The Supersculpt Flares Are Back, and in a NEW Inseam Length!

Hey guys!

Supersculpt Flares are BACK and in a new inseam!

It took a while because I had to allow proper time to test the new longer length on actual 6 ft tall women in both plus and non-plus sizes to ensure the pattern change would make sense for these new body types!

Cassey Ho wearing the Supersculpt Flares

Any change is a process

What I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is that rushing into anything will usually lead to something bad. So even though it “seems easy” to just add a few inches to the flare and call it a new inseam – that’s not how it works.

I wanted to ensure that the flare would flare out at the exact same place on a petite person vs a super tall girlie. Different femurs mean different constructions 🤓


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Anyway, I hope my 6 ft ladies now have a flare that is long enough for you!

This is the POPFLEX Active ✨Supersculpt Flare✨. I am 5’5” wearing the small 31”. It’s avail now on XXS-3X on!

Any other requests…please leave a comment! I’m always listening…just don’t be ridiculous k 😘


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