Today, do something nice for yourself | Day 19 of 20

Wow you guys! Today marks the FINAL day in the 2020 Challenge! AHH!! Officially you have completed 800 reps. EIGHT HUNDRED. Think about that.


I am currently obsessing over all of your check marks on all of your calendars!!!

Usually by this time of the year, 91% of people who set new year’s resolutions have already quit. But not you. NO. YOU ARE SPECIAL! You are unstoppable! 2020 is your year FOR REAL.

So, today, you need to go do something nice for yourself. Whether it is soaking in a luxurious bubble bath surrounded by candles, doing a face mask, scheduling a massage, or indulging in some retail therapy – give you body the thanks it deserves. Because if you don’t give appreciation each time you accomplish something hard, you will burn out. You need to take the time to say thank you. Physically you need the rest, and mentally you need the reward to keep you motivated for your next challenge.

To celebrate, I’m giving anyone who finished the 2020 Challenge a special discount code to get 20% off the new POPFLEX Constellation Collection! I never ever EVER put new collections on sale, but since you epically crushed this challenge, I had to do something special for you.

Use code “2020CHALLENGE” to get 20% off anything in the Constellation Collection. The code will deactivate on January 27th, so hurry before everyone grabs what you want.

To help you decide what to get…I’ll do a lil review here for you of my fave things!

For your reference, I wear a size small in most brands. I am 5’5″, I wear a 32B bra, and am a size 25-26″ jeans depending on brand and stretchiness of the material.

BEST LEGGINGS: Capricorn Legging


The V-shape waist band. It automatically creates the illusion of a smaller waist and wider hips, giving you a natural hourglass shape. Most flattering legging I own. Also, it has pockets.

I am wearing a size 4.



It’s the first bra we’ve ever designed with a pocket! This is perfect for runners or gym girls who need a place to put their phone when working out. I’m soooo guilty of sticking my bra in my chest and trying to do burpees without it falling out of my boobs. Impossible. IT ALWAYS FALLS OUT. It’s just a terrible, clunky, sweaty boob situation that no one should have to deal with. The Zodiac bra eliminates this issue 🙂

I am wearing a size small.

BEST YOGA MAT: Vegan Suede Yoga Mat by POPFLEX


The sweatier you get, the GRIPPER IT GETS. The unusual microfiber material that I use is velvety soft to the touch! Plus, the material does not wear away over time like with your regular neoprene mats. You can wear shoes on this, do plank jacks for days, and the color and material will not rub off.

COOLEST POST WORKOUT OUTFIT: Hypernova Hoodie Mini Dress


It’s made of the same buttery material the cardigan is made of, so it’s super duper soft. The dress is baggy so it’s comfy and doesn’t cling to every curve on your body. I love the cutout on the chest – it gives it a slightly sexy feel. There are thumbholes, a front pocket, and a hoodie. I truly enjoy designing things that fuse my girly side and my athletic side.

I am wearing a size 4. Be aware though that if you are taller, this may not be a dress on you! It might be a tunic. Looks so cute with sneakers.

There you go! Those are my fave pieces from the Constellation Collection. I hope that helped you make a decision! If you end up getting something, TAG ME!!!! I wanna see!!!! And take a mirror selfie immediately after you get your new outfit. I must see how beautiful you’re gonna look in your POPFLEX!

Yesterday’s Day 19 Food Log:

Brunch was mushroom scrambled eggs with cauli rice with coconut aminos and sriracha, and a side of butter lettuce with tomatoes and cilantro dressing.

Strawberries.  So sweet. So good. Perfection.

Had a little macrame crafting night with my friends and everyone brought some food! This is just one of my like 5 plates that I ended up eating that night! It was a mixture of guac, carrots, mangos, dehydrated broccoli, blackberries, brie cheese, and bits of chips and french fries here and there.

Oh yeah, and of course, I had more flourless blue velvet cake 🙂

And then proceeded to snack on some coconut chips.

Twas a great day 🙂

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  1. Franziska says:

    you are such in good shape.
    I didnt go to gym for more than 2 weeks and now Im so lazy.
    you have any tips for a lazy girl? 🙂
    franzi from powder brows

  2. Myste Noelle says:

    Hi Cassie!

    Ok, I’ll do my best to keep this short. But I’ve been working out with you since 2012 after I had my first child. I had gained 85 lbs and I had no idea where to start. Since then I transformed my body. Then my second baby and again gained 85 lbs, but I knew just how to get back on track & started up with your videos again. You’re so fun and motivating! Over time by body got into fantastic shape and I was at 12% bf!! Whoa. That’s where I stayed till my mother committed suicide. She was 56 and it destroyed me. That was almost two years ago. I’m now 40, and about 20lbs up from where I’s like to be. I haven’t been able to get motivated like I have in the past, but I want to feel good and have energy to keep up with my kids again. I’m ready to move past my grief and enjoy my life and body again. So all this is just me putting my intentions out to the universe and to you! I’m starting my own 90 day journey and I’ll be leaning on your videos and blog to keep my head in the game. Thank you for everything you do. You are a bright light in this crazy world.
    All my love,


  3. Those coconut chips can be super addictive! How much was a pack?

  4. dolphinblue says:

    The Immortal BLUE VELVET CAKE! Looks super good, all of it!

  5. Those zodiac pants/top with the mat… super cute- OUT OF THIS WORLD 🙂

    1. Haha, I see what you did there!