Train Your Mind Like You Train Your Body

Train Your Mind Like You Train Your Body

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I want to talk about something very important that’s part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s not your diet, and it’s not your workout routine. It’s another piece of the puzzle that sets you up for success to reach your health and fitness goals. But first, I want you to take a look at these facts:

33% of the population is now obese or overweight (and that’s likely to increase)

More than 60% of people with a gym membership have difficultly sticking to their plan

92% of people fail to maintain their fitness resolutions by the end of the year

How are these statistics true if we have so many workout programs to choose from? And so many different diets and meal plans to follow? Why are people still obese? Why can’t they lose weight? WHY aren’t these workout programs and diet plans working?


I’ll let you in on the secret … many of these workout programs and diet plans ARE effective. They do work and you can see results – but only certain people succeed. These are the people that are able to learn how to change their behavior. The people who create positive intentions and don’t let small setbacks stop them from reaching their goals.

Wait what? It has nothing to do with the workout or meal plan? It’s all in your behavior? In your mind? YUP. That’s true and you may be surprised. Let me explain …

Whether you recognize it or not, your success is based on your ability to change your mind and your behavior. Most people start a workout program and only last a short period of time before quitting because their mind plays tricks on them that set them up for failure, while people who succeed are better at making long-term behavioral changes. You may look at someone who is successful in their diet and workout plans and just think they have the “willpower” to do it, but it’s actually not that simple.

mind_over_matterWhen we think willpower, we think about that power to resist the temptation of junk food. We think about being able to get up at 5am to go to the gym when you really want to sleep instead. But in all truthfulness willpower isn’t ALWAYS there for us, and not something to constantly rely on. We actually have less control over our willpower than we would like. This is because the daily hassles of life, stress and emotions get in our way and make it difficult to stay on track. BUT some people are still able to overcome these hurdles.

How do they do it? They set themselves up for success. These people recognize that their willpower will be tested, so they control aspects of their life to help them through the temptations. For example, if you know that you can’t make it to the gym regularly, then sign up for fitness classes each week that you CAN make it to and commit to those. If you know that you won’t be able to resist the ice cream in your freezer, then don’t buy it. The key is to build systems and strategies, so when your willpower gives up, you wont have the option to fail – instead you’ll have a backup plan. People who do that – succeed.

Help your willpower (and your brain) out by making small adjustments and changes at a time. Here are some specific tips to help you change behavior and reach your goals:

Stay Positive

It sounds simple, but sometimes it takes a lot of work to stay positive. Of course we all want to believe that we can reach our goals, and that’s why you need to set attainable, REALISTIC goals. If you set them too high, you’ll feel defeated as soon as you make one slip. And then give up. So, stay confident by setting positive intentions. Understand that some changes will be difficult and some might be easier. Either way you are still on a journey to success. Stay positive and you WILL reach your goals.

Think small … but DREAM BIG!

How do you achieve your goals? By doing many little tasks to get you there. They may not seem like much, but if you focus on the small steps that it takes to get you to where you want to be, then you’ll find success.

11707603_925632444141897_8734563706692101152_nHere’s another way to look at it:

1. Set a big goal
2. Set up the plan (the small steps)
3. Create milestones and celebrate your successes along the way, but still remember that there will always be small setbacks (just don’t let them stop you)
4. Reach your goal!


Whether it’s family, friends, trainers, or workout partners – having positive feedback makes a HUGE difference. Don’t let yourself think that you need to go at this alone. Surround yourself with support. That’s why the Blogilates community is so special – because we have this group of people who radiate positivity to one another. Even though it’s online, doesn’t take away from the encouragement we send each other!


It’s up to YOU to build yourself up for success. The workout programs and healthy recipes will always be there, but it’s up to YOU to make the positive changes in your behavior to stay on track and SUCCEED! Don’t blame the workout guides and meal plans for being “ineffective”, when you know you could be making a better effort! Train your mind like you would train your body.

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