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Hey guys!

How has your 2016 been so far!? I’ve worked out every day for the past 3 days and I don’t plan on letting that momentum slow down as January moves along. Loving the new energy in the air and seeing everyone SO excited about health and wellness 🙂

To celebrate, here is your Ultimate 2016 Ab Workout…but it’s not just a workout to celebrate the new year, I’m playing around with the numbers to. Here’s what I want you to do!  1. Scissors Kicks x 20 2. Ballerina Situp x 16 3. Corkscrew x 20 4. Ballerina Situp x 16 5. Cha Cha Abs x 20 6. Ballerina Situp x 16 7. Double Leg Lifts x 20 8. Ballerina Situp x 16 9. Teaser x 20 sec 10. Ballerina Situp x 16 This workout got my abs burning like crazy! I want you to do this and challenge 1 friend to do it too. It may seem like a lot, but it goes by pretty quick. The entire workout is just about 10 min long! For any Blogilates Workout Calendar newbies, this is your “new video” for Monday. I upload on Sundays so that people in other countries outside of the US and get it on time. So, always expect your new videos to preview on Sunday! What videos would you like me to do more of:

  • dance workouts
  • ab workouts
  • cardio/HIIT workouts
  • butt workouts
  • leg workouts
  • arm workouts
  • vlogs
  • food

Submit your vote below by commenting! This will help me program the videos you will be seeing in January! Thank you!

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  1. Autumn says:

    Please do more hit of ab workout

  2. Kim says:

    I vote for HIITs, vlogs, and food videos. 🙂

  3. Anna says:

    Great workout! I love the burn 😀

    Would love to see a HIIT workout that is easy on the knees – my knees get pretty dodgy from lots of jumping, so that can be an issue with HIIT workouts, but I still love them!

    Whatever you do, keep it coming!

  4. Celeste says:

    I just HIIT the Snowbunny Blast followed by this new ab workout. Feeling good!

  5. Juliana says:

    Love this workout! Thought I was gonna die but kept pushing!
    Really love working out with you!
    Thanks for everything! You are awesome!

  6. Dee says:

    arms and dance work outs :))

  7. Saretha Potgieter says:

    HIIT/cardio, arms, legs, abs and butt please 🙂 I really enjoy Blogilates’s workouts

  8. Cindy says:

    Arms please

  9. T says:

    Dance videos would be amazing as Inlove to dance but don’t have the time to take lessons 🙂

  10. Joni says:

    Dance Dance Dance 🙂

  11. jasmine says:

    More FOOD and DANCE videos!!!!!!!

  12. Hunar says:

    Pls do more HIIT/cardio workouts I loovve ’em..Soooo helpful n awesome

  13. Gaby says:

    Dance and abs ?

  14. Miranda says:

    more dance and butt workouts please!!! those are my favorite. <3

  15. Maha says:

    could you do more of arm workouts? i love working my arms

  16. Rosaria says:

    Abs and dance workout! The ultimate 2016 a s workout is The best! Love The ballerina sit ups!!

  17. Sophie says:

    Dear cassey, i love love love your work out Videos, because its fun and easy to understand and ur the best motivational instructor!!!!!!!!!
    I like the dance/ song. Work outs so much bc I love music <3
    I'd love more of those:)
    And videos for posture/back/abs/healthy way of sitting.
    Thank you so so so much:)

  18. Becca says:

    Cardio/HIIT! 🙂

    1. Hunar says:


  19. Anna Klueber says:

    I want to become certified to teach POP Pilates. Is there an age requirement? And what is the total cost? Where are the workshop sessions going to be? I need to decide soon, so please let me know ASAP!
    And to answer your question, I would like more HIIT workouts and food videos. I looove Cheap Clean Eats!

  20. Anna says:

    More dance and arms with weights, please 🙂

  21. jenny says:

    Dance workout!!! : *

  22. mandy says:

    Amazing killer video like always ! 🙂
    Please Cassey, can you make a meal plan for people who want to gain weight, but muscles not fat ?

  23. Thia says:

    I need some back strength… upper and lower.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Dance workouts please! 🙂

  25. Angela says:


    Cassey, you enthuse us all, thank you! Am addicted to your daily workouts and feel heaps better! Dance videos are a fun change but I feel I get more from your workouts which focus on specific body areas. Sitting at a desk all day, I really need to improve strength in my back, arms and abs 🙂

    Love the fact we can do the workouts with no added equipment. Thank you Cassey! xxx

  26. Shivika says:

    Happy New Year Cassey!!

    I would love to see more dance videos because the ‘Fat Burning Dance Video to Bodypop’ was so much fun and definitely a favourite as well as the Cadio Ballet workout! I also would love more HIIT Cardio workouts, maybe even another program like the Snowbunny Blast?

    And more Cheap Clean Eats videos would be amazing!

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  27. Kelli Walker says:

    Dance workouts!!! 🙂 🙂 I need to get more coordinated

  28. Marie says:

    I would say dance cardio but even more vigorous than your others if that’s possible!

  29. michelle says:

    I love your HIIT workouts Cassey! I’d love to see more of those in 2016 🙂

  30. CaraLee says:

    you should definitely do more dance workout videos

  31. Amanda says:

    I would love to have more dance workouts!! So fun and a great form of cardio. I have a disease that affects my spine so I am not able to do a lot of the cardio videos anymore because of all the jumping 🙁 Dancing has been a great alternative for me!

  32. Sara says:

    Hi Cassey!
    Cardio and arms workouts please, Also some weight trainning!!

  33. Inês says:

    Butt workouts and food! I’d love those two!
    Love from Portugal, Cassey! Xo

  34. Leah says:

    I’m interested in more arm and dance videos! <3

  35. lyndsey says:

    could you do a dance video for “dummies”? i have no coordination or dance skill what-so-ever but i love your dance videos , aside from the fact i usually end up injured lol.

  36. Bryna Blush says:

    Hi Cassey! I would LOVE to see more dance workouts, arm workouts, and vlogs! <3 I love this community!

  37. Judith says:

    Dance workouts please!!xx

  38. Ana says:

    Hi Cassey, I am from Venezuela!!. I would like arm and dance workouts!

  39. A says:

    I would love some more dance and cardio workouts! I’d also like to see more vegetarian or vegan recipes.

  40. madison says:

    more dance workouts and vlogs please!!

  41. Desi Rae says:

    I would love to see more dance workouts! They are so much fun and they get me pumped for the rest of my workout! I’d love to see more food videos too! I love to cook and your recipes are delicious!

  42. Agnes says:

    More arm workouts and leg workouts, and by the way you are amazing<3

  43. Hanna says:

    I really would like to do more butt workouts!

  44. Sandy says:

    Hi Cassey,

    Could you please share few videos or suggest post natal workouts to reduce tummy. I have 2 finger ab separation due to pregnancy.


  45. Noelle says:

    CASSEY!!! more butt workout and vlogs pls!!!!

  46. Roxy says:

    More arm workouts please. A full workout on how to lift and work the ladies would be amazing too!

    I would also love to see a post on emotional eating and what to do after an emotional or anxiety binge or had a cheat day instead of a cheat meal =/

  47. Berenice says:

    Happy New Year! More dance videos please! They are seriously the most fun cardio workouts! Thanks!

  48. holly says:

    Happy New Year, Cassey!

    So nice of you to solicit feedback for new videos.

    My favorite videos, by far, are your older, longer routines — the 30-minute workouts. Some days I just love going straight through a fully conceived routine that hits each body part and includes thoughtful stretches that pair well with the exercises.

    Since it has been a few years, how about doing a new intermediate 30-minute total body routine, in your lovely new studio? It could be a go-to for the ladies on business trips, fans transitioning from the beginner to the advanced calendars, or just a nice breather from 5-vid-per day routine. You could call it the holiday workout, lighthearted and designed to be done in a hotel room… or maybe the glamor girl jet-set routine…I’ll be traveling in Asia for three weeks soon, and would love this kind of 30-minute routine to follow in the mornings.

    Xoxo! Thank you!

  49. Ritul says:

    More cardio and leg workouts please. Arm workouts with weights would also be great.
    Thank you!☺

  50. Jessica says:

    Happy New Year Cassey!

    I am thinking that more cardio and moves that target the saddle bag area could be fun. 🙂 Also more weights or resistance band workouts!

    Thanks! XOXO

  51. Justine says:

    I would love to see longer cardio workouts! since i like to do a whole hour workout of cardio without breaks, it would be fun!

  52. Melanie Ong says:

    Did the 2016 workout as scheduled in the January calendar, Need to work on my core strength even more! I am determined to do better and fill my life with positivity!

  53. Joyce says:

    Thanks so much for all your videos! I do them every day and I love watching vlogs too. More dance, butt, arm, vlogs, and food please!

  54. Allegra says:

    Arm exercises please! Also, I’m prone to tennis elbow, so maybe not more up up down downs, they seem to really bring on the pain.

  55. Anna says:

    I definitely vote for more cardio videos! Dance is good too and maybe some weight training? that’d be awesome!

  56. Jillian says:

    I really love your dance videos, I am also a dancer and I am really trying to get in shape. It makes me love to work out!! So plz more dance workouts

  57. Katie Tubbs says:

    I would like more arm videos!!

  58. Maria says:

    I’m so ready to be in shape this year. I need to lose weight until after summerbreak, this is really important! But I’ve tried so many times, but this time i actually feel like I’m gonna do this. But I always try to find a workoutbuddy, someone who feels as desperate to be fit as i do, but all my friends are skinny. If you wanna be my workoutbuddy, pleaase contact me on instagram in the directbox! My username is: ” maria_sorvik “. I would love to have someone to chat with on a daily basis to inspire each other to keep on working and not give up! So if you’re as ready as I am, join me! 🙂

  59. Skylar says:

    I really want more cardio workouts! I want more variety, because I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten much stronger over the past few months, but I still have some unwanted fat in those areas. I just think more cardio would good for a better variety and because they’re overall just very fun!

  60. Christina says:

    More arm videos, and with weights!!!

  61. Vic says:

    Happy New Year.

    Cassey! Runners need you!
    In general we can run for hours but tend to ignore conditioning/strength, which leaves us prone to injury.
    I’ve recently discovered your videos and think they are fab and your positivity is infectious.
    Could you do a video or a play list of your videos that you think would most benifit runners?
    (Core/glutes/hiit/kettle bells? IDK)

    Thanks Cassey!


    1. Nikki says:

      I agree with this!!! I’m not sure if Cassey is big on running…. but I know she ran a 1/2 marathon at some point.

  62. peppermint patty says:

    More Leg Workouts, please!
    And I’d love to see a new 🙂
    Thank you, Cassey, for all your videos!

  63. Renee says:

    Arms please!

  64. Nicole says:

    More HIIT routines! I absolutely love them!

  65. Katrin says:

    Dear Cassey,

    I love your 2016 abs workout, which I did yesterday before doing your abs and obliques videos from last week. I particularly like the new move, the ballerina sit up. I quiet easily managed the entire routine. After finishing, I realized though that I actually managed to work out a BLISTER on my TAILBONE! Never heard of a thing like that..
    I tried to do your legs and cardio day today, where the 2016 abs workout is the first video (I´m always somewhat behind schedule with your monthly calendar) and I had to skip the entire “sit up” section (doing a double set of the odd numbered moves, except the cork screw, where I skipped the second half because I was too exhausted already). The blister just hurts way too much to even think of doing anything close to a sit up! I´m curious how fast this blister is going to heal…

    Nevertheless, all your work outs make me happy except maybe the dance work outs. Those are a struggle to me, but I like being challenged!


    1. Emma says:

      I completely agree with NO MORE DANCE videos. I am not a dancer. just want to sweat and work hard.

  66. Wilma says:

    Back workouts!! And the dance workouts are really fun 🙂 xx

  67. Iohanne says:

    i would love for you to do more dance videos, but maybe more ballet inspired or a specific style like jazz:)

  68. Mary says:

    HIIT and Butt please!!! :))

  69. Angela says:

    dance workouts!!!!

  70. Crystal says:

    Please do more dance and leg workouts!!:-)

  71. Marben says:

    Dance workouts, please! =)

  72. voula says:

    Hello cassey i loved your videos regarding food and the ideas that you give as. I would like to post and others kisses from greece

  73. Maren says:

    Cardio and dance workouts:)

  74. Sara says:

    i vote for videos with weights , like a total body workout with weights ^^
    Happy new year Cassey !:*

  75. Conny says:

    Abs, butt, legs, please!!! 🙂

  76. Zoe says:

    HIIT and leg workouts

  77. Andrea says:

    ab, legs and Dance Workouts

  78. Iva says:

    i love all your workouts, but can you do some ab workouts for us mums strugglin with diastasis recti?
    Thank you!

  79. sofia says:

    FOOD! :9

  80. Shannon says:

    I’d love more cardio/HIIT videos, especially now that its finally getting cold where I am and the treadmill gets so depressing!

  81. Jolien says:


    I know It isn’t one of the options but I would like more stretch video’s . We only have one a week and I would like to get more flexible. From all the other options I have enough favorite video’s to chose from when I want to exercise but with stretching and also cardio not so much 🙂

  82. Biene says:

    Abs, butt and back would be awesome! Especially one for the lower back to reduce back pain (Not only stretches, moves!) 🙂

  83. Martina says:

    Please do more videos about healthy food 🙂
    Love you xx

  84. Charlotte says:

    more arms please!!! particularly ones with weights

  85. Rach says:

    Cardio/HIIT and food

  86. Melody says:

    More food videos so that I have ideas on what and how to eat healthily but still yummy

  87. Janelle says:

    I would love to see more food videos with some easy and fast recipes. Vlogs would also be great!

  88. Gillian says:

    upper body workouts please!

  89. Lauren says:

    PLEASE do more dance videos! <3

  90. Breanna says:

    Loved this workout. I have been doing your videos before you became more famous. I’ve stopped working out and got back into working out again. This video was alot of fun. It would be great if you did more HIIT and cardio and abs.

  91. Cassie says:

    DANCE WORKOUT!!! or butt, and maybe a vlog just about weight loss in general. ALSO, COULD YOU PLEASE DO MORE OF THE MUSIC WORKOUT CHALLENGES, THOSE WERE MY FAVES!

  92. Bashly says:

    I vote for you to do a video on different types of salads, like how to get creative and not always get bored eating the same type over and over again, or any other healthy food ideas, Please! loved the Ballerina Sit ups!

  93. Kay says:

    cardio hiit!

  94. Eleni says:

    Hello Cassey and happy new year!! I vote for 1) upper body workouts 2) a workout combining abs and back,the whole core and 4) legs and butt…with equipment pleaaase!!!I have a pilates ring, resistance bands, dumbells and I want to work them with you..especially the ring!Also a streching workout would be great!And I suggest doing some longer and intense workouts, 15-20 minutes, or even 30 min.!!!!You’re an inspiration!Love and greetings from Greece! <3

  95. Caroline says:

    Cardio/HIIT and legss!!!

  96. Naomi Bishop says:

    Food and dance! Those are my favorite ones!

  97. Osha says:

    As I worked out today, a few questions arose and so I asked myself if tutorials can also be an option, from time to time. Especially, for the advance movements. For example, earthquake – am I to stay on the sits bones the whole time or the tipping point is the tailbone, with a bit of curved lower back ? hollow rock – is the lower back has to stay down while rocking ? Another option is to include more detailed explanations in the wo videos. I have your awesome book, it is not there either. Thank you so very much.

  98. Diana says:

    Legs and HIIT <3

  99. Jamie says:

    Dance & Cardio for sure!

  100. Paige says:

    2016 abs was AB-MAZING!
    I’d love to see more v-logs and dance videos in 2016 :*
    Love you Cassey – here’s to the best year ever! 😀

  101. Jackie says:

    I love cardio/hiit wo. They’re my fav. Also always love abs

  102. Lisa Riendeau says:

    More Cardio/HIIT videos!! Because your toning videos are amazing but we need to lose fat before! Your cardio videos are cool but too short and too rare 🙁 ! xx

  103. Isabelle says:

    you should do videos with foam rollers! I just got one and I know very little about how to use it.

  104. Alex says:

    More dance and butt workouts ! I so love that ;)))

  105. Grace says:

    More cardio and arm videos, especially with weights! I just love the sweet soreness after doing one of your workouts with weights 🙂

  106. Catarina says:

    BUTT! I love your butt work out! I have some problem with the abs work out because my neck hurts, i am working on that using the begginers video!

  107. Katherine says:

    I would like more leg workouts. A lot of people are saying dance, and since dance can be a lot of leg work, I don’t think I’d mind dance either. But, it would be awesome if the dance videos were really intense. I don’t like too easy. Love you, Cassey!

  108. jen says:

    dance! It doesn’t feel like a workout then because its fun! 🙂

  109. jyoti says:


  110. jyoti says:

    dance videos 🙂

  111. lindsay says:

    Hey Cassey!

    I’d love to see some more videos using the pilates ring, (for any part of the body really), AND some dance videos would be a blast too! Thanks girl!

  112. Morgane says:

    More dance cardio ! And I really like to do more ab and butt workout please 🙂 !

  113. A says:

    More arm and back workouts,please! Your back workouts are my favourite ones 🙂

  114. Lindsay says:

    I need more arm videos! I want people to fear me when I flex my biceps 😉

    I also love your dance videos! I’d love more of those for sure!

  115. Savannah Untersee says:

    More dance cardio workouts please!!!!!!

  116. Aleeah says:

    I’d like more dance workouts :D! You have a lot more abs, butt, legs and HIIT, i think a dance workout is a must have 😀

  117. sara says:

    legs and dance workouts! 😀

  118. Hannah says:

    More dance cardio, arms (maybe with some weights?) and HIIT!!! :))))

  119. Joelle says:

    Pleaseeee do a dance cardio, i loveeee those <3

  120. Shahrzad Abdollahi says:

    MORE LEG WORKOUTS PLEASE. Just purchased the stretch resistance bands from your site, so it would be awesome if you did more videos to incorporate them :D.

  121. Patrícia says:

    I would love to watch some more videos like “what i eat in a day” , or some vlogs, I love also your food videos, maybe you could show us some recipes for winter, that will be warm, since it is harder at least for me to eat clean in winter, because I need to eat something warm on these cold days and there are not a lot of recipes that are as good for winter as for summer. But it is just an idea:) Frankly any of your videos brings me some sunshine in these days:) And also dance workout! I was always so not talented when it came to dancing, however recently I´m getting better, and I´m very happy when I dance, I gained a lot of confidence thank to your videos and everything that you stand for, that when we had a school prom (I´m in senior year and in our country we have some kind of “goodbye prom” where our parents and teachers from our school are too) I joined danceclass and I danced the first dance that dance just a few of pupils. Yeah.. I just wanted you to know that you, and your videos, your story, all of that helped/helps me a lot to grow and I also wanted to say thank you..:) So.. vlogs and dance videos!:))

  122. Tamia says:

    I would really like to do more abs workout and more cardio HIIT workouts :]

  123. Jenn says:

    More cardio/HIIT workouts and food ideas! I’m running out of ideas for breakfast outside of eggs and oatmeal.

  124. Aparajita says:

    Please more dance workouts! And also some more abs and legs!

  125. Lily says:

    I’d love to see more HIIT Workouts as well as butt, legs and especially vlogs!! 😉

    1. Lindsay says:

      YES! VLOGS!

      I’m so for that!

  126. Gabriella says:

    Dance and abs are my favourite :):):)

  127. Emma says:

    A dance workout would be fun!! I can’t do HIIT as i’m in an upstairs flat so dancing is superfun to get the heart rate up!!

  128. Caitlin says:

    Please do some more dance workouts to lady gaga songs! I loved your applause arms workout (Gaga is my my idol!!) and would love more dance workouts to Gaga ??

  129. Hani says:

    kpop dance ?

  130. Meike says:

    I love the dance videos,but I also really like the food videos! I’m always looking for some new and healthy recipes.

  131. Kristie says:

    Cassey, I love the thigh stuff and I would really love an inner thigh and saddlebag challenge. Something that is tough and will scuplt really well.

  132. jana says:

    butt and leg workouts :)also food 🙂

  133. Mariah says:

    I also really would love a video on how you use a tennis balls to massage lover back and glute muscles!

  134. Mariah says:


  135. Veronika says:

    Hey Cassie!How about you do some workout for back?For someone who has a bad posture!It would be awesome if you could make a 30 day challenge that makes our posture better and makes our back healthier.What do you think?It would be delightful and something you didn’t do before.

  136. Emma says:

    I absolutely loved this new video! It was so hard but at the same time so good! 😉 I’d love if you did a new stretching video or arms/back workout! And I love your cheap clean eat videos as well!
    Kisses from Italy:**

  137. Daisy says:

    Dance!! 🙂

  138. Yuko says:

    Dance and abs!
    Thank you so much for all you do, Cassey!! 🙂

  139. Virag says:

    Dance workouts, please!! 🙂

  140. Jennifer says:

    Dance 🙂

  141. Iuliana says:

    Cardio/HIIT and leg workouts would be awesome! <3

  142. Stephanie T says:

    All of the above!!

    But if I had to pick I would love to see some back/abs workout to exercise the entire core all the way around. My back is always my most neglected area next to arms (especially those hard to exercise lat muscles).

    I also would love to see a stretching/foam rolling routine 🙂

  143. Di says:

    Arms, standing butt & ab workouts !

  144. Athena says:

    Haha! I’m all about them dance videos Cassey!!!
    Though, not gonna lie, I equally love the food videos too!!!

  145. Melanie :D says:

    Dance Cardio :3

  146. Kaya says:

    I’d love to see more dance workouts! I’m trying to build strength for my ballet classes, so it would be super cool to see some more integration.

  147. mobeen hajiazimi says:

    dance cardio!

  148. kelly says:

    Dance 🙂

  149. Cyndi says:

    Arms!! And legs and butt please 🙂 Also some strengthening back videos or shoulder stretches would be great as I spend all day on a computer.

    And your timer videos are my favourite. HIIT/cardio is much less painful when I have the timer. I yell at myself only 15 more seconds!! you got this!!

    And I bought Health because you were on the cover! You go girl!!

  150. Katie Golden says:

    Definitely Dance and Food!

  151. Priya says:

    Hi Cassey, I’m a person who quite Lazy in Workout, Since i star to follow your workout i Love to force myself, but if there is a Dance Workout i think it will more fun.

    Waiting for your New Video!

  152. Georgia says:

    I personally love the food videos i feel casey already has so many workout videos but not enough food ones hahaha, Casey you’re so great seriously you are the best fitness guide ever please do more food videos <3

  153. Alexandra says:

    I would love to see more dance and food videos!! 🙂

  154. Katie says:

    Dance workout!!! :DDD

  155. Elena says:

    Back videos maybe challenge or butt. Greetings from Macedonia. Lots of love.

  156. Daria says:

    dance workout

  157. Sue says:

    At first, thank you doing this video, it is really challenging although I’m doing your videos for nearly a year. As someone already mentioned in a comment, what about doing a 2016 series with videos for every body part, following the 20 – 16 reps thing? My fave body part for toning are the abs tho 🙂 What I’d also love but doesn’t appear in your list above are stretching videos. There are just a few and I like to do more than one on fridays, so it gets repetitive very fast. Btw I tend do do your newest stretching video from the swimsuit slimdown nearly every week because I love it.

    You are such an inspiration to me, thank you for that and keep on rocking!

    Greetings from Berlin / Germany,

  158. Dieh says:

    Cardio and dance, combined would be perfect!!

  159. Dee says:

    More dance and cardio please! :))*

  160. Tori says:

    More abs, legs and arms videos pllleeeaaassse

  161. Anya says:

    HIIT/Cardio<3 & strength HIIT
    Full body
    longer workout/videos. 15 to 20 minutes.
    I'm also loving this months challenge. It would be a great year to do monthly challenges focusing on different parts of the body.

  162. sarah says:


  163. Fabil says:

    I would Love to do more back Videos bc my middle back Hurts so much ? Also new quiet cardio Videos would be amazing bc Every Time i do cardio my mom Hears me ? For ne dancing videos are not funny ? Thank you for uploading the Videos early for us in Europe 🙂

  164. Ella says:

    I would love to see some more back videos, especially for lower back!
    I think people often overlook this region but its so important for the core and there aren’t many Blogialtes videos on it 🙂
    HIIT/cardio and arms would also be awesome
    Thank you for everything you do for us Cassey, you’ve truly transformed my body and health and helped me to love exercise and fitness xxxx

  165. Mariana says:

    Dance cardio pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!! <3 ????

  166. Erin says:

    more food videos please

  167. Jenny says:

    cardio/hiit!!! 😀

  168. Silvia says:

    dance workout… cos we love it!!!! 😉

  169. Meghan says:

    Could you do something for abs, specifically for abs BESIDES lower abs? I’ve just started doing the beginner workouts (focusing on abs). and though my lower abs are really feeling it, the rest of my core just…isn’t.

    Thank you!

  170. Jordann says:

    Please show off some dance workouts and some more of your inventive foods!

  171. Konny says:

    I would love to see more dance workouts *-*

  172. Stanka says:

    Love this Ultimate 2016 ab workout idea!!! I’m proud I made it without any break. My body has totally changed after 4 months of daily work-outing with you Cassey 😉 Moves as Ballerina Sit-up are now my favourites 🙂 :). More videos like this please! or would love to see more butt and legs workout videos.
    Thanks for thinking of us in Europe BTW 🙂 I very appreciate Sundays video uploading. I’m certainly not alone who is looking forward to seeing a new video every Monday in the Czech Republic!!!

  173. Sabrina says:

    I would love to see more dance workouts and vlogs!!!

  174. Claire says:

    Hi Cassey! I have a question that I really hope you can respond to, please. It’s quite important.
    I need to gain about 10 pounds. What should I do to assure that I gain a healthy, lean, muscular body?
    Thank you so much

  175. Laura says:

    Arms and Core!!! Cardio also… not a big fan of it, but its needed!

  176. Andrada says:

    Dance workout!!!

  177. Teresa says:

    Vlogs, food, HIITS, and dance workouts please!!! 🙂

  178. Tara Payne says:

    I would love to see more food videos with healthy recipes!! And waist waddling for sure! Workouts to trim down the fat.

  179. Nicole says:

    I love the standing pilates videos! Maybe something for calves?
    And more what I eat in a day videos!
    You’re awesome!

    1. Bernz says:

      Yes!! Something for calves!! 🙂

  180. Lauren says:

    I would love to see some more back and butt workouts! I want to get super tight and toned! 🙂

  181. Samantha says:

    This is my ranking of what I’d like to see 🙂
    1. Arm // 2. Leg
    3. Abs //4. Cardio/HIIT
    5. Butt // 6. Vlog
    7. Food // 8. Dance
    I’m not a fan of Dance at all. I don’t feel like I get a workout when doing then, I just slowly shimmy around and I honestly feel like those are a waste of time for me. I replace the dance videos with a different warm up when they show up in the calendars. I put Arms first because I feel like, as you said in an arms video, we tend to overlook them. I honestly forget about arm fitness until Arms day rolls around lol.

    I love love looove timer/progress bar, they give me motivation to keep going “only 20 more secs.. come onnn that’s nothing”.

    1. Samantha says:

      I love the idea of the 20×16 workouts, that’s a very cute idea!! You should make that a new series! 🙂

    2. Rachel C says:

      That’s funny, I feel the same way about the dance videos. It takes me so long to catch on that I feel like I’m not getting any cardio. I usually substitute a different video too.

  182. Brittney says:

    Thanks for the great video! More dance workouts please!

  183. Future Mrs. Lew says:

    More Cardio DANCE videos!

  184. Jen says:

    Abs and booty!

  185. Hayley says:

    Dance workouts! I love those.

  186. Daria says:

    Please,Cassey, make more cardio/HIIT workouts:3

  187. Sara says:

    I personally prefer HIIT videos, I feel like my muscles are crying when I do one of them 😉

  188. Sofia says:

    I would love to see some more food videos such as salads and such 🙂

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    Something to whittle the waist please! Im doing your 30 day waist trainning challenge atm and really enjoying it but moawr please!

  190. Louise says:

    Cardio dance pleaseee ! This is so fun !
    And I know it’s not in the list, but I really like stretching and relaxing videos, in order to relieve the low back pain !

  191. Maya says:

    Arm workout please!! <3 I'd also like to see your vlogs!
    Ps. I love your snapchat!!

  192. patty says:

    legs and back challenge!!

  193. Danaa says:

    Cardio and legs :). And also food! :).

  194. Anne says:

    Dear Cassey,

    I’ve been following your calendars for a while now and I love it, thanks so much! There is only one thing that’s bothering me and that is that the playlist for the day is often not up yet when I work out in the morning. It’s not a problem when it’s clear which vids to use, but for example this morning I couldn’t find the new video. Would it be possible to upload the playlists and new vids a bit earlier for us Popsters in the Netherlands? It would be much appreciated.

    Best wishes,


  195. Svenja says:

    Hi Cassey,
    i would like some new dance workouts. Your Bodypop-Workout is great !

  196. Dawn says:

    Cardio/HIIT ❤

  197. Renee says:

    How about a 2016 leg workout? <3

  198. Hey Cassey!!

    I have a cruise I am going on in Feb! Trying to get into this two piece!!! (lolol) I have uppd my ainty and have moved to two workouts a day. Yours in the A.M. before work and then a Turbo Fire after work before dinner! I would love to see more legs and abs, two very important things needed for a hot swimsuit bod…lol

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  201. Laura says:


  202. Marta says:

    More HIIT videos, pls! ??????

  203. Elizabeth says:


  204. manganika says:

    Back challenge with no equipment, pleeeeeeease 🙂

    1. Avery says:

      Does anyone know any exercises to lose the double chin? I find that I have a lot of fat under my chin and around my neck. I also have chubby cheeks and i want to slim down. Any recommendations??

  205. Ale says:

    Hi Cassey!
    That’ the first time I leave you a comment!!!! I startd the new begninners workout and I’m currently at day 4, it’s amazing! I’d like more butt workouts and leg workouts!

  206. Sara says:

    Butt, legs and cardio/hiit workouts. Cassey you’re such an inspiration for me, and I can’t wait to finally get the body I want. Thank you for being to positive and energy in you videos, it helps a lot!! Love you <3

  207. Ru says:

    DANCE, CARDIO workouts!

  208. Sophie says:


  209. Claire says:

    PLEASE Cassey dance videos, cardio&HIIT videos and THIGHS VIDEOS !!!!! Thank you Claire

  210. Viktoria says:

    Hi Cassey! I would love more arm and back workouts, and also more butt and dance workouts!! You’re doing such a great work, you should be proud. Looking forward to see what 2016 brings! xx

  211. Courtney says:

    More dumbbell arm workouts! I do the VS Angel Arms all the time. Also other videos that utilize weights would be great!

  212. Elisabeth says:

    More cardio/HIIT and BACK videos please! I’d love to watch more vlogs from you as well 🙂

  213. Elle says:

    Cassie, your videos are amazing and are keeping me fit in the cold winter months! I love them! Thanks for always being so sunny and body-positive!

    A request for the apartment dwellers– HIIT/cardio workouts that are also QUIET (burpees make me super afraid that I am gonna crash through the floor and onto my downstairs neighbor, creak creak creak). I do the New York Times 7 minute workout, but would love to vary it up with your good energy and know-how.

    Hugs from Germany!

  214. Blanka says:

    Hi Cassey! First of all, thank you for all the work you put into the videos and the workout plans! You’ve helped me become a stronger, more confident person, and I’m very grateful to you. Regarding the vote, I’d love some arm workouts. And, even though it’s not on the list, could you please do a new stretching video?

  215. Ashley says:

    More HIIT vidoes, please!! You already have so many ab videos!

  216. Princess says:


    Dance and arm workouts would be amazing! And also some diet tips 🙂

  217. Rachel C says:

    That new ab workout is hard! I love how motivating you are on every video!
    Since you asked, I’d like to see some weight training videos and food prep videos. I understand that you focus more on the single young girls, but I’m a mom of 5 and I love to do your workouts every morning. (Even harder to do ab work with a baby crawling all over you!) Trying to cook healthy meals for a family of 7 is difficult though! Any ideas?
    Thanks so much for all your wonderful work Cassey!!

  218. Cecilia says:

    More dance and arm videos!! Especially dance- they are my favorites. I get excited whenever I see one of them on the calendar and do one whenever I need a pick me up because they never fail to leave me with a big smile on my face and feeling so much better.

  219. Yvette says:

    I definitely think more waist work outs and also a lot more but and upper body and back as well 😀
    You are such an inspiration to me 🙂

  220. Jo says:

    Dance, vlogs, and food (like maybe some vegetarian/vegan recipes)!!

  221. Emma says:

    Hi Cassey!

    More DANCE, HIIT workouts. Actually exercises for the total body 🙂 I have this flabby triceps that I cannot get rid of, regardless of the exercises I do. VLOGS sounds interesting too!

  222. Paige says:

    More dance workouts for sure and vlogs would be great!! 🙂

  223. Aashima says:

    Hiit, dance,abs
    How many calories do I lose doing d monthly calendar per day

    1. Samantha says:

      everyones cal burn is different. I could do a workout and burn 50, you could do the exact same, in sync with me and everything.. you may lose half of that. It depends on loads of different things. If you want to track your cal burn, i highly suggest a fitness tracker like the FitBit Charge HR. It has a heart rate monitor in it, so it accurately tracks what you burn. Check it out, google it and see what you think 🙂

  224. Angela says:

    more butt workouts!!

  225. Gabrielle says:

    You should do more food workouts for people like me that aren’t very healthy 🙂

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    Hey Cassey!
    I loooooooove your new video, especially the ballerina sit ups! They are my new fav ab move 😉 I would love it if you could make a video that includes Barre WO. That would be just awsome! Or a video with weights or power ring for advanced POPsters.

  228. Ashley says:

    I would love it if you could make more episodes of Cheap Clean
    Eats, butt workouts and abs. Thanks in advance and thanks for being my role model and thanks for encouraging me!

  229. Clair says:

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  233. Tammy says:

    Hey I’m a newbie but I’m already in love with these videos. I’ve been doing your workouts for 8 days now so I still have so much to see but my vote is for more food videos as this is where I don’t have much knowledge and what i have tried so far has been soooo yummy.

  234. Emilia says:

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  235. Ez says:

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  239. C says:

    Arms and upper body, please. That is definitely my weakest area.

  240. Alicia says:

    Dance videos!!!! I love them so much!

  241. Aleksandra says:

    Dear Cassey, first I have to say thank you becaouse I have never been that excited about working out like I am right now. Your workouts are hard, my legs and abs were literally burning after day 2nd and 3rd from your workout calendar but now I feel so strong and self-confident becaouse I feel like I’m figthing (and I’m winning!). I want to spend the year with your workouts so wish me luck! 🙂
    And second, I just love dance workouts so I’d love to see them more often.
    Ps: sorry for my english. I know it isn’t perfect but I’m polish and I’m still learning

  242. Miriam says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I would love you to do more workouts to get rid of love handles on your back – i really enjoy your upper body wo but i feel like often I don’t do enough for my upper back side 😉 Thanks a lot and have a great new year! Greetings from Germany

  243. Maike says:

    Dance Workouts! But a new leg and butt workout would be great too! 🙂

  244. Gabriela says:

    Dance workouts!

  245. Hermina says:

    DANCE IS THE BEST CARDIO! But also, my abs are never getting bored of new moves 😛 Healthy new year you awesome instructor <3

  246. Sarah says:

    Cassey! First off, I truly appreciate you as a trainer and fun loving individual who spreads words of wisdom and positivity to the world in your videos. You’re such inspiration to so many POPsters out there! It’s easy to get bored with workouts but you always make them fun. I’ve been following you on YouTube for a year and a half (and here of course) and you always keep me motivated!! I <3 you. Anyway, enough of my rambling and on with the voting….

    I love your dance routines and would love to see more! My second vote I truly enjoy anything with ABS and obliques. It's taken me a while to get rid of my baby fat from my little girl but you have helped me reach my almost goal! I actually love working out now. Thank You!

  247. Jessica says:

    Targeted problem areas are fabulous but some days I need a quick and generalized theme such as “upper body”, “lower body” and “cardio” of some sort, a “full body quick routine” is always a nice quickie for those busy days.

    I suffer the white girl butt and always advocate for more butt routines and legs to deal with my thighs.

  248. Cheyanne says:

    I really enjoy the HIIT workouts, Especially the snow bunny blast!!! it gets my cardio in and a break form Pilates (not hating on Pilates love it) Got really sweaty on my last HIIT workout and that is something i love to feel!!!

  249. Emily says:

    I would absolutely love if you made more dance workouts! Thank you!!!

  250. Bobbi says:

    I would love to see more dance workouts!

  251. Shelby says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I would love more dance videos (my favorite!), more cardio/hiit, and more arm workouts! Can’t wait for all of the new videos in 2016! <3

  252. Allison says:

    I would love more dance workouts and more really hard ab workouts. Also I’ve been doing your workouts for almost two years and thank you so much for all the strength, great workouts, and confidence!

  253. Jenna says:

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  254. Lauren says:

    I love the dance workouts so more of those would be amazing. They are so much fun and get me ready for the rest of my workout!

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    I need the toning aspect of the workouts – hate HIIT. So, abs, obliques, butt & inner thighs are great parts to focus on. Also, workouts which involves the whole body are very beneficial – when short on time, one can use one of them, and then there’s no excuse….. So so grateful.

  257. Vivian says:

    I would love it if you posted more dance workouts. They are so much fun and make me break a sweat. BTW I was looking at my January WO calender and realized we have the same birthday! Crazy right?

  258. Celia says:

    Hey Cassey!! First off let me just say how thankful I am to have you as my workout instructor! Your enthusiasm keeps me going and spreading the word about Blogilates to all my friends. I would love to see more dance videos (you only have 2 right now!) along with butt and arm videos because I feel like those are problem areas for a lot of people. Thanks for all you do for this community <3

  259. Alicia Gutierrez says:

    OMG ! So excited for this video! I’m still kind of a newbie. I followed the December Calendar and still here! Lol …. I would love to see more videos about food. Even videos about easy quick fix snacks or lunch. I’m a new vegetarian too so I’m still experimenting a little bit.

  260. Erika says:

    I’d love more butt workouts and more videos on food–especially vegetarian/vegan ideas!

  261. mandi says:

    I was just thinking this morning that I would love to see more stretching/cool down videos.
    The dance videos are so fun and my favorite way to get cardio in.
    And always more arms and back!

  262. Jun says:

    More videos on food please: cheap eats, vegan, what I eat today.

  263. Brielle S. says:

    Soooo inspired by your Health magazine cover!! What an accomplishment. You are GREAT! Guess who clicked over to the Blogilates shop and got herself a cute new workout outfit for 2016?!?! Oooohh I did! #psyched
    Please re-stock the sports bras! They are alllll sold out! ?

    Videos: Dance and BACK!!! I love the community of all of us Popsters and I’m so excited for our new year together ?

  264. Chi Yan says:

    Hi Cassey! That’s so thoughtful of you for uploading the videos on Sunday, thank you so much! ♥ And, is it too much if I ask for all? xD Just kidding, that will tire you out. I think calves, HIIT and obliques workouts would be great. Oh and not to forget, I miss your themed workouts, they were soooo fun to do! Thank you for inspiring me every single day of my life, and thank you for being willing to change all of our lives. POPsters love you! <3

  265. Christina says:

    I think more leg workout would be great! I really want to work on strengthening the muscles around my knees so that my knees are supported and have less pain.

  266. Kesha Dorisma says:

    You are awesome!
    I would love to see more hitt workouts since I have a love/ hate relationship with them. I would also love more butt workouts .. I’ve been doing your videos for a couple of years and I get complimented on how perky my butt is but I would like some tips on how to get it to be actually bigger. Also I miss your back videos ?. Your back videos would give me so much confidence on my posture and overall appearance. Please bring them back.

    I love you. You’re such an inspiration. Miami is waiting on you btw. Lol ??

  267. Sarah says:

    Hi Cassey!!!! 😀 Oh can you please do more cardio HIIT videos, vlogs, and fun challenges? I love your videos so much, they make me so happy! I’ve been doing blogilates for 2 years now 😀

  268. Oxana says:

    Workout for arms and upper body

  269. Vanessa says:

    Dance and food!

  270. Ale says:

    Hi Cassey!!! I subscribed to receive the password for the workout calendar and didin’t receive any. 🙁

  271. Cece says:

    Dance workouts please!!! I absolutely love dance workouts! They seem to go by so fast because I’m having fun!

  272. Karolina says:

    More dance and food !

  273. Sara says:

    More vlogs, food, and DANCE please!! The cardio dance routines are just so much fun and every time I hear one of those songs I instantly break out in routine 😀 Thank you for everything, Cassey!

  274. Vivian says:

    More dance cardio! Also loved your old themed workouts, like Sailor Moon and Hunger Games. Bring those back! Maybe a Star Wars workout? 😉

    1. Sara says:


      1. Rachel C says:

        great idea 🙂

  275. Erin says:

    More arm workouts (especially using weights) and cardio/HIIT workouts please!!

  276. Nancy says:

    More cardio/HIIT workouts and stretching ones as well 🙂

    Thanks Casey!

  277. Kristen says:

    Cassey! I would love to see some upper body vids with weights! Dumbbells or even a kettlebell! I want to incorporate more weight into my workouts!

  278. Tammie says:

    I would definitely love to see more HIIT routines! The Snowbunny HIIT was amazing, need to see more videos like that!

  279. Mireia says:

    Your calendar is the best way to start 2016, no doubt!
    As for me I would love to see more legs-butt focused videos~~ 🙂 and as someone said, some dorm-friendly foods! Living in a university dorm without ven and stove ocan be a real pain when trying to eat healthy ㅠㅠ

  280. Tereza says:

    I love all your videos, but I vote for abs 🙂 There´s never too much abs workout videos 🙂

  281. Safia says:

    More vlogs please!! Healthy eating tips but also information on how not to be obsessive and let calorie counting or exercise routines take over! Balance is key. 😉
    Also, can you add one stretch video at the end of each day on the workout calendar? That would be a helpful reminder to stretchy muscles each day!

  282. Raven says:

    DANCE. DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE. Whenever I don’t feel up to Pilates, I switch out the cardio video for a dance video, and suddenly I have all this energy to do the rest. They’re so fun and by the end you’re just exhausted. I love ALL of them.

  283. Cara says:

    Upper body workouts please! Especially ones to build strength prevent joint injury (. I hurt my shoulder and it REALLY set me back on upper body strength, as well as workouts that involved planks!) A video on good form, injury prevention, and so on would also be cool.

  284. Guadalupe says:

    Workouts for bigger butt and legs, please! You’re truly inspiring. Thanks.

  285. Caitlin says:

    Food! Particularly college dorm-friendly foods. Eating clean is hard when you don’t have an oven or a stove 🙁

  286. Gretchen says:

    I recently started following you and started with the January calendar. I just have to say that you are so refreshing and you have me excited about changing up my normal workout routine and trying something new! I would love to see more videos about food. I’m always looking for fun new ideas.

  287. Luise says:

    I would like leg workouts,dance and cardio!

  288. Harmony Tiffany says:

    I found you fast fall and love all of your videos!!! I wanted to get back in shape and it is helping. I just need to stay motivated! I would love dance videos,but I like everything you do 🙂

  289. Ellie says:

    Please do some more dance videos I am a dancer ballet lyrical jazz and hip hop are examples s o if u have any tips or videos please tell btw I love ur positivity #myyeartogrow #2016 #januarycalander #waisttrainer

  290. Jordan says:

    Hey Cassie! I love your videos so much, you are so energetic, positive, and inspiring!!! I love pilates, and your workouts really push my body to its limits!!

    I would like some more cardio workouts, vlogs, and hamstring workouts!!! Thank you for all that you do! <3

  291. Sanna says:

    Insaine mountain climber video would be amazing!!! A really long one too.. otherwize workout with DUMBELLS would be sooo amazing!! I really love bikini blaster with arms and butt – AMAZING. I also love your tricep toner – it’s soo hard but super effective! Also some low calorie snacks/meals with vegan alt. It would be lovely? I think u are awesome and I’ll been working out with u since u started your YouTube channel!?

  292. Taytay says:

    Some easy healthy food recipes but with ingredients that everyone would have and more cardio workouts:)!

  293. Brittany says:

    More dance and upper body please! 😀

  294. Lena says:

    Dance and blogs! I just started watching your videos last week, and i’m already so inspired by you!! I’m ss thankful I found you on youtube!

  295. Alyssa says:

    Dance work outs and cardio/HITT workouts 🙂

  296. Shelley says:

    More dance, cardio, hiit, and vlog workouts! Wouldn’t hurt to add some weight to some videos too!

  297. Dorothy says:

    Upper body workouts! Also legs. You are amazing! You inspire me so much, and even though we’ve never met, thank you for all you have done for me.

  298. Minna says:

    dance workouts

  299. Ruhee says:

    Hi Cassey– I love your HIIT abs video– could you do another one like that?

  300. Roxanne says:

    Wooh this is going to be soo hard! But i can’t wait to try it out tommorow 🙂
    I’m a real newbie here (first month ever and doing the january callender with journeytosplits) so it’s sometimes hard to keep up but i’m feeling soo good afterwards! 😀
    When it’s getting really tough and i want to quit you motivate me to get trough it! You’re amazing!

  301. Nocci says:

    I’d love to see an arm workout video using small weights, but also just more arm workouts in general. Love all of your videos though! The only workouts I’ve been able to stick with. 🙂

  302. Stella says:

    Legs please 🙂