The Blogilates October 2022 Workout Calendar!

Hey guys!

Omg where did September go?! It was a really busy month for me – I had the Blogifam retreat, immediately followed by a Creator’s Summit with YouTube. With both events, plus planning for each one, plus launching some exciting new POPFLEX and Target products…YEAH. It’s been a crazy (but amazing) month!

That means my workout schedule has been nonexistent too…which I’m actually totally fine with. I had the opportunity to mix in some different types of activity, like SUP yoga. SO FUN.

Anyways, after a month of craziness I’m ready to settle back into a routine. So let’s take a look at the October Workout Calendar, shall we?!

october workout calendar 2022 blogilates cassey ho

How To Follow The October Workout Calendar

Check the Blogilates YouTube playlists to find all of the videos you need for this month’s calendar!!

If you don’t have the BODY By Blogilates app yet, GET IT! Seriously, it will make your life so much easier when you follow this calendar. You can access not only the calendar, but all of the videos in one place! Find challenges and free programs like the Glow up Sessions and the 200 Ab Challenge there too!

Now that you know where to find your workouts, here’s what you can expect each day of the October Workout Calendar. You ready?!!!

SUNDAY: Recovery
MONDAY: Total Body
THURSDAY: Total Body
SATURDAY: Legs & Thighs

Do each video once (unless otherwise stated) and check off as you go! Most days will be around 45 min of exercise.

REMEMBER! If you download the BODY By Blogilates app (on Apple or Android devices), you’ll have the calendar and workout videos in one place! Omg can we also talk about how motivating that “workout complete” check mark is?!

If you’re just getting started or want to ease into working out, my Beginner’s Calendar is a great place to start! It’s a free 4-week program to get you stronger so that you can join in on the monthlies when you are ready.

Is the weather getting fall-like where you are?! Tell me all about your fall plans! 

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  1. Emily S says:

    Would it be a good idea to do the October calendar and the 200 ab challenge at the same time or am I setting myself up for a painful doom 😕

  2. Ruby says:

    I love your videos so much you are my biggest idol ❤️

  3. Kim Seo-Yoon says:

    Hey Cassey, I’m actually new follower of yours. So, this month’s challenge is my first challenge. I am pretty excited to look forward. I hope I’ll be able to loose some wieght now. But I had a question that do I have to pick any one workout from the options u gave each day or do we have to do all the workouts each day?

    1. Tanaya says:

      I’ve been following cassel for a lot of years. When it comes to the calendars, you do all the workouts in the day and check off as you go. They should add up to about 45 minutes a day.

    2. Tori says:

      All the workouts.

  4. Ashley says:

    Hi Cassey! i absolutely love your workouts! i’ve been working on doing 3 days a week of pilates since roughly Feb but i’d love to see more results. do you think i should increase my time i usually do about 20-30 mins X 3 or more days a week for better results? I rest more during my cycle week. I often find myself sore LOL so I like the recovery between days. How do you ease yourself to be more consistent? Thank you!!! p.s. love your reels you’re doing on insta – so fun

    1. Alex says:

      I would! It’s been almost a year with the same amount and I think this is a good time to up that even if only a few mins a day or adding a 4th day. TRY IT. can always slow down again or stop for the day. But push yourself a tiny bit more in a healthy way! It’s worth a try and if you don’t push yourself a little more you will stay where you’re at currently. Studying trainer here, I’m not a pro yet but always up your goals or they will be stagnant!