Vote for your fave Blogilates Fitness Star!

I am so excited for the voting to begin! Watch these videos and in the comments below, vote for your TOP 3 FAVE workouts that you want to see me suffer through!

Click the above play button to begin watching all entries. You can also access the Blogilates Fitness Star playlist here.

  1. Janice with “Fairytale Workout”
  2. Cari with “POP Pilates Cardio Hybrid Workout”
  3. Kajsa with “Burning HOT Cardio Workout”
  4. Kajsa with “Calm Yoga Workout”
  5. Amanda and Christian with “Crazy HIIT Workout”
  6. Amanda and Christian with “Killer Ab Workout”
  7. Amber with “m100 HITT Workout”
  8. Megan and Danielle with “Leg & Butt Workout”
  9. mdmjgv with “Don’t Give Up Cardio Workout” – sorry I couldn’t hear your name 🙁
  10. Michelle with “HIIT Workout”
  11. Gwgw with “Abs on Fire Workout”

You guys are awesome! OK POPsters get to work. Vote for your fave 3 videos in the comments. Tell your friends to come over and vote too! I will be tallying everything up on Friday Dec 2 and you will find out who wins when I record my video doing the workouts the following week.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Veronica says:

    I vote for Janice’s Fairytale video. wooooo!

  2. Jereith says:

    I vote for Janice!

  3. Harry C. says:

    I definitely vote for Michelle!

  4. Shruti says:

    All the entries were amazing, but I really loved these three more than the others:
    Cari with “POP Pilates Cardio Hybrid Workout” – Punching pillows.. I want to see Cassey do this one 😛 …A great workout Cari!!
    mdmjgv with “Don’t Give Up Cardio Workout”- This is a fun workout 🙂
    Gwgw with “Abs on Fire Workout”- Nice workout Gwgw. I’m going to try it and I’m sure my fat is going to be dyyyinng.

  5. Carolyn Truong says:

    I vote for Janice for the fairytale workout its great!”.

  6. Gretchen says:

    Janice with the fairy tale workout is AWESOME! What a great workout!

  7. Lisa Lane says:

    My favorite was the last one GWGW with Abs on fire. I also thought that Amanda and Christian with Killer Abs was good and Michelle with M100 HIIT was also good.

  8. Adrea says:

    1, 4, 8

  9. Amber says:

    I love for both of christian/amandas videos!

  10. Gerardo says:

    Thanks for the tips! I vote Janice.

  11. Ni Ni says:

    Omg, I have been wanting to vote for you guys since forever. I seriously love love love love all the videos and i did try some of them! It was such a hard decision to choose who I should vote for since all of you guys did so great (i still cant talk when i work out you guys!) okay. here goes my vote

    1. Gwgw with “Abs on Fire Workout” – i learned new moves and if you do the vid couple more time, you would definitely feel the burn! plus Gwgw looks so graceful while working out ha ha

    2. Cari with “POP Pilates Cardio Hybrid Workout” – i love the punching part !

    3. Janice with “Fairytale Workout” – oh yea, those prisoner moves!

    To be honest, I would love to vote for everyone cos for me everyone contestant here is a winner. their creative ideas, dedication, strength are just so awesome. of course, needless to say its because we are popsters! ha!!!!

  12. Rachel says:

    I’m voting for Michelle with “HIIT Workout”

    1. Valmir says:

      Dale- ha, funny. I don’t know what my ideal non playing wgeiht is. I’m trying to get to somewhere around 250. That’s pretty hard because I always have kept a good diet, actually had to stuff myself to keep wgeiht on while playing. Never tried AMT. I will look into it. My joint are pretty good, I don’t do a lot of squating. I prefer elliptical to running on treadmill.

  13. Marie says:

    I vote for Janice and her fairytale workout! I love it and will totally be doing it tomorrow!

    PS. I love this website overall and will def be doing the workout videos!

  14. Evan says:

    I vote for Janice’s fairy tale workout!

  15. Joc Santiago says:

    I voted for Janice’s video. Thanks for the helpful tips! Awesome video 🙂

  16. Lei says:

    I vote for Janice for the Fairytale Workout!!! It’s so creative.

  17. JoAnn says:

    I vote for Janice for the fairytale workout its great!

  18. Lee Michelle says:

    I vote for Janice!! that was fun and hardddd! :]

  19. ludvig says:

    Kajsa with “Burning HOT Cardio Workout”

  20. Elba says:

    I vote for BOTH of christian/amandas videos!

  21. Raizel says:

    I vote for JANICE!! 🙂

  22. Kat says:

    This was SO hard! They all were really awesome. Way to go to all the participants. My fave top 3? Gosh, it would really depend on the day. So today it would be Abs on Fire for Cassey, M100HIIT Workout, and Crazy HIIT Workout for Cassey. My abs hurt and I almost broke out in a sweat just watching them. Tomorrow my fave three might be something different but I’m voting today so there you go 🙂 . All the videos really were terrific!

  23. Rose D. says:

    I vote for Janice’s Fairy Tale Workout 🙂

  24. Luv u Cassey says:


  25. Amanda says:

    I vote for Kajsa 🙂

  26. Keena says:

    Amanda and Christian with “Crazy HIIT Workout”
    Amanda and Christian with “Killer Ab Workout”

  27. Gwgw says:

    hey y’all:) so my favs since i cannot vote for mine (hahahaa)are
    1.Janice~i love fairies girl!!
    2.Cari~i love the punching part it’s been too long since i’ve been to kickboxing class!
    good luck everyone,it’s been really fun doing and seeing others vids hope we can do sth like this again:)

    1. Christine says:

      I don’t have that problem, so I’ll vote for your workout :-). And for Amanda / Christian (Killer ab workout). And yes, great vids everyone so I hope to see sth like that again.

  28. Cindy says:

    Janice is my fave FTW!! 🙂 Awesome workout!

  29. Ronelle says:

    I vote JANICE! I love her! 😀 😀

  30. Amanda says:

    I vote for
    Janice with “Fairytale Workout”
    Cari with “POP Pilates Cardio Hybrid Workout

  31. Dawn says:

    My vote’s for Janice!

  32. Ryan says:

    I vote for Janice’s Fairytale workout! I think you’ll have the most fun with that one.

  33. Teddy S says:

    I vote for JANICE!!!! good job girl, keep it up!!!

  34. Shan'L says:

    I vote for JANICE!!!! My fave!

  35. jessica clare says:

    <3 ii vote for janice #1

  36. Soo Hoo says:

    Going to have to go with Janice’s “Fairytale Workout”

  37. Cathy says:

    Janice w/ Fairytale Workout! Love the fairy outfit — workout in style. Very cute! (:

  38. Ashley says:

    I vote for Janice’s Fairytale Workout!

  39. Daniella says:

    Definitely some great videos. The 3 I liked best were:

    -Janice with “Fairytale Workout”
    -Amber with “m100 HITT Workout”
    -Megan and Danielle with “Leg & Butt Workout”

    Thanks for the fitness tips!

  40. Christine says:

    I vote for Janice’s Fairtytale Workout – it’s so creative! 🙂

  41. Jason says:

    I vote for Janice for the fairytale. She definitely knows wsup.

  42. RooZ says:

    Janice for the win! :]

  43. Cat says:

    I vote for Janice’s “Fairytale Workout” she has great energy and such an encouraging personality.

  44. Nina says:

    I vote for Janice “fairytale workout!”

  45. Pirin says:

    Janice’s fairytale workout was very cute 🙂

  46. katrina says:

    I also like the Killer Ab workout from Amanda & Christian, but I didn’t quite get the number of reps & sets. Is it 12 reps each exercise, then repeat the whole workout 3x? Anyway, I vote for them.

    1. Amanda says:

      Yeah sorry about that it is 12 rep per exercise and then repeat for 3 sets! Thank you for voting for us!

  47. Kimberly says:

    I Vote for Amanda And Christians Workouts both of them were Crazy! Their HIIT & Abs workout! And Cassey I want to see how long you can hold that earthquake at the end 😉

    1. d. nguyen says:

      Yeah, I want to see that too (see my post above) :-). Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  48. Benjamin T says:

    Janice’s fairytail workout was the best!

  49. Monika Miller says:

    I definetely LOVE Janice w/ Fairytale workout…it ROCKS!!!!! =)

  50. Lyle says:

    Awesome vid from Janice. I vote for Janice for the fairytale workout!

  51. Jennifer Concepcion says:

    Great job Janice! I vote for you!

  52. Kei says:

    Whew!!!! I LOVE the “Fairytale Workout” with Janice!!! Definitely my kind of workout!!! =)

  53. Teresa says:

    Janice is awesome!!! I vote for her fairytale workout!

  54. Charlene Lacambra says:

    I vote for Janice w/ “Fairytale workout” !!!

    Then Kajsa with “Burning HOT Cardio Workout” & Gwgw with “Abs on Fire workout” !!

  55. Brandon says:

    Janice with “Fairytale Workout” was a really creative workout and you can tell she knows what shes doing. My niece was watching these with me and it got her attention right away. Great job!

  56. Amanda says:

    Great Job everyone!!!!! this is so hard to pick!!! Here are my top three:

    #1 Pick is=.Cari with “POP Pilates Cardio Hybrid Workout”
    I pick this as my first because of the original moves, great spirit Cari has, and clear instruction on how to perform the moves. I want to workout with you Cari 🙂

    #2. .Gwgw with “Abs on Fire Workout”
    I enjoyed the graceful moves in this workout, and again was introduced to new moves. I also love how she says “I’m from Greece and I am going to torture you ” –or something like that 🙂

    #3.Megan and Danielle with “Leg & Butt Workout”
    I love outdoor workouts!! Very good at instructing through the moves. Appears they put some time into this video! 😉

    1. Cari says:

      I would love to workout with any of my popster friends!

  57. Jack says:

    Abs on fire… go gwgw! great job everyone else too… and great idea casey

  58. trin says:

    Cassey, does the order of our preference matter? Because I like Michelle with “HIIT Workout” best, but I am split between Amanda and Christian with “Killer Ab Workout” and Gwgw with “Abs on Fire Workout”. Thank you!

    1. blogilates says:

      nope doesnt matter

  59. Tsubasa says:

    I vote for Janice for the fairytale workout I love it!

  60. Raven says:


    good luck people 🙂

  61. Karla says:

    I vote for Janice for the fairytale workout its great!

  62. Fernie Nava says:

    ” I vote for Janice for the fairytale workout its great!”. I am sore from muscles than have not been exercised before…. lol

  63. William Ta says:

    I vote for Janice with “Fairytale Workout!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!

  64. Jake Hoang says:

    Janice’s “Fairytale Workout” was a blast to do!

  65. Tiffany Luu says:

    Janice’s “Fairytale Workout” was the best!

  66. Derek says:

    1) Janice
    3)Megan and Danielle

  67. Daniel Kim says:

    Janice’s vid is the bee’s knees. Watch them kids!

  68. kim says:

    i vote for #1 janice’s “fairytale workout” loved it :))

  69. jarrod pierce says:

    Awesome stuff! I would take her advice! She’s got my stamp of approval!

  70. Tiffany says:

    I vote for Janice’s “Fairytale Workout”! Such a cute theme!

  71. m.k. says:

    My personal favorites are Amber + Amanda and Christian (killer abs) + gwgw.

  72. Stacy Wozniak says:

    Abs on fire with gwgw, so creative!

  73. Robin says:

    This is such a fun idea Cassey! Stumbled upon it and happy I did 🙂

  74. carla says:

    All of the entries are great, but because I like targeted tone workouts, I would vote for “Killer Ab Workout”, “Leg & Butt Workout” and “Abs on Fire Workout”!

  75. Grace says:

    I vote for Janice 😀 for “Fairytale Workout”

  76. drew says:

    I like the last two, Michelle and Gwgw!

  77. d. nguyen says:

    I hope the Killer Ab workout wins, because I want to see for how long Cassey can hold the earhquake at the end… are you going to really give 110% of yourself on it? This is our only chance to see your limits because you do all your workouts like they’re nothing :-).

  78. Blairbear says:

    These are my Top 3:
    1. Janice with “Fairytale Workout”
    2. Michelle with “HIIT Workout”
    3. Gwgw with “Abs on Fire Workout”

  79. lisa b. says:

    Gwgw is my fave… Amanda and Christian’s abs… and Cari. Good luck to everyone!

  80. Amelia says:

    Great videos everyone! Hard to choose, but…

    1. Abs on fire
    2. Leg & butt workout
    3. Killer ab workout


  81. Caroline Frawley says:

    Hi. I enjoyed all the videos,
    But favourites are
    1. Christian and Amanda, HIIT workout, they made me laugh as well as sweat!
    2. M100 workout, wow!
    3. Gwgw, Abs on Fire workout

  82. sarah says:

    I also like Janice’s workout too, it’s fun!

  83. jamie says:

    I vote for Janice! Love the theme!

  84. Tracy Sean says:

    (1) [Janice] w/ Fairytale Workout
    (2) [Megan & Danielle] w/ Leg & Butt Workout
    (3) [Michelle] w/ HIIT Workout

    good luck guys

  85. Kevin M. says:

    I like:
    Michelle’s “HIIT Workout” the best by far. plus the dog cracks me up.

    I also enjoyed:
    Kajsa with “Calm Yoga Workout”
    Megan and Danielle with “Leg & Butt Workout”

  86. Johann says:

    Vote for Janice 🙂

  87. John says:

    I vote for the Fairytale Workout by Janice!
    Second and third are Kajsa’s Calm Yoga Workout and the Don’t Give Up Cardio Workout!

  88. Bran'D Hutalla says:

    I enjoyed all of them but my top 3 were:

    1) Janice’s fairytale workout (Such a cute theme and so creative!!!!!!! She was great and kept me motivated!)
    2) Amanda and Christian’s killer ab workout
    3) Cari’s pop pilates cardio workout

  89. Rupert says:

    My favorite workouts are Janice’s Fairytale Workout, Kajsa’s Calm Yoga Workout and the Don’t Give Up Cardio Workout! Good luck to everyone!

    1. Janice says:

      i miss you rupert!

  90. Edward says:

    I like #1 Janice’s “Fairytale Workout”- go Janice!

  91. Eugene choi says:

    Janice is winrar 🙂

  92. James Fink says:

    Fairytale workout! Hands down!! Go Janice!!

  93. Jaypes says:

    Voting for~

    Janice’s “Fairytale Workout”
    Gwgw’s “Abs on Fire Workout”
    Amanda’s & Christian’s “Killer Ab Workout”

  94. amal says:

    1. Janice “fairytale workout” was really my favorite i hope its okay i only pick one! it looks like fun and a really good workout! 🙂

  95. Becky Hepinstall says:

    I like Cari’s, Amber’s and Gwgw’s! SO hard to choose, everyone did a great job 🙂

  96. G. PDy says:

    annd my vote goes tooo….Janice “Fairytale Workout”!

  97. John Tien says:

    I vote for Janice with “Fairytale Workout!

  98. tonya says:

    Hey Cassey, this contest was such a great idea! Except that you torture us with 15 min abominable abdominals and you want to get away with a 3-5 min workout… how about you do “abs on fire” and “killer ab workout” back to back… twice… evil laugh :-)?

    1. blogilates says:

      haha thats why i am choosing 3 winners! i will do the workouts back 2 back.

  99. Really cool videos to choose from! Since picking favorites is just plain too hard for me (Cassey knows about this, hehe), I’m choosing my three videos that I think I would like to see Cassey do.*insert evil laugh here*

    1. Janice with “Fairytale Workout” – Cassey must dress up as a princess to complete this task. I demand it.

    2. Cari with “POP Pilates Cardio Hybrid Workout” – I REALLY want to see Cassey punch something with Cari’s intensity.

    3. mdmjgv with “Don’t Give Up Cardio Workout” – CAUSE IT’S A FUN WORKOUT CHOREOGRAPHY! Let’s dance, everyone!

    Amber with “m100 HIIT Workout” gets an honorable mention. I will most definitively try this torture myself.

    1. Gosh, my grammar sucks. I meant to write “I’m choosing the top 3 videos I’ll most likely enjoy to watch Cassey do”. I meant the *insert evil laugh here* part.

      PS: Gwgw, you are awesome! And flexible! And graceful! And have an incredible accent! And great hardwood floors! Haha <3 Flawless.

    2. blogilates says:

      I def have a crown and tutu.

  100. Jenny says:

    ” I vote for Janice with “Fairytale Workout! ”

  101. Angelica Casapa-Leon says:

    I vote for Janice for Fairytale Workout

  102. YY says:

    Amber “m100 HIIT workout”
    Michelle “HIIT workout”
    fairytale janice

  103. Rebeca Elias says:

    1) Janice Fairytale Workout
    2) Michelle Mason Fitness
    3) Abs on Fire

  104. Adalaisha says:

    I vote for amanda and christian’s Crazy HIIT workout!

  105. Jacki says:

    2, 1 & 5

  106. angelo says:

    i vote for janice: fairytale workout and think cassey is cute! 😀

  107. Vicky says:

    I vote for Janice with “Fairytale Workout!”

  108. Audrey says:

    My favorite videos are
    1. Janice “Fairytale Workout”
    2. Amanda and Christian with “Killer Ab Workout”
    3. Gwgw with “Abs on Fire Workout”

    Good luck to everyone :]

  109. John says:

    I have tried this workout without any breaks in between and it got me sweating quick! I vote for Janice with “Fairytale Workout”! Good luck!

  110. Pooja Mirpuri says:

    This was so hard, to just pick 3!
    My top 3 are
    Leg and Butt workout for Cassey
    Abs on fire for Cassey


  111. Kristine Salonga says:

    Hi Cassey! I would like to vote for:
    1) Janice with “Fairytale Workout”
    2) Amanda and Christian with “Killer Ab Workout”
    3) Gwgw with “Abs on Fire Workout”

  112. Kate McElhare says:

    Okay, I love Michelle’s video!! I like her spin on HIIT and she looks strong and explains the moves just like Cassey does. Also, her dog is super adorable and gets in the middle of her workout just like mine do!

    Second video I liked was Kajsa’s Cardio Burn

  113. Elyse says:

    The videos were all great!!

    But my top there 3 are:

    Amanda & Christian’s HIIT

    Amber with “m100 HITT Workout”

    & then again Amanda and Christian with “Killer Ab Workout”

    They had some intense workouts!

  114. sony says:

    Janice with “Fairytale Workout”

  115. Sammie says:

    Janice with “Fairytale Workout”
    Cari with “POP Pilates Cardio Hybrid Workout”
    Gwgw with “Abs on Fire Workout”

  116. Miriam says:

    Great videos 😉

    My fav are :
    1- Amanda and Christian with “Crazy HIIT Workout”
    2- Janice with “Fairytale Workout”
    3- Amanda and Christian with “Killer Ab Workout”


  117. Sarina says:

    It was tough to choose just three!!

    Janice with “Fairytale Workout”
    Cari with “POP Pilates Cardio Hybrid Workout”
    Michelle with “HIIT Workout”

  118. Janice says:

    My fave 3 Cari with “POP Pilates Cardio Hybrid Workout”
    Kajsa with “Burning HOT Cardio Workout” and
    Amanda and Christian with “Crazy HIIT Workout”

    good luck everyone!!!

    1. Ric Sal says:

      I like Janice the best aside from being very energetic she made it worth watching and clear to follow.

    2. christel says:

      i vote for Janice 🙂

  119. Cari Garvey says:

    My fav 3 are
    Janice with the fairytail workout
    Kasja with burning hot cardio
    and since I can’t vote for my own lol
    Amanda and Christian with crazy HITT

  120. Tanja says:

    OK! I vote for Janice, Gwgw and Amanda&Christian’s HIIT.

  121. Yana says:

    Firstly: GREAT JOB everybody!! I was super excited to see all of those videos. But since I’m only allowed to pick three here is my selection:

    1st Abs on fire > some new moves and maaaan that girl must have killer abs!! great job 🙂
    2nd The Fairtytale workout > So cute 🙂
    3rd oh this is so hard!! but i think the calm yoga workout! i find it really impressive to be doing such a great job at yoga when you are 15 years old!! Plus: we need more stretching and yoga!!!

  122. Haley B says:

    Here are my favorites!
    1. Megan and Danielle’s Leg and Butt Workout (this is my favorite kind of workout)
    2. Cari’s Cardio Hybrid Workout (I loved the punching, and she seems like a great instructor)
    3. Janice’s Fairytale Workout (because now I know how to do mountain climber in my apartment without waking up the neighbors)

  123. Bindi says:

    this is tough, this is really hard!!…. all of you have done great in different ways. loved to watch the videos!! lets make cassey burn!!! ;D

    1. Janice with “Fairytale Workout” i love the princess theme 😀
    2. Kajsa with “Burning HOT Cardio Workout” i’m being patriotic 😉
    3. Michelle with “HIIT Workout”

    ok, thats it!

  124. Julia says:

    Oh my gosh, this is so hard! Why can I only pick three? They’re all so unique and original. Great job, everyone!
    Since I have to make a selection, here are my top 3:
    1. “Don’t give up Cardio workout” because the moves look like so much fun. I would love to see the same video again but with her whole body showing. That would make it much easier to follow.
    2. Cari with “POP Pilates Cardio Hybrid Workout” because I like the combination of punching and pilates to get pumped up and also toned in one workout.
    3. “Abs on Fire Workout” because she moves so gracefully and some of those moves are new to me.
    I also really loved the theme of the Fairytale workout but it didn’t make my top 3 because the moves in the other videos were just more original. But still, really great workout!

  125. Pixie says:

    Abs on Fire for me… Gwgw is so cute!

  126. Sarah Sibilia Boone says:

    I really like Amanda and Christian’s video’s I loved their HIT video! So Yeah my vote is for them!

  127. Petra says:

    The best ones: Michelle and Gwgw(the last vid), they are both AWESOME!! 😀

  128. Laura says:

    “Abs on Fire” workout is awesome! Cassey, I hope to see you “suffer through it” 3 or 4 times :-).