Veggie Breakfast Sausage, a Contest & Aerie Trunk Show

Veggie Breakfast Sausage, a Contest & Aerie Trunk Show

Wow, what a lame title. I basically just told you EXACTLY what I am going to talk about with little left to the imagination! OK will need to work on this.

Today I woke up SUPER late because I stayed up til 5am yesterday editing photos of my bags. Ugh. I want to get these up ASAP so that you guys can see my babies! I plan to have the and websites up and running with new product next week!!!

I started off my day with a vegetarian soy breakfast patty and egg white omelet with Enoki mushrooms. I got the breakfast patty mix courtesy of Harmony Valley and was so surprised at how quick and tasty it was. All you literally have to do is pour the dry soy chunks into a bowl, mix with some water and then fry it on your pan. It really tasted like a McDonald’s breakfast patty! SO GOOD.

A little more sodium than I would like, but then again, I don’t eat that much sodium overall, so we’re good here! Lots of protein and very little sugar and carbs. Nice treat and something new to try for my Thursday morning.

Lookie what I made! It was so super delish. I topped my omelet off with some chunky mango salsa. YUM! (I don’t know why the background is blue…)

Do you want a bite? I bet you do! Well, fine, I’ll give you a chance!

CONTEST ALERT!!! Comment below and tell me what you would make if you got a pack of this soy sausage style mix or soy hamburger style mix. Most creative recipe idea wins. I will pick 5 winners and will announce on Monday’s post! You can enter multiple times if you keep exploding with new ideas over the weekend. This contest is only open to residents of the US or Puerto Rico…sorry international POPsters, next time 🙁

After a ton of work, I got ready to go to the Aerie trunk show in downtown SF. I am a fan of Aerie workout wear so was invited to see their holiday collection. I ended up buying a few things! Here’s what I got.

The Abigail strapless bra, the Tied French Terry Popover, 2 necklaces, a ring, and earrings. You will prob see me wearing this popover tomorrow in a facebook photo upload at the gym! I loved it right when I walked into the store!

I really like the clusters of jewels for my earrings – the navy, gray, and diamond work really well together. I got the ring for my sister. She’s a ring fanatic.

Pretty long necklaces to dress up a plain shirt or simple dress! A little sparkle for the holiday season! Which do you like better?

Ahh, now this bra. I have been looking for a secure strapless bra for the LONGEST time. For some reason the Victoria Secret bras don’t fit me so well. They’re cute so I have a ton in every style but I just need to accept the fact that they are not for me. I think Aerie is my new goto store for bras. Perhaps because they are more junior-oriented. The Abigail fit like OMG. Yes it fit like OMG. The strapless bra stuck on me and gave me oomph! This has never happened to me before before. Very happy right now and can’t wait to wear it!

One thing I really wanted to get but didn’t see was the Aerie Low Impact Sports bra. The store didn’t have any. Super sad because I think it would have looked cute in a POP Pilates vid! I like the flowers and the fact that’s a crop top sports bra. So girly and sporty. So Cassey!

This Sunday I am running the Men’s Health Urbanathalon with Sarah Dussault from She’s coming to SF tomorrow. I haven’t seen her since my last meal in Boston a few months ago so pretty excited to catch up! If you guys have been following us on YouTube you’ve probably seen our Pilates vids together. Here’s one of our ab videos from back in the day:

Anyway…better get to bed soon. I have a Powerflex class to teach tomorrow err…today and a shoot with a friend for the Flomme men’s yoga bag collection. Busy days ahead!

Don’t forget to enter the Harmony Valley veggie patty contest and tell me your most creative recipe idea below! Craziest and yummiest sounding entry wins a pack of the mix. 5 winners so start commenting!

Happy Friday!

<3 Cassey[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. misschels says:

    I would make a spin on my traditional Italian meatballs and pasta.
    You will need:
    1 package of faux sausage
    chopped fresh basil
    chopped fresh Italian flat-leaf parsley
    chopped fresh oregano
    a dash of salt
    1/4 c. freshly grated parmesan cheese (you can also use non-dairy vegan cheese if you prefer)

    Bake meatballs off in a 350 oven for 20-25 minutes

    Make a homemade basil pesto sauce. You could purchase a store bought pesto if you prefer.
    Prepare a spaghetti squash, combine spaghetti squash with 1/4-1/2 c. of pesto, toss well. Place the “meatballs” over the “pasta” and MANGIA MANGIA MANGIA! You have a healthy, meatless traditional take on pasta and meatballs!

  2. Llanina "nina" says:

    Not as creative as some of the others on here (found some great recipe ideas. YUM!) but I would make sausage eggplant lasagna. Or Mushroom sausage and grown rice stuffed peppers.

    1. Llanina "nina" says:

      I meant Brown rice. 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    I would make arayes! They’re a Middle Eastern dish. You take ground beef or lamb usually and stuff it into pitas. This is my healthy version:

    1 large red onion, roughly chopped
    2 cloves garlic, smashed
    1/2 small bunch fresh cilantro
    1 pound HV Sausage Style or Hamburger mix
    1 diced tomato
    1/4 teaspoon garam masala
    1/4 cup toasted cashews
    2 tablespoons lemon juice
    Kosher salt
    4 pieces whole wheat pita
    Extra-virgin olive oil, for brushing

    Cook the meat, cilantro, and tomato and cashews together. Stuff it into the pita quarters then brush the pita with EVOO. Then pop them in oven at 375 until the pita is browned and crispy!

  4. Amal says:

    You picked a good day to post your aerie findings! I fell in love with that sweatshirt too, and I’m buying mine now online (I’m an online-shopaholic). They’re hoodies today $24.99 and free shipping thru Sunday! Thank you!

    1. Amal says:

      I can’t believe I said “they’re” when the proper use was THEIR! That always annoys me… just had to fix it 🙂 I ordered the orange one by the way and I really wanted all the colors!

  5. Paige L says:

    Omgosh! I would totally make a Loco Moco!

    It’s a Hawaiian dish that consists of a scoop of rice, then a hamburger patty, then fried eggs on top, all smothered in brown gravy. And it’s terrible, terrible, terrible for you, but I have been craving it ever since the 90 day challenge began. The soy hamburger mix would be the perfect way to start to clean up that recipe!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the tip Cassey! I’m deffinitly gonna look into this stuff, is it all natural by any chance? The sausage mix would be perfect for stuffed bellpeppers! Along with some tomatoes, cilantro, quonia and brocolli, maybe some almond cheese melted on top! Yep, I like it. If I can get yellow bellpeppers it would even be a rainbow! Yellow, red, green and orange. Ok maybe not quite a rainbow but it works! Thanks again

  7. Chelsea says:

    You need more sleep in your life girl 🙁 It’s going to catch up eventually and suckkk. I hope you find more down time for yourself busy girl <3

  8. Molly says:

    Hey Cassey! Your photos make me so hungry in the morning 🙂 I think I would make a yummy breakfast burrito with whole wheat tortillas, cooked up sausage/hamburger mix, some avocado chunks, and mango salsa. Throw some shredded cheese, lettuce and onions on top and you got yourself a delicious burrito!
    Mmm now I need to make this 😉 Have a great weekend everybody!

  9. Rebecca Galik says:

    Hey Guys!!…

    Hope you all enjoy this, I’ts indian, asian inspired dish enjoy!

    Spiced Sausage, Veggie Cabbage Rolls

    You will need:
    Olive Oil
    Japanese Cabbage
    Faux Sausage Meat
    Cover for pan
    Soy Sauce
    Aluminum foil

    Okay, you will need to make about 6 tbsp of the faux ground meat, and make it accordingly. Preheat oven to 375. Once the ground meat has been made mix in 2tbsp of tumeric and 1/2 tbsp of actual cinnamon, not the sugar cinnamon stuff or it will be gross. :/. need together very well. Roll into a log about the thickness of a banana wrap tightly in aluminum foil. And place log in oven for about 20 minutes. when the “meat” is firm and not squishy, it’s done. Remove from oven. Bring a pot of water to a boil, Take the whole spinich and dip it in the water starting at the root until limp, once limp, remove from boiling water and place on a towel, squeeze to drain out all water. Take a little bit of soy sauce just to taste and place a little on the spinich. Let sit. Take your pan and heat it until warm. Take one piece of japanese cabbage and place it in the center of the pan. Cover and cook until soft. Remove cabbabge from pan, and gently make a v where the hard stalk is. Set aside and do this two more times. Take all three pieces of cabbage, and lay them on top of one another, starting at the very bottom, take your sausage roll and lay it on the cabbage, then take your spinich stalk and lay it next to your sausage roll, Roll it all up, then very carefully, take the cabbage roll and place it in the ban just enough to sear the bottom. Remove from pan, and place on plate, cut ‘sushi style’, so you have adorable little rolls. Serve on a plate with salsa if desired. :3

    Sorry that was a long one guys!!

  10. Janet Smythers says:

    I came up with this recipe for the hamburger mix. It would be a nice meal for the holidays.

    Holiday Stuffed Squash
    Serving Size: 1/2 squash Serves 4.


    2 medium acorn squashes, halved and seeded
    2 tsp olive oil, plus 1 TBL
    1 package of Harmony Valley Hamburger Mix
    ground cinnamon
    ground nutmeg
    2 tsp sea salt
    1/2 medium onion, finely chopped
    4 cloves of garlic, minced
    3/4 cup bulgur wheat (I like Bob’s Red Mill)
    2 cups water
    1/4 cup golden raisins
    1/4 cup fresh italian (flat-leaf) parsley, chopped
    2 TBL toasted pine nuts


    Prepare HV Vegetarian Hamburger Mix according to package instructions.

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Place squashes, cut side down, in a casserole dish or on a cookie sheet. Bake until soft, about 40 minutes.

    Heat 2 tsp of olive oil in a large pan over high heat. Add in HV Hamburger Mix, a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg, and 1 tsp of salt. Stir and cook for a few minutes until heated. Transfer to a dish and set aside.

    Add 1 TBL of olive oil to the same pan over medium to high heat, and add in onion. Cook until slightly translucent, about 5 minutes. Add garlic and stir.

    Add remaining teaspoon of salt and the bulgur and stir to combine. Add in water and bring to a boil. Once boiling, reduce heat to low-medium, cover, and let cook for 15 minutes. Once done, remove from heat and let sit for 5 minutes. Fluff with fork, then add in HV Hamburger mixture, raisins, parsley, and pine nuts and stir to combine.

    Scrape out baked squashes, leaving 1/4-inch-thick bowls, and fold scooped squash into the bulgur HV Hamburger mixture and mix well. Place squash bowls on pan and fill each with an even amount of the mixture. Bake 14 minutes until warmed and tops are slightly browned.

    Calories 417, Total Fat 12.2 g, Carbs 65 g,Fiber 14 g, Protein 17 g

  11. sony says:

    Good morning Cassey! Hope all is well I would whip up a loaf dish (meat loaf) and with the left overs definitely mix the rest with spaghetti squash.(spice of choice of course 😉 ) Mix in red onions, minced garlic, edamame, topped with tomatoes and parsley! What do u think?! sounds delish 2 me 🙂