The Blogilates April 2022 Workout Calendar!

Hey guys!

Happy April!! Doesn’t it feel like we JUST rang in the new year?! I guess the momentum we built up during the Glow Up Sessions really stuck 😉

You’ve been absolutely crushing the calendars every month, and I’m in the last month of my 90 Day Journey to Muscle! It’s so cool that we get to motivate each other along the way. If you’re feeling your motivation fading a bit, maybe a little change in routine will help?

Something like… the April Workout Calendar?! 

I LOVE the feeling of switching up my exercise routine. And maybe with winter officially behind us, maybe we can start taking more workouts outside?! I’ve been loving my hiking sessions on the treadmill, but I do miss the fresh air.

Let’s check out the calendar!!!!

blogilates april workout calendar 2022

How To Follow The April Workout Calendar

Check the Blogilates YouTube playlists to find all of the videos you need for this month’s calendar!!

If you don’t have the BODY By Blogilates app yet, GET IT! Seriously, it will make your life so much easier when you follow this calendar. You can access not only the calendar, but all of the videos in one place! Find challenges and free programs like the Glow up Sessions there too!

Now that you know where to find your workouts, here’s what you can expect each day of the April Workout Calendar. You ready?!

SUNDAY: Recovery
MONDAY: Total Body
THURSDAY: Total Body
SATURDAY: Legs & Thighs

Do each video once (unless otherwise stated) and check off as you go! Each day will be around 45 min of exercise.

REMEMBER! If you download the BODY By Blogilates app (on Apple or Android devices), you’ll have the calendar and workout videos in one place! Plus, you get that “workout complete” checkmark, which is sooo satisfying.

If you’re just getting started or want to ease into working out, my Beginner’s Calendar is a great place to start! It’s a free 4-week program to get you stronger so that you can join in on the monthlies when you are ready.

Thank you soo much for keeping me motivated during my 90 Day Journey!!! What is motivating YOU this month?! 

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  1. Julie says:

    Hello Cassey! I am loving your workouts! I just switched to your program April 1st from a program that I’ve been following for MANY years. Your workouts give me that good soreness that I wasn’t getting anymore. I am addicted. And your videos crack me up when Sir George comes in – my dog Jordy does the same thing. Keep doing what you’re doing and YOU BE YOU! 🙂 🙂 Since I am such a little planner and it being close to the beginning of May, when will you have the May calendar so I can print it out? Thanks again for being awesome!

  2. Natalija says:

    I just wanted to say that I love your workout calenders but I sadly don’t have enough time to follow a monthly calendar and do a 45minute workout at home every day. Is there any way you can make monthly calenders that are 25-30min long also? So we can choose which one we would like to do? I loved your 21 Day tone one and Hot girl summer sculpt. I want to continue working out with you but I keep redoing like 3 calenders over and over because the monthly ones are to long and after a year I want to try a new calender. I hope you can help me and others that are in this situation. 🙏

    1. Jenna says:

      Hi Natalija! I’ve been using Cassey’s calendars for years, and usually switch out the cardio/warmup video at the beginning with a few miles of running. If I don’t have time for everything, I pick what look to be the hardest 1 or 2 videos of the day (or sometimes for that particular body portion in that month), and just do that. Hopefully that idea helps!

    2. Faye says:

      Actually. I don’t want Cassie to change the calendar. Some of us do have time for 45 minute workouts and would still like it to be as such. Maybe you can choose which ones to not do that way it’s not 45 minutes for you.

      1. I agree with you Faye. I have time to do Cassie’s calendars. I just started this months calendar and it is helping I am down by 3 pounds now and I am eating more salads than I have been.

  3. Shruthi says:

    Hi Casey,
    I have become superr over weight and I want to shed atleast 44 pounds to look human
    I’ve been following your workouts for a very long time now and I loose some good weight when I do your challenges and suddenly I loose interest in working out and gain back all that I have lost. Its been going on for years now and it is really making me wonder if I’ll ever be able to loose weight in this life. I’m a foodie so when I try to restrict myself to certain calories nd certain food items then I end up binging on the cheat days. It feels like I’ve reached a dead end and I really need direction and your ate the only hope left so I thought I should reach out to you!
    Please advice me on the exercise I should follow…. Looking forward to a reply from you!
    Thanks and toodles.

  4. Mari says:

    I have a huge question about the calendar…So I am currently going to be intermittent fasting so I wont be eating or drinking for several hours + Working + Studies etc
    I was wondering if that meant it would be okay to cut down the workout time of the videos so I don’t overwork myself…but wouldn’t that mean it’d affect my progress?
    So confused, Hope you can answer my question, Cassey!
    Thank you

  5. Nandini says:

    I’m so excited!!!!!

  6. Mari says:

    I love how you (Cassey) take the time to read our comments during lives and on this website…I don’t see many people do that so thank you <3

  7. Lily says:

    Hi Cassie! I’m pretty sure you can get sick sometimes, so I wanted to ask you what do you do on days like this? Do you continue your training programme, do you stretch every day or do you take a break? Can you make a video about this theme? Thank you! :3

  8. Beatriz says:

    When I click on the April calendar it brings up February’s. Just FYI.

    1. Cassey says:

      Thanks for letting me know! Just fixed the link 🙂

  9. Amanda says:

    Of course the 6th being my 30th birthday has the most workouts on that day … lol

    1. Navdeep says:

      My birthday is also on 6th

  10. Adéla Šprl says:


  11. Adéla Šprl says:

    I want be srtonger!