The Victoria’s Secret Model Diet

The Victoria’s Secret Model Diet

Hey guys!

How have you been? We are rounding out the end of the month and some of you are finishing out your Dietbet! You’re almost there. Finish strong! I’m super proud of you.

So the other day I was browsing the interwebs and ran across this peculiar article discussing the VS Supermodel Diet on and wanted to discuss it with you. The post was talking about how the company casts for the VS Fashion Show and Adriana Lima, one of Victoria’s Secret’s most famous models, shared her slim down secret before she hits the runway.

adriana lima

Adriana Lima’s Runway Slimdown Plan:

– Everyday, she drinks a gallon of water along with a a clean diet of steamed veggies and lean protein.

– Nine days before the show, she is on a “no solids” diet. She will only drink protein shakes that include powdered egg. 

– Two days before the show, she will drink “normally”. Ditch the gallon of water.

– Twelve hours before the show, she will stop drinking entirely.

The whole water thing is also a technique that a lot of bodybuilders and bikini competitors use to super lean out before hitting the stage. Without water, your skin will start to suck into your muscles as you dry out and you will lose quite a few pounds of water weight. Lima said that she loses up to eight pounds. Bodybuilders love it when their veins start to show – it’s called getting “vascular”. Shows how little fat you have. HOWEVER! This only works if you are already drinking a lot of water regularly. Also, just be careful when you start drinking water again normally after your event. You may find yourself bloating up after the extreme amount of water depletion. Please keep in mind that this water technique is a completely temporary solution to losing weight. You are not losing real fat or doing anything healthy for your body. It is just a quick fix and you will gain that water weight back once you start drinking normally again.

As for her workout, she trains with a personal trainer daily and works out 2x a day the last 3 weeks leading up to the show. Sophia Neophitou who is the British fashion editor and chief stylist for this year’s show says that, “It’s like they’re training for a marathon…They are athletes in this environment – it’s harder to be a Victoria’s Secret model because no one can just chuck an outfit on you, and hide your lumps and bumps.”

2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

Hmmmmm…fierce words stated by the fashion editor huh? I think there are different challenges associated with every profession. Athletes need to be strong, quick, and have lots of stamina to outlast their competitor and win the game. Swimsuit models need to keep a slim physique in order to look great in their shoots to sell more clothes. Both are difficult and/or easy in their own ways based on your innate skills and the genes you were born with or without. It is a question of what your goals are and how you’re going about achieving them.

To be a VS Angel, you have to have a certain type of body and a certain type of look. The truth is that not everyone can be an Angel. And even once you get an Angel contract, you have to work hard to please your agency and your directors with the perfect amount of tone, leanness, and youth. Your looks dominate your career because it IS your career. The Angels work out and eat like this because it is how they maintain their job.

Modeling is such an interesting thing. Some are born thin, tall, and beautiful and don’t work out at all. Others have to constantly be dieting and dieting and dieting. All are under the pressure of someone else telling them how they need to look. I once met a male model at a fashion party who seriously had some type of body image disorder. Once he found out I was a fitness instructor, all these stories came out about how his agency told him he was too fat and then handed him a cigarette to suppress his appetite. The guy was skinnier than a size 28 pant (the smallest pant size at a department store) and had the most chiseled jawline I’d ever seen in real life. They said he was too fat for the magazines. He told me how guilty he felt for eating a protein bar in the middle of the day because his agency also told him to not get too muscly either.

And then on this other magazine shoot where I was training a model how to do Pilates poses, the girl told me that she loved to workout but her agency told her that she needed to get rid of her muscle if she wanted to do any high fashion stuff. She was unsure of what to do since she’s been athletic her whole life. The girl was gorgeous. There was nothing she needed to change. It troubled me that her beauty and her worth were being determined by someone else daily…and that her confidence seemed to be weak.

Ah! Can you imagine?

Who knew the real hardship behind being famously beautiful? It’s a job and there’s upkeep. Though I wouldn’t agree to what our media has projected as beautiful (most of the models don’t look like what they do without photoshop), I do understand why Adriana Lima does what she does before the runway show. Pressure. From everyone. There are unpleasant challenges that she needs to endure to look the way she does before posing in front of millions of people in lingerie.

I don’t suggest her method for most of us as it is not necessary to do a liquid diet for over a week to slim down. If you are looking to lose weight permanently, follow an eat-clean diet (check out my 90 day plan) and train hard (do the monthly calendar). You will get results without paying for a personal trainer and you will feel triumphant, confident, and very happy. The liquid diet will not make you happy at all. You will be very snarky, upset, and hungry. Trust me. I carb-depleted before my bikini comp and I was once a very irritated girl. There is no point in being hungry, mad, and skinny. Change your goal and work towards being healthy, happy, and STRONG. Everything else will fall into place. I promise.

The VS Fashion Show is like the Superbowl of fashion shows and while football players train to increase their speed and their strength, VS Angels will train to make their bodies look like walking works of art.

What are your thoughts on Adriana Lima’s diet plan? Does it intrigue you? Like I said in a previous post, I am developing a meal plan for you guys so that there will be no more questions asked regarding healthy eating for your perfect mind and perfect body. I gotcha covered. Don’t worry.

<3 Cassey



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  2. Lisa Oluoch says:

    I want to be a model nut nobody knows it cause i’m too shy to admit it. I’m curvy but have a big stomach. And i can’t control cravings. Please reply with something that will help my cravings and wait loss. I really want to become a model. And with your help i believe i can. Please just help me

    1. Reign says:

      I don’t know if you still need help but I thought I’d reply since no one else has. Eat protien and fat to feel full at meals, drink a cup or 2 of water before meals to help you keep down hunger. Try getting rid of gluten and grains for a while and see if it helps. Everytime I eat any grain it makes me eat waaayyy more and not feel full.

  3. Alex says:

    I have some curves and muscles from being a dancer, I’m fourteen and i really want to start modeling but I’m afraid no agency will even look at me. I’m on a work out plan because i really just like working out but I’m not on any diet. Any advice on what i should do? (agency, diet, or anything please)

    1. Imogen says:

      If you have confidence in yourself you should go for the agency but you to beleive in yourself to get anywhere.

  4. Marie says:

    I’m vegetarian right now, I’m in my early teens, 14, my body is curvy (I am quite slim but I have a bit of curves) and I was wondering, as I grow up, is it possible to be a model? With my vegetarian diet because I am an aspiring model and I know that protein is important but I’m never going to change my mind about being a veggie.

    1. Crystal says:

      you need to make sure you are getting enough protein daily. everyone needs protein to function properly especially if you are a growing teenager. you can get protein from multiple different sources that is not meat such as eggs, milk, cheese, peanut butter, almond butter, protein shakes, tofu, etc.

      1. Jackie says:

        Protein is in all foods. You only need a ton of protein if you want to bulk up your muscles. As as vegan I suggest you check out the rawtill4 diet and freelee the banana girl. She has a ton of informational videos on youtube.

        1. Asia says:

          Love your comment, vegan for life, and freelee is amazing <333

  5. jordan says:

    hello my name is Jordan i will be 18 years old in june. I’m 5″9 and i weigh 128.5 lbs. i wish to be a model more than anything in the world. the only problem is my teeth rant really strait, there still pretty just not perfect. do you teeth really have to be perfect to be a VS model?

    1. Yari says:

      We’ll for them there is a lot of factors that go into choosing a model ,they don’t exactly publicly give the specific traits the model has to have so I can’t really give you an answer but if you are interested I recommend that you sign with a modeling agency that Victoria secret works with. VS works mostly with Ford Models,Elite Models and IMG Models.If you sign with them they will give you the specific criteria you need to have.From what I have learned you need to have specific measurements 34’24’34.Weight wise you have to be between 110-120 that’s the ideal weight.I hope this kind of helped you a bit and I hope your dreams of modeling for VS come true best of luck.!!!

  6. Le Roux Cecillia says:

    Hello, Victoria’s Secret Models are very beautiful, in looks and also they seem amazing in person, My friend is a Victoria’s Secret model and I am so proud of her because she goes through hell to keep her job, but she says that at the end of the day it’s totally worth it… I also auditioned for VS Modelling, but sadly didn’t get through! I am very happy and proud of the VS models, they go through a lot of pressure and hell to keep up the job but like my friend says, at the end of the day it’s worth it and it makes you stronger than ever! How many times during workouts and diets you have tried to give up? VS models, my friend and me have gave up many times, but after a min we think again and say ”It’s worth it” cause at the end it truly is! Hard work gives perfection! x

  7. Hey! I am a model myself (fashion/runway etc) and am familiar with this. It does work very well, but I wouldn’t recommend this to other people. A sustainable diet is a much better way to manage weight. The biggest problem could be binges at the end of these kind of diets, which results in weight gain. Then there’s the psychology that can play a role; these kind of diets can be a serious trigger to develop disordered eating patterns.

  8. Jenny says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog post, thank you for writing it. I do agree with your opinion of being healthy happy and strong/fit rather than thin, unhappy and angry. I think I read a comment on the top that stated that the commenter would only do it if she was paid as much as Adrianna Lima. Haha, I guess if you’re paid that much, anyone can be a little happier with the diet.

    I’ve always been thin throughout my life though and have never been on a diet, I can’t imagine having to live that way. But maybe cause it’s genetics, I don’t really gain/lose weight often, I just remain the same size.

  9. Currently it appears like Drupal is the top blogging platform available right now.

    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

  10. Eve says:

    Love Adriana! I would do that diet too if i would get paid as much as she to do it !

    1. Mapi says:

      Hahahahahaha it’s true, only if I get paid like Adriana Lima does.

  11. K* says:

    Thanks for this blog post! On my opinion more people especially young girls or women should read it, because it just shows that the VS models or models in general have to look that way and that it’s not “normal”. But it just shows especially women a wrong view from what they should look like…

  12. Ananya says:

    This post really scared me. I understand that the VS models have to look really good since they are in lingerie, but the whole part about depriving yourself of water to make your body suck it out of your muscle really was scary. I know they have to look good and I really like them! But the male model who was constantly feeling guilty broke my heart. I read your most recent post about Ke$sha’s ED and how Dr. Luke called her fat. It’s truly amazing how human beings can trash talk other peoples body like this. Everybody is trying to get this certain image in Hollywood, but I feel like everyday that perfect body type just keeps getting smaller and smaller. When is it going to stop?

  13. Cara who is feeling dumb right now says:

    My problem is really drinking the water. I don’t eat meat and I have no problem eating clean because I always feel guilty after gorging on something very fattening. My mom has been watching her weight since for ever since she’s a yo-yo’er like many people her age and she’s all about eating healthy since she had cancer (chia seeds and whatnot).

    I was wondering, though… I love drinking tea. Especially in the Winter. Is drinking tea as good as drinking water or does it for some reason not count? I mean, maybe this is a really stupid question, but I have actually read somewhere that if you put milk in your tea it doesn’t count as ‘healthy’ tea anymore so I figured the same might go for putting herbs in your hot water.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

    1. Anne says:

      I’m not necessarily a huge tea fan, but I found this tea called “Get Lost” (there are also others, like Skinnyme Tea) and it’s a little like detox. I drink it 3x a day before/after a meal. The first day I did it, my lower belly flab flattened out! I would totally recommend trying one of those teas! (Plus they’re herbal: rooibos)

      1. Harriet says:

        I drink green tea all the time and I think really herbal teas like that, that are mostly water and that don’t have milk in them, are said to be very beneficial because of all the antioxidants and added things they have in them in addition to their water content 🙂 Please feel free to correct me, I’m not sure if I’m right here but if anything they’re not bad for you!! 🙂 xxx

    2. Ember says:

      Hey Cara,

      just read your post and I was wondering why you can’t drink water? do you hate the taste or something? Perhaps you could try having fruit infusions which is basically putting fruit into your water (and leave it for several hours in the fridge) so it has some sort of taste, because well, water is amazing for you body, considering we are >70% water, it helps with better bodily functions and clearer skin etc etc. I don’t think tea cancels out its effects and if so not by much, because it is essentially about getting liquid into your system so your body has enough fluids to do what its got to do.

      Please don’t read/buy into some of the nonsense you can get on the net about how tea is no longer healthy when you add milk to it etc, because seriously, how much milk is actually going into your tea? and if it is significant enough, that’d be drinking milk not tea. Everything should be taken in moderation, and a lil bit of milk seriously, will NOT kill you. In fact, last I checked, milk is good for you! Herbs in hot water sound like a good idea if that will make you drink the 8 recommended glasses per day, and no, it doesn’t cancel out anything. And on another note, don’t feel guilty/beat yourself up when you enjoy the food you love once in a while whether it’s fattening or not, life is about having a good balance after all. As long as you’re active and make sure your diet doesn’t consist of bags and bags of sugar and chips a day, I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine 🙂 I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but happiness doesn’t come from a number on the scale, it’s about how we feel from within, and weight definitely doesn’t define who we are.

      Sending you lots of love and support ! <3

  14. Lisa says:

    I can’t believe it!! But to be honest drinking a lot of water could help you lose weight a bit. I tried it :3

  15. Julia says:

    WOW! Those girls really are disciplined and dedicated. I could never do a liquid diet for so long. Seeing this makes me have heaps of respect for them because it shows how hard they work. Amazing.

  16. Andreanne says:

    Wow, and this, is why I could never be a model… That and the fact that I’m 5’1”…

    Although those girls are really impressive, I love watching ”America’s next top model” and gosh, that job seems way harder than I thought it was!

    Crazy poses to hold forever, modeling bathing suits in freezing water… This is nuts! They have all my admiration fo I never would be able to do it!

  17. adriana says:

    I want to try this before the casting for Elite Model Look !

  18. Thao Nguyen says:

    What do I think of VS models diets? Serious discipline. It’s like any other thing people do well and yet you can’t, it’s not the norm to do that as well and serious pressure, and the details about how healthy that is isn’t totally questionable but something that’s not do-able for most. Just the idea of sticking to something so strict is mind boggling to me. So in one word I’ll call it discipline. I envy the discipline she has as well as that body but I do not envy not being able to eat solids for over a week.

  19. Irene says:

    Sure, the Victoria’s Secret models look hot, but that diet…makes me feel dizzy from even reading it! There’s no “absorbable” carbohydrates for immediate fuel in it, and there’s no healthy fats to make ketones with You’ll have nothing to burn for energy and feel weak and tired and dizzy and like the speaker from “One” by Metallica only not comatose!. What’s the point of having zero percent body fat and looking good half-naked if you don’t have the mental clarity, energy, or clear head to enjoy it?

  20. smarter than all yall says:

    Watch the best speech ever by Gary Yourofsky before un educated folks die of eggs, meat cheese and milk. Vegan is the only way unless your catch is wild do all yourselves a favor

    1. Amanda says:

      Prove it. Give concrete scientific evidence of this. My great grandma ate eggs, cheese, red meat, smoked cigarettes and drank a shot of whiskey everyday and died at the age of 98. My point is that everyone is different and one thing may be good for your body and not someone else’s so you shouldn’t just shove your opinion at people. People might listen if you gave concrete scientific facts where the SAME results have been achieved multiple times not just once like most “scientific” experiments these days instead of some guy who is saying all of the same misinformed crap that people have been spouting for HUNDREDS of years. Look it up it’s not new information. Also it is statistically sound that more people are born with birth defects when their mother doesn’t eat meat as in the things your body needs that you CAN’T get with a vegan diet. And no matter what people say we do have teeth made for an omnivore. Gorillas and pigs have our teeth and are omnivores. Don’t tell me the only eat meat when they have no choice but that doesn’t make any sense because there have been studies where gorillas have eaten meat when fruit and vegetables were available.

      1. Aja says:

        There is proof for a vegan diet and against, just as there is proof for a meat based diet and against. It’s a lifestyle choice, really, but the more plant based foods you eat the less of a chance you have of getting certain illnesses. And you CAN get everything that you need on a vegan diet if you’re smart about it, and eating a vegan diet while pregnant is completely okay unless you have an underlying health issue. The only reason why they say birth defects are at a greater risk on a vegan diet is because there could be a deficiency of B12 in the diet, which is easy to fix with supplements. It’s part of the prenatal supplements all women are advised to take anyway.

      2. catherine says:

        Amanda. Read the China Study. The biggest scientific study ever on human health and diets.

        Also, where’s the scientific proof that eggs/ meat/ dairy is good for you? You DO know that over 90% of the health education given at public schools is funded by the MEAT AND DAIRY INDUSTRY? (source: Forks over Knives)

        ALSO the meat eggs and dairy your grandmother ate for the majority of her life are NOT the same products we are consuming today. Due to the ever- increasing drive for profit, animals used for meat and dairy are given artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, fed GMOed corn and soy, etc. And we wonder why cancer is America’s #2 killer (after heart disease of course, which animal products greatly contributes too)

        1. rachel says:

          So agree with u Catherine!! The meat and dairy products nowadays are TOTALLY different than what her g-ma ate back then. Educate yourself before you go eating dairy and meat…. it’s not what it’s all “cracked” out to be. A Plant-based diet can REVERSE diseases caused by dairy and meat…..and that’s the truth!

        2. Caitlin says:

          I agree that people should look into exactly what they are eating (all the preservatives, fillers, etc, are disgusting!) That being said, some people (myself included) do benefit from naturally raised meat. I was vegan for a few months, and vegetarian for a year after that, and though the change initially did help to improve my health (mostly made me more aware of what I was eating) no matter how many iron and protein rich foods I ate, I was anemic and felt worn out much of the time. When I became pregnant for the first time, I couldn’t stomach most of the plant-based protein substitutions, so I began to eat meat again. Not a ton of it, and I mostly bought high quality meat from organic grocery stores, but I found that a little red meat helped me feel infinitely better. I asked my doctor about it, and she said that some people’s bodies aren’t as good at converting plant protein into something usable, and that the meat might be easier for me to digest. Everyone’s bodies are a little different. I think the most important thing is making conscious decisions about what to put into your body, knowing what is best for YOU.

  21. Claudia says:

    I modeled during college and now I do it for fun. Most models go through periods of following a strict regimen versus just “letting go”. I ate an exclusively protein-rich diet to prepare for shoots (mainly lean turkey, chicken, rabbit, bison, ostrich, elk, fish, occasionally indulging in steak, pork and lamb). I avoided carbs and drank three liters of water every day. Ate some veggies, not much. The diet does wonders to your skin, hair, nails, and muscle tone.

  22. D. Adler says:

    The food imtake is important to watch, a balanced diet will get you good results. I guess some people are thin to look like skeletons so they don”t have to buy a costume on Halloween. The point is to not to look good, but to put away a buck to make your ass look big by carrying it in your wallet.

    1. Claudia B. says:

      This is a very disrespectful comment. Making fun of or judging people who are thin is ignorant. People have many reasons for wanting to be thin, including improving their health and fitness, conforming to society’s ideal, gaining acceptance from others, gaining self acceptance, and having an improved quality of life. You have no right to judge the motivations of someone you don’t know.

  23. dont trip says:


  24. s6milerun says:

    First of all, thank you Cassey for putting blogs out there that are on every woman’s mind. We women want to look fit, sexy, and unbeatable. I feel ya! And, I am super-intrigued by Adriana Lima’s diet. Let’s face it – most of are here because we want the by-product of health: beauty!!! I am forever challenging myself to look as best as I can, but I sometimes get down on myself because I do not have big, bouncy breasts, the most taut stomach, or the perkiest butt. It’s hard for me to achieve the ‘sexy’ look because my body is just different (and older), and yet I still wonder if it can somehow change magically according to a more extreme diet, like Lima’s. The best I can do is work what I’ve got, but I will honestly say I AM jealous and consequently intrigued.

  25. MiinaMarie says:

    I guess the biggest downfall I would have or generally find i have when i “eat super clean” instead of just whatever weight watchers points i’d normally eat, is variety. (btw i’d never eat like adriana’s eating..err…not eating 😛 in response to cassie’s question.) I can eat steamed veggies and stuff, but i need more variety to fill out my day than just 10-15 ingredients on the shopping list. I have that too – staples I always buy because they’re good for me or WW appropriate, but oftentimes I feel like there’s nothing to eat. I’m just bored of it all. And trust me, I’m a creative cook, maybe I’m just tired a lot too – i know that’s some of it.
    Basically I guess I’d just like to know, or for you to layout, healthy things to eat that aren’t the same pretty much everyday or require much prep work all the time. I tried the protein slim down challenge thing almost 3 months ago. It was alright, but even till this day i will hardly touch chicken because I had so much of it…make sense?
    I’d love to eat more clean, but there has to be more choice. (like i eat brown rice, not white, but i remember a comment someone made before where they said they were shocked that it’s not a ‘clean’ food) this stuff is tricky and wouldn’t know how I’d do against it all the time.

  26. Chanoa says:

    I also think that this is only Adriana’s routine. It should be kept in mind that she is also a mother. There are women I know who model who regularly have these shapes from their regular healthy eating regimens and exercise and Adriana goes for different body looks for different work – for example her body looks different when she models for Louis Vuitton than when she models for Victoria’s Secret.

  27. Anmi says:

    I think that people shouldn’t look up to (VS-)models,because it’s their job to look good.If i had time to work out 5 hours a day and could afford a nutrition expert t,i would look like that too.And also visagists spend HOURS on them,for hair,make up,…
    They also wear a lot of body makeup to make their abs stick out,highlight their legs,…

  28. i loved this post! your thoughts are golden and i think you write such inspiring things.
    i believe it’s important to talk about the VS model looks and explain all the work behind it!
    thank you.

  29. Lorolei says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I would love to see something similar to this in the meal plan you are creating. Sounds like it may work. Not only would we lose weight, but also obtain beautiful skin from all the water. Thanks for spending so much time on your POPsters.

  30. gwen says:

    Cassey please include a vegan version of this meal plan you are creating! 🙂

    1. Kristy says:

      I second the vegan meal plan 😉

      1. Mary says:

        Yes! I want a vegan meal plan too!!

        1. Destiny says:

          Yes please! A vegan meal plan would be awesome!!!

  31. Catt says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. I agree with Cassey about how it’s really similar to athlete mentality and Adriana is a boxer and definitely does have an athlete’s mentality. The other thing is I think Adriana is the only one who does this – I’m sure the other girls have their own routines and what nots but like you said everyone was born with different genes and maybe Adriana has to do that but other girls don’t to achieve a similar result so it kind of makes this whole idea about what to do to get skinny obsolete.
    To me, it’s not anything different from those who give up their life to career success in other areas such as investment banking, medical professions, consulting, engineering etc. It’s all a set of choices with working in your life path. But honestly living around people who give up everything for their career advancement makes me think twice about how “creepy” the media industry is – may as well be both, just one not physical-appearance-based.
    -Catt xxx

  32. Robin says:

    Thank you for this post and your honest perspective. Love the way you love us!

  33. Mary says:

    Very interesting perspective and refreshing Cassey!
    Models chose to make their beauty their whole career. While I think it takes a lot of dedication, I wouldn’t want to suffer like that. Anyhow, I would have to suffer A LOT to be as gorgeous as these ladies 🙂
    I choose to simply take care of myself. It makes me feel beautiful!

    On another unrelated note, could we get your blog posts by email (or a notification)? I don’t think about checking your blog each day and I feel I’m missing out.

  34. biobabbler says:

    I saw a documentary years ago that said the # people who have the genetics (ignoring everything else) to be a VS “angel” is less than those that have the right genetics to get into the NFL. WAY way WAY less than 1% of the population.

  35. I think her training plan is good for her and not recommended for the general public personally. It’s similar to an athlete’s training plan and diet. You wouldn’t just jump in and follow their plan so I wouldn’t consider doing hers either, unless I had a group of professionals telling me this is what you should do. Besides, eating clean and working out, like you said, are what we should all strive for in order to be healthy, which is really our goal, right!?

  36. Talia says:

    Hey Cassey and fellow blogiltates community,
    I am an accupuncturist so when I read about diets I try to think what they are doing to a person,s body in regards of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This one where a person doesn’t drink or eat for 12 hours is basically damaging your metabolism (or the organ that is supposed to transform and transport food and water throuh out the body).Thee fact that one may experience bloating after resuming a regular diet supports shows that the organ that is supposed to transport and transform fluids is taxed. Its like pouring water on dried out grass the grass is so damaged it can’t preserve the water properly. In the case of the Victoria secret models the damage is done to the organ in charge of their metabolism, sure they look
    beautiful but are they healthy? Not in my book (literally).

  37. Tia says:

    Really well said Cassie 🙂

  38. Belinda says:

    Hi Cassey! I just saw this video and thought of you :)! I thought it was very enlightening :)! I had no idea that fat turns into H20 & CO2! I found it while perusing TED talks. What are your thoughts?
    The Mathematcis of weight loss: Reuben Meerman at TEDX QUT

    1. Talia says:

      love TED Talks :)!

    2. Alex says:

      Lol thats also what happens when you breathe. Fat burning is part of respiration.

  39. Anja says:

    Thank you, Cassey! I can’t share this TED talk by Cameron Russell often enough:

    1. Anja says:

      Which, of course, I first watched because Cassey wrote about earlier this year…

  40. Eni says:

    another article about VS models (not about the pre-runway diet, but still interesting):

  41. Claudia says:

    As you said Cassey, it’s a TEMPORARY diet based on professional grounds. What defines a VS models are the remarkably good genes+appropriate training+clean eating habits, not the liquid diet before the runway which is just an artifice to look flawless and PERFECT (not dangerous in these conditions) .

  42. Sherma Felix says:

    Cassey, thank you! There’s always a “behind the scenes” story, that not much people know about. I like your view: “There’s no point in being hungry, mad and skinny!” I appreciate you and the work you do to give the best to your fans. My daughter and I both enjoy blogilates. And now dogilates, Congratulations!

  43. Alissa says:

    thank you so much for you help Cassey! after reading this, I feel so much more confident with my body right now. Thank you so much for your workout tutorials that i always feel energetic and happy everyday 🙂

  44. kendrrat says:

    What I got from this post is not that Cassey was comparing anyone to the VS models in their diet goals, but instead was pointing out that lots of people don’t understand just what some of those models need to go through to look like that. They work just as hard as athletes. This post gives a little perspective. You cant judge a book by its cover- someone with a body you may be dreaming of can have a whole world of problems you’d never have guessed at. The point is to concentrate on you, your body, and what works for your goals and health.
    (health and fitness inspiration)

    1. MiinaMarie says:

      that’s right man! we’re all on our own journey at different paces looking for different things and no one should tell us how we need to look in order to be successful. 🙂

  45. person says:

    Okay but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be skinny as a goal. Some people look better skinnier than they do with more muscle. Everyone is on their own journey so why do you have to shame someone who has a different goal than yours?

    1. Lizzi says:

      If this is in relation to the blog post itself and not another comment: I don’t think Cassie is shaming anyone for wanting to be skinny as a goal. The problem here is that like you said, everyone is on their own journey, but these people are having their journey determined for them. Like the girl who likes to exercise, she likes the way she looks, but she has to change her physique for her agency. How is that fair? And true, some people can look better skinnier than with a bunch of muscle, but that shouldn’t stop them from gaining any. To be toned and have some type of muscle strength is better than “just skinny”; for health reasons. Long post short: this post isn’t and never is about shaming someones goals; if anything it is sympathizing with them, and shaming those who thrust their fitness goals on them.

  46. charlie ho says:

    It is a very open-minded community sharing health wisdom and support to each other for reaching a better life overall in general, and a more mature mindset about harmonizing yourself to the daily environment ( food, people, weather, …etc).
    Each one of us is a crucial element existing in the universe in a big picture, and as a specific important being in our garden of humanity that we coexist daily. A rose is not better than a cactus or an apple is not better than a chili pepper. Each has its own function and contribution to the garden of life. An apple has its own nutritional ingredients as fruit ;and hot chili pepper absolutely possesses & contributes its own value as spice. Now we can see that we can not compare apple and hot chili pepper but we have to learn to recognize and enjoy their own contributing values to the garden of life .
    Each one of us has our own mind and our physique. We can not compare and stereotype the bodies because they are uniquely different in all aspects from gene level to mind field. What you have I do not have, and vice versa. The approach to life is to know yourself REALLY REALLY WELL by knowing your weakness and strength : needs not wants, balance not extremes, content not greed, forward not backward, building not destroying, helping not exploiting,……etc. At the end of the day, when you look at the reflection of yourself ( both physically and mindfully) through the mirror of your universal environment ( people, animals, plants) you shall know that you have done best for yourself and for others. As a result, you will accept and content and love everything that you temporarily possess and do progressively. Overall, it is just a journey of life of which our own uniqueness ( big or small, tall or short, muscular or muffins) makes up our own synergistic community as a circle of human-dots.

  47. Cara says:

    Just thought it was a nice contrast with this idea of modeling.

    They have a natural models campaign where women who exist at this NATURAL and HEALTHY state of slender (rather than achieving it through excessive dieting/exercise) are represented as well as women whose shapes are not as linear. I think it’s a really positive move to include the representation of many different body types and I hope they continue to diversify in terms of race and HEIGHT as well. I was happy to see they’ve started to represent men as well.

    But seriously, no one ever discusses that models, no matter whether they’re “plus” or “standard” in terms of body shape, ARE ALWAYS SUPPOSED TO BE TALL. I think this is an even more unhappy message because we are all taught that to be “short” is bad even though there’s NOTHING to do about it. Bring on the five foot models I say! Fashion designers should be challenged to craft styles which work for different body types, in my opinion. I think they’re talented enough to finally make some jeans that fit my curvy tiny legs or a shirt that can fit my chest without trailing down to the floor.

  48. Melissa says:

    It is interesting, but I feel like comparing Adriana’s pre-show diet to a regular person trying to lose weight is comparing apples to oranges. The goal is completely different, so of course it’s not going to work. Adriana doesn’t try to lose fat with that diet, she’s just leaning out for a show. I just hate the word diet because it means so many things and the average person doesn’t know what to do with that.

  49. Emily says:

    Thank you for those thoughts, Cassey. I will leave the crazy diets & workouts to the models- they are beautiful women and I frequently shop at Vicky’s but it is not a glamorous life in my mind.

    I think the world, America in particular, has a very warped sense of what is beautiful and desirable. Either everyone is striving for a model figure or the thigh gap everyone seems obsessed with or they’re not working out or taking care of themselves at all. I don’t understand.

    Then celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Mindy Kaling, and Zooey Deschanel come along and are healthy, beautiful, talented women who get criticized for being “fat” even though they exercise and maintain healthy lifestyles. I truly don’t understand the mentality of our culture. I’ve stopped listening. I’m working hard to feel as healthy as I can be and treat my body the way it deserves. I don’t care what the scale says or what others tell me I should look like.

    Casey- the empire you’ve built is a breath of fresh air! Thank you for being yourself and for being a beacon of truth in this crazy world. Most importantly, thank you for encouraging your fans to be themselves and to be healthy.

    <3 E

  50. Colette says:

    Cassey, I appreciate your thoughts on this. I have learned over time that I really look at these girls and expect that if my body doesnt look like theirs, that it’s not good enough. That is a hard thing to come up against every day. So it’s helpful to really understand what these women do to look like that before a show.

    I also really appreciate that you give us such excellent feedback and that you encourage us to love our bodies. Since I started Blogilates I have been practicing looking in the mirror in the morning and thanking God for my body, even the parts I don’t love. During your muffin top video (ow, I hurt for days!) you said we should love it all, even the muffin top. I get that thinking. I know I need to practice it to be less hard on myself. So your message here (and all the time really) is meaningful to me. <3

  51. Mickis says:

    I’m so happy that we can all be VS angel models no matter the size when working out to Cassey’s Victoria Secret series ;D

  52. Tanja says:

    The girls are all very beautiful, they make money with their bodies, but nevertheless I thing that it’s the wrong way to eat, in my opinion it’s very unhealthy not to eat 9 days before and ot to drink 24 hours before. That’s sick. There are definitely other ways to keep thin than this consequent and drastic way. I do not support it and by publishing their eating behaviours they force your girls who ant to look like living barbies to eat like them.
    I know it because I was cnvinced of the way of eating like them a long time till I gave it up and started to be healthy.

    Kisses, Tanja ♥

  53. RaeAnne Vonbats says:

    It’s things like this that make me feel bad about my 5’5 hour glass 10 stone body. Even though I run every other day and average over a 100 kilometers a month.

    1. RaeAnne Vonbats says:

      Not to mention I eat Salad and fruit every day with no sweets or sugary drinks.

  54. Demi says:

    The VS models are beautiful, mainly because of the natural beauty they already posses. But everyone knows being a model is just torture and unhealthy. But that’s okay, if they wanna do whatever it takes then let them. I never aspired to be a model anyway and I never will. I just want to FEEL good and beautiful and ever since I started doing your workouts and eating healthier, I do! 🙂 I aspire to be like you Cassey, thank you for being so amazing! <3

  55. Sara says:

    I have no idea why the world thinks being super skinny is the sign of a beautiful and desirable body.I know its the model’s job to look super skinny and super sexy in the lingerie and I know their job gives them a lot of fame but is it really worth it??Starving yourself,punishing your body,depriving yourself for what??For this job!!where others decide how you feel about yourself!!!All these fashion magazines and fashionistas are the reason women (as well as men) have become so insecure about themselves!!people should stop the madness about becoming skinny and pay more attention on being strong and confident!!I am so happy that cassey advocates the very same philosophy of being “healthy,happy and strong” 🙂

  56. Yasmine says:

    If you want to lose weight there are 2 things you must get rid of:

    All the fat you have been storing which contains all the toxins your body has been accumulating. Hence you need to DETOX! The only reason why some people never lose weight is because these toxins are trapped in their fat cells and their diet does not encourage their release (it’s your body’s way of protecting itself). Hence you need to go on a juice detox, with lots of lemon and algae powder! You also need to eliminate every source of fat (meat, dairy, fried foods). It just has to happen – no ifs, no buts!

    It is also very beneficial to go on a raw vegan diet 🙂 It’s what I’m doing right now and I already lost 3 kg in a week! I wont be losing more cause i’m at my minimum right now, I just need to build up muscle..
    Here’s a list of everything you can eat raw:

    Lettuce (All kinds, be creative…)
    Leafy Greens (Spinach, Kale, Parsley, Rocket, Basil…)
    Roots (Garlic, Beetroot, Onion,…)
    Non-Sweet Fruits (Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, Zucchini, Okra -yup so yummy when raw!…)
    Sweet Fruits (Bananas, Mangoes, Dates, Figs, Plums, Oranges, Berries, Kiwis…)
    Seeds (Lentils, Sunflower, Flax, Pumpkin, Almonds…)
    Peas (Split Peas, Chickpeas, Black Eyed Peas,….) /COOKED ON LOW HEAT
    Beans (Green, Azuki, Fava,…) /COOKED ON LOW HEAT
    Nuts (Walnuts, Peanuts, Cashews,…)
    Oils (Coconut, Olive, Nut,…)
    Other (Chocolate, Agave Syrup, Maple Syrup…)

    DO IT!!

    1. Cecilia says:

      I’m sorry, but I don’t really get this “detox” theory. I do not believe there are any significant proof that there is such a chemical state of toxins in your fat cells. Toxins do not accumulate in your cells in that way. They are transported by your blood stream to be broken down in your liver, and eventually released by your body.
      Loosing weight due to a “detox session” has more to do with the low intake of calories.
      Only heavy metals can gather up (and stay) in your tissues, such as mercury in your brain tissues.
      Other nutrients do enter the cells (salts, sugars, tracers etc.), but take part in the chemical reactions of the metabolic process, and are therefore consumed. Byproducts are then released as well.

      1. Laura says:

        Not sure about this detox method Yasmine talked about… It’s quite restrictive, and restrictive is never good.

        But it is true that wether you are on a diet or not IT IS recommendable to drink around 1,5L (50,7 fl oz) of water everyday. It helps eliminating toxins your body retains, and dietitians recommend it precisely because our body (females mainly) retain a lot of liquid. Drinking water helps eliminating it, so you loose body volume. I think this is ok and not unhealthy as long as it’s a normal amount…. That VS diet plan makes them drink almost three times the amount of water that is normally suggested… It’s not healthy to drink so much water!

  57. Vanja says:

    I didn’t know anything about this particular diet. Thanks for sharing! However, I knew that these models must insanely work out and take unhealthy diets for every fashion show. Because they have to look perfect! And I hate this! It reflects on our society which only likes thin girls but not necessary healthy. I admit, I am naturally thin but I have some problems with eating. I’m afraid of overeating and to gain weight. But I’m trying to stop thinking like this and to focus on being healthy and feeling good!

    Cassey, I can’t wait for the meal plan!!!

  58. Daniela says:

    Thank you Cassey for telling us we just need to be OURSELVES!
    Lots of love

  59. Cassandra says:

    People need to understand this is only temporary and not all models would follow this eating plan, this is only her eating plan. They have a tough job to uphold and I am sure they eat healthy and whatnot most of the time and that this isn’t 24/7 that would be tragic!, have faith in people 🙂

    1. Cassandra says:

      Well I hope her normal diet is healthy :O it would be worry if not!

      1. Elise says:

        I also ran into Adriana at a McDonalds in NYC where she was junk food like the rest of us.

  60. Aura says:

    Let me first quote this: ‘There is no point in being hungry, mad and skinny.’ Please girls all over the world burn this words into your brain!

    Thank you Cassey! I once did a carb-deprived diet for half a year, and yeah, I lost weight faster than ever, but trust me when I say I wish I stayed the way I was until I was mentally able to do a normal healthy diet. I’ve talk to some friends about that time, and while I was feeling super cool, beautiful and desirable for the first time, I was also quite an irritable mad brat. Because you cannot eat like that forever and stay mentally healthy I started eating unhealthy again, all I wanted is to get back all carbs I couldn’t eat for half a year. The outcome was I developed a binge eating disorder and I rarely was happy or healthy until now.

    Don’t get me wrong. The carb deprivation wasn’t the main cause of the eating disorder, as the media is not at fault completly. Lots of factors influence girls in having low self steem and developing an eating disorder, and in my case was how I dealt with criticism on my body when I was a child that made me have low selfs teen. It’s not always the Fashion model’s fault.

    I would love to see someone in the fashion industry step out for realistic bodies and let models be healthy and confident with the body they were born with.

    Again Thank you Cassey, for helping girls all over the world feel more confident and healthy everyday, me included :)))

  61. Julia says:

    I think you should be more careful about how you write your posts Cassey! I saw this on facebook and it was like a commercial for this diet. And then the whole post starts of with “this is how to do it”. It’s very easy for someone with a shrewd body image to click and decide on doing it before they’ve even reached the end where you meekly mention that this is not healthy for everyone. Just wanted you to know 🙂

  62. Anne says:

    “It troubled me that her beauty and her worth were being determined by someone else daily…and that her confidence seemed to be weak.
    Ah! Can you imagine?”

    YES, I can imagine, are you kidding? Seriously, what troubles me is that so many of the commenters on Facebook seem to find it okay to do this kind of “diet”, because she’s a model and it’s her job. Do you guys not see the link here? Are you unaware of the fact that the main part of the pictures you see of models are a result of these kinds of diets OR photoshopped images resembling a similar body? This particular model may only eat like this for a few weeks a year, but we see the results of this all year round. That makes it a non-exeption!

    And do you not realise that this horrible, horrible pressure from the agencies towards the models doesn’t stop with the models? That pressure moves on when the model is portrayed in a magazine or on the VS runway. It moves on to you, your sister, your daughter, your best friend, who then thinks she has to starve herself to be beautiful and worthy of attention. The constant portrayal of unattainable bodies in the media (you know, even the most beautiful women are photoshopped), means that OUR beauty and OUR worth are also being determined by someone else daily. Think about it.

    (And just so we’re clear, I’m not talking against being naturally thin. I’m saying that it’s insane to pressure women to look a certain way, that maybe 1 % of the population can naturally look like. As this article about Adrianna Lima obviously shows, even the tall, thin, beautiful models don’t just “naturally” look like they do on the runway.)

    1. Léa says:

      This is A+ honestly. I agree with you 100%.

    2. dms2 says:

      I also agree with you.
      They are not selling just the lingerie they wear, but also how a girl must look with the lingerie on.

  63. Verena says:

    Wow, I love how this is post has a pretty controversial topic and still everyone is calm and civilised in the comments!
    I think we should stop to more or less conciously encourage such unhealthy things. You say it’s her job to look like this, but I don’t think the job should be that unhealthy at all. In every other job, people watch out for your safety and if they don’t, they’re considered bad bosses. There’s office companies that offer free gyms for their employees so they can get a healthy balance. Those companies know that they have some kind of responsibility for their employees, why can’t fashion companies take up their responsibility? They are responsible for the health of many more people than just their employees, because they also have great influence on lots of people.

  64. Tasha says:

    I’ve carb depleted as well, and I get very upset and hungry. I was actually satisfied with my body, but I couldn’t enjoy a happy lifestyle.
    Once I break the low-carb thing, I became a carb-obsessed person and I gained so much weight. I was eating the wrong carbs and couldn’t tell myself to stop. It was very hard to eat healthy, but I’ve managed to slowly get back on track now.
    I’m sometimes tempted to deplete carb again, because I want faster result. But, you’ve motivate me to keep eating healthy! I know that one day I’ll get the same result without being mad!
    Thanks Cassey!

  65. Coralie says:

    I love this post!
    Unfortunetly, our society is totally wrong! People think that a beautiful woman is like those VS models. It is totally untrue and that is why we have a lot and a lot of unhappy women (and men also). And the worst thing is that mentality is growing more and more everyday in the job area outside the modeling. And I was the victim of that!
    So I am unemployed just because I am short and do not look like a model. It is unfair and disgusting! So, I decided to be healthier and stronger than before, just to prove to those HR people that a short woman, with a big academic backgroung can be a high-value woman and a person which every firm want to hire.
    So VS models are not a model, an example for me. I am who I am and I know that!

  66. Krisi says:

    I really liked your post and its true…this models work extremly hard because it`s there job. I also think that we tend to forget that they go under extrem conditions to look like this, when even before they were gorgeos. I wouldn`t want to change with them and I also think it`s what it kind of image it leaves in the mind of all of us, but especially in those young ones. Going extrem is not healthy and I hope that no one will feel inspired to that on a normal basis. It`s good that you also were telling that very clear=)

  67. Zoe says:

    This is soooo interesting. But people should always remember that being skinny is not always healthy, but you should always maintain an adequate diet 🙂 Love this post! 😉
    xoxo Zoe

  68. Marlen says:

    Hi Cassey, can you please please make a Metabolic Training video ??or tabbata or something like that( short and speed ur metabolisem for the rest of the day)

  69. Sarah says:

    While I found this article informative and interesting, I am a little offput by the comment about some people being born “thin, tall and beautiful” but others have to work hard for it. That seems to imply that being beautiful only comes with being thin. You don’t have to be thin to be beautiful. I think it’s important to make sure that your readers know that.

    1. Emelda Ramirez says:

      I think she meant in relation to being a model, and to be considered* a model

      1. Helen says:

        Yes, that’s what she must have meant because the sad truth is that those are three properties you need to be a model. That doesn’t neccesarily mean that they come together.

    2. Mayar says:

      But, I think you’re missing the point of this sentence. “Thin, tall and beautiful.”
      Thin also doesn’t mean tall. Tall also doesn’t mean beautiful.
      The three are different adjectives, I think Cassey should have known better because it could be easily misunderstood. Of course thin does not equal beautiful, they’re two, subjective, physical traits.

  70. Giselle says:

    Cassey, I really like your approach, it’s good to know the information, not just about the new, but the behind of some of your experiences. I can say that it impacted me somehow because of some of the things you said/wrote. I understand what’s like being under pressure, sure can’t imagine how much pressure they must have because of their job. Thanks for sharing 😉
    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for all of us! 🙂

  71. KAri says:

    Hey guys! I used to weigh 150 now I weigh 102 5’2 I eat 1800 cal a day and my stomach and legs look just like these girls my arms might be slightly more toned. I workout on my own 1-2 hrs a day but I eat GOOD. It is possible to look like this by exercise and eating right without starving yourself. Remember muscle burns more calories than fat. Just keep High intensity training to keep that metabolism high.

    1. dms2 says:

      But not everyone is like you.
      For example I tried to workout that much and although my lower body looked great my upper body, which is naturally quite bonny, looked too skinny and my breast size reduced too much. I didn’t look like any of those girls at all and above all I didn’t like the way I looked.
      I think everyone must find her own perfect and beautiful body without looking at anyone else as a model. But again it is not easy when all around you everybody is telling you what is beautiful and what’s not. The first step is to try to break that wall.

  72. Alejandra Carrillo says:

    I think it’s sad that others get criticized so much and it is unhealthy to do such extreme diet restrictions and such. I know I wouldn’t be happy just drinking liquids. On another note, I’m so glad you’re planning a meal plan for us! *squeals*

    1. Vanessa says:

      I agree!! I’m a vegetarian too.

  73. Melissa says:

    “Healthy, happy, and STRONG”

    Cassey, you really should put these words for your next clothes, tumbler and yoga mat design! 😀

    1. Justine says:

      Oh my goodness! I totally agree! Please Cassey!

    2. Chloe says:

      Love it!

    3. Kaitlyn says:


      1. Ash says:

        “There is no point in being a hungry, mad, and skinny. Change your goal and work towards being healthy, happy, and STRONG. Everything else will fall into place. I promise.” I love this whole piece.
        If she could put this all on a tank, shirt, bag, anything.


        1. KJ says:

          That was the line that really stuck with me from this post! It should be the next POPster mantra. Definitely shirt-worthy.

    4. Katherine says:


      1. jiyoon says:


    5. Catta says:

      Agreed!!! 🙂
      What about:
      “Happiness – that’s what makes me beautiful”
      “I <3 bananas"
      "Just keep going"
      Also, pleeease, include a vegan option into your meal plan! 🙂

  74. Jessie.G says:

    My goodness… If that’s what they have to go through to be “skinny” and “beautiful” im proud of myself for the way i look and not having to go through that… If i did i would probably go insane! Haha , Cassey! Can you also do a “Meal Plan” for Vegetarians, Pescetarian, and Vegans? Please!?


    1. Mickis says:

      I’m sure she will make the new meal plan with vegan alternatives since she did that with the 90 challenge plus she also made a vegan meal plan challenge 🙂
      Like she said in the end of this post “I gotcha covered. Don’t worry.” 🙂

  75. Larissa says:

    I was anorexic when I was 13-15 just because I wished to look like these girls. The fact that you can recognize this & let people know how unhealthy & terrible this life style is amazing! I love you Cassey 🙂 xxxxx

  76. Danielle says:

    I’m probably the minority in saying this, but I think we have to keep in mind that this isn’t how she eats on a daily basis, it’s for a short period of time leading up to the show. It certainly isn’t the healthiest of choices and would be dangerous to do for a prolonged period of time, but her job requires her to look a certain way (thin AND muscular, I think) so I can see why she follows this plan leading up to the big fashion show. I can’t put myself in her place and say whether it’s right or wrong, because I don’t know what it’s like to have a career dependent upon fitting into a certain body type.

  77. Amy says:

    What you shared is so interesting. I don’t like how she stopped drinking water before her photoshoots. That is so bad. I think she would have still looked good without going through all that crap. And as for those other people being asked to be less muscly. Oh my gosh! That is crazy. I would rather have a lot of muscle to be more attractive.

  78. Tess says:

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s sad how models have to be unrealistically and unhealthily thin these days. Not everyone is tall and thin (I’m definitely not…I’m short and muscular and I don’t mind it at all) and unfortunately they promote unhealthy lifestyles and diets so people can try to look like models. It’s sad how rare it is to see fuller figured women and men in magazines. Eating clean and working out are by far the healthiest ways to lose weight and be healthier/more fit

  79. dani says:

    I feel that it is dangerous to even write about these extreme diets at all. It is very dangerous to eat like these models and I think you should have been stronger in your condemnation. dani

    1. Katherine says:

      I love you Cassey and I’m not trying to be critical but I do agree in that I feel you should have made more of a point that this is NOT something that should be done

  80. Erin says:

    She is a world famous fashion model, appearing in front of millions and millions of people. The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is a big freaking deal. Also, being a Victoria’s Secret model is such an honor and it’s highly competitive, so she is treating the whole thing as she should. This is her JOB. And I’ve heard her say she is totally aware how unhealthy it is, and unfortunately it’s the price she has to pay for her line of work.

    And so with that being said, I really hope no one takes her diet plan to heart. I used to be completely obsessed with eating everything the way Miranda Kerr ate because I wanted to look just like her. And funnily enough, it was HER words of wisdom that made me stop: “My diet and exercise works for me and my body personally. It’s important to find out what works for you and your body, and always treat yourself with respect and care.” She really changed my mind about the way that I eat and work out, and I found the perfect balance for myself.

  81. Carolyn says:

    I honestly love what you said about there not being any point about being hungry, mad, and skinny. For a long time I had problems with my confidence regarding my weight. I’ve always been categorized in the healthy weight range but because I went to a high school where girls really do look like VS models and some of them even work in the modeling industry I found myself not eating certain days if I made the wrong choices the day before and punishing myself in a really unhealthy way. Ever since I started listening to Cassey and doing Blogilates though I’ve changed. I still strive to be underweight and to look a certain way because I love the feeling of being completely confident about my body; however, I don’t skip full days of meals anymore. I may skip a meal here or there but never full days anymore AND I workout every day:) I think the only liquid diet is interesting and something I would understand trying if you were going to be in front of millions with such little clothing on, but I would be scared about getting sucked into that. I never want to feel like I did when I didn’t eat. Yes it might have given me results the next morning on the scale, but its only temporary progress. After working so hard to make myself feel like I can live a healthy life where I eat all the time and drink tons of water and am happy, I would never want to go back to starving myself, or at least feeling like I was doing that…interesting article though!

    1. Amy says:

      Oh yeah. I forgot about her saying there is no point in being hungry. I thought that was insightful. I feel irrated when I am too hungry.

  82. Steffi says:

    I may not have a flat stomach, I’m short and still have a lot to go, i love my body. I love that I’m eating clean now and that I work out. I just love sweating its crazy! I don’t work out to look like a supermodel, i do it because it makes me feel good and it makes me stronger. Yes, I am trying to lose weight, but not to the point that i would opt for a liquid diet. My relationship with food has gotten better and i now understand that it is where my energy for everyday comes from and that food is just awesome :3

    you are an inspiration to many girls around the world Cassey, thank you for all that you do.

  83. Leanne says:

    I think her diet plan along with all other diet plans for models are just crazy and I feel sorry for them. Having to succumb to all these pressures just to fit the bill of what a model should be is just sad. Models should be the embodiment of what healthy, fit women look like and not underweight mannequins with photoshopped abs.

    1. Katherine says:

      hear hear

  84. Beth McMahon says:

    A few co-workers and I were talking about this the other day. #1 to look like a model you have to be pretty tall… And with height being completely out of your control, that’s disappointment #1. Then there’s the thin/fit factor. And then there was #3… Rumors are that they actually measure your torso:leg ratio, and to be a VS Angel you have to make the ratio or your torso needs to be a certain length. Underwear and bikinis just don’t photograph well on those with a short torso. So yet again, another genetic thing you have no control over, even with a six pack.

    Workout and eat clean because it will give you many happy, healthy years to spend with your family and friends. Do it so you can enjoy everything else in your life. Trying to look like a VS Angel is probably not a goal you want to set.

    1. Amy says:

      Amen to the last part. It is sad how they have to have a certain leg to hip ratio.

  85. Mackayla says:

    I eat clean and do your videos religiously Cassey, and recently i’ve just been given the title of Grand Finalist in an international modelling competition where i’m representing my home country. The only thing i’m concerned with is getting the ‘walk’ down pat, it’s pretty difficult in sky high heels to walk gracefully. Luckily for me I have a fast metabolism, so I don’t worry about my weight or body at all as i’m in great form thanks to my diet and workout plan (your calendar). Although I am young, and I do see when the media is pressuring young girls, I myself have never felt pressured to look a certain way. There are girls that are confident in themselves that see past the lies shown on tv and understand that they are beautiful in their own way without needing to be told, so I think it’s wrong when people say that the media ONLY negatively influences young women. It just takes time for girls to develop a sense of confidence, and for some impressionable young girls the media’s constant messages of what it means to be beautiful sticks with them and they can’t see their own beauty because of this. Eventually though, I think all people get to a point where they can accept the way they look, at least I hope everyone does because it can’t be fair for people like me to feel confident and happy in themselves whilst others are forever suffering. I hope all you POPsters realise how gorgeous you are inside and out, you too Cassey, you stunner you!



  86. Caitlyn says:

    I think it’s fairly typical for a “show” diet. I’ve known spas that talk about having female bodybuilders come in for full body wraps to make their skin as tight and clear as possible. They want and need to look their best because their career depends on it. Now, what we don’t look at, or scrutinize, are their diets and lifestyles while they aren’t preparing for a show.
    The point is: Is it safe or recommended for someone who is trying to lose body fat to try this to “lose weight?” Not one bit.

  87. eunice says:

    “There is no point in being a hungry, mad, and skinny. Change your goal and work towards being healthy, happy, and STRONG.”
    This is so true : )

  88. Kristina says:

    Having done the no-carb diet too years ago, I can’t agree more with what you said :

    “There is no point in being a hungry, mad, and skinny. Change your goal and work towards being healthy, happy, and STRONG. Everything else will fall into place. I promise.”

    Thank you, Cassey ! 🙂

  89. Margaret says:

    “There is no point in being a hungry, mad, and skinny. Change your goal and work towards being healthy, happy, and STRONG.”

    I just… I love you, Cassey. I love your new outlook on this. <3

  90. Klaudia says:

    Honestly it just sounds like an anorexic kind of diet. It deprives the models of actually living, and takes away the enjoyment of eating. It makes me sad because VS models set an example for girls all over the world yet I’m not sure if it’s a positive example.

  91. Juli says:

    It’s insane. I don’t work out to look like a supermodel – I work out because it brings me joy, I feel happy and proud of myself and it makes me appreciate my body more. But many girls work out to actually look like the VS Angels and the girls in the magazines – and what Adriana Lima is telling us (probably unintentionally) is that NO woman will ever look like a VS Angel without going through kind of unnatural and unpleasant diets. The highest beauty standard – because, let’s be honest, the VS Angels are THE beauty queens among models – is actually an illusion. Not even Candice Swanepoel, who has such a nice body, looks like that everyday. Vogue recently photoshopped her bum, so if they are doing that to Candice, who is so gorgeous, it is simply because the beauty standards in our society are unachievable.
    But I’m not saying that in a negative way. Beauty comes from within. If you’re happy, you’re going to glow anyway. So, I’m not going to stress about how my butt looks or if my belly is a bit too round, because I know that even Adriana Lima doesn’t have the ‘perfect’ body. I’m going to work out because it keeps me healthy and I know that my body loves the exercise.

  92. Tiffany says:

    I’ve tried the 90 day meal plan, and it hasn’t been working. I must be doing something wrong?

  93. Tishana says:

    I feel bad for girls who are under that kind of pressure it would be so hard. I think your Healthy, Happy and Strong quote should be on your shirts 🙂 Thanks for all you do and definitely changing me to be healthier and stronger than I’ve been in my life!

  94. Tina says:

    Wow! This is definitely interesting. Thanks for sharing Cassey. Thanks also for letting us know that this is not a healthy way of eating and helping guide us towards a plan that IS healthy and will stick in the long run 🙂