to back in the last 4 years I have been able to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. And you would think that exercising since 4 weeks post partum with my last kiddo would have gotten me farther along.

    I am realizing that I don’t want to count calories or macros either. So I am doing more volumn eating what I can get on board with – plenty of fruits and veggies and portiens. And making sure my work outs have intensity- that I am not just doing the motions but working hard at them. It has helped. Good luck on your journey ❤️

  137. Leakita says:

    Go for it! I’m excited for you!

    1. Katja says:

      Hi, I really enjoy reading these. Keep writing and doing what you are doing! I think this is very real and honest and that is quite rare these days. Thank you!!! Love K.

  138. Abs says:

    Thanks for sharing Cassey your right weight is just an extra piece of inormation and numbers work well for me too ! Well done keep going xxxz

  139. Natalie says:

    This is the Cassey we all know and love. I’m so glad you are back to blogging without feeling as though you have to mute yourself. I have been struggling to restart my fitness journey after giving birth to our second child in May of this year. Even before that my fitness journey had been halted pretty much since 2017 due to my mother passing away and dealing with the aftermath. I kept trying to count calories, restrict so many things, and punish myself for not doing things right only to end up gaining instead of losing. This is so inspiring to see and I’m going to be restarting with you! Thank you for everything you do!!

  140. Erica Callesen says:

    Omg those foods look good. I want to say I really appreciate you being open and honest. I am going to go on this journey with you because I need to lose some weight too. Don’t ever let anyone dim your light!

  141. Liz says:

    The only thing that I don’t find inspiring or wonderful about this is how disappointed and unhappy you seem to be with your body. I am the same height you wrote down, but I have NEVER been that small. At my smallest I was still 10 pounds bigger, and that was when I was practically starving myself. I understand it’s YOUR journey. I completely and totally respect that and I hope you reach YOUR goals that make YOU happy. However, I think about myself and myself in high school when I started watching your videos. This would have absolutely crushed me. It’s seeing things like this on the internet, women who may not be at their goal weight (but who are still relatively athletic, strong, beautiful, and able-bodied) who say it’s not enough, that is SO damaging to young girls. It’s not a matter of “We may not be right for each other anymore.” You have influence. You have an impact. The damage is already done.

    1. Katie says:

      Nothing is wrong with Cassey wanting to improve herself and feel happier and healthier. She shouldn’t hold herself back just to make others feel secure in their journey. Everyone is different, and I think it’s great to have healthy goals that you want to reach for your own benefit. If there’s one thing Cassey ALWAYS teaches is be yourself and do what makes you happy and healthy. It’s unfortunate that you think that has a negative impact on young girls, but I think if you listen to every single video she uploads, Cassey does a very good job empowering people with encouragement and support no matter who you are or what your health goals may be.

  142. Laura says:

    I’ve been missing the old Cassey. Way to go 🙂

  143. Cynthia Likens says:

    Good for you! Don’t let others opinion rule your path. Each has there own. Press on. Favor be upon you!

  144. Alexandra says:

    Keep going, Cassey! You are one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever known, and it was you who, through your videos, changed my life. Good luck with this journey, we are here to support you! Lots of love from London! ❤️☺️❤️

  145. Ania says:

    I feel so excited too that you will write so often! I really liked your blog, and visit it from time to time only to read old posts, because I was really missing your writing 🙂

  146. Serena says:

    Hi Cassey,

    Thank you for posting the start of your 90 day journey. I too have gained about 10 pounds in a year and I’m looking at myself going ‘girl.. you need to be better’. Like you said, it’s not so much the weight, but the way I felt about myself. I worked out, but really just let myself go regarding eating healthier.

    I think I’ll do this 90 day thing with you too. Let’s go! We got this! Thank you for continuing to be such an inspiration!

  147. Amy says:

    You be you girl. Don’t let the negative comments sway you from doing what you feel is right for you. As women, I feel like we are all a bit obsessed with the scale, and I don’t know if that will ever change. I also don’t think it’s such a horrible thing as long as we don’t let it define our self worth. Having goals is awesome…weight goals, fitness goals, work goals, nutrition goals, family goals…whatever. If others don’t like your goals, it doesn’t mean they have to follow along. Good for you for not backing down! I, personally, will be following your journey. 🙂 Good luck!!

  148. Paula R says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us! It really inspires me to see someone do something for THEMSELVES that’s true self love and empowerment! You are amazing, I wish you the best for these 90 days!

  149. Kate says:

    I love that you basically broke up with toxic people that can’t be supportive and respectful of your choices. Those that attack you for “changing” most likely rely on you to validate themselves, but you are NOT responsible for their well-being. You can’t make everyone happy so why make yourself miserable while trying?

  150. DongYi says:

    Go girl! I love you! You inspire me!

  151. S says:

    I’m into it. “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” Wishing you the best on your 90 day journey.

  152. Maria says:

    Hi cassey you should get a allergens test done just make sure you dont repeat the days before you stRted you new you approach good luck

  153. Thank you for sharing your struggles, journey, and life. In the public eye, I know that is not easy. I commend you (although you don’t need anyone’s approval) for breaking those chains that wore you down and starting fresh, free, and you again. We all have those times in our lives when we have bent over backwards to the wishes of others, instead of listening to that little voice that tells you, “this is not right, this is not what I want.” I can relate, and let’s be honest we have all done it more than we like to admit with family, work, friendships, relationships, etc. So I just want to say Cassey, keep going, keep listening to your inner voice, you cannot go wrong when you honor yourself.

  154. jdcantrell8 says:

    Thank you for not listening to the negativity! I love you for your positivity and inspiration. Blogilates has made such a positive impact on my life, and I have you to thank for it.

  155. Jenny says:

    Cassey, Ive followed you for about 10 years now, and I slipped away from the blog because you didn’t seem interested in it anymore, but this article makes me feel that you are back in your game, and back to being the person I “fell in love with” senior year of high school. It is so hard when you are being pulled in 50 different directions. I am so thankful for all the content you have put out there the past years, but first and foremost I am glad that you are blogging again.

  156. Sarah says:

    Look. Other people’s problems with food and body image are not YOUR problems with food and body image.

    It’s funny how people are getting all bent out of shape about your so-called lack of body acceptance. I’d be willing to bet that if you let your weight climb further those same people wouldn’t be motivated to follow along with the workouts anymore. Let’s face it: most of us want to know that the work we’re putting in will get results.

    I think you’re beautiful and strong right now, but I totally see where you’re coming from. I know excess weight makes me feel like garbage, and I’m not a public figure.

    I am a strong believer of the CICO method of weight loss, but you don’t see me over here all triggered and throwing a fit. 😆 You’re eating a reasonable diet and not pushing one of those fads. You do you.

  157. Jenna says:

    Cassey, thanks so much for having the courage to share this and be so real. Your openness about your struggles is one of the reasons I have been able to stick to following your calendars.

  158. Uyen V. says:

    You go girl! Looking all good! Speak your mind and be an honest you! A whole hearted free you!

  159. amberly says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us! I can’t imagine what it must be like sharing it to the public-but just know that’s it’s inspiring to so many people out there (like me!). Sending lots of love and support ❤️

  160. Ariannah says:

    Yay day one, way to go!
    I think you talk about liking dancing a lot. When is the last time you took a cardio dance class? Maybe something to consider.

    You got this!

  161. Maria says:

    Cassey, I think that you are a very strong person to be in front of soooooo much people for so many years and yet – you`re moving! You haven`t lost your inner power that accumulates people around you! And as for your decision: it`s yours to make and to follow!!! After all if some girl changes her hair style or nail colour – no normal and sane persone will judge her, right?? So WHAT DIFFERENCE I say?! You wanna change your body, your meals – why should ANYONE but you care??? You GO GIRL! And Let the force be with you)))) We LOVE YOU! <3

  162. Jess says:

    Cassey, thank YOU for being real. I bought the Fit Planner this spring before my wedding and I must say
    I never filled it out, only looked at the pretty layouts. I think it’s important what you say about the numbers— we all process our goals and the steps to them differently. While I may not like to see scale numbers, others do and that is how they get to their goals. Good for you, and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    1. blogilates says:

      How was the wedding!??

  163. Kelly says:

    Bravo for standing up for yourself and being real.

  164. Nicole says:

    In my mind, you doing this is making you “you” again. When I first started doing blogilates back in like 2013 I loved doing all of your videos. I loved that you would have “thigh gap” videos and how to get flat abs and it was like you didnt care about people thinking you were superficial, even though you werent being superficial. You were just doing what you wanted to do because those videos did the workouts you wanted to do and you said what you were thinking. I think more people need to just say what they want and not cater to others. Because once you started being sensitive to other people, I noticed your videos became more and more bland and vanilla. Like you would be holding back on how you phrased things. And it is so hard to hold back on who we truly are. So you do you Cassey. Congratulations on your journey. I do hope you get down to your goal weight!! I am 5’7 and my goal weight is your current weight. And if I wanna be at 134 then you being 2 inches shorter can definitely be aiming for something lower. So I’m proud of you! And obviously people should consult doctors about healthy weights for their body. But seeing as you’ve been less than 120 before I dont think it’s an outrageous goal to wanna sit in the middle of now and then. Good luck Cassey!!

  165. Sara says:

    I’ve struggled with my reason for wanting to lose weight because I know I compare myself to other people and listen to their opinions too much. With this body love movement, we should feel more comfortable going after the body we truly want and realize that everyone’s opinion of what is attractive is different. But instead, we are attacking each other. I’m so glad you have the courage to stand up to that. It is helping my resolve! I start tomorrow with the Louise Parker Lean for Life transformation. Except I’m doing PIIT 28 instead of her exercises. 😁

  166. mfc215 says:

    I’m so glad you have reiterated the goal of this 90-day post. It is more of a journey of honesty – not weight loss. whew! I was genuinely worried when you started posting numbers from the scale! Best of luck! I’ll be following. Be Honest. Be Strong. Be you.

  167. Mir says:

    I scrolled through your comments on your Instagram post about wanting to lose weight and it was heartbreaking to see so much negativity on such a normal post. I feel like ever since the body positivity movement, women are vilified for wanting to lose weight. I think that’s why I appreciated your honest post so much, it’s like a breath of fresh air!

  168. Karla Kuriger says:

    I love love this you, Cassey. being real in spite of the nay sayers! I, too wanted something different, but was not about to count calories, macros, or live in strict denial. I want my eating and exercise to be JOYOUS!

  169. Karyssa says:

    Cassey, I was so lucky to have found so you completely by accident over 6 years ago now and I love feeling that you have been a part of my life for so long. You struck a cord in me that no other fitness instructor, or channel, had ever done before or as managed to since. I want to tell you something, I would like to say that I used to suffer from an eating disorder, but the truth is, it is still something that I fight to this day all of these years later. But YOU Cassey helped me to love myself and my body, to not fight it and want to work with my body, to want to nourish it and make it stronger and by doing so, you helped me to win a battle I was waging against my body and myself. But not only have you helped me with my body, but you have also helped to nourish and feed my mind and my soul. At a time when I was feeling low about my career choices, I watched a video where you told me that life was too short to not go out there and strive to do what I love. Once again, you managed to strike something within me and help me to help myself and change my life. The whole point of this post is that you have helped, and continue to help me, and so many others out there and now it is time for you to help yourself. I wish I could give even a little bit of the inspiration, the motivation and the pure strength that you have lent me throughout our years together. All I can say is you aren’t on this journey alone Cassey, I am right here with you, both of us will continue to fight to be a stronger and fiercer version of ourselves because we deserve to be happy with ourselves and our bodies.

  170. Starr says:

    I am here for this. Honestly this is inspiring and helps me a lot. Loved seeing what you ate. I’m so proud of you for living your truth and listening to yourself. Proud of you. Love you!

  171. SigridBiba says:

    I just started a similar journey! Not because I’m ‘fat’ or because I want to look ‘good’ but because I missed the feeling of being fit, strong and healthy. Lot’s of people are telling me that I already look good but they don’t get that it is about feeling good for me more than looking good. I’m following a similar diet and easying in into working out. I love that you share your journey with us!

  172. Emma says:

    Yai! Look at you go 🙂 Thanks for sharing, truly appreciate it, it’s very inspiring xx

  173. Heather says:

    I noticed in one of your recent videos that you didn’t use words like “lean” or “toned” anymore, probably to cater to the body positive community or something. It bothered me. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be skinny, toned, fit, lean, slim, anything. Skinny shaming is real and it’s out of control. I applaud you for being true to yourself. Thank you for coming back.

  174. sola_lupa says:

    Do not care about people who are talking about no bloging and so on. If it works for you just do it. I amthe lazy person so I tried it once for one day but then I felt it was like more about writing and acting like it is not me. So i stopped and now I just exercise, eat whatever I want depending on season and try to get my weight up and I feel more like me because I am more free and happier. But this depends on everyone if you need bloging and it is more you, just write. And of course this can inspire more people because they see the whole way not just before and after.
    Keep giong Cassey we are with you. Love you.

  175. Anja says:

    I’m so happy that you chise to do this, it makes me happy seeing you not care about people’s opinions. Love your personality and videos! You do you Cassey, have fun and enjoy your journey ! ♥️

  176. Kate Awoskon says:

    I’m so happy for you! And I’m glad that there is finally someone who is saying what they are truly thinking. For a while is the internet such a weird place where everyone is afraid to say what they think, everyone is trying so hard not to offend anyone yet so many people are offended… Good luck Cassey! I love you and I fully support you! <3

  177. carmen says:

    I’m so happy that you’re being true to yourself and doing what’s best for you. You’re such an inspiration and I’m excited to follow your journey. Wishing you all the best!

  178. Nessa says:

    Have you ever tried a ballet class? What kind of dance classes do you usually go to?

  179. Yulia says:

    Cassey, firstly, thank you so much for not being afraid to show that… That you are a human, who can decide and change their opinions, fail and come back successful. Secondly, for the past 2.5 months you were an inspiration for me, your workouts are the reason I feel stronger in mind and in the body. I feel mentally more stable. I feel more happier than I felt for the past several years!!! Thank you!!! I wish you all the best in the whole world. Your challenge is 99% about mental change rather than a physical one. My soul is at peace for your soul as I see that you have grown stronger mentally – you can conquer YOUR body transformation challenge. Love and hugs!

  180. Koulelen9 says:

    I’m so happy the Cassey I fell in love with is back! You are my inspiration. You are a wonderful human being and us, the “older followers” who have been following you since day 1, we love you just the way you are. We love the fact that you’re honest and we never want you to change ❤️

  181. Petra says:

    I have to say I admire you for sharing this journey! It takes courage to open up about wanting to lose weight these days, even though you want to do it in a perfectly healthy way. I am curious how this diet will work out for you. For me a life changer was your 28-days Reset.

    1. Madeleine Marsh says:

      I agree! I think it takes a lot of strength for someone to commit to this sort of challenge. There are always going to be critics judging your decisions. Sometimes you just have to ignore them and do what makes you feel best.

  182. Anne says:

    It’s so interesting to me that people often seem to forget that no one is forcing them to read or watch something. If you don’t like something then don’t read it. Go do something else instead of demanding others to conform to your interests or needs.
    Cassey, do what feels good for you and don’t listen to those people. Your food looks amazing!

  183. C says:

    I won’t be unsubscribe from your youtube channel. I think you’re a brilliant and motivational fitness instructor and give great tips on form and keeping workouts fun. I will be paying no attention to your thoughts on dieting and your before and after pictures though. You’re not a dietician or a psychologist and if you’re happy to screw up your metabolism and self-esteem to further your business you’re only hurting yourself.

    1. Jenna says:

      You seem to miss the part where she no longer cares about the people looking to bitch and moan about everything she does and shit on her goals bc they don’t agree with them. Just because you struggle with issues doesn’t mean everyone else can’t handle losing weight without “damaging their metabolism” or losing self-esteem. 🙂 so negative.

  184. Lauren says:

    I only just found your website after reading about it in a health magazine and I’m so glad I did. I am starting your free 28 day beginner workout and am looking forward to getting stronger. I really love what you’re doing here sharing your journey. Your story reminds me of how I live day to day trying to conform to everyone else’s standards. Thank you for your honesty. P.s. I think you have a killer bod already!

  185. Ronja says:

    Love this Cassey, I’d love to be more me again and less vanilla! You are definitely helping me xx it’s so hard not to listen and mould into what everyone else expects

  186. Louise says:

    Cassey I’ve been following your workout calendar for about 6 years now and I’m so proud of how strong I’ve become thanks to you, both mentally and physically! Personally I think you look amazing but I wish you the best of luck with YOUR journey! I’m excited and inspired to see how you do! I’m so grateful to you for being completely honest with us and for continuing to work so so hard for your followers!

  187. Cinzia says:

    Long-time follower here (since 2012). Been hoping for the ‘authentic’ / unapologetic Cassey to come back for years. Glad the time has come. 🙂 xx

  188. Leagh says:

    I am so proud of you for making this decision to be true to yourself. This is your platform and if you can’t be authentically you then what is the point?
    I’ve recently been diagnosed with ibs so it’ll be a while before I’m back to eating normal but I can’t wait to get some meal inspiration from you for these next 90 days!

  189. Anne-Marguerite says:

    Hello Cassey! Proud of your change and how you have decided to live freely! According your true self! I will follow you in your journey in order to be the best version of myself for my wedding which is on November 16th!

    I’m also doing the lazy keto and it is the best!
    Love from France! 🇫🇷❤️

  190. kj says:

    I really love these kinds of blogs where you thoroughly list all the meals you took, well, who doesn’t love to eat and look at food??? And let’s be on a positive note, it is not to track what we eat in an unhealthy manner and be all subconscious of the calories etc, but more of keeping track to see how we can improve if there is a need to and see how nice the meals are (or not!) And how did we feel when enjoying them… and just simply to share with others of similar interests.. maybe others could be inspired to create/buy those foods as they might not have heard of them before?😊

    Cassey, treat us as your friends (online/around the world), we are all ears❤😉humans need social support from each other to live👍

  191. Ganna says:

    I never thought that you could be even more inspiring! I am so proud of you for sharing what YOU are doing for YOURSELF with us so openly, and I truly think that this journey will be so good for you because you’re doing what you want and what your body needs, and honestly when has a fitness journey ever not been beneficial (especially when trying something new)?! You go girl!!

  192. Lillian says:

    I didn’t read or comment on your first post because for me it was rather triggering. I struggle with the fact the weight you put on didn’t seem like much but considering you are a fit person those extra kg would seem like a lot. I think you will do those responsibly considering what you have done in the past. I won’t be following this particular journey very closely for my own wellbeing but I will never stop following your calendars or your journey as an amazing mentor and the ONLY fitness persona I actually follow and like see your life journey.

  193. Kasia says:

    I have been following Blogilates for few years now and I think it’s my first comment. You are the only youtuber/blogger that I follow. One of the reasons (besides you super positive attitude and the fact that you are the best fitness trainer I have ever seen) is that you are so normal and honest. You feel more like a friend than a celebrity. You are showing us a glimpses of your true life and emotions instead of creating an illusion of perfect life. In today’s world it takes a lot of courage and I admire it so much! You should never feel bad about writing posts like this. You are super inspirational and I can’t wait to see the rest of your 90-days journey.

  194. Candy says:

    I am so excited for this journey. It came at an amazing time – I’ve been trying to get back to feeling physically and emotionally well. I’m going to blog along with you! These last two posts have been open and vulnerable and unashamed and I can’t wait to get these frequent updates. This is your space, carved out for you – you do you!

  195. Ivana says:

    I’m so so proud of you for choosing to be yourself and express what works for YOU. That’s the Cassie I need in my life!!!

  196. Allison says:

    I just commented on you’re day one post and then saw this updated and I cannot approve of the negativity you recieved. No one can make everyone happy and it is absolutely NOT okay for people to expect you to bend yourself all sorts of directions to make them happy. This is your life and you only get one and I am happy to see you making changes you feel good about! That is the true meaning of body positive to me.

    Cassey you are a positive influence on my life and I hope you know how appreciated you are. I love this more candid honest you! I’m so sad that people “clipped your wings” for awhile and I hope you can soar again.

    Thank you again for all your beautiful posts, you have helped me lose over 100lbs so far and I hope to lose my last 15lbs with you in the next 90 days! (I particularly love these two recent posts because I could absolutely not be honest in my everyday life about this without people getting mad at me)

    You continue to be an inspiration and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

  197. Laura says:

    I think I will read your journey and I wish you luck. Can’t wait what comes everyday. 😍☕

  198. Esa says:

    Well done! I think everyone secretly always checks weight as a measure but try to put people down when they do. Well done for not allowing that to stop your journey! Good luck!

  199. Melissa says:

    The food pics look so good they ar emaking me hungry. Im so glad you are listening to you and blogging again. If those negative Nancy s dont like it they can stop reading. Keep going love, i cant wait to read more!

  200. sophienevou says:

    Girl, your journey is already inspiring! You do you. Do not let others determine your goals, or what you should measure them by! I have tried working out for so many years and failed. You are the first one to make me consistent for 3 whole months now and I actually see the results. It’s more about who you are, than the workouts. I am so grateful, so please don’t stop doing what you are doing in your own unique way <3

  201. Molly says:

    I’m so so glad that this is your response to people! People seem to forget that their opinion is just that THEIR OPINION that doesn’t mean everyone else has to agree! Some of the comments I read yesterday made me so angry! If you’re not happy in yourself then why shouldn’t you change that? You literally put a trigger warning in the first post about numbers and scales and people where still commenting about it! Scroll past people! If you don’t like it just scroll past! I really think that ‘skinny shaming’ or ‘exercise shaming’ is worse than ‘fat shaming’ now! People ask me why I exercise because I’m already skinny? Well for one I do it because it makes me feel good and helps with anxiety, two I like getting stronger it makes me feel powerful and three because I want to! And my opinion is the only one that matters 🤷🏻‍♀️ I also think that people need to remember that everyone is different and there will always be someone skinnier than you and always someone bigger, so just because one person thinks someone is skinny, someone else has probably told that person they are fat! Just keep your opinions to yourself if they are hurtful or negative and go and work on yourself! Keep being you Cassey! And never change! Don’t let negative people bring you don’t! Go smash this next 90 days! I’m there with you and so are so many other popsters! 💜 Xxx

  202. corrina says:

    i love reading your blog’s you should just do what makes you feel happy and good luck on your journey.

  203. Célia says:

    Lol Cassey, I’m the same when it comes to buying things but my incentive isn’t the same: mine is when something’s new and I’ve never had it, like a new yogurt (especially if it’s coconut flavor!).
    Well, good luck on your 90-day journey, and stay true to yourself!

  204. Vee Summers says:

    This is the best. You do you. Excited to read about your journey everyday.

  205. Hana Vlasicova says:

    Well done Casey, I feel the same. Let’s do us. Let’s be free. Be true to ourselves. Really happy that you will share your journey to a real you. It might not be easy, but you can do it. Xx

  206. Cristina says:

    You go girl!!!!! I started on Wednesday..so maybe there is something in the air, that is just new beginnings but with our own health and our own happiness and our own pace and our own hearts first and foremost.. sending love and light to everyone! Let’s gooooooooooo 😁😘💪💛💗❤️

  207. Valerie says:

    Cassie, I’m glad you’re blogging again, I’ve missed it. You do you and don’t ever bend for other people! Love you <3

  208. Maggy says:

    Similarly to others on here I have been following blogilates for a long time and I am so happy to see you making your journey your own again and doing what you think is right for you. As someone who is into fitness and eating clean I often feel unwelcome in the body positivity movement because people sometimes say that trying to improv your body mean you don’t love it. Thank you for being a role model for us all and showing that always striving to do what is healthiest for yourself IS part of body positivity and loving yourself.

  209. Sinia says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey! I finished my PhD and moved to another country beginning of the year and have not been eating the foods and doing the things that make me feel the best. This inspired me to make a plan and I just went for a run the first time in ages, it felt soooo good.
    lots of love,

  210. Bea says:

    I’m really happy for you Cassey! I agree, numbers are just numbers, it’s all about how you feel, and how empowered and strong you are at the end of it all. Go get em!

  211. Iris says:

    You’re a real inspiration Cassey. Do what makes you feel good. I love reading your blog. And I will support you by reading it every day.

  212. Thea says:

    I’m really glad you’re going to be blogging regularly again – I missed the posts that are about your life and opinions. Also I honestly don’t get people who tell you not to blog about numbers and such, it’s your blog, if they don’t like it, they can just not read it. So please keep up what you’re doing.

  213. Chi says:

    Hi cassie… So glad u decided to ignore the naysayers… N I am also glad that today’s post yielded better support than yesterday. Just remember always that those who matter will always support u. Much love n hugs

  214. Connie T says:

    I’m taking a boxing class tomorrow! SO outside of my comfort zone but I love doing things that past-me used to be afraid of. -@trainerconnie

    1. blogilates says:

      Omg I’m so bad at boxing! Have fun!

  215. Aastha says:

    Thank you Cassey for being so inspirational to us! I got diagnosed with PCOS and was having a hard time coping. Even I gained like 4 kgs since January. Maybe you won’t read this, but I sincerely love you for being the real and open person that you are. I also have decided to not rely on meds and take the situation in my hands. I am loving the feeling that working out every frickin day gives me. More power to you, Cassey. And to each and every girl in the world who deserves it. The world needs idols like you!

  216. Christine says:

    Absolutely love that you’re doing this for you! You’re a real inspiration 🌻 hope you get everything you want out of your 90 day journey!

  217. Esther Stuut says:

    I love the things you say. You van never serve everyone so make sure you serve yourself!
    Can’t wait to follow you for 90 days!

  218. Selman says:

    We’re here for you, girl. <3 You can't please everyone. I hate when people bug me about weight, body, food etc.. like bitch did I ask you? Your body your desicions. It's called improvement and you're doing it in a healthy way so I don't see the issue. After finishing the summer sculpt challenge I now do the regular callendar everyday with the 100 glutes challege and it has changed my body so much!

  219. Saumya Mishra says:

    You are the most relatable blogger and youtuber ❤️

  220. Natalie says:

    YES! Love this, love you. I’m saying this as an overweight person who has ALWAYS struggle with my self-confidence and body image – thank you for keeping it real and sharing your measurements and weight and why you are doing this. And I couldn’t agree more! Online we all need more realness and less vanilla. In fact, its inspiring! I’m joining you on my own 90 day challenge to become stronger and healthier. Day 2 – craving sugar like crazy and my muscles are sore already. But it’s easier knowing that right now, there are many other girls going through the same thing for the same great reasons 🙂

  221. Katrine says:

    Always be you! Never ever compromise about that.

  222. Agnes says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I think that it is a great thing that you don’t let others tell you what you can do as a public person or what you can’t. Despite being a public person and therefore also kinda a role model or inspiration, people are still persons who struggle and feel sometimes not well with the way it is. So whatever people think about it, a huge thank you for being honest about a topic so many deal with, but often not allowed to be mentioned. I think body positivity is a hard thing to define , but being honest about your own body thoughts is absolutely fine.
    What you said about the scale seems so important to me.
    Being able to step in a scale without letting it define your mood -that’s a challenge. So I get the point of doing what you fear as part of a process to not let it define you.
    I think an important point when talking about loosing weight…is how it affects 1. the body and 2.the mind. Did the body get healthier and does the diet help to nourish the body with good things ? Do you can let go of insecurities step by step or does the mind become occupied and cloudy with thoughts about weight, food, diet ? Does the weight become something one defines their self worth ? Does one expect the weight loss to fix problems or makes one feel healthier ?
    There will be discussions about your project but I think that’s fine as long as it is respectful because it’s a good thing that people got to think about the body positivity and be able to share thoughts.
    The thing is that the body is such a private thing and yet so much public discussed. 🤷‍♀️
    I wish you the best for the next time and if it feels not right then you have every right to say „okay this hasn’t worked“ without being judged but appreciated for your honesty .
    Anyway, huge Thanks for providing people with such good fitness content -for free !!- on YouTube with has impacted my life in such a great way ❤️
    Lots of love ♥️

  223. Elisa Canales says:

    I have been following your YouTube channel for years and your personality is what has kept me as a follower on your channel. When I first started watching your videos was in 2012 and I weighed 118 while being 5’4 . Now I’m a mother of 5 year old twin daughters and my weight has shot up since then..(let’s just say over 150). I love the honesty in your blog yesterday and wanted to say you go girl! I’ve attempted to go along with your past monthly challenges but it was always hard for me to keep up with. Though this month I’m making alot of changes in my life to better myself and my family from a new job, finishing college and making a commitment to exercise for my health. I will keep following your journey as I also work on my weight loss path too and take some tips from yours 🙂 I do love the lazy keto idea already!

  224. Sue says:

    Can’t wait for the next post and to see the final results. Doing my own mini 90 day challenge. 👍

  225. Carla says:

    Yess!! This is the Cassey who felt so real and relatable to me when I first discovered your videos! Thanks for showing us the strength it takes to be your own person. I’m still working on that, and I’m cheering you on these 90 days and beyond!

  226. Ember says:

    Yes! Live unapologetically girl. People will judge no matter what, and it’s the easy thing to do. You know what is even easier? Being supportive. I love that you are claiming your fire. Being you and not bending anymore. Live for you and take no shit from anyone. There’s a lot more of us who will be fighting in your corner.

    Your food looks delicious and I will have to try some of it out! I also just want to say, thank you. Thank you for all you do. As a mother of 3 I’ve always wanted to get pop and piit certified but I held back because I don’t want to deal with the bullshit that can come. My body isn’t “perfect” and I didn’t want to deal with the comments. I’ve held myself back so much because of it. However, I decided in July that I was going to do it. You are my goals. Your programs and helping others 🙌 so I especially love that you are doing this for you and you’re not letting anything hold you back. Keep on shining

  227. Deirdre says:

    Girl, I find you so inspiring! So happy you’re doing something to make you happy 🙂 just wanted to tell you the best cauliflower bowls are at Trader Joes!! In the frozen aisle. Good luck with everything you do 🙂

  228. Anaid Zetob says:

    Cassey, I love your attitude so much. I’ve seen that a lot of comments were so… just uneccesary. I hate when people tell you how you are or what you have to do (but I get it, public figure) in order to feel happy. Happiness is subjective and no one should step in and tell you what’s right for your happiness and your self empowerment. I would understand if they did that in a case where you would get in an unhealthy journey but that’s so clearly NOT the case.
    Yes, I think body positivity is great and all. But I think that that is just the first step for making the best version of yourself.
    You probably went a long way to stop letting these people making you feel bad about taking decisions for yourself. But I think that today is one of the top moments when you truly represent an example for me. You do it all the time, but this one got directly to my soul.
    Thank you.

  229. Nella says:

    I honestly love this side of you and everything you mentioned above. You can never please everyone and their feelings shouldn’t be made your own! Can’t wait to read your post about the scales, i too have learnt to embrace them and have such a better relationship with my body in general since realising it is just one aspect of it, not the be all that number! Thanks for being you, looking forward to the rest of your journey! Xx

  230. Just Another Concerned Popster says:

    Cassey, you can’t just dismiss people concerned for you as “haters” and “not fans for me”. Experienced people are saying that you’re relapsing into your eating disorder. You are obsessed with weight and body fat and refuse to listen to outside advice. People say this reads like a Tumblr anorexia blog. There is a reason why people are unfollowing. Please listen to them and get psychiatric help instead of simply deleting our comments.

  231. Emma Vescovo says:

    Take a ballet class! Search the #adultballet tag on Instagram, or go to Ballerinas by Night, and you’ll be able to find a great studio. You’re always saying you would be a dancer in another life, but I can tell you it’s never too late to start! It will definitely work muscles you didn’t know needed a workout 😉

    Also, I’m in the same boat as you, but heavier. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, and currently out of town, but on Monday I’m cracking down on my diet and getting it back under control! I love that you are open enough with us to share your actual weight and measurements. It definitely makes me feel inspired to get my own journey started.

  232. Heather says:

    This makes me SO HAPPY!!! I loved your old blogs. Let is all out girl! A blog is to let those emotions out! And if they don’t want to follow your blog they don’t have to read it 😉

  233. N3ith says:

    I Really Really Love the fact that you are going to Post your Journey on a daily Basis its Not only truly inspiring but i am on a very similar Journey and having you do it and seeing it how someonelse is trying to achieve their very best ans healthy Version of themselves is Making my Journey a little less hard cause it feels like i am Not on my own 😀 sou Keep up the amazing Work and ist also pretty cool that you See Posting your food always on a hunt fo r new recipes

  234. Erin says:

    Been doing your videos since super early days and I’m glad you’re doing this for YOU. Cant imagine how difficult that part if being public figure in the fitness world would be. Good luck!

  235. Jessi says:

    You’re so inspiring! I’m turning 32 on Monday and am starting my life journey from a horrible accident in 2011… This very inspirational on so many levels for me… Hugs!

    1. Yafit says:

      I think you need to always listen to your heart.i’m prowed of you and stick with what makes you happy .good luck

  236. Sara says:

    It’s honestly creepy how similar of a position we’re both in right now. I recently reached 136 pounds on a vacation, that being my highest weight ever, and I too have a goal of about 120 (I’m shorter than you so I’m actually going for 115 as the endgame) and have been doing keto, but vegan haha. I’ve followed you and your workouts since middle school, and I’m 20 years old now and still inspired! I do tend to feel uncomfortable telling people I’m dieting but reading about you being unashamed of your choices and not trying to cater to everyone makes me feel a lot more comfortable about my personal journey. After all, our bodies are OURS and no one should get to tell us how to go about improving them!! Best of luck

    1. blogilates says:

      Vegan keto!! That sounds hard! How’s it going?

  237. Loriana says:

    For the first time I think I will be following an actual blog post. These 90-day posts are going to be my daily motivation to push through. If you can do it so can I!

  238. JULIA says:

    Your motivation to pursue a 90 day journey for yourself and share it with your viewers (basically to the world) is more than inspiring. It’s the journey that you have already embarked on that will be beautiful and an experience that will likely become a lifestyle. You deserve to be selfish (after everything you’ve been through), especially when it comes to your health; mentally, physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually. You radiate with confidence and finesse. Remember this: You know yourself more than anyone else & you will always have your loved ones there in support; by your side, cheering for you every step of the way.

  239. Heather says:

    I have missed this!! I have loved your channel/blog for years, and have sincerely missed this content! Body positivity is great, but not when it removes the allowance for growth. I can’t wait to read your daily posts and see what comes from your journey! Looking forward to all of it and wishing you all the best. xo

    1. crabby says:

      I agree, this is refreshing!!

  240. Jean says:

    So happy for you and so proud of you! I’m not going to lie…I thought you were being a little vanilla too XD
    kudos for breaking out ofbthe mold and doing something for yourself.
    You have so much content out there that people who aren’t interested in this part of your journey should still be very satisfied regardless. I’m excited to watch your journey and wish you the best !

  241. EMMA says:

    Inspiration. I like seeing progress.. Food ect. Gives me new ideas. Keep posting whatever you like. About 5 months ago I started doing blogilates and it was a game changer. I have lost inches and weight. I feel healthier and happier. I recommend you to all my friends. People who critize will always critize… Be yourself and keeping posting😁

  242. I’m just gonna say this bluntly. I think most people just wanted to know WHY she wanted to lose weight. Because its been proven before that gaining weight or being in a larger body does not indicate being unhealthy. Cassey is VERY healthy, she eats great, she works out, etc. Our bodies just change. She can do whatever she wants I think people just wanted to know WHY. Because being thin is easier, or everyone is scared of being “fat”, or she lives in LA where there’s a lot of focus on appearance, or because she feels like she will be worth less or not deserve being a fitness instructor if she gains weight? None of these are true but thats a lot of the reason why people try to lose weight. Certainly not for health. And honestly I think a lot of people, including me, would completely understand. I think people are just ready for everyone to be honest about why we workout and try to lose weight, because under the motivation to be “healthy” we’re all really scared of being fat. So anyway, later folks.

  243. Jessie says:

    Cassey, you are the best. Seriously. I started working out with you on YouTube in 2011 after I had my third baby and my body was falling apart and I thought – no, I’m too young to give up on having the body I want! I got stronger and lost the weight and kept working out with you through two more kids. Now that third kid is doing the 30-day booty challenge with me. All of my kids know who Cassey is. I have tried other fitness things over the years but it’s your REALNESS that always brings me back to the blogilates. Thanks for being YOU! I’m in the midst of a weight loss challenge myself now (trying to kick some bad habits in the butt). Knowing that someone like you – legendary status like mine – is vulnerable enough to reflect and change inspires me to keep with it. Love you!

  244. Cindy Jackson says:

    You go girl! I remember living seeing what you made to eat, it was always inspiring! You were always you, it’s like finding out a new hairstyle wasn’t really you 🙂

  245. SmallPotato says:

    Hi Cassey I’m absolutelty loving this! As a teenager recovering from anorexia, you are absolutely incrediby amazing and inspirational and I’m so interested to follow you on this journey. I completely respect that you’re choosing not to weigh your food or count calories, and from a fitness guru, this is awesome to see! But I have one little request, could you take the photos against you hand or a spoon so that we have a scale to see what amount you are eating, thats all! Love you!

  246. rlinge says:

    This sounds a lot like your writing style from before you started censoring yourself. You seem so happy and excited. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your blog posts each day and following along with your journey.

    1. blogilates says:

      Ahhhhhhhh it feels so good to be back!!!!!

  247. Andrea says:

    I am so proud of and inspired by you Cassie! Despite what many may think, it takes courage to document your journey online and for the world to see. This isn’t hypocrisy at work, this is true authenticity. You are sharing a truly vulnerable part of yourself with your followers, while also taking yourself back and strengthening your boundaries.

    In numerous videos you’ve mentioned the scale and your avoidance of it, the pain and mental anguish it has caused you. It was obvious that this was a sensitive subject that must have took a lot of willpower to get over. But now, you are ready to face your fear head on! Not to destroy it, or avoid it or “get over it,” but welcome it. Accept it. It is only then that you gain true power over it. Setting a goal weight doesn’t negate that, it strengthens the resolve. It’s facing the “judgement” of the scale over and over until you feel good about yourself again. Not because that weight is ideal for your height or the current beauty standards, but because that is the weight at which you feel more YOU. This is a journey of reclaiming yourself far more than just achieving a weight goal. It is means to take back your control and recenter yourself.

    Is it so surprising to your followers then that it took the form of a fitness journey? One of your greatest interests and joys. Something so personally special that you made a career out of it? No it is not. Nor is it strange that you use it’s benefits to further your own physical, mental, or emotional trials. Just because you are a juggernaut of your profession, does not mean that you don’t have room to grow. No one should ever reach that ceiling and resolve to stay there.

    So I hope you to see you grow. Hit that ceiling, break it and the one above it. 90 days. 250 days. 1,000 days. Over and over again. However long it takes. This goal and the next. And the 50 more after that. I hope you reach as many as you can.

    Honestly, your inspiration knows no bounds and I am so grateful that you have decided to share this journey with us. Something so vulnerable and personal to your being. As a fellow “people-pleaser” I can’t imagine the level of emotions and anxieties circling around you right now, and how so many negative comments might make that worse. So I wanted to let you know that a great many of us love and support you whole-heartedly and can understand that you are your own person, with no obligation to please us or satisfy some imaginary idealized version of you we might have. So thank you for being you Cassie!

  248. chand.shreya says:

    But then, what do I say to those people who tell me I don’t love myself enough and that’s why I want to lose weight. I mean I get it that without loving and respecting myself I won’t be able to to exercise sustainably. But it’s so harrrrd to give a plausible argument to these stupid people

    1. SmallPotato says:

      Hi Cassey I’m absolutelty loving this! As a teenager recovering from anorexia, you are absolutely incrediby amazing and inspirational and I’m so interested to follow you on this journey. I completely respect that you’re choosing not to weigh your food or count calories, and from a fitness guru, this is awesome to see! But I have one little request, could you take the photos against you hand or a spoon so that we have a scale to see what amount you are eating, thats all! Love you!

    2. Allison says:

      Hello, I also have this issue and honestly I just stopped talking about all things fitness and weight with anyone who isn’t also fitness minded :/ it sucks to censor yourself but you’re so right, it’s way hard to argue with those people. Personally I think losing weight (obviously not in an eating disorder way and without going to far) is a great expression of self love and respect. I wish you luck on your journey!

  249. Myriam says:

    I stumbled across yesterday’s blog entry on YouTube (side note: LOVE your videos by the way, I’ve been adding some of the shorter ones to my runs and they seem to get the job done and make my muscles so sore the next day!!). I have also as of 2 days ago embarked on a new health and fitness journey, except in mine I am committing to no snacking of any kind during the day and pretty much only eating 1 serving of my food, unless I’m feeling really off or starving. I have a similar build to you and I don’t tell too many people about my goals because they will just try to discourage me but I know my best fitness level and body weight and can simply feel the extra that I’m carrying around. Thanks for sharing your journey – I can’t wait to read your blog posts every day!

  250. Sarah says:

    I am really happy to see you opening up again. It is also very inspiring. I have been what it feels like drowning in dieting and working out. Trying to get the post baby weight off. Bending others expection and ideas. I have Benn trying to be me and doing things that I know worked in the past for my weight. I just didn’t have the courage or motivation. But after reading you blog it sparked something in me. I thought even if I make one small change every day to get back to me. Doing it in 90 day try as you are. I know all the weight won’t be gone. But I hope some of it will but mostly I just want to be able to just be ME again.

  251. Taylor says:

    Thank you for being true to who you really are. ❤️😊 You’re an inspiration, Cassey.

  252. Veronica says:

    I’m so proud of you! Keep it up and don’t let anyone try to change you!

  253. Anna says:

    I am so excited to read about your journey! I love how honest you are during your posts. It’s so refreshing to have that type of blog on the internet. You are amazing. Keep doing what makes you happy becuase you make so many others happy.

  254. MadelineHou says:

    Cassey, thank you so much for sharing this with us. I’m so glad you’ve decided to do this and I couldn’t be more glad to know you’re sharing your journey with us. I love reading your blog posts, and I love your amazing energy. Keep being you. <3

  255. Kenzi says:

    Hello! I just want to say thanks. I started following your videos and beginners videos a few months ago. And I did notice a a bit of a change from some of your older videos and newer ones. It makes me happy to see oh doing what you need to do for yourself because it’s hard to live without doing so. I have a bad leg injury that I got from being bit by a black widow three times a few years back. As a result I started gaining weight and wasn’t sure how to handle it. I had so many people doubting me and telling me what they thought I should do, and I believed them because I lost what I thought I was. But by starting to follow my own initiative and ideas I am gaining so much more strength both physically and emotionally. You are a free agent, and are going to inspire so many! I can say for certain that you inspire me. Thanks!

  256. Karina says:

    Go Cassey! I am so happy that you are sharing your journey! I’ve been using your monthly calendars since July and I have been LOVING them! I lost my dad in mid May to Stage IV Stomach cancer and since then, I have been trying to be the healthiest version of myself by trying to be more active. I have been someone who HATES counting reps and feels overwhelmed with machines in the gym, so thank you so much for getting me to exercise almost every day. Food pictures are really pretty, but I became vegan because I was diagnosed with IBS in May 2018 and being vegan combined managing my stress has helped me keep those symptoms at bay. Keep it up! I’m rooting for you! 😍

  257. Sarah Rainwater says:

    So excited to see you’re allowing yourself to be you again! Whether I agree, disagree, it doesn’t matter. I don’t know you in real life, but I like feeling like I do. You’re the best friend I’ve always wanted, and friends support each other! You go, girl. I’m along for the journey.

  258. ioanas says:

    I’ve been working a lot lately on being more confident and being my true self, and it’s so inspiring seeing you doing this, especially in the public eye. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us and the thoughts and feelings behind it!

  259. Kat says:

    You go girl!! Be you! Do you! I love it!! Fully behind you!!

  260. Noura says:

    I’m so happy for you! I honestly don’t know why people feel obligated to give unnecessary advice regarding personal life style choices. I think all the workouts you post and your app are incredibly helpful and they helped me explore a whole new world of exercising and creative healthy eating. Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with us! I know how time consuming it must be for you to write and share this with us and that is truly awesome of you. Good luck with the rest of the 88 days! ^.^

  261. Amisha Kambath says:

    Aww YESS CASSEY!!! I’ve been following you for the past 7 years and I have always admired your ability to have moments of strong reflection and openness. This is absolutely your journey and I support you and your decisions 1000% just as you’ve always been there to support me in my fitness journey and taught me to love myself in all my strengths but healthily challenge my own weaknesses. Here for you girl!!!

  262. Lara says:

    I’m really into this Cassey, I actually feel like I’m on a very similar journey and its nice to have a pal along for the ride even if we don’t actually know each other 🙂

  263. Sara says:

    This is so empowering. You are amazing Cassey, dont let anyone drag you down.

  264. Johanna says:

    I’ve started taking Les Mils Body Pump class at my gym and LOVE it! My gym doesn’t offer POP Pilates so it’s the closest I can get!

  265. Karely Escobar says:

    I have so much to tell you about my self but since this is the First time writing on a blog ever. I wish to tell you. You inspire me te be better to my self. I’m going to try to do this journey with you. Thanks God bless your journey God give you strength and perseverance and remember will power. That’s my prayer for you and my you rise victorious!

  266. Melissa Tremblay Fontaine says:

    Hi Cassey! I was so exited when I saw that you wanted to lose weight and would post every single day here for 90 days! I still have 10 pounds to lose after having a baby, and reading about your journey is really interesting and motivating 🙂 You got a reader for the next 88 days!

  267. Anna says:

    Yessss!!! So happy you did not let the comments discourage you! Be strong and unapologetically yourself! It’s why I started following you in the first place and been here since 2011!

  268. Kayla says:

    Love this! First off, we weight the same, I want to lose some pounds, we ate about the same meals today, and I also ran 3.2 miles today! Crazy! Can’t wait to share this journey with you! Now, I need that journal!

  269. Candace T. says:

    Well, I for one love this! So looks like you’re still a good fit for me!!! Plus I’ve been watching/following you from the beginning so we’re practically friends lol!!!

  270. Rahshemah says:

    Glad your sharing.

  271. Bani says:

    Your amazing and please please do more cheap clean totally love those videos

  272. Alicia says:

    I liked you before…… But I love you now for you honesty, and sincerity. You have done so much for me cassey, and a lot of other people, that now it’s time to do you. No shame!! I’m cheering you on during your 90 day journey. You got this! ( P.s. keep doing the running. Even if it’s nothing to right home about. It does a lot of good for the soul!!

    1. Bianca says:

      Hi Casey! I’ve been subscribed to your channel for 6 years now and I can’t be more proud of you for sharing your fitness journey! I’m now starting first year university and this inspired me so much to follow this challenge with you (trying to avoid freshman 15 LOL). I also HATE counting calories but writing down what I’m eating and any exercises that me feel good really helps me to stay on track! Thank you Casey! Love you girl 💗

    2. Codie says:

      I’ve been following you since 2014 and you’ve ALWAYS been an inspiration! You do YOU, girl! You’ve impacted soooooooooo many people for the better. Don’t listen to those negative posters. I’m loving your daily blog posts! Keep it up ❤️

  273. Heidi says:

    Yyaaasssss!!! Fear and shame have no place in your life. You can do this!!

  274. Megan says:

    I’ve been following you since 2013 and I’ve been inspired by your fitness journey every step of the way! I support this new adventure you’re going on because I am on it too! I also appreciate the warning to people who may be sensitive to talk of weight and numbers, it can be a very serious problem for a lot of people. I wish you the best of luck on your mission to get in the best shape of your life!!!

  275. Rachel C says:

    Been following you forever, and i’m so happy for you right now! I know just how you are feeling wanting to reset and being excited about starting something new. You’ve encouraged me so many times and so now I’m telling you – You’ve got this!!

  276. Crystal says:

    I thought it was just me. I have gradually engaged less and less with Pop Pilates and Blogilates over the last few years. I am obviously still subscribe, but I stopped following all social media accounts and the calendar. Except for ab days, Cassey’s ab days never fail to kill my abs. I disengaged because I felt as though there was a specific audience or demographic that was slowly being zoned in on and I didn’t belong to it. I follow other’s on social media that have decided to take back their life and be true to themselves rather than pander to the masses and they lost followers, sometimes many thousands of followers. Yet, each one has said that their mental well-being has improved.

  277. Ruth Kurtycz says:

    You’re amazing Cassie!! So happy for you and the direction you’re going. You are such an inspiration and I’m so excited about your blogging consistently again!! ❤️❤️❤️

  278. Chantel Bickler says:

    I hope you can read this. I really want you to see it. I love your challenge videos. I did the 30 day abs and I love. I really noticed a difference in my obliques and upper abs.
    I saw this big paragraph comment and it really touched me. I don’t know when your going to read this. I know you probably have a lot of messages from other people. I just want you to see keep on running. It’s amazing! It clears my thought when I’m stressed, helps me think, and I feel really good after. I do 3-4 sets of a circuit of pushups 15-20 reps and time under tension squats 25-30 reps. I love this after running to build strength. I got my mom into running. She does elliptical for 30min after weightlifting. But running is really I got to say much different. Your outside with nature and beautiful weather were you can just relax think and listen to everything around you.
    Anyways I got my mom into running. She started to do a mile and now she can do up to 4 miles. Plus probably more. Running changed her life. Lol. She cut off 30 minute when biking the SF bike loop it’s 20 miles. Her time for one mile was…10.12sec (also this is a course of 5 weeks) And now her best time is 9.10. She doing more miles now so we got to pace.💕💕💖💓 love you Cassy.!! Ummm… I was thinking you should do a 30 day arms challenge. This would be amazing. I weight light my arms but… I would love to have lean muscles mass/lean and toned. Arms are one of things that isn’t super toned on my body. It would be awesome to do a 30 day challenge of yours that’s arms. To get beautiful runners toned arms.

    Chantel 💪🏼🙃😄 THE PICTURE OF THE COMMENT WONT PASTE IN HERE. BUT I SENT IT TO YOU ON INSTAGRAM MY USER IS smile.4.milz also it was from YouTube. When you posted the picture of you journal. I hope you think about the arms workout. I would love it and I’m sure so many others would to.

  279. Brooke Brossard says:

    I Am loving this! I get your pressure to do everything perfectly. Anytime you say anything about weight or bodies it’s a sensitive topic. But I totally think this journey is a great idea. You can want to improve without hating yourself. In fact, taking care of yourself and taking back that power than be out of self love. Good luck Cassey! I’ll be rooting for you!

  280. Annie Wolf says:

    I don’t think being sensitive and responsible with your platform is “catering to people.” At the end of the day we are your customers. We are your source of income. We are your audience. We absorb what you teach. We absorb your ideas. We are listening to everything you say. You have to think about us too. Otherwise you’re not a fitness leader.

    Some girls are younger and less educated. They don’t see that you’re coming from a place that has always yo-yo dieted, that has always been obsessed with body image and weight. And that you’ve had an eating disorder in the past. If I’m not comfortable with the message you’re sending, to young women especially, I should be able to say something because I feel like you’re still not understanding where people are coming from. Girls are trying so hard to love themselves. Trying to see cellulite as normal. Stretch marks. Body hair. Tummies. And media like yours is setting us waaaay back. You’re telling girls to freak out if they gain weight. You’re telling girls that thin is not enough. There’s always thinner.

    Cassey, this is so 2006. Some of the stuff you’re writing is very pro-ana. Logging your food, logging your measurements, logging your weight. We’re the same age Cassey. I grew up seeing pro-ana blogs that read just like this. Girls deserve better role than this. We your loyal followers deserve better than this. You have completely abandoned your mission of helping us have a healthy relationship with working out.

    I guess you’re right. We are not right for each other anymore. I refuse to have a woman with an eating disorder as my fitness guru. Before I know it, I’m going to absorb your disease.

    Just know that you have a big responsibility here. This isn’t just about you anymore. Millions of girls are listening to you. Millions.

    1. Madeleine says:

      “Logging your food, logging your measurements, logging your weight”…how is that pro-ana? It only becomes that when you are OBSESSIVE about those things. Cassey has set a time limit for herself: she is eating healthy, making sure she is satiated, working out but not in an excessive manner, and only doing these things for 90 days.

      Please don’t turn this into something it’s not. You saying that this is “pro-ana” is destructive. You have the ability to ignore Cassey or even unfollow her if you feel this blog is harmful to you.

  281. Mini says:

    Enjoying this! Good luck

  282. Kerry says:

    Yes Cassey YES! I followed you in 2012 because you were honest and real and made fitness possible for me. I love that you’re freeing yourself to be your unfiltered self! Your 90 day journey is inspiring me to get a little more intentional with my workouts and the food I eat lately, especially wince I start training for my first marathon next month!

    1. Casey says:

      This post was so inspiring. I too feel like I have became so vanilla, as you put it. I am so concerned about making everyone else happy that I feel like I dont know who I am at all. I dont know what is really me anymore. It makes me sad that i have let people effect me the way that i have. People can be so cruel, or feel the need to shove their opinion where absolutely no one wants it. I really like the initiative you are taking to becoming a better you and being truly happy with yourself. I needed to read this today. Thank you! I wish you the best on your journey!

  283. Trisha Haldar says:

    Hey Cassey… Do what you need to do… After all its just ONE life that we have with us… Why should that ONE life be wasted in being someone that you don’t want to be. So keep on moving dear… Do whatever that makes you happy dear… I am with you dear.

  284. Ame Liah says:

    I absolutely LOVE what you’re doing. Not specifically the fitness journey thing, but the whole I am done being a mouse/not express myself/trying to please everyone/not offend anyone thing. It is SO refreshing. Take back YOU girl. And don’t apologize for it either.

  285. LisaZ19 says:

    Go Cassey! You are not going to be able to please everyone. The most important person you need to please is YOU! I love your honesty. Thank you for sharing your journey! Your an inspiration! Also, it shows that even fitness people struggle. Cheers

  286. Longtime Blogifan says:

    Cassey I’ve been following you since 2011 and I’m really happy you are doing this. You used to be so free with your thoughts and didn’t let anything stop you from sharing your views on your blog. It’s saddening how sensitive/nitpicky society has come but part of self-love is realizing that not everyone will agree with you and that’s totally okay. I honestly think the people who have a problem with your 90 day challenge are just frustrated with their own body journeys and are taking it out on you because you are so open with your process. Please live your truth and ignore them. I’m excited to see how the next 90 days play out, and I’ll be joining you! My main goals are to lose 15 pounds and incorporate heavy lifting into my routine.

    Good luck to us both, love you Cassey!

  287. Bonnie says:

    I love your decision. Shows maturity. Be real, be kind. Take good care of yourself and then move forward.

  288. Audrey says:

    You should do a barre class!

  289. Ira says:

    This is how social media supposed to be. A place to share whatever you feel like sharing. If someone doesn’t agree- that’s their right and no one’s making them be here for it. There are other things online for them. You do you Cassey, and the rest of us (people who have loved and admired you for you since day one) will always be there to support you. Super excited to be here for you journey!! 🙂

  290. Kat says:

    Good for you, girl! You are brave to tell people that your content might not be right for them, but I agree! If people don’t like your content, then they don’t have to read it. I have been following you since 2013, and I am here for the long haul. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you.

  291. Syl says:

    Proud of you! I look forward to reading ALL your posts! 🙂

  292. Lucy says:

    Yay Cassey! I’ve just started my weight loss and health journey. I spent almost two years working at a fast food restaurant and consuming that food almost every day. Over that time I gained around 40 pounds. I’ve since quit that job and I’ve switched to preparing my own meals! I’m focusing on cutting out added sugars and all processed foods, and starting intermittent fasting. So far I feel awesome and have lost 5 pounds! I’m excited to see where I can get my body in the next few months! Just have to figure out my workout routine next!

  293. frenchyfree says:

    Good for you Cassey!!!! This is YOUR blog! You do what you need to do. It’s not like you are telling people what to do or how to diet. You are definitely not starving yourself, your eating so good! In fact your an amazing role model! You saw somthing you weren’t happy about, not influenced by others opinions and you carefully planned your execution. I myself went through exactly what you’re going through, I lost 50 lbs and got pregnant immediately, surprise, surprise I only enjoyed a month of being my fittest. One year later, I’m in the worst shape, gaining more than I did while pregnant and feeling like a slug. I did exactly what you are doing now and starting to see the light at the end of my slump tunnel. Girl you do you! It’s so refreshing to see realness in the fitness community. I can’t wait see you achieve your goals. I’m doing a healthy “lazy” keto as well, the best thing about it is the mental clarity and energy. It’s how I lost my weight the first time, including your vids of course. Love you Cassey, thank you for being a breath of fresh air! (and for new food ideas lol)

  294. Camille Charlebois says:

    I have been for the last few months and still am on a quest to find myself, not be apologetic about it and live life on my terms. It hasn’t been easy by any means, but it has been rewarding. I’m honestly happy for you, that you’ve decided to go on this journey. I support you, no matter the means taken, as long as it works for YOU, and now feel more empowered as well. Keep up the good work, i’ll be doing the same. ❤️

  295. CFecteau says:

    Wow, so many claps and cheers for you and for this post right here! I love that you are sharing so much of this journey with us and your response to the critics was perfect, kind and unemotional, but also straight to the point! These blog posts are definitely gonna be a highlight for me during these next 90 days as your youtube videos have been. Thank you for being real with us, these is such a personal inspiration for me. 🙂

  296. Bee05 says:

    Cassey this is so awesome you’re doing this! I want to do Keto too, for weight and focusing better since school is starting, but I can’t start till mid/end of September. I can tell you though Keto is amazing, my parents do it, and they lost a lot of weight, they have more energy than even me, and they are really focused. One website that really helped them is called dietdoctor.com, it’s run by doctors on the Keto diet, it has a lot of recipes and helpful tools to learn more about Keto. I hope this works out for you, love you, and good luck!!!

    1. Bee05 says:

      Also, more cheap clean eats that are keto friendly pls!!!! (I know you’re busy, but I just love them) 🙂

  297. Amira says:

    I think you are extremely obsessed with weight cringe

  298. Suwinda Kaur says:

    Hey, I too have a food journal. Hi Five! Nice talking Abt some idiots but who cares. Move on, DUH . Can’t wait for DAY 2.

  299. Sam says:

    I have watched your videos since you had five filmed from the inside of the aerobics room in a 24 hour fitness. I watched them so frequently I memorized your comments and knew when you were about to count wrong. It’s been a fun journey and the only time I have been disappointed is when you did the bikini competition because while it was your journey, it wasn’t authentic. It felt like you were doing it for the commenters who critiqued your body. Your positivity is beautiful and I hope you continue to be authentically Cassie.

  300. Gabby Lisella says:

    I love this. You go girl! Being real is so much more important than fitting into an influencer mold.

  301. erikazaam says:

    I LOVE YOU i love that you are so real with us and that you shared these data points!! We are all in the same boat wanting the best body we can have and how can we get there without knowing these numbers?? I can’t wait to see your journey I’m most excited to see what you eat on the daily! We got this!!!

  302. anna says:

    hi cassey! I’m also doing the “LAZY ALMOST KETO DIET” I’m doing workouts an walk 30mins at times.
    I’m on my second week and tomorrow Monday i’m gonna see how much did i lost . this blog is an inspiration! please keep it up! i have a 15kg goal YEY!

  303. malcoberb says:

    You inspire me to take care of myself! I am in the same situation, working out but wanting to be the fittest and strongest I can! I am inspired to take a look at what I am eating and mostly my portions! Love reading your posts daily now!!!

  304. Ellie says:

    I’m so glad that you’re choosing to listen to what works best for you and not let what others think control you. That’s so brave and inspiring! 🙌🏻Wishing you all the best on your journey to a happier you and thanks for being willing to share that journey with the rest of us!!!

  305. Chris says:

    As someone who has previously struggled with an eating disorder and still deals with the mental repercussions from years of hating my body and any food I fed it, yes I can definitely see why these diet and fitness blogs are triggering. But that’s not your problem Cassey. If people don’t wanna hear about your diet or your weight or your exercise routine, it’s the internet, they can easily unfollow, exit out of that window, unsubscribe etc. You don’t have to see anything on the internet that you don’t want to. If you’re someone who is struggling with the idea that other people are losing weight or talking about their diets then you’re not ready for fitness blogs. Log off, seek therapy, you’ve gotta take care of yourself, do what you need to do to feel better. But don’t try to force everyone else to tip toe around your mental health, that’s not their job, and it’s not fair. Cassey has every right to share her journey and part of that journey in her opinion is to lose weight and change her lifestyle. Personally, I’m glad she’s decided to stop hiding her feelings and start blogging again. Good luck Cassey:)

  306. Cat Cooper says:

    Fair play for doing this despite what others have said, either good or bad. I get wanting to become healthier and, perhaps, lighter for you and you alone and doing it in your 30s is harder but so worth it!

    Whether it is running whilst listening to music, trying new classes, doing different weights in the gym or just having a different outlook on food with a focussed goal in mind, it’s empowering.

    As for blogging and all the rest, I would say (coming from a busy lifestyle of teaching etc.), don’t worry if you don’t do it every day, as long as you are happy with the journey you’re making.

    Thanks for keeping us going with your videos, blogs and everything else!

    Much love xx

  307. Laura Allison Obermaier says:

    I’m so so happy for you and hope you’ll continue being like how you want to feel. Lol, I really wanna try that salad now too XD. Also, I was wondering if you’ve ever tried the 8/16 or 6/18 fast? It is healthy to do once in a while since the body wasn’t meant to have good 24/7 every day of the year plus it really does help. Its like the cheat sheet diet IMO, so just wanted to tell you in case you hadn’t tried that one yet and wanted to (best app for it is zero). Of course, Im not really an expert so this might not be the best solution IRL. These blog posts are the best BTW and SO motivating! (Sorry for this really long comment XD)

  308. Jacqueline says:

    Please keep doing this Cassey!! My goal is be the end of next year to become a Pop Pilates Instructor. I want to develop a body I love and once I take care of other goals (the 2 biggies being able to lose some weight and earn my teaching credential) but I feel that you can’t be politically correct; you simply cannot please everyone and they can go f*** off. Those are people who need to vent and project their frustrations and low self esteem on others. Especially public figures like you. It’s not just a body journey, it’s a soul journey. For those of us that believe in you, we see that it is not all Rosé and rainbow frapps. Just make this about YOU and those who are loyal will stay. You will know who your true fans are.

  309. Mikasa Ackerman says:

    Hi Cassey. You are such an inspiration. I wish I would have the same strength and will power that you’ve shown us during all these years. Honestly, I’m going through a similar situation. After four years at the college and my grandfather’s recent demise, I feel that something blocked the way that I am. There have always been great expectations on me, studying Engineering in order to become succesful in life. My grandfather was the only person that loved me because of me, so I feel more alone than ever.

    I like to set goals for myself and I won’t let anyone suppressed me. Just like you. I will get back on track, and adapt this 90 day journey on me.

     I wish you the best in your journey, and thank you so much😊😊😊

  310. Terezinha says:

    I’m beyond happy seeing that you are feeling alive and excited again!
    I’m looking forward to follow you on your journey and get inspired too. Keep being unapologetically you, you will only shine brighter than before.

    Lots of love. <3

  311. Jenna says:

    So proud of you for beginning this new journey-if you’re happy, I’m happy 🙂 best wishes <3

  312. Sara says:

    So I have been following you since 2011 and let me just say I love seeing you back to being yourself! I understand what you’re going through and I love you no matter what, and the true fans will too!! Xoxo

  313. Heather says:

    Honestly I don’t even know where to start. It’s so inspiring to see you take control. Over the last few years I’ve let my health and wellness fall wayside due to life being overbearing. I decided to take back control and start eating cleaner and exercising and I haven’t felt this good in a long time. However in all honesty, I’m terrified of the scale. The numbers that look back at me basically reflect a sense of self worth. But seeing you talk about how it’s just data really changes my mind. I still can’t get on the scale, but as I conduct my own 90 day journey, I’ll get there

  314. Jada says:

    Thank you for this …thank you for blogging I wish I can join you on this journey ..it’s so inspiring…all love and support for you here …

  315. Jeanette says:

    Yes! You are doing great! Love to hear more of this, it helps me be more mindful of what I am eating. Thanks and I am staying subscribed for this journey too!

  316. Thaydra says:

    Good on you to be true to yourself and not worry about what others think or say anymore. I believe it shows great issue with oneself when you feel the need to berate someone else’s journey just because it does not mirror your own thoughts. Walk your path girl!!

    I very rarely comment on your stuff, but I felt the need to do so here. You are an inspiration to many, and I love that your message encompasses the whole Self. I follow along and find ideas, encouragement, and inspiration when it vibes with me. Not everything does, and as you mentioned – THAT’S OKAY! My journey is not your journey, and our paths should not be exactly the same.

    Thank you for choosing to be authentically you, and to share your journey with the rest of us.

  317. Noël Skocko says:

    Stay strong and keep being yourself. I love reading your posts!

  318. Noël Skocko says:

    Stay strong and keep being yourself. I love reading your posts!

  319. Dimi says:

    You are so you are. Go ahead! I am with you!

  320. Erin says:

    You do you girl! ✨✨

  321. Jess says:

    I’m glad you’re sticking to what you believe Cassey, the people who told you not to record your journey should’ve respected your decision. I really enjoy hearing your opinions on the food, it motivates me to find similar options and recipes to try myself!

  322. Jenn says:

    I’m enjoying these posts. I have been so unhappy with myself lately and having you work on yourself while I work on myself feels like I have accountability. Cassey, I hope you get the results you want and feel so good about your hard work.

  323. Bridget Beaver says:

    Thank you for your blog. I am trying to add better eating habits and I love your fitness journal. Please don’t let negativity of others impact the positive things you do for people every day. My daughter and I have done your workouts for years and even went to the LA gym for a class, we still do your workouts, they are especially helpful for me as I get up at 445 to workout and I need someone positive to inspire me. I’m 50 years old and the workouts and meal plans help keep me young. My husband who never opts for healthy choices loves the blueberry lemon cake recipe. Please start the clean cheap eats again. Thank you

  324. Amanda says:

    I’m excited for you!! Don’t be afraid to take a small look at macros if after the first few weeks you hit that plateau you mentioned in your last post. You don’t need to live and die by them, but it can help give clarity and define a direction. I say this having lost 150 lbs and your 1st run of PIIT helped get me going…..and yup I got the t shirt! 👊👍💪

  325. Taylor says:

    Nothing but support for you Cassey! I may not always stay on track or live my best fitness life but you are the reason I live any kind of healthy life at all. I didn’t know Pilates was a thing before I stumbled across your videos 5 years ago and I’m so happy I did. You really did change my life. Now go change yours! <3 You got this!

  326. Haley says:

    I love your honesty and I love that you’re choosing to just be YOU again! I bet you really do feel so free and alive! And to me you look amazing, just so you know! I’m looking forward to seeping your results both physical and emotional over the next 90 days! You go girl!

  327. Soosusu says:

    I think this is a conversation that needs to be had. I have also struggled with the push and pull of ‘wanting to be better’ and ‘loving myself just the way I am right now’. Somehow we were taught that we were mutually exclusive. I am excited for you and am inspired to start my own journey too!
    I will be closely watching the next 90 days in order to grow.and learn

  328. Maya Tanner says:

    Ever tried a Zumba class?