Cutting my bangs HOURS before the red carpet

Hey guys!

Remember when I said I’d vow to myself to dress up to my heart’s content at every event going forward? Okay well for this year’s Streamys my heart said ✂️BANGS✂️ so a few hours before the red carpet I decided to get my bangs cut and honestly – HONESTLY I don’t need to jump out of airplanes bc this is the type of risk that gets my adrenaline pumping 😘.



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I remember attending my first Streamys 10 years ago…can’t believe how much the online world has changed since then…and how much I’ve changed since then! Back in 2013 I was in the thick of Blogilates song challenges wearing “train insane or remain the same” neon-colored motivational shirts and my hair was nearly blonde! These days, I get to design cool products with you, girls now work out in skorts and skleggings, and my hair is black. 🖤 What a time to be alive!

Cassey and Joanne The Korean Vegan on the Streamy Awards red carpet 2023

At this year’s show, I had the honor of presenting a Streamy Award to someone I admire in the creator space. I was so happy to choose my friend Joanne (The Korean Vegan), whose voice soothed me throughout the pandemic with her soulful stories and beautiful cooking videos. But the best part is, over the past year we’ve become actual, real friends. It’s hard to make friends as adults because as you go through life, trusting the wrong people turns into getting burned, so you get cautious, you begin to lose trust in all people, and then you build up a wall to protect yourself from the bad ones only to keep the good ones out too. I’m so grateful for you Joanne! And so happy that we got to celebrate you and your amazingness last night with the entire internet community!

Thank you Sam for being the best date! Thank you Jennifer and Jen-Ai for flying out to celebrate our POPFLEX nomination! Thank you Streamy Awards for a glamorous evening. Btw my dress is Milla, my shoes are BCBG, my nails are Glamnetic, my earrings are Amazon and my hair and makeup are by Soreya Yann.

K love you byeeeee!

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  1. Glenda Kay myers says:

    Lol my sister cut my bangs once when we were young,in school,well They SHRUNK, so short to about 1 inch long,and to top it all off, it was school pictures day,ouch

  2. Yukari says:

    So beautiful. You’re going to be a wonderful mother❤️

  3. Tara says:

    You look beautiful!