My Inspiration Behind the Terrain Collection

Hey guys!

This has been such a CRAZY WEEK. I have barely slept the past several days.


Well, in addition to launching an entire new POPFLEX collection, I thought it’d be a great idea to also host a live workout ON THE EXACT DAY JUST ONE HOUR APART.

What was I thinking. I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday watching countless audio tech YouTube videos til 1AM and driving all over Southern CA buying products through my car window with a mask on to get the right sound equipment for this live workout because…EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE WAS SOLD OUT. This quarantine apparently has caused an explosion in livestream tech related sales. WHO KNEW!? (Just like how I can’t find any tie dye sweatshirts and sweatpants ANYWHERE. I even resorted to buying little boys white sweatpants because it was the only thing left, thinking I could just tie dye it myself, but instead I couldn’t even get the pant past my calf so no tie dye sweatpants for me!!!!)


I eventually got my livestream audio together figured out by Monday, thanks to my new fave audio tech guru Henny! Here’s how the live turned out! You could hear me and the music PERFECTLY (which is a huge struggle for fitness classes)!

Thank you to everyone who came! We had nearly 10,000 people working out at the same time! SO COOL!!! I could feel your energy through my screen!

I wanted to do a live workout not only to motivate you to move during this crazy time, but to also celebrate the launch of my most FAVORITE designs to date…I introduce to you…The Terrain Collection.

When I was designing the #TerrainCollection, I wanted you to feel the magnificence of the great outdoors in your body. I wanted you to feel the mountain breeze in your hair, smell the evergreen leaves brush past you, and hear the sound of a hidden brook right beyond your trail path. From the earth toned colors to the effortless silhouettes, everything you’ll find in my new collection is designed to bring you closer to nature.

blogilates popflex terrain collection Cassey Ho leggings sports bra

The design process begins with inspiration. Where do I get mine? It is a mixture of:

  1. Colors and shapes that capture my attention
  2. Experiences that make my heart flutter
  3. Things I care deeply about
  4. Things you care deeply about
  5. Sensations that make me feel good
  6. Functional features that just make sense

For example, a while back on the POPFLEX Instagram, we asked you guys what shorts length you liked. Many of you guys answered “biker”! I was surprised because at that point, I hadn’t fully bought into that length. I had typically been a booty shorts type! But I kept that length in the back of my mind.

Then when we released the Capricorn legging with the crossover waistband, it got such great reviews (totally accentuates the hourglass figure on any body type) that I thought, maybe I should pair the crossover band with the biker length to make something interesting! And well, that’s what happened! The Wander Shorts were created!

The Terrain Collection is so special for so many reasons:

  1. KINDER TO THE EARTH. The bags that the clothes are packed in are made from…CORN. Yes!!! Seriously! 🌽 These veggie-based bags decompose in just 180 days!!! Regular plastic bags take over 1000 years! 😱I’m really proud about this.
  2. ECO FRIENDLY TAGS. The hang-tags are made from recycled paper.
  3. STRETCHSILK. The sports bras and leggings are all cut from our new StretchSilk fabric. Expect a lightweight, slick, and body-contouring fit.
  4. THE SIZING FITS JUST RIGHT. Terrain Collection features all inclusive sizing from XS-3X or 2-22! Once you get your package, check out the size label. There’s a little surprise in there for you! Not even gonna tell you what that is, you’ll just have to find out.
  5. MAKING AN ACTUAL DIFFERENCE. Every purchase you make of Terrain Collection will go towards Direct Relief in order to help those battling COVID-19. Those most in need of food, masks, or medical aid will be supported by you, as 10% of all sales on the Terrain Collection from April 22 – April 28th will be donated to Direct Relief! POPFLEX may be a small business but we want to do what we can to help on a global level! 🌎 💛

Also, I’m DYING over how beautiful the images on the site are. For the first time ever, instead of hiring professional models to model the clothing, we invited our POPFLEX Powergirls to bring the clothes to life. AND THEY KILLED IT. This shoot in Big Bear happened last Fall at our Powergirls Retreat and we’ve been keeping this secret from you since then!!!

I’m definitely deprived of sleep, but seeing your orders come in is making my heart so happy! 😭 Currently packaging them and shipping them to your home 🏡 RIGHT NOW! (Don’t worry – our warehouse is taking safe measures by having shippers and packers etc. all work different shifts.)

This collection was actually supposed to launch at the start of the year, but due to the virus, our entire production timeline got pushed back! From small businesses to major retailers to global brands, everyone in manufacturing was delayed and in the dark for a few months as our production team overseas was ordered to stay at home. I won’t get into much detail, but I’m glad that the strict measures helped to flatten the curve because things are beginning to return back to normal right now. I am relieved that our production team is currently safe and healthy! I hope you are feeling the same right now. I know it’s been a challenging time but we will get through this!!!

Anyway, I can’t wait for you to see the corn 🌽 bag (it’s actually really cool), feel the new recycled hang tag 🏷, try StretchSilk, and then I COMMAND YOU TO SHOW ME IMMEDIATELY!!!! It brings the most joy to my ❤️ when I get to see my sketches come to life ON YOU. ✨

Thank you so much for your support throughout all of these years. This is the best collection I’ve designed yet and I can’t wait for us to match while doing Pilates!!! 👯‍♀️

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  1. Sophie says:

    I wish I could buy this but I’m only 11 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😤

  2. Emily says:

    I love this collection! And the photos of the PowerGirls are so nice! Xx

  3. Very excited about this new series! 🙂 congratulations on the final launch, Cassie I know it’s been a long time coming.

  4. Ellie says:

    Love your workouts! Just discovered FitOn and the Pilates workouts can be intense, but so so good! Already told a bunch of people about it.