The Victor’s Workout – Full Length Hunger Games Workout!

The Victor’s Workout – Full Length Hunger Games Workout!

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Hi there guys!

Here is the world wide premiere of The Victor’s Workout in honor of the Catching Fire movie! Please watch it and then follow the printable below to do it!

victors workout

click to enlarge and print

I hope you enjoyed the workout video! It def took a lot more time and planning than a regular video and I am so happy to be hearing that you appreciate it! It was fun to watch the movie, plan it, choreograph the moves, film it, and then of course get all of the graphics for the edit. These projects give me the opportunity to be creative and I like it. And for anyone wondering, you can actually get the Hunger Games Catching Fire costume online. I found it at a local costume shop though! Combat boots are by Steve Madden.

Thank you always for your support and being so enthusiastic about the Blogilates workouts! It was because of you guys last year that I even heard about Hunger Games. You were the ones who encouraged me to make the first Hunger Games workout! RIP first workout though. I wish you guys could see it. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I am sure a POPster will let you know what happened in the comments! :*( So anyway…please share this workout with any of your friends who are Hunger Games fans!

QUESTION: Which one of these moves was your favorite?

Also, for any of you have trouble with the password for the Week 2 #NewBodyMakeover Meal Plan, I tweeted it out earlier and yes it is all letters and all caps! Once you follow me @blogilates and figure it out, click here to enter and receive your vegan and/or regular plan.

Keep pushing hard guys! I’m super proud of your progress so far!

Love you,


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  1. iris says:

    How many times do we do the routine? Once twice or more??? Thanks! 🙂

  2. N says:

    Hi! I need help. My neighbourhood is kind of scary so I am afraid to the the Run 1 Mile. Does anyone knows what can I replace it with? Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Anna says:

      I’m not quite sure its equivalent, but jump roping is good for cardio and only needs limited space.

  3. Ioana says:

    Hey Cassey ! You make exercising look so much fun! I love your abs workouts they look killer good and that make me seriously consider a body makeover tournament! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work! I am going to follow you to make sure I keep fit during the holidays that bring so many temptations!

  4. Kohl says:

    This week killed me! I am sore everywhere. Arms,Abs, Shoulders,Back, Legs,etc.. I love it! I trained insane this week!! I am ready for this week. I love the Tick Tock Abs. My abs are dying. I couldn’t stand today. ha ha ha. Well not without feeling that soreness. I then was happy because I trained hard this week! Thanx so Cassey! I love you Popsters!

  5. Deirdre says:

    Haha will you be doing one for Mocking Jay?

  6. Rachel says:

    Please make more movie workouts! btw Do you ever wear VSX workout Clothes?

    1. Rachel says:

      Also, what happened to Cheap Clean Eats?

  7. Candice says:

    I just watched the video for the first time. Rafiki as Killer Monkey Mutt! You’re too funny, Cassey. 🙂

  8. Sara says:

    Haha!!The hunger games workout was amazing!!Casniss rocks!!!Love your creativity!!I’ll b doing this workout today!!excited!!

  9. Renee says:

    Yay! So happy that this one worked out for you Cassey 🙂 You are so creative.

  10. Tina says:

    The Fog Crawl. Did this last night and felt it in my legs today-love it!
    Cassie can you make more workouts based on powerful women? like whoever you want to base it on (from Wonder Woman/hermione/Lara craft/catwoman/sacagawea) may be for March (women’s history month)? idk but it would be sooo cool. Just an idea

  11. Shannon says:

    So happy that you’re so fun and creative with workouts! I was LMAO @ the Raffiki monkey beasts. And I was admiring your victorious nails. ; ) We all know you’d have the best mani in the Hunger Games, Cass! Nicely done. I think this is a really cool vid. Thanks! I’m gonna go basically play pretend and workout in my back yard!

  12. Tanja says:

    More outtakes pleeeaase 😀

  13. Courtney says:

    Hi Casey. I ma new to your blog and bought the fit journal to complete the 12 week makeover. The workouts are O.K. as I know I will get better the longer I stick with them. My Problem is the meal plan. I am good throughout the day but then I crave what I used to eat for dinner and also I m beginning to crave chocolate really bad. Can you give me any suggestions on how to kill my sweet tooth?

    1. Tina says:

      buy dark chocolate! like the 80% one or whatever. Try not to eat the whole bar lol (I did this the first time D; ). It takes time to get used to but eventually you should be able to eat one of those Godiva squares and feel good (welllll I eat like two sometimes still :p )

  14. Ioana says:

    Cassey, please, please, please make a video on the Pop Danthology 2013 mash-up!!! It’s great for a long and intense workout!! And my favourite move in the Victor’s Workout is the poisonous fog crawl. It really got my legs burning!. I love you, and I hope you’ll see my suggestion<3

    1. Sonya says:

      OMG yes i love hte pop danthology!!

  15. Kathleen says:

    Tnx for the intense workout, Cassey. I really did hear my thighs begging for mercy with the Poisonous Fog Crawl. That was my favorite. 😀 Oh, and tnx for posting the printable up early because I was able to do it on schedule yesterday. I hope this video doesn’t get taken down. This is too good!

  16. Rachniss Everpeach says:

    Cassey. Oh my goodness. The poisonous fog crawl. I died. My sister and I were doing the crawl in circles around my living room, and I was unable to do it because IT WAS TOO FUNNY. Got a great ab workout in laughing my butt off. Thank you!

  17. This is so amazing Cassey, I’ve been waiting for this forever! Thanks for doing another killer workout, with the theme of my favorite series no less. Popster and Team Peeta Forever!!!

  18. deeNIZZ says:

    i cant play the video. it just comes out as a black screen. 🙁

  19. Vivian says:

    Love that you incorporate pop culture references in your workouts – makes fitness so much fun and brings a whole new meaning to “pop pilates”

  20. Judith says:

    What happened? she said “RIP first workout though” in the text . I didn’t get it…

    1. Asha says:

      She made a workout for the first hunger games, too, but it was taken down.

  21. Liam's mummy says:

    Done!! Amazing workout!!!

  22. Mar says:

    OMG YES a Dauntless workout would be epic o.O This workout is amazing though!!! And the video is so funny and awesome xD

  23. Andreanne says:

    Also I prefer Catching Fire because it was much closer to the book.

    Have you read ”Divergent” by Veronica Roth? I’m sure you’ll like it, it’s dystopian as well and pretty physical!

    You can make a Dauntless workout!

  24. Andreanne says:

    I love that workout! I am soooo trying it tonight!

    I’ll look stupid crawling around the house but hey, It will definitely makes my husband laugh 😉

  25. Cassy says:

    This made my day, possibly even my month!!! I love it!! I almost want to don my tomb raider cosplay outfit just to feel more awesome 😛

  26. Rocío says:

    I remember that you made a hunger games workout before or at least I think so, right? Was that one deleted or something like that? Anyway, I LOVEED this workout, it’s so funny and original! Thanks for making working out a nice thing!!

  27. Aureliane Pierret says:

    What happened to the first Hunger Games workout??