Weird Encounters at the Gym

Weird Encounters at the Gym

You know, the gym is such a grand place. All sorts of people from all different backgrounds pile in there and sweat side by side. You may never know if the guy that just laid down the mat next to you is CEO of a BioTech company or if the lady who just re-racked the weights incorrectly washed her hands or not. (Eeeewwwww…) Some make friends and take group exercise classes while some choose to stay anonymous with earbuds as shields.

I’m just gonna take a moment to share with you some weird gym encounters I’ve experienced in the past 2 years:

1. Student in a kickboxing class comes decked out in a thong leotard, sweat band and shiny tights. She decides to delight everyone with her wedgie AT THE FRONT OF THE CLASS. (ugh)

2. Man walks around the gym barefoot. No not vibrams. Just barefoot.

3. Girl on elliptical in uggs and booty shorts reads a gossip magazine.

4. Girl cycles with flip flops.

5. Man makes sexual noises throughout class. Then woman moans.

6. The farting lady.

7. Group of 3 engineers come to workout in their jeans, white tennis shoes, polos, and big black electronic watches. They then take turns doing crunches on the same crunch machine.

8. Lady literally hauls around 30 mini towels with her to EVERY weight lifting station.

9. Woman shows up to class in tattered red spandex and a see thru camouflage shirt. Rolls, rolls, everywhere.

10. Male bootcamp instructor hits on young girl in class in front of EVERYONE as he’s teaching. Tries to “help” her with her form on EVERY SINGLE butt related exercise.

11. Naked yoga instructor tries to carryon a conversation as I try really hard to leave but she won’t let me.

OK that’s all I got for you right now! What weird things have you encountered at the gym?

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  1. kstjshin says:

    -Man insisted on speaking to me every time he saw me at the gym. It didn’t matter that I was always on a treadmill running my little heart out…with headphones on and music blasting. Every single time.
    -Loud male grunters in the weight room
    -I admit to being the farting lady on the treadmill. I always try to find one that’s either against a wall or away from everyone else. When I get running, I just can’t help it and fart. And I am always so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry for everyone else! But I’m not running outside. The human body is just like that. Deal. And don’t stand next to me or behind me. lmao!!!