Hey POPsters!

Can you believe that September 1st is on Sunday!!?? That’s so ridic. Where did the Summer go? In fact…I feel like I remember the rush of Fitness January as if it were last month. I guess that is what happens when you’re so busy you can’t even take time to fully experience what’s going on around you. I need to do a better job of that. I feel like I am always rushing, rushing, rushing and then catching up like crazy!

I’m so happy I don’t get to go “back to school”. I remember how much anxiety I used to have thinking about new teachers, new friends, old friends, homework, summer reading, boys…UGH! But you know at least with school you got summer vacation! Now I just work all the time. Fun work though! Not complaining. Actually my summer days as a student were not so fun…I had to take summer classes and those were THE WORST. Ah, probably the worst one was taking a pre-course to AP Physics for like 5 hrs a day 5 days a week. Torture. TORTURE I TELL YOU!

Anyway, with the new month, I wanted to surprise you with the Blogilates Official App and then motivate you to still stay fit as our schedules get busier. I already made the #SWEATEMBER calendar, integrated it right into the app, and per your request, I am hosting our 2nd Dietbet game! I saw how happy you were after the last one. How motivated! How positive!! Together we lost 31,900 lbs! Isn’t that crazy??!!! I designed this next month’s #SWEATEMBER calendar to include more cardio toning days to make sure you can get lean in case you’re thinking about doing the Dietbet.

Last time we broke the record and us POPsters hosted the largest game EVER in Dietbet history ($149,700 in the pot what what) and since, it’s not been broken! Our army of strong and driven POPsters are a force to be reckoned with!! *Raises fist in air*

Because Blogilates is a healthy living community and not a strict weight-loss only community, I feel that is is extremely important to surround yourself with people heading down your same path if you are looking to shed some pounds. Doing things together is A LOT easier than doing it alone.

So here are the rules if you’re interested in joining!

– Game starts Sept. 3 but you can join now to COMMIT. Click here to join.

– You bet $25 that you will lose 4% of your body weight is 28 days. (If you’e 150 lbs, you need to lose 1.5 lbs a week or 6 lbs in 1 month.)

– You weigh in when the game starts with a photo of you on a scale with a secret password and then you end the same way. The photos are looked at by real humans who make sure you’re being real.

– We will all contribute towards a pot, then anyone who makes the bet (you lose 4% of your weight or more) gets a split of the pot.

– If you don’t make the bet…it’s ok! Most people still saw a positive change in their body by participating.

– Game ends Sept 30

– Open to internationals

– Open to ages 18+


– Person who invites the most friends to the game will will an iPad mini!

ipad mini

– I will select 1 random participant to get THIS BRAND NEW PAIR of Nike Free Flyknits+

nike flyknit

– Every day up until the start of the game I will be giving away random Blogilates clothes and POP Pilates DVDs to give you the tools you need to be successful during the 1 month challenge. So the earlier you join, the better chance you have of winning something!!

Good luck! I know we’re going to have so much fun! Jelly of your shoes. I don’t even have those yet!! But I liked the color so I thought it’d be cool to give one of you guys this shoe. Then you can tell me how it is 🙂

Love you,



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  1. Vivian says:

    Will you be doing an October Dietbet? 🙂 Missed the September one.

  2. Em says:

    Hey ! I want to participate into the diet bet but for personal reasons I can’t upload a picture of my face or body. I want to participate and I already paid the bet. I had no idea that we had to post a picture of our bodies ( I thought a picture on the scale was all that was required, it’s my first time hearing of this social weight loss ). I REALLY want to enter ! This may sound weird ( it is wierd LOL) I have a mole on my let foot and I thought that taking the picture barefoot would show the judges that I’m not cheating and I am in fact the same person.

  3. Julie says:

    I just discovered Blogilates today and I don’t own a scale so I’m apprehensive about joining the DietBet game. But I LOVE the idea. I hope you do another one soon so I can participate in the future.

  4. Sabine says:

    Hey, Cassie! 🙂
    I just can’t open September workout calendar. The password isn’t working! 🙁

  5. Maria says:

    Hi Cassey!!
    I was wondering if there would be another way to login to the app to upload photos and communicate with the other popsters (Example with email or instagram). Since they only way now is with Facebook and I don’t have Facebook.
    Hopefully this will come soon since i want to communicate with the other popsters and share photos with the community.
    Thank you !

  6. Kudrat says:

    *sigh* I wanted to join in the dietbet, but i guess I can’t since it’s 18+ (only 17 right now) >~<

    1. Kudrat says:

      but couldn’t I anyways??? I’m in a situation where I’m over 200 pounds and this is going to be my final year in high school and I’m off to college next year
      really need any motivation I can get

      1. Ash says:

        You don’t have to contribute money to the dietbet, but you can still join in anyway! 🙂

  7. Esther says:

    When is the app on android? 🙂 Love you and go on making such wonderful videos <3

  8. devangi says:

    Hey guys.!! Please I need an answer asap.! When does cassey send us the passsord for the calender..??!!

  9. Claire says:

    Hello cassey!
    Kinda unrelated, but I have an iPhone 5 and can’t post pics or comment at all In the app. Just wanted to let you know! Love you!!!

    1. Len says:

      I have an iPhone 5 too and can post comments, but can’t post pictures! Weird….

  10. Jess says:

    Cassey! I have a question for you. So I’ve recently started using your workout calender and i’m loving it. But I’ve found that on days when I’m working out, I get hungry very very easily. Even though I’m eating clean, i’m concerned that the additional food consumption is going to offset all the exercise i’ve done. What should I do about this?

  11. Aurelia says:

    i´m not sure, should i join in….?
    i only lost 1kg (~2 lbs) the last 3 months… i´m so unmotivated currently… i don´t know why…
    do you think it bring my motivation back? and push me through the cardio wo? (i´m a cardio-hater….)

  12. Jamie says:

    I will participate in Sweatember with the calendar, but I can’t do the dietbet….I don’t have a scale! 😮

  13. Faye says:

    I can’t wait to see the September calender! Unfortunately my ipod is too old to use the app, so I’ll just wait for the pdf to come up on the site. SO EXCITED. I never thought I’d look forward to torture this much. I literally go to bed excited that the next day I get to do my hour work out! So cool, Cassey, I really appreciate this, I don’t think you can even understand how much! You truly are a great role model, and so incredibly motivating. After doing the workouts for two months, my boyfriend now refers to you as my “friend” who I work out with… okay, that sounds kinda weird when I wrote it down… but it’s kinda true. 😉 Anyway, you got me back into fitness in a big way, my posture’s better, I’m holding myself prouder. <3 I feel great! so THANK YOU!

  14. jasmin says:

    y is there an age limit:( i so wanted to participate :”((

  15. Chan Pei Lin says:

    I have signed up for the newsletter. But i cant find the sweatemper calender. Help???

  16. Judy says:

    So ready for sweatember! Bring it on! Tear me apart~~~!

    Thanks Cassey

  17. Valerie says:

    Eighteenth birthday, hurry up and come!!!!!!!!

  18. Kylie says:

    Hehe you said ‘will will’ dont you mean, will win a mini ipad? :p

  19. Becca says:

    My 15th birthday is on September 1st :] I think I am going to try this challenge to continue my health journey, and hopefully I will get some results!! Thanks Cassey for making being health so fun and easy. I have recommended your website for some of my friends who want to also join this journey with me ^.^

  20. SK says:

    Just a quick question – Are we following a meal plan as well as the workout calendar? Like the 90-day challenge ones?

  21. Heather says:

    Yay! So excited! This is just what I needed to get motivated! I have been slacking very badly this summer and it is time for me to get back on track. Thanks for doing this Cassey!

  22. Jan says:

    Should we follow one of the meal plan on the website for this challenge also? Also, I was searching around for updates of the 90 days challenge meal plan, but couldn’t find any. Can anyone fill me in on this?
    So excited for the new calendar!!!!

  23. Jeanett says:

    Hi Cassey! I basically just found your site, and I’m absolutely loving it!!

    I just have a quick QUESTION:

    Is SWEATEMBER and the dietbet possible for a complete beginner to participate in?

    I have no experience with pilates, and I haven’t worked out in years. I’d love to have this as a nice kick in the butt to start, and keep it up!

    1. Faye says:

      Hey! Give it a shot! You can also try the beginner’s calender if this one is rough for you to do, that’s what I started with. But doing this calender is totally possible too!! I’m just finishing the August one, and if you have an hour a day to devote it’s totally possible! 😀

  24. Ange says:

    I REALLY want to do it but I’m afraid I might be pregnant and won’t know for sure until after the 3rd 🙁 If I’m pregnant there is no way I’m going to be able to lose 5lbs (4% of my body weight). Bummer! Such a WONDERFUL idea though Cassey! Thanks!

  25. Jey says:

    I’m so pumped Cassey! And the first is my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. Here’s to new beginnings! <3

  26. Nicky says:

    What is everyone doing in terms of a meal plan? I am kind of stumped and I know if I dont eat well its going to be 25 dollars well wasted if I do the dietbet.

  27. jay says:

    so where is this September calendar you videoblogged about? i’m so excited to finally have a calendar i can work to – on time! wanna plan my month, am getting up early on Saturday for a swim – my new treat to myself, then to the market to buy hemp protein powder (fantastic for my skin) and for a walk with a friend 🙂 bring on the beginning of Spring 😀

  28. Tatiana says:

    My sister and I are in! I love challenges! 🙂 Weee!

  29. Heather says:

    Um, so, can we only get the calendars now if we have an iPhone? That doesn’t seem really fair to us Android users. I signed up for the newsletters for that reason only – to get the passwords for the calendars. Why wouldn’t you make it available to everyone? And, sorry, but I’m not going to shelling out $600+ on an iPhone just so I can get a certain app….. It’d be nice for everyone to get the calendars, and early, just like the iPhone users.

    1. Kylie says:

      She didn’t mean that at all… LOL.

    2. Kooya says:

      In the video she said you can still get the calendar for free on this website. Hope that helps!

    3. Melissa says:

      You can still get the calender like normal, she’s just talking about the calender feature in the app (:

  30. I want to win prizes, but I don’t want to lose weight D:
    Good luck to everyone participating though, you’re all gonna do amazing!
    Actually after typing that, I decided that I will participate, simply because I need motivation to get back into healthy living.
    Come on POPsters, we can do it!

  31. Izzy says:

    So sad I can’t participate in the dietbet because I’m under 18 🙁 I was really looking forward to it..

    1. Courtnie says:

      Same. im still gonna try to lose the 4% and know so many other people are working hard to do the same. Money doesnt have to be the motivation. Think of how many people are trying to lose the 4% body weight this month. Dont you still wanna join in and be a part of it? I know I do. And besides, because we are not adults, we might not be able to lose the weight as fast (might be gaining muscle) so this is probably better anyways. The scale doesnt always reflect your image. Just think of what you and so many others will look like on September 30th! I cant wait!

    2. Rita Santos says:

      You can still do it, not beting tho but you still can do it! 🙂

    3. Viola says:

      Yeah, same here. 🙁

    4. Melissa says:

      I know, it totally sucks. I wish we didn’t have to be eighteen!

  32. Rita Santos says:

    They SWEATEMBER callendar is just for who sign up on DietBet?

  33. Salina says:

    I can’t wait to join! But where can I find the September workout calendar?

  34. Leah says:

    I just found this website, I was randomly doing your roar challenge and LOVED it! you have such a way with people, its INCREDIBLE! recently I’ve been struggling with fluctuating weight issues (+15lb a month) and stopped all exercise, I have sub-clinical hypothyroidism and I’m only 22! so life can be a bum, but with all your vids and great meals I feel inspired to be the best and healthiest person I can be! It’s nice to have a community of peeps too as I moved from England to Canada last year and friends aren’t the easiest to find, especially ones your comfortable with about weight issues… So THANK YOU! cant express how happy you make me! GO GIRL! :D!!!

    1. Leah says:

      A quick qu. you may have mentioned it, but I assume if I lose more than 4% thats ok too? as I fluctuate around period and water weight etc… thanks 🙂

  35. Ashlee says:

    So if we enter, what exactly has to be shown in the photo? Is it supposed to be a bikini style photo, or can we wear whatever we feel comfortable in? Face included? And no one else will see the photos, right? I’m also wondering how I’ll get a full body photo of me on the scales that also shows the reading…

    1. Tiffany says:

      You need two photos: a full length photo with you holding the password (like on a notecard), and a photo of the scale number with the password (set the notecard next to the scale). No one can see the photos unless you choose to share them.

    2. Rita Santos says:

      you have to submit two photos, one of you on a scale in airport security attire; another of the scale’s readout with your weigh-in word. They never your photos and your actual weight is kept private. Anyway, you can check how it works there; http://www.dietbetter.com/how-it-works .

  36. Jen says:

    This sounds like so much fun! How much did everyone who met their goal last time win?

  37. Manon says:

    I can’t find the sweatember calander 🙁
    So exited to start though !

  38. Angela says:

    How much money did the winners get back last time?

  39. Lauren says:

    I’m having problems signing in

  40. SunnyDeviasee says:

    Where can I download the calendar? I’m new, and I can’t find it….

  41. Liz says:

    How old do you have to be to enter the contest?

    1. Devon says:

      I as wondering this too. Are we not allowed to join is we are not 18 yet?

      1. sheunny says:

        I wanna join too but i am only 16 :/

    2. Rita Santos says:

      You have to be 18+

  42. anna says:

    Hi Cassey 🙂
    I’m really excited about starting Sweatember, i think it’s going to be great <3
    the thing is I'm a bit worried. I've been eating clean and working out continuously for about 1 month so far and my period is 2 months late. I eat around 1400- 1600 calories a day, and do about 4-6 blogilates videos a day, with rest days on Saturday, Sunday, or both. I researched that sometimes not eating enough and working out heavily can cause you to loose your period, do you have any advice? I don't feel hungry so I don't think I'm eating too little. I don't know what to do cause I don't want to stop this healthy lifestyle. What do you think? Could you maybe do an "ask Cassey" video about this? thank you so much<3

    1. Ellie says:

      Your body has gone into shock because you are eating to little for the amount of exercise you are now doing. It’s called starvation mode- where your body is trying its hardest to shut down any functions that aren’t completely necessary to your survival. So, you periods will stop as your body doesn’t believe it would be able to survive if you got pregnant and had to support a child. Also your hair may start to fall out and your bones become fragile- eventually osteoporosis will develop and it is irreversible! Luckily if you have only been doing it for a short while, you can get your periods back, I would recommend never eating less than 1600 calories if you are working out 5-6 times a week- you body is very clever and will start shutting things off and your metabolism will slow- so you will find it really hard to lose weight! Also just eat healthily, try not to count calories, you really don’t need to, once you get into a pattern it will be easy to eat clean without thinking too hard about it!
      So, if you want to lose weight, working out 5-6 times a week, eat around 1600-1800 calories, you may need to initially eat a little bit more than this to jump start your periods again, but then decrease you intake to 1600-1800 calls GRADUALLY! Don’t shock your body!!!
      Best of luck and all the best xx

      1. Lucy Park says:

        I understand that you’re trying to help, but you shouldn’t advise someone to eat a certain amount of calories such as 1600-1800. You don’t know this person, you don’t know their height, weight, daily activity etc. Every body needs a different amount to function; some can work just fine with 1000 and others need at least 2500 a day. If you want to really lose weight, I suggest not focusing so hard on ‘calories” but more so on content. By eating clean, and eating often, along with exercise, can get you to where you want to be.

  43. Rachel says:

    Please please pleaseeee make the app for android! Not fair!

  44. Tralana says:

    I can’t join because I don’t have the money, but I’m still gonna work my booty off! If I didnt just join a darn gym I’d have the money lol. Idk why I even joined one, when I have Cassey! If we have daily workouts I don’t know when I’ll have time to even go to the gym..maybe one day you can talk about if we want to split your videos/gymtime?

  45. Allisa says:

    Hello! I downloaded that app and bought the calendar, but #SWEATEMBER isn’t integrated as you said. Does it load only on September 1st? Thank you.

  46. Tiffany says:

    I joined, and this is my first one, I am super excited, but I am so overweight I do not know if I can lose 4%, but I’m so gonna try!!!

  47. Ericacxw says:

    Hi, if i’m 18 this yr and not frm USA, can i still join diet bet?

    1. blogilates says:

      yes it is international!

  48. Lisa says:

    I kinda don’t get it. Howard does that work with the Bet.? Do I Bet my own Money?

    1. Ippa says:

      Of course you would, where else would the money come from?

  49. Grace says:

    Cassey I don’d have an iPhone, I have an Android 🙁 were you thinking about releasing the blogilates app for Androids?
    Looking forward to Sweatember 😀

  50. You’re crazy fantastic i follow all your workout and feeling so well! <3 I'm italian with a chubby belly problem… you inspire me a lot to do abs while having fun!

  51. ola says:

    That’s great but September 1st is on Sunday! 😉

    1. blogilates says:

      We are starting September 3!

      1. Tiffany says:

        When will they release the password for the initial weigh in? I don’t have a scale at home, so I have to set up an appointment to be weighed in.

  52. Aya says:

    Hiiii cassey I cant wait for this month calendar yaaaaaay. But I cant find it here on the website, will it only be available on the application?

  53. Claudia says:

    Where is the meal plan! I really wanna do this 🙂

  54. Piya says:

    I can’t find the sweatember Calendar Plrase HELP

  55. Bassantpopster says:

    I can’t wait for #SWEATEMBER and I’m actually a haighschool graduate. I’m so excited for university.
    Love you Cassey. ❤

  56. Bella says:

    September 1st is on Sunday THIS Sunday 😀

  57. Shay Q says:

    While this is an amazing idea, it kind of bums me out–I don’t need to lose any weight, so I suppose I don’t get to participate and have any of the fun. 🙁

    1. Ellie says:

      I agree 🙁 I don’t need to lose weight, it would be nice if there was something fun for the rest of us to do!!!

  58. Lotte says:

    I really want to join the dietbet, but I don’t own a scale. I’d have to weigh in at my parents house, but I don’t know if I can get there on the final day. Would it be a problem if I weighed in a few days later?

    1. Katie says:

      I read the rules and they’re really strict about the 48 last weigh-in window, so I don’t think you could enter your final weight any later than just those two days.

    2. Baxter says:

      You only have to do a photo weigh in on the final days if you’re a winner (IE, in this case, you lose 4% or more body weight). That being said, they ARE very strict. If you don’t submit on the final days (October 1st and 2nd in this case) then you won’t be able to win.

  59. Mariel says:

    Actually, Cassey, September 1st actually starts on Sunday! I’m excited to start this Sweatember though! 😀 You’re a fantastic person, Cassey. <3