Revamping my first ever romper to create the Supershort™ Runsie

Hey guys!

Over two years ago I designed my first romper! It was cute but…people weren’t really into it. SO I went back to the drawing board and fixed some key issues to design an improved romper that I hope you love!

The Supershort™ Runsie


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The straps

Romper 1.0 had non-adjustable straps, which I see now as a REAL problem. So the straps are now adjustable! Easy fix.

The inner panty

I completely swapped out the built-in panty for built-in shorts, which is wayyy more comfortable. Oh, and the inner pockets are anti-cameltoe (duh).


Those inner shorts I added? They have POCKETS!

The overall shape

The 1.0 shorts were poofing and overall, the whole romper just wasn’t snatching the way I wanted it to. I borrowed the pattern from my viral Supershort, so the bottoms are super stretchy and the hem is angled inward to give you more booty shaping.

To create the snatch effect, I added 2 mesh side panels to draw the eye more toward the center.

Ready to see?!

popflex supershort runsie cassey ho


Before you ask…

The most common question when I post about a one-piece outfit. Here’s how you pee.

You take the shoulders off, slide em down, you go, you wipe, and you flush. Don’t forget to wash your hands. With soap preferably.


I’m 5’5” wearing the POPFLEX Supershort Runsie in sz XS! It comes in XXS to 3X and fits very true to size! Hope you like this one better than romper 1.0!

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  1. Floria Samaan says:

    I have to say, I first saw this and thought “Is she running out of ideas? This looks so much like something I already have.” Then I saw the added features, the flexibility, and realized how amazing this is compared to my Nike onesie, claps for YOU!!!

  2. Libby says:

    Did you move?

  3. Claire A says:

    How much does it cost?

  4. Abby says:

    Hi Cassie can you make the ruffle bra into a tank top. My whole family wears more modest clothes.

  5. Claudia says:

    I love this! So feminine and fun!